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Grand Bank United Church (Methodist) Baptisms

HICKMAN Ann of Jonathan & Elizabeth Bapt. 04-Jan-1821
HICKMAN Jabez of Jonathan & Elizabeth Bapt. 06-Oct-1822
MATTHEWS Morgan of John & Ann Bapt. 02-Nov-1822
HICKMAN Frances Forward of Jonathan & Elizabeth Bapt. 20-Mar-1825
MATTHEWS Eleanor Hickman of John & Ann b. 26-Jan-1825 Bapt. 07-Sep-1826
MATTHEWS Charles Forward of John & Ann  Bapt. 05-Jul-1829
MATTHEWS Jane Forward of John & Ann b.04-Sep-1831 Bapt. 06-Nov-1831
MATTHEWS William of Joseph & Catherine  Bapt. 12-Dec-1832
ROSE Mary of Henry & Edith b. 21-Dec-1833 Bapt. 07-Sep-1834 of Hermitage Cove
ROSE Mary of Benjamin & Ellen b. 25-Oct-1825 Bapt. 08-Sep-1834 of Hermitage Cove
MATTHEWS Jane Francis of Joseph & Catherine b. 08-Oct-1836 Bapt. Dec-1836
MATTHEWS John Rose of John & Ann b. 09-Aug-1835 Bapt. 30-Dec-1837
MATTHEWS Dinah of John & Ann b. 05-Sep-1837 Bapt. 02-Jan-1838
MATTHEWS Joshua Thomas Francis of Joseph & Charlotte (Catherine?) b. 06-Jun-1838 Bapt. 12-Dec-1838
MATTHEWS Susannah Frances of Joseph & Catherine b. 11-Jun-1839 Bapt. 19-Feb-1840
MATTHEWSWilliam of John & Ann b.31-Mar-1840 Bapt. 02-Apr-1840
ROSE Maria of Samuel & Dinah b. 14-Nov-1839 Bapt. 28-Apr-1840
MATTHEWS Sarah of Joseph & Catherine b. 10-Oct-1841 Bapt. 24-Nov-1841
KEEPING Morgan of Morgan & Charlotte b. 07-Oct-1842 Bapt. 04-Dec-1842 of Fortune
MATTHEWS Matthew Benjamin of Joseph & Catherine b. 04-Jan-1844 Bapt. 10-Mar-1844
MATTHEWS John Richard of Joseph & Catherine b. 02-Aug-1846 Bapt. 21-Oct-1846
MATTHEWS Magadelene of Morgan & Elizabeth b. 29-Oct-1847 Bapt. 19-Dec-1847
MATTHEWS Ann Elizabeth of William & Susannah b. 02-Dec-1859 Bapt 22-Aug-1860
PIERCY Catherine Jane of Thomas & Esther (Fortune) b. 23-Oct-1860 Bapt 25-Dec-1860
MATTHEWS Mary Maria of Charles & Elizabeth b. 08-Aug-1861 Bapt 03-Nov-1861
RIGGS Henry of Richard & Elizabeth b. 13-Feb-1862 Bapt 04-May-1862
PIERCY Esther Nicholle of Thomas & Esther (Fortune) b. 11-Jul-1863 Bapt 29-Nov-1863
WEYMOUTH Benjamin John of William & Jane b. 17-May-1863 Bapt 23-Feb-1864
OSMOND Agnes of George & Susanna b. 15-May-1864 Bapt 08-Nov-1864
OSMOND Ann of George & Susan b. 05-Feb-1866 Bapt 28-Feb-1866
MATTHEWS George Riggs of William & Susanna b. 07-Aug-1864 Bapt 07-Jan-1865
MATTHEWS Esther Jane of William T. & Susanna b. 16-Jun-1866 Bapt 06-Jul-1866
MATTHEWS Jane of William & Caroline b. 21-Mar-1867 Bapt 19-May-1867
MATTHEWS George Robert of Charles & Mary b. 08-Sep-1867 Bapt 04-Dec-1867
MATTHEWS John Hickman of Joseph & Susanna b. 18-Sep-1867 Bapt 29-Sep-1868
OSMOND George of George & Susan b. 22-Feb-1868 Bapt 31-May-1868
HICKMAN Dinah Jane of John & Clarissa (Fortune) b. 05-Aug-1868 Bapt 27-Sep-1868
MATTHEWS Joseph of William & Susan b. 16-Jul-1868 Bapt 03-Feb-1869
MATTHEWS Ann Elizabeth of William & Caroline b. 28-Oct-1868 Bapt03-Feb-1869
MATTHEWS Catherine Jane of Joseph & Susan b. 14-Dec-1868 Bapt 03-Mar-1869
MATTHEWS Sarah Ann of Joseph & Susan b. 23-Nov-1870 Bapt 14-Dec-1870
MATTHEWS John Hickman of William & Caroline b. 28-Sep-1870 Bapt 25-Jan-1871
MATTHEWS Elizabeth of Charles & Mary b. 16-Oct-1870 Bapt 24-Mar-1871
BELBIN Benjamin James of William & Magdalene b. 08-Jun-1871 Bapt 23-Aug-1871
John Richard of William & Susannah b. 02-May-1871 Bapt 23-Aug-1871
Fanny Jane of William & Caroline b. 30-Sep-1872 Bapt 24-Jan-1873
Emmaline of Charles & Mary b. 03-Sep-1872 Bapt 16-Jan-1873
Wilson Hickman of William & Caroline b 06-Jun-1864 Bapt 20-Sep-1864
George Riggs of Benjamin & Sarah b. 25-Sep-1874 Bapt 18-Nov-1874
Hannah Elizabeth of Charles & Mary b 14-Nov-1874 Bapt 27-Jan-1875
Fanny Jane of Morgan & Sarah b 02-Jan-1875 Bapt 17-Mar-1875
Eleanor Charlotte of Joseph & Susan b 28-Dec-1874 Bapt 28-Mar-1875
Wilson Lovell of Joseph & Susannah b 07-Jul-1876 Bapt 29-Dec-1876
Naomi (Leona) of Benjamin & Sarah b 31-Jul-1876 Bapt 29-Dec-1876
Eleanor of William & Susannah b 06-Nov-1876 Bapt 12-Feb-1877
Joshua of Charles & Mary b 21-Mar-1877 Bapt 07-Jul-1877
Thomas of Morgan & Sarah b 13-Jun-1877 Bapt 07-Jul-1877
Samuel Hickman of Joseph & Susannah b 11-Sep-1878 Bapt 09-Nov-1878
Morgan Hickman of Morgan & Sarah b 02-Sep-1878 Bapt 21-Nov-1878
Charles Forward of William & Caroline b 10-Sep-1878 Bapt 06-Jan-1879
Robert of Charles & Mary b 10-Jul-1879 Bapt 22-Sep-1879
Alex Bethune of Benjamin & Sarah b 08-Jun-1879 Bapt 03-Sep-1879
Morgan  of William & Madeline b 24-Feb-1880 Bapt19-Apr-1881
Jacob Henry of william & Susan b 13-May-1880 Bapt 02-Sep-1880
Transcribed from Grand Bank Baptisms - Vital Stats Vol. 106 - PANL

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