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Fogo Methodist Church Marriages
1891 - 1924

Given Name
Jan.10,1891 WILLIS Thomas   Bachelor Fogo Barney   James Payne
  WATERMAN Julia   Spinster Fogo   Joseph Joseph Peckford
Feb.8,1891 RANDELL John   Bachelor Fogo William   Matthias Hawkins
  LEDREW Julie   Maid Change Islands   Richard George Randall
Dec.5,1895 WATERMAN John 35 Widower Fogo     Ham Oake
  OAKE Melissa 26 Spinster Fogo     Benjamine Oake
Dec.9,1895 BLAKE Francis Geo 24 Bachelor Barr'd Islands     Samuel Ford
  TARRANT Jane 23 Spinster Barr'd Islands     William Blake
Sept.12,1898 CHEATER George 24 Bachelor Barr'd Islands Obediade(?)   William Shaw
  PAINE Sarah 25 Spinster Barr'd Islands   Nicholas  
Oct.26,1898 OAKE Josiah 23 Bachelor Fogo Ham Oake   Josiah Waterman
  LEYTE Elizabeth Mary   Spinster Fogo   Thomas Leyte Julia A. Leyte
Dec.12,1900 OSBORNE Thnomas 34 Bachelor Fogo James Osborne   Joseph Cull
  CULL Sarah Jane 19 Spinster Shoal Bay   Henry Cull Mary Jane Osborne
Dec.19,1900 LEYTE Wilfred W 27 Bachelor Lock's Cove Frederick Leyte   Thomas Leate
  PELLEY Julie Ann 25 Spinster Eastern Tickle   Edwin Pelley Susy Leate
Mar.24,1901 LEATE Pearce 32 Widower Eastern Tickle Fred Leate   Susie Leate
  POWELL Lucy Jane 23 Spinster Herring Neck   Robert Powell Fred Leate
Apr.12,1901 ROWE Aaron 25 Bachelor Seldom-Come-By Jacob Rowe   Marion Durrant
  WARREN Sarah 28 Spinster Seldom-Come-By   Samuel Warren ????
Sept.23,1901 BURT John 22 Bachelor ????? George Burt   George Hewitt
  P????? Catherine 21 Spinster ?????   Edward P???? Mary Hewitt
Oct.16,1901 LEATE Levi 27 Bachelor Shoal Tickle Frederick Leate   Charles Leate
  BUDDEN Mary Ann 24 Spinster Seldom-Come-By   ??????? Susie Leate;Julia Leate
Dec.23,1903 BLANDFORD George 21 Bachelor Fogo John   Thomas Albert Ginn
  COMBS Lucy Ellen 19 Spinster Fogo   ???? Prudence Waterman
Nov.10,1904 HART Samuel 24 Bachelor Hare Bay,Fogo George Hart   Azariah Snow;Charles Leate
  LEATE Emily Jane 20 Spinster Eastern Tickle   George Leate Mary Hart
Nov.30,1904 ROWE Archibald C 39 Bachelor Seldom-Come By Jacob Rowe   Kenneth Holmes;Nathaniel Holmes
  MUGFORD Druscilla 18 Spinster Seldom-Come By   John Mugford Alice Rowe;Flora M Rowe;Effie Rowe
Jan.12,1905 LEATE Charles Hayter 24 Bachelor Eastern Tickle,Fogo Frederick Leate   George Leate
  BROWN Edith Patience 22 Spinster Fogo   William Brown Emily Mabel Leate
Nov.10,1906 MERCER Charles 41 Widower Joe Batt's Arm     Wm.Freak
  PEYTON Delia 37 Widow Barr'd Islands     Louisa Brown
Dec.4,1906 LEATE John 26 Bachelor Fogo     Fred Payne
  HART Mary 20 Spinster Island Harbour     Jessie Simms
Nov.27,1907 LEATE Arthur J. 21 Bachelor Fogo     William Leate
  CUMBERLAND Alice 19 Spinster Barr'd Islands     Elsie Leyte
Dec.2,1907 NIPPARD John H. 26 Bachelor Hare Bay     Absolmn Coles
  CASSELL Dorcas 23 Spinster Herring Neck     Ellen Ford
Nov.27,1908 BUTT Thomas 23 Bachelor Joe Batt's Arm Wilfred(?)   Abra?? Brett
  FREAKE Easter 21 Spinster Joe Batt's Arm     Charlotte Coffin
Dec.9,1908 LEATE Stewart 34 Bachelor Fogo Eli   Elsie Leyte
  REID Dorcas 18 Spinster     Wm. Geo. Elliot
Jan.13,1909 WATERMAN Joseph 22 Bachelor Fogo     Ham Oake
  BURRY Marah 23 Spinster Fogo     Daisy Rendall
Jan.13,1909 POMEROY Harry 28 Bachelor Fogo     E.Irish
  WATERMAN Ida Belle 19 Spinster Fogo     Violet Snow
Oct.12,1913 LEATE Frederick J. 29 Bachelor Eastern Tickle     Dorcas Leate
  LEATE Eliza 22 Spinster       Stewart Leate
Dec.3,1913 FORD Zebedee 40 Widower Island Harbour Jacob Ford   Jacob Ford
  TARRANT Annie 19 Spinster       Susannah Ford
Sept.6,1914 DOWNER Arthur Wm 45 Bachelor Fogo     John Downer
  ELLIOTT Margaret 42 Widow Fogo     Julie Downer
Oct.26,1914 LEATE George 24 Bachelor Eastern Tickle George Leate   Hilda ???
  TORRAVILLE Eliza 22 Spinster Eastern Tickle   John Torraville Stuart Leat
Apr.28,1914 REID Richard 30 Bachelor Barr'd Islands Stephan Reid   Johanna Joy Watkins
  DIAMOND Delilah 21 Spinster       Arthur Reid
May 11,1914 RANDALL Clumy 22 Bachelor Fogo     Florence Torraville
  LEYTE Trixie Beatrice 20 Spinster Fogo     Allan Coles
Dec.17,1924 WATERMAN Frederick John 23 Batchelor Fogo John Waterman   Stewart Oakes
  BARNES Lydia 24 Spinster Island Harbour     Netta G Oakes
Feb.4,1925 PRIMMER George 30 Bachelor Joe Batt's Arm     Zebedee Ford
  HODDER Louise 25 Spinster Joe Batt's Arm     E.M. Davis

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