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Methodist Church Records
Grand Bank, Newfoundland

Editor's Note: My uncle, Harold Robert Smith (1922-1996) collected many genealogical records during his last 25 years. This document was among his papers. This is a scanned-in and manually HTML-ized version of a photocopy of a mimeograph copy of the typewritten original. This document may contain errors. Page-breaks are indicated by horizontal lines.

This document was originally created by A.F. Buffett. A hand-written note by Lisbeth Buffett appears on the cover page.

This document contains four sections:

  • Introduction
  • Deaths
  • Births
  • Marriages

To my friends
with many, many thanks for
your thoughtfulness and
kindness to us and ours.
Lisbeth Buffett




as compiled from the records
of the Methodist Church of
Grand Bank, Newfoundland,


A. F. B U F F E T T


   The records of the Grand Bank Methodist Church comprising lists of Births, Marriages, and Deaths extending from the year 1817 to the year of the formation of the United Church of Canada in 1925 are an important source of information for persons interested in the early life of the community. It is natural for them to be imperfect and incomplete.

   Probably in the early days there was no law requiring clergymen to be government registrars. No doubt also much depended on the type of the man in charge of the Mission. Some were careful and methodical, others apparently the reverse. Again, records were probably of secondary consideration to men whose lives were fill of activities which left little time for recording the events and statistics of the day. We also find that meagre information was often given by relatives and it must have taken some time for people to get used to the idea of reporting all Births to the Missionary.


   The first recorded death is that of Margaret Woods, daughter of Mary Woods, in 1817 -- no age is given.

   Mary Bragg died in 183l at the age of 62. She was therefore born about the year 1769. Apparently she was the mother of Mary Bragg (1787-1827) who married the second George Forsey (1776-1863) The Braggs of Grand Bank (or Fortune) went to Channel and may be the fore- runners of all the Braggs in that section.

   Margaret Kelly (1769-1842). She was the Grand-mother of the late George Bell and the late Hon, S.K. Bell.

   Frances Forward (1778-1842). She was the daughter of the first John Hickman and the wife of Ambrose Forward, the first of his name, who was undoubtedly an Englishman.

   Susan Tibbo (1779-1842). She was the daughter of the first Jonathan Hickman and the wife of Jonathan Tibbo, probably a Jerseyman and one of the three brothers who settled in Newfoundland. The others went to the north side of Fortune Bay and to Placentia Bay.

   Mary Ann Bennett (Fortune) (1799-1842). She was probably first woman recorded married.

   Esther Forsey (1787-1827). Spinster daughter of the first George Forsey.

   John Lewis (1757-1827), Probably an Englishman who gave the name to Lewis Hill in the vicinity of Grand Bank. There has been no


Lewis' here for half a century.

   Elizabeth Cox (1737-1827), Her name has been handed down to succeeding generations as "Grammar Cox". She was the mother of nine- teen children and these with their descendants spread themselves over sections of Fortune Bay and along the Coast to Channel and further. The male descendants roved from Grand Bank nearly a century ago but some of them are here today in the Welsh's, the Francis', and the Matthews', and other families. She may or may not have been born at Grand Bank, possibly her husband was an Englishman.

   Benjamin Lovell (1786-1828). He was an Englishman and the first husband of Eleanor Hickman, daughter of the first Jonathan. The Lovell's lived at Grand Bank for three generations--two of Benjamin's sons moved away, the name died out in the families of the other sons left in Newfoundland.

   Samuel Patten (1779-1829). Probably the great-grand-father of Mr. Sam Patten.

   Betsy Nicholle died Nov. 1836--age not given. She was probably Elizabeth Patten, the daughter of Charles and Ann Patten, and the first wife of Philip Nicholle, the second wife being Ann Major of Fortune.

   Charity Matthews (1760-1845). Known as "Grammar Chardy".

   William Evans, J.P. Magistrate. (l769-l845). Was born in Devon and was magistrate for twenty years. He is described in some of the records first as a planter and later as a merchant, His son


succeeded him as a merchant and late in life also became a magistrate, Several of his children married in St. Johns where some of their descendants now live. None of his descendants live at Grand Bank.

   John Forsey (1801-1845). Son of the first John Forsey. He married Charlotte Patten who, on his death, married Smith, an English-man. Most of the family later moved to St. Johns.

   Wilson Hickman (1791-1846), He was the son of the first Jonathan.

   Patience Parsons (1771-1846). Perhaps from Garnish--is one of the most common names in Newfoundland. They are scattered all over the country--perhaps from one ancestor, probably from many.

   Jonathan Hickman (1747-1847)--the first. Lived 100 years, 4 months, born prematurely on passage from England to Halifax and was a pilot for Capt. Cook.

   George Forward (1862-1846). Grand-father of Mr. Charles A. Forward, son of the first Ambrose Forward,

   John Francis (1793-1847), An Englishman married Jane Cox, probably great-grand-daughter of "Grammar Cox", had one of the first children baptized according to record; vis. Thomas, Nov. 2, 1817, born Oct. 16, 1815. Thomas was probably great grand-father of Mr. John Francis.

   Susan Bull (1821-1853). Wife of John Bull an Englishman, grand-mother of Mr. Luke Keating.


   Ann Patten (1778-1853). Wife of Charles Patten who was father of John Patten who flourished as a merchant in the eighteen forties. She was the great-great-grandmother of Mr. Harold Patten.

   Susan Green died 1855, age not given, wife of William Green, daughter of John and Frances above.

   Tamsy Beck, of Great St. Lawrence, died 1955, age not given, daughter of Jonathan and Susannah (Hickman) Tibbo (1777-1842). Susannah was the daughter of the first Jonathan Hickman. The name Tamsy had often puzzled me. I have learned that the name comes from Thomasine--feminine of Thomas.

   Harriet (Patten) Forsey (1821-1855). Was the mother of the late Geo. R. Forsey and daughter of Charles and Ann Patten. Some of these were buried by John Taugh, a school teacher. The record nay have been made by a minister--thus the signature may not have been by John Taugh. Perhaps he spelled his name "Tuff" the same as others of the same name.

   Elizabeth Nicholle (1780-1856). Was the daughter of the first George Forsey and was married first to the first John Forsey and later to the first Philip Nicholle.

   John Patten died 1856, age not given. He was the son of Charles and Ann Patten and was a merchant, I have seen his ledger for the year 1840-1841. It covered a period commencing September, 1840 and ending September, 1841. In those days September 20th was the date when all fishery servants agreements ended, thus the business


year ended at that time. He had ninety old accounts in his book. The wages of one man was eighteen pounds, presumably for one year with free board. William is credited by him in the sum of one pound for freighting twenty quintals of fish (presumably to St. Johns) one shilling per quintal--this was the general freight rate down to the close of the century. Labor was paid two shillings (or 40¢) per day.

   The following names, unknown here today, were among his customers : Scard, MacLarty, Aldridge, Genge, Vatcher, Edwards, Domange (probably French), Bool (perhaps Poole), Lanten, Walmetting, Mitchell, Moaks, Welshman, Rideout, Breven, Treasure, Lindsay, Hare, Clark (Married Susannah Bull and probably the owner of Clarke's garden). His mother's account (John Patten's) was styled "Mother Patten"

   John Patten was noted as a singer, It is reported on his business visits to St. Johns at a time when musical instruments were rarely used to guide the singing, he was often called upon by the minister to "raise the tune" when he happened to be in the congregation.

   George Hyde (1801-1857). Grand-father of Mr. John F. Hyde.

   Susannah Hyde - died 1857, age not given - wife of George Hyde and daughter of the first John Hickman.

   Thomas Hickman (Fortune) (1784-1857), Was the son of the first Jonathan. He taught school at Fortune, married there and is the ancestor of all the Fortune Hickmans.

   Aaron Forsey (1822-1858). Grandson of the first George Forsey. He was drowned on a passage between Grand Bank and Channel having jumped


overboard to save his son who was knocked into the water by the main boom. The son was saved.

   Samuel Rose (1787-1861). Husband of Dinah (Hickman) Rose, daughter of the first John Hickman (?), was the great grand-father of Mr. William Rose.

   George Bell (1788 (about)-1861). Father of the late George Bell and the late Hon. S. K. Bell -- was an Englishman.

   Jane Symes died in 1862, age not given, was the daughter of the first Jonathan Hickman. Her husband was John Symes, an English- man. It is said that he was a son of an Admiral in the British Navy.

   William Evans (1778-1853) (See page 2). Was a planter, a merchant, and later a magistrate.

   George Forsey (l776-l863). Son of the first George Forsey. The record of his age was taken from his tombstone. The book record says "90 years nearly". J. Winterbotham. Rev. John Goodison added the following note here "Rev. John Winterbotham died at Pownal P. E. I. March 12th, 1871 of inflammation of the chest his end was peace--an old colleague J. G.

   Thomas Cox (1778-1863). "age not known, supposed to be 85". He was probably a son or grandson of "Grammar Cox".

   George Riggs (1790-1863). Probably the man who brought his family from Lawn during the winter season.

   Robert Rose (1785-1863). The grandfather of Messrs. Wilson, Samuel and Arch Rose and great-grandfather of Mr. John Rose, Robert and Samuel may have been brothers.


   George Butt (1779-1864). Probably the great-grandfather of Mr. William Butt, probably an Englishman.

   Matthew Austin. Captain of the ship "Anglo Saxon" of Liver- pool, England, born in Bangor, Ireland. Died at St. Pierre of brain fever on the 25th of August, 1864, buried at Fortune August 26th. Age 34.

   Joseph B. Forsey (1816-1864). Age 48 3/4 years. Father of the late Geo. R. Forsey.

   Jane Francis (1787-1865). She may have been a sister of Thomas Cox. Wife of John Francis who died in 1847. She was a Cox and probably a Grand-daughter of "Grammar Cox" and sister of Thomas Cox.

   "Emmanuel Dupont. Went in swimming on the Sabbath Day and was drowned, another fearful example of Sabbath desecration. When will sinners take warning! Fortune Aug, 8th, 1865 - 27 years, and 7 months, buried by George Lake Sr." These notes are probably by Rev. John S. Phinney.

   Benjamin Buffett Sr. (1778-1865), "Ceremony performed by Johnathan Hickman". He was the grand-father of the late George A. Buffett, and probably the son of Benjamin Buffett, who settled at Mosquito near McCallum. If this be correct, the Senior Benjamin was a sailor. He was apparently the progenitor of all the Buffetts in Newfoundland.

   Amelia (Gallop) Forsey (1806-1865). The wife of George Aaron


Forsey, who was the son of the first John Forsey.

   John Hickman (1788-1866). Was the son of the first John Hickman and Great-grandfather of Mr. Henry Hickman.

   Joseph Hamilton (Fortune) (1814-1874). Probably gave his name to Hamilton Brook.

   Sarah Hickman (1791-1875). Was the wife of John Hickman and daughter of the first George Forsey.

   Jonathan Bull, An Englishman with many descendants in Grand Bank although the name is not known here.

   For the period between December 27th, 1877 and May 16, 1878, forty-six persons died of diptheria at Fortune.

   Benjamin Lovell (1823-1878). Was the son of Benjamin Lovell, an Englishman. "A leader and conductor of classes. T. Harris"

   Henry Nicholle (1808-1881). Son of the first Nicholle (Philip). George Tibbo (1807-1881). Son of the first Grand Bank Jonathan Tibbo.

   Jonathan Hickman (1779-1882). Son of the first Jonathan Hickman.

   John Hickman (1795-1884). Son of the first John Hickman.

   James Hickman (1789-1884). Son of the first Jonathan.

   Susan Thornhill, wife of James Thornhill--parents of the Grand Bank Thornhills.

   Esther Buffett Pardy. Mother of the late Charles Pardy.

   Jonathan Rose (1815-1883). Grandfather of Mr. John Rose.


   William Penwill or Pennell (1800-1850). The father of the Grand Bank Penwills. He was an Englishman, worked at an inside job with the Newman & Co. at Hr. Breton and was locally considered to be a fairly well educated man. He married Anne Thornhill.

   George Rose (1820-1885). Brother of Jonathan (above) and father of Messrs. Wilson, Robert, Arch, Abner, Samuel, Charles Rose.

   Bethana Rogers (1822-1886). Grand-mother of Benjamin J. Rogers.

   George Buffett. Uncle of the late Geo. A. Buffett. He lived on the "Western Shore" most of his life. He was the grandfather of Mr. Robert F. Forsey. His sons went to Anticosti and belonged to the company who experienced hard times (Fox Bay settlers) and were taken by the Canadian government to Renfrew on the Ottawa River.

   Ann Evans (1814-1886).

   William Pardy. Husband of Esther Pardy (above).

   Elizabeth Matthews (1815-1886). Wife of Morgan Matthews (1st) who was the son of John and Anne. John is said to be an Englishman. Anne (Nancy) was the daughter of the first John Hickman.

   Sarah Evans (1810-1887). Wife of Joseph Evans.

   Robert Hickman (1801-1887). Son of the first John Hickman.

   William Evans and two sons, Joseph and William, lost at sea (on the Banks) in the fall of 1886.

   William Green (1810-1887). Grand-father of Messrs. George and John Green. "A native of England. W. Swan".


   William Weymouth (1819-1888). An Englishman lived at Grand Bank and Molliers. The ancestor of the Weymouth.

   Esther A. Tibbo (1815-1868). Wife of George Tibbo, "A class- leader. W. Swan".

   Thirteen persons died of diptheria from April 25th. to June 20th 1885 at Grand Bank.

   Thomas Tibbo (18l2-l888). Probably the son of the Tibbo who settled in Fortune Bay.

   Ambrose Forward (1827-1888). Father of Mr. Charles A. Forward.

   Esther Ann Foote (1834-1888). Wife of George Foote, son of Thomas, the first Grand Bank Foote. I do not know whether he was an Englishman nor whether he was related to the Footes at Rencontre East, Lamaline or Burin.

   Mark K. Barnstable (1806-1888). The great grand-father of Mr. Ben Banfield was locally called Banfield.

   Edward Gilliard (1827-1889). An Englishman, the grand-father of Mr. Philip Gilliard.

   Eleanor Harris (1811-1890). Was first married to Thomas Foote (the first Grand Bank Foote), then to Thomas Harris, an Englishman. She is the great-grand-mother of Messrs. Ambrose and Clarence Foote and grand-mother of Mr. George C. Harris.

   Ann Matthews (Nancy) (1802-1890). Daughter of the first John Hickman and wife of John Matthews, said to be an Englishman and unrelated to the ancestors or Mr. William F. Matthews. (Some say he was brother to Jos.)


   Jabez Hickman (1823-1891). The father of Mr. Jonathan Hickman and grandson of the first Jonathan.

   John Pardy (1818-1890). The Grand-father of Mrs. Hubert Grandy (Edith Pardy).

   Edward Nicholle (1818-1891). Son of the first Philip Nicholle, a Jerseyman.

   Dinah (Hickman) Nicholle (1824-1891). The wife of Edward.

   George Simms (1829-1893). Died when stipendiary magistrate at Grand Bank. He was unrelated to the Grandbank Simms' (Symes) and was related to one of the Simms family at St. Johns. He married Sarah Sutcliffe, daughter of Rev. Ingram Sutcliffe, who was on the Grand Bank mission in the year 1834-1836. A son, his only child, passed away in the early winter of 1861 and his ashes were brought from California (where he lived) and buried beside his father in the Grand Bank cemetery on Fortune Road.

   Eleanor H. Stoodley (nee Rose) (1817-1893) and George Stoodley (1809-1893) were the grand-parents of Messrs. Henry and George Stoodley. He had a brother John, whose descendants live at Jersy Harbour. Probably the father of George and John--was an Englishman.

   Ann Tibbo (nee Lovell) (1815-1893). Died in 1888 married to Thomas Tibbo.

   Sarah Hollett Buffett (1815-1895) and William Buffett (1808- 1894), son of Benjamin Buffett, the first Grand Bank Buffett and grand- father of the late G. A. Buffett.

   Mahala (Kelly) Hiscock (1813-1894). Mother of the late George


F. Bell. (above).

   Eleanor (Buffett) Riggs (1827-1894). Sister of William Buffett (above).

   Esther (Soper) Forward (1809-1894). Wife of George Forward and grand-mother of Charles A. Forward.

   Christianna Butt (1803-1894). Wife of George Butt and grand- mother of Mr. William Butt.

   Henry Trimm (1813-1894). An Englishman married Dinah Ruth Francis. He was the ancestor of the Grand Bank Trimms.

   John Parsons (1832-1894). Said to be an Englishman, the grand-father of Mr. Charles Parsons.

   James Welsh (1810-1895). The grandfather of Capt. Thos. B. Welsh.

   Morgan Matthews (1821-1895). Son of John and Ann Hickman Matthews.

   Robert Bennett (1819-1897). An Englishman, married the daughter of George and Esther Forward. The father of all the Molliers Bennetts.

   Edward Evans (1819-1898). Merchant and late magistrate, one time a member of the House of Assembly representing Burin district with Sir Hugh Hoyles as colleague. He was a son of William Evans (an English- man). "Planter", "merchant", and "magistrate".

   Josiah Hiscock (1816-1898). A native of Trinity, married first Frances Hickman, grand-daughter of the first John Hickman, later married Mahala Bell (widow of George Bell, an Englishman.) He was the father of the late George Hiscock and great-grand-father of John Hiscock of


Grand Beach.

   Charles Williams (1830-1898). From Woody Island, Placentia Bay and related to the Williams of Pool's Cove. He married a daughter of John and Susan Patten and is the father of Mr. William Williams.

   Esther Nicholle Cox (1814-1899). Daughter of the first Philip Nicholle, wife of Daniel Cox (and Englishman). It is said the real name was "Farthing".

   Aaron Warren (1844-1899). The father of Mr. James Warren Sr.

   Andrew Wood (1831-1900). From Stonehaven, Scotland--father of Mr. William Wood.

   John Grant (1822-1900). An Englishman married Sussannah Hick- man. He was the grand-father of Messrs. William, Henry, and David Grant.

   Louisa Patten Tibbo (1827-1900). Wife of Wilson Tibbo who first married Charlotte Hickman.

   Charles Thomas Chapman (1831-1900). Dorset, England. Lived in Grand Bank only a few years.

   Thomas Riggs (1821-1902). Grand-father of Mr. Bert Riggs. He was the son of George Riggs who came to Grand Banks from Lawn with his family during the winter season.

   Henry Hickman (1822-1902). Son of John and Sarah and father of the late Albert Hickman of St. John's.

   Ann (Thornhill) Penwill (1805-1903). Married William Penwill an Englishman, ancestors of all the Penwill (or Pennells) of Grand Bank.

   Rev. John Pratt (1841-1904). An Englishman, father of the

Pratts of St. Johns. A tablet to his memory is to be seen in the United Church at Grand Bank.

   Harriet Riggs (1826-1904).



   There are not many of any special interest as much information is included in the comments on deaths. People from various parts of Fortune Bay and points farther away came to the only Protestant clergyman in the vicinity.

   The first entry is that of Jemima Osmond, of Benjamin and Susan, born Oct. 2nd, 1817 and christened on Nov. 2nd, 1817. On the same day were christened Thomas Francis, of John and Jane, who was born Oct. 16th, 1815 and Mary Ann Buffett, of Reuben and Ann, who was born Oct. 16th, 1817. Thomas Francis was an Englishman, Jane's maiden name was Cox.

   Reuben Buffett was probably a brother of Benj. Buffett (the first Grand Bank Buffett), and also a brother of Mary Ann Buffett who was the first woman whose marriage was recorded in the Methodist church register. She was married to William Bennett of Fortune. Reuben possibly never lived at Grand Bank. We find that in the year of 1825 two of his children, Charlotte and Abrose, were baptized. They were born respectively on Dec. 19, 1819 and Nov. 21, 1823 and the family was then living at Jack Fontaine, Fortune Bay. Probably Reuben had a brother who lived at Fortune who was the ancestor of all the Fortune Bay Buffetts.

   All these Buffetts were probably the children of Benjamin Buffett whose birth-place is not known. He was probably an Englishman and was known to be a sailor presumably in the British Navy. It would seem that Mosquito a few miles west of McCallum was the place where he first settled.


   Baptisms that are recorded do not always indicate the place of abode or parents. People of Fortune are generally recorded from that place. In 1825, three children of John and Mary Tibbo were baptized. These were Susannah, born Dec. 5th, 1816; George, born July 19th, 1821; and Abraham, born Dec. 19th, 1825. The parents lived at Long Island Reach. These may have come from the Grand Bank Tibbos or from the other Tibbos in Fortune Bay. The name Susannah indicates a possible connection with Susannah Hickman who married the first Grand Bank Tibbo. Of course, all the Tibbos were fairly closely related at that time.

   In 1825, George and Charles Bowdrich were baptized--they were the children of Thomas and Jane Bowdrich. Thomas was recorded as a carpenter. This name has been unknown here for more than half a century with the exception of Bowditch (or Bowdridge) Hill.

   Agnes Evans of William and Maria was baptized in 1827, William Evans was afterwards magistrate. This lady married in St. Johns.

   In 1827, or 1828, there was a batch of baptisms from Grand Beach. They were Susannah and Priscilla, of Thomas and Richard Kerly; Hugh and John Young, of William and Jane; and Ann Dunford, of Robert and Hannah. It is doubtful if any Grand Beach people at the present day know that these people lived at Grand Beach.

   Fanny Jane Evans, of William and Maria, was baptized in 1831, born March 1st, 1828. All the Evans girls appear to have married and lived at St. Johns.


   In 1831 appears this entry "Sharlot Forsey", of John and Sharlot (note the spelling). Here is another phonetic spelling "Leweser" Patten, of John and Susan Patten.

   Mary Warren, in 1824, and Thomas Warren, in 1829, of John and Theophilus Warren, an error of the parents who gave the name Theophilus to a girl or an error by the clergyman. These are not related to the Warrens of the present generation.

   Another girl, Emily Evans, of William and Maria Evans, born Dec, 13th. 1832, christened in 1833.

   George Tibbo Beck was christened in 1830 and James Samuel Beck in 1834, sons of Henry and Tamsy Beck. Apparently Henry Beck lived at Grand Bank for a time. He may have been an Englishman who afterwards moved to St. Lawrence and was the ancestor of all the Becks there.

   William Cox, christened in 1835, of Samuel (Trader) and Francis, was probably a descendant of the Cox's who inhabited Grand Bank early in the eighteenth century.

   Mary Ann Human, of Benjamin and Mary, was born Jan. 1836. Priscilla Skard, of John and Hannah, was christened in 1827. These names are now unknown in Grand Bank.

   Maria Evans, of William and Maria, was born in 1837, William Evans was here styled a "Planter".

   Sarah Hickman Loveless, of Jas. and Emma Loveless. Loveless was probably an Englishman and the father of the Loveless's of Seal Cove, on the "Basse Terra" shore. George Forsey, of John and Charlotte, was born in 1841. His father is here styled "merchant". He probably moved


to St. Johns where his mother re-married. He was a Methodist minister and later C of E minister. He is related to most of the Forsey's of St. Johns.

   Here are two more Grand Beach names now unknown there. Sarah Scott, of Richard and ---- Scott, and Mary Evans, of William and Eleanor. These were christened in 1842.

   Charlotte Hall, of John and Susan, was christened in 1842. The name is unknown in this locality. James William Haines, of James, is another name unknown here.

   Rebecca Lucas, of John and Mahala, was born in 1845. John Lucas (teacher) was a brother of Josiah Lucas, the grandfather of Mr. Boyd Lucas. Josiah Lucas married a Grand Bank Hickman.

   Thomas George Fox, of Rev. Thomas and Julia Fox, was born in 1849.

   Winifred Johnson Smith, 1849, of Jno. and Charlotte Smith, was a half-sister of Rev. George Forsey. His mother married John Smith after the death of her first husband, John Forsey.

   Charlotte Christen McKay, 1849, of John and Esther McKay. Esther McKay was a "Forsey" and daughter of Charlotte Smith.

   William Tait Hunter, of George, 1851, was the son of Dr. Hunter, This family apparently went to St. Johns to live.

   Tryphena Emiline McKay 1851 - of John and Esther.

   Rebecca Ansty, 1841; John Ansty, 1846; Mary Ann Ansty, 1849; children of Sam and Elizabeth--hailed from Grand Beach. These were probably related to the Ansty's of Garnish.


   Selena McLeod McKay, 1853, of John and Esther.

   Olivia Lilly Fox, of John and Charlotte Fox, 1853. John was the son of the Rev. Thomas Fox end Charlotte was the daughter of Charlotte (Patten) (Forsey) Smith.

   Edward George Hunter, 1853, of George and Eliza (LaPoile). Apparently Dr. Hunter had moved from Grand Bank.

   Evangeline Marie Frecker, of John P. and Emily Frecker, St. Pierre, Emily must have been a sister of Edward Evans. These are related to the Mr. Frecker of Education.

   There were several children of James and Susan Porter in the 1850's and 1860's. James was probably an Englishman, His name is commemorated in "Porter's Brook", The location of which is unknown to many Grand Bankers of the present generation.

   John Joseph Gaetz, of Rev. Thomas and Catherine, 1859.

   Ann Bond Rideout, of Samuel and Mary, of Famine, Grand Bank. Apparently some families lived permanently in many small settlements.

   Emily Eugene McLaughlin, of William F. and Elizabeth McLaughlin, St. Pierre, Miq., 1863.

   Alice Alexandra Bird, of Thos. H, and Ann, watchmaker, 1863.

   Sarah Sophia Haddock (1864), of J.G. and Amelia, Physician, Fortune.

   Emily Victoria McLaughlin, St. Pierre, 1865.

   Edward Wood (1865), of Cyrus Valentine and Jemima, teacher.

   Charles Heber Lawrence Phinney (1866), of Rev. John Sidney and Elizabeth Phinney.


   Mary Maria Squires, of Joseph and Eliza Squires, 1866. There has lived in Grand Bank for nearly three-quarters of a century no one of the name of Squires. He probably owned the land now called "Squire's Hill".

   Edith Alice McLaughlin, of William and Eliza McLaughlln, merchant, at St. Pierre, Miq.

   Ann Elizabeth Poor (1861), of Mark and Mary. Mark, was probably an Englishman. He married a Forsey and moved to St. John River, N.B., many years ago.

   Frederick Knight Wood, of C.V. and J. Wood (1866-1867).

   Edward Arthur Wood, of C.V. and J. Wood, 1867.

   William John Ramsay (1868), of Thomas and Esther Ramsay. Thomas may have been an Englishman. Esther was a Grand Bank Welsh.

   Linda Gertrude McKay (1868), of Thomas and Elizabeth, Fortune. Thomas is styled "carpenter" and may or may not be related to John McKay who married at Grand Bank a quarter of a century earlier.

   Elizabeth Victoria (1868), of J.P and Emily Frecker, St. Pierre. All these Freckers were probably aunts of Mr. Frecker, the present secretary of education.

   Helena Alexandra McLaughlin, of W.T. and Eliza. Merchant, St. Pierre.

   Bertha Scott (1869), of John and Emma Scott. John was a book- keeper with Edward Evans. Emma was a Percy from St. Pierre.

   Henry Trimm married Jane Belbin (Second wife), 1864.


   William Matthews, Grand Bank, to Caroline Stone, Stones Cove. The first marriage celebrated in the new Temperance Hall, 1865. The witnesses were "George F. Bell, W.P.; Samuel Tibbo, W.A.; Elizabeth Phinney; and Jemima Wood". The Temperance Hall now stands, one of the oldest buildings in Grand Bank.

   John Scott, Grand Bank, to Emma Percy, St. Pierre, l866.

   Michael Handrigan, "Bo-Bois" (Note the spelling), to Harriet Welsh, 1867. he is the fore-runner of the present day Handrigans. The name was at first "Hanrahan". Michael was related to the Hanrahens of Little Bay and Marystown.

   William Garland, Lower Island Cove, to Frances Evans, Grand Bank, 1872.

   John Williams to Elizabeth Nicholle, 1872. John Williams was a Welshman.

   John Banks Scott, of Jno. and Emma, 1872

   Evangeline Bertha Mary McLaughlin, of Wm. F. and Eliz., (1872), St. Pierre.

   Wallace Alex Duke, of Rev. Jas. and Emily, 1873.

   Fanny Constance Parkins (1874), of Joseph and Fanny Parkins. Joseph Parkins was Wesleyan minister at St. Pierre, and probably father of Mr. A.E. Parkins of St. Johns.

   There were seven children born to George F. and Mary Ann Christian in the years 1868 to 1880. George F. Christian was a merchant. One of these children is Mrs. J.S. Currie of St. Johns.

   Succeeding records are of little interest for these records.



   The first marriage recorded is that of William Bennett, Fortune, and Mary Ann Buffett, Grand Bank, on Feb. 13, 1817. Rev. Richard Knight performed the ceremony, and the witnesses were George Lake and William Gallop. William Bennett may interest some of the For- tune people. Mary Ann Buffett was probably a sister of Benjamin Buffett (1779-1865). Her other brothers were probably Reuben and Snook. Some of the Snook's descendants were the Buffetts of Stones Cove, also the Buffetts of Bay D'Espoir. Presumably these all came from Mosquito and were the children of the first Benjamin.

   The Gallops seem to have moved to the vicinity of Codroy at least the male member (or members) of the family. Probably the original Gallop was an Englishman who lived at Fortune.

   We find that Henry Martin married Grace Gallop at Fortune on April l4th, 1828.

   John Forsey, of Grand Bank, married Amelia Gallop on Nov. 26th, 1823.

   Benjamin Belbin (the first Grand Bank Belbin) married Ann Gallop on September 8th, 1829. James Moore, of Fortune, married Jane Gallop September 9th, 1830. Joseph Galpin (possibly Gallop although registered as a Grand Banker) married Ann Evans on September 8th, 1831.

   Robert Hickman (of the first John) married Sarah Scott, of Brunette on Nov. 25th, 1830. One of the witnesses was Thomas Miller, probably of


Brunette, and presently related to the present Millers of that place.

   Lambert Forward married Hannah Cox, of St. Johns, November 21st, 1833. They moved to Burgeo.

   Morgan Hickman married Mary Forsey, September 21st, 1826. After the death of her husband, Mary G. Hickman married Edward Genge on October 3rd, 1839. Edward Genge was probably an Englishman who lived at Grand Bank for a few years. His family later moved to Channel. He is probably the father of a11 the Genges.

   Benjamin Chapman and Eleanor Tibbo, March 3Oth, 1828.

   James Lake to Susan Gallop, Fortune, May 10th, 1835.

   William Spencer and Martha Hickman, October 4th, 1822.

   George Lake and Martha Spencer, September 29th, 1838.

   Thomas Kerking, England, to Mary A. Bolen, March 23rd, 1845.

   Thomas DeGruchy, Jersey, to Bethena Keeping, Fortune, April 16th, 1848.

   John Roberts, Fortune, to Fanny Pointer, Grand Beach, July 5th, 1855--another Grand Beach name unknown at present.

   Edward Pointer and Eliz. Ansty, Grand Beach, July 27th, 1852.

   Henry Trimm, "Englishman", to Dinah Francis, 1848.

   Thomas Tipple, "Englishman", to Jane Forsey, 1848. The family of Thomas Tipple lived later at Burin Bay.

   William Edwards, "Englishman", to Ann Snook, Fortune, 1848.

   Isaac Welshman, "Englishman", to Emma Evans, 1849.

   Frances Kendall to Amy Welshman, 1853. "Frances Kendall" came from Marnell Fifed, Dorchester, England. The Kendalls all moved to


Massachusetts .

   Wi11iam Clemens, of Bridport, England, to Sarah Evans, 1853. Ancestor of all present Clemens.

   Robert Smart 'Horsington" Somerset, England, to Bethena DeGruchy, Fortune, 1856.

   Charles William, Wood Island, P.B., to Elizabeth Patten, 1859.

   Alex Bethune married Martha Lake.

   Daniel Hickey, Grand Beach, to Nancy Bennett, Fortune, 1864. Apparently Grand Beach was populated by several families.

   Robert Ralph to Julia Bull, 1872. Robert Ralph was an Englishman.

   John Ahier, Fortune, to Esther Jane Bell. John Ahier was a Jerseyman and father of Mr. Joseph Ahier.

   Charles Dodman to Esther Bennett. Charles Dodman was an Englishman. His father served in the Crimean war and was afterwards given a position in Woolwich, England. His daughter, Mrs. Alex Smith, has some relics of the Crimean war as well as an excellent picture of her grand-father in his army uniform.

   John Hatcher and Frances Weymouth, 1873. John Hatcher was an Englishman and the ancestor of the Grand Bank Hatchers.

   George Munden to Emma French. George Munden was probably an Englishman. He may be related to the Mundens of Sealing fame at Harbour Grace.

   John Squires, Broad Cove, to Hannah Hawkins, Grand Bank. Broad


Cove was possibly in Fortune Bay. It may have been elsewhere. He may have been an Englishman or from Conception Bay.

   William Fox and Susan G. Francis, Grand Bank, 1877. William Fox came from Nova Scotia and was a tinsmith. He came to Grand Bank when "Stainer" of Nova Scotia or Maine introduced the lobster cannery business.

   Others who came to Grand Bank at the same time and married Grand Bank women are:--

   Charles Loring Mitchell, Rockland, Me., to Martha Hickman, Grand Bank, 1878. The ceremony was witnessed by Lawson B. Corkum after whom Mr. Lawson Fox, son of William Fox, was probably named.

   Eddie Minard, of Grafton., Queens County, N.S., to Mary Ann Kendell, 1878.

   Harold Elliot, Dartmouth, N.S., to Elizabeth Pink, 1879.

   William Merrill Mitchell, Rockland, Me., (brother of Charles) to Jane Gallop Foote, Grand Bank, 1879.

   William Hartling, Liscomb, N.S., to Mary Patten, Grand Bank, 1879. Clarence Estano, Hallfax, to Amelia Forsey, Grand Bank, 1880. Duncan Lemont, Dartmouth, to Dinah Rose Forsey, 1880.

   Most of these moved out of the country. The Minards, the Estanos, and the Lemonts went back to Canada, as also did Charles Mitchell. Elliot went out west and into grain growing. Hartlings lived here for a long time, their descendants are now mostly in Newfoundland. William lived and died in this country. Wm. Fox died at Grand Bank some years ago.



Joseph Lee to Ann Francis, 1882. The name was not Lee but McLee (he was generally called MickLee). He was a Jerseyman and took his children back to Jersey after his wife died.

   Preceding him as a merchant was John Patten and Rose, of the latter the writer has heard little but the former was the great- grand-father of Mr. Harold Patten who is well known in Grand Bank.

Contributed by: Annie Oliver
Transcribed by: Daniel Smith

Page Revised: October 2002 (Don Tate)

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