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Marriages Bonavista Bay 1840 - 1860 - Greenspond

Date Persons Married From Married At Witnesses
Dec 09/1840 Elisha Bourne Greenspond Greenspond William Brown
  Sussana Carter     Samuel Carter
Dec 31/1840 Thomas Stokes Cape Freels Greenspond R.W. Dyer
  Margaret Rideout Cape Freels   John Winter
May 01/1841 James Fling Salvage Greenspond William Brown
  Mary Brown Salvage   Susanna Young
May 17/1841 John Tucker England Greenspond William Brown
  Fanny Philpots Bonavista Greenspond Susanna Young
May 31/1841 Thomas Brown Pool's Is. Greenspond George Stark
  Elizabeth Shepherd Pool's Is. Greenspond Samuel Spurrel
Oct 22/1841 John Bishop Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Stratton
  Sarah Oldford Greenspond Greenspond John Saunders
Oct 22/1841 Joseph Howse Gooseberry Is. Greenspond Joseph Hayward
  Mary Taylor "   Edward Payne
Oct 23/1841 Benjamin Barber Pinchard's Is. " George Green
  Rebecca Green "   John Blackmore
Oct 25/1841 William Groves Pouch's Is. " William Feltham
  Sarah Jeynes "   James Harvey
Oct 26/1841 James Peckham Cat Harbour " Thomas Gibbons
  Harriet Gibbons "   Benjamin Burry
Oct 30/1841 William Burden Salvage " John Hapgood
  Mary Hunter "   John Hunter
Nov 01/1841 John Hand Cobber's Is. " William Vincent
  Mary Anne Vincent "   William Marshfield
Nov 02/1841 David Burry Greenspond " William Brewer
  Nancy Carter "   John Burry
Nov 10/1841 George Vivian Greenspond " John Hogsett
  Mary Allen "   James Blackwood
Nov 24/1841 Samuel Winsor Swain's Is. " J.B. Highmore
  Mary Tiller "   Nathan Wright
Nov 24/1841 John Winsor Swain's Is. " J.B. Highmore
  Mary Hunt "   Nathan Wright
Nov 26/1841 Thomas Burry Greenspond " L. Moore
  Anne Allen "   Andrew Saunders
May 19/1842 Robert Whiteway Muddy Hole Greenspond John Hogsett
  Anne Tuff "   William Guy
June 24/1842 Isaac Bolen Pinchard's Is. " John Hogsett
  Elizabeth Norris "   Samuel Minity
Nov 04/1842 Andrew Saunders Greenspond " Benjamin Carter
  Mary Gold Gooseberry Is.   Samuel Saunders
Nov 05/1841 George Hackwell England " Job Daw
  Sarah Alman St Johns   William Marshfield
Nov 09/1842 Jacob Grunter Greenspond " Hugh Froine
  Mary Saunders "   James Pittman
Nov 19/1842 Giles Burry Greenspond " John Burry
  Paience Ford "   Joseph Ford
Nov 24/1842 William Young Greenspond " John Edgar
  Mary Blackwood "   George White
Dec 19/1842 Joseph Tuff Pinchard's Is. " Thomas Wills
  Harriet Parsons "   George Parsons
Jan 26/1843 Charles Begs Greenspond " James Pittman
  Jane Stockley "   Reuben Hallett
June 06/1843 William Knee Pool's Is. " William Feltham
  Scilla Brown "   William Scott
June 06/1843 John Jeynes Pool's Is. " William Feltham
  Rosanna Stark "   William Scott
Sept 13/1843 Samuel Pincent Cat Harbour " Chas Gudcher
  Annie Gillespie Harbour Grace   Henry Pincent
Oct 23/1843 Thomas Gudcher Cat Harbour " Robert Scott
  Charlotte Gibbons "   John Gudcher
Oct 24/1843 William Feltham Greenspond " Joseph Gill
  Rosanna Parsons Pinchard's Is.   John Collins
Oct 24/1843 Edward Payne Gooseberry Is. " John Hinds
  Alley Marr Greenspond   Giles Sweetapple
Oct 24/1843 Edward Morgan Portagrave " R.W. Dyer
  Francis Wills Gooseberry Is.   Joseph Hayward
Oct 24/1843 Thomas Burry Hampshire, Eng " Timothy Daly
  Sarah Ralph Portagrave   R.W. Dyer
Oct 25/1843 Alfred Gotten England " Thomas Peckford
  Margaret Stokes Middle Bill Cove   Benjamin Burcey
Oct 26/1843 Benjamin Knee Pool's Is. " William Feltham
  Fanny Saunders Greenspond   George Stark
Nov 02/1843 James Parsons Pinchard's Is. " William Mills
  Jane Oakley Greenspond   Robert Oakley
Nov 06/1843 Samuel Pickett Fair Is. " Samuel Horlick
  Sarah Hunt "   Robert Hunt
Nov 10/1843 William Cheater Greenspond " Timonthy Rogers
  Anne Rogers "   Samuel Kendall
Nov 22/1843 James Spicknell England " Joseph Hayward
  Mary Anne Cape Is.   Francis Wills
Nov 24/1843 John Stratton Greenspond " William Feltham
  Susanna Feltham "   John Feltham
Dec 05/1843 Robert Stenmer England " John Winter
  Susanna Stag Greenspond   James Stratton
Jan 02/1844 George Parsons Greenspond " James Parsons
  Elizabeth Hodnott "   G. Hodnott
Oct 21/1844 John Tulk Pinchards Is. " William Gold
  Mary Evilly Deadman's Bay   Thomas Gibbons
Oct 21/1844 Robert Payne Goosberry's Is. " Simon Burry
  Mary Burry "   Joseph Harward
Oct 22/1844 Jonathan Parsons Cat Harbor " George Parsons
  Patience Bull Bread Cove C.B.   Joseph Tuff
Oct 23/1844 David Winsor Swain's Is. " Benjamin Kean
  Anne Payne "   Job Daw
Oct 23/1844 Thomas Mullett Swain's Is " Job Daw
  Susan Norris "   Henry Norris
Oct 23/1844 Benjamin Kean Flower's Is. " Job Daw
  Susan Gillam Swain's Is.   Henry Norris
Oct 25/1844 Joseph Harding Greenspond " William Tiller
  Mary White "   James Breaker
Oct 25/1844 Charles Gudcher Cat Harbour " Henry Pincent
  Diana Pincent "   George Gudcher
Oct 30/1844 John Saunders Greenspond " Samuel Saunders
  Mary Johnson "   David Burry
Nov 05/1844 Charles Wornel Somorsetshire, Eng " Thomas Peckford
  Anne Hooper Greenspond   James Pittman
Nov 06/1844 Richard Parsons Pinchard's Is. " Henry Parsons
  Olive Osmond "   Henry Collin
Nov 07/1844 John Burry Greenspond " Thomas Noseworthy
  Sarah Stark "   Chas How????
Nov 11/1844 Charles Booaln Dorsetshire, Eng " George Hunt
  Rebecca Gibbons Fair Is.   George Marshfield
Dec 13/1844 Edward Harding Greenspond " John Young
  Susan Hutchins "   Samuel Hutchins
Mar 20/1845 John Hiscock Dorsetshire, Eng " John Stark
  Elizabeth Dewey Greenspond   William Brown
May 20/1845 James Whiteway Muddy Hole " Edward Fihey
  Mary Dalton St Johns   John Fitzgerald
June 10/1845 William Spurrel Pool's Is. " James Shepherd
  Mary Shepherd "   John Spurrel
June 11/1845 John Knee Pool's Is. " Thomas Jeynes
  Wilifred Starks "   William Brown
Sept 12/1845 Francis French Conception Bay Cat Harbour  
  Mary Anne Perry Cat Harbour    
Sept 18/1845 Benjamin Gerrett Poole, England Greenspond John Tite
  Mary Hand Deer Island   John Paul
Oct 03/1845 James Button Muddy Hole " George Allen
  Jane Hill Salvage   John Crocker
Jan 08/1846 William Arnold Dorsetshire, Eng " William Marshfield
  Jane White Greenspond   Daniel Enoucott
June 08/1846 James Parsons Greenspond Greenspond John Crocker
  Maria Crocker "   Joseph Kean
June 10/1846 Absalom Shepherd Harbour Grace Cat Harbour Joseph West
  Catherine Smith Spaniard's Bay   Mary Ann West
Aug 31/1846 William Marshfield Dorsetshire, Eng Greensp Joseph Young
  Mary Angel Greenspond   George Marshfield
Sept 02/1846 Henry Pinsent Cat Harbour Cat Harbour Matthew Gibbons
  Amelia Gibbons "   Mary Gibbons
Sept 23/1846 John Paul Deer Island Greenspond John Paul
  Harriet Hoskins Greenspond   John Hoskins
Oct 07/1846 Samuel Collins New Harbour Greenspond William Billoros
  Mary Ford Bonavista   Thomas Oldford
Oct 07/1846 Samuel Keats Greenspond Greenspond William Billoros
  Adeline Collins New Harbour   Thomas Oldford
Oct 07/1846 Andrew Lane Greenspond Greenspond Charles Feltham
  Sarah Barrow "   John Barrow
Oct 07/1846 Joseph Vincent Cape Island Greenspond Thomas Melindy
  Anne Elizabeth Melindy "   John Feltham
Oct 20/1846 Philip Parsons Pinchard's Is. Greenspond John Winter
  Mary Anne Gill "   John Collins
Oct 22/1846 Benjamin Bursey England Greenspond John Starks
Nov 08/1846 George Butler Greenspond Greenspond John Young
  Jane Saunders "   Chas Burry
Nov 17/1846 James Hutchins Spaniard's Bay Greenspond John Cull
  Rebecca Roberts Middle Bill Cove   Cornelius Cook
Dec 10/1846 Thomas Carter Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Carter
  Fanny Green "   John Green
Dec 15/1846 John Hoskins Dorsetshire, Eng Greenspond John Stagg
  Martha Rendall Greenspond   Ariah Rogers
Dec 28/1846 George Marshfield Dorsetshire, Eng Greenspond George Lane
  Rosanna Rogers Fair Island   John Stagg
Jan 07/1847 William Jones Bristol, Eng Greenspond John ?
  Mary Anne Daniel Greenspond   John Millinton
April 21/1847 Edward Hinds Gooseberry Is. Greenspond Chas Feltham
  Emma Pond Greenspond   Andrew Saunders
May 29/1847 John Hiscock Dorsetshire, Eng Greenspond George Stone
  Jane Stratton Greenspond   Thomas Hinds
May 29/1847 George King Dorsetshire, Eng Greenspond George Granter
  Amy Saunders Greenspond   John Bursey
June 02/1847 Daniel Endacotte Dorsetshire, Eng Greenspond Ariah Rogers
  Catherine Kelloway Greenspond   John Stagg
June 02/1847 Nicholas Perry Western Bay Greenspond Henry Vader
  Louisa Cadwell Harbour Grace   Philip Perry
Oct 11/1847 Thomas Philpot Bonavista Greenspond William Russell Sr
  Fanny Russell "   William Russell Jr
Nov 18/1847 Frederic Brine St Johns Greenspond William Mills
  Mary Ann Carter Greenspond   Arthur Brine
Nov 18/1847 William Carter Greenspond Greenspond William Mills
  Mary Anne Snow Conception Bay   Arthur Brine
Nov 18/1847 William Mill Bird Island Greenspond William Brewer
  Casandra Bourne Greenspond   James Philpot
Nov 27/1847 Charles Kelloway St Johns Greenspond William Scott
  Jane King "   James Blackwood
Nov 29/1847 James Rogers Pool's Is. Greenspond William Knee
  Jane Sparks Greenspond   Samuel Dick
Dec 10/1847 George Winsor Swain's Is. Greenspond W.S. Morry
  Susanna Hicks Bonavista   Jacob Winsor
Dec 01/1847 George Ells Bonavista Greenspond William Winsor
  Emma Gibbons Fair Island   William Wchard
Dec 30/1847 Joseph Burry Greenspond Greenspond William Hill
  Ruth Bourne "   Chas Burry
May 04/1848 Benjamin Harding Greenspond Greenspond John King
  Mary Winter Pool's Is.   William Goslin
May 04/1848 Thomas Burdger Greenspond Greenspond John Lush
  Elizabeth Crocker "   M. Pond
Sept 05/1848 Henry Abbot Bonavista Greenspond Stephen Burton
  Mary Stockley Swain's Is.   Robert Honeyburn
Oct 01/1848 Edwin Duder Greenspond Greenspond ? Highmore
  Mary Anne Edgar "   John Likesconte
Oct 05/1848 John Stockley Swain's Is. Greenspond George Winsor
  Eliza Lean Gambo Pond   John Neal
Oct 12/1848 Samuel Harding Greenspond Greenspond Edward Parsons
  Henrietta Hodnott "   Charles Mullins
Oct 22/1848 William Saunders Greenspond Greenspond Jacob Pictor
  Mary Burry "   William Grunter
Oct 23/1848 James Stark Greenspond Greenspond James Alfred
  Elizabeth Palmer Plate Cove   William Stark
Oct 25/1848 James Burry Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Farewell
  Scilla Knee "   William Philpot
Oct 26/1848 John Hand Cape Freels Greenspond Thomas Oakley
  Sophia Melendy Cape Island   John Young
Oct 26/1848 John Rideout Middle Bill Cove Greenspond Thomas Parker
  Diana Hand Cape Freels   John Young
Oct 27/1848 William Wchard Bonavista Greenspond William Winsor
  Martha Barefoot Pool's Is.   Stephen Burton
Oct 27/1848 John Abbott Bonavista Greenspond William Winsor
  Sarah Knee Pool's Is.   Stephen Burton
Nov 08/1848 Thomas Taylor Gooseberry Is. Greenspond Joseph Warren
  Jane Wells "   John Osborne
Nov 09/1848 Edward Marr Flowers Island Greenspond George Dyke
  Mary Sturge "   William Jacob
Nov 29/1848 Joseph Tiller Swain's Island Greenspond John Tiller
  Harriet Breaker "   James Breaker
Nov 30/1848 Charles Burry Greenspond Greenspond William Grunter
  Anne Burton Bonavista   Thomas Keans
Dec 01/1848 John Cutler Fair Island Greenspond William Coward
  Anne Feltham Deer Island   Moses Cutler
Dec 07/1848 John Spurrell Pool's Is. Greenspond James Shepherd
  Sarah Shepherd "   William Shepherd
Dec 19/1848 Thomas Carter Greenspond Greenspond John Carter
  Mary Oldford Salvage   James Hallett
Dec 20/1848 George Humphries Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Farewell
  Susan Carter Newel's Is.   ?
Feb 26/1849 John Crocker Greenspond Greenspond Edward Parsons
  Jane Parsons "   James Parsons
May 15/1849 William Elkins England Greenspond William Daniel
  Rebecca Grunter Greenspond   William Janes
June 09/1849 Richard Dyke Flowers Is. Greenspond Fred White
  Anne Befs "   James Whittle
June 12/1849 William Yetman Harbour Grace Greenspond John Young
  Emma Jane Stokes Cape Freels   David Butcher
July 25/1849 John Sainsbury Pinchard's Is. Pinchards Is. Abraham Tulk
  Susan Matthews "   Eurica Chalk
July 25/1849 Abraham Tulk Pinchard's Is. Pinchards Is. John Sainsbury
  Eurica Chalk Deadman's Bay   Susan Matthews
Sept 08/1849 Robert Scott Dorsetshire, Eng Greenspond Joseph Tuff
  Maria Unberson Harbour Grace   Marty Shepherd
Oct 10/1849 Jacob Pond Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Lush
  Theresa Feltham "   James Hallett
Oct 18/1849 John Feltham Cape Island Greenspond William Dewey
  Elizabeth Moore Greenspond   William Feltham
Oct 22/1849 John Pope England Greenspond Jonas Purchase
  Mary Jeynes Pool's Is.   Simon Spurrel
Oct 23/1849 John Durham Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Carter
  Sophia Cross "   Joseph Wells
Oct 24/1849 John Sweetapple Gooseberry Is. Greenspond Thomas Parker
  Jane Taylor "   Edward Pond
Oct 24/1849 George Green Pinchard's Is. Greenspond John Collins
  Elizabeth Parsons "   John Gill
Oct 24/1849 William Sparks Greenspond Greenspond John Carter
  Ann Goulding "   Thomas Burry
Oct 25/1849 James Mullett Swain's Is. Greenspond William Winsor
  Jane Owns Bonavista   Rueben Harding
Oct 25/1849 James Braker Greenspond Greenspond John Tiller
  Rosannah Abbott Bonavista   George Tiller
Oct 26/1849 Simon Wells Gooseberry Is. Greenspond Benjamin Stone
  Elizabeth Ford "   Stephen Burton
Oct 26/1849 John Osbourne Greenspond Greenspond Edmund Chester
  Ann Wells Gooseberry Is.   Robert Wells
Oct 30/1849 James Saunders Greenspond Greenspond Andrew Oldford
  Elizabeth Stratton "   George Grunter
Nov 03/1849 Charles Ralph Flat Islands Greenspond Timothy Rogers
  Mary Anne Bright "   William Paton
Nov 09/1849 Henry Collins Cobbers Is. Greenspond Thomas Roberts
  Margaret Howel "   Albert Bracker
Nov 09/1849 James Templeman Cobbers Is. Greenspond Egbert Bracker
  Harriet Vincent "   John Andrews
Nov 12/1849 John Anderson Cape Island Cape Island Henry Collins
  Sarah Hunt Fair Island   William Vincent
Nov 20/1849 Thomas Browne Salvage Greenspond James Carter
  Caroline Green Ship's Is.   Richard Brown
Nov 30/1849 David Winsor (wid) Swain's Is. Greenspond Philip Winsor
  Mary Anne Carter Ship's Is.   Robert Honeyburn
Dec 03/1849 John White Greenspond Greenspond James B. ?
  Susan Burton "   John Pond
Dec 04/1849 James Blackwood Greenspond Greenspond William Galing
  Mary Knee Fool's Is.   John Blackmore
Dec 09/1849 James Vivian (wid) Greenspond Greenspond William Oldford
  Anne Oldford (wid) "   John Arnold
Dec 27/1849 Samuel Furmidge Fair Island Greenspond Alfred Rogers
  Anne Pigott "   Frederic White
Jan 09/1850 James Harvey (wid) Swain's Is. Greenspond James Blackmore
  Amy Gilham Ship's Is.   Benjamin Wix
Feb 23/1850 William Gill Pinchard's Is. Greenspond John Blackmore
  Anne Curtis "   William Burton
Oct 23/1850 Samuel Sturge Flower's Is. Greenspond Samuel Keane
  Elizabeth Roberts Cape Freels   George Hoskins
Oct 23/1850 George Barefoot Fool's Island Greenspond James Shepherd
  Susan Shepherd "   Jacob Preston
Oct 28/1850 George Andrews Cape Island Greenspond George Tuff
  Sarah Tuff Bennet Island   John Andrews
Oct 29/1850 Robert Spurrell Fool's Island Fool's Is. John Spurrell
  Mary Anne Dalton "   Jacob Preston
Oct 31/1850 John Blackmore Pinchard's Is. Greenspond William Highmore
  Elizabeth Oakley "   Robert Oakley
Nov 12/1850 Thomas Davis Pinchard's Is Greenspond George Davis
  Clementine Gill "   John Hefferton
Nov 14/1850 Andrew Pond Greenspond Greenspond George Stratton
  Jane White "   William Burton
Nov 15/1850 John Sainsbury Pinchard's Is. Greenspond Thomas Sainsbury
  Anne Payne "   John Collins
Nov 18/1850 John Taylor Gooseberry Is. Greenspond Edward Morgan
  Sarah Sweetapple "   Charles Edgar
Dec 04/1850 Charles Alyes Fool's Island Greenspond John Hoskins
  Caroline Jeanes "   Samuel Hayer
Dec 10/1850 Samuel Barnes Ship Island Greenspond Frederic Brier
  Joanna Broadhurst "   John Barnes
Dec 10/1850 James Carter Ship Island Greenspond William Mouk
  Emma Wells "   Stephen Abbott
Jan 01/1851 William Burton Greenspond Greenspond Joseph Burry
  Julia Oakley "   Andrew Oldford
Jan 09/1851 Edward Ferres Colton Greenspond Greenspond James Kennedy
  Elizabeth Blackwood "   Thomas Allen
Feb 22/1851 John Butcher Hazaburg Somersetshire, Eng Greenspond James Stark
  Amelia Palmer Plate Cove   ?
May 09/1851 James Wey Fair Island Fair Is.  
  Fanny Bungay "    
June 02/1851 Edward Green (wid) Bennet Island Greenspond Thomas Carter
  Mary Carter (wid) ? Island   David Burry
June 04/1851 Richard Brown Salvage Greenspond Daniel Carter
  Jane Carter Ship Island   Charles Browning
July 06/1851 Edmund Chester East Coaker, Somersetshire G.pond Thomas Osmond
  Amy Jane Osmond Ship Island   Thomas Carter
Aug 10/1851 George Gudcher Cat Harbour Cat Harbour  
  Caroline Lush "    
Sept 10/1851 Jacob Sturge Flowers Is. Greenspond George Dyke
  Mary Russell Bonavista   John Sturge
Sept 22/1851 John Grey Cat Harbour Greenspond William Parsons
  Ellen Hoskins Greenspond   Jonathon Parsons
Oct 22/1851 George Sainsbury Pinchard's Is. Greenspond Thomas Sainsbury
  Harriet Hall "   Francis Norris
Oct 23/1851 Rueben Hallett Flat Island Greenspond James Philpot
  Susanna Ralph "   William Hallett
Oct 28/1851 William Sheppard Fools Island Fools Isl  
  Eliza Bishop Greenspond    
Oct 29/1851 James Howell Cobblers Isl Greenspond Henry Collins
  Elizabeth Vincent "   Thomas Roberts
Oct 31/1851 Matthew Gibbons Cat Harbour Greenspond William Parsons
  Sarah Parsons "   George Parsons
Nov 01/1851 William Parsons Pinchard's Is. Greenspond Joseph Gill
  Leonora Gill "   Henry Dowden
Nov 11/1851 Stephen Abbott Swain's Is. Greenspond Joseph Ayles
  Isabelle Pond Greenspond   Andrew Pond
Nov 11/1851 William Gibbons Fair Island Fair Is.  
  Susanna Ackerman "    
Nov 12/1851 Daniel Wakley Greenspond Greenspond William Burton
  Sarah Matthews Pinchard's Is.   James Dewey
Nov 19/1851 Benjamin Parsons Gooseberry Is. Greenspond William Granter
  Anne Taylor "   Giles Sweetapple
Nov 23/1851 Joseph Harding Greenspond Greenspond James Cross
  Caroline Cross Ship Island   Charles Browning
Nov 25/1851 Jacob Preston Fools Island Greenspond James Jeans
  Jemina Carter "   William Browning
Jan 01/1852 Thomas Stockley Swain's Is. Greenspond E. Brooks
  Eliza Wakley Greenspond   John Meagher
Feb 12/1852 Edward Barry Jr Freshwater Bay Freshwater B. James Goulding
  Mary Anne Lush Pinchard's Is.   John Barry
June 02/1852 John Hall Jr Pinchard's Is. Pinchard's I. John Sainsbury
  Jane Sainsbury "   Levi Norris
June 03/1852 Benjamin Perry Pinchard's Is. Pinchard's I. Thomas Perry
  Sarah Hounsell "   John Sainsbury
July 17/1852 William Jacobs Winborne, Dorset, Eng Greenspond Joseph Keane
  Fanny Wells Gooseberry Is.   John Winter
Aug 30/1852 James Lane Deer Island Greenspond John Barry
  Fanny Tite "   Andrew Lane
Sept 08/1852 William Paul Deer Island Greenspond Egbert ?
  Jane Tite "   John Tite
Oct 02/1852 George Geange Dorset, Eng Greenspond John Stokes
  Chatherine Stokes Middle Bill Cove   Jesse Burry
Oct 08/1852 Thomas Andrews Cape Island Greenspond James Lawerence
  Caroline Mellandy "   James Vincent
Oct 11/1852 James Woodlaw*1 Greenspond Greenspond John ?
  Isabella Cheater "   William Feltham
Oct 14/1852 Robert Hunt Newells Is. Greenspond William Brewer
  Jane Crofse  (Cross ?) Ships Island   Thomas Crofse
Oct 19/1852 Eli Ralph Flat Island Greenspond Edward Morgan
  Caroline Feltham Deer Island   James Philpot
Oct 23/1852 Richard Hounsell Pinchard's Is. Greenspond Benjamin Perry
  Mary Curtis "   Thomas Perry
Oct 26/1852 John Hefferton Pinchard's Is. Greenspond James Norris
  Phebe Vincent Cape Island   George Sainsbury
Nov 02/1852 George Stratton Greenspond Greenspond George Vivian
  Joanna Cain "   Abel Stratton
Nov 08/1852 Stephen Ralph Flat Island Greenspond Timothy Rogers
  Elizabeth Bright Catalina   William Ralph
Nov 09/1852 George Tiller Swain's Is. Greenspond George Windsor
  Mary Windsor "   James Windsor
Nov 09/1852 Thomas Fifield Bonavista Greenspond William Abbott
  Frances Norris Swain's Is.   William Chard
Nov 09/1852 Holtum Vincent Cape Island Greenspond Jonathon Vincent
  Mary Andrews "   James Shicknell
Nov 09/1852 Richard Templeman Bonavista Greenspond James Lawrence
  Rebecca Vincent Cape Island   Robert Wilkins
Nov 10/1852 James Crofse Ship Island Greenspond Edward Green
  Mary Lush Fox Harbour Cove   David Carter
Nov 12/1852 James Young Greenspond Greenspond John Doming
  Elizabeth Butler "   George Young
Nov 18/1852 Richard Bishop Greenspond Greenspond James Windsor
  Jane Gibbons Fair Island   Thomas Stratton
Nov 24/1852 John Stokes Cape Freels Greenspond John George
  Eliza Hann "   David Butcher
Nov 25/1852 John Stagg Greenspond Greenspond James Dewey
  Kezia Oldford "   Charles Oldford
Nov 29/1852 George Tuff Pinchard's Is. Greenspond George Davis
  Anne Davis "   James Parsons
Nov 29/1852 David Green Pinchard's Is. Greenspond Henry Davis
  Jane Tuff "   James Parsons
Nov 30/1852 John Collins Pinchard's Is. Greenspond William Gill
  Elizabeth Sainsbury "   Peter Rideout
Dec 02/1852 Thomas Pickett Fair Island Greenspond James Pickett
  Maria Cutler "   Moses Cutler
Dec 02/1852 Abraham Ackerman Fair Island Greenspond John Cutler
  Charlotte Brown "   Samuel Pickett
Dec 08/1852 Thomas Dewy Greenspond Greenspond John Keates
  Susan Harding "   James Wheeler
Dec 10/1852 George Preston Fools Island Greenspond William Saunders
  Bathia Saunders Greenspond   Benjamin Jeans
Dec 24/1852 James Pitman Bare Regis, Dorsetshire Green James Wheston
  Mary Critchley (wid) Greenspond   Robert Wright
Dec 27/1852 Benjamin Green Ships Island Greenspond Job Carter
  Frances Stratton Greenspond   James ?
Dec 28/1852 William Carter Newells Island Greenspond Thomas Carter
  Caroline Green "   Thomas Hunt
May 11/1853 John Miller Bridfort, Eng Greenspond Edward Parsons
  Frances Hoddinotte Greenspond   John Hawkins
May 21/1853 George Squire (wid) Salvage Greenspond Andrew ?
  Rebecca Oldford (wid) "   Richard Brown
May 30/1853 John White Wareham, Dorsetshire Greens James Davis
  Anne Feltham Cape Island   Henry Davis
June 04/1853 John Lush Pinchard's Is. Greenspond Thomas Lush
  Isabella Goulding Greenspond   John Lush
Oct 12/1853 James Philpot Bonavista Greenspond Rueben Hallett
  Hannah Hallett Flat Island   Joseph Samson
Oct 18/1853 Thomas Roberts Cobblers Is. Greenspond John Hann
  Vivian Tulk Pinchard's Is.   Benjamin Tulk
Oct 18/1853 Robert Wilkins Bridgeport, Dor. Eng Greenspo David Windsor
  Leah Roberts Cobblers Is.   John Hann
Oct 21/1853 James Goulding Greenspond Greenspond John Barry
  Mary Barry "   John Tite
Oct 25/1853 David Hann Cape Freels Greenspond Edward Hellyer
  Amy Blackmore Pinchard's Is.   William Hoskins
Oct 25/1853 George Schines (wid) Carbonear Greenspond David Hann
  Anne Lush Fox Harbour Cove   Edward Kelly
Oct 28/1853 Joseph Gill Pinchard's Is. Greenspond Richard Wheeler
  Jane Wheeler Greenspond   Thomas Parsons
Nov 01/1853 Simeon Spurrell Fools Island Fools Is. John Spurrell (Sr)
  Matilda Dyke Pouch Island   John Spurrell (Jr)
Nov 02/1853 Job Brenton Swains Island Swains Is. William Tiller
  Elizabeth Feltham Deer Island   Edward Bishop
Nov 03/1853 John Best Bonavista Greenspond Edward Pond
  Elizabeth Giles Greenspond   Robert Honeyburn
Nov 07/1853 William Parsons Greenspond Greenspond Adam ?
  Sarah Abbott Bonavista   John Baker
Nov 14/1853 Giles Sweetapple Gooseberry Is. Greenspond Francis Wells
  Jane Burton Greenspond   Joseph Hayward
Nov 21/1853 William Blackmore Pinchard's Is. Greenspond John Blackmore
  Susanna Gill "   George Blackmore
Dec 03/1853 George Mullett Swains Island Swains Is. John Tiller
  Maria Tiller "   Samuel Wicks
Dec 04/1853 Robert Oakley Greenspond Greenspond James Parsons
  Eliza Stone "   Benjamin Stone
Jan 18/1854 Joseph Cains Greenspond Greenspond William Bannistor
  Seborah White (wid) "   Robert Wright
Jan 19/1854 Thomas Grunter Greenspond Greenspond George Burry
  Rhoda Starks "   James Oldford
May 20/1854 William Rogers Fair Island Greenspond John Pickett
  Sarah Feltham (wid) Greenspond   James Rogers
May 26/1854 John Osmond Greenspond Greenspond George House
  Amelia House "   Joseph Burry
May 28/1854 James Dyke (wid) Greenspond Greenspond George Butler
  Susanna Hancock (wid) ? Is.   Joseph Barry
May 31/1854 Peter Rideout Cape Freels Greenspond Job Stokes
  Adelaide Stokes "   William ?
July 22/1854 James Wheeler Greenspond Greenspond Richard Wheeler
  Vivian Dewy "   George Dewy
Aug 08/1854 Augustus John Brifet Ste Malo, Fran Bloody Bay Richard E Stroud
  Susanna Eliott Bloody Bay   Deborah Stroud
Oct 24/1854 James Norris Pinchard's Is. Greenspond John Sainsbury
  Sarah Blackmore "   Tomas Perry.
Oct 27/1854 George Burry Greenspond Greenspond Edward Boorne
  Sarah Saunders "   Thomas Burry
Oct 28/1854 Anthony Hunt Greenspond Greenspond Samuel Horlick
  Mary Browne Fair Island   William Hunt
Nov 02/1854 George White Greenspond Greenspond John Pond
  Rebecca Ford Smarts Island   John Ayles
Nov 09/1854 William Rogers(wid Poole,Dorset, Eng Greenspond William Bannister
  Frances Lane (wid) Greenspond   John Barrow
Nov 18/1854 John Winter Pool's Is. Pool's Is John Spurrell
  Frances Tucker (wid) "   George Barefoot
Nov 20/1854 Stephen Gray Wiltshire, Eng Greenspond AmbroseWhitemarsh
  Hannah Davis Pinchard's Is.   James Davis
Nov 23/1854 Henry Dowden Bransgore, Hanshire, Eng Greensp George Blackmore
  Rosanna Blackmore Pinchard's Is.   Levi Norris
Nov 23/1854 George Brown Salvage Greenspond Edward Green
  Ellen Payne Newells's Is.   James Payne
Nov 28/1854 Andrew Oldford Salvage Greenspond Robert Brown
  Anne Brown "   Thomas Green
Nov 30/1854 Philip Knee Poole's Is. Greenspond George Preston
  Mary Anne Jane Mitchell St Johns   Stephen Abbott
Dec 23/1854 Frederic White Greenspond Greenspond S. Moore
  Eleanor Keane Poole's Is.   R.B. Duiton
Dec 26/1854 Charles Browning Gillingham, Dor, Eng Greenspond Edward Green
  Anne Hancock Newell Is.   David Carter
Dec 27/1854 William Cross Ship Island Greenspond George Humphries
  Sarah Carter "   James Carter
May 19/1855 James Rogers Fair Island Greenspond James Pickett
  Louisa Feltham Deer Island   William Pickett
May 20/1855 Benjamin Saunders Greenspond Greenspond R.W. Dyer
  Sarah Lane Open Hole   James Oldford
May 31/1855 Elias Chalk Deadman's Bay Cat Harbour Henry Pinsent
  Louisa Gudcher Cat Harbour   Matthew Gibbons
May 31/1855 John Sturge Flower Is. Greenspond Samuel Sturge
  Prudence Ford Smarts Island   Mary Anne Griffin
May 31/1855 Francis Wells Gooseberry Is. Greenspond William Bannistor
  Elizabeth Goold "   Thomas Wells
June 02/1855 Edward White Greenspond Greenspond Edward Pond
  Amy Barnes Ship Island   Mary Anne Brine
June 05/1855 Stephen Abbott (wid) Bonavista Greenspond William Chard
  Catherine Parker "   Joseph Wey
June 21/1855 Joseph Burry (wid) Greenspond Greenspond George Butler
  Mary House "   Benjamin Ward
July 20/1855 John Samuel Lockyer Trinity Greenspond Peter Carter
  Kezia Jones Blandford Greenspond   Horatio Wiles
July 26/1854 John Tite Deer Island Deer Is. John Tite Sr.
  Margaret Wix Silver Hair Is.   James Feltham
Oct 04/1855 Richard Eastment Hallburgh, Som, Eng Pinchard's ? Eastment
  Susanna Lush Pinchard's Is   John Lush
Oct 22/1855 Robert Brown Salvage Greenspond Richard Brown
  Emma Oldford "   Henry Bull
Oct 24/1855 Thomas Crosse Ship Island Greenspond James Wheeler
  Mary Anne Dewy Greenspond   James Dewy
Oct 26/1855 William Hancock Pig Island Greenspond James Barnes
  Ellen Sainsbury Greenspond   Thomas Hunt
Oct 26/1855 James Winter Pools Island Pools Is. John Winter
  Jane White "   William Hallett
Oct 29/1855 John Hapgood Salvage Greenspond William Hunter
  Anne Oldford "   John Young
Nov 01/1855 John Dyke Pouch Island Greenspond Silas Sainsbury
  Elizabeth Pickett Smart's Is.   John Hunt
Nov 07/1855 James Brown Salvage Greenspond James Burden
  Mary Anne Brine (wid) Ships Island   John Brown
Nov 10/1855 Jonathan Vincent Cape Island Greenspond John White
  Mary Mellandy "   John Hann
Nov 14/1855 Richard Howel Cobblers Is. Greenspond Henry Collins
  Eliza Barefoot Pools Island   Francis Howel
Nov 14/1855 John Vincent Cobblers Is. Greenspond Francis Howel
  Jane Howel "   William Vincent
Nov 16/1855 Job Green Bennett's Is. Greenspond Thomas Gill
  Mary Abbott Bonavista   Abraham Green
Nov 16/1855 James Stark (wid) Greenspond Greenspond Edward Grunter
  Anne Stratton "   James Oldford
Nov 20/1855 Thomas Sainsbury Pinchard's Is. Greenspond John Hann
  Sarah Lush "   John Hefferton
Nov 21/1855 James Dewy Greenspond Greenspond Issac Dowden
  Frances Hoddinotte "   Roger Whitemarsh
Nov 26/1855 George Hoddinotte " Greenspond Richard Wheeler
  Joanna Wheeler "   John Hoddinotte
Nov 27/1855 Thomas Ford Smarts Island Greenspond Giles Burry
  Sarah Burry Greenspond   Thomas Burry
Dec 03/1855 Alexander Crocker Barrow Harbour Greenspond William King
  Elizabeth Wells "   Henry Wells
Dec 04/1855 James Pickett Fair Island Greenspond John Pickett
  Jane Hunt "   William Pond
Dec 14/1855 William Petton (wid) Flat Is. Greenspond James Ralph
  Anne Sweetapple Gooseberry Is.   Robert Wells
Dec 18/1855 Richard Mason Greenspond Greenspond Abraham Mason
  Caroline Grunter "   Frank Flood
Feb 20/1856 Joseph Ayles Bonavista Swain's Is George Windsor
  Caroline Tiller Swain's Is.   William Tiller
May 23/1856 Job Hunt Fair Island Fair is. Samuel Pickett
  Jane Ackerman "   William Pond
June 02/1856 George Tuff (wid) Bennett's Is. Greenspond George Windsor
  Mary Tiller (wid) Swain's Is.   John Pardy
Oct 06/1856 James Pritchett Freshwater Bay Greenspond John Barry
  Amelia Barry Greenspond   Job Pritchett
Oct 09/1856 Joseph Samson (wid) Flat Island Greenspond William Samson
  Mary Blake (wid) "   James Samson
Oct 21/1856 Samuel Brown Poole's Island Greenspond George Jeans
  Jane King "   Thomas Brown
Oct 21/1856 Benjamin Jeans Poole's Island Greenspond George Jeans
  Annabelle Keats Greenspond   Thomas Brown
Oct 22/1856 Benjamin Ward Twillingate Greenspond Jonathon Vincent
  Eliza Wey Fair Island   Ann White
Oct 23/1856 William Oldford Salvage Greenspond James Barnes
  Maria Hancock King Cove   F. Samson
Oct 29/1856 Jonathon Wiseman Trinty Greenspond Robert Oakley
  Mary Ann Stone Greenspond   Jonas Osbourne
Oct 30/1856 Henry Stockley Swain's Is. Greenspond Edward Parsons
  Jane Burry Greenspond   William Tiller
Nov 01/1856 William Tulk Pinchard's Is. Greenspond Thomas Crosse
  Elizabeth Wey Greenspond   Robert Wells
Nov 03/1856 William Hunter Salvage Greenspond John Hunter
  Susannah Bull "   George Bull
Nov 03/1856 Robert Lane Deer Island Greenspond George Barefoot
  Rebecca Barefoot Poole's Is.   Louisa Jeanes
Nov 06/1856 Benjamin Carter Greenspond Greenspond John Tiller
  Jane Windsor Swain's Is.   George Windsor
Nov 06/1856 James Windsor Swain's Is. Greenspond George Windsor
  Susanna Tuff Bennett's Is.   John Tiller
Nov 08/1856 William Rideout Cape Freels Greenspond George Humphries
  Louisa Norris "   Thomas Hunt
Nov 14/1856 Francis Flood Bonavista Greenspond William Burton
  Sarah Grunter Greenspond   Robert Whitemarsh
Nov 15/1856 Samuel Knapper Salvage Greenspond Thomas Carter
  Jane Power Flat Island   Joseph Dunn
Nov 18/1856 George Cutler Fair Island Greenspond Thomas Pickett
  Sarah Angel Greenspond   William Pond
Nov 18/1856 William Stark Greenspond Greenspond James Oldford
  Anne Norman "   Thomas White
Nov 18/1856 Charles Dewy Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Crosse
  Anne Stokes "   Nathaniel Wey
Nov 19/1856 James Shepherd Poole's Is. Greenspond John Jeanes
  Louisa Bishop Greenspond   James Howell
Nov 21/1856 George Vincent Cape Island Greenspond Thomas Mellinay
  Mary Loveless Greenspond   Mary Stratton
Nov 25/1856 Stephen Burton Greenspond Greenspond William Pond
  Anne Boorne "   James White
Nov 28/1856 William Ralph Flat Island Greenspond William Hiscock
  Mary Ann Hayward Salvage   Henry Wheakley
Dec 07/1856 Benjamin Keane Poole's Is. Poole's Is William Keane
  Vivian Spurrell "   John Spurrell
Dec 30/1856 Richard Farwell Bridport, Dor, Eng Greenspond David Burry
  Sarah Dirham Newells Is.   William Hoskins
April 29/1857 George Young Greenspond Greenspond Frededic White
  Jane Blackwood "   Elaine Collins
May 01/1857 John Gence*2 England Greenspond George Gence
  Leonora Osmond Greenspond   Adam ?
May 20/1857 Thomas Perry Harebury, Somer, Eng Greenspond Benjamin Perry
  Alice Parsons Greenspond   William Parsons
May 23/1857 John Dyke Salvage Greenspond Robert Keats
  Mary Tulk Pinchard's Is.   Robert Tulk
May 25/1857 William Collings New Harbour New Harbour Samuel Collings
  Charlotte Sandford Fox Harbour Cove   John Tite
May 25/1857 John Collings New Harbour New Harbour Samuel Collings
  Susanna Tite Deer Island   Samuel Wix
May 26/1857 James Tite Deer Island Deer Island James Feltham
  Eve Wix Fair Island   John Tite
May 27/1857 James Feltham Greenspond Greenspond William Feltham
  Harriet Stratton "   Edmond Stratton
June 08/1857 John Ayles Bonavista Greenspond Charles Best
  Anne Hann Cold Harbour   William Bishop
July 26/1857 Robert Biddlecomb England Swain's Is George Windsor
  Sarah Tiller (wid) Swain's Is.   William Bishop
Sept 17/1857 Edward Harding Greenspond Greenspond Daniel Weakley
  Selina Matthews Pinchard's Is.   John King
Sept 28/1857 William Pond Fair Island Greenspond William Hunt
  Anne Brown "   Charles Noble
Sept 30/1857 George Knee Pool's Island Greenspond John Knee
  Julia Ann Datton "   John Knee Sr
Oct 04/1857 John Barrow Greenspond Greenspond Job Pritchett
  Anne Pritchett Freshwater Bay   Benjamin Barrow
Oct 05/1857 Henry Bull Salvage Greenspond James Crofse
  Anne Garritty "   James Crofse Sr
Oct 14/1857 William Hounsell Pinchard's Is. Greenspond Thomas Perry
  Louisa Wey Fair Island   Thomas Hounsell
Oct 15/1857 George Hounsell Brideport, Dor, Eng Greenspond Levi Norris
  Mary Button Fair Island   Robert Wells
Oct 15/1857 John Brown Salvage Greenspond William Brown
  Mary Anne Squires "   Edward Brown
Oct 21/1857 Samuel Grunter Greenspond Greenspond William Feltham
  Mary Anne Bussey "   Philip Grunter
Oct 21/1857 William Mullett Swain's Island Swain's Is Charles Best
  Rebecca Philpot Bonavista   Abraham Mullett
Oct 21/1857 Thomas Hann Cold Harbour Swain's Is George Windsor
  Susanna Tiller Swain's Is.   William Tiller
Oct 23/1857 Thomas Osborne Ships Island Greenspond Jonas Osborne
  Selina Wells Barrow Harbour   William Hoskins
Oct 24/1857 John Lane Deer Island Greenspond George Hoddinotte
  Mary Osmond Greenspond   William Lane
Oct 27/1857 John Andrews Cape Island Greenspond Peter Andrews
  Rebecca Green Bennett Is.   Thomas Green
Oct 29/1857 John Knee Pool's Island Greenspond William Parsons
  Priscilla Dalton "   William Brown
Nov 04/1857 James Oldford Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Grunter
  Susanna Froome "   William Pond
Nov 04/1857 Edmund Stratton Greenspond Greenspond George Brown
  Bathia Hunt "   John Wheeler
Nov 05/1857 John Hallett Flat Island Greenspond James Ralph
  Hannah Hicks "   Charles Hicks
Nov 05/1857 John Moss Salvage Greenspond William Moss
  Emma Hunter "   George Bull
Nov 05/1857 Samuel Wix Swain's Island Greenspond Benjamin Carter
  Frances Pickett Fair Island   William Bishop
Nov 06/1857 William Bound Redcliff Greenspond Ralph Brown
  Mary Brown Salvage   Archibald Brown
Nov 09/1857 Job Davis Pinchard's Is. Greenspond Ambrose Whitemarsh
  Hannah Whitemarsh Greenspond   Elizabeth Dyke
Nov 09/1857 Henry Davis Pinchard's Is. Greenspond James Davis
  Kezia Shepherd Pool's Island   George Davis
Nov 09/1857 James Brenton Swain's Island Greenspond Job Brenton
  Esther Pond "   James Pond
Nov 11/1857 George Blackmore Pinchard's Is. Greenspond Henry Gill
  Hannah King Barrow Harbour   Robert Oakley
Nov 11/1857 James Rideout Middle Bill Cove Greenspond William Blackmore
  Mary Martyn Pinchard's Is.   William Hann
Nov 12/1857 Thomas Parsons Pinchard's Is. Greenspond James Parsons
  Orpah Osmond Ships Island   Thomas Hounsell
Nov 12/1857 Jacob Oakley Greenspond Greenspond Allen Wright
  Bertha Parsons Pinchard's Is.   John Hoddinotte
Nov 13/1857 Thomas Hunt Middle B.C. Cape Freels " Thomas Burry
  Adelaide Roberts "   Richard Hunt
Dec 01/1857 Moses Cutler Fair Island Fair Is. Robert Hunt
  Hannah Angel Greenspond   John Wey
Dec 03/1857 William Hallett Pool's Island Greenspond John Winter
  Sarah Loveless Greenspond   David Winter
Dec 31/1857 George Crocker (wid) Trinty Greenspond Robert Oakley
  Leah Oakley Greenspond   Cater Oakley
Jan 20/1858 James White Greenspond Greenspond William White
  Jane Grunter "   William Coward
Jan 20/1858 David Winter Pool's Island Greenspond James Winter
  Diana White Greenspond   Thomas Burry
May 08/1858 Benjamin Feltham Greenspond Greenspond William Feltham
  Sophia Boorne "   Jacob Stratton
July 27/1858 John T Oakley Greenspond Greenspond Alfred Oakley
  Louisa Blackwood "   John Blackwood
Aug 05/1858 James Hatcher Harbour Grace Cat Harbour Stephen Andrews
  Emma Parsons Cat Harbour   William Andrews
Aug 31/1858 William Parsons Cat Harbour Greenspond William Pincent
  Emily Hatcher Harbour Grace   George Hatcher
Oct 02/1858 John Matthews Greenspond Greenspond Samuel Collins
  Hannah Wix New Harbour   William Collins
Oct 05/1858 James Gillingham Pool's Island Greenspond Robert Bound
  Sarah Jeanes "   Adam Hunt
Oct 14/1858 Issac Davis Pinchard's Is. Greenspond Jack Davis
  Mary Anne Whitemarsh "  Ambrose Whitemarsh
Oct 19/1858 John Hann Cold Harbour Greenspond Charles Rogers
  Caroline Rogers Fair Island   Eli Hann
Oct 19/1858 George Whelan Cat Harbour Greenspond Daniel Weakley
  Martha Weakley Greenspond   Amon Weakley
Oct 22/1858 Peter Andrews Cape Island Greenspond George Andrews
  Louisa Gill Pinchard's Is.   John Gill
Nov 01/1858 William King Barrow Harbour Greenspond William Burton
  Anne Steed Salvage   Joseph Crisby
Nov 02/1858 Henry Wells Barrow Harbour Greenspond Thomas Carter
  Elizabeth Greening Tickle Cove   James Hancock
Nov 06/1858 George Anderson (wid) Cape Is. Greenspond Thomas Melenary
  Rebecca Hutchins (wid) Cape Cove   Charles Bannister
Nov 10/1858 Thomas Hayward Gooseberry Is Greenspond George Saunders
  Anne Tiller Swain's Is.   William Tiller
Nov 10/1858 James Wells Gooseberry Is Greenspond Jonas Osmond
  Bridget Gould "   George House
Nov 10/1858 Jonas Osmond Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Osmond
  Emma Osmond "   Charles Wright
Nov 10/1858 William Hoskins Greenspond Greenspond William Burton
  Sophia Osmond "   Sylvester Green
Nov 11/1858 William Bishop Swain's Island Greenspond Andrew Pond
  Lousia Giles Greenspond   Thomas Bishop
Nov 13/1858 Philip Parsons (wid) Indian Bay Greenspond William Oram
  Jane Amelia Osmond "   John Hunt
Nov 13/1858 David Burry Greenspond Greenspond Richard Bishop
  Elizabeth Loveless "   Edmund Gunter
Nov 16/1858 Edward Boorne Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Burry
  Rebecca Allen "   John Feltham
Nov 24/1858 Abraham Norris Swain's Island Greenspond Daniel Weakley
  Peninnah Weakley Greenspond   Ammon Weakley
Nov 25/1858 Andrew Oldford Greenspond Greenspond James Oldford
  Charlotte Pond "   John Bury
Nov 25/1858 William Howell Cobblers Is. Greenspond John Roberts
  Mary Sainsbury Greenspond   Job Howell
Nov 30/1858 James Samson Flat Island Greenspond Thomas Samson
  Susanna Butt "   Charles Ralph
Dec 26/1858 James Philpot (wid) Greenspond Greenspond Daniel Weakley
  Anne Knee "   John Bragg
May 13/1859 Abraham Mullett Swain's Is. Greenspond Edward Green
  Anne Browning Newels Is.   Thomas Green
May 21/1859 John House Gooseberry Is. Greenspond Daniel Weakley
  Martha Perry "   Edward Thomas
May 23/1859 Robert Whitemarsh Greenspond Greenspond Abraham Davis
  Ruth Davis Pinchard's Is.   James Davis
Sept 23/1859 John Paul Deer Island Greenspond Frederic White
  Barbara Feltham "   Thomas Paul
Sept 23/1859 William Lane Deer Island Greenspond John Paul
  Susanna Paul "   John Tite
Sept 24/1859 James Tite (wid) Deer Island Greenspond Benjamin Feltham
  Theresa Feltham "   Abel Feltham
Oct 06/1859 James Chaffey (wid) Corfe Castle, Eng Greenspond John Arnold
  Rachel Roberts (wid) Cape Freels   James Ford
Oct 24/1859 George Vivian (wid) Greenspond Greenspond John Burry
  Mary Elliot "   Henry Lush
Oct 25/1859 George Davis (wid) Pinchard's Is. Greenspond James Davis
  Jane Blackmore "   Peter Norris
Oct 26/1859 John Wix Greenspond Greenspond Joseph Caines
  Mary Lane "   Thomas Hawkins
Oct 27/1859 John Gill Pinchard's Is. Greenspond Robert Gill
  Anne Andrews Cape Island   Robert Green
Oct 27/1859 Thomas Ralph Flat Island Greenspond James Ralph
  Hannah Samson "   Thomas Samson
Oct 29/1859 Jesse Hann Cold Harbour Greenspond George Sainsbury
  Thersa Hall Grouts Island   Eli Hann
Nov 02/1859 Thomas Hunt Greenspond Greenspond Nathaniel Wey
  Jane Peckford "   Aaron Weakley
Nov 03/1859 James Howell Poole's Is. Greenspond Job Howell
  Susanna Attwood "   Thomas Attwood
Nov 04/1859 John Rideout(wid Middle Bill Cove Greenspond Edward Hellyer
  Mary Blackmore (wid) Greenspond   David Butcher
Nov 09/1859 John Boorne Grouts Island Greenspond Ambrose Whitemarsh
  Sarah Jane Whitemarsh Greenspond   John Feltham
Nov 10/1859 William Hann Cape Freels Greenspond Frederic White
  Mary Humphries "   Robert Humphries
Nov 10/1859 William White Greenspond Greenspond Richard Bishop
  Rebecca Froome "   Samuel White
Nov 10/1859 John Shepherd Poole's Island Greenspond William Parsons
  Rebecca Williams St Johns   James Shepherd
Nov 10/1859 William Tiller Swaines Is Greenspond John Tiller
  Elizabeth Hayward Gooseberry is.   Henry House
Nov 11/1859 Jacob Moss Salvage Greenspond Samuel Moss
  Elizabeth Prince Tickle Cove   Daniel Weakley
Nov 11/1859 John West Cat Harbour Greenspond Joseph West
  Elizabeth Whelan "   William Whelan
Nov 14/1859 John Braker Greenspond Greenspond George Parsons
  Anne Parsons Cat Harbour   Tobias Parsons
Nov 15/1859 William Wells Gooseberry Is. Greenspond Simon Wells
  Anne Hiscock Flat Island   Edward Thomas
Nov 16/1859 Thomas Hounsell Pinchard's Is. Greenspond Thomas Hancock
  Hannah Burry Newell's Is.   Abraham Green
Nov 17/1859 James Howe Christ (c) Church, Hampshire, Eng Grepon Samuel Crosse
  Mary Hawkins Greenspond   Robert Carter
Nov 17/1859 Eneas Brockway Greenspond Greenspond John Sparks
  Mary Elizabeth Allen "   Charles Wright
Nov 17/1859 Edward Brown Salvage Greenspond George Oldford
  Sarah Squire "   Robert Dyke
Nov 18/1859 William Keane Flowers Is. Greenspond John Keane
  Anne Jacobs White Bay   Peter Knee
Nov 22/1859 George Dyke Cape Island Greenspond Richard Bishop
  Frances Stokes Middle Bill Cove   Mark Giles
Nov 29/1859 John Dalton Pooles Island Greenspond George Geanes
  Frances Jeanes "   William Barefoot
Nov 29/1859 Nathaniel A. Wright Greenspond Greenspond Stephen Burry
  Elizabeth A. Stokes Middle B. Cove   Jacob Wright
Dec 08/1859 George Skelton Greenspond Greenspond R. Wells
  Lucy Hester Wills "   Sarah Wells
Dec 14/1859 Henry Pike Flat Island Greenspond James Ralph
  Mary Anne Ralph "   James Philpot
Dec 16/1859 Robert Saunders Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Burry
  Anne Parsons "   Stephen Burry
Dec 27/1859 George Kelloway Pool's Island Greenspond Charles Kelloway
  Anne Jeanes "   James Gillingham
May 22/1860 WIlliam Coward Greenspond Greenspond James White
  Elizabeth Burry "   John Burry
May 23/1860 Thomas Mullens Greenspond Greenspond Thomas Dowden
  Jane Harding "   Nicholas Mullens
May 23/1859 Joseph Goulding Greenspond Greenspond John Pritchett
  Mary Wix "   Thomas Burry
July 10/1860 Archelaus Collings New Harbour New Harbour Sam Collings Sr
  Amelia Anstey "   Sam Collings Jr
Sept 08/1860 William Brown Greenspond Greenspond Samuel Hutchins
  Anne Roberts "   George Brown
Oct 10/1860 Charles Noble Greenspond Greenspond Moses Cutler
  Amy Hunt "   Thomas Hunt
Oct 11/1860 James Philpot Greenspond Greenspond Edward Butt
  Amelia Anne Butt "   Thomas Butt
Oct 17/1860 Charles Rogers Fair Island Greenspond William Stark
  Mary Anne Norman Greenspond   Eli Cutler
Oct 20/1860 George Gill Pinchard's Is Pinchard's Is Peter Norris
  Helena Davis "   Jacob Davis
Oct 22/1860 William Burry Pinchard's Is. Greenspond William Rogers
  Mary Jane Rogers     John Rogers
Oct 22/1860 Robert Dyke Salvage Greenspond John Norris
  Elizabeth Durdell "   William Durdell
Oct 30/1860 Abraham Green Pinchard's Is. Greenspond George Humphries
  Caroline Tuff "    
Oct 30/1860 William Parsons Pinchard's Is. Greenspond George Tuff
  Anne Blackmore "    
Nov 03/1860 Henry Lane Salvage Greenspond Richard Brown
  Elizabeth Hayford "   Samuel Lane
Nov 03/1860 George White Salvage Greenspond Thomas Oldford
  Anne Samson "    
Nov 12/1860 James Green Greenspond Greenspond James Carter
  Keziah Overt "    
Nov 12/1860 John Feltham Greenspond Greenspond John Bourne
  Ellen Bourne "   John Boorne Sr
Nov 21/1860 William Pond Greenspond Greenspond Joseph Crocker
  Anne Grunder "   George Grunder
Nov 29/1860 William Pond Greenspond Greenspond John Burry
  Susanna White "   Richard Bishop
Nov 22/1860 George W. Dowden Greenspond Greenspond James Young
  Lydia Melindy "   Jacob Young
Nov 22/1860 Nicholas Mullens Greenspond Greenspond Edward Harding
  Susanna Harding "   John Harding
Dec 04/1860 Nathaniel Wey Greenspond Greenspond George Hoddinotte
  Anne Hoddinotte "    
Dec 04/1860 William West (wid) Greenspond Greenspond James Meadows
  Caroline Davis*3 "    
Dec 07/1860 John Wheeler Greenspond Greenspond Joseph Cains
  Sarah Harding "   William Hoddinotte
Dec 11/1860 James Ford Swaines Is. Greenspond John White
  Margaret Hill "   James Hill
Dec 13/1860 George Hoskins Poole's Is. Greenspond John Spurrell
  Louisa Janes "    
Dec 19/1860 Samuel Cross Greenspond Greenspond James Carter
  Anne Hancock "    
Dec 27/1860 John Freeman Greenspond Greenspond Issac Weakley
  Elizabeth Coward (wid) "    

Transcribed by Darryl Collins
Posted 9 Sept., 1998

WOODLAW, James*1 James WOODLAW should have been recorded as James WOODLAND. He is my GG Grandfather Norman Woodland
GENCE, John, *2 There is a recurring error where a John Gover of England is transcribed as John Gence in his marriage record to Leonora Osmond on 1 May 1857. Kim Ryan -
DAVIS, Caroline *3 I feel she should have been recorded as Caroline Daw instead of Caroline Davis. Gloria Bruce

Page Revised: February 2014 (Don Tate)

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