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Bonavista Bay District

1881 - 1906

Date Groom / Bride Age Residence Married at Father's Name
Feb 20/1881 Rueben Harding 23 Greenspond Greenspond Edward Harding
  Caroline Lane(wid) 29 Greenspond   Benjamin Harding
Mar 08/1881 Archibald Carmicheal ? Ship Island Greenspond Hector Carmicheal
  Margaret Carter 20 Ship Island   William Carter
May 11/1881 John Pond 21 Pool's Island Pool's Island William Pond
  Sarah Ann Petton 18 Pool's Island   William Petton
May 11/1881 William Samson 41 Pool's Island Pool's Island James Samson
  Keziah S. Barefoot 23 Pool's Island   George Barefoot
May 11/1881 Joseph Barefoot 21 Pool's Island Pool's Island George Barefoot
  Rebecca Eakins 18 Pool's Island   William Eakins
May 12/1881 Job Carter(wid) Full Ships Island Greenspond James Carter
  Hannah Hutchings(wid) Full Greenspond   Joseph Harding
May 14/1881 David Winters(wid) 46 Pool's Island Pool's Island James Winter
  Selina Keats(wid) 36 Pool's Island   George King
Aug 31/1881 John Spurrell 32 Pool's Island Pool's Island William Spurrell
  Maria Green 20 Ships Island   Thomas Green
Oct 17/1881 Philip Hunt 21 Fair Island Fair Island Robert Hunt
  Emma Gibbons 19 Fair Island   John Gibbons
Nov 04/1881 John Glover 22 Braggs Island Greenspond (Illegable)
  Mary Humphries 19 Greenspond   Robert Humphries
Nov 04/1881 John Hoskins 22 Ship Island Greenspond William Hoskins
  Miranda Rogers 17 Pool's Island   James Rogers
Nov 11/1881 Thomas Benson Full St Johns Greenspond Joseph Benson
  Hannah Norris 26 Pinchards Island   Len Norris
Nov 21/1881 Samuel Dyke 24 Pool's Island Pool's Island Samuel Dyke
  Ediah Rogers 25 Pool's Island   James Rogers
Nov 24/1881 Adam Knee 24 Safe Harbour Greenspond James Knee
  Susanna Cross 21 Ship Island   Samuel Cross
Nov 26/1881 Philip Feltham 24 Gambo Greenspond James Feltham
  Mary Ann Pritchett 19 Freshwater Bay   John Pritchett
Dec 05/1881 William Kelligrew 48 Flat Island Flat Island William Kelligrew
  Lucinda Durdell(wid) 36 Flat Island   William Moss
Dec 05/1881 Noah Ralph (wid) 43 Flat Island Flat Island James Ralph
  Elizabeth Moss 22 Flat Island   Thomas Moss
Dec 06/1881 George Hoyles 23 Pool's Island Pool's Island Charles Hoyles
  Naomi Shepherd 21 Pool's Island   John Shepherd
Dec 06/1881 Elias Brown 24 Pool's Island Pool's Island Thomas Brown
  Emily Jane Hunt 19 Fair Island   Job Hunt
Dec 07/1881 John Noble 22 Fair Island Fair Island William Noble
  Ellen Pickett 21 Fair Island   Thomas Pickett
Dec 07/1881 Henry Perry 23 Gooseberry Is Greenspond Joseph Perry
  Lucy Ann Stokes 20 Pool's Island   John Stokes
Dec 07/1881 Elijah Sweetapple 25 Gooseberry Is Greenspond Giles Sweetapple
  Joanna Wells 22 Gooseberry Island   Francis Wells
Dec 08/1881 William T Bannistor 23 Greenspond Greenspond William Bannistor
  Alfreda Jane Smith 21 Cat Harbour   George Smith
Dec 08/1881 Joshua Spurrell 22 Pool's Island Pool's Island William Spurrell
  Emily Jane Blackmore 33 Pinchard's Island   William Blackmore
Dec 08/1881 Robert Spurrell 23 Pool's Island Pool's Island Robert Spurrell
  Sarsh Ann Knee 22 Pool's Island   Benjamin Knee
Dec 14/1881 Peter Green 35 Ships Island Greenspond John Green
  Delilah Tuff 19 Bennett Island   George Tuff
Dec 15/1881 William Carter 26 Ships Island Greenspond William Carter
  Elizabeth Saunders 21 Bloody Bay   Samuel Saunders
Dec 17/1881 Joseph Collins 22 Shoe Cove Greenspond William Collins
  Louisa Jane Bridle 22 Greenspond   George Bridle
Dec 22/1881 Joseph Pond 32 Greenspond Greenspond Andrew Pond
  Susanna Saunders 25 Greenspond   Benjamin Saunders
Nov 30/1881 William Humphries 27 Greenspond Greenspond George Humphries
  Christina Jane Dyke 20 Greenspond   Richard Dyke
Jan 03/1882 Henry Thomas Lush 28 Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Lush
  Sarah Wheeler 27 Greenspond   James Wheeler
Jan 31/1882 Tobias Gudger 23 Cat Harbour Cat Harbour Charles Gudger
  Fanny Rideout 21 Fox Cove   Peter Rideout
Feb 28/1882 Kenneth M Carter 22 Newells Island Greenspond Thomas Carter
  Mary Ann Oldford 21 Greenspond   James Oldford
Jun 01/1882 James Samson 25 Flat Island Greenspond Joseph Samson
  Ann Rogers 24 Salvage   Thomas Rogers
Jun 01/1882 Simeon Kalloway 22 Pool's Island Pool's Island Charles Kalloway
  Clara Jane Jeans 21 Pool's Island   James Jeans
Jun 01/1882 Nathaniel Kalloway 20 Pool's Island Pool's Island Charles Kalloway
  Mary Louisa Paul ? Pool's Island   William Paul
Jun 04/1882 Samuel Knee 19 Pool's Island Pool's Island Benjamin Knee
  Harriet Jane Pond 17 Pool's Island   William Pond
Sep 03/1882 George Skiffington ? Greenspond Greenspond John Skiffington
  Jane Blandford 23 Greenspond   Darius Blannford
Oct 20/1882 William Arnold 25 Bloody Bay Greenspond John Arnold
  Florence Dewey 22 ?   Charles Dewey
Nov 02/1882 Joseph Sanders(wid) 29 Gooseberry Is Greenspond Andrew Sanders
  Lavinia Morgan 24 Flat Island   Edward Morgan
Nov 06/1882 Henry Morgan 24 Fair Island Greenspond Robert Rogers
  Elizabeth Jane Cutler 21 Fair Island   Moses Cutler
Nov 06/1882 William Samson 29 Flat Island Greenspond Thomas Samson
  Katherine Moss 20 Flat Island   Thomas Moss
Nov 28/1882 James Wells ? Gooseberry Is Greenspond Simeon Wells
  Lydia Payne ? Gooseberry Is   Robert Payne
Nov 28/1882 Jonas Warren 24 Gooseberry Is Greenspond Joseph Warren
  Mary Ann Brenton 22 Swain's Island   Thomas Brenton
Nov 29/1882 Martin Stone 22 Greenspond Greenspond Benjamin Stone
  Mary Jane Howell 21 Cape Freels   Francis Howell
Nov 30/1882 Eli Warren 26 Gooseberry Is Greenspond Joseph Warren
  Mary Ann Cheater 21 Flat Island   William Cheater
Dec 01/1882 James Sanders 27 Gooseberry Is Greenspond Andrew Sander
  Sarah Sweetapple 20 Gooseberry Is   Giles Sweetapple
Dec 01/1882 Elias Granter 24 Greenspond Greenspond Jacob Granter
  Julia Ann Jacobs 19 23 Greenspond   John Jacobs
Dec 05/1882 Stephen Sturge 21 Flowers Island Greenspond Thomas Sturge
  Victoria Harvey 20 Cape Freels   James Harvey
Dec 07/1882 Job Burry 30 Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Burry
  Rebecca Spurrell 25 Pool's Island   John Spurrell
Dec 14/1882 Ethelred Carter 23 Greenspond Greenspond William Carter
  Mary Jane Brown 22 Greenspond   William Brown
Feb 22/1883 Frederic James Carter 30 Ship Island Greenspond William Carter
  Ellen Gudger 27 Windmill Brook   George Gudger
May 22/1883 Peter Feltham 26 Deer Island Deer Island Benjamin Feltham
  Emily Harding 22 Greenspond   Joseph Harding
May 22/1883 John Tite 26 Deer Island Deer Island John Tite
  Emily Jane Lane 19 Deer Island   Adam Lane
May 30/1883 Darius Green 29 Ship Island Greenspond John Green
  Jane Harvey 23 Cape Cove   James Harvey
May 31/1883 Jonas Mahar 24 Greenspond Greenspond Patrick Mahar
  Isabella Pond 21 Greenspond   William Pond
Aug 30/1883 Joseph Highmore Edgar 31 Greenspond Greenspond Benjamin Edgar
  Martha Crocker 19 Greenspond   Aubrey Crocker
Oct 22/1883 George Pickett 22 Fair Island Fair Island Samuel Pickett
  Keziah Lane 20 Gambo   James Lane
Oct 23/1883 Issac Pritchett 21 Gambo Fair Island James Pritchett
  Agnes Ward 17 Fair Island   Benjamin Ward
Nov 15/1883 Joseph Brown 26 Salvage Greenspond Joseph Brown
  Mary Burden 24 Salvage   William Burden
Nov 15/1883 Charles Ralph 25 Flat Island Greenspond James Ralph
  Mary Samson 19 Flat Island   William Samson
Nov 22/1883 Benjamin Durham Kean 27 Flowers Island Greenspond Samuel Kean
  Maria Best 22 Greenspond   George Best
Nov 24/1883 John Cull Kean(wid) 43 Flowers Island Greenspond Samuel Kean
  Ellen Harding 32 Greenspond   Edward Harding
Nov 28/1883 George Seymour 25 Gooseberry Is Greenspond Robert Seymour
  Lucy Pitten 18 Swain's Island   William Pitten
Nov 28/1883 John Hoddinotte 23 Greenspond Greenspond George Hoddinotte
  Louisa Carter 19 Newells Island   Kenneth Carter
Nov 28/1883 Gerard Wells(wid) 32 Gooseberry Is Greenspond Sam? Wells
  Martha Hayward(wid) 36 Gooseberry Is   George Bridle
Nov 30/1883 Adam Kean 23 Flowers Island Greenspond Benjamin Kean
  Rebecca Sturge 28 Flowers Island   Samuel Sturge
Dec 05/1883 Lucy Saunders 22 Greenspond Greenspond John Saunders
  John Green 26 Ship Island   John Green
Dec 07/1883 James Sturge 28 Flowers Island Greenspond Thomas Sturge
  Sophia Wix 20 Greenspond   James Wix
Dec 12/1883 Dara Carter 22 Ship Island Greenspond Thomas Carter
  Flora Hoskins 23 Ship Island   John Hoskins
Dec 21/1883 William Facey 24 Catalina Greenspond Nicholas Facey
  Mary Ann Carter 32 Newells Island   Benjamin Carter
Dec 26/1883 Job Barry 25 Greenspond Greenspond John Barry
  Sarah Ann Wells 23 Ship Island   George Wells
Jan 02/1884 Horatio Nelson Oram 28 Greenspond Greenspond William Oram
  Sarah Parsons ? Greenspond   Edward Parsons
Jan 09/1884 Edward Saunders 26 Greenspond Greenspond William Saunders
  Lucy Pond 23 Greenspond   Andrew Pond
Feb 04/1884 Edward Parsons 23 Greenspond Greenspond Edward Parsons
  Ellen Pond 23 Greenspond   William Pond
May 28/1884 George Kean 25 Flowers Island Greenspond Benjamin Kean
  Ruth Paul 20 Greenspond   William Paul
May 17/1884 James Noble 22 Fair Island Fair Island William Noble
  Maria Cutler 21 Fair Island   George Cutler
May 31/1884 Eli Rogers 22 Fair Island Greenspond Robert Rogers
  Selina Pickett 18 Fair Island   James Pickett
Jun 03/1884 Thomas Samson 27 Flat Island Greenspond Joseph Samson
  Rebecca Samson 18 Flat Island   Joseph Samson
Aug 27/1884 Josiah Paul 21 Deer Island Deer Island John Paul
  Emma Tite 17 Deer Island   James Tite
Oct 30/1884 John Ward 22 Fair Island Fair Island Benjamin Ward
  Charlotte Hunt 20 Fair Island   Anthony Hunt
Nov 05/1884 Alfred Jacobs 25 Gooseberry Is Greenspond William Jacobs
  Lucy Norman 21 Greenspond   Joseph Norman
Nov 07/1884 Richard Rogers 23 Deer Island Deer Island James Rogers
  Barbara Jane Paul 17 Deer Island   John Paul
Nov 07/1884 Robert Jerritt 29 Gambo Deer Island Benjamin Jerritt
  Ann Paul 24 Deer Island   John Paul
Nov 07/1884 George Paul 27 Deer Island Deer Island John Paul
  Mary Ann Maidment 23 Shamblers Cove   George Maidment
Nov 11/1884 John Brown 24 Salvage Greenspond Jonas Brown
  Mary Jane Brown 20 Salvage   Jobua Brown
Nov 11/1884 Joseph Brown 24 Salvage Greenspond Robert Brown
  Elizabeth Lane 22 Salvage   Rueben Lane
Nov 12/1884 Thomas Edward Samson 22 Flat Island Greenspond William Samson
  Martha Jane Hancock 20 Flat Island   William Hancock
Nov 12/1884 John Blake(wid) 37 Flat Island Greenspond William Blake
  Ellen Daley 24 Flat Island   Timothy Daley
Nov 12/1884 Samuel Baker Kean 21 Flowers Island Greenspond Samuel Kean
  Ellen Sturge 22 Flowers Island   Jacob Sturge
Nov 12/1884 Benjamin Harding 22 Greenspond Greenspond Benjamin Harding
  Mary Hunt 19 Greenspond   Thomas Hunt
Nov 13/1884 James Granter 25 Gambo Greenspond Samuel Granter
  Sarah Eastman 21 Gambo   Richard Eastman
Nov 20/1884 Stanley Philip Knee 22 Pool's Island Greenspond William Knee
  Ellen Blackwood 20 Greenspond   John Blackwood
Nov 30/1884 John Arch Carter 41 Newells Island Greenspond Benjamin Carter
  Maria Hayward 36 Gooseberry Is   Joseph Hayward
Nov 22/1884 Charles Ralph 28 Sailors Is Greenspond Stephen Ralph
  Georgina Brown 20 Salvage   James Brown
Nov 22/1884 Frederic Moss 24 Salvage Greenspond Henry Moss
  Elizabeth Ann Ralph 20 Sailors Is   Stephen Ralph
Nov 25/1884 James Dyke 25 Salvage Greenspond John Dyke
  Ann Oldford 26 Salvage   George Oldford
Nov 25/1884 Simeon Osmond 21 Greenspond Greenspond Eli Osmond
  Leah Gudger 18 ?   John Gudger
Nov 25/1884 George Wheeler 21 Greenspond Greenspond John Wheeler
  Drusilla Vater 20 Hay Cove   Edward Vater
Nov 25/1884 Benjamin Wix 26 Greenspond Greenspond John Wix
  Caroline Feltham 21 Safe Harbour   John Feltham
Nov 27/1884 Samuel Parsons 23 Greenspond Greenspond James Parsons
  Maria Gray 21 Cat Harbour   John Gray
Dec 02/1884 John Cross 29 Ship Island Greenspond William Cross
  Katherine Sturge 25 Flowers Is   Thomas Sturge
Dec 03/1884 David Carter 22 Newells Island Greenspond Thomas Carter
  Elizabeth Sturge 20 Flowers Is   Thomas Sturge
Dec 18/1884 Job Barry 23 Newells Island Greenspond David Barry
  Eliza Jane Lush 22 Greenspond   William Lush
Dec 25/1884 Abraham Granter(wid) 33 Greenspond Greenspond Nathaniel Granter
  Sarah Jane Dyke(wid) 25 Greenspond   Samuel Kean
Jan 02/1885 George Stephen Green 33 Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Green
  Charlotte Granter 20 Greenspond   Nathaniel Granter
May 19/1885 Abraham Feltham 22 Deer Island Greenspond Benjamin Feltham
  Providence Ralph 23 Flat Island   Eli Ralph
May 28/1885 Levi Taylor 26 Gooseberry Is Greenspond Thomas Taylor
  Hannah Wells 24 Gooseberry Is   James Wells
Jun 06/1885 Cater William Brown 18 Fair Island Fair Island James Brown
  Amelia Gibbons ? Fair Island   George Gibbons
All above marriages performed by REV WILLIAM HOW
Nov 12/1885 John Green(wid) 32 Ships Island Greenspond James Green
  Elizabeth Green 30 Ships Island   Thomas Green
Nov 16/1885 Edward Pond 23 Greenspond Greenspond Jacob Pond
  Jane Amelia Sainsbury 24 Pinchards Is   John Sainsbury
Dec 03/1885 John Harding 27 Greenspond Greenspond Samuel Harding
  Harriet White 21 Greenspond   James White
Dec 15/1885 James Thomas Carter 24 Ships Island Greenspond Thomas Carter
  Ellen Osborne 23 Ships Island   Thomas Osborne
Dec 16/1885 Thomas Cross 22 Ships Island Greenspond Samuel Cross
  Charlotte Louisa Osmond 22 Ships Island   Jonas Osmond
Nov 30/1885 Elias Pickett 26 Fair Island Fair Island Thomas Pickett
  Jane Button 17 Fair Island   Thomas Button
Nov 30/1885 John Gibbons 28 Fair Island Fair Island George Gibbons
  Ann Pickett 18 Fair Island   Samuel Wm Pickett
Mar 11/1886 William Banister 25 Greenspond Greenspond William Banister
  Charlotte Knee 17 Safe Harbour   John Knee
Mar 31/1886 Joseph Collins 26 Shoe Cove Greenspond William Collins
  Sarah Golding 21 Shoe Cove   ?
Oct 27/1886 Israel Lane 23 Deer Island Deer Island William Lane
  Abigail Lane 22 Deer Island   John Lane
Nov 02/1886 William Osmond 21 Salvage Greenspond John Osmond
  C??? Ann Brown 19 Salvage   Edward Brown
Nov 02/1886 Alexander Brown 25 Salvage Greenspond George Brown
  Elizabeth Oldford 20 Salvage   Andrew Oldford
Oct 11/1886 Frederic Brown 23 Salvage Greenspond Robert Brown
  Sarah Dyke 22 Salvage Bay   Henry Dyke
Oct 11/1886 Thomas Dyke 22 Salvage Greenspond Rueben Dyke
  Melvina Brown 19 Salvage   Robert Brown
Oct 11/1886 William Moss 24 Salvage Greenspond Henry Moss
  Maria Ralph 23 Salvage   Stephen Ralph
Nov 13/1886 James Harding 29 Greenspond Greenspond Joseph Harding
  Emma Osmond 28 Greenspond   John Osmond
Nov 16/1886 William Moss 26 Greenspond Greenspond John Moss
  Cecilia Moss 21 Greenspond   Jacob Moss
Nov 25/1886 John Sydney Green 23 Pinchard's Is Pinchards Is Abraham Green
  Susannah Green 19 Pinchard's Is   Thomas Green
Dec 02/1886 Charles Horam*3 22 Greenspond Greenspond William Horam*3
  Lavinia Parsons 19 Greenspond   James Parsons
Dec 16/1886 William Carter 23 Loo Cove Greenspond Thomas Carter
  Ann Spurrell 18 Pool's Island   James Spurrell
Dec 22/1886 Alexander Wheeler 25 Greenspond Greenspond James Wheeler
  Sarah Weary*2 24 Greenspond   Nathaniel Weary
Dec 22/1886 George Parsons(wid) 32 Greenspond Greenspond George Parsons
  Louisa Butler 22 Greenspond   George Butler
Jan 04/1887 Stephen Pond 24 Greenspond Greenspond Andrew Pond
  Mary Burton 21 Greenspond   Joseph Burton
May 09/1887 Samuel Hunt 20 Fair Island Greenspond Jacob Hunt
  Amy Stratton 18 Greenspond   George Stratton
All above Marriages performed by REV EDWIN WEARY
Nov 18/1887 Abraham Hapgood 24 Broomclose Greenspond Richard Hapgood
  Lavinia Ralph 20 Flat Island   Noah Ralph
Above marriage performed by REV CHRISTOPHER WOOD
Nov 19/1887 George Hunt 31 Fair Island Fair Island Anthony Hunt
  Bertha Feltham 27 Pool's Island   William Feltham
Nov 25/1887 Eli Hunt 22 Fair Island Fair Island Anthony Hunt
  Priscilla Picott 18 Fair Island   Jonas Picott
Nov 30/1887 James Pond(wid 30 Greenspond Greenspond Jacob Pond
  Ann Elizabeth King 30 Greenspond   George King
Dec 02/1887 Augustus Bramfit 26 Alexander Bay Greenspond Augustus Bramfit
  Elizabeth Gould 21 Gooseberry Island   John Gould
Dec 27/1887 Frederic Saunders 26 Greenspond Greenspond George Saunders
  Sophia Burry 20 Greenspond   Thomas Burry
Above Marriages Performed By REV EDWIN WEARY
Feb 01/1888 James Stevens 25 Greenspond Greenspond Henry Stevens
  Caroline Oakley 21 Greenspond   John Th. Oakley
Above Marriage Performed by REV DAVID HORNER
Feb 20/1888 Moses Hoskins 25 Greenspond Greenspond John Hoskins
  Sarah Gudger 20 Greenspond   John Gudger
May 09/1888 John Collins 25 Middle Brook Greenspond John Collins
  Mary Saunders 24 Dark Cove   Benjamin Saunders
Jun 12/1888 John Campbell 23 Greenspond Greenspond Charles Campbell
  Janet Dyke 23 Greenspond   Richard Dyke
All above marriages performed by REV EDWIN WEARY
Oct 09/1888 Edwin Weary(wid) 29 Greenspond Greenspond Philip Weary
  Alice Jane Hutchins 26 Greenspond   Philip Hutchins
Above marriage performed by REV A. BAYLY
Oct 29/1888 Edward Sweetapple 26 Gooseberry Is Greenspond John Sweetapple
  Sophia Cain 22 Flowers Island   Samuel Cains
Nov 03/1888 Robert Hounsel 20 Pauls Island Fair Island George Hounsel
  Charlotte Brown 17 Fair Island   Robert Brown
Dec 04/1888 Edwin Pickett 23 Fair Island Fair Island Jonas Pickett
  Theresa Hunt 18 Fair Island   Job Hunt
Dec 07/1888 Samuel Brown 26 Salvage Greenspond James Brown
  Emily Gillingham 23 Safe Harbour   Thomas Gillingham
Dec 15/1888 Robert Saunders 41 Glovertown Greenspond Samuel Saunders
  Mary Ann Way 20 Pinchard's Island   James Wey
Dec 18/1888 Alfred Hunt 21 Fair Island Fair Island Job Hunt
  Johannah Gibbons 18 Fair Island   Jacob Gibbons
Dec 18/1888 David Noble 24 Fair Island Fair Island William Noble
  Elizabeth Horlick 17 Fair Island   Thomas Horlick
Dec 19/1888 Frederic White 26 Greenspond Greenspond Edward White
  Dinah Harding 24 Greenspond   Edward Harding
Dec 19/1888 Nathaniel Harding 27 Greenspond Greenspond Joseph Harding
  Susanna Hutchins 20 Greenspond   Samuel Hutchins
Dec 24/1888 John Arch Carter(wid) 44 Newells Island Newells Is Benjamin Carter
  Mary Granter 33 Greenspond   Nathaniel Granter
Dec 26/1888 John Parker Hunt 25 Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Hunt
  Susannah Burton 22 Greenspond   William Burton
Jan 02/1889 John Burry 23 Newells Island Greenspond William Burry
  Amelia Mahan 23 Greenspond   Patrick Mahan
Apr 08/1889 James Lush 22 Greenspond Greenspond William Lush
  Harriet Crocker 24 Greenspond   Joseph Crocker
May 13/1889 Christopher Sturge 30 Flowers Island Greenspond Samuel Sturge
  Lucy Cains 20 Greenspond   Benjamin Cains
May 16/1889 James Granter 25 Greenspond Greenspond Nath Granter
  Jane White 21 Greenspond   Edward White
Jun 02/1889 George Bishop 21 Swaine's Island Swaine's Is William Bishop
  Phoebe Tillar 19 Swaine's Island   James Tiller
All above marriages performed by REV EDWIN WEARY
Jan 04/1890 Henry Cross 23 Ship Island Greenspond Samuel Cross
  Elizabeth Jane Granter 21 Greenspond   Thomas Granter
Feb 26/1890 Peter Pond ? Fair Island Fair Island ?
  Julia Hunt ? Fair Island   ?
May 21/1890 William Hoskins(wid) 60 Ships Island Greenspond John Hoskins
  Susan King 40 Ships Island   George King
May 27/1890 Nathaniel Granter 27 Greenspond Greenspond Nath Granter
  Emily Goulding 24 Gambo   David Goulding
Sep 11/1890 Joseph Cutler 24 Fair Island Fair Island George Cutler
  Susanna Noble 20 Fair Island   William Noble
Sep 17/1890 George Abbott 24 Mint Brook Greenspond Abel Abbott
  Mary Jane Guy 21 Mint Brook   Robert Guy
Dec 15/1890 William Pickett 21 Fair Island Greenspond James Pickett
  Delilah Gibbons 19 Fair Island   George Gibbons
Dec 15/1890 Joseph Matthews 25 Silver Hair Is Fair Island John Matthews
  Catherine Feltham ? Silver Hair Is   Samuel Feltham
Dec 23/1890 Stephen White Peckford 23 Greenspond Greenspond John Peckford
  Ellen Lavinia Wornell 21 Greenspond   Charles Wornell
Jan 14/1891 Robert Bragg(wid) 44 Shamblers Cove Greenspond Charles Bragg
  Caroline Pritchett 48 Greenspond   James Pritchett
Jan 14/1891 Elearzer Horlick 23 Fair Island Fair Island Thomas Horlick
  Barbara Cutler 21 Fair Island   Eli Cutler
Jan 16/1891 Samuel Saul Burry 20 Newells Island Greenspond William Burry
  Frances Hunt 20 Greenspond   Thomas Hunt
Apr 13/1891 Samuel Collins 26 Hare Bay Greenspond Samuel Collins
  Martha Ann Brown 18 Dog Cove   William Brown
May 25/1891 Noah Knee 24 Pool's Island Greenspond James Knee
  Ellen Knee(wid) 25 Greenspond   John Blackwood
Aug 25/1891 John Townsley 25 Greenspond Greenspond Charles Townsley
  Elizabeth Jane White 24 Greenspond   George White
Nov 26/1891 John James Wheeler 22 Greenspond Greenspond John Wheeler
  Elizabeth Waterman 19 Greenspond   Witford Waterman
Dec 03/1891 William Hunt 25 Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Hunt
  Emily Dowden 23 Greenspond   John Dowden
Dec 09/1891 Job Collins 24 New Harbour Greenspond Arch Collins
  Syrena Pickett 19 Fair Island   James Pickett
Dec 10/1891 Peter Carter 20 Ship Island Greenspond (Illegable)
  Caroline Sophia Cross 20 Ship Island   William Cross
Dec 22/1891 Walter Butler 25 Greenspond Greenspond George Butler
  Alfreda Kezia Oakley 22 Greenspond   Charles Oakley
May 11/1892 Edward Wm Peckford 22 Greenspond Greenspond John Peckford
  Frances Eliz Calloway 20 Greenspond   Charles Calloway
May 12/1892 William Humphries 24 Greenspond Greenspond Robert Humphries
  Fanny Butler 21 Greenspond   Charles Butler
May 19/1892 Thomas Hunt(wid) 51 South West Arm New Harbour George Hunt
  Jane Collins(wid) 42 New Harbour   Thomas Paul
May 23/1892 Robert Charles Cross 27 Ship Island Greenspond James Cross
  Martha Eliz. Stark 23 Ship Island   John Stark
May 27/1892 Peter Sydney Carter 22 Newells Island Greenspond John L. Carter
  Charlotte Jane Blackwood 20 Greenspond   John Blackwood
All above marriages performed by REV LAWERNCE AMOR
Nov 23/1892 George Saunders 36 Dark Cove Middle Brook Benjamin Saunders
  Emily Maria Lush 23 Dark Cove   James Lush
Nov 26/1892 Moses Pickett 24 Fair Island Fair Island Thomas Pickett
  Adelina Hunt 20 Silver Hair Island   Jacob Hunt
Nov 26/1892 Robert Rogers 21 Paul's Island Fair Island William Rogers
  Ruth Hunt 21 Paul's Island   Anthony Hunt
Dec 01/1892 Augustus Hoddwott 23 Greenspond Greenspond George Hoddwott
  Caroline Payne 22 Greenspond   Charles Payne
Dec 07/1892 Felix Rogers 20 Paul's Island Fair Island Stephen Rogers
  Hannah Noble 20 Fair Island   William Noble
Dec 07/1892 George Collins 22 Hare Bay Fair Island Thomas Collins
  Charlotte Wicks 16 Silver Fox Island   Samuel Wicks
Dec 07/1892 Obadiah Hunt 22 Silver Fox Is Fair Island Jacob Hunt
  Johannah Hette Stratton 22 Greenspond   George Stratton
Dec 21/1892 Abraham Goodyer 23 Windmill Bight Greenspond George Goodyer
  Annie White 21 Greenspond   James White
Dec 22/1892 Thomas Marr 21 Greenspond Greenspond Patrick Marr
  Sophia Pond 21 Greenspond   William Pond
Dec 23/1892 Job Carter 23 Greenspond Greenspond Job Carter
  Mary Butcher 21 Cape Freels   David Butcher
Dec 29/1892 Ebenezer Young 29 Greenspond Greenspond William Young
  Ella Oakley 25 Greenspond   Jacob Oakley
Jan 04/1893 Jethro King 31 Greenspond Greenspond George King
  Florence Carter(wid) 32 Ship Island   John Hoskins
Feb 19/1893 George Crocker 24 Greenspond Greenspond Joseph Crocker
  Theodora Hynes 21 Greenspond   John Hynes
May 12/1893 Moses Davis(wid) 64 Pinchard's Is Greenspond Thomas Davis
  Elizabeth Collins 58 Greenspond   John Sainsbury
May 30/1893 Philip Feltham(wid) 35 Middle Brook Middle Brook James Feltham
  Mary Anthony 27 Clarks Beach   Joseph Anthony
May 31/1893 Eyra Feltham 28 Middle Brook Middle Brook James Feltham
  Elizabeth Ann Pritchett 26 Gambo   James Pritchett
Jun 10/1893 Ebenezer Pond 29 Fair Island Greenspond Edward Pond
  Susan Ward 23 Fair Island   Benjamin Ward
Jul 04/1893 Walter Dyke 22 Greenspond Greenspond William Dyke
  Charlotte Sturge 22 Safe Harbour   Absolom Sturge
Nov 02/1893 George Hender 22 Freshwater Bay Greenspond Alfred Hender
  Annie Sexton 18 ?   John Sexton
Dec 14/1893 Samuel Pond 26 Greenspond Greenspond Robert Pond
  Sarah Dyke 27 Greenspond   James Dyke
Jan 01/1894 Elisha W Saunders 24 Greenspond Greenspond Joseph Saunders
  Drucilla Blandford 25 Herring Neck   Esau Blandford
Jan 18/1894 Darius Wheeler 22 Greenspond Greenspond John Wheeler
  Mary Feltham 22 Greenspond   William Feltham
Jun 04/1894 Job Lane 25 Flat Island Greenspond Adam Lane
  Joanna Wicks 24 Pools Island   Thomas Wicks
Sep 21/1894 Thomas Pond 29 Greenspond Greenspond Andrew Pond
  Mary Kean 26 Flowers Island   Benjamin Kean
Nov 01/1894 Job Horlick 21 Middle Brook Greenspond Lemuel Horlick
  Emma Eliz. Pritchett 21 Middle Brook   William Pritchett
All above marriages performed by REV JOHN ANTLE
Nov 16/1894 Joseph Saunders 27 Dark Cove Greenspond Benjamin Saunders
  Emma Pritchard 24 Middle Brook   John Pritchard
Nov 26/1894 Thomas Ralph 27 Salvage Greenspond William Ralph
  Clara Brown 24 Salvage   William Brown
Nov 26/1894 Jonas Humphries 22 Greenspond Greenspond Robert Humphries
  Lavinia Crocker 25 Greenspond   Edward Crocker
Nov 30/1894 Benjamin Pritchard 27 Middle Brook Greenspond Job Pritchard
  Lucy Carter 20 Wesleyville   John Carter
Dec 03/1894 Samuel Samson 24 Flat Island Greenspond James Samson
  Susanna Davis 22 Flat Island   John Davis
Dec 04/1894 Josiah Samson 24 Safe Harbour Safe Harb William Samson
  Tamar Witches 20 Safe Harbour   William Witches
Dec 04/1894 James King 40 Greenspond Greenspond George King
  Susannah Vater 21 Gambo   Edward Vater
Dec 05/1894 Aaron Burry 27 Greenspond Greenspond Robert Burry
  Dora Squires 22 Salvage Bay   Brad Squires
Dec 05/1894 Robert Humphries 25 Greenspond Greenspond Robert Humphries
  Mary Rideout 23 Cape Freels   William Rideout
Dec 06/1894 Fred James Carter(wid) 42 Ship Island Greenspond William Carter
  Ann Maria Bayly 24 Ship Island   Richard Bayly
Dec 12/1894 James Peckford 22 Greenspond Greenspond William Peckford
  Martha Bragg 20 Greenspond   Abraham Bragg
Dec 13/1894 Alexander Young 26 Greenspond Greenspond William Young
  Ellen Mary Hunt 25 Greenspond   Thomas Hunt
Dec 18/1894 John Cutler 24 Fair Island Fair Island Eli Cutler
  Sarah Hunt 25 Fair Island   William Hunt
Jan 03/1895 Benjamin Cross 29 Ship Island Greenspond William Cross
  Louisa Barrow 27 Greenspond   Benjamin Barrow
Jan 30/1895 Daniel Bragg 26 Shamblers Cove Greenspond Robert Bragg
  Mary Louise Saunders ? Greenspond   Joseph Saunders
Nov 21/1895 William Parsons 23 Cat Harbour Greenspond Richard Parsons
  Mary Parsons 21 Greenspond   William Parsons
Nov 22/1895 Cornelius Keats 24 Hare Bay Greenspond Robert Keats
  Priscilla Wicks 17 Silver Hair Island   Samuel Keats
Nov 22/1895 Jeremiah Hunt 21 Shoal Bay Greenspond James Hunt
  Jessie Lane 17 Hare Bay   Eness Lane
Jan /1896 Jacob Bragg 21 Greenspond Greenspond Robert Bragg
  Rhoda Granter 20 Greenspond   William Granter
Above marriages performed by REV HORATIO READ
Feb 13/1896 Albert H. Burgess 22 Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Burgess
  Elizabeth Jane Lush 22 Greenspond   Robert Lush
Jun 03/1896 Frederick Carter(wid) 37 Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Carter
  Anne Wheatley(wid) 40 Greenspond   James Parsons
All above marriages performed by REV JOHN ANTLE
Jun 23/1896 Arthur Oakley 23 Greenspond Greenspond Frederic Oakley
  Priscilla Daw 23 Greenspond   Samuel Daw
Above Marriage performed by REV E.A.MALEY
May 19/1896 John Carter 21 Ship Island Greenspond John Carter
  Mary Goodyear 21 Ship Island   John Ackerman
May 21 1896 John Barrow 26 Gambo Greenspond George Barrow
  Charlotte Ackerman 18 Fair Island   John Ackerman
Jun 13/1896 George Stagg 23 Shamblers Cove Greenspond John Stagg
  Mary Ann Vivian 19 Shamblers Cove   Henry Vivian
Aug 04/1896 Joseph Butler 26 Greenspond Greenspond ?
  Julia Stephens 26 Greenspond   John Stephens
Sep 21/1896 Joseph Pond (wid) 45 Greenspond Greenspond Arthur Pond
  Amelia Stratton(wid) 58 Greenspond   ?
Oct 23/1896 Jacob Abbott 22 Freshwater Bay Greenspond Abraham Abbott
  Harriet Barrow 19 Freshwater Bay   George Barrow
Oct 24/1896 Daniel Holloway 24 New Harbour New Harbour Henry Holloway
  Harriet Keats 22 New Harbour   ?
Nov 02/1896 Eyra Feltham(wid) 32 Freshwater Bay Middle Brook James Feltham
  Mary Jane Eastman 19 Freshwater Bay   Richard Eastman
Nov 09/1896 William Parsons 22 Shoal Harbour Greenspond Charles Parsons
  Alfreda Lane 20 Shoal Harbour   Eneas Lane
Nov 22/1896 Daniel Holloway 24 ? New Harbour ?
  Harriet Keats 22 ?   ?
Nov 26/1896 Edward Granter 24 Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Granter
  Mary Jane Wheeler 21 Greenspond   John Wheeler
Dec 01/1896 Joseph Crocker 21 Greenspond Greenspond (Illegable)
  Sarah Jane Hiscock 19 Greenspond   Robert Hiscock
Dec 15/1896 Garland Carter(wid) 31 Loo Cove Greenspond Thomas Carter
  Kate Howes 22 Shamblers Cove   John Howes
Dec 29/1896 Lewis Hoddinotte 22 Greenspond Greenspond George Hoddinotte
  Cinderella Coose 21 Greenspond   Alfred Coose
Dec 31/1896 James Carter 22 Ship Island Greenspond John Carter
  Eva Tite 19 Ship Island   ?
Jan 07/1897 Edwin Carter 23 Greenspond Greenspond Stanley Carter
  Annie Banister 28 Greenspond   ?
Jun 26/1897 Benjamin Jerrett 23 Middle Brook Middle Brook George Jerrett
  Charlotte Collins 19 Middle Brook   William Collins
Oct 26/1897 James Wm Collins 21 New Harbour Fair Island Brad??
  Maria Tite 19 Deer Island   ?
Nov 22/1897 Charles Shippard 26 Cat Harbour Greenspond Charles Sheppard
  Elizabeth Parsons 20 Greenspond   Augustus Parsons
Dec 07/1897 Abraham Angel 26 Fair Island Fair Island Thomas Angel
  Barbara Rogers 19 Fair Island   John Rogers
Dec 07/1897 Joseph Ward 28 Fair Island Fair Island Benjamin Ward
  Frances Pritchett 21 Gambo   Issac Pritchett
Dec 13/1897 James Saunders ? Dark Cove Middle Brook Benjamin Saunders
  Selina Pritchett ? Middle Brook   John Pritchett
Dec 13/1897 Allan Pritchett ? Middle Brook Middle Brook John Pritchett
  Catherine Saunders ? Dark Cove   Benjamin Saunders
Dec 28/1897 Jacob Wright 28 Freshwater Bay Greenspond Allan Wright
  Lucy Burry 28 ?   ?
All above marriages performed by REV HORATIO READ
May 17/1898 Philip Holloway ? New Harbour New Harbour Henry Holloway
  Mary Ann Collins ? New Harbour   Enoch Collins
Nov 27/1898 John Austey 25 Fair Island Fair Island John Austey
  Amelia Waterman 20 Pauls Cove   Melford Waterman
Nov 30/1898 William Cross 21 New Harbour Greenspond William Cross
  Caroline Green 20 New Harbour   David Green
Jan 04/1899 Jesse Dyke 22 New Harbour Greenspond William Dyke
  Diana Way ? New Harbour   James Way
Jan 10/1899 Samuel Pond (wid) 31 Greenspond Greenspond Robert Pond
  Delilah Barrow 31 New Harbour   John Barrow
Jan 17/1899 Darin Carter 24 ? Cove Greenspond Simeon Carter
  Susanna White 24 Greenspond   ??????
Mar 15/1899 Edward Barrow 37 Greenspond Greenspond John Barrow
  Lucy Ford 37 New Harbour   Thomas Ford
May 29/1899 Samuel Granter(wid) 36 New Harbour Middle Brook Samuel Granter
  Elizabeth Ann Vivian 26 New Harbour   Thomas Vivian
Jun 10/1899 Job Carter (wid) 29 Greenspond Greenspond Job Carter
  Susanna Knee(wid) 29 Greenspond   Charles Hoyles
Jun 11/1899 James B Granter 21 Greenspond Fair Island William Granter
  Elizabeth Bragg 22 Greenspond   Abram Bragg
Nov 11/1899 Barnabas Moss 23 Salvage Greenspond John Moss
  Heneretta Humphries 23 Greenspond   Robert Humphries
Dec 18/1899 Cater Elias Hunt 21 Mouse Is Cove Fair Island Thomas Hunt
  Caroline Ann Pickett 18 Fair Isand   Jonas Pickett
Dec 18/1899 Richard Parsons 21 Indian Bay Fair Island William Parsons
  Esther Pond 19 ?   James Pond
Dec 28/1899 Andrew Pond 28 Greenspond Greenspond Andrew Pond
  Susanna Parsons(wid) 24 Greenspond   Azariah Oram
Jan 20/1900 Edward Loveless 26 Greenspond Greenspond John Loveless
  Margaret Osborne 22 Goose Bay   Alfred Osborne
Jan 31/1900 Walter Wm Cooze 23 Newells Island Greenspond Charles Cooze
  Mary Julia Carter 22 Newells Island   Sarah Carter
May 25/1900 Rueben Harding (wid) 41 Greenspond Greenspond Edward Harding
  Eliza Jerrett 40 Greenspond   Benjamin Jerrett
Jun 03/1900 Caleb Cutler 27 Fair Island Fair Island David Cutler
  Rebecca Ackerman 19 Fair Island   John Ackerman
Jun 03/1900 Josiah Collins 22 New Harbour Fair Island Arch Collins
  Frances Bursey 21 Dark Cove   Thomas Bursey
Jun 17/1900 George Jerrett(wid) 57 Middle Brook Middle Brook Ben Jerrett
  Mary Lane 40 Middle Brook   Robert Lane
Aug 13/1900 Edgar Feltham 29 Middle Brook Middle Brook James Feltham
  Mary Jane Golding 25 Middle Brook   John Golding
Sep 10/1900 Alfred F. Prettyman 27 England Greenspond James Prettyman
  Beatrice Daw 25 Greenspond   Joseph Daw
Dec 14/1900 Henry Hancock 24 Little Harbour Greenspond Joseph Hancock
  Sarah Ann Norris 21 Swain's Island   Abram Norris
Feb 09/1901 Esau Oram 26 Greenspond Greenspond Charles Oram
  Ellen Gillingham 25 Pool's Island   James Gillingham
Sep 23/1901 John Lush 21 Dark Cove Middle Brook William Lush
  Susanna Norman 22 Middle Brook   James Norman
Nov 27/1901 Edgar Wm Peckford 23 Greenspond Greenspond William Peckford
  Leah Bungey (wid) 24 Dog Cove   James Warren
Dec 17/1901 Abel Feltham 22 Silver Hair Is Greenspond Samuel Feltham
  Julia Ann Ackerman 19 Sydney Cove   Thomas Ackerman
Jan 01/1902 John James Granter 25 Greenspond Greenspond Abraham Granter
  Susannah Loveless 25 Greenspond   William Loveless
Feb 04/1902 Allan Pond 28 Greenspond Greenspond Robert Pond
  Ellen Lush 26 ?   William Lush
Dec 03/1902 Noah Hunt 28 Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Hunt
  Theresa Janes(wid) 25 Greenspond   James Spurrell
Dec 03/1902 Esau Ralph 25 Flat Island Greenspond Thomas Ralph
  Providence Ralph 19 Flat Island   Moses Ralph
Dec 12/1902 David Button 27 Silver Hair Is Greenspond Thomas Button
  Alfreda Feltham 21 Silver Hair Is   John Feltham
Dec 20/1902 Stephen Burry 28 Greenspond Greenspond Robert Burry
  Eliza Ann Wicks 24 Greenspond   William Wicks
Jan 29/1903 Edward Charles Dowden 25 Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Dowden
  Susanna Wicks 24 Greenspond   John Wicks
Nov 11/1903 John Parker Hunt(wid) 38 Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Hunt
  Sarah Jane Loveless 28 Greenspond   John Loveless
Nov 11/1903 William Button 22 Silver Hair Is Greenspond Charles Button
  Sarah Feltham 18 Silver Hair Is   Samuel Feltham
Dec 03/1903 William Ralph 23 Newtown Greenspond Noah Ralph
  Emily Burry 19 Greenspond   William Burry
Dec 24/1903 Edward Parsons 22 Greenspond Greenspond William Parsons
  Eliza Oram 21 Deer Island   William Oram
Jan 14/1904 Everett Joe Loveless 28 English Harbour Greenspond William Loveless
  Mary Wicks 23 Greenspond   Samuel Wicks
Feb /1904 Arthur Coward 25 Greenspond Greenspond Joslin Coward
  Hannah Eliz Hancock 23 Greenspond   Robert Hiscock
Feb /1904 Mark Dowden 28 Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Dowden
  Hannah Daw*1 30 Greenspond   Andrew Daw *1
May 12/1904 Egbert Loveless 25 English Harbour Greenspond Wm Loveless
  Eliza Jane Marshfield 21 English Harbour   John Marshfield
Jun 05/1904 William Pinsent 34 Safe Harbour Greenspond William Pinsent
  Julia Ann Knee(wid) 37 Safe Harbour   William Spurrell
Jun 14/1904 Samuel Blandford 25 Greenspond Greenspond Darius Blandford
  Daisy Augusta Daw 25 Greenspond   Harve Daw
Sept 13/1904 Kenneth Oakley 23 Greenspond Greenspond John Oakley
  Elizabeth Vasasour 25 St John's   Hugh Vavasour
Dec 09/1904 Edward John Hawkins 32 English Harbour Greenspond William Hawkins
  Mary Ann King 26 English Harbour   George King
Dec 14/1904 Thomas Howard Saunders 27 Greenspond Greenspond Joseph Saunders
  Elizabeth Ann Marshfield ? English Harbour   John Marshfield
Dec 21/1904 Peter Bragg 29 Shamblers Cove Greenspond Samuel Bragg
  Susanna Wesley Vivian 24 Shamblers Cove   Arthur Vivian
Dec 22/1904 Robert Sandy Critchly 22 English Harbour Greenspond John Critchley
  Martha Jane Granter 21 Greenspond   Thomas Granter
Dec 22/1904 John Lane 30 Greenspond Greenspond George Lane
  Lavinia Humphries(wid) 35 Greenspond   ? Crocker
Dec 23/1904 John Durham Cooze 24 Newells Is Greenspond Charles Cooze
  Sarah Jessie Oakley 24 Greenspond   Henry Oakley
Dec 24/1904 William George Pond 28 Greenspond Greenspond William Pond
  Jemina Gover 26 Greenspond   John Gover
Jan 27/1905 Walter G. Dowden(wid) 34 Greenspond Greenspond Walter Dowden
  Sarah Ann Tilley(wid) 32 Kelligrews   Richard Dyke
May 16/1905 Allan Carter 24 Ship Island Greenspond John Carter
  Lenora Elkins 21 Safe Harbour   Robert Elkins
May 23/1905 Henry Peckford 23 Greenspond Greenspond William Peckford
  Prescilla Pond 21 Greenspond   James Pond
Jun 03/1905 Ebnezer Blackwood 23 Greenspond Greenspond Ebnezer Blackwood
  Susanna Granter 23 Greenspond   Thomas Granter
Jul 04/1905 James Alex Downing 26 Greenspond Greenspond John Downing
  Susanna Harding 28 Greenspond   Edward Harding
Nov 17/1905 Edward Green 27 Ship Island Greenspond Kenneth Green
  Amelia Willer 19 Greenspond   John Willer
Dec 19/1905 Edward Ben Feltham 32 Greenspond Greenspond William Feltham
  Mary Ann Lovelace 27 Greenspond   John Lovelace
Dec 20/1905 Israel James King 23 Greenspond Greenspond George King
  Martha Mary Hawkins 21 Greenspond   William Hawkins
Dec 21/1905 Thomas Granter 25 Greenspond Greenspond Joseph Granter
  Charlotte Easton 27 Greenspond   Richard Easton
Jan 01/1906 George Saunders 20 Greenspond Greenspond Nath Saunders
  Clara Carter 21 Ships Island   John Carter
Jan 11/1906 Jacob Wicks 30 Greenspond Greenspond Samuel Wicks
  Amelia Jane Loveless 25 English Harbour   William Loveless
Jan 22/1906 John James Dowden 30 Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Dowden
  Emily Dyke 25 Greenspond   Dana Dyke
Jan 24/1906 George Wm Wicks 27 Greenspond Greenspond John Wicks
  Sarah Mary Peckford 29 Greenspond   William Peckford
Feb 01/1906 Edward Sampson 22 Greenspond Greenspond William Sampson
  Susanna Boram 23 Greenspond   Peter Borom
May 24/1906 Edward C Blackwood 27 Loo Cove Greenspond Edward Blackwood
  Ida Best 23 Brookfield   ?
May 31/1906 Joseph Lush 22 Greenspond Greenspond Robert Lush
  Hannah Button 20 Silver Hair Island   Thomas Button
All above marriages performed by REV S.A. DAWSON
Nov 12/1906 Henry Rogers (wid) 25 Fair Island Greenspond John Rogers
  Naomi Ackerman (wid)21 Fair Island   Thomas Ackerman
Nov 26/1906 Israel Ackerman 24 Sydney Cove Fair Island Thomas Ackerman
  Edith May Rogers 18 Pauls Cove   John Rogers
Above Marriages performed by REV HENRY EARLE

Churches: Greenspond St Stephens
  Pools Island St James
  Fair Island St Barnabas
  Flat Island St Nicholas
  Swain Island St John
  Middle Brook St Georges
  Cat Harbour School Chapel
  Deer Island School Chapel
  Pinchard's Island School Chapel

Transcribed by Darryl Collins

DAW, Hannah*1 It is felt that the original enumerator spelled the name incorrectly and that it should be "Hannah Pond and also the Father should be Andrew Pond as well". Roderick Brentmaster -
WEARY, Sarah*2 This entry should be Sarah Way who's father was Nathaniel Way of Fair Island. It is entered as WEARY Roderick Brentmaster -
HORAM, Charles*3 The surname "Oram" is spelled as the locals pronounced back then... as "Horam". Heather Burry Dodd -

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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