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NOTE: The contributor believes this is the Methodist UC Church but is not positive so any assistance would be appreciated in assuring which church these are from.



Methodist Unitied Church (1877 - 1890)

Patience Ann-dau Noah & Mary Ann LEDREW Change Islands May 23,1877 Aug.19,1877
Arthur William-son John & Maria MOYLE Fogo Aug.19,1877 Sept.19,1877
Stanley Pierce-son Henry William & Harriet ???? Change Islands Sept.16,1877 Sept.23,1877
George Robert-son George & Harriet LEDREW Change Islands July,26,1877 Sept.24,1877
Martin Luther-son Ananias & Lydia TAYLOR Change Islands Apr.24,1876 Sept.27,1877
Mary Rebecca-dau John & Sarah PEYTON Seldom-Come-By Aug.27,1877 Oct.1,1877
Jemima-dau John & Isabella BLANDFORD Fogo July 31,1877 Oct.3,1877
Bertha-dau Philipe & Sarah Ann PERRY Indian Islands Sept.13,1877 Nov.18,1877
Isaac John-son James & Louisa STOCKLEY Indian Islands Aug.18,1877 Nov.19,1877
Peter-son George Edford & Naomi PERRY Little Seldom July 24,1877 Dec.9,1877
Walter Bemister-son Joseph & Charlotte POMEROY Fogo Oct.10,1877 Jan.20,1878
Corbett James-son Joseph & Jessie RANDELL Fogo Feb.3,1878 Feb.14,1878
Andrew-son John & Mary Ann CANNON(?) Barr'd Islands July 1,1877 Feb.14,1878
Richard Bemister-son Richard & Louisa REID Barr'd Islands Oct.21,1877 Feb.14,1878
Mary-dau Joseph John & Mary MEWS Barr'd Islands Aug.20,1877 Feb.14,1878
John William-son James & ?emelia MEWS Barr'd Islands Nov.30,1877 Feb.14,1878
Andrew-son James & Jane BROWN Joe Batt's Arm Dec.5,1877 Jan.27,1878
Betsy-dau John & Susanna FREAKE Joe Batt's Arm Dec.1,1877 Feb.14,1878
Stanley-son John G. & Mary LEDREW Change Islands Oct.11,1877 Apr.1,1878
Harriet-dau Thomas H. & Grace Bursey Change Islands Sept.4,1877 Apr.1,1878
Mary Jane-dau Henry & Selina N(?)ORMORE Little Seldom Oct.12,1877 Apr.14,1878
Albert Taylor-son ???? & Alice WAGG Fogo Feb.15,1878 Apr.19,1878(good Friday)
Jessie Cull-dau Simon & Mary GODDEN Barr'd Islands Mar.5,1878 Apr.21,1878
Sentia Henriette-dau Frederick & Susanna LEYTE Eastern Tickle Oct.9,1877 Apr.25,1878
Delilah-dau John & Julia PENNY Seldom-Come-By Mar.16,1878 May 13,1878
Hannah-dau Martin & Mary NIPPARD Seldom-Come-By Jan.6,1878 May,13,1878
Bertha-dau Abraham & Deborah LEDREW Change Islands Mar.18,1878 May 20,1878
James John-son Tobias & Priscilla LEDREW Change Islands Feb.19,1876 May 20,1878
Henrietta Mary-dau George & Sarah Jane TAYLOR Change Islands March 3,1878 May 20,1878
Elijah Samuel-son John & Mary Ann HILLIER Fogo Nov.8,1877 May 29,1878
Sidney Dunlop(?)-son Andrew & Eliza COOK Fogo May 9,1880 Sept.12,1880
Laura J.-dau John & Isabella BLANDFORD Fogo May 13,1880 Aug.3,1880
John-son John & Mary DECKER Barr'd Islands May,3,1880 Aug.15,1880
Louisa Ann-dau Robert & Harriet NORMORE Change Islands 13 months old Aug.15,1880
John Perry-son Joseph & Elizabeth GAIL Indian Islands Aug.24,1880 Sept.14,1880
Laura Belle-dau Joseph & Ann RANDELL*1 Fogo Sept.23,1880 Xmas Day 1880
Moses-son James & Susannah HODNOTT Indian Islands Oct.23,1880 Jan.31,1881
Bertha-dau Wm. & Rebecca Jane BLANDAN Indian Islands Nov.28,1880 Jan.31,1881
Levi Witcher-son John & Mary Ann CANNON Barr'd Islands Nov.1,1880 Feb.20,1881
Emma Alice Maude Abraham & Agnes MILLER Fogo Dec.26,1880 Mar.23,1881
Mary Ann John & Maria MOYLES Fogo Feb.5,1881 Apr.24,1881
Charles Rooke(?) Anyhony&Harriet Sophia HILL Fogo Mar.14,1881 May 17,1881
Amelia Reuben & Martha WOOLFREYS Burnt Bay Jan.22,1881 May 15,1881
Lydia Jacob & Johanna FORD Island Harbour Feb.7,1881 June 2,1881
Hester Jacob & Johanna FORD Island Harbour Feb.7,1881 June 2,1881
Clara Elizabeth Joseph & Charlotte POMEROY In Bay(?) Apr.16,1881 June 5,1881
Charles Haiter Frederick & Susannah LEYTE Eastern Tickle Oct.4,1879 June 7,1881
John Henry John & Eliza POMEROY Lock's Cove Apr.?,1881 July 27,1881
John Thomas James & Elizabeth MOYLES Fogo Aug.11,1880 Oct.10,1880
Emma Alice Maud Jeremiah & Agnes MILLER Fogo Dec.26,1880 March 23,1881
Rhoda Dorcas Julia & Thomas COISH Indian Islands July 17,1881 Aug.15,1881
Zebedee John Joseph J. & Mary Ann MEWS Barr'd Islands Aug.?,1881 Aug.21,1881
Leornoa James & Parmalia MEWS Barr'd Islands Feb.13,1881 Aug.21,1881
James Henry Basil & Martha OSMOND Barr'd Islands Mar.21,1881 Aug.21,1881
Elizabeth Witcher Simom & Mary GORDON Barr'd Islands May 18,1881 Aug.21,1881
Lousia Ford Job & Sarah FORD Barr'd Islands Apr.11,1881 Aug.21,1881
John George John&Elizabeth WATERMAN Fogo ??????? Sept.18,1881
Emily Janet Henry & Selina ?????? Seldom Apr.21,1881 Oct.10,1881
Samuel George & Elizabeth HART Hare Bay ???????/ Oct.2,1881
Julia Reuban & Mary Ann SMALL Fogo Aug.26,1881 Oct.13,1881
Henry Joseph Wm.& Elizabeth WATERMAN Fogo Oct.2,1881 Oct.15,1881
Dorman Jeremiah & Priscilla DOWNER Fogo Oct.22,1881 Oct.30,1881
Jessie Bertha Samuel & Annie PIKE Fogo July 16,1883 Aug.2,1883
John William & Reecca BLUNDEN Indian Islands May 28,1883 July 29,1883
Fanny David & Mary COMPTON Barr'd Islands May 7,1883 Aug.18,1883
Richard Basil & Martha OSMOND Barr'd Islands Jan.26,1883 Aug.19,1883
Ellen Jacob & Johanna FORD Island Harbour June 24,1883 Sept.4,1883
Rowland Hartley Jabez & Elizabeth HILL Fogo Sept.4,1883 Sept.25,1883
Emma Rachel Alfred & Elizabeth COISH Indian Islands Sept.27,1883 Oct.22,1883
Phebe Geo. Robert&Elizabeth HART Hare Bay July 21,1883 Nov.16,1883
Percy Herbert James & Susannah HODNOT Indian Islands Oct.11,1883 Dec.14,1883
Bessie Ann George Edward&Naomi PENNY Little Seldom Oct.16,1883 Jan.21,1884
Martha John & Elizabeth MERCER Little Seldom June 24,1883 Sept.2,1883
Janie(?)Rebecca Eli & Jessie BUTLER Seldom-Come-By July 18,1883 Sept.17,1883
Eliza Lilly James & Mary WATKINS Barr'd Islands July 19,1883 Sept.23,1883
Mary Ann Edward & Sarah Conno?? Barr'd Islands July 18,1883 Sept.23,1883
Sydney Jeremiah & Priscilla DOWNER Fogo Sept.23,1883 Oct.2,1883
John Edward John & Mary A. CANNINGS Barr'd Islands Feb.24,1883 Oct.7,1883
Charlotte Elizabeth John & Elizabeth POMEROY Fogo(Lock's Cove) May 14,1883 Oct.17,1883
Joseph Robert Martin & Mary NIPPARD Little Seldom Feb.14,1883 Oct.29,1883
Eli John & Sarah PEYTON Seldom-Come-By Oct.19,1883 Nov.25,1883
Samuel Richard Stephen & Dorcas REID Barr'd Islands Oct.20,1883 Dec.30,1883
Emma Bella Joseph & Charlotte POMEROY Lock's Cove, Fogo June 9,1883 Jan.11,1884
A??? Tryphena(?) Tho. James & Julia LUCAS Fogo Nov.12,1883 Jan.29,1884
Arthur Wm. James John&Catherine MO?EY Indian Islands Nov.24,1883 Feb.23,1884
Sarah Ann Samuel & Jane COLES Indian Islands Jan.22,1884 Feb.24,1884
Eli William & Julia CULL Barr'd Islands Feb.19,1884 Apr.6,1884
Henry Lewis John & Druscilla HART Lock's Cove,Fogo Mar.26,1884 Apr.9,1884
Susannah Pelly Frederick & Susannah LEYTE Eastern Tickle Apr.30,1883 Apr.11,1884
Annie ?????? Robert & Elizabeth SCOTT Fogo Jan.28,1884 Apr.18,1884
Edward Elijah Collins&Selina Sheppard Indian Islands Aug.17,1883 May 5,1884
Selina Blake John & Catherine REID Barr'd Islands Feb.1,1884 May 25,1884
Julia Ann John & Isabella BLANDFORD Back Cove,Fogo Apr.26,1884 June 5,1884
Albert Jabez Wm.Henry&Elizabeth WATERMAN Fogo May 6,1884 June 5,1884
May Gertrude Jeremiah & Priscilla DOWNER Fogo July 13,1886 Aug.6,1886
Willie Munn Albert & Julia SIMMONS Fogo Sept.19,1885 Dec.20,1885
Willie Samuel & Anna PIKE Fogo Sept.19,1885 Dec.20,1885
Minnie Bligh(?) John & Eva HADDON Fogo June 23,1886 July 14,1886
Mary Henry PEYTON & Delia Barr'd Islands Feb.5,1886 Feb.15,1886
William Richard John & Elizabeth Ann ??? Fogo Nov.3,1886 Jan.4,1887
Edette(?) Jessie John & Isabella BLANDFORD Fogo Nov.4,1886 Feb.26,1887
Samuel Lucas John & Eliza POMEROY Fogo Feb.3,1887 Mar.27,1887
Effie Joseph & Charlotte POMEROY Fogo Feb.1,1887 Mar.27,1887
Leonard True Rendall Joseph & Jessie RENDELL Fogo Feb.9,1887 Feb 9, 1887 (Added with ribbon to book)
Joseph Mark & Elizabeth WATERMAN Fogo Feb.17,1887 Feb.17,1887
Emma John & Elizabeth FORD Barr'd Islands Aug.20,1886 Oct.17,1886
Frederick John Frederick Susanna LEYTE Eastern Tickle May 9,1887 May 24,1887
Louisa Ann George & Caroline TORRENT Shoal Bay May(?) 1,1887 May 1,1887
William Jacob Eli & Jessie BUTTLER Seldom-Come-By Sept.28,1885 Oct.27,1885
Elisha John & Martha QUINLIN Barr'd Islands Sept.2?,1885 Oct.29,1885
Nathaniel Bazil & Martha Ann OSMOND Barr'd Islands Aug.31,1885 Dec.13,1885
George James & Dinah COMBDEN Barr'd Islands Aug.5,1886 Nov.6,1886
Lucy Ann William & Julia CULL Barr'd Islands Sept.20,1886 Nov.6,1886
Esau Diamond Stephan & Dorcas REID Barr'd Islands Oct.20,1885 Nov.6,1886
John Louis Robert & Delilah STRICKLAND Fogo May 2,1887 July 3,1887
Esther Elliott John & Emma ELLIOTT Shoal Bay July 13,1887 July 13,1887
Joseph George Tho. & Emily ??? Barr'd Islands July 6,1887 July 17,1887
Willie John Bermister Thomas J.&Julia Ann ???? Fogo Feb.8,1886 Apr.18,1886
Jessie Ann James & Mary WATKINS Barr'd Islands Aug.28,1887 Oct.23,1887
Henry George John & Catherine REID Barr'd Islands Sept.24,1887 Oct.23,1887
Mildred Collet Thomas & Emily ????? Fogo Oct.3,1887 Jan.1,1888
Frederick Thomas Thomas J.& Julia Ann ??? Fogo Oct.21,1887 Jan.1,1888
Annie Violet John & Julia WATERMAN Fogo Dec.3,1887 Jan.?,1888
Edgar John & Julia WATERMAN Fogo Dec.3,1887 Jan.?,1888
Eve Simon & Ophelia FREAKE Fogo Dec.29,1887 Jan.11,1888
Rosanna George Robert&Kezia NICH?? Barr'd Islands Mar.8,1888 Apr.29,1888
Sarah Maggie Samuel & Annie PIKE Fogo June 5,1888 July 4,1888
Lucy ??? William & Sarah GINN Comfort Cove Nov.21,1887 July 4,1888
Mary Ann Basil & Martha Ann OSBORNE Shoal Bay May 6,1888 Aug.5,1888
George Benjamin & Susanna ELLIOTT Shoal Bay June 24,1888 Aug.5,1888
Dorman William & Caroline BROWN Joe Batt's Arm June 2,1888 Aug.5,1888
Lavinia Henry & Elise PEYTON Barr'd Islands June 30,1888 Aug.5,1888
Martha Jane John & Martha QUINLIN Barr'd Islands July 12,1888 Aug.5,1888
George Francis John & Elizabeth ?ALES Lock's Cove, Fogo Apr.15,1888 Aug.30,1888
Daisy Duder Joseph & Jessie RENDELL Fogo July 20,1888 Oct.1,1888
Theophileus Isaac & Caroline ??????? Joe Batt's Arm Sept.18,1888 Oct.4,1888
Thomas William William & Hannah MILES Fogo Nov.16,1887 Oct.13,1888
Amelia Ann Isaac & Mary PRIMMER Barr'd Islands Oct.3,1888 Nov.4,1888
Laura Gertrude William & Elizabeth WATERMAN Fogo Dec.23,1888 Jan.7,1889
Jacqualine Therese Robert & Elizabeth SCOTT Fogo Nov.6,1888 Jan.14,1889
George Thomas John & Henriette ?ennell Fogo Dec.24,1888 Feb.10,1889
Emily John & Elizabeth FORD Barr'd Islands Dec.22,1888 Mar.3,1889
Lilly Elizabeth George & Hannah Lucy BROWN Joe Batt's Arm Jan.10,1889 Mar.3,1889
Lydia Ann James & Dinah Comlong(?) Barr'd Islands Jan 10,1889 Mar.3,1889
Phobe Primmer Stephan & Dorcas REID Barr'd Islands Feb.10,1889 Mar.3,1889
Lilly ??????? Joseph & Charlotte POMEROY Lock's Cove July 12,1889 Mar.15,1889
Archibald Thomas Eli & Elizabeth Ann LATE Eastern Tickle Feb.11,1889 May 22,1889
Alfred Sidney Rachel CULL Barr'd Islands Nov.17,1888 May 26,1889
Hilda Mary Tius & Mary Ann LINFIELD Fogo Apr.14,1889 June 4,1889
Annie Milone Andrew & Eliza COOK Fogo Dec.3,1888 June 4,1889
Nina May Robert & Delilah STRICKLAND Fogo May 4,1889 June 23,1889
Susannah Mary John & Emma Ann ELLIOTT Shoal Bay June 13,1889 July 21,1889
?erah William & Julia CULL Barr'd Islands Aug.20,1889 Sept.28,1889
Maud Mary Simon & Mary GODDEN Barr'd Islands Oct.7,1889 Jan.5,1890
Annie Florence John & Eliza POMEROY Lock's Cove,Fogo Sept.29,1889 Dec.19,1889
Ida Belle Mark & Elizabeth WATERMAN Fogo Jan.29,1890 Feb.13,1890
Stephan James William & Lucy KEATS Barr'd Islands Mar.22,1890 May 4,1890
Dorcas William & Caroline REID Barr'd Islands Mar.1,1890 June 1,1890
Elsie Maud John & Julia WATERMAN Fogo July 1,1890 Aug. 13,1890
Eva Jane John & Julia WATERMAN Fogo July 1,1890 Aug.13,1890
Fred John & Henrietta PENNELL Fogo Aug.9,1890 Aug.26,1890
John George Lucas George & Elizabeth HARTE Hare Bay July 11,1890 July 15,1890
Alfred Sydney Joseph J.& Mary Ann MEWS Barr'd Islands Sept.7,1890 Sept.28,1890
Samuel Thomas Henry & Delia PEYTON Barr'd Islands Aug.13,1890 Sept.27,1890
William Abraham & Rachel GODDEN Shoal Bay May, 7,1890 Sept.29,1890
George Thomas George & Caroline TARRENT Shoal Bay Sept.14,1890 Oct.8,1890
Edmund Simon & Phebe FREAK Fogo July 24,1890 Nov.4,1890

Page Revised: October 2002 (Don Tate)

Daisy Duder Rendell of Joseph and Jessie family information updated 9 April 2009 (Danny Roberts)

RENDELL, Laura Belle*1 The parents should have been recorded as Joseph and Jessie and not as Joseph and Ann Maureen Gillespie April 7, 2009

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