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PART 2 (E - M)

Information in [square brackets] added by NGB District Coordinator to provide additional information, to suggest or clarify addresses,
or correct errors in the initial transcription.

Husband   Address Wife   Address Date Witnesses Remarks
Erroll Richard Plymouth Morris Mary Ferryland May 25, 1854 William Butler
Anastasia Butler
Evans William Renews Kenwitch Mary Not Stated May 2, 1855 George Langman
Eliza Kenwitch
Evans Joseph Oporto, Portugal Gallaher Anne Bay Bulls Jan. 11, 1861 James Cassidy
Margaret Gallaher
Evoy John (Pat) Keplin Bay
[Caplin Bay]
Poor Catherine Not Stated
K[epl]in Bay
Nov 12, 1829 James Walsh
Richard Berrigan
Renigan (sic)
[Groom's name recorded as John, but Pat written above John. Based on my research, the groom appears to be Patrick Evoy (b. Ferryland?, circa 1787, died Caplin Bay, circa 1859). His witnesses were likely James Walsh (his half brother) and Richard Reddigan (his brother-in-law)]
Farrell Michael Clonenor Parish,
Queens County
Delahunty Joanna Bricaus-by-South Jan. 10, 1811 James Farrell
Catherine Farrell
[possibly Clonenagh, Parish, Queens County (now known as Co. Laois - aka Co. Leix). Record entered twice, see Feb. 10, 1811]
Farrell Michael Queens
County, Ireland
Delunty Joanna Brikes-by-South Feb. 10, 1811 James Farrell
Catherine Farrell
[record entered twice, see Jan. 10, 1811]
Fennelly Patrick Fermeuse English Mary Not Stated Nov. 10, 1873 W??? Trainor
Mary Anne English
Finn John Trepassey Coryear Elizabeth Cape Broyle Nov. 27, 1828 George Garrett
Catherine Brennan
Flaherty Edward Ferryland Power Catherine Not Stated Nov. 28, 1860 Patrick Tobin
Mary Tobin
Flaraty Richard Capelin Bay Murphy Mary Not Stated Jan. 20, 1839 Daniel Lynch
Mary Moran
Flemming John Renews Fowler Mary Renews Nov. 1, 1830 Edward Berrigan
Mary Berrigan
Foran Michael Ferryland Wall Anne Not Stated Oct. 23, 1814 Mr. MacAllister
Mr. Long
Foren Thomas Ferryland Fitzgerald Anty Not Stated Nov. 15, 1818 Michael Fitzgerald
Alice Fitzgerald
Forristal Edward Ross,
Duggan (alias Aylward) Catherine Ferland Jan.,
Patrick Murphy
Ellen Norris
Fortune Patrick Parish of
Shaughnessy Mary Toad's Cove Nov. 19, 1827 Cornelius Power
Esther Power
[It appears the RC parish for Slade, Wexford was known as Templetown.]
Fowler Lawrence Renews Fleming Ellen Not Stated Nov. 2, 1834 Joseph Squires
Margaret Stetin
Fowler Samuel Renews Thomisan Margaret Not Stated Nov. 20, 1838 William Cody
Anne Williams
Fowler Thomas Not Stated Divine Mary Renews Jan. 2, 1865 Thomas Neele
Margaret Bambrick
Fowler James Renews Lacey Bridget Not Stated Jan. 12, 1873 Michael Raftis
Ellen Lacey
French Stephen Petty
Elward Mary Ferryland Jan. 12, 1818 James French
Catherine Keily
Frisby George Kilkenny Mullowney
(alias Norris)
Bridget Witless Bay May 17, 1812 Christopher Yard
Mrs. Power
Frose John Dorcetshire Murray (alias
Margaret Ferryland Aug. 25, 1803 Christopher Cane
Mary Cane
Funckeon John Not Stated Healy Johana Aquafort Jun. 4, 1860 Patrick Hickey
Mary Malone
Furlong John Rosegarland
Parish, Wexford
Mulcahy Mary Bay Bulls Jan. 15, 1817 Elizabeth Noicy
C. Mackey
Furlong John Newbawn,
Power Mary Toad's Cove Jan. 20, 1823 Cornelius Power
Eleanor Mullaly
Furlong Patrick Ferryland Aspell Mary Not Stated Nov. 16, 1837 Patrick Hulohan
Ellen Murphy
Furlong Andrew Tilt Cove
formerly from
Toad's Cove
Dillon Alice Tilt Cove
formerly from
Toad's Cove
Jun. 8, 1868 James Higgins
Elizabeth Furlong
Gardner Corp. James Not Stated Gorman Margaret Ferryland Mar. 2, 1824 By Permission of
Major Fitzgerald.
Martin Howard
Honora Ivey
[Research indicates that Margaret was likely the dau. of Richard Gorman, Clerk of the Peace]
Gatherall John Baleen Williams Elinor Bay Bulls Oct. 19, 1814 John Ryan
Esther Cody
Gatherall William Bay Bulls Williams Margaret Bay Bulls May 20, 1820 James Dwyer
Bridget Williams
Gatherall James Bay Bulls Williams Ellen Not Stated Jun. 7, 1829 John Driscol
Mary Gatherall
Gatherall William Bay Bulls Leane Mary Not Stated Feb. 19, 1860 William Coady
Catherine Carroll
Gatherall Thomas Bay Bulls Hynes Margaret Petty Harbour Jan. 26, 1863 John Williams
Mary Ryan
Gatheril Stephen St. John's Dwire Anne St. John's Oct. 16, 1823 Timothy Flanery
Eliza Flanery
[Although the entry says both the bride and groom were from St. John's, later records show that at least one child was baptised at Baleen (Bauline). Added 02-Aug-2014.]
Gearan Lawrence Renewse Jackman Catherine Renewse Jan. 8, 1825 Thomas Devine
John Duggan
Michael Witless Bay Driscol Elizabeth Bay Bulls May 28, 1825 Nicholas Coady Margaret Gatherall [surname verified as Ceary (for Carey)]
Geeran Thomas Renews Ryan Catherine Not Stated Dec. 5, 1837 Richard Cody
Anne Geeran
Getherall Matthew Baleen Blackler Susan Toad's Cove Dec. 8, 1828 David Lambert
Mary Brothers
Getherall Joseph Bay Bulls Williams Mary Bay Bulls Dec. 13, 1828 John Cody
Mary Getherall
Getherall William Bay Bulls Gorman Ellen Harbour Maine Dec. 1, 1871 Pierce Murphy
Honora Cotton
Gibb John Faha Parish, Waterford Jordan Judith Brickess Oct. 9, 1799 Mary Jordan
Joseph Power
Mary Power
[Fahagh church was part of the RC parish of Stradbally]
Glen William Bay Bulls Comerford Ellen Not Stated Nov. 2, 1857 John Knight
Mary Sheehan
Glenn James Bay Bulls Eddey Catherine St. John's Nov. 11, 1874 John Ryan
Mary Ann Kelly
Glinn John Bay Bulls Jordin Elizabeth Bay Bulls May, 1831 Laurence Moriarity
Anastasia Kennedy
Glyn James Bay Bulls Butler Anne Not Stated Nov. 16, 1836 Con Glynn
Honora Glynn
Glynn George Bay Bulls Sinnott Anastasia Not Stated Dec. 1, 1842 James Walsh
Ellen Oates
Gordon Thomas Witless Bay Shaughnessy Ellen Not Stated Jun. 22, 1829 John Mullowney
Margaret Norris
Goss Jeffrey Dingle Smith Fene Ferryland Nov. 11, 1817 Patrick Brien
Daniel Conners
Graety Patrick Callin Parish, Kilkenny Brennen Mary Cape Broyal May 17, 1820 Richard Buckley
Catherine Brennan
[usually recorded as Callan Parish, Kilkenny]
Grant William Island Cove Green
Mary Not Stated May 24, 1824 Michael McLoughlin
Bridget Burke
Grant Thomas Cape Royal Whelan Johanna Not Stated Nov. 2, 1836 William Gregory
Ellen Frances
Green Patrick Whitless Bay Matthews Catherine St. John's Nov. 29, 1804 George Matthews
Mary Macnamara
Green Michael Fortune Bay Doyle Anne Brigus * Nov. 19, 1811 Richard Cooke
Mrs. Cooke
[*which Brigus not specified, but research suggests that this couple settled in Brigus South. Added 02-Aug-2014.]
Green John Witless Bay North Mary Old Ross
Oct. 12, 1812 Michael Comerford
Sarah Hennessy
[called (Old) Ross, to distinguish it from New Ross, it was in the RC parish of Carnagh]
Green John Brigus-by-South Grant Margaret Not Stated Oct. 25, 1836 Joseph????
Mary Flynn
Gregory William Brigus-by-South Comerford Rebecca Not Stated Nov. 19, 1838 James Pendergast
Gregory James Ferryland Comerford Mary Not Stated Feb. 6, 1855 Thomas Comerford
Anastasia Comerford
Gustafson Alexander Sweden O'Neill Bridget Witless Bay Jun. 9, 1886 William Aspell
Mary Colquhoun
Hally William Ferriland Slyny Margaret Ferriland May 16, 1831 Thomas Butler
Garret Dalton
Haly Edward Ferryland Malone Joanna Ferryland Jan. 12, 1827 Gregory Brown
Margaret Malone
Hamilton John Fortune Harbour Swain Ellen Ferryland Aug., 1852

Michael Carroll
Mary Rossiter

[added: Feb.18, 2012 - Ellen believed to be a dau. of Robert Swain of Caplin Bay]
Hanrahan Michael Ferryland Boyed Honora Waterford Apr. 23, 1825 William Gorman
Bridget Curtis
Harrington Michael Bentry
Healy Margaret Witless Bay Jan. 12, 1827 Thomas Manning
Sally Healy
[appears to refer to Bantry, (West) Cork]
Hartwell James Mobile Hutchinton Esther Mobile Nov. 21, 1865 William Denine
Ellen McGrath
[surname at Mobile was usually spelled Hutchenson]
Hartwell Bartholomew Mobile Byrne Catherine Mobile Jan. 13, 1867 Matthew Blackler
Mary Anne Denine
Hatfield George Toad's Cove Whelan Ellen Kilkenny Nov. 3, 1858 Michael Molloy
Mary Molloy
Hayes Philip Kilmalock
Parish, Wexford
Brennan Bridget Cape Broyle Dec. 9, 1813 Daniel Mahany
Mary McDonald
[Kilmallock was part of the RC parish of Crossabeg]
Hayes Patrick Ferryland Neil Johanna Not Stated Nov. 4, 1837 John Brien
Mary Sullivan
Healy James Mobille Shanahan Anne Not Stated Dec. 1, 1860 Michael Neale
Eliza Furlong
Healy Jeoffrey Not Stated English Ellen Not Stated Dec. 1, 1871 John Wade?
Mary English
[Although no hometowns were recorded, research indicates that Jeoffrey was from Caplin Bay and Ellen was from St. John's. Added 01-Aug-2015.]
Hearn James Ferryland Kelly Bridget Bay Bulls May 24, 1820 Thomas Curtis
Martha French
Hearn Michael Wexford Brawders Elinor Tores Cove May 14, 1831 William Scantlel
Judith Newell
Hearne Patrick Kilkenny Keys Ellen Caplin Cove May 31, 1837 James Kelly
Heffernan Patrick Bay Bulls Deegan Mary Bay Bulls Nov. 25, 1856 John Heffernan
Anastasia Green
Hennesy John Ferryland Ronan Ellen St. John's Apr. 22, 1821 John Dooley
Catherine Foran
Hickey Robert Bay Bulls Bryan Eleanor Not Stated Feb. 2, 1823 Michael Bryan
Eleanor Hide
Hiscocks Joseph Ragged Harbour Barron Sarah Bay Bulls Nov. 20, 1859 John Meaney
Anne Barron
Hogan Patrick Water Street Scott Bridget Bay Bulls Feb. 5, 1885 Patrick Buckmaster
Mary Margaret Geary
Holly Robert Ferryland Power Catherine Caplin Bay Dec. 28, 1826 John Power
Mary Power
Howard James Witless Bay Cunningham Margaret Not Stated May 8, 1856 William Cunningham
Esther Howard
Howlett Thomas Brigus South Hogan Mary Not Stated Oct. 31, 1860 Joseph Whelan
Johannah Hogan
Howly Michael Ferryland Dreelan Mary Ann Not Stated May 20, 1854 Jeremiah Carroll
Mary Ann Dignault
Hunt Martin Sutton's,
Gardner Catherine Renews Nov. 22, 1828 James Nowlan
Catherine Jennings
Hurley Patrick Harbour
O'Brien Johannah Ferryland Nov. 26, 1860 Edward Hynes
Mary O'Brien
Hyde John Bay Bulls Neil Bridget Not Stated Nov. 11, 1835 William Neil
Bridget Neil
Hyde Joseph Bay Bulls Doyle Eliza Not Stated May 25, 1853 Richard Doyle
Mary Williams
Jackman Arthur Renews Cahill Mary Not Stated Feb. 19, 1852 Thomas Jackman
Agnes Daley
Jackman William Not Stated Brien Roxanne Bay Bulls Nov. 24, 1856 James Cosgrove
Catherine Brien
Jackman James Renews Leary Bridget Renews Dec. 2, 1882 Thomas Leary
Teresa Connelly
Johnson Edward Renews Jackman Johanna Not Stated Nov. 28, 1863 William Johnson
Mary Jackman
Johnston John Ferryland Grant Mary Caplin Bay Nov. 25, 1883 Joseph Rossiter
Frances Kieley
Jordan Michael Bay Bulls Neil Jane Not Stated May 22, 1838 William Hyde
Catherine Bow
Joy John Princes Street,
St. John's
Glenn Anne Bay Bulls Jun. 25, 1881 Edward Loughlan
Katie Condon
Joyse William Brigus Mul??? Elizabeth Renews May 12, 1836 Simon Gorman
Ann Geeran
Kean Michael Renews Coady Jane Not Stated Nov. 23, 1840 William Kean
Mary ???
Kean James Ferryland Power Anastasia Not Stated Nov., 1849 Patrick Clancy
Ann Madden
Kean Edward Ferryland Hunt Catherine Not Stated May 8, 1853 Charles McCarthy
Catherine Fowler
Kearney Michael Mobile Blackler Suzanna Mobile Jan. 7, 1869 Timothy Mitchell
Ann Regan
Keaton James Carlow Glavin Margaret Ferryland Nov. 23, 1805 Michael Fowler
George Stevens
Keefe James Toad's Cove Walsh Mary Not Stated Nov. 1, 1844 William Power
Alice Phelan
Kegho James Tintern Parish, Wexford Mokeler Catherine Bay Bulls Oct. 21, 1820 Thomas Mokeler
Andrew Keating
Kehoe James Bay Bulls Dunphy Frances Renews Oct. 28, 1860 James Malone
Margaret Walsh
Kehoe James Brigus Ryan (alias Brown) Mary Not Stated May 6, 1866 Patrick O'Mara
Eliza Sullivan
Keily Edmund Ballymanan, Waterford Smyth Catherine Ferland Feb. 22, 1830 Edmund Norris
Eliza Baldwin
Kelly Laurence Kilkenny Newlan Esther Bay Bulls Feb. 7, 1812 Patrick Huolan
Margaret Bryan
Kelly Maurice Tramore,
Driscol Mary Tod's Cove Mar. 24, 1821 Patrick Dunn
Catherine Connell
Kelly William Placentia Saunders Sarah Ferryland May 17, 1854 Patrick Walsh
Mary White
Kelly Edward Brigus Jordan Catherine Not Stated Aug. 20, 1865 William Douhey
Anne Grant
Kennedy Hugh Bay Bulls Williams Rosy Bay Bulls Mar. 26, 1803 Michael Coady
Michael Brien
Kennedy Patrick Bay Bulls Glinn Mary Bay Bulls Oct. 30, 1805 Hugh Kennedy
Robert Hutton
Dorothy Armstrong
Kennedy James Bay Bulls Glinn Mary Bay Bulls Sep. 20, 1813 William Mockler
Mary Green
Kenny Patrick Wexford Delahunty Johannah Ferryland Nov. 17, 1859 Owen King
Johannah Healy
Kent Patrick Cape Broil Peters Elizabeth Not Stated Nov. 17, 1845 James Howlet
Mary Fitzgerald
Kiely Michael Tipperary Williams Maria Bay Bulls Nov. 26, 1825 James Power
Johanna Murphy
King Edward Renews Bavis Mary Not Stated Nov. 12, 1859 William Power
Anne Devine
King John Witless Bay McGuire Kate Cupids Nov. 13, 1860 Bridget Hurley
Emily Walsh
Kirwan Thomas Tramnel,
Power Jane Renews Nov. 15, 1828 Michael Kirwan
Ann Roost
[likely Tramore, Waterford]
Knowlan Thomas Bay Bulls Connors Mary Tintern Parish Nov. 14, 1813 ? MacGrath
Mary Flynn
Lacey James Not Stated Saunders Mary Ferryland Nov. 29, 1851 John Shulman
Ellen Canning
Lacy Richard Waterford Condon Bridget Ferryland Nov. 17, 1814 John Connolly
Mary Norris
Lawlor Timothy Renews Summers Johanna Not Stated ????, 1829 Thomas Devine
Mary Devine
Leahy James Waterford Hide Jane Bay Bulls May 27, 1806 Peter Wyse
Mrs. Wyse
Leary Thomas Renews Huffman Margaret Not Stated Dec. 14, 1836 Thomas Denn
Margaret Huffman
Leary Martin Tipperary Morrisey Ellen Cape Broil Dec., 1847 Jim Larkin
Ann Shelley
Ledwell Sebastian Ferryland Swain Mary Ferryland Nov. 27, 1886 William Meade
Katie Swain
Londregan William Gannonfield
Carey Mary Witless Bay Oct. 6, 1809 William Hynes
James Murphy
Charlotte Tobin
Long James Munkstown,
Blake Mary Ferryland Nov. 6, 1819 Peter Blake
John Power
[Monkstown, Cork]
Long Michael Kilkenny Carew Mary Witless Bay Apr. 29, 1860 Michael Breen
Bridget Conway
Lonrigan John Kilkenny Driscoll Fanny Tod's Cove Dec. 19, 1812 Edward Purcell
Maria Purcell
Loughlan Thomas Bay Bulls Neil Mary St. John's Nov. 26, 1874 Walter Dalton
Ellen Marten
Luby Thomas n/g Lambert Catherine n/g Nov. 01, 1830 William Brian
Johanna Lavill
[No addresses were given for this couple, but research indicates they lived at Toads (Tors) Cove. Added 02-Aug-2014.]
Lynch Thomas Castletown
Jenkins Mary Formuse Feb. 17, 1806 John Power
William Scanlon
Jane Prim
Macaboy Paul Ross,
Middleton Mary Bay Bulls Nov. 24, 1800 John Howlett
Elizabeth Kenedy
Mackay John Briggus-by-South Roche Ellen Outer Cove Nov. 6, 1826 Thomas Butler
Margaret Gleeson
Mackay William Brigus South Brown Bridget Not Stated Nov. 21, 1860 Thomas Granville
Anne Murphy
Mackey Thomas Wexford Jordan Sarah Bay Bulls Nov. 16, 1825 John Baldwin
Eliza Jordan
Mackey Thomas Brigus-by-South Morrasey Mary Not Stated Dec., 1832 Thomas Wall
Mary Burk
Mackey Michael Ferryland Hollohan Mary Not Stated Nov., 1850 Matthew Power
Eliza Fitzpatrick
Mackkey William Ferryland Fleming Margaret St. John's Nov. 24, 1823 Patrick Boleyn
Bartholemew Fleming
Catherine Fleming
Maddigan Michael Witless Bay Neil Mary Witless Bay Nov. 8, 1825 John Dunn
Margaret Morris
Maddigan William Fermeuse Murphy Eliza Not Stated May 1, 1850 Richard Green
Bridget Tremblett
Maddigan Michael Fermeuse Curran Alice Not Stated Oct. 31, 1858 Thomas Curran
Mary Curran
Maddigan John Fermeuse Grace Anty Fermeuse Nov. 17, 1866 Denis Fahey
Mary Grace
Madigan John Witless Bay Gordin Jane Witless Bay Dec. 19, 1820 George Yard
Michael Bermingham
Madigan Edmund Wickles Bay Unreadable Elizabeth Wickles Bay Nov. 14, 1823 John Madigan
Bridget Gordan
[research indicates that the bride's name was likely Elizabeth Gorden]
Madox Pat Bay Bools (sic) Byrn Elnor n/g Nov. 12, 1823 James Drue
John Williams
[research indicates that the bride's name was Eleanor Brien. This couple lived at Bay Bulls. Added 02-Aug-2014.]
Magrath Michael Waterford Carey Anastasia Brigus-by-South Dec. 2, 1826 Martin Leary
Catherine Ryan
Maher Daniel Ferryland Cain Bridget Ferryland Dec. 10, 1826 Martin Cain
Mary Culleton
Maher John Renews Sheehan Johanna Not Stated Nov. 16, 1837 Christopher Cain
Bridget Berrigan
Maher William Mobile O'Donnell Johanna Outer Cove Feb. 3, 1867 Patrick Skiffington
Anastasia O'Donnell
Maher James Renews Nolan Bridget Not Stated May 12, 1868 James Shanahan
Margaret Bambrick
Martin Eric Torbay Power Mary Broad Cove Oct. 30, 1822 Kate Power
Sarah Martin
Martin William Cape Broil Elward Alice Cape Broil Nov., 1850 James Barry
Catherine Conners
McCarthy Charles   Kenedy Anastasia Bay Bulls Jan. 24, 1801 Robert Fletcher
Elenor Casey
McCarthy Patrick Bay Bulls Horan Elinor Tipperary Feb. 21, 1803 Michael Currin
Margaret Squires
McCarthy Charles Renews Farrell Mary Not Stated Dec. 27, 1813 George Jackman
Amelia Dawson
McCarthy Thomas Renews Neil Betsy Renews Dec. 9, 1823 Charles McCarthy
Martin Neil
McDonald Hugh Member
of Royal
Kennedy Ellen Witless Bay Feb. 15, 1863 William Meagher
Ellen Driscole
McGrath Roger Mobill Costigan Catherine Not Stated Nov. 26, 1851 Patrick Meehan
Mary Corlyear
McGrath Thomas Witless Bay Foran (alias Morrissey) Alice Not Stated Nov. 26, 1859 James Reid
Julia Bray
McGrath Simon Mobile Nowlan Mary Mobile Sep. 9, 1870 John Carey
Ann Commerford
McNamara Thomas St. John's Meagher Mary Ferryland Feb. 18, 1828 William Carson
Isabell Langrishe
McNamara Thomas St. John's Meagher Mary Ferryland Jul. 18, 1828 Isabel Langreat
Mrs. Cannon
Mealey James Ferryland Murphy Esther Not Stated Nov. 18, 1856 Martin McCarthy
Bridget Cullen
[Research indicates that James surname was Meaney, not Mealey]
Meaney Robert Fermeuse Corcoran Bridget Not Stated May 12, 1835 John Neil
Anne Barron
Meany Matthew Old Laughlin
Parish, Carlow
Bryan Mary Ferryland May 19, 1813 Thomas McDonald
Anne Power
Mernile Joseph Renews Hacket Margaret Not Stated Nov. 19, 1836 Patrick Ready
Alice Conway
Mochler William Bay Bulls Kennedy Mary Not Stated May 25, 1869 Jonas William
Alice Kennedy
Mockler William Cashel, Ireland Brien Dolly Bay Bulls Nov. 27, 1797 Not Recorded  
Mocler William Bay Bulls Moley Margaret Not Stated Nov. 8, 1837 Cornelius Glenn
Margaret Mo????
Mokler William Bay Bulls Carroll Margaret Dunvaragen, Kilkenny May 14, 1855 Martin Coady
Catherine Coady
[likely Dungarvan, Kilkenny]
Mollowney Charles St. John's Kelly Catherine Brigus Nov. 27, 1880 Thomas Mollowney
Nora Mollowney
Mollowney John Renews Mead Elizabeth Ferryland Oct. 25, 1884 Edward Berrigan
Elizabeth Hunt
Molloy Michael Wexford McGee Mary Ferryland Dec. 9, 1823 Mrs. McGee
Moloney John Witless Bay Clarke Suzan Not Stated Aug. 29, 1869 Richard Whiteway
Sarah Clarke
Monihan Michael Bay Bulls Glin Hanna Bay Bulls Nov. 22, 1839 Honora Brine
Moody John Greenock Henesy Mary Ferryland Jun. 19, 1809 Thomas Bulger
Mary Peppy
Moore Philip Not Stated Cody Mary Fermeuse Dec. 2, 1865 Thomas Moore
Margaret Cody
Moracey Morris Cape Broyal Kelly Johanna Not Stated Nov. 25, 1817 Henry Curien
Cornelius Moracy
Morresy John Cape Royle Buckley M???? Brigus Nov. 19, 1830 John Kelly
Mary Dunphy
Morris James Tintern Parish, Wexford Mulcahy Mary Bay Bulls Dec. 22, 1808 Peter Prim
Bridget Prim
Martin Foley
Morrisey Cornelius Cape Royal Butler Mary Brigus-by-South May 19, 1826 Michael McDonald
Ellen Buckley
Morrissey John Cape Broyle Aylward Catherine Cape Broyle Nov. 23, 1862 John Flynn
Johanna Aylward
Morrissey John Admiral's Cove Marten Ellen St. Mary's Dec. 3, 1864 Thomas Pendergast
Mary Wall
Mountain Edmond Formuse Power Joanna St. John's Nov. 19, 1804 William Mullins
Elizabeth Brien
Mountain James Ferryland Brothers Mary Not Stated ????, 1829 Peter Blake
James Brothers
Mullaly John Aquafort
Readigan Mary Kilkenny Nov. 11, 1825 John Condon
Mary Walsh
Mullins Patrick Unreadable Osburn Mary Bay Bulls Oct. 26, 1821 John McGuire
Thomas ???nlon
Mulloney James Bay Bulls Tapper Anne Torbay Nov. 28, 1863 Peter LeStrange
Elizabeth LeStrange
Mulloy John Not Stated Coady Elizer Bay Bulls Sep. 10, 1854 James Mulloy
Eliza ???
Mulloy Thomas Sutton Parish, Wexford Grant Mary Fermeuse Nov. 9, 1856 Martin Forristal
Mary Ann Cave
[usually recorded as Sutton's Parish, Wexford]
Murphy James Co. Wicklow Conway Bridget Bay Bulls Dec. 27, 1797 Not recorded  
Murphy Patrick Greague Parish, Kilkenny Carey Mary Whitless Bay Jan. 15, 1806 John O'Donel
Mary Carey
[usually recorded as Graigue Parish, Kilkenny]
Murphy James Simolin Parish Power Margaret Whitless Bay Nov. 12, 1806 John Howlet
Michael Hines
Mary Howlet
[Simolin mentioned in 1837 as being in Co. Kildare]
Murphy Thomas Old Ross Parish Murphy
(alias Audlin)
Anna Ferryland Dec. 28, 1808 Patrick Meyler
Mary Maddack
[called (Old) Ross, to distinguish it from New Ross, it was in the RC parish of Carnagh]
Murphy John Waterford City Burk Mary Witless Bay Dec. 30, 1817 James Mulloy
Eleanor Norris
Murphy Michael Fermeuse Murphy Bridget Hook ? Nov. 18, 1826 John Murphy
Catherine Fitzgerald
Murphy Matthew Witless Bay Walsh Mary Ann Not Stated Nov., 1850 John Burke
Catherine Hely
Murray John Middleton
Parish, Cork
Peterson Mary Ferryland Oct. 18, 1804 Charles Kisck
Catherine Kenory
Murray Patrick Cape Broil Hunt Eliza Not Stated Nov. 7, 1858 Michael Mulcahy
Mary Brien

Contributed by: Ray Curran (July 2000)

Page Revised: August 2015 (Kevin Reddigan)

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