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Grand Bank United Church (Methodist) Burials

Parish Records Box # 1 - PANL

HICKMAN Dinah of GB 18-Jul-1882 
HICKMAN Jane of GB 08-Jan-1883 Age 28 yrs.
MATTHEWS Jacob of GB 14-Mar-1883 Age 7 mos
ROSE James of GB 17-Jun-1883 Age 32 yrs.
MATTHEWS Charles of GB - Jul-1883 
HICKMAN Linder of GB 17-Sep-1883 Age 3mos.
HICKMAN Thomas of GB 25-Feb-1884 
HICKMAN James of GB 24-Sep-1884 Age 95 yrs.
ROSE James of GB 14-Nov-1884 
HICKMAN Harriet Patten of GB 19-Nov-1884 
MATTHEWS Charles of GB 24-Nov-1884 Age 6 yrs.
MATTHEWS Soloman of GB 24-Nov-1884 Age 3 yrs.
RIGGS George of GB 01-Dec-1884 Age 19mos.
MATTHEWS Eleanor of GB 15-Dec-1884 Age 7 yrs.
ROSE Phillip of GB 17-Dec-1884 Age 61/2 yrs.
HICKMAN Infant of William & Emma of GB 20-Dec-1884 Age 15 days
ROSE James of GB 21-Feb-1885 Age 51/2 mos.
ROSE Simeon of GB ?-Mar-1885 Age 21 yrs.
MATTHEWS Aaron F. of GB 11-Mar-1885 Age 23 yrs.
MATTHEWS Charles R. of GB 31-Mar-1885 
RIGGS Ann E. of GB 17-Apr-1885 Age 20 yrs.
ROSE Jabez of GB 06-Mar-1885 Age 21/2 yrs.
ROSE George R. of GB 08-May-1885 Age 36 yrs.
ROSE Jonathan of GB 10-Aug-1885 Age 70 yrs.
ROSE Ann of GB 14-Aug-1885 Age 22 yrs.
ROSE John of GB 01-Sep-1885 Age 3 wks.
HICKMAN Susanna  25-May-1886 Age 60 yrs.
MATTHEWS Jacob  23-Jun-1886 Age 18 mos.
ROSE Edward John  30-Aug-1886 Age 8 mos.
MATTHEWS Elizabeth  03-Oct-1886 Age 71 yrs.
MATTHEWS Rosalie   05-Oct-1886 Age 1 yr 10 mos.
HICKMAN Jane   30-Dec-1886 Age 3 yrs.
ROSE George   09-Jan-1887 Age 16 mos.
MATTHEWS John Poole   04-Mar-1887 age 5 mos.
RIGGS Richard  07-Apr-1887 Age 3 yrs.
RIGGS George  08-Apr-1887 Age 16 3/4 yrs.
HICKMAN Bertha  18-Apr-1887 Age 11 yrs. nearly
RIGGS Elizabeth  18-Apr-1887 Age 13 yrs.
MATTHEWS George   25-Apr-1887 Age 6 1/2 yrs.
HICKMAN Robert   20-May-1887 Age 86 yrs.
HICKMAN Jane   23-Aug-1887 Age 54 yrs.
HICKMAN Samuel   06-Jan-1888 Age 49 yrs.
WEYMOUTH William of Molliers 05-Feb-1888 Age 69 yrs.
HICKMAN Sarah Rose   03-Jul-1888 Age 6 mos.
HICKMAN Robert   08-Jul-1888 Age 25 yrs.
WEYMOUTH Ann   21-Nov-1888 Age 27 yrs.
ROSE Ann   19-Feb-1889 Age 4 mos.
HICKMAN William  28-Dec-1889 Age 21 yrs.
ROSE Leslie  15-Jun-1889 Age 3 yrs. Drowned in a tub of water accidently.
MATTHEWS Ann   27-Aug-1890 Age 88 yrs.
MATTHEWS Sarah   14-Sep-1890 Age 40 yrs.
HICKMAN JABEZ   25-Apr-1891 Age 68 yrs.
MATTHEWS Victoria   30-Apr-1891 Age 2 yrs. 9 mos.
HICKMAN Susan   17-Jun-1891 Age 46 yrs.
HICKMAN Wilson James   22-Jun-1891 Age 19 1/2 yrs.
HICKMAN Ann wife of Henry John Hickman d. 09-Feb- 1924 94 yrs.
HICKMAN Bertha Nina Dau. of Thomas A. & Maria d. 16-Apr-1887 10 yrs 9 mos.
HICKMANDinah wife of Robert A. d. 15-Jul-1882 37 yrs.
HICKMAN Elizabeth wife of James W. d. 03-Aug-1901 48 yrs.
HICKMAN Henry John husb of Ann d. 17-Oct-1902 80 yrs.
HICKMAN Elizabeth wife of Wilson d. 17-Apr-1907 61 yrs.
HICKMAN James William   d. 16-Nov-1894 50 yrs 9 mos.
HICKMAN James  d. 27-Sep-1884 95 yrs.
HICKMAN Jonathan   d. 20 May-1882 84 yrs.
HICKMAN Mary wife of James d. 01-Feb-1884 89 yrs.
HICKMAN Susanna wife of Jonathan d. 22-May-1886 60 yrs.
HICKMAN Thomas Lost at Sea 17-Oct-1897 55 yrs.
HICKMAN Wilson husb of Elizabeth d. 21-Jan-1906 68 yrs.
HICKMAN Harriet Patten dau of Charles & Eleanor d. of Diptheria 16-Nov-1884
HICKMAN Thomas  d. 19-Feb-1884 
Transcribed from United Church (Methodist) Cemetery Records - Grand Bank Public Library.

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Page Revised: October 2002 (Don Tate)

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