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Fogo United Church Marriages
1925 - 1947

Apr.22,1925 Alpheous FREAKE 24 Bachelor Joe Batt's Arm Eli Freake
  Laura SHEPPARD 19 Spinster Joe Batt's Arm Johanna Freake
Aug. 15,1925 Alfred POPE 57 Widower Fogo Thomas G Hellings
  Edith SIMMS 31 Widow Fogo Annie B. Pope
Oct.12,1925 Lewis LEYTE 27 Bachelor Fogo Josiah Oake
  Julia SNOW 21 Spinster Fogo Daisy Leyte
Oct.19,1925 Fred GILL 33 Bachelor Fogo A.J. Mahaney
  Violet KING   Spinster Fogo Elizabeth Mahaney
Feb.18,1926 James LEYTE 25 Bachelor Fogo Josiah Oake
  Frances GOODYEAR   Spinster Carmenville Daisy Leyte
Jan. 19,1926 James FORD   Widower Barr'd Islands Peter Mew
  Caroline BROWN   Widow Joe Batt's Arm Dorcas Rowbotham wbottam
Oct.6,1926 Stanley BROWN 23 Bachelor Fogo George Leyte
  Daisy LEYTE 17 Spinster Fogo Jessie Wells
Jan.10,1927 George S. BEST 23 Bachelor Fogo Malcolm Leyte
  Sarah MOORES 18 Spinster Fogo Maud Best
Oct.27,1927 Frederick FREAKE 23 Bachelor Joe Batt's Arm Benson Freake
  Lucy OSMOND 18 Spinster Shoal Bay Lorie(?) Freake
Aug.15,1928 Rowland B. OAKE 25 Bachelor Fogo Stanley Layman
  Alice M.PENNEY 22 Spinster Seldom Hazel B.Oake
Nov.14,1928 Archibald LEYTE 24 Bachelor Fogo Fred J. Leyte
  Nora Jane WATERMAN 17 Spinster Fogo Stella Pomeroy
Nov.6,1929 Claude GILL   Bachelor Fogo William Hart
  Netta HART   Spinster Fogo Gertie Hart
Aug.30,1933 William A.TAYLOR 25 Bachelor Change Islands C.M.Taylor
  Myrtice WATERMAN 28 Spinster Fogo Edna Taylor
Sept.20,1933 William P. WELLS 22 Bachelor Joe Batt's Arm Ralph Strickland
  Jessie ABBOTT 19 Spinster Joe Batt's Arm Joyce ??????
Nov.8,1933 Roland W. ANTHONY 32 Bachelor Seldom Samuel Anthony
  Ellen May PENNY 30 Spinster Seldom Pearl Penney
Nov.6,1934 Fred OAKE 21 Bachelor Fogo Josiah Oake
  Alice Myrtice LEYTE 17 Spinster Fogo Stella Oake
Nov.12,1934 Benjamin THOMPSON 22 Bachelor Fogo John Primmer
  Naome KEATS 22 Spinster Barr'd Islands Annie Keats
Dec.12,1934 Claude HOLMES 22 Bachelor Seldom-Come-By Pearl Dawe
  Hattie NICHO 20 Spinster Seldom-Come-By Samuel Holmes
June 23,1936 Albert E .BROWN 30 Widower Joe Batt's Arm Martin Brown
  Joan FREAKE 27 Spinster Joe Batt's Arm Laura Freake
Sept.10,1936 George LEYTE 46 Widower Fogo Fred J. Leyte
  Minnie PELLEY 41 Spinster B?????? Mrs. Fred J. Leyte
Dec.8,1936 Chesley BROWN 24 Bachelor Joe Batt's Arm Ephraim Decker
  Winnie Pearl WELLS 19 Spinster Joe Batt's Arm Lydia Luscombe
Dec.14,1938 Ananias NICHO 21 Bachelor Seldom Cecil Nicho
  Winnie NICHO 17 Spinster Seldom Elizabeth Nicho
Jan.23,1939 Maxwell SHEPPARD 24 Bachelor Stagg Harbour H. Oswald Coish
  Nellie COLLINS 18 Spinster Stagg Harbour Hilda Spurrell
Apr.5,1939 Hector WATERMAN 22 Bachelor Fogo Soloman Torraville
  Netta TORRAVILLE 20 Spinster Fogo Mrs. Archibald Leyte
March 11,1941 Bertram Albert LEYTE 23 Bachelor Fogo Archibald Leyte
  Lucy ROBERTS 22 Spinster Indian Islands Nora Jane Leyte
March 27,1941 Ralph KINDEN 26 Bachelor Indian Islands Josiah Oake
  Myrtle SHEPPARD 21 Spinster Indian Islands Florence Sheppard
Sept.3,1941 Otto French PENNY 32 Bachelor Little Seldom Albert Penny
  Emily HANCOCK 20 Spinster Barr'd Islands Alma Penny;Stanley Penny
Dec.4,1941 Woodrow Wilson NICHOL   Bachelor Seldom Stella Nichol
  Fannie Belle ROBERTS   Spinster Indian Islands Donald(?) Nicho
Dec.30,1941 Victor DOWNTON   Bachelor Fogo Kenneth Freake
  Neta LEYTE 21 Spinster Barr'd Islands Violet Leyte
Apr.21,1942 Ida Myrtle FREAKE 25 Widow Joe Batt's Arm Zebedee Ford
  Louis MERCER 24 Bachelor Joe Batt's Arm Viola Watkins
Apr.24,1942 Howard COLLINS 29 Bachelor Flat Islands P.B.(?) Harris Rowe
  Edith Winifred TRASK 22 Spinster Eilioton P.B.(?) Alma B. Penny
Aug.27,1942 Edgar SIMMS 43 Widower Fogo Archibald Leyte
  Violet GILL 39 Widow Fogo Amelia Pomeroy
Mar.4,1946 Newman HOLMES 23 Bachelor Seldom Henry Holmes
  Audrey ROWE 18 Spinster Seldom Ruby Rowe
Oct.10,1946 Stewart Harris POPE 22 Bachelor Fogo Stanley Pope
  Effie May WATERMAN 20 Spinster Fogo Myrtle Pope
Oct.24,1946 Jose Melvin WHEATON 24 Bahelor Fredricton Frank Gale
  Frances Martha GALE 17 Spinster Fogo Alice Torraville
Feb.10,1947 Maxwell Edison FORD 26 Bachelor Barr'd Islands Andrew Brett
  Johanna GODWIN 19 Spinster Barr'd Islands Ethel Brett
Apr.9,1947 Roland James BOLANDS 20 Bachelor Fogo Edward Strickland
  Annie Neta POPE 21 Spinster Fogo Leora Pope
Apr.15,1947 Allan Kitchener COLLINS 31 Bachelor Fogo Harold Torraville
  Sadie Myrtice WATERMAN 21 Spinster Fogo S???? Evelyn Blanch Torraville
Nov.19,1947 Ronald Mecer GILL 20 Bachelor Fogo James Albert Gill
  Audrey Mildred SIMMS 18 Spinster Fogo Ruby Simms
Nov.27,1947 Stanley POPE 28 Bachelor Fogo J. Jones
  Doris Lily Mary PRIMMER 20 Spinster Barr'd Islands A. Primmer

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