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Fogo United Church Deaths
1874 - 1972

Julia DOWNER   July 6,1874 not given 38 years
Harriet Louisa   Sept.25,1874 Sept.27,1874 14 months
Laura DOWNER   Apr.6,1875 Apr.6,1875 5 yrs.6 mon.
Sarah Olivia        
DOWNER   Apr.6,1875 Apr.8,1875 3 yrs. 8mon.
Marmaduke MOYLES   Apr.24,1875 Apr.26,1875 14 months
Henry William   Aug.4,1892 Aug.6,1892 19 yrs.
Julia WATERMAN   Jan 14,1892 Jan.17,1892 33 yrs.
Vasco Claude   May 20,1893 May 22,1893 7 mon.10 days
Thomas PECKFORD   May 17,1893 May 21,1893 58 yrs.
Thomas MOYLES   Mar.22,1894 Mar.25,1894 1 yr.3 mon.
Archibald   Jan.25,1894 Jan.26,1894 4 mon.2 days
Emma Moore   June 21,1894 June 21,1894 June 23,1894
Arthur John   May 8,1894 May 9,1894 3 weeks
Frederick BLANDFORD   Oct.3,1895 Oct.5,1895 20yrs.
Sylvia GALE   Aug.8,1895 Aug.10,1895 6 days
Daisy Dora LEATE   Nov.9,1895 Nov.11,1895 3 mon.
Theresa LUCAS   Apr.7,1898 Apr.9,1898 65 yrs.
Jane WATERMAN   July 18,1898 July 20,1898 65 yrs.
Amy MOYLE   June 25,1899 Jue 27,1899 83 yrs.
Gunilda OAKE   May 14,1899 May 17,1899 14 yrs. 9 mon.
John WATERMAN   Dec.30,1890 Jan.2,1891 67 yrs.
John ANDREWS   Apr.2,1900 Apr.4,1900 56 yrs.
Samuel PIKE   Jan.20,1900 Jan.22,1900 56yrs.
Eliza POMEROY   July 10,1900 July 11,1900 1 day
notes: John Andrews-born-Port-de-Grave        
Julia Downer-w/o Jeremiah        
Sarah Olivia-d/o Jeremiah & Julia        
LauraDowner-d/o Jeremiah & Julia        
Harriet Louisa-d/o Jeremiah & Julia        
Albert Edward        
BROWN Joe Batt's Arm Aug.31,1889 Sept.3,1889 22 yrs.
Josiah BROWN Joe Batt's Arm Apr.7,1890 Apr.10,1890 24 yrs.
Anie Florence        
???????? Lock's Cove Nov.24,1890 Nov.25,1890 1 yr.
WATERMAN Fogo Dec.30,1890 Jan.2,1891 67 yrs.
Mehala LUCAS Fogo May 16,1891 May 19,1891 70 yrs.
Sarah CULL Barr'd Islands Feb.13,1891 Feb.16,1891 17 mon.
Joseph RANDELL Fogo June 9,1891 June 11,1891 45 yrs.
Alfred RANDELL Fogo July 12,1891 July 15,1891 66 yrs.
William BROWN Joe Batt's Arm June 30,1904 July 2,1904 2 yrs.
Susan LEATE Eastern Tickle Oct.28,1904 Oct.30,1904 ???
Aaron SIMMONDS Dog Bay Nov.9,1904 Nov.10,1904 4 weeks
Carmen Montgomery        
FENNEMORE Barr'd Islands Nov.9,1904 Nov.11,1904 3 weeks
Mary GODWIN Barr'd Islads Nov.6,1904 Nov.9,1904 2 mon.
George LEYTE Eastern Tickle Nov.15,1904 Nov.17,1904 35 yrs.
Clara Maria        
BOONE Little Seldom Nov.10,1904 Nov.11,1904 7 weeks
Frederick LEYTE Eastern Tickle Dec.4,1904 Dec.6,1904 66 yrs.
Susie Irene        
BROWN Joe Batt's Arm Nov.21,1918 Nov.23,1918 36 yrs.
Zachariah BLAKE Barr'd Islads Nov.6,1918 Nov.9,1918 25 yrs.
Archibald GODDEN Shoal Bay Apr.2,1919 Apr.4,1919 5 mon.
Elizabeth LEYTE Fogo Apr.4,1919 Apr.6,1919 60 yrs.
Henry John        
ROWE Seldom June 23,1919 June 25,1919 72 yrs.
Kenneth Percival        
ROWE Seldom Sept.26,1919 Sept.27,1919 1 day
WATERMAN Fogo Nov.14,1919 Nov.15,1919 10 days
Martin ROWE Seldom Oct.15,1919 Oct.17,1919 75 yrs.
Winifred FREAKE Fogo Oct.21,1920 Oct.22,1920 24 yrs.
Ida Belle        
LEYTE Fogo Oct.28,1920 Oct.29,1920 30 yrs.
Fanny RANDELL Seldom Dec.12,1920 Dec.14,1920 84 yrs.
Job GREEN Seldom Dec.22,1920 Dec.25,1920 51 yrs.
WATERMAN Fogo Jan.22,1921 Jan.31,1921 34 yrs.
Neta LEYTE Fogo Feb.28,1921 Mar.2,1921 20 yrs.
Mary OAKE Fogo Feb.6,1921 Feb.9,1921 68 yrs.
Martha GODDEN Barr'd Islands Apr.30,1921 May 2,1921 3 yrs.
Kaisar Melvin        
REID Barr'd Islads Aug.30,1921 Aug.31,1921 14 months
Francis George        
DECKER Joe Batt's Arm Sept.18,1921 Sept.20,1921 4 days
Elizabeth Jane        
MEW Barr'd Islads Mar.4,1922 Mar.6,1922 60 yrs.
Herbert Edwin        
POMEROY Seldom Mar.8,1922 Mar.9,1922 11 days
WATERMAN Fogo May 8,1922 May 10,1922 16 yrs.
Peter BLAKE Barr'd Islands Mar.31,1922 Apr.2,1922 19 yrs.
Janet RENDALL Fogo July 10,1922 July 12,1922 39 yrs.
Emma Martha        
LEYTE Eastern Tickle Aug.1,1922 Aug.3,1922 2 months
Mary Elizabeth        
LEYTE Fogo Aug.2,1922 Aug.4,1922 1 yr.
Susanna POPE Fogo Sept.21,1922 Sept.24,1922 56 yrs.
Willis PENNY Little Seldom Sept.30,1922 Oct.3,1922 8 days
Myrtle MERCER Joe Batt's Arm Oct.19,1922 Oct.21,1922 6 moths
Isaac PRIMER Barr'd Islands Dec.3,1922 Dec.5,1922 74 yrs.
William McKinley        
FORD Barr'd Islands Dec.3,1922 Dec.6,1922 21 yrs.
Lillian Marjorie        
PENNY Seldom Nov.26,1922 Nov.29,1922 1 week
Johanna FORD Island Harbour Dec.25,1922 Dec.28,1922 76 yrs.
John PRIMER Barr'd Islands Feb.13,1923 Feb.16,1923 80 yrs.
Phoebe PRIMER Barr'd Islands Apr.19,1923 Apr.22,1923 12 yrs.
Thomas Albert        
GINN Fogo Apr.29,1923 May 1,1923 2 yrs.
Henry FORD Island Harbour Mar.29,1923 Mar.31,1923 1 yrs
STRICKLAND Fogo May 6,1923 May 7,1923 35 yrs.
Winnie Susan        
LEYTE Eastern Tickle May 5,1923 May 8,1923 11 months
Sara Emily        
BROWN Joe Batt's Arm Feb.27,1923 Mar.2,1923 1 day
Nathaiel HOLMES Seldom July 30,1923 Aug.2,1923 61 yrs.
George LEYTE Fogo Sept.16,1923 Sept.19,1923 76 yrs.
Henry Levi        
FORD Barr'd Islands Oct.29,1923 Nov.1,1923 17 yrs.
Mary Novella        
BUDDEN Seldom Dec.19,1923 Dec.21,1923 6 yrs.
Phoebe FREAKE Fogo Jan.31,1924 Feb.2,1924 60 yrs.
Hubert Gerald        
BROWN Joe Batt's Arm May 13,1923 May 15,1923 2 yrs.
Wm. S. MERCER Fogo Feb.4,1924 Feb.9,1924 43 yrs.
POMEROY Fogo Feb.1,1924 Feb.14,1924 19 yrs.
Lenora MOYLES Fogo Feb.25,1924 Feb.27,1924 60 yrs.
William LEYTE Fogo Mar.24,1924 Mar.26,1924 51 yrs.
Mrs. Herbert        
PRIMMER Joe Batt's Arm Mar.31,1924 Apr.2,1924 44 yrs.
John BLAKE Barr'd Islands Jan.30,1924 Feb.1,1924 67 yrs.
Joseph John        
MEW Joe Batt's Arm May 23,1924 May 25,1924 71 yrs.
Henry FORD Barr'd Islads Oct.19,1923 Oct.21,1923 18 yrs.
Esau ROWE Seldom June 4,1924 June 5,1924 7 days
John Henry        
WITCHER Barr'd Islands Jue 23,1924 June 25,1924 6 yrs.
Grace HOLMES Seldom July 18,1924 July 20,1924 84 yrs.
George Edward        
PENNY Seldom Apr.20,1929 Apr.22,1929 82 yrs.
Mary Eloise        
GATEHOUSE Seldom June 8,1929 June 10,1929 29 yrs.
Edna LEYTE Eastern Tickle Sept.15,1929 Sept.17,1929 5 days
Beatrice MEW Barr'd Islands July 12,1929 July 13,1929 15 yrs.
Ambrose FORD Barr'd Islads Sept.28,1929 Sept.29.1929 ????
John FREAK Fogo Oct.30,1929 Nov.2,1929 ????
Jacob Edward        
REID Barr'd Islands Aug.25,1937 Aug.26,1937 3 months
Gerald Nelson        
BLAKE Barr'd Islads Aug.27,1937 Aug.28,1937 3 yrs.
Pearl Beatrice        
ROWE Seldom Sept.6,1937 Sept.7,1937 1 week
HARVEY Fogo Oct.14,1937 Oct.16,1937 2 months
Ivan Douglas        
FREAKE Joe Batt's Arm Sept.21,1937 Sept.23,1937 2 yrs.5 months
William KEATS Barr'd Islands Nov.11,1937 Nov.13,1937 78 yrs.
ANTHONY Seldom Nov.16,1937 Nov.18,1937 27 yrs.
Claude LEYTE Fogo Nov.18,1937 Nov.19,1937 23? Yrs.
Mark PENNY Glovertown June 16,1937 June 21,1937 ??
Florece Violet        
BROWN Fogo Dec.6,1937 Dec.8,1937 9 yrs.
Jemima SIMMS Fogo Feb.21,1938 Feb.24,1938 60 yrs.
Mary Ann        
HOLMES Seldom Feb.11,1938 Feb.13,1938 76 yrs.8 months
Jemima PENNY Seldom Apr.1,1938 Apr.2,1938 52 yrs.
Emma DECKER Joe Batt's Arm Apr.1,1938 Apr.3,1938 28 yrs.
Gerald Max        
LEYTE Fogo May 12,1938 May 13,1938 1 month
John BRETT Barr'd Islads May 14,1938 May 16,1938 83 yrs.
Samuel DECKER Joe Batt's Arm May 20,1938 May 23,1938 ??
Mary Ann        
REID Barr'd Islands May 22,1938 May 24,1938 83 yrs.5 months
Eli LEYTE Fogo June 3,1938 June 5,1938 76 yrs.
Jesse RANDELL Fogo Oct.28,1938 Oct.30,1938 88 yrs.
Esau MEW Barr'd Islands Jan.20,1939 Jan.21,1939 50yrs.
George POPE Fogo Feb.22,1939 Feb.26,1939 75 yrs.
John GODDEN Barr'd Islands Mar.3,1939 Mar.5,1939 32 yrs.
PENNY Seldom Oct.20,1939 Oct.22,1939 70 yrs.
John PRIMMER Barr'd Islands Feb.24,1948 Feb.26,1948 69 yrs.
Eileen Mary        
REID Barr'd Islands May 6,1948 May 7,1948 3 months
Maisie ROWE Seldom-Come-By May21,1948 May 23,1948 3 yrs.
Yvonne Josephene        
ROWE Seldom July 30,1948 Aug.1,1948 2 months
A. Lemuel ROWE Seldom-Come-By Aug.3,1948 Aug.6,1948 73 yrs.
John Robert        
GILL Fogo Oct.6,1948 Oct.8,1948 88 yrs.
Julia Ann        
LEYTE Fogo Oct.13,1948 Oct.15,1948 73 yrs.
Luke Nelson        
ROWE Seldom-Come-By Dec.16,1948 Dec.21,1948 29 yrs.
Josish BROWN Joe Batt's Arm Apr.20,1949 Apr.21,1949 86 yrs.
Clifford Wesley        
ROWE Seldom-Come-By May 5,1949 May 5,1949 1 day
Mrs. Jane        
ANTHONY Seldom-Come-By Aug.1,1949 Aug.2,1949 74 yrs.10 months
Lucida DEAN Seldom-Come-By Sept.17,1949 Sept.18,1949 85 yrs.8 months
Thomas Edward        
LEYTE Lion's Den-Fogo Oct.4,1949 Oct.8,1949 68 yrs.8 months
Melvin Ross        
GATEHOUSE Seldom-Come-By Oct.19,1949 Oct.21,1949 6 months 22 days
Jean ROWE Seldom-Come-By Oct.15,1949 Oct.15,1949 5 hours
Ernest HOLMES Seldom-Come-By Apr.6,1950 Apr.8,1950 67 yrs.
Rosanna DECKER Joe Batt's Arm Mar.30,1950 Apr.2,1950 65 yrs.8 months
Samuel HOLMES Seldom-Come-By July 19,1956 July 22,1956 68 yrs.
Ceretha Effie        
ROWE Seldom-Come-By Aug.2,1956 Aug.4,1956 52 yrs.
Maud BLAKE Barr'd Islands Aug.26,1956 Aug.27,1956 61 yrs.
John LEYTE Fogo Sept.24,1956 Sept.25,1956 80 yrs.
Eliza Ann        
PENNEY Little Seldom Oct.8,1956 Oct.10,1956 74 yrs.
Eric Lloyd        
LEYTE Fogo Oct.2,1956 Oct.4,1956 3 months
BLAKE Barr'd Islads Nov.24,1956 Nov.26,1956 64 yrs.
Lucy HOLMES Seldom-Come-By Dec.10,1956 Dec.12,1956 87 yrs.
Josiah OAKE Fogo Dec.18,1956 Dec.20,1956 81 yrs.3 months
Elizabeth Mary        
POMEROY Fogo Feb.13,1957 Feb.15,1957 75 yrs.4 months
Margaret GILL Fogo June 21,1957 June 23,1957 91 yrs.3 months
Zebedee FORD Joe Batt's Arm June 22,1957 June 24,1957 69 yrs.
Eliza Ann        
LEYTE Fogo Aug.9,1957 Aug.11,1957 82 yrs.10 months
COLLINS Seldom-Come-By Sept.13,1957 Sept.15,1957 87 yrs.
POMEROY Fogo Feb.26,1958 Feb.29,1958 70 yrs.
FREAKE Joe Batt's Arm Apr.29,1958 Apr.29,1958 87 yrs.
Mary BIXBY Stag Harbour Dec.13,1958 Dec. 16,1958 67 yrs.3 months
LEYTE Fogo Sept.2,1958 Sept.9,1958 58 yrs
POMEROY Fogo ??????? ?????? ?????
Linda FORD Fogo Aug.10,1958 Aug.11,1958 ??
FREAKE Joe Batt's Arm Dec.7,1958 Dec.9,1958 4 months
SHEPPARD Stag Harbour Mar.26,1959 Mar.28,1959 93 yrs.
Donald LYTE Seldom Dec.12,1959 Dec.15,1959 3 days
Dalia MERCER Joe Batt's Arm Apr.27,1960 Apr.29,1960 89 yrs.6 months
PENNEY Seldom Aug.21,1960 Aug.21,1960 3 days
Lemuel R.        
REID Barr'd Islands Dec.29,1960 Dec.31,1960 77 yrs.3 months
Caroline REID Fogo Dec.16,1961 Dec.18,1961 91 yrs.4 months
Allan ANTHONY Seldom July 3,1960 July 8,1960 72 yrs.
Issac ANTHONY Seldom Mar.22,1961 Mar.24,1961 71 yrs.
Delilah REID Barr'd Islands June 3,1961 June 5,1961 68 yrs.10 months
Mary POMEROY Fogo Nov.8,1961 Nov.10,1961 60 yrs.
Sidney HOLMES Seldom Jan.4,1962 Jan.8,1962 66 yrs.
Lenord MEWS Barr'd Islands Mar.30,1962 Apr.1,1962 37 yrs.
Elizabeth GINN Fogo Apr.17,1961 Apr.19,1961 83 yrs.4 months
Malcolm Frank        
PENNEY Seldom Aug.27,1962 Aug.29,1962 58 yrs.
Jessie Ann        
FREAKE Joe Batt's Arm Dec.15,1962 Dec.17,1962 75 yrs.
Jorden Terry        
NICHOL Seldom Apr.16,1963 Apr.17,1963 8 months
Paul ROWE Seldom Apr.28,1963 Apr.30,1963 2 days
Aquilla George        
PENNEY Little Seldom May 6,1963 May 8,1963 83 yrs.8 months
Sarah Maria        
MEWS Barr'd Islands June 27,1963 June 29,1963 80 yrs.3 months
Henry James        
CURTIS Joe Batt's Arm Dec.23,1963 Dec.25,1963 68 yrs.6 months
Rosanne Belle        
PRIMMER Joe Batt's Arm Mar.30,1964 Apr.1,1964 73 yrs.3 months
Albert George        
LEYTE Fogo Sept.10,1964 Sept.13,1964 75 yrs.10 months
Elijah Bartlet        
ROWE Seldom Aug.28,1964 Aug.30,1964 86 yrs.
DECKER Seldom Aug.13,1964 Aug.15,1964 69 yrs.
Esau Diamond        
REID Barr'd Islands Oct.20,1964 Oct.21,1964 79 yrs.
Mrs. Beatrice        
WATKINS Joe Batt's Arm Nov.18,1964 Nov.22,1964 56 yrs.
John Henry        
WELLS Joe Batt's Arm Dec.7,1964 Dec.8,1964 82 yrs.7 months
Mrs. Lucy Ann        
KEATS Barr'd Islands Mar.24,1965 Mar.26,1965 94 yrs.7 months
REID Barr'd Islands May 25,1965 May 27,1965 77 yrs.2 months
Kate PRIMMER Barr'd Islands Aug.4,1965 Aug.6,1965 70 yrs.
SHEPPARD Stag Harbour Aug.27,1965 Aug.30,1965 72 yrs.
Ruth FORD Barr'd Islands Sept.9,1965 Sept.11,1965 56 yrs.
PENNEY Little Seldom Oct.4,1965 Oct.10,1965 69 yrs.
Louisa GREEN Seldom-Come-By Oct.17,1965 Oct.19,1965 95 yrs.
LEYTE Fogo Apr.25,1966 Apr.28,1966 81 yrs.
WHEATON Fogo Apr.22,1967 Apr.26,1967 77 yrs.
Mabel Grace        
COMBDEN Barr'd Islands Mar.9,1967 Mar.11,1967 67 yrs.
Rachael HOLMES Seldom-Come-By Jan.29,1967 Feb.1,1967 87 yrs.
John NICHOL Seldom-Come-By May 27,1967 May 30,1967 96 yrs.
Eliza MEWS Toronto May 19,1967 May 26,1967 80 yrs.
note:buried at Barr'd Islands
Mark PENNEY St. John's July 30,1967 Aug.1,1967 73 yrs.
note:buried at Seldom-Come-By
ANTHONY Seldom-Come-By Aug.12,1967 Aug.13,1967 69 yrs.
Frederick Albert        
WATERMAN Change Islands Mar.4,1968 Mar.6,1968 50 yrs.
WATERMAN Fogo Mar.15,1968 Mar.17,1968 84 yrs.9 months
Daren COLLINS Seldom Mar.15,1968 Mar.20,1968 3 months 16 days
SHEPPARD Stag Harbour Apr.1,1968 ???????? 73 yrs.
Mrs. Ester        
FREAKE Joe Batt's Arm Aug.5,1968 ???????? 87 yrs.
Mrs. Ida        
BRETT Barr'd Islands Oct.10,1968 ???????? 68 yrs.
Mrs. Helen(?)        
BUDDEN Seldom Oct.17,1968 ???????? 54 yrs.
Mark Gordon        
PENNEY Little Seldom June 29,1968 ???????? 35 yrs.
Jacob FORD Barr'd Islands Nov.29,1968 ????????? 58 yrs.
Steven James        
KEATS Barr'd Islands Dec.7,1968 ????? 78 yrs.
BROWN Fogo Jan.4,1969 ?????? 66 yrs.
Mary Bessie        
COISH Stag Harbour Feb.1,1969 ?????? 79 yrs.
PENNEY Little Seldom Feb.9,1969 ????? 88 yrs.
Mrs. Eliza        
LEYTE Fogo Jan.6,1969 ??????? 77 yrs.
Eli SHEPPARD Stag Harbour July 9,1969 ?????? 82 yrs.
Mrs. Jessie        
FREAKE Joe Batt's Arm Oct.28,1969 ????? 36 yrs.
Elizabeth Bertha        
PENNEY Little Seldom Jan.9,1970 ?????? 58 yrs.
Mrs. Stanley        
SHEPPARD Stag Harbour Feb.25,1970 ??????? 59 yrs.
Mrs. Eliza Ann        
HOLMES Seldom Mar.10,1970 ??????? 76 yrs.
Mr. Eli        
FREAKE Joe Batt's Arm Mar.8,1970 ?????? 80 yrs.
Mr. Fred        
LEYTE Fogo Apr.14,1970 Apr.16,1970 81 yrs.
Gregory G.        
ROWE Seldom June 12,1970 June 17,1970 53 yrs.
Petrina LEYTE Fogo July 30,1970 Aug.2,1970 4 yrs.
Bessie PENNY Little Seldom Aug.30,1970 Sept.2,1970 60 yrs.
PRIMMER Brigus C.B. Jan.6,1971 Jan.10,1971 90 yrs.
note:buried at Joe Batt's Arm
Miss Molly        
BLAKE St. John's Mar.28,1971 Mar.31,1971 44 yrs.
note:buried atJoe Batt's Arm
Mr. James        
PRIMMER Joe Batt's Arm June 6,1971 June 8,1971 88 yrs.
Mr. Ephraim        
DECKER Joe Batt's Arm not given July 1,1971 ???
Miss Esther        
COISH Stag Harbour Oct.1,1971 Oct.4,1971 58 yrs.
Mrs. Agnes        
REID Fogo Oct.2,1971 Oct.5,1971 83 yrs.
BIXBY Stag Harbour Dec.3,1971 Dec.8,1971 66 yrs.
Norman Edward        
PENNEY Little Seldom Dec.4,1971 Dec.7,1971 68 yrs.
note:died at Campbellton-buried at Little Seldom
Arthur FORD Stag Harbour Dec.13,1971 Dec.18,1971 76 yrs.
FREAKE Fogo Apr.23,1972 Apr.25,1972 77 yrs.
Anne Marie        
KEEFE Fogo June 25,1972 June 25,1972 0 yrs.(stillbirth)
STEPHENSON, Emma Moore*1 I feel that the surname should have been recorded as STEVENSON John Stevenson -

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