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PART 1 (A - D)

Information in [square brackets] added by NGB District Coordinator to provide additional information, to suggest or clarify addresses,
or correct errors in the initial transcription.

Husband   Address Wife   Address Date Witnesses Remarks
Armstrong Thomas Witless Bay Gordon Bridget Witless Bay Nov. 13, 1824 Patrick Pendergast
Mary Houlahan
Armstrong William Bay Bulls Kearney Catherine Not Stated Apr. 4, 1825 Thomas Armstrong
Mary Murphy
Armstrong James Witless Bay Cahil Rosetta St. John's Dec. 1, 1828 Michael Cahill
Mary Murphy (or McCarthy)
Armstrong Thomas Witless Bay Sask Elizabeth Witless Bay Sep. 18, 1879 James Greene
Mary Kent
[Bride's surname should be Lash, not Sask]
Aspel Patrick Not Stated Meaney Elizabeth Ferryland Apr. 24, 1853 Peter Walsh
Bridget Hunt
Aspell Richard Adamstown,
Mackey Bridget Brigus-by-South Jan. 9, 1828 James Bulger
Catherine Bulger
Atkins Thomas Petty Harbour Lambert Ellen Toad's Cove Nov. 10, 1810 John Lambert
Mary Flemming
Aylward Thomas Cape Royal Wheeler Jane St. John's Apr. 20, 1826 James Pendergast
Ann Buckley
Aylward Thomas Cape Broyle Howlett Margaret Not Stated May 31, 1868 John Richards
Mary Power
Aylward Michael Kilkenny Jackman Mary Renews Oct. 2, 1853 James Forristal
Ann Geran
Badcock Peter Brigus South Higgins Johannah Not Stated Nov. 21, 1858 Thomas Higgins
Julia Mealy
Baldwin John Killbarcy,
Jordan Eliza Bay Bulls Nov. 22, 1825 John Nugent
Eliza Meaney
[likely Kilbarry, Waterford]
Baldwin Lawrence Bay Bulls Adams Ann St. Mary's Jan., 1854 Thomas Howlett
Catherine Daley
Barron John St. Mary's Murray Mary Ferryland Dec. 11, 1826 John Haily
Bridget Murphy
Batcock William Brigus Canning Catherine St. John's Sep. 30, 1889 William Doutney
Catherine St. John
Bavis Thomas Renews Walsh Catherine Renews Nov. 8, 1856 Edward Coady
Ann Phelan
Beavis John Renews Squires Frances Renews Jan. 11, 1826 Henry Harris
Ann Mullowney
Begly John Lismore Parish,
Cahil Elleanor Witles Bay Feb. 12, 1817 William Walsh
Mary Cahil
Bennett George Dorsetshire Driscol Mary Toad's Cove Nov. 20, 1866 John Power
Mary Whelan
Binning James Devonshire Mackey Johanna Brigus South Jun. 25, 1818 James Kerby
Mary Cullen
Blackler Peter Toad's Cove Driscoll Elizabeth Toad's Cove Nov. 28, 1826 Thomas Dearen
James Arnoll
Blackler Matthew Mobile Fortune Ellen Witless Bay Jan. 7, 1868 Michael Dillon
Mary Murphy
Blake Edward Ferryland Mullowney Margaret Not Stated Jan. 4, 1820 William Mullowney
Eliza LeMessurier
Bolan Walter Dunhill,
Jurdin Catherine Brickus-by-South Jan. 5, 1823 Nicholas Power
Ann Watkins
Bolden John Puch Cove Driscoll Ellen Tad's Cove May 22, 1820 John Aspel
Maurice Flyn
Bourke Martin Bay Bulls Barry Mary Barthes Parish,
Jan. 9, 1809 Michael Ryan Mary (unreadable)  
Boyle Patrick Witless Bay Newport Anne Witless Bay Nov. 21, 1865 William Sask
Mary Newport
[suspect that witness William Sask was William Lash]
Brazell John Bray*, Co. Wexford Rositer Catherine Co. Wexford Nov. 16, 1817 John Sterling
[* Bray appears to be in Co. Wicklow, unless the location was meant to be Bree, Co. Wexford. This couple settled at Toads Cove (Tors Cove). Added 01-Aug-2014.]
Brennock Richard Trinity Bay Heart Catherine Fermeuse Dec. 17, 1826 Richard Cantwell
Elizabeth Dunphy
Brien Robert St. John's Bow Unreadable Ferryland May 2, 1808 Jane Walker
Brien John Waterford Buckly Ellen Bricus-by-South Feb. 5, 1826 James Cummins
Catherine Buckly
Brien Michael Bay Bulls Devereaux Mary Joseph Not Stated Feb., 1847 Thomas Walsh
Mary Brennan
Brien Patrick Bay Bulls Cody Esther Mary Not Stated Nov., 1851 William Quirk
Eliza Coady
Brien John Bay Bulls Barrett Mary Trinity Nov. 25, 1855 William Legg
Ellen Barrett
Brien Joseph Blackhead Lemasney Margaret Ferryland Nov. 22, 1863 John Coleman
Mary Brien
Brine Patrick Ferland Murphy Mary Ann Not Stated Apr. 28, 1844 Thomas Roach
Elizabeth Boland
Brine Jeremia Bay Bulls Walsh Bridget Not Stated Nov., 1845 Frank Brine
Catherine Butler
Brothers William Fermeuse Molloy Mary Trepassey Nov. 18, 1823 Patrick Reddy
Ally Tobin
Brothers Michael Cove, Cork Murphy Margaret Ferryland Oct. 25, 1828 Walter Barron
Eliza Dancey
Brothers John Fermeuse Cummins Ellen Hoylestown,
St. John's
Jan. 13, 1873 Patrick Hart
Bridget Neill
Brothers James Fermeuse Moran Mary Fermeuse Nov. 29, 1883 Timothy Harrington
Elizabeth Brothers
Brothers William Grey Island
(Living in
Walsh Theresa Grey Island May 20, 1885 Ambrose Foley
Bridget Angel
Browse John St. Mary's Parish,
Bull (alias Bryan) Mary Ferryland Oct. 5, 1817 Thomas Bellwood
Mary Bryan
Bryan Timothy Ferryland Crane Mary New Ross Nov. 13, 1827 Owen O'Neal
Mary Cavanagh
Bryan Jerry Bay Bulls Fennelly Bridget Dunarnagin,
Nov. 16, 1839 Nicholas Coady
Margaret Bryan
[possibly Dunnamaggan, Kilkenny]
Bulger Edward Bay Bulls Carey Ellen Bay Bulls Jan. 22,1798 Not recorded  
Burk James Witless Bay Poor Mary Witless Bay May 27, 1812 Doctor Rowe
Anne Poor
Burk Patrick Ross Parish,
Bryan Kitty Bay Bulls Sep. 27, 1818 Thomas Buckley
Eleanor Burk
Burke William Brigus Su???? Jane Bay Bulls Jun. 10, 1835 Thomas Landy
Burke Richard Bay Bulls Cleary Ellen Not Stated Jan., 1850 Arthur Quirk
Mary Comerford
Burn Garret Killmalow Parish,
Newlan Mary Bay Bulls May 20, 1811 Doctor Rowe
Betsy Newlan
Burn James Bay Bulls Squires Patience Fermeuse Nov. 20, 1855 William Neile
Mary Grant
Buske Marten Tilton Harbour Murphy Honora Mobile Nov. 26, 1884 Tobias McGrath
Bridget Fahey
[surname was Burke]
Butler Richard Mullinavar
Parish, Kilkenny
Gordon Phillis Witless Bay Aug. 9, 1808 John Green
Mary Dalton
[likely Mullinvat Parish, Kilkenny]
Butler Thomas Knocktopher
Parish, Kilkenny
Glin Dorah Bay Bulls Oct. 22, 1811 Doctor Rowe
Bridget Doolin
Butler John Waterford Glyn Elizabeth Bay Bulls Nov. 3, 1820 Michael Brien
Thomas Mockler
Cain John Renews McCarthy Mary Not Stated Nov. 19, 1836 Thomas Cain
Elizabeth McCarthy
Cain John Ferryland Brennan Anne Ferryland Nov. 19, 1883 Patrick Moore
Catherine Gardner
Callaghan Jeremiah Formoose Foran Mary Ferryland Dec. 28, 1813 John Callaghan
Bridget Bryan
Canning Michael Ferryland Elward Margaret Cape Royal Dec. 1, 1839 Sebastian Maher
Elizabeth Pla????
Canning John Ferryland Christopher Sarah Not Stated Jun. 1, 1868 Charles Smith
Sarah Smith
Cantwell James Renews Mangan Elizabeth Trepassey Dec. 2, 1827 John Breen
Mary Kennedy
Carew John Wiless Bay Carroll Margaret By Keeles,
Nov. 30, 1813 James Carew
Catherine Roche
[likely Kells (Parish), Kilkenny]
Carew Joseph Bay Bulls Burk Elizabeth St. John's Nov. 19, 1819 John Forlong
Ellen Whelan
Carew George Witless Bay Barry
(alias Hynes)
Mary Rosbanican, Kilkenny Nov. 22, 1822 David Carew
Mary Walsh
[likely Rosbercon, Kilkenny]
Carew Thomas Witless Bay Mulloney Eleanor Witless Bay Nov. 13, 1826 Nicholas Coady
Michael Driscol
Carew John Witless Bay Burn Betsy Not Stated Nov. 2, 1851 Joseph Dunn
Sarah Doherty
Carew George Not Stated Molony Francis Renews Apr. 27, 1858 John Wadden
Catherine Dunn
Carey Joseph Bay Bulls Armstrong
(alias Burke)
Elizabeth Bay Bulls Jan. 13, 1809 Dennis Scot
Elizabeth Byrne
Carey Thomas Witless Bay Walsh Margaret Witless Bay Oct. 16, 1826 James Keating
Mary Knight
Carey Patrick Witless Bay Tobin Mary Witless Dec. 11, 1827 Lawrence Tobin
Hannah Hayden
Carey Patrick Witless Bay Dinn Bridget St. John's Nov. 27, 1887 Michael Maddigan
Bridget Dinn
Carney Pierce Ramore,
Power Mary Toad's Cove Nov. 8, 1828 John Dunn
Johanna Lovel
[likely Tramore, Waterford. Surname aka Kearney]
Carroll Owen Not Stated Driscoll Esther Bay Bulls Nov., 1852 John Glinn
Mary Ann Driscol
Carter Samuel St. Brides,
Hailey Anna Witless Bay Oct. 10, 1822 Francis Nagle
Betsy Ca????
Cashion Martin Cape Broil Croak Bridget Kilkenny Nov. 22, 1858 Michael Cashion
Mary Brennan
[surname usually spelled Cashin]
Cawfield Patrick Ferrylan Reddy Elizabeth Not Stated Nov. 8, 1828 George Cawfield
Mary Dellahunty
Cawfol James Ferryland Mullins Ann St. John's Nov. 19, 1825 Patrick Cawfol
Elizabeth Keefe
Ceary Michael Witless Bay Driscol Elizabeth Bay Bulls May 28, 1825 Nicholas Coady
Margaret Gatherall
[surname thought to be Geary verified as Ceary (for Carey)]
Chafe John Petty Harbour Carey Ellen Witless Bay November 25, 1863 Robert Chafe
Susanah Chafe
[This entry was missing in the husband listing. Added Jan. 8, 2013 (Kevin Reddigan)]
Clancy Richard Formeuse Pine Elizabeth St. John's Jan. 18, 1798 Not recorded  
Clarke Henry Petty Harbour Hart Sarah Anne Fermeuse Nov. 16, 1864 Patrick Walsh
Catherine Hart
Coady Martin Bay Bulls Wall Catherine Not Stated Jan. 13, 1844 James Walsh
Mary Brine
Coady Nicholas Harbour Grace Scott Sarah Bay Bulls May 14, 1876 Robert Kelly
Martha Scott
Coady James Bay Bulls Barrett Teresa Holyrood Jan. 25, 1880 Nicholas Coady
Mary Ann Aylward
Cody James Carrig Parish,
Williams Elizabeth Bay Bulls Jan. 31, 1811 John Whitt
Mary Lane
John Mollony
[likely Carrick (on-Suir) Parish, Tipperary]
Cody Michael Bay Bulls Clarke Bridget Waterford City Feb.?, 1816 Stephen Driscoll
Elizabeth Whelan
Cody James Kilkenny Ellis Joanna Ferryland Nov. 21, 1816 John Cody
Mary Londrigan
Cody Michael Bay Bulls Hearn Mary Bay Bulls Dec. 28, 1826 Matthew Driscol
Andrew Ryan
Cody Thomas Fermeuse Walsh Mary Not Stated May 12, 1835 Michael Reedigan
Elizabeth Walsh
Colbert Garret Caplin Cove [later St. Michael's] Carew Mary Wickles Bay Apr. 6, 1818 Stephen Carew
George Colbert
Colbert Michael Ferryland Hull Mary Not Stated Nov. 24, 1856 John Cl???
Ann Waters
Coleman Michael Bay Bulls Denn Bridget Not Stated Nov. 20, 1837 James Molawney
Ellen Denn
Collins Thomas Not Stated Curran Margaret Ferryland May 17, 1864 James Curran
Mary Collins
Comerford John Not Stated Ronayne Margaret Toad's Cove Nov. 14, 1865 John Kieley
Sarah Mulcahy
Condon Kyran Ferryland Downey Ellen Not Stated May 14, 1863 Patrick Condon
Sarah Walsh
[b. abt. 1831 - Caplin Bay, lost at sea - Jan. 6, 1881]
Condon Robert Not Stated Jones Sarah Emily Aquafort Apr. 24, 1864 Luke Brown
Mary Kearney
[Robert was also from Aquaforte, son of Edward and Anne (Saunders) Condon]
Condon Patrick Ferryland Cuddihy Mary Not Stated Feb. 13, 1868 Michael Shawburne
Elizabeth Downy
[b. abt. 1834 - Caplin Bay, lost at sea - Mar. 1868]
Congdon Edward Ireland Sanders Ann Aquafort Feb. 8, 1827 Mary Harris
Anne Sanders
[Edward's surname was Condon, Ann's was Saunders]
Connelly Michael Templeorian
Parish, Kilkenny
Brien Mary Fermeuse Nov. 19, 1834 John Maher
Elizabeth Brien
[likely Templeorum Parish, Kilkenny]
Conners Thomas Tipperary Carey Mary Witless Bay Oct. 10, 1825 David Carey
Margaret Keefe
Connor Owen Sutton Parish,
Reddy Mary St. John's
(Late of Fermose)
Aug. 12, 1808 James Reddy
James Holly
John Smart
Margaret Barren
[usually written as Sutton's Parish, Wexford]
Conway William Killlan,
O'Neil Mary Fermeuse Jun. 5, 1826 James Coady
Eliza Burke
Conway Joseph Renews Henesey Catherine St.John's Nov. 20, 1840 Patrick Haligan
Mary Diss???
Conway Thomas Renews Perrin Grace Not Stated Jan., 1848 Edward Geron
Cataline Allen
Conway Anthony Fermeuse Jackman Anne Fermeuse Oct. 22, 1857 Edward Conway
Johanna Jackman
Conway John Renews Mulcahy Mary Not Stated May 7, 1863 James Mulcahy
Catherine Mulcahy
Coombes Thomas Devonshire Elward Bridget Cape Broyle ???1855 Edward Barrett
Margaret Elward
Corish Lawrence Kilkenny Calloran Mary Fermeuse Nov. 28, 1826 James Higgins
Mary Ryan
Coss Samuel Devon, England Brothers Catherine Fermeuse Oct. 24, 1828 John Sanders
Mary Sweeney
[settled at Aquaforte, where surname is usually spelled Cose]
Costelloe Thomas Ross Middleton Margaret Bay Bulls Nov. 21, 1806 Michael Comerford
Catherine Farrell
[likely Ross, Wexford]
Costelloe Thomas Ferryland Tobin Judy Carrick-on-Suir,
Apr., 1830 Patrick More
Honora Gallavan
Critch Charles Brigus Murphy Ellen Not Stated Jul. 24, 1866 Thomas Murphy
Mary Murphy
[likely a Brigus, Conception Bay couple]
Crockwell William Bay Bulls Hollihan Elizabeth Goulds Jan. 15, 1865 Samuel Hollihan
Elizabeth Crockwell
Crockwell James Bay Bulls Sullivan Catherine Not Stated Nov. 18, 1865 Anthony Murphy
Ann Crockwell
Croft Matthew Aquaforte Pendergast Elizabeth Not Stated Dec. 1, 1865 John Ryan
Emma Waddleton
Croucher Levi Not Stated Harve Sarah Jane Bay Bulls Nov. 4, 1863 John Croucher
Mary Ann Hale
Curtis Patrick Not Stated Ryan Catherine Caplin Bay Nov. 9, 1862 Patrick Murphy
Catherine Green
Daniel Richard Not Stated Dalton Catherine Witless Bay Jan. 28, 1857 Walter Dalton
Diana Coleman
Davis William Crihet
Keane Ellen Ferryland Nov. 16, 1862 Edward Davis
Mary Keane
Davis Peter Witless Bay St. John Margaret Not Stated May 12, 1867 Matthew Dillon
Sarah McCarthy
Deegan Patrick Thomastown,
Walsh Mary Bay Bulls Nov. 3, 1820 Richard Conway
Philip Walsh
Deighan Patrick Bay Bulls Cadwell Bridget Placentia Nov. 4, 1859 James Malone
Lucy Cadwell
Delahunty Richard Ferryland Gearin Catherine Renews Jan. 19, 1885 William Fitzpatrick
Agness Skinner
Delaney Marty Ballivogue
Parish, Wexford
Dunn Margaret Whittles Bay Oct. 28, 1805 John Dunn
Margaret Power
[likely Boolavogue, (aka Kilcormick) Parish]
Delaney Nicholas Bay Bulls Fitzpatrick
(alias Martin)
Ellen Not Stated Oct. 2, 1839 Michael Dillon
Mary Burns
Delaney Marty Bay Bulls Norris Margaret Not Stated Nov. 30, 1841 George Norris
Elizabeth Findlan
Delaney Edward Not Stated Brennock Mary Fermeuse Jun. 17, 1853 Henry Harte?
Sarah Brennock
Denn John Witless Bay Murphy Catherine Not Stated May 17, 1835 Matthew Butler
Esther Doran
[surname usually spelled Dinn]
Deuman Frederick England Hyde Eliza Bay Bulls May 29, 1856 James Perry
Margaret Walsh
Dillon Stephen Mulerackin,
Keenan Mary Toad's Cove Oct. 16, 1825 Michael Hearn
Catherine Driscoll
[likely Mulrankin, Wexford]
Dinian William Tay or Hay Cove,
Cape Broyle
Lawlor Bridget Newbawn Parish,
Dec. 3, 1812 Henry Ryan
[family known as Denine/Lenine, etc. lived at Tar Cove]
Dinn Maurice Whitless Bay Power Bridget Whitless Bay Feb. 4, 1803 James Dinn
Mary Carew
George Yard
Dinn William Whitless Bay Green Mary Whitless Bay Nov. 16, 1804 James Dinn
Anastasia Dooling
Dinn Maurice Witless Bay Carey Margaret Witless Bay Oct. 16, 1808 Joseph Carey
Thomas Norris
Mary Murphy
Dinn William Renews Keary Eleanor Witless Bay Nov. 14, 1828 James Geran
Rosetta Cahil
Dinn James Wickes [Witless] Bay Hely (sic)* Bridget Not Stated Nov. 16, 1830 Moris Dinn
Frances Geran
[*A closer look at this marriage record and subsequent baptisms of their children at Witless Bay identified this couple as James Dinn and Bridget Healy. Updated 01-Aug-2014.]
Dinn Richard Renews McCarthy Elizabeth Not Stated Nov. 30, 1836 Thomas Berrigan
Alice Dinn
Doltan Garret Ferryland Gleeson Margaret Not Stated May 23, 1830 Patrick Gleeson
James Moloy
Donnelly James Pilltown,
Burk Mary Toad's Cove Nov., 1830 John Cunningham
Anastasia Elward
Dooley Garret Harbour Grace Henesy Sarah Ferryland Nov. 2, 1813 Edmund Foley
Margaret Power
Dooley James Portugal Cove Power Margaret Brigus-by-South Nov., 1828 Roger Hanrahan
Margaret Norris
Doolin Patrick Callan,
Walsh Ellen Wicklows Bay Apr. 17, 1825 Thomas Myler
Elizabeth Walsh
Dooling Robert Ross Parish,
Mackey Mary Bricas Feb. 3, 1801 Edward Mulloy
Mrs. Cullin
Dormody Michael Ballyhale
Parish, Kilkenny
Birmingham Ellen Witless Bay Apr., 1830 Michael Birmingham
Mary Birmingham
Dower Thomas Carrick-on-Suir Connelly Elizabeth Ferryland Dec. 29, 1799 Joseph Power  
Dower Walter Killee Parish,
(alias Stokes)
Elizabeth Bay Bulls Apr. 22, 1811 John French
Esther Cody
[likely Killea Parish, Waterford]
Doyle Luke St. John's Williams Margaret Bay Bulls Oct. 13, 1812 John Gatherall
Elinor Williams
Doyle Patrick Ennisc???
Parish, Wexford
Brawders Bridget Toad's Cove Nov. 3 , 1820 David Riley
Mary Poor
[likely Enniscorthy Parish, Wexford]
Doyle Patrick Gordan, Kilkenny Jordan Mary Bay Bulls Nov. 6, 1822 John Jordan
Anna Watkins
Doyle Robert Brigus Grant Anastasia Not Stated Apr. 27, 1853 Robert Walsh
Ann Grant
Doyle Thomas Toad's Cove Keefe Anne Not Stated Nov. 9, 1858 Martin Power
Johannah Keefe
Doyle Patrick Bay Bulls O'Keefe Jean Not Stated Nov. 18, 1859 John Doyle
Honora Keefe
Doyle Richard Riverhead Melven Margaret Toad's Cove Jan. 9, 1881 John Hurley
Bridget Melven
Drew James Bay Bulls Delaney Mary Bay Bulls Dec., 1829 John Furlong
Catherine Bulger
Driscal Martin Bay of Bulls Ryan Mary Bay of Bulls May 31, 1823 Michael Cody
Sammy Ryan
[This entry was mixed with the succeeding entry in the marriage register and initially transcribed incorrectly. Updated 01-Aug-2014.]
Driscol Daniel Toad's Cove Squires Margaret St. John's Nov. 13, 1805 Samuel Blacklare
Elenor McCarthy
Driscol Samuel Bay Bulls Blackler Mary Toad's Cove May 24, 1825 Elizabeth Driscol
Samuel Shaughnessy
Driscol Cornelius Toad's Cove Madden Serai Not Stated May 7, 1837 John Curran
Ellen Everet
Driscoll Thomas Bay Bulls Blackler Eliza Toad's Cove Nov. 28, 1826 Thomas Dearin
James Arnoll
Driscoll Cornelius Toad's Cove Fitzpatrick Bridgit Not Stated Jan. 12, 1852 Patrick Fitzpatrick
Johanna McAuliff
Dugan William Wexford Elward Catherine Ferryland (Prot) Jan. 21, 1813 Patrick Doyle
Mary Doyle
Dulunty Patrick Ferryland Williams Esther Not Stated Nov. 27, 1842 Thomas Ryan
Catherine Grant
Dunn Charles Witles Bay Carey Joanna Not stated Jun. 15, 1812 George Carey
John Dunn
Dunphy Edmund Briguass Haly (alias
Mary St. John's Dec. 4, 1804 Michael Dolohunty
Patrick Sexton
Joanna Sexton
Dunphy Bartholomew Kilmenshal,
Jordan Mary Brigus-by-South Oct. 30, 1813 Matthew Tool
Catherine Ryan
[likely Kilmeashal, Wexford]
Dunphy Michael Renews Roust Eliza Not Stated Apr. 25, 1853 Frederick Denman
Catherine Hunt
Dunphy Thomas Not Stated Leary Anastasia Brigus-by-South Nov. 24, 1857 Michael Flood
Ellen Leary
Dwyer James Kells,
Rooste Anne Renews Jun. 9, 1827 James Bambrick
Eliza Dower

Contributed by: Ray Curran (July 2000)

Page Revised: August 2014 (Kevin Reddigan)

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