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Marriages Bonivista Bay
1861 - 1880 - Greenspond

St. Stephen's Church
Date Persons Age Where From Married at Witnesses
April 27/1861 William Wix   Fair Island Greenspond George Ounsell
  Cassandra Pickett   "   Thomas Button
May 03/1861 Robert Hunt (wid)   Fair Island Fair Island Samuel Pickett
  Anne Ackerman (wid)   "   John Noble
May 17/1861 John Kane   Poole's Is. Greenspond Joseph Burry
  Ruth Knee   "   George Jean
May 21/1861 John Burry   Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Grunter
  Elizabeth Coward   "   Joshua Coward
May 25/1861 Francis Pike   Cat Harbour Greenspond Ted White
  Emma Parsons   "   Samuel Blundford
May 29/1861 George Stockley   Cape Freels Greenspond George Ounsell
  Elizabeth Button   "   Augustus Budget
Sept 30/1861 Thomas Ralph   Flat Island Flat Island Joseph F Harris
  Mary Anne Rogers   "    
Sept 27/1861 Charles Shepherd   Harbour Grace Pinchard's Is William Parsons
  Mary Butt   Cat Harbour   Robert Gill
Oct 03/1861 William Hancock (wid)   Greenspond Greenspond John Weeks
  Matilda Moss   Salvage   John Moss
Oct 11/1861 Joseph West   Cat Harbour Greenspond James Hatcher
  Caroline Knee   Greenspond    
Oct 15/1861 Charles Wells   Gooseberry Is. Greenspond William Jacobs
  Elizabeth Wells (wid)   "    
Oct 16/1861 William Brown   Salvage Greenspond Andrew Oldford
  Catherine Bull   "   George Bull
Oct 22/1861 John Janes   Fool's Island Greenspond Thomas Alward
  Mary King   "    
Oct 23/1861 Stephen Hall   Pinchard's Is. Greenspond Edward Hefferton
  Catherine Hancock   Greenspond    
Oct 28/1861 Mark Giles   Greenspond Greenspond Richard Dyke
  Eve Goulding   "    
Oct 28/1861 John Gould   Gooseberry Is. Greenspond AmbroseWhitemarsh
  Susan Steamer (wid)   "   Abraham Denty
Oct 30/1861 Charles Kelloway   Poole's Is. Greenspond Charles Ayles
  Sarah White   "    
Nov 06/1861 Joseph Sainsbury   Swain's Is. Greenspond George Winsor
  Anne Winsor   "   William Patten
Nov 06/1861 John Hunt   Fair Island Greenspond Robert Hunt
  Hannah King   "   Thomas Button
Nov 06/1861 Joseph Butt   Flat Island Greenspond  
  Virtue Ralph   "    
Nov 07/1861 William Greenon   Indian Arm Greenspond William Burton
  Lydia Hancock   "   James Hancock
Nov 08/1861 George Mayment   Greenspond Greenspond Richard Bishop
  Elizabeth Vivian   "    
Nov 11/1861 Leander Howell   Poole's Is. Greenspond John Winter
  Anne Maria Tucker   "    
Nov 18/1861 Thomas Gillingham   Pool's Is. Greenspond William Feltham
  Anne Stratton   Greenspond    
Nov 18/1861 George King (wid)   Poole's Is. Greenspond Thomas Atwood
  Susanna Wix (wid)   Greenspond    
Nov 26/1861 Eli Hann   Swain's Is. Greenspond Silas Sansbury
  Susanna Curtis   Pinchard's Is.    
Dec 06/1861 David Janes   Poole's Is. Greenspond George Preston
  Jane Millett   Swain's Is.    
Dec 06/1861 Thomas Burry   Newell's Is. Greenspond Edward Green
  Susanna Carter   "    
Dec 18/1861 William Brown   Poole's Is. Greenspond Benjamin Knee
  Susanna Janes   "    
Jan 01/1862 Thomas Burry   Greenspond Greenspond Joseph Caines
  Anne Butler   "   Charles Butler
May 10/1862 Robert Ferris   Prince Edward Is. Greenspond Richard Bishop
  Jane Vivian   Greenspond    
May 15/1862 Basil Sparks   Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Burry
  Frances Tiller   Swain's Is.    
May 21/1862 Joseph King   Barrow Harbour Greenspond James King
  Elizabeth Powell   "   Charles Powell
July 14/1862 Joseph Fred Harris   Flat Is. Greenspond John Hellegram
  Maria Ralph   "    
July 18/1862 David Norris   Pinchard's Is. Greenspond William Tulk
  Jane Tulk   "    
July 18/1862 Samuel Young   Pinchard's Is. Greenspond Robert Gill
  Charity Curtis   "    
Oct 09/1862 John Moss   Salvage Greenspond William Hancock
  Mary Anne Hunter   "    
Oct 11/1862 George Hicks   Dolling Cove Greenspond John Hicks
  Elizabeth Hicks   "   Joseph Abbott
Oct 13/1862 John Paul (wid)   Deer Island Greenspond William Lane
  Ellen Lane   "    
Oct 15/1862 Jacob Davis   Pinchard's Is. Greenspond Abraham Davis
  Rebecca Gill   "    
Oct 17/1862 James Elliott   Muddy Hole Greenspond William Caning
  Ann Abbott   "    
Oct 20/1862 John Bungy   Pinchard's Is. Greenspond James Way
  Rosanna Button   "   Thomas Button
Oct 24/1862 Peter Knee   Fool's Island Greenspond George Preston
  Mary Kane   Flowers Is.   William Moore
Oct 27/1862 John Hunt   Greenspond Greenspond William Feltham
  Jane Feltham   "    
Oct 28/1862 Apollas Squires   Broad Cove Greenspond Robert Shaw
  Ann Maria Sainsbury   Greenspond   Charles Kane
Oct 28/1862 George Burry (wid)   Greenspond Greenspond Darius Blandford
  Sarah Bishop   "    
Oct 28/1862 Robert Humphries   Cape Freels Greenspond John Wix
  Ann Parsons   Greenspond    
Nov 01/1862 John Dominy   Bonvaista Bay Greenspond George Allen
  Hannah Allen   Greenspond    
Nov 03/1862 Jeremah Feltham   Deer Island Greenspond Abel Feltham
  Ruth Stockley   "    
Nov 03/1862 Adam Lane   Deer Island Greenspond John Stockley
  Ellen Feltham   "    
Nov 04/1862 Charles Ralph   Flat Island Greenspond Thomas Saunders
  Julia Anne Power   "   John Power
Nov 05/1862 Thomas Wells   Gooseberry Is. Greenspond Augustus Brifet
  Dorcas Stroud   Bloody Bay    
Nov 10/1862 James Wix   Greenspond Greenspond Joseph Caines
  Caroline Hann   Cape Freels    
Nov 11/1862 Eli Cutler   Fair Island Greenspond George Hounsell
  Jemina Rogers   "    
Nov 11/1862 Samuel White   Greenspond Greenspond John Stagg
  Hannah Burry   "    
Nov 14/1862 Robert James   Poole's Is. Greenspond Benjamin Knee
  Esther Winters (wid)   "    
Nov 18/1862 Thomas Breaton   Swain's Is. Greenspond James Breaton
  Susan Winters   "    
Nov 26/1862 John Dyke   Poole's Is. Greenspond John James
  Jane James   "    
Above marriage done by Rev John Goodacreragg
Dec 01/1862 William Pittson   Swain's Island Greenspond Charles Best
  Elizabeth Mullen   "    
Dec 04/1862 James Tiller   Swain's Island Greenspond James Winsor
  Susan Green   Greenspond    
Dec 04/1862 Malachi Meadows   Greenspond Greenspond William Burton
  Jane Green   "    
May 05/1863 Joseph Angel   Greenspond Greenspond John Daw
  Jane West   "    
May 08/1863 Henry Lush   Greenspond Greenspond James Stratton
  Sarah Stratton   "   James Grunter
May 15/1863 Thomas White   Greenspond Greenspond Frederic White
  Rebecca Stratton   "   James Carter
Page missing with 3 marriages on it.
Oct 16/1863 Benjamin Barrow   Greenspond Greenspond John Crocker
  Sophia Burry   "    
Oct 16/1863 Edward Pond   Fair Island Greenspond William Wix
  Mary Pickett   "    
Oct 20/1863 Samuel Stansfield   Greenspond Greenspond Robert Oakley
  Amy Hicks   "   Robert Davidson
Oct 20/1863 William Abbott   Muddy Hole Greenspond James Flinn
  Jane Durdel   "   Elias Abbott
Oct 26/1863 Rueben Way   Greenspond Greenspond George Davidson
  Elizabeth Perry   Gooseberry Is.   Elizabeth Young
Oct 29/1863 Eli Allen   Greenspond Greenspond George Allen
  Matilda Jane Vincent   Cobbler's Is.    
A Page missing with 3 marriages on it.
Nov 03/1863 Thomas Button   Fair Island Greenspond Job Hunt
  Anne Wix   "    
Nov 05/1863 James Stockley (wid)   Greenspond Greenspond Joseph Sainsbury
  Sarah Ackerman   Fair Island    
Nov 05/1863 Charles Best   Swain's Island Greenspond Charles Best Sr.
  Ellen Ayles   Bonvaista    
Nov 05/1863 William A. Pritchett   Freshwater B. Greenspond John Boorne
  Susanna Boorne   Greenspond    
Nov 10/1863 Samuel Evans   Greenspond Greenspond George Stratton
  Amelia Elizabeth   Fibze Tohnis(c)Devon   Charles Edwards
Nov 10/1863 George House   Greenspond Greenspond Richard Bishop
  Anne Bishop   "   Jacob Grunter
Nov 11/1863 Joseph Burton   Greeenspond Greenspond John BLackmore
  Anne House   "    
Nov 17/1863 John Kean   Flowers Island Greenspond Joseph Cains
  Susan Sturge   "    
Nov 17/1863 Joseph Kean   Flowers Island Greenspond John ?
  Charlotte Ann Knee   Poole's Is.    
Two above marriages performed by Rev John Goodacre cragg
Nov 25/1863 William Burry   Greenspond Greenspond James Green
  Christina Green   "    
Nov 26/1863 Henry House   Gooseberry Is. Greenspond George Saunders
  Catherine House   "    
Dec 02/1863 Joseph Lovelace   Greenspond Greenspond James Pitman
  Elizabeth Critchley   "    
Dec 02/1863 Charles Bannister   ? Greenspond Joseph Burry
  Ann Patience Osmond   ?    
Dec 02/1863 Eli Osmond   ? Greenspond William Bannister
  Elizabeth Ann Bannister        
Dec 02/1863 James Carter   Greenspond Greenspond Edward Green
  Sarah Green   Pinchard's Is.    
Dec 17/1863 Charles Butler   Greenspond Greenspond James Young
  Rebecca Burry   "   George White
Dec 17/1863 Richard Osmond   Greenspond Greenspond James Tite
  Anne Lovelace   "   Simeon Osmond
June 30/1864 Peter House   Greenspond Greenspond Joseph Burry
  Mary Keane   Poole's Is.   Edwin White
Oct 04/1864 Job Stokes   Cape Freels Greenspond  
  Julia Ann Goss   Spanard's Bay    
Oct 04/1864 Robert Goss   Spanard's Bay Greenspond  
  Eliza Stokes   Cape Freels    
Oct 05/1864 Joseph Abbott   Dolling Cove Greenspond Joseph Cains
  Hester Guy   "    
Oct 25/1864 Samuel Feltham   Fair Island Greenspond Samuel Wix
  Amy Button   "    
All above marriages performed by Rev William Milner
Nov 05/1864 Thomas Dyke   Swain's Is. Greenspond John Dyke
  Mary Stokes   Cape Freels   William H. Black
Above marriage done by Rev John Goodacrecragg
Nov 15/1864 Rev Charles Rockwest   Salvage Greenspond William Lane
  Helen M. Lang   Greenspond   Charles Edwards
Nov 17/1864 George Burton   Greenspond Greenspond William Burton
  Elizabeth Hayward   "    
Nov 23/1864 Noah Ralph   Flat Island Greenspond Thomas Samson
  Susanna Butt   "   Charles Ralph
Nov 23/1864 Alfred Inder   Greenspond Greenspond Robert Oakley
  Harriet Oakley   "   Charles Rockwest
Nov 25/1864 John Carter   Swain's Island Greenspond Basil Sparks
  Thersa Moores   "    
Nov 26/1864 William Lush   Greenspond Greenspond Issac Weakley
  Sarah Weakley (wid)   "   Robert Lush
Nov 28/1864 William Cains (wid)   Flower's Is. Greenspond Thomas Grunter
  Rebecca Grunter   Greenspond   Robert Pond
Nov 29/1864 Thomas Hunt   Fair Island Greenspond Samuel Pickett
  Susanna King   Greenspond    
Dec 01/1864 Job Carter   Ship Island Greenspond James Barnes
  Mary Cross   "   Samuel Humphries
Dec 06/1864 Edward Thomas   Poole's Is. Greenspond Richard Dyke
  Anne Dyke   "   Benjamin Cooze
Dec 09/1864 Jermiah Burry   Greenspond Greenspond Jacob Grunter
  Amy Carter (wid)   "   Edwin White
Dec 10/1864 Job Kean   Pool's Island Greenspond Joseph Hibbs
  Caroline Young   Greenspond   William Kean
Dec 14/1864 John Sidney Carter   Greenspond Greenspond Joseph Sainsbury
  Frances Winsor   Swain's Is.   George Humphries
Feb 21/1865 Samuel Hutchings   Greenspond Greenspond John Pond
  Hannah Harding   "   David Harding
Sept 04/1865 Joseph Brown   Poole's Island Greenspond Adam Lane
  Anne Vivian   Greenspond   Joseph Lane
Sept 28/1865 William Snow   Harbour Grace Greenspond James Dewy
  Matilda Dowden   Greenspond   Mark Dowden
Oct 24/1865 John Charles Davis   Flat Island Greenspond Eli Ralph
  Maria Harris (wid)   "   Thomas House
Oct 30/1865 John Pickett   ?   Sam W. Pickett
  Susanna Way   ?   George Hounsell
Oct 26/1865 Tobias Parsons   Cat Harbour Greenspond Matthew Gibbons
  Dinah Goodyear   "   Edward Goodyear
Nov 14/1865 James Grunter   Greenspond Greenspond Robert Grunter
  Anne Keane   Flower's Is.   James White
Nov 17/1865 James Brown   Fair Island Greenspond John Hunt
  Lucy Ackerman   "   Thomas Horlick
Nov 30/1865 Jacob Hunt   Fair Island Greenspond Charles Noble
  Charlotte Hunt (wid)   "   Jacob Gibbons
Dec 02/1865 Thomas Samson   Flat Island Greenspond James Samson
  Jane Ralph   "   Henry Gramwell
Dec 11/1865 Robert Burry   Poole's Is. Greenspond John White
  Elizabeth Hawkins   Greenspond   Stephen Pickett
Dec 13/1865 George White   Greenspond Greenspond Robert Oakley
  Ellen Amelia Oakley   "   John Downing
Dec 26/1865 John Alfred Cooze   ? Greenspond William Cooze
  Charlotte Oldford (wid)   ?   James White
Feb 07/1866 Robert Davidson   Greenspond Greenspond Alfred Inder
  Jane Burry   "   Edwin White
April 22/1866 Albert H. Marshall   Christchurch Greenspond James Pitt
  Miriani Jane Pitt   Greenspond   Samuel Humphries
Oct 01/1866 John Brown Wheeler   Muddy Hole Greenspond George Tuff
  Elvina Whiteway   "   Joseph Crocker
Oct 04/1866 William Feltham   Deer Island Greenspond Abel Feltham
  Hannah Wix   "   Joseph Button
Nov 03/1866 Archilaus Collins (wid)   New Harbour Greenspond John Collins
  Jane Paul   Deer Is.   Samuel Horlick
Nov 05/1866 George Winsor   Swain's Island Greenspond George Winsor Sr
  Eliza Bishop   "   Thomas Bishop
Nov 05/1866 William Cooze   Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Grunter
  Susan Coward   "   Gus Hoddinotte
Nov 06/1866 Jonas White   Greenspond Greenspond Andrew Pond
  Frances Keane   Flower's Is.   James White
Nov 21/1866 James Calloway (wid)   ? Greenspond ? Bishop
  Abigail Janes   ?   James Dyke
Nov 21/1866 Noah Ralph (wid)   Flat Island Greenspond Henry Kelligrew
  Mary Jane Powell   "   James Ralph
Nov 21/1866 John Ralph   Flat Island Greenspond William Samson
  Joanna Feltham   Deer Island   William Petten
Nov 22/1866 John Rogers   Fair Island Greenspond George Hounsell
  Lucy Ann Hunt   "   Thomas Rogers
Nov 25/1866 Ebsnezer Blackwood   Greenspond Greenspond John Blackwood
  Sarah Arnold   "   Joseph Daw
Nov 26/1866 James Pickett   Fair Island Greenspond Charles Noble
  Selina Hunt   "   James Pond
Nov 26/1866 Charles Oakley   Fair Island Greenspond George Hounsell
  Sarah Pickett   "   Samuel W. Pickett
Nov 27/1866 Benjamin Cooze   Greenspond Greenspond Abraham Bragg
  Esther Keane   Flowers Is.   Stephen Burry
Nov 27/1866 Robert Pond   Greenspond Greenspond Mark Dowden
  Eliza Keane   Flowers Is.   James White
Dec 06/1866 Dennis Sargent   Greenspond Greenspond George Weclan
  Jane Stockley (wid)   "   Robert Lush
Dec 13/1866 Samuel Blandford   Greenspond Greenspond Benjamin Edgar
  Sarah Anne Edgar   "   George Edgar
Dec 20/1866 James White   Greenspond Greenspond Andrew Pond
  Sarah White   "   Stephen Burry
Dec 20/1866 Thomas Wix   Poole's Is. Poole's Is. William Spurrell
  Mary Anne Spurrell   "   James Spurrell
Dec 21/1866 John Critchley   Greenspond Greenspond James Feltham
  Paience Paine   Gooseberry Is.   William Lovelace
Dec 24/1866 William Feltham (wid)   ? Greenspond John Stark
  Mary Anne Barrow (wid)   ?   Thomas Feltham
Jan 01/1867 Joseph Saunders   Greenspond Greenspond Elisha Boorne
  Naomi Boorne   "   Nath Saunders
May 07/1867 John Peckford   Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Hunt
  Harriet Boorne   "   Edwin Crocker
May 30/1867 Thomas Horlick   Fair Island Greenspond William Gibbons
  Mary Ackerman   "   James Pickett
June 08/1867 Ananias Weakley   Greenspond Greenspond George Goodyear
  Sarah Stark   "   John Stark
Oct 23/1867 John Rogers   Fair Island Greenspond Robert Rogers
  Elizabeth Jane Angel   "   David Cutler
Nov 02/1867 Job Kates   Poole's Is. Greenspond Joseph Cains
  Selina King   "   George Janes
Nov 04/1867 John Anster   Fair Island Greenspond George Gibbons
  Deborah Arnold   "   Robert Wix
Nov 04/1867 Eli Hayward   Gooseberry Is. Greenspond Abraham Eason
  Martha Bridle   Greenspond   Abner Saunders
Nov 05/1867 William Moore   Poole's Is. Greenspond George Janes
  Isabella Janes   "    
Nov 05/1867 William Coward   Greenspond Greenspond Sergeant Dennis
  Eliza Stockley   "    
Nov 11/1867 Job Winters   Poole's Is. Greenspond Benjamin Carter
  Mary Tiller   Swain's Is.   William Best
Nov 16/1867 James Dyke   Poole's Is. Greenspond William Knee
  Jane Knee   "   Joseph Knee
Nov 24/1867 James King   Barrow Harbour Greenspond James Green
  Elizabeth Ann Green   Greenspond   Albert King
Dec 05/1867 Eligah Young   Greenspond Greenspond Fred White
  Rebecca Goodyear   Cat Harbour   George Young
Dec 05/1867 Samuel Wm Pickett   Fair Island Greenspond James Pickett
  Caroline Cutler   "   David Cutler
Dec 12/1867 Nathaniel Saunders   Greenspond Greenspond James Grunter
  Louisa Mitchell   "   Albert Osborne
Dec 24/1867 John Stark (wid)   Greenspond Greenspond John Hoskins
  Mary Ann Rendall   "   James Hoskins
Jan 16/1868 Fred Wm Oakley   Greenspond Greenspond I. T. Wakley
  Helen Blackwood   "   Henry Lind
May 06/1868 Robert Lush   ? ? Joseph Crocker
  Henerotta Parsons   ?   Gus Hoddinotte
May 12/1868 Robert Bragg   Greenspond Greenspond Robert Davidson
  Harriet Gunter   "   Stephen Burry
May 14/1868 George Barrow   Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Parsons
  Jane Feltham   "   Thomas Feltham
May 20/1868 James John Boorne   ? Greenspond Thomas Osborne
  Frances Sophia Green   ?   John Green
May 23/1868 Henry Vivian   ? Greenspond Stephen Stratton
  Martha Oldford   ?   Jacob Burry
May 30/1868 Albert Osmond ?     Greenspond William Hoskins
  Sarah Ann Peckham   St Johns   ? Burry
Page missing with 3 marriages on it.
June 08/1868 Jonas Hallett   Poole's Island Greenspond Richard Eason
  Jane Grunter   Greenspond   Job Kates
June 13/1868 David Cutler   Fair Island Greenspond George Butler
  Rebecca Butler   Greenspond   James Boorne
July 01/1868 John Fling   Dolting Cove Greenspond John Hallett
  Mary Moytan   "   William Fling
Oct 30/1868 George King   Poole's Is. Greenspond Peter Knee
  Amelia Mary Banister   Greenspond   Eli King
Nov 03/1868 James Spurrell   Poole's Island Greenspond William Spurrell
  Susan Janes   "   Jermiah Spurrell
Nov 10/1868 Abnor Saunders   Gooseberry Is. Greenspond Charles House
  Charlotte Morgan   Flat Island   Thomas Taylor
Nov 13/1868 James Pickett   Fair Island Greenspond William Wix
  Susanna Wix   "   Robert Wix
All above marriages performed by REV WILLIAM J. MILNER
Sept 29/1869 William Collins (wid)   Greenspond Greenspond Arch Collins
  Sarah Noble   "   H. Warren
Oct 15/1869 Samuel Humphries   Greenspond Greenspond Frederic White
  Ann Maria Barrow   "   John Pitts
Oct 26/1869 Robert Wicks   Fair Island Greenspond William Wicks
  Lerenna Rogers   "   Issac Brown
Oct 28/1869 Eli Osmond (wid)   Greenspond Greenspond John Burry
  Susannah Stokes   Pooles's Is.   William Blackwood
Nov 02/1869 William Sparks   Bloody Bay Greenspond Eli Osmond
  Julia Osmond   Greenspond   Joseph Stokes
Nov 05/1869 John Feltham   Fair Is. Greenspond Samuel Feltham
  Kezia Pickett   "   James Pond
Nov 10/1869 Jacob Gibbons   Fair Is. Greenspond Robert Hunt
  Abigail Rogers   "   George Boland
Nov 10/1869 Robert Brown   Fair Is. Greenspond Jonas Pickett
  Susan Pickett   "   Issac Brown
Nov 10/1869 Eli Grunter   Greenspond Greenspond Jacob Grunter
  Jane Sturge   Flowers Is.   William Dyke
Nov 15/1869 Robert Powell   Barrow Harbour Greenspond Abraham Green
  Charlotte Green   Greenspond   John Hefferton
Nov 16/1869 Thomas Worrel   Greenspond Greenspond WilliamHoddinotte
  Mary Stratton   "   George Pritchett
Nov 18/1869 Mark Dowden   Greenspond Greenspond Eli Young
  Rebecca Burry   "   George Edgar
Nov 22/1869 Samuel Knee   Poole's Is. Greenspond James Hapgood
  Susanna Barrow   Greenspond   George Knee
Nov 23/1869 Esau Stokes   Cape Freels Greenspond George Allen
  Elizbeth Howell   Poole's Is.   Bishop Humphries
Nov 24/1869 James Lush   Pinchard's Is. Greenspond George Butler
  Mary White   Poole's Is.   Sylvester Feltham
Dec 09/1869 John Hill   Swain's Is. Greenspond John Stark
  Ann Maria Lush   Greenspond   James Bishop
Dec 09/1869 Stephen Ricketts   Ship's Is. Greenspond William Burry
  Louisa Carter   "   Henry Hancock
Dec 09/1869 William Hawkins   Greenspond Greenspond John Hawkins
  Sarah Hoskins   "   John Stark
Dec 27/1869 Charles Robert Carter   Ship's Is. Greenspond William Lang
  Mary Anne Green   "   Peter Green
Dec 29/1869 Silvester Green   Greenspond Greenspond John Carter
  Mary Eliz. Meadows   "   John Green
May 07/1870 William Hoddinotte (wid)   Greenspond Greenspond John Stagg
  Sophia Louisa Stenner   "   Samuel Weeks
May 10/1870 Stephen Burry   Greenspond Greenspond Robert Bragg
  Harriet Ann Cooze   "   James Pond
May 19/1870 Joseph Barber   Pinchard's Is. Greenspond Robert Gill
  Ann Parsons   "   Charles Parsons
May 21/1870 Benjamin Feltham   Deer Island Greenspond Abel Feltham
  Eliza Parsons   "   William Parsons
June 07/1870 George Winsor (wid)   Swain's Is. Greenspond George Winsor Jr.
  Elizabeth Brenton (wid)   "   Peter Mullett
June 11/1870 Job Davis (wid)   Pool's Is. Pinchard's Is. Thomas Gill
  Sarah Gill   Pinchard's Is.   Peter Gill
June 12/1870 Thomas Collins   Shoe Cove Greenspond Samuel Collins
  Ann Vivian   "   Joseph Daw
All above marriages peformed by REV WALTER REDFEARN SMITH
Oct 29/1870 John Way   Fair Island Greenspond Thomas Pickett
  Elizabeth Bollen   Pinchard's Is.   John Pickett
Nov 02/1870 Thomas Steed   Salvave Greenspond John Brown
  Sarah Ann Brown   "   Henry Wells
Nov 02/1870 John Lane   Salvage Greenspond John Brown
  Mary Jane Brown   "   Joseph Hann
Nov 02/1870 Henry Brown   Salvage Greenspond Richard Brown
  Caroline Wells   Goosebery Is.   Henry Oldford
Nov 04/1870 William Samson   Flat Island Greenspond Noah Ralph
  Mary Ann Ralph   "   Stephen Ralph
Nov 04/1870 John Cheater   Flat Island Greenspond James Cheater
  Elizabeth Samson   "   James Samson
Nov 07/1870 John Pickett   Fair Island Greenspond John Rogers
  Eunice Gibbons   "   Robert Rogers
Nov 12/1870 Issac Burry   Greenspond Greenspond George House
  Selina Lovelace   "   Joseph Grunter
Nov 15/1870 William Thomas Rogers   Fair Is. Greenspond James Pickett
  Sarah Stratton   Greenspond   Robert Rogers
Nov 23/1870 John Carter   Ship Island Greenspond Jonas Osborne
  Frances Pond   Greenspond   Abraham Green
Nov 23/1870 David Green   Ship Island Greenspond Abraham Green
  Mary Green   Pinchard's Is.   Jonas Osborne
Nov 29/1870 Richard Osmond   Greenspond Greenspond Stephen Stratton
  Leah Stratton   "   Levi Burry
Nov 29/1870 William Burry   Greenspond Greenspond Robert Burry
  Diana Wicks   "   Samuel Wicks
Dec 18/1870 Nathaniel Saunders (wid)   Greenspond Greenspond Samuel Lane
  Sarah Ann Grunter   "   William Peckford
Dec 20/1870 William Dyke   Greenspond Greenspond Robert Bragg
  Thersa Stratton   "   James Brown
Dec 26/1870 William Brown (wid)   Poole's Is. Greenspond George Humphries
  Ann Pond (wid)   Fair Island   James Atwood
Jan 04/1871 William Winsor   Swain's Is. Greenspond James Winsor
  Emma Whiteway   Muddy Hole   Eli Whiteway
Jan 10/1871 John Charles Dominy   Poole,Dorset,Eng Greenspond Frederic White
  Leah Young   Greenspond   Joseph Young
Jan 17/1871 Jacob Young   Greenspond Greenspond Samuel Daro
  Hannah Daro   "   George Edgar
May 20/1871 Issac Pope   Poole's Is. Greenspond John Dyke
  Caroline Jeans   "   Elijah Spurrell
May 20/1871 Samuel Dyke   Poole's Is. Greenspond William Hoskins
  Dorcas Jeans   "   Absolom Jeans
May 20/1871 James Stark   Poole's Is. Greenspond John Blackwood
  Susannah Spurrell   "   Joseph Stokes
May 31/1871 Cornelius Burry   Greenspond Greenspond George White
  Eunice Osborne   "   James Norris
Oct 25/1871 William Feltham (wid)   Deer Island Greenspond James Rogers
  Selina Pickett (wid)   "   Abel Feltham
Oct 30/1871 George Hounsell (wid)   Fair Island Fair Island Edward Pond
  Helen Wicks   "   Issac Brown
Nov 03/1871 John Dyke   Poole's Is. Greenspond Noah Jeans
  Eunice Jeans   Greenspond   David Dyke
Nov 21/1871 Eli King   Poole's Is. Greenspond William Kean
  Martha Jeans   "   Absolom Jeans
Nov 21/1871 William Lovelace   Greenspond Greenspond George House
  Tryphena Burry   "   Darius White
Nov 22/1871 Slyvester Feltham   Poole's Is. Greenspond James Dyke
  Frances Dyke   "   Joseph Stokes
Dec 06/1871 Jermiah Spurrell   Poole's Is. Greenspond John Knee
  Amelia Knee   "   Benjamin Stokes
Dec 07/1871 Peter Burry   Greenspond Greenspond Eli Grunter
  Martha Marr   Flower's Is.   George Norman
Dec 14/1871 Edward Harding   Greenspond Greenspond James Bourne
  Sarah Hoddinotte   "   George Edgar
Dec 17/1871 Charles Button   Silver Hair Is. Greenspond Arch Collins
  Ann Maria Colins   New Harbour   Samuel Wicks
Dec 23/1871 Samuel Burry   Newells Is. Greenspond William Burry
  Sarah Atwood   Poole's Is.   Saul Carter
Dec 25/1871 Samuel Wicks   Greenspond Greenspond Robert Bragg
  Vivian Burry   "   James Way
May 09/1872 Thomas Grunter   Greenspond Greenspond Richard Easton
  Elizabeth Jane Hoskins   "   Robert Humphries
May 11/1872 George Hallett   Poole's Is. Greenspond George Knee
  Lydia Pope   "   Stephen White
May 14/1872 Christopher Brown   Poole's Is. Greenspond Joseph Cains
  Lucy Hannah Preston   "   Absolom Jeans
May 15/1872 Alfred Burry   Greenspond Greenspond John Barry
  Elizabeth Barry   "   Eli Grunter
May 21/1872 John Jeans (wid)   Poole's Is. Greenspond David Knee
  Elizabeth Knee   "   John Spurre
Page missing with 3 marriages on it.
June 21/1872 Albert Stroud   Bloody Bay Greenspond George White
  Harriet Indre (wid)   Greenspond   Ann R. Oakley
Aug 04/1872 Edwin White   Greenspond Greenspond George White
  Maria Blackwood   "   Joseph House
Sept 17/1872 John Paul (wid)   Deer Island Deer Is. Jermiah Feltham
  Margaret Tite (wid)   "   Charles Feltham
Oct 09/1872 Noah Jeans   Poole's Is. Greenspond James Mores
  Ann Knee   "   Thomas Feltham
Oct 10/1872 William Peckford   Greenspond Greenspond Abraham Easton
  Susanna Jacobs (wid)   Fogo   John Button
Oct 16/1872 William Parsons   Greenspond Greenspond Abraham Anthony
  Emma Feltham   Deer Island   William Anthony
Oct 17/1872 Charles Oram   Greenspond Greenspond Joseph Crocker
  Susanna Norman   "   Lander G. Hill
Oct 19/1872 Jacob West   Cat Harbour Greenspond Samuel Dano
  Sarah Grey   "   William West
Oct 25/1872 John Hefferton   Barrow Harbour Greenspond AlexanderCrocker
  Elizabeth Rogerson   "   WilliamHefferton
Oct 29/1872 Issac Brown   Fair Island Greenspond Charles Oakley
  Racheal Gibbons   "   Jacob Wicks
Oct 30/1872 Abel Feltham   Deer Island Greenspond Abraham Anthony
  Mary Menchenton   Harbour Grace   William Anthony
Oct 31/1872 Robert Wells   Gooseberry Is. Greenspond Joseph Perry
  Susanna White   Greenspond   Joseph Wells
Nov 14/1872 Stanley Carter   Newells Is. Greenspond Edward Green
  Sarah Ann Gibbons   Fair Island   Joseph House
Nov 14/1872 Edward Hawkins   Greenspond Greenspond John Blackwood
  Margaret Saunders   "   Lander G. Hill
Nov 15/1872 Joseph Button   Deer Island Greenspond John Stockley
  Elizabeth Parsons   Greenspond   William Anthony
Nov 20/1872 John Gover (wid)   Greenspond Greenspond WilliamBannistor
  Mary Ralph (wid)   Flat Island   Edward Harding
Nov 21/1872 Jonathan Jeanes   Poole's Is. Poole's Is. Benjamin Keans
  Louisa Ann Keans   "   Charles Dyke
Nov 21/1872 John Lovelace   Greenspond Greenspond John Boorne
  Elizabeth Boorne   "   John Marshfield
Nov 25/1872 James Parsons   Greenspond Greenspond Azarias Oram
  Caroline Paul   "   William Anthony
Nov 28/1872 James Hoskins   Greenspond Greenspond John Stark
  Rebecca Grunter   "   Robert Humphries
Nov 29/1872 William Brown   Poole's Is. Greenspond James Howell
  Christiana Bungay   Pinchard's Is.   Absolom Jeans
Two pages missing with 6 marriages on it.
May 31/1873 Saul Carter   Newell's Is. Greenspond William Carter
  Lucy Burry   "   John Burry
July 19/1873 Thomas Dowden   Greenspond Greenspond Earvin White
  Caroline Louisa Vincent   Cobbler's Is.   Joseph Dowden
Nov 01/1873 Edmund Meadows   Ships Island Greenspond Robert Oakley
  Isabella Carter   "   Frederic Young
Oct 25/1873 Henry Hancock   Greenspond Greenspond Samuel Crocker
  Ann Victoria Carter   Newells Is.   George Blake
Nov 03/1873 Robert Furmidge   Fair Island Greenspond Robert Wicks
  Mary Ann Packett   "   Abraham Pickett
Nov 05/1873 James Hunt   Fair Island Greenspond William Collins
  Amelia Collins   Shoe Cove   John Ackerman
Nov 06/1873 Joseph Young   Greenspond Greenspond Elijah Young
  Therisa Kean   Flowers Is.   William Young
Nov 10/1873 James Wicks (wid)   Greenspond Greenspond John Wicks
  Frances White (wid)   "   John Hoddinotte
Nov 22/1873 Charles Parsons   Greenspond Greenspond William Collins
  Racheal Collins   Shoe Cove   David Sanford
Nov 22/1873 George White   Poole's Is. Poole's Is. Job Kates
  Cassandra King   "   Stephen White
Nov 28/1873 Charles Bragg   Greenspond Greenspond Charles Rogers
  Jane Norman   "   Lander G. Hill
Dec 02/1873 Absolom Jeans   Poole's Is. Poole's Is. Jacob Attwood
  Caroline Attwood   "   Peter King
Dec 02/1873 Jesse Spurrell   Poole's Is. Poole's Is. James Howell
  Ellen Attwood   "   George Perry
Dec 05/1873 Robert Humphries   Greenspond Greenspond Samuel Blandford
  Rebecca Saunders   "   Joseph Couse
Dec 20/1873 Joseph Knee   Poole's Is. Greenspond Samuel Dano
  Emma Grunter   Greenspond   Robert Grunter
Dec 24/1873 Benjamin Stokes   Poole's Is. Poole's Is. Benjamin Kean
  Ellen Jane Spurrell   "   Charles Parker
Jan 12/1874 John Burry   Newells Is. Greenspond George Edgar
  Harriet Edgar   Greenspond   Henry Burry
Jan 31/1874 Joseph Daw   Greenspond Greenspond Frederic White
  Jane White   "   William Daw
May 14/1874 George Parsons   Greenspond Greenspond John Blackwood
  Helen Lavina Harding   "   Jacob Harding
May 19/1874 Abraham Bragg   Greenspond Greenspond James Grunter
  Tamar Moss   Flowers Is.   Job Grunter
May 25/1874 James Petten   Flat Is. Greenspond Noah Ralph
  Sarah Sansom   "   Charles Rogers
May 27/1874 William Job Daw   Greenspond Greenspond James White
  Lucy Ann White   "   Darius White
May 28/1874 James Pond   Greenspond Greenspond Samuel Daw
  Jane Blake   "   George Blake
June 04/1874 George Steed   Salvage Greenspond Andrew Hunter
  Maria Hunter   "   Robert House
June 06/1874 George Edgar   Greenspond Greenspond George White
  Mary Roberts   Cape Freels   John Edgar
Oct 28/1874 James Hancock   Little Harbour Greenspond Eli Hancock
  Hannah Oakley   New Perlican   John Sheppard
Nov 02/1874 Robert Burry (wid)   Greenspond Greenspond James White
  Diana Pond   "   James Pond
Nov 05/1874 Jacob Wicks   Fair Island Greenspond John Pickett
  Eliza Pickett   "   Samuel Wicks
Nov 05/1874 Henry Weakley   Greenspond Greenspond Edward Crocker
  Ann Parsons   "   Augustus Parsons
Nov 06/1874 Abraham Pickett   Fair Island Greenspond George Hounsell
  Dinah Wicks   "   George T. Rogers
Nov 14/1874 John Golding   Man Point Cove Greenspond GeorgePrittchett
  Amelia Barry   Pinchrd's Is.   Henry T. Lush
Nov 26/1874 John Marshfield   Greenspond Greenspond George House
  Rebecca House   Gooseberry Is.   Absolom Oram
Nov 27/1874 Abraham Knee   Poole's Is. Greenspond George Preston
  Eve Canning   Muddy Hole   Peter King
Dec 01/1874 James Burry (wid)   Newells Is. Greenspond Saul Carter
  Sarah Ann Brewer   "   Henry Burry
Dec 05/1874 Elijah Spurrell   Poole's Is. Poole's Is. Samuel Dyke
  Sarah Ann Pope   "   Abner Spurrell
Dec 15/1874 Peter King   Greenspond Greenspond Charles Wornel
  Jane Button   Silver Hair Is.   John Wornel
Page missing with 3 Marriages on it .
May 20/1875 Thomas Bridle   Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Wornel
  Caroline Sanford   "   David Sanford
May 21/1875 Samuel Bragg   Greenspond Greenspond Peter Burry
  Mary Ann Burry   "   Robert White
Aug 21/1875 George Glover*2   Deer Island Deer Island William Feltham
  Ann Feltham   "   James Rogers
Sept 13/1875 James Feltham   Deer Island Greenspond Abel Feltham
  Sarah Brenton   "   Abraham Anthony
Sept 13/1875 Joseph Glover   Deer Island Greenspond Abraham Anthony
  Susanna Feltham   "   Abel Feltham
Nov 05/1875 Benjamin Hawkins   Greenspond Greenspond Edward Hawkins
  Jane Sparks   "   Thomas Sparks
Nov 07/1875 Samuel Rogers   Fair Island Fair Is. John Rogers
  Ellen Furmage   "   Josiah Furmage
Nov 09/1875 James Pond   Fair Island Greenspond George Gibbons
  Jane Gibbons   "   John Gibbons
Nov 10/1875 George King   Greenspond Greenspond Joseph Goulding
  Ann Paience Goulding   "   Dara Dyke
Nov 13/1875 Peter King   Poole's Is. Poole's Is. John Knee
  Ann Dalton   "   Andrew Knee
Nov 19/1875 Josiah Spurrell   Poole's Is. Greenspond Jonas Pickett
  Caroline Pickett   Fair Island   John Feltham
Nov 24/1875 George King   Poole's Is. Greenspond George Green
  Leonora Green   Pinchard's Is.   James Davis
Nov 25/1875 Benjamin Spurrell   Poole's Is. Greenspond James Spurrell
  Ellen Blackmore   Pinchard's Is.   George Perry
Nov 25/1875 Stephen White   Poole's Is. Greenspond Jacob Attwood
  Elizabeth Spurrell   "   Thomas White
Nov 27/1875 Robert Boreham   Greenspond Greenspond Simeon Osmond
  Isabella Halloway   Poole's Is.   Peter Halloway
Dec 01/1875 Samuel Wix   Silver Hair Is. Greenspond Thomas Button
  Eliza Bottern   Fair Island   William Hunt
Dec 02/1875 Charles Parker   Pool's Is. Greenspond James Winters
  Delilah Rogers   "   Frederic T. Kean
Dec 06/1875 Benjamin Jeans   Pool's Is. Greenspond Noah Jeans
  Caroline Barry   Greenspond   Adam Knee
Dec 08/1875 Abner Spurrell   Pool's Is. Pool's Is. Samuel Dyke
  Mary Ann Pope   "   Robert Barefoot
Dec 24/1875 Jermiah Stanford   Greenspond Greenspond George Butler
  Eugene Oram   "   Charles Cheater
May 25/1876 William Grunter   Greenspond Greenspond James Pond
  Anastatia Barnes   " Mark Burry
Page missing with 3 Marriages on it.
Oct 16/1876 Thomas Angel   Fair Island Fair Island John Rogers
  Barbara Ackerman   "   Robert Furmage
Oct 16/1876 Job Hunt (wid)   Fair Island Fair Island John Cutler
  Therisa King   Greenspond   John Ackerman
Oct 19/1876 Peter Solding   Hay Cove Greenspond Stanley Harding
  Catherine Rideout   Cape Freels   James Albert
Oct 27/1876 Abraham Grunter   Greenspond Greenspond John Barrow
  Agnes White   Cape Island   George Green
Nov 11/1876 John Ackerman   Fair Island Greenspond Samuel WmPickett
  Sarah Ann Ward   "   John Gibbons
Nov 11/1876 Eli Lane   Gambo Greenspond John Pickett
  Ann Hunt (wid)   Fair Island   James Hunt
Nov 11/1876 Dana Dyke   Greenspond Greenspond Samuel Cross
  Mary Harding   "   James Harding
Nov 14/1876 Robert Hiscock   Greenspond Greenspond Rueben Way
  Charlotte Way   "   Henry Hiscock
Nov 23/1876 Peter Knee (wid)   Pool's Is. Greenspond Benjamin Jeans
  Rosanna Jeans   "   Andrew Knee
Nov 23/1876 William Collins   Shoe Cove Greenspond Archelaus Collins
  Elizabeth Chafy   Smarts Is.   William Collins
Nov 29/1876 Augustus Parsons   Greenspond Greenspond William Parsons
  Adelaide Gudger   Cat Harbour   Thomas Harding
Nov 29/1876 John Feltham   Pool's Is. Pool's Is. George Rogers
  Ann Eliza Janes   "   James Jeans
Dec 08/1876 Stephen Chapman   Goose Bay Greenspond Charles Hobbs
  Sarah Hobbs   "   James Pitt
Dec 11/1876 Albert Burry   Newells Is. Greenspond Saul Carter
  Hannah Sturge   Flowers Is.   John Cross
Dec 12/1876 Samuel Keats   Shoe Cove Greenspond Archelaus Collins
  Hannah Tite   Deer Island   Cornelius Keats
Dec 15/1876 John Shepherd   Pool's Is. Greenspond Samuel Dyke
  Jane Dyke   "   George Ayles
Dec 26/1876 Abraham Saunders   Greenspond Greenspond James Grunter
  Bridget Parsons   Gooseberry Is.   James Blandford
May 22/1877 John Attwood   Pool's Is. Greenspond Jacob Attwood
  Ellen Spurrell   "   Simeon Knee
May 22/1877 Joseph Grunter   Greenspond Greenspond Benjamin Cooze
  Eliza Cooze   "   Jacob White
May 23/1877 John Knee   Pool's Is. Greenspond Noah Jeans
  Jerusha Winters   "   Eli Stark
May 25/1877 Joseph Daw (wid)   Greenspond Greenspond George Pritchett
  Emma Pritchett   Freshwater Bay   William Young
Sept 11/1877 James Wm Cullen   Pool's Is. Pool's Is. John Spurrell
  Ann Maria Spurrell   "   Frederick Kean
Oct 20/1877 Samuel Goulding   Hay Cove Greenspond John Goulding
  Caroline Roberts   Swain's Is.   John Burry
Oct 22/1877 Eli Roberts   Swain's Is. Greenspond Arch Noseworthy
  Frances Jane Goulding   Hay Cove   Joshua Roberts
Nov 01/1877 Henry Peckford   Greenspond Greenspond Jacob Young
  Eliza Butler   "   Frederick Young
Nov 06/1877 John Ralph   Flat Island Greenspond James Joe Pike
  Mary Daley   Salvage   George Moss
Nov 07/1877 Nathaniel Goulding   Hay Cove Greenspond John Goulding
  Ann Vater   Shoals Cove   Cornelius Goulding
Nov 20/1877 John King (wid)   Pool's Is. Pool's Is. Samuel Dyke
  Jane Knee   "   Adam Knee
Nov 20/1877 Eli Oldford   Salvage Greenspond Edward Brown
  Charlotte Ann Brown   "   George Brown
Nov 20/1877 Jacob Hapgood   Salvage Greenspond George Oldford
  Mary Ann Moss   "   Edward Brown
Nov 20/1877 James Ronald Rowsell   Bonvaista Greenspond Andrew Oldford
  Hannah Oldford   Salvage   William Oldford
Nov 22/1877 John House   Gooseberry Is. Greenspond Ambrose Janes
  Emma Avery   Grates Cove   Charles Howse
Nov 22/1877 Joseph Wells   Gooseberry Is. Greenspond Abner Saunders
  Elizabeth Saunders   "   James Saunders
Nov 27/1877 Thomas Oldford   Salvage Greenspond James Oldford
  Margaret Jane Brown   "   Jacob Oldford
Nov 27/1877 George Brown   Salvage Greenspond Joseph Oldford
  Charlotte Burden   "   Thomas Oldford
Nov 29/1877 Henry Parsons   Gooseberry Is. Greenspond Robert Wells
  Charlotte Wells   "   John Parsons
Dec 06/1877 George Blake   Greenspond Greenspond John L. Carter
  Susanna Carter   "   Thomas Humphries
Dec 06/1877 William Best   Greenspond Greenspond Charles Bragg
  Caroline Pope (wid)   Pool's Is.   Philip Burry
Dec 07/1877 Nathaniel Dyke   Pool's Is. Greenspond George Rogers
  Jemima Shepherd Spurrell   "   George Ayles
Dec 07/1877 James Carter   Greenspond Greenspond Silvestor Green
  Louisa Saunders   "   John Cross
Dec 12/1877 Jacob Kalloway   Pool's Is. Greenspond John Howell
  Emma Fifield   Swaine's Is.   Richard Fifield
Dec 12/1877 Charles Payne   Gooseberry Is. Greenspond Jerard Wells
  Selina Wells   "   James Wells
Dec 13/1877 Aaron White   Greenspond Greenspond Darius White
  Sarah Ann Bishop   "   Darius Ed Bishop
Dec 23/1877 John MacDonald   Scotland Greenspond Aubrey Crocker
  Mary Lydia Crocker   Greenspond   George Skiffington
Jan 14/1878 Jesse Knee   Pool's Is. Pool's Is. Peter Knee
  Mary Jane Dyke   "   George Knee
Feb 09/1878 Henry Hill Oakley   Greenspond Greenspond John Hoddinotte
  Lucinda Oldford   Salvage   William Bannister
May 23/1878 George Glover   Deer Island Greenspond Edward Harding
  Mary Feltham   "   John Tite
May 24/1878 Frederick Hefferton   Barrow Harbour Greenspond Thomas Attwood
  Emeline Attwood   Pool's Is.   Henry Hefferton
May 25/1878 Robert Barefoot   Pool's Is. Greenspond John Winters
  Anne Bown   "   Meseck Bown
May 29/1878 William Peyton   Flat Island Greenspond John Kelligrew
  Hannah Honetbun   "   Moses Butt
June 05/1878 Louis Winsor   Swaine's Is. Swaine's Is William Bishop
  Lucy Bishop   "   James Mullet
July 05/1878 John Heaseman *1   Pinchard's Is. Greenspond James Arnold
  Barbara Lane   Bragg's Is.   Philip Feltham
Oct 06/1878 Edward Bollen   Fair Island Greenspond Augustus Briffet
  Mary Noble   "   William Lockyer
Oct 15/1878 George Moss   Flat Island Greenspond John Moss
  Maria Samson   "   Henry Moss
Oct 21/1878 Meshach Bown   Pool's Is. Greenspond John Winters
  Mary Ann Spurrell   "   Noah Winters
Nov 04/1878 John Feltham   Deer Island Deer Is. James Feltham
  Eliza Tite   "   Charles Feltham
Nov 13/1878 Issac Weakley   Greenspond Greenspond William Parsons
  Deborah Parsons   "   Thomas Harding
Nov 18/1878 James Wm Anstey   Fair Island Greenspond George Gibbons
  Sarah Brown   "   Thomas Ackerman
Nov 18/1878 William House   Gooseberry Is. Greenspond Samuel ?
  Eliza Wicks   Greenspond   John Warren
Nov 22/1878 James Lane   Fair Island Greenspond William Bannister
  Mary Vater   Hay Cove   ?
Nov 24/1878 Thomas Hunt   Newell's Is. Greenspond William Burry
  Harriet Gibbons   Fair Island   Alpheas Burry
Nov 26/1878 Andrew Knee   Pool's Is. Greenspond George Jeans
  Maria Jeans   "   William Knee
Nov 28/1878 John Elkins   Pool's Is. Greenspond Abraham Knee
  Amelia Preston   "   James Pickett
Nov 28/1878 James Blandford   Greenspond Greenspond James Pond
  Elizabeth Pond   "   William Lockyer
Dec 05/1878 Henry Bishop Stratton   Greenspond Greenspond Darius White
  Amelia Burry   "   Jesse Burry
Dec 05/1878 John Green   Greenspond Greenspond Robert Lush
  Jane Parsons   "   Frederick Carter
Dec 11/1878 Samuel Hoskins   Greenspond Greenspond John Stark
  Susanna Hancock   "   John Sainsbury
Dec 12/1878 Joseph Jeans   Pool's Is. Greenspond Job Knee
  Susanna Brown   "   David Jeans
Dec 12/1878 James Best   Greenspond Greenspond Charles Bragg
  Charlotte White   "   Cornielus Dyke
Dec 19/1878 Jacob Harding   Greenspond Greenspond Robert Lush
  Susanna Stockley   "   William Wix
Mar 25/1879 William Burgess   Greenspond Greenspond Lauder Hill
  Emma Grunter   "   Samuel Harding
May 12/1879 Robert Preston   Pool's Is. Greenspond Andrew Knee
  Mary Jeans   "   Frederic Kean
May 13/1879 Thomas Harding   Greenspond Greenspond Charles Bragg
  Abigail Jane Hoddinotte   "   Charles Stratton
May 14/1879 James Rogers   Fair Island Greenspond Robert Furmage
  Sapphira Furmage   "   Joseph Furmage
May 15/1879 Moses Richard Rogers   Fair Island Greenspond William T Rogers
  Prudence Gibbons   "   James Hunt
May 15/1879 Robert Rogers   Fair Island Greenspond Robert Wix
  Susanna Lane   "   Henry Rogers
May 22/1879 Joseph Stokes   Pool's Is. Greenspond Allen Wright
  Maria Ann Dyke   "   Cornelius Spurrell
May 23/1879 John Warren   Gooseberry Is. Greenspond Jonas Osborne
  Susannah Hayward   "   Benjamin Hayward
All above marriages performed by REV JOHN GOODACRE CRAGG
Nov 01/1879 Job Pickett 23 Fair Island Greenspond William Pickett
  Mary Jane Starks 25 "   George Starks
Nov 20/1879 John Burdon 26 Salvage Greenspond James Burdon
  Emily Ann Carter 22 Ships Is.   William Carter
Aug 09/1879 Horatio James Oakley 21 Greenspond Greenspond John T. Oakley
  May Elizabeth Caines 23 "   Henry Caines
Oct 15/1879 James Dyke 30 Pool's Is. Pool's Is. Edward Dyke
  Phoebe Jane Macey 17 "   Issac Macey
Oct 17/1879 Cornelius Spurrell 25 Pool's Is. Pool's Is. Simeon Spurrell
  Priscilla Brown 19 "   Samuel Brown
Oct 25/1879 Stephen Abbott 22 Pool's Is. Pool's Is. Stephen Abbott
  Ann D. Oldford 19 "   George Oldford
Page #7 missing with 2 marriages on it
Nov 21/1879 Wm Cross White (wid) 33 Salvage Greenspond John White
  Julia Ann Stratton 21 Greenspond Greenspond George Stratton
Nov 25/1879 Issac Jeans 24 Pool's Is. Pool's Is. James Jeans
  Ellen Green 22 Ships Is.   Thomas Green
Nov 25/1879 Cornelius Dyke 21 Greenspond Greenspond Richard Dyke
  Jane Kean 20 Flowers Is.   Samuel Kean
Nov 27/1879 Abraham Parsons ? Pinchard's Is Greenspond William Parsons
  Frances Wey ? Greenspond   Nathaniel Wey
Nov 27/1879 Thomas Pickett (wid) 50 Fair Island Greenspond John Pickett
  Rebecca Boland (wid) 52 "   Edward Gibbons
Nov 27/1879 Joseph Furmage 22 Fair Island Greenspond Samuel Furmage
  Mary Ann Cutler 19 "   George Cutler
Dec 04/1879 Samuel Abbott 26 Pool's Is. Pool's Is. John Abbott
  Abi White 24 "   Stephen White
Dec 08/1879 Charles House?Hunt? 24 Gooseberry Is Greenspond William House?
  Sarah Sweetapple 21 "   John Sweetapple
Dec 09/1879 Simeon Denty 33 Gooseberry Is Greenspond Abraham Denty
  Elizabeth Ralph 23 Sailor's Is.   Charles Ralph
Dec 12/1879 Azarios Oram (wid) 37 Bragg's Is. Bragg's Is . William Oram
  Caroline Glover 30 "   George Glover
Dec 12/1879 George Thomas Rogers 25 Fair Island Fair Is. Charles Rogers
  Emma Pickett 24 "   John Pickett
Dec 15/1879 Thomas Dyke 23 Greenspond Greenspond Richard Dyke
  Sarah Stone 21 "   Benjamin Stone
Dec 15/1879 Jonas Winters 21 Greenspond Pool's Is. David Winters
  Rosanna Shepherd 22 "   James Shepherd
Dec 15/1879 Frederic Thomas Kean 19 Pool's Is. Pool's Is. Benjamin Kean
  Lucy Ann Knee 20 "   William Knee
April 17/1880 William Stockley 26 Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Stockley
  Katherine Pike 20 "   Charles Pike
May 19/1880 Thomas C. Humphries 23 Greenspond Greenspond GeorgeHumphries
  Lucuida Barnes 20 Ship Island   James Barnes
May 25/1880 Frederic Carter 23 Ship Island Greenspond Thomas Carter
  Susannah Easton ? Greenspond   Richard Easton
Oct 21/1880 Augustus D. Harding 21 Greenspond Greenspond Samuel Harding
  Mary Ann Pinsent 20 Cat Harbour   Henry Pinsent
Dec 03/1880 James Pickett (wid) ? Fair Island Fair Is. John Pickett
  Arainna Hancock (wid) *3 ? ?   Chas Oakley
Dec 07/1880 Robert Eakins 24 Pool's Is. Pool's Is. William Eakins
  Rebecca Parsons 19 Pinchards Is Pool's Is. William Parsons
Dec 10/1880 Robert Davis 22 Pool's Is. Greenspond Job Davis
  Emily Knee 22 Safe Harbour   John Knee
Dec 16/1880 George Parsons 25 Greenspond Greenspond George Parsons
  Dinah Harding 23 "   Joseph Harding
John Heaseman *1 The name Heaseman should be Eastman. Roderick Brentnall (Sept 2011)
GLOVER, George *2 The name George should be James. Roderick Brentnall (April 2012)
HANCOCK, Arianna *3 Arianna b. 1855 was a niece to John T. Oakley of Greenspond and D/O Charles and Christianna Oakley of Scilly Cove, Trinity Bay. Arianna 1st married James Hancock of Little Harbour on Oct 28, 1874 at Greenspond. She then married James Pickett, a widower, of Fair Island on Dec 03, 1880 at Fair Island, Bonavista Bay. There are no children for either of those husbands that I could find. James Pickett died on May 09, 1906 and Arianna on Nov 16, 1914 both at Fair Island. Roderick Brentnall (May 2014)

Transcribed by Darryl Collins
Posted 9 Sept., 1998

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Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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