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PART 3 (N - Z)

Information in [square brackets] added by NGB District Coordinator to provide additional information, to suggest or clarify addresses,
or correct errors in the initial transcription.

Husband   Address Wife   Address Date Witnesses Remarks
Naile Lawrence Reneuse Squires Mary Not Stated May 5, 1845 Thomas Bulger
Ann Naile
Neal*1 Michael Fermeuse Kenedy Mary Harbour Main Sep. 27, 1811 James Walshe
Margaret Magrath
Neale Daniel Tramore, Waterford Norris Elizabeth Witless Bay Aug. 22, 1807 John Norris
Irene Fahey
Margaret Macaboy
Neale William Mobile Walsh Mary By K. Cove? Oct. 28, 1863 Nicholas Lonenagen
Bridget Murphy
Neil Martin Faha Parish, Waterford Carew Anne Whitless Bay Oct. 22, 1805 James Carew
Matthew Neil
Honora Molloney
Neil Arthur Bay Bulls Carroll Joanna Cork Jan., 1831 Moses Neil
Mary Coffey
Neil Henry Fermeuse Brothers Jane Fermeuse Apr. 25, 1831 John Neil
Bridget Meany
Neil Owen Fermeuse Kavanagh Harriet St. John's Apr. 28, 1831 John Mara
Stephen Ryan
Neile Constantine Fermeuse Reddy Anne St. John's Nov. 12, 1839 William Brothers
Bridget Reddy
Neile John Fermeuse English Mary Bridget Not Stated Dec., 1855 Patrick Quinn
Ellen Neary
Joseph English
Neile Patrick Witless Bay Carew Ellen Witless Bay Nov. 6, 1865 Matthew Neile
Catherine Carew
Neill John Formuse Kenedy Mary Harbour Main Nov. 15, 1806 Constantine Neill
Mary McDonnell
Neill James Witless Bay Mollowney Catherine Witless Bay Jan. 18, 1882 Thomas Norris
Mary Mollowney
Nielle William Fermeuse Green Elizabeth St. John's Nov. 30, 1866 Thomas Eagen
Bridget Fogarty
Norris Philip Whitless Bay Slattery Catherine Clogheen Feb. 6, 1807 John Norris
Mary Hearn
Norris Thomas Witless Bay Power Mary Thurles Parish, Tipperary Nov. 17, 1810 James Murphy
Mary Phelan
Norris William Witless Bay Thomas Isabella Wexford Nov. 9, 1811 Christopher Yard
Ellen Norris
Norris John Bay Bulls Murphy Mary New Ross Jun. 22, 1812 Captain Neal
of St. John's
Anstice Murphy
of New Ross
Norris Thomas Witless Bay Murphy Eleanor Ross Jun. 17, 1813 John Walsh
Eleanor Norris
Norris Thomas Witless Bay Yard Dorothy Witless Bay Jul. 19, 1813 Mary Hynes
Mary Yard
Norris George Witless Bay Carew Susan Not Stated Nov., 1850 Michael Carew
Johannah Clancy
O'Connell Thomas Fermeuse Dee Jean Not Stated Jan. 9, 1861 Michael Fennelly
Kate Lyons
O'Driscoll Samuel Bay Bulls Moakeler Mary Bay Bulls Apr. 22, 1818 William Moakeler
Martin Driscoll
O'Mara John Bay Bulls Power Mary St. John's Oct. 24, 1875 Martin Williams
Bridget Power
O'Naile Owen Fermeuse Jackman Mary Not Stated Oct. 25, 1844 John Jackman
Mary Hayes
O'Neil Constantine Fermeuse White Mary Ann Not Stated Nov. 24, 1874 Peter Brothers
Mary Cullen
O'Neil Henry Fermeuse Miller Mary Ann Harbour Grace Jan. 7, 1875 John Goodlin
Margaret Miller
O'Neill Charles Not Stated Drohan Mary Mobille Jan. 10, 1858 Frances Molony
Ellen St. John
O'Neill William Fermeuse Whelan Mary Anne St. Mary's May 4, 1882 Sylvester O'Neill
Margaret Murray
O'Shaughnessy Edward Fermeuse Lanigan Catherine Not Stated May 5, 1865 Michael Lanigan
Mary Christopher
Osborne Thomas Not Stated Madden Ann Ferryland Nov. 27, 1855 Michael Madden
Bridget Purcell
Pearl James Bannon, Wexford Brothers Ellen Fermeuse Nov. 8, 1825 James Doyle
Michael Brothers
Pendergast Michael Cape Broyle Pennell Frances Cape Broyle Jan. 8, 1883 James Best
Margaret Pendergast
Phelan Edmund Balinnanimg, Waterford Jurdin Elenor Brickess Nov. 20, 1808 John Sheady
Simon Jurdin
Sarah Vinicum
Phelan John Ferryland Meyler Mary Ponss Casthead, Wexford Dec. 28, 1808 John Byrne
Anne Doran
Phelan John Cape Broil Furlong Esther Not Stated Apr. 30, 1841 Robert Bell
Eliza Phelan
Phelan Matthew Toad's Cove Hearn Ann Not Stated Nov., 1850 Edward Thomison
Bridget Phelan
Phelan David Toad's Cove Hearne Ellen Not Stated Mar. 17, 1865 Edward Thompson
Bridget Ryan
Powell John Ferryland Flood Mary Not Stated May 1, 1860 George Thomas
Catherine Coffy
Powell Robert Ferryland Gamburgh Bridget Not Stated Nov. 30, 1860 Patrick Marshall
Mary Power
Power Patrick Balliheal Parish, Kilkenny Kinleghan Mary Bay Bulls Dec. 12, 1808 John Farrell
John Power
his mother and
Elizabeth Knowlin
Power Thomas Witless Bay Walsh Mary Onan Parish, Kilkenny Dec. 4, 1813 Daniel Hines
Mary Norris
Power Matthew Witless Bay Walsh Bridget Witless Bay Jun. 7, 1815 William Hynes
Bridget Power
Power Richard Ferryland Dohorty Bridget St. John's Apr. 27, 1819 Michael Blake
Michael Sliney
Power David Witles Bay Neal Margaret Renews Nov. 3, 1820 George Carew
Mary Carew
Power David Witless Bay Neal Margaret Renews Nov. 26, 1820 George Carew
Mary Carew
Power Samuel Toad's Cove Lambert Mary Toad's Cove May 25, 1825 John Hurley
Eleanor Power
[possibly May 15]
Power Walter Dunmore, Waterford Doyle Bridget Renews Nov. 24, 1825 Edward Kain
Ellen Carigan
Power Michael Caplin Bay Murphy Bridget St. John's Nov. 26, 1828 Peter Power
Bridget Boland
Power Edward Tors Cove Broders Martha Tors Cove ???, 1829 James Broders
William Millivan
Power Michael Temple???, Wexford Brawders Mary Toad's Cove Oct. 6, 1830 Laurence Roach
Anastasia Sta????
Power William Renews Cain Catherine Renews Oct. 31, 1833 Thomas Jackman
Rose Ellen Molloy
Power Nicholas Cape Broil Shelley Ellen Not Stated Nov.,
Joseph Brine
Alice Doyle
Power Richard Brigus
(maybe C.Bay)
Kelly Catherine Not Stated Sep.,
Michael Cosgrove
Bridget Kelly
Power Michael Witless Bay Bambrick Anastasia Not Stated Nov. 18, 1858 David Condon
Mary Warren
Power Edward Bay Bulls Stafford Mary Not Stated Nov. 30, 1861 James Stafford
Bridget Caleen
Power Stephen Placentia Chidley Catherine Cape Broyle Apr. 6, 1890 Marten Chidley
Catherine Swain
Prendergast Thomas Sutton's Parish, Co. Wexford Keef Mary Toads Cove Oct. 11, 1793 Not recorded  
Quinlan John Bricus
(maybe Conception Bay)
Heron Mary Dungarvon, Waterford Nov. 23, 1822 John Clancy
Margaret Quinlan
Qurk (sic) Dan'l Burristown, Co. Tipperary Green Mary Parish of Tullaher, Co. Kilkenny Jul. 13, 1817 John Cluny
James Qurk
[Research indicates that Dan'l Quirk(e) and Mary Green settled at Toads (Tors) Cove. Added 02-Aug-2014.]
Quirk Patrick Moville [Mobile] Brien Kate Ferryland Aug. 4, 1860 Michael Sweeney
Ellen Ryan
Read David Greenock, Scotland Ryan Catherine Bay Bulls Nov.13, 1820 Hugh Campbell
Catherine Cullen
Reddigan Michael Not Stated Cody Bridget Fermeuse Nov. 13, 1832 John Cody
Catherine Gulip
Reddy Richard Ferryland Silvy Sara St. John's Nov. 14, 1806 Rt. Rev. Doctor Lambert and Rev. William Cleary  
Reddy James Furmoose E????? Margaret Furmoose Nov. 19, 1830 Robert Brothers
Elizabeth Williams
Redmond Patrick Ireland (now in Ferryland) Doyle Mary Ireland Mar. 10, 1827 Edward Doyle
Mary Shallow
Reily John Wexford Ellis Margaret Ferryland Nov. 12, 1826 Martin Power
Bridget Ellis
Richards William Ross, Wexford Mackey Mary Brickess Nov. 29, 1802 Robert Dooling
Mary Cullin
Righthead Joseph Bay of Bulls Neal Bridget Carrick-on-Suir, Tipperary Nov. 4, 1813 Jeremy Larkin
Margaret Doolin
Roach Patrick Macoumb, Co. Carlow Dunn Honora Whitless Bay Nov. 2, 1805 John Dunn
Margaret Carew
Robenson Richard Halifax, Yorkshire, England Gardner Mary Ann Renews Sep. 18, 1874 John Doyle
Ellen Butler
Anastasia Lognes
James o'Donnell
Roberts Edward Brigus (maybe C.Bay) McGrath Catherine Not Stated Apr. 30, 1853 William Corcoran
Margaret Ryan
Roche Richard Ferryland Farrel Bridget Waterford May 23, 1816 Patrick Maher
Rochford Thomas Harbour Grace Yetman Kate Ferryland Feb. 21, 1860 Patrick Walsh
Catherine Lovett
Rose Thomas Renews Garner Fanny Not Stated Nov. 11, 1837 John Walace
Johana Sheehan
Ross Thomas Ivers Parish, Wexford Yard Nancy Witless Bay Nov. 1, 1820 Joseph Purcell
Mary Hynes
Rossiter John Caplin Bay O' Neill Mary Renews Dec. 2, 1882 John Johnston
Ellen Meaney
Rowman Edmond Tramore, Waterford Power Ellen Toad's Cove Nov. 7, 1821 Daniel Driscoll
Cornelius Power
Ryan Michael Carrick, Co. Tipperary (married in Bay Bulls) McCarthy (alias Ryan) Anne City of Waterford May 10, 1804 Robert Hutton
Martin Burke
Esther Ryan
Ryan Michael Carrick-on-Suir Driscol Ellen Toad's Cove Nov. 15, 1827 Michael Driscol
Margaret Shaughnessy
Ryan Michael Bay Bulls Brien Anne Not Stated Nov. 3, 1835 Patrick Burke
Mary Eagan
Ryan Matthew Ferryland Dunphy Mary Rossbereon, Kilkenny Nov. 15, 1839 James Gorman
Ellen Rourke
Ryan James Bay Bulls Blackburn Catherine Not Stated Nov. 21, 1839 Robert Blackburn
Catherine Lahy
Ryan John Bay Bulls Shea Anne St. John's Nov. 25, 1840 Nicholas Coady
Margaret Mockler
Ryan Patrick Fermeuse Sloane Ellen Not Stated Sep., 1848 John Ryan
Catherine Cashin
Ryan Patrick Brigus Mulcahy Honora Not Stated Apr., 1853 Thomas Keefe
Ryan Michael Bay Bulls Carew Catherine Bay Bulls Nov. 22, 1853 Patrick Conners
Alice Doyle
Ryan Anthony Aquafort Ryan Catherine Not Stated Nov. 14, 1857 Robert Condon
Sarah Ryan
Ryan William Fermeuse Murphy Margaret Fermeuse Nov. 24, 1858 John Norman
Catherine Hayden
Ryan Martin Bay Bulls Maher Mary Bay Bulls Nov. 24, 1859 John Glasco
Catherine Duff
Ryan Marten Ferryland Tobin Mary Witless Bay Nov. 28, 1874 Michael Howlett
Anne Comerford
Ryan Matthew Ferryland Hanlon Margaret St. John's Oct. 17, 1875 John Hanlon
Ellen Chamberlain
Sage James Not Stated Jordan Bridget Brigus Aug. 13, 1861 Patrick Power
Catherine Power
Sage Charles Not Stated Crane Mary Brigus South Nov. 5, 1863 Stephen Brophy
Lucy Sage
Sanders Daniel Aquaforte Ca??? Mary Not Stated Nov. 19, 1835 John Costolo
Mary Sanders
Saunders Daniel Aquafort Grace Margaret St. John's Jan. 7, 1880 John Mullowney
Martha Grace
Scott Phillip Tintern
Parish, Wexford
Mulcahy Sarah Bay Bulls (alias) Westards Bay Oct. 15, 1810 Michael Mulcahy
Bridget Primm
Scott William Tintern
Parish, Wexford
Williams Bridget Bay of Bulls Sep. 22, 1813 George Williams
Mrs. O'Brien
Scott Michael Bay Bulls Crimmen Honora Not Stated Nov. 27, 1838 Michael Moran
Catherine McGrath
Scott George Bay Bulls Hearn Margaret Bay Bulls Nov. 24, 1850 John Keily
Ellen Scott
Scott Philip Bay Bulls Furlong Mary Not Stated Nov. 26, 1856 Michael Furlong
Margaret Ryan
Scott James Bay Bulls Stamp Margaret Aquaforte Jan. 8, 1865 John Primm C
atherine Sullivan
Scott Charles Brigus Keefe Johanna Not Stated May 16, 1870 Lawrence Keating
Catherine Cummins
Shallow James Fermeuse Ryan Ellen Fermeuse Nov., 1850 Thomas Foley
Mary Shallow
Shallow Andrew Fermeuse Kehoe Mary Ferryland May 30, 1853 Samuel Shallow
Mary Rossiter
Shallow John Ferryland Tracey Anne Not Stated Nov. 12, 1857 Michael Maddigan
Alice Cullen
Shanihan Joseph Templeowen Parish, Kilkenny Dunphy Catherine Renews Oct. 22, 1839 Thomas Rachford
Margaret Mullowney
Shea Daniel Not Stated Mountain Esther Ferryland Nov. 22, 1866 Joseph McGrath
Patricia Hafrind
Shortall Robert Not Stated Gordon Mary Witless Bay Nov. 9, 1863 John Gordon
Elizabeth Howlet
Skinner John Renouse Mumaford Mary Petty Harbour May 31, 1815 James Keily
Mary Cuck ?
Sliny William Cape Broil Linine Mary Ann Not Stated Nov. 25, 1840 John and Johanna
Linine or Sliny ?
Smith John Capoquin, Waterford Jordin Catherine Ferryland Dec. 21, 1820 Robert Power
Mary Meaney
Stacke Peter Petty Harbour Gregory Mary Anne Brigus South Nov. 22, 1883 Lawrence Stacke
Jane Stacke
Stamp Thomas Walsh Town Mollowney Emily Bay Bulls Oct. 7, 1883 William Greene
Mary Flemming
Stephens Joseph Ferryland Power Eliza St. John's May 20, 1880 Simon Byrne
Agnes Kelly
Stevenson Alexander Oban, Argyleshire, Scotland Williams Mary Bay Bulls Feb. 1, 1819 William Cullen
Susanna Williams
Stone James Bay Bulls McLean Catherine Trinity Nov. 6, 1864 James Allen
Elizabeth Allen
Sullivan John Killarney Parish, Kerry Cahil (alias) Keys Elizabeth Caplin Cove Feb. 7, 1815 Michael Clooney
Margaret Dunn
Sullivan David Not Stated Williams Margaret Bay Bulls Jan. 7, 1856 Edward Cashin
Mary Ann Carew
Sutton John Trepassey Cody Margarite Bay Bulls May 15, 1822 Michael Cody
Francis Ryan
Swaine Joseph Not Stated Power Anne Not Stated May 6, 1857 Kyran O'Connell
Anastasia Breen
[Although no hometown adresses were recorded, research indicates that Anne was from St. John's amd Joseph was from Caplin Bay.]
Sweeney Michael Ferryland Cash Anastasia Not Stated Mar. 18, 1865 William Kelly
Anastasia Ready
Tea Silvester Toad's Cove Lambert Margaret Not Stated Oct. 26, 1820 Cornelius Poor
Elenor Lambert
Tearney John n/g Armstrong Dorothy n/g Oct. 7, 1823 Patrick Pendergast
Christopher Yard
[Research indicates that this couple settled at Witless Bay. Added 02-Aug-2014.]
Tee Sylvester Ross, Co. Wexford Dinn Margaret Toads Cove Nov. 11, 1793 Not recorded  
Thompson James Bay Bulls Burnin Amy Bay Bulls Oct. 11, 1803 Catherine Coady
Mary Coady
Thompson Edward Not Stated Phelan Bridget Toad's Cove Jan., 1852 Edward Delaney
Bridget Williams
Thomson Tobias Waterford Neal Catherine Renews Dec. 4, 1826 Thomas Neagl
Ellen Dinn
Thomson Anthony Hughes Parish, Waterford Neil Bridget Renuse Nov. 30, 1835 John Neagle
Bridget Dunphy
Tobin John Renewse Farrell Mary St. John's Nov. 9, 1825 John Gardiner
Bridget Doyle
Tobin Lawrence Witless Bay Healy Mary Witless Bay Dec. 2, 1828 Patrick Mullowney
Ally Yard
Tobin John Ferryland Healy Bridget Not Stated Nov. 7, 1857 Walter Grant
Mary Healy
Toole John Caplin Bay Squires Sarah Torbay May 10, 1862 Martin Phelan
Johanna Mansfield
Toole Jeremiah Renews Phelan Anastasia Not Stated Oct. 31, 1863 Nicholas Phelan
Mary Ann Phelan
Toole Jeremiah Goulds Connelly Catherine Toad's Cove Aug. 15, 1868 John Toole
Catherine Toole
Townend John Callen Parish, Kilkenny Elward Mary Cape Broyle Nov. 25, 1816 John Finehan
Mary Elward
Trenor Denis Fermeuse Davis Eliza St. Mary's Dec. 11, 1855 John Shallow
Bridget King
Vale David Waterford Monahan Peasey Bay Bulls Feb. 4, 1808 Doctor Roe
Thomas Keeffe
Francis McCarthy
Vicars Martin Witless Bay Kennedy Susanna St. John's Jan. 6, 1889 Stephen Puddister
Hannah Vicars
Wall William Rossbercon Parish, Kilkenny Gordon Nancy Wickles Bay Nov. 1, 1810 William Hyans
Mary Gordon
Wallace John Renews Conway Bridget Not Stated Nov. 28, 1840 William Mathias
Catherine McMan??
Walsh John Fermeuse Maher Judith Kilcash, Tipperary Dec. 8, 1821 Martin Quigley
Anne Elward
Walsh Nicholas Fermeuse Meaney Johanna Fermeuse Nov. 27, 1825 Simon Brothers
Jane Meany
Walsh Jerry Witless Bay Murphy Mary Waterford Nov. 5, 1828 Patrick Shea
James Cadwell
Walsh Richard Ferryland Neil Catherine Not Stated Nov. 20, 1837 James Walsh
Cecilia Kavanagh
Walsh James Brigus (maybe C.Bay) Geran Ann Not Stated Nov., 1849 William Earle
Catherine Ennis
Walsh Patrick Not Stated Morrisey Ann Brigus May 17, 1854 William Butler
Mary Murphy
Walsh John Witless Bay King Emilia Not Stated Apr. 20, 1857 William Shallow
Ann King
Walsh James Fermeuse Barron Anne Not Stated Nov. 20, 1858 John Walsh
Bridget Barron
Walsh Richard Harbour Maine Devine Anne Ferryland Nov. 26, 1859 James McDonnell
Mary Clancy
Walsh William Ferryland Cuddihy Bridget Not Stated Jul. 18, 1869 John Coffin
Ellen Leary
Walsh John Cape Broyle Ryan Anastasia Fermeuse Jan. 10, 1870 Richard Brien
Jane Angel
Walsh Lawrence St. John's Williams Margaret Bay Bulls Nov. 4, 1881 Jane Walsh
Hanna Carroll
Whelan James Cape Royal McNamara Margaret Northern Bay May 18, 1831 John Brine
Margaret Foley
Whelan Matthew Not Stated Green Mary Anne Not Stated Jan. 13, 1872 James Quirk
Mary Anne North
[Although no hometowns were recorded, research indicates that Mary Anne was from Witless Bay and Matthew was from Caplin Bay. Added 01-Aug-2015.]
White James Fermeuse Cain Esther Renews Dec. 3, 1825 William Brothers
Catherine White
White John Witless Bay Standiford Mary Not Stated Oct. 6, 1858 Patrick Vicars
Mary Moriarity
White John Aquaforte Kennedy Catherine St.John's May 31, 1863 George Cody
Margaret Madden
White Philip Ferryland Carrol Kate St. John's Jan. 25, 1868 Michael Mahon
Margaret Field
Williams John Bay Bulls English Mary St. John's Aug. 10, 1803 Her Mother
Her Father
Williams Thomas Bay Bulls Coady Mary Bay Bulls Oct. 24, 1805 William Williams
John Coady
Esther Ryan
Williams Joseph Bay Bulls Ryan Esther Bay Bulls Oct. 20, 1814 John Cody
Mary Williams
Williams Martin Married at Baleen Gatheral Margaret Not Stated Sep. 25, 1818 John Gatherall
John Ryan
Williams Richard Bay of Bulls Williams Mary Petty Harbour Jun. 1, 1823 Philip Williams
Mary Chefe
[This entry was mixed with the proceeding entry in the marriage register and initially not transcribed correctly. Added 01-Aug-2014.]
Williams George Bay Bulls Ryan Frances Bay Bulls Nov. 22, 1828 Jeremiah Williams
Mary Bishop
(or Keats)
Williams Jeremiah Bay Bulls Moakler Margaret Bay Bulls Dec. 18, 1828 William Thompson
Honora Moakler
Williams William Bay Bulls Hearn Catherine Bay Bulls Aug. 8, 1830 Andrew Armstrong
Mary Williams
Williams Richard Bay Bulls Stamp Mary Not Stated Apr., 1834 William Coady
Elizabeth Fitzpatrick
Williams William Bay Bulls Oates Ellen Not Stated Feb. 20, 1843 William Morrisey
Margarite Oates
Williams Martin Bay Bulls Comerford Johannah Holyrood May 14, 1853 Joseph Williams
Jane Prior
Williams John Bay Bulls Deegan Ellen Bay Bulls May 25, 1853 Andrew Breen
Sarah Williams
Williams Joseph Bay Bulls Londrigan Mary Ann Not Stated Sep. 22, 1853 John Neville
Elizabeth Phelan
Williams William Bay Bulls Bryant Philomena Not Stated Jan. 7, 1858 Joseph Bryant
Emelia Houlahan
Williams Andrew Bay Bulls Thompson Mary Not Stated Nov. 18, 1860 John Thompson
Kate Power
Williams Henry Bay Bulls Dea Mary Bay Bulls May 21, 1862 Martin Driscol
Agnes Dea
Williams Martin Bay Bulls Walsh Bridget Not Stated Jan. 9, 1865 Edward Williams
Alice Walsh
Williams James Liverpool Ryan Mary Toad's Cove Mar. 28, 1865 Thomas Crouch
Frances Ryan
Williams Thomas Ferryland Cooke Mary Not Stated Apr. 21, 1868 John Hunt
Mary Hunt
Williams Philip Bay Bulls Furlong Anastasia Not Stated Oct. 17, 1869 Joseph Furlong
Anastasia Power
Williams Richard Bay Bulls Glenn Jane Bay Bulls Jan. 23, 1883 William Nugent
Mary Nugent
Winsor Peter Aquafort Flynn Catherine Not Stated Nov. 19, 1861 Matthew Harney?
Woods Richard T. Bay Henissy Margaret Ferryland Jun. 17, 1822 Garret Dooley
Esther Dooley
Wright Daniel Tralee Maher (alias) Phelan Bridget Ferryland Jul. 31, 1808 John Clarke
Margaret Hayes
Yard John Whitless Bay Yard Mary Whitless Nov. 5, 1804 George Yard
Catherine Yard
Anne Yard
Yard Stephen Witless Bay Malone Anne Glanmore Parish, Kilkenny Oct. 11, 1808 John Mealy
Elizabeth Norris
Yard George Witless Bay McCarthy Mary Harbour Grace Dec. 22, 1808 John Power
Matthew Power
Margaret Cullen
Yard George Witltles Bay Armstrong Elizabeth Wittles Bay Jun. 15, 1812 George Yard
Elizabeth Browne
Yard George Witless Bay Witten Elizabeth St. John's Oct. 31, 1812 Michael Norris
Eliza Cahil
Yard Christopher Witless Bay Vicars Elinor Kilkenny Jun. 13, 1813 John Doyle
Bridget Walshe
NEAL Michael *1 This family generally spelled their surname as NEILL, and eventually as O'NEILL. Family says the wife's name should have been Catherine, not Mary. Ken O'Neill  

Contributed by: Ray Curran (July 2000)

Page Revised: August 2015 (Kevin Reddigan)

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