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Holy Trinity Parish RC Baptisms
Ferryland (1870-1910)
Part 3 (G - J)

GAHAN Catherine Mary Aquaforte 6-Dec 1880 Patrick Gahan Anne Condon Sam Cose Sarah May Oliphant  
GAHAN William Joseph Aquaforte 1-Apr 1883 Patrick Gahan Anne Condon Edward Condon Anne Croft  
GAHAN John Earnest   10-Dec 1887 Patrick Gahan Ann Condon Robert Lovett Mary Ellen Craft  
GAHAN Cecilia Mary June 15, 1892 21-Jun 1892 Patrick Gahan Ann Condon William Canning Catherine Cose  
GATHERAL Elizabeth Anne   8-Mar 1871 Thomas Gatheral Bridget Brien John Wade Catherine Healy  
GATHERAL Elizabeth   28-Sep 1872 Thomas Gatheral Bridget Brien John Green Mary Foley  
GATHERALL Margaret Caplin Bay 23-Jul 1877 Thomas Gatherall Bridget Brien Andrew Healy Elizabeth Gatheral  
GATHERALL Anastasia Brigus 10-Nov 1879 William Gatheral Monica Gregory James Aspell Mary Higgins  
GATHERALL Joseph Caplin Bay 27-Jun 1881 Thomas Gatherall Bridget Brien James Curran Kate Redigan  
GATHERALL Michael John Brigus 7-Oct 1882 William Gatheral Monica Gregory James Byrne Mary Anne Gregory  
GATHERALL Mary Ellen   18-Oct 1885 John Gatherall Annie Furlong Christopher O'Neil Mary Curran  
GATHERALL Frances Elizabeth   17-Nov 1886 William Gatheral Monica Gregory John Hayse Johanna Delahunty  
GEARY Elizabeth Agnes   2-Aug 1871 George Geary Theresa Cody Patrick Keough Mary Geary  
GEARY Mary Anne Gertrude   15-Jul 1873 George Geary Theresa Coady John Kearney Agnes Geary  
GEARY Isabella Mary Ferryland, 16-Apr-1876 18-Apr 1876 George Geary Teresa Coady John Barnable Catherine Coady  
GEARY Johanna Augustine Ferryland, 8-Aug-1879 29-Aug 1879 George Geary Teresa Coady Thomas Keefe Mary Joseph Walsh  
GEARY Francis Henry Ferryland 2-Sep 1882 George Geary Teresa Coady M.A. Clancy Anne Barnable  
GEARY James Stephen Ferryland 2-Sep 1882 George Geary Teresa Coady Michael Kinsella Margaret Walsh  
GEARY Mary Georgina   1-May 1885 Patrick G. Geary Margaret Ann Moore John Delahunty Agnes Moore  
GEARY George Joseph   4-Jul 1888 George Geary Margaret Moore L.K. Veneker Margaret Connelly  
GEARY Mary Lousie   4-Jul 1888 George Geary Margaret Ann Moore John Ryan Kate Gearin  
GEEHAN Edward Arthur June 29, 1885 4-Jul 1885 Peter Geehan Ann Condon Edward Condon Robertha Condon  
GRANT Richard Joseph Dec 15, 1871 30-Dec 1871 William Grant Mary Ellen Sanders Martin Grant Frances Sanders  
GRANT Patrick Joseph   21-Sep 1872 Richard Grant Lucy Cashin Cornelius Hartry Mary Joseph Cashin  
GRANT William John   2-Nov 1873 William Grant Ellen Saunders John Carey Anne Grant  
GRANT George Joseph   30-Nov 1873 George Grant Teresa Aylward John Aylward Mary Aylward entered at the end of 1874
GRANT Martin Joseph Cape Broyle 29-Mar 1875 Richard Grant Lucy Cashin Michael Brien Anne Brien  
GRANT Frances Aquaforte 1-Nov 1875 Richard Grant Ellen Saunders Richard Saunders Agnes Brien  
GRANT William Joseph Cape Broyle 13-Apr 1879 Richard Grant Lucy Cashin William Walsh Ellen Walsh  
GRANT Ellen May 18, 1899 1-Jun 1899 John Grant Ellen Mackey Thomas Greene Margaret Greene illeg. - special pages end of Nov 1889
GREEN John   4-May 1871 Michael Green Sarah Power Timothy Ryan Anne Green  
GREEN John Joseph   6-Sep 1872 John Green Margaret Gregory John Joseph Delahunty Ellen Keough  
GREEN Margaret   20-Apr 1873 Michael Green Sarah Power Martin Chidley Margaret Grant  
GREEN Rose Mary Nov 8, 1891 15-Nov 1891 Thomas Green Kate Fewer Michael Scurry Sarah Leahy  
GREENE Mary Frances   7-Jun 1874 John Greene Margaret Gregory Joseph Greene Lucy Anne Chidley  
GREENE John Thomas   5-Jul 1874 Joseph Greene Mary Grace Peter Chidley Margaret Grant  
GREENE Margaret Mary Cape Broyle 24-Mar 1876 John Greene Margaret Gregory Peter Chidley Margaret Grant  
GREENE Esther Joseph Cape Broyle 15-Apr 1876 Michael Greene Sarah Power Peter Batcock Annie Jones  
GREENE Anne Joseph Cape Broyle 23-Feb 1878 John Greene Margaret Gregory Peter Gregory Margaret Jones  
GREENE Peter Joseph Cape Broyle 6-Jun 1880 Michael Greene Sarah Power John Dalton Ellen Power  
GREENE Clara Mary Cape Broyle 2-Dec 1880 John Greene Margaret Gregory Thomas Jones Cecily Dalton  
GREENE Walter Martin Nov 9, 1893 12-Nov 1893 Thomas Greene Catherine Fewer John Kent Ann Coady  
GREENE Agustus Peter May 8, 1895 12-May 1895 Thomas Greene Catherine Fewer John Brien Mary Brien  
GREENE George Lyon Oct 21, 1896 24-Oct 1896 Thomas Greene Kate Fewer Patt Cashin Teresa Cashin  
GREGORY William Thomas   28-Oct 1873 Michael Gregory Mary Martin Richard Gregory Bridget Gregory  
GREGORY William Agathae   16-Feb 1890 Richard Gregory Ellen Battcock James Hayse AliasPower  
GREGORY John C. Sept 25, 1892 2-Oct 1892 Richard Gregory Ellen Battcock Michael Gregory Mary Hayse  
GREGORY George Joseph Apr 25, 1894 6-May 1894 Richard Gregory Ellen Battcock Thomas Hawkins Monica Gregory married Angela Power
GREGORY Margaret Elizabeth Feb 13, 1896 23-Feb 1896 Michael Gregory Mary Hayse Thomas Hawkins Margaret Gregory  
GREGORY William Joseph May 17, 1896 24-May 1896 Richard Gregory Ellen Battcock Richard Power Mary Hawkins  
GREGORY Catherine Joseph Jan 9, 1898 14-Mar 1898 Michael Gregory Mary Hayse Peter Francis Hoynes Ellen Battcock  
GREGORY Henry Dec 8, 1899 17-Dec 1899 Michael Gregory Mary Hayse Michael Gatheral Kate Hayse  
GREGORY Mary Philomena 17-Feb-1901 24-Feb 1901 James Gregory Bridget Power Ernest Carew Mary Elizabeth Power  
GREGORY John Joseph 20-Nov-1902 23-Nov 1902 James Gregory Bridget Power Kate Hayse Edward Power  
GREGORY Mary 20-Dec-1902 1-Jan 1903 Michael Gregory Mary Hayse Thomas Battcock Rebecca Power  
GREGORY Michael James 28-Jan-1905 28-Jan 1905 James Gregory Bridget Power Michael Power Rebecca Power  
GREGORY Michael Frances 4-Nov-1906 11-Nov 1906 Michael Gregory Mary Hayse Daniel Hayse Helena Battcock  
GREGORY James Joseph 24-Aug-1907 28-Aug 1907 James Gregory Bridget Power Gregory Battcock Maude Battcock  
GREGORY William 2-Oct-1909 2-Oct 1909 James Gregory Bridget Power Walter Power Helena Battcock  
GRIFFIN Mary   9-May 1872 John Griffin Mary Power Edward Power Mary Power  
HADEN Robert Joseph 11-Apr-1910 12-Apr 1910 Thomas Haden Ann Boland William Boland Mary Joseph Walsh  
HALL Mary Lucretia   6-Dec 1872 William Hall Catherine Maher James Canning Susan Hall  
HALL James Joseph   26-Jul 1874 William Hall Catherine Meagher Thomas O'Neill Mary Bryan  
HALL William Thomas Aquaforte 6-Apr 1876 William Hall Kate Meagher Michael Meagher Anne Meagher  
HART Jane Joseph Cape Broyle 13-Feb 1876 Andrew Hart Margaret Coady John Brien Joanne Coady  
HART Catherine Rose   18-Sep 1874 John Hart Margaret Cody Patrick Morrissey Catherine Prendergast  
HARTERY James Philip   7-May 1872 Edward Hartery Elizabeth Prendergast Stephen Brien Elizabeth Dawley  
HARTERY Edward Francis   24-Jan 1874 Garret Hartery Catherine Brien Patrick Brine Margaret Brine  
HARTERY Anne Joseph   20-Mar 1874 Edward Hartery Elizabeth Prendergast John Hartery Mary Kelly  
HARTERY William Joseph Cape Broyle 15-May 1876 Garrett Hartery Catherine Brien Cornelius Hartery Anne Brien  
HARTERY Elizabeth Mary Cape Broyle 20-May 1876 Edward Hartery Elizabeth Prendergast Pat Brien Catherine Hartery  
HARTERY Joanne Joseph Cape Broyle 20-May 1876 Edward Hartery Elizabeth Prendergast Edward Hartery Mary Brien  
HARTERY John Joseph Cape Broyle 2-Jun 1878 Garrett Hartery Catherine Brien John Cashin Anne Brien  
HARTERY Teresa Josephine Cape Broyle, 16-Aug-1878 25-Aug 1878 Edward Hartery Elizabeth Prendergast Martin Brien Mary J. Morrissey  
HARTERY Mary Catherine Cape Broyle 6-May 1880 Garrett Hartery Catherine Brien Peter Brien Mary Brien  
HARTERY Monica Joseph Cape Broyle 15-May 1880 Edward Hartery Elizabeth Prendergast Pat Brien Bridget Tobin  
HARTERY Catherine Frances Cape Broyle 13-Mar 1882 Garrett Hartery Catherine Brien Michael Brien Monica Hartery  
HARTERY Matilda Joseph Cape Broyle 4-Jul 1882 Edward Hartery Eliza Prendergast William Prendergast Anne Brien  
HARTERY Francis Cape Broyle 22-Jan 1884 Garrett Hartery Catherine Brien Edward Hartery Catherine Brien  
HARTERY Elizabeth   31-Jan 1886 Garrett Hartery Catherine Brien Michael Hartery Lucy Tobin  
HARTERY Ann Joseph 25-Jun-1902 29-Jun 1902 Michael Hartery Monica Williams Garrett Hartery Matilda Hartery  
HARTERY Erick Mary 15-Aug-1903 16-Aug 1903 Michael Hartery Monica Williams James Brien Elizabeth Hartery  
HARTERY Mary Philimina 11-Aug-1908 15-Aug 1908 William Hartery Kate Brien William Brien Mary Ellen Kelly  
HARTERY Gerald Joseph 24-Oct-1909 24-Oct 1909 William Hartery Kate Brien Gerald Hartery Annie Brien  
HARTERY Catherine Anne 4-Dec-1909 11-Dec 1909 John Hartery Elizabeth Whalen Leo Brien Ann Whalen m. John J. Melvin - Nov 25 1952- St. Theresa's - St. John's
HARTERY Annie Joseph Cape Broyle, 23-Oct-1910 24-Oct 1910 William Hartery Catherine Brien Michael Tobin Bridget Keefe  
HARTRY Ellen   22-Dec 1870 Edward Hartry Eliza Prendergast Michael Hartry Anne Aylward  
HARTRY Michael Joseph   23-Aug 1871 John Hartry Anne Walsh John Cashin Catherine Brien  
HARTRY Catherine Joseph   10-Feb 1873 Gerald Hartry Catherine Brien John Brien Catherine Prendergast  
HARTRY Gerald   24-Jun 1888 Gerald Hartry Catherine Brien William Brien Elizabeth Hartery  
HARVEY Ellen   13-Sep 1885 Thomas Harvey Mary Prendergast Gregory Bruff Honora Carey illeg. - special pages after May 1892
HARVEY Gertrude   24-Jan 1888 Thomas Harvey Mary Prendergast Francis Prendergast Jane Harvey  
HARVEY John William Oct 2, 1889 6-Oct 1889 Thomas Harvey Mary Prendergast Patrick Harvey Margaret Harvey  
HARVEY Mary Emma Aug 13, 1891 16-Aug 1891 Thomas Harvey Mary Prendergast William Kelly Mary Bruff  
HARVEY Margaret Ann Jul 26, 1894 28-Jul 1894 Patrick Harvey Bridget Pendergast William Pendergast Jane Harvey  
HARVEY Mary Jane Sept 22, 1895 22-Sep 1895 Thomas Harvey Mary Pendergast Michael Howlett Ellen Joseph Carey  
HARVEY Maria Joseph Feb 12, 1896 23-Feb 1896 Patt Harvey Bridget Pendergast William Bruff Anastasia Kennedy  
HARVEY William Jan 20, 1897 7-Feb 1897 Nicholas Harvey Mary Williams John Morrissey Ellen Carey  
HARVEY Ellen Joseph Jul 29, 1897 1-Aug 1897 Patt Harvey Bridget Pendergast Gregory Bruff Ann Yard  
HARVEY Peter Joseph June 26, 1898 29-Jun 1898 Nicholas Harvey Mary Williams Patrick Carey Maryann Harvey  
HARVEY William David Feb 27, 1899 11-Mar 1899 Patrick Harvey Bridget Pendergast Peter Brien Mary Aylward  
HARVEY Esther Maude 4-Apr-1901 7-Apr 1901 Thomas Harvey Mary Jane Crocker William Reddy Anastasia Kennedy  
HARVEY William Peter 7-Mar-1903 7-Mar 1903 Thomas Harvey Mary Crocker Benjamin Carey Minnie Reddy  
HARVEY Bridget 14-Nov-1903 15-Nov 1903 Patt Harvey Bridget Pendergast Peter Yard Margaret Ellen Aylward  
HARVEY Patrick Joseph 26-Mar-1904 27-Mar 1904 Thomas Harvey Jane Crocker John Howlet Margaret Morrissey m. Mary A O'Brien June 2nd 1948 - Cape Broyle
HARVEY Fred 9-Apr-1905 7-May 1905 Patt Harvey Bridget Pendergast Michael Molloy Elizabeth Brien  
HARVEY Nicholas Mary 22-May-1905 28-May 1905 Thomas Harvey Mary Crocker Andrew Aspell Mary Elizabeth Anthony  
HARVEY Albert Joseph 30-Nov-1906 2-Dec 1906 Thomas Harvey Mary Jane Crocker James Brien Maggie Harvey  
HARVEY Mary 15-Sep-1907 21-Sep 1907 Patt Harvey Bridget Pendergast John Aylward Sarah Pendergast  
HARVEY John 1-Dec-1908 24-Dec 1908 Patrick Harvey Bridget Prendergast James Brien Ellen Ready  
HARVEY Michael Anthony 22-Mar-1909 25-Mar 1909 Thomas Harvey Mary Jane Harvey James Carey Mary Bridget Carey  
HAWKINS John Joseph   18-Jun 1872 Robert Hawkins Lucy Burris Patrick Crane Bridget Doyle  
HAWKINS Thomas Patrick   9-Mar 1874 Robert Hawkins Lucy Burris Robert Howlett Winifred Kent  
HAWKINS May Joseph Cape Broyle 21-Nov 1875 Robert Hawkins Lucy Borris James Kent Joanna Doyle  
HAWKINS Michael Cape Broyle 17-Sep 1877 Robert Hawkins Lucy Boroughs Michael Walsh Mary Crane  
HAWKINS Catherine Anne Cape Broyle 4-Oct 1879 Robert Hawkins Lucy Borris Matt. Crane Ellen Doyle  
HAWKINS William Joseph Cape Broyle 3-Nov 1881 Robert Hawkins Lucy Borris Henry Bruff Mary Doyle  
HAWKINS Robert 24-Aug-1901 25-Aug 1901 Thomas Hawkins Matilda Power James Byrne Mary Hayse  
HAWKINS Mary Elizabeth 23-Dec-1902 1-Jan 1903 John Hawkins Lucy Hayward Louis Williams Irene Carew  
HAWKINS Catherine Mary 3-May-1904 8-May 1904 John Hawkins Lucy Hayward Joseph Crane Mary Joseph Hawkins  
HAWKINS Joseph 25-Jul-1904 31-Jul 1904 Thomas Hawkins Matilda Power William Richard Power Katie Power  
HAWKINS Theresa 23-Jan-1906 28-Jan 1906 John Hawkins Lucy Hayward William Hawkins Kate Aspell  
HAWKINS Mary 28-Jun-1906 1-Jul 1906 Thomas Hawkins Matilda Power James Hayse Stella Battcock  
HAWKINS Edward John 21-Jul-1907 28-Jul 1907 John Hawkins Lucy Hayward William Molloy Kathleen Condon  
HAWKINS Robert Joseph 18-Sep-1907 21-Sep 1907 Michael Hawkins Elizabeth Anthony James Crane Gertie Harvey  
HAWKINS Loretta 15-Jul-1908 19-Jul 1908 Thomas Hawkins Matilda Power Joseph Hayse Maggie Gregory  
HAWKINS Mary Frances 4-May-1909 9-May 1909 Michael Hawkins Elizabeth Anthony Francis Doyle Ellen Brine  
HAWKINS Denis 2-Aug-1909 8-Aug 1909 John Hawkins Lucy Hayward James Hayes Ellen Joseph Carey  
HAWKINS Gerald Brigus, 4-Jun-1910 7-Jun 1910 Thomas Hawkins Matilda Power Michael Hayes Mary Byrne  
HAWKINS William Francis Admiral's Cove, 27-Nov-1910 29-Nov 1910 Michael Hawkins Elizabeth Anthony Joseph Crane Mary Rose Doyle  
HAYDEN Alice Joseph Caplin Bay, 8- Jun - 1910 12-Jun 1910 John Hayden Annie Kavanagh Peter Boland Mary Ellen Mahon  
HAYES Edward Francis   15-Jan 1872 Patrick Hayes Mary Roache Peter Babcock Bridget Gregory  
HAYES John Joseph   30-Jun 1872 John Hayes Mary Walsh Thomas Hayes Margaret Gregory  
HAYES Bridget Anne   23-Nov 1873 John Hayes Mary Walsh Joseph Cole Ellen Power  
HAYES Mary   5-Feb 1874 Michael Hayes Mary Reed Patrick Power Catherine Hayes entered at the end of 1874
HAYES Bridget Joseph   19-Apr 1874 Patrick Hayes Mary Roach Martin Brien Monica Hartery  
HAYES Patrick Joseph Brigus 8-May 1875 John Hayes Mary Walsh John Batcock Alice Power  
HAYES Elizabeth Cape Broyle 6-Jan 1876 Thomas Hayes Margaret Borough John Battcock Anne Howlett  
HAYES Martin Brigus 1-May 1877 John Hayes Mary Walsh James Byrne Catherine Power  
HAYES Edward Cape Broyle 20-Aug 1877 Thomas Hayes Margaret Burris Cornelius Hartery Ellen Hayes  
HAYES James Brigus 29-Aug 1877 Michael Hayes Mary Reed William Batcock Catherine Reed  
HAYES James Cape Broyle 3-May 1879 Thomas Hayes Margaret Borris Thomas Howlett Joanna Doyle  
HAYES James   25-May 1879 James Hayes Mary Crane John Walsh Ellen Denine  
HAYES Michael   25-May 1879 James Hayes Mary Crane Michael Scurry Anne Howlett  
HAYES Joseph Brigus 20-Jul 1879 John Hayes Mary Walsh John Gregory Mary Long  
HAYES Elizabeth Anne Brigus 20-Feb 1881 Michael Hayes Mary Reed James Byrne May J. Batcock  
HAYES Catherine Anne Brigus 25-Jul 1881 John Hayes Mary Walsh William Gatherall Mary Greene  
HAYES Susanna Brigus 15-Aug 1881 James Hayes Mary Crane William Higgins Alice Crane  
HAYES Martin Joseph Cape Broyle 4-Nov 1881 Thomas Hayes Margaret Borris Thomas Harvey Mary Howlett  
HAYES Michael Patrick Brigus, 26-Dec-1882 22-Feb 1883 John Hayes Mary Walsh James Battcock Margaret Gregory  
HAYES Mary Ellen Cape Broyle 28-Oct 1883 Thomas Hayes Margaret Borris Peter Doyle Mary Morrissey  
HAYES James Patrick   2-Aug 1885 James Hayes Mary Crane John Joseph Shanahan Johanna Delahunty  
HAYES Mary Margaret 26-Dec-1909 26-Dec 1909 John Hayes Mary Hartery Edward Power Lizzie Hartery  
HAYSE Catherine   9-Feb 1884 Michael Hayse Mary Reid James Higgins Mary Higgins  
HAYSE William Joseph   25-Jul 1886 Thomas Hayse Margaret Bouress Michael Power Lucy Bouress  
HAYSE Daniel Laurence   4-Sep 1887 Michael Hayse Mary Reid James Battcock Jane Morrissey  
HAYSE Martin Francis Brigus, 3-Dec-1910 5-Dec 1910 John Hayse Mary Hartery Henny? Gregory Mollie Badcock  
HEADEN Patrick Nov 19, 1899 23-Nov 1899 John Headen Lizzie Gatheral William Power Ellen Rossiter  
HEADEN Thomas Joseph 15-Dec-1900 19-Dec 1900 John Headen Elizabeth Gatheral Thomas Headen Johanna Power  
HEADEN Mary Joseph 17-Mar-1903 19-Mar 1903 John Headen Elizabeth Gatheral William Toole Ann Boland  
HEADEN Margaret Ann 8-Sep-1904 10-Sep 1904 John Headen Elizabeth Getherall Joseph Getherall Katie Johnson  
HEADEN Josephine 15-May-1906 16-May 1906 John Headen Lizzie Gatherall John Gatherall Sarah Toole  
HEADEN Bridget 15-May-1906 16-May 1906 John Headen Lizzie Gatherall Jeremiah Conway Mary Kavanagh  
HEADEN Joseph 15-Aug-1907 20-Aug 1907 John Headen Elizabeth Gatherall Michael Power Ellen Boland  
HEADEN William Joseph 7-Jun-1908 9-Jun 1908 Thomas Headon Ann Boland Patt Boland Annie Boland marriage register 1960
HEADON John Apr 11, 1897 4-Aug 1897 John Headon Elizabeth Gatheral Peter Hoynes Bridget Brien illeg. - special pages end of Nov 1889. Parents married January 1899
HEALY Edward John   25-Nov 1870 Thomas Healy Catherine Gregory Patrick Brien Mary Geary  
HEALY Sarah Mary   2-Feb 1871 Martin Healy Catherine Bradbury William Canning Mary Power  
HEALY James Joseph   26-Aug 1872 Thomas Healy Catherine Gregory Joseph Kinsella Catherine Williams  
HEALY Maria Frances   25-Oct 1872 Andrew Healy Margaret Hynes Patrick Walsh Mary Byrne  
HEALY Johanna Mary   2-Feb 1873 Jeoffry Healy Ellen English Martin Ryan Mary Anne Kelly  
HEALY Patrick William   10-Dec 1874 Thomas Healy Catherine Gregory Michael Sliney Winifred Kinsella  
HEALY Thomas Joseph   27-Dec 1874 Geoffrey Healy Ellen English James Keough Mary Rossiter  
HEALY John Aquaforte, 12-Dec-1875 17-Dec 1875 Michael Healy Mary Saunders William Saunders Anne Condon  
HEALY Edward Ferryland 4-Jun 1876 Andrew Healy Margaret Grant Patrick Brennan Mary J. Walsh  
HEALY Mary Caplin Bay 6-Feb 1877 Geoffrey Healy Ellen English Thomas Foley Anne Power  
HEALY Mary Joseph Aquaforte 10-Aug 1877 Michael Healy Mary Saunders Denis Coady Anne Foley  
HEALY Martha Anne Caplin Bay 3-Jul 1879 Geoffrey Healy Ellen English John Healy Teresa Gatheral  
HEALY Mary Catherine Caplin Bay 16-May 1881 Geoffrey Healy Ellen English Terence Toole Flora Foley  
HEALY Mary Elizabeth June 28, 1896 29-Jun 1896 James Healy Maggie Mead John Thomas Jordan Mary Josephine Kinsella  
HEALY Mary Caroline Mar 26, 1898 29-Mar 1898 James Healy Maggie Meade John Sullivan Mary Sliney  
HEALY Mary Isabella 16-Jan-1910 26-Jan 1910 John Healy Ann Legett William Canning Bridget Maher  
HIGGINS Johanna   22-Jul 1871 John Higgins Mary Batcock Edward Power Ellen Frances Batcock  
HISCOTT Peter Augustine Aquaforte 19-Jan 1875 John Hiscott Mary Perryman Peter Healy Mary Healy children previously protestant
HISCOTT James Joseph Aquaforte 19-Jan 1875 John Hiscott Mary Perryman George Oliphant Mary Cose baptized both conditionally.
HISCOTT Peter Augustus 8-May-1908 13-May 1908 Peter Hiscott Elizabeth Meany James Hiscott Mary Walsh m. to Jeannette Harvey, St. Joseph's Ch.- North Sydney, Canada; Sept 13th 1943
HISCOTT James Joseph Aquaforte, 28-Apr-1910 25-May 1910 Peter Hiscott Elizabeth Meaney Daniel Saunders Essie Saunders m. July 28 1942 - Mary M. Caines - St. Joseph's Church - N. Sydney, Canada
HOPKINS William Joseph   21-Oct 1872 William Hopkins Johanna Culleton Thomas Costello Mary Fahey  
HOPKINS Anastasia Mary Ferryland, 23-May-1877 17-Aug 1877 William Hopkins Joanna Culleton John Keefe Mary Sliney  
HOPKINS Ellen Joseph Ferryland 15-Oct 1880 William Hopkins Joanna Culleton Henry Hopkins Kate Kinsella  
HOPKINS Rachel Joseph Ferryland 12-Dec 1881 William Hopkins Joanna Culleton Pat. Sisk Anastasia Hopkins  
HOPKINS Henry Martin   13-May 1884 William Hopkins Johanna Culeton Daniel Keefe Anastasia Keefe  
HOWLETT Michael   18-Dec 1870 James Howlett Mary Anne Powel Nicholas Harvey Mary Crane  
HOWLETT Sarah Ellen   4-Oct 1874 James Howlett Mary Powells Peter Doyle Agnes Kent  
HOWLETT Mary Jane Caplin Bay 12-Jul 1875 Patrick Howlett Kate Hayden Isaac Canning Margaret Keefe illegitimate. P.H. of Petty Harbour
HOWLETT Mary Bridget 27-Aug-1901 15-Sep 1901 Michael Howlett Frances Ready Mike Hawkins Mary Agnes Brien  
HOWLETT Maryann 8-May-1903 10-May 1903 Michael Howlett Mary F. Reddy Michael Morrissey Lucy Hayward  
HOWLETT Sarah Alice 27-Aug-1904 28-Aug 1904 Michael Howlett Mary Frances Ready Joseph Bruff Mary J. Doyle  
HOWLETT Christina 30-Jan-1906 11-Feb 1906 Michael Howlett Mary F. Ready John Howlett Kateleen Condon  
HOWLETT Anastasia 2-Jan-1908 3-Jan 1908 Michael Howlett Mary Frances Reddy Walter Power Ellen Joseph Howlett  
HOWLETT James Joseph 8-Aug-1909 15-Aug 1909 Mike Howlett Mary Frances Ready William Hawkins Catherine Hawkins  
HOYNES Bernard   20-May 1887 John Hoynes (Hynes) Ann Johnson John Brien Mary Gertrude Kelly  
HOYNES (HYNES) William Joseph   30-Jul 1889 Edward Hoynes (Hynes) Ellen Mary Meany Augustus Keefe Gertrude Kelly married to My. Delaney, 15 Jan 1933, by WM Finn, PP, Harbor Grace diocese. Wit. John Cashin & Helena O'Neill
HOYNES (HYNES) Albert   8-Apr 1891 John Hoynes (Hynes) Ann Johnson James Valentine Kelly Mary Rossiter also see Hynes (K.R.)
HOYNES (HYNES) James Augustine May 17, 1892 18-May 1892 Edward Hoynes (Hynes) Ellen Meany William Joseph Hoynes Mary Hoynes  
HOYNES (HYNES) Ellen Joseph Mar 20, 1896 21-Mar 1896 Edward Hoynes (Hynes) Ellen Meany Martin Cain Bridget Meany  
HOYNES (HYNES) Mary Joseph May 15, 1899 16-May 1899 Edward Hoynes (Hynes) Ellen Meany John Joseph Hoynes Ellen Meany  
HOYNES (HYNES) Vincent Joseph 22-Jan-1906 24-Jan 1906 John Hoynes (Hynes) Lucy Ryan Bernard Hoynes Kate Devereux  
HOYNES (HYNES) John Howard 5-Jan-1907 8-Jan 1907 John Hoynes (Hynes) Lucy Ryan Albert Hoynes Ann Brennan  
HUSSEY Mary 25-Aug-1904 28-Aug 1904 John Hussey Theresa Cashin Michael Whelan Bridget Cashin  
HYNES Mary Caplin Bay 12-Feb 1876 John Hynes Anne Johnston Edward Hynes Jane Reddigan also see Hoynes (K.R.)
HYNES William Joseph Caplin Bay 29-Mar 1878 John Hynes Anne Johnson Robert Swain Margaret Kehoe  
HYNES John Joseph Caplin Bay 5-Jun 1880 John Hynes Anne Johnson Joseph Rossiter Ellen Clancy  
HYNES Michael Caplin Bay 25-Nov 1881 John Hynes Anne Johnson John Rossiter Kate Swayne  
HYNES Thomas Caplin Bay 11-Nov 1882 John Hynes Anne Johnson William Rossiter Joanna Boland  
HYNES John Joseph Ferryland 4-Nov 1883 Edward Hynes Ellen Meany John Healy Ellen Brennan  
HYNES Peter Francis   7-Apr 1885 John Hynes Ann Johnson Peter Johnson Kate Kelly  
HYNES William Joseph   12-Jun 1887 Edward Hynes Ellen Meany Walter Walsh Mary Brennan  
HYNES Ernest Francis 26-Jan-1909 27-Jan 1909 John Hynes Lucy Ryan William Hynes Maggie Devereaux  
JOHNSON Catherine Caplin Bay 21-May 1880 Thomas Johnson Catherine Brien Michael Costello Bridget Leahy illegitimate - parents afterwards married. T. J. of Caplin Bay
JOHNSON John Joseph Cape Broyle 25-Jun 1882 Thomas Johnson Kate Brien Joseph Brien Bridget Brien  
JOHNSON William Peter   27-Jun 1884 Thomas Johnson Catherine Brien Thomas Swain Jane Johnson  
JOHNSON Ellen Joseph   27-Sep 1884 John Johnson Mary Grant Joseph Rossiter Mary Winter  
JOHNSON James Henry   30-Nov 1884 William Johnson Kate Hynes Michael Hynes Mary Greene  
JOHNSON Mary Ann   16-May 1886 John Johnson Mary Grant John Boland Monica Rossiter  
JOHNSON Nicholas John Sept 7, 1886 11-Sep 1886 William Johnson Catherine Hynes Patrick Quirk Elizabeth Kelly  
JOHNSON Margaret Rose   22-Mar 1888 John Johnson Mary Grant Terrance Toole Bridget Rossiter  
JOHNSON Emanuel   4-Jun 1888 William Johnson Catherine Hines Joseph Quirk Johanna Ellard pervert - married a first cousin outside church
JOHNSON Kate   1-Jan 1890 Peter Johnson Ellen Kent John Power Mary Alias Power  
JOHNSON Amelia Isabella   14-Jun 1890 William Johnson Catherine Hynes Benedict Shanahan Bridget Fitzgerald  
JOHNSON William   4-Jun 1891 Peter Johnson Ellen Kent William Joseph Jackman Margaret Rossiter  
JOHNSON Polina June 20, 1892 30-Jun 1892 Peter Johnson Ellen Kent John Hayden Monica Rossiter  
JOHNSON Charles Joseph Jul 27, 1892 30-Jul 1892 William Johnson Kate Hoynes Edward Healy Bridget Kavanagh  
JOHNSON Stella June 5, 1894 9-Jun 1894 Peter Johnson Ellen Kent John Headon Mary Hoynes  
JOHNSON Genevia Aug 9, 1895 17-Aug 1895 Peter Johnson Ellen Kent John Joseph Hoynes Elizabeth Ann Johnson  
JOHNSON Mary Mar 26, 1897 29-Mar 1897 Peter Johnson Ellen Kent William Power Alice Boland  
JOHNSON Michael Joseph June 10, 1898 12-Jun 1898 Peter Johnson Ellen Kent Thomas Whelan Alias Fitzgerald  
JOHNSON Gordon Alfred Dec 9, 1898 14-Dec 1898 William Johnson Kate Hoynes Edward Hoynes Ann Brennan  
JOHNSON Alice Ann 26-May-1900 28-May 1900 Peter Johnson Ellen Kent Michael Power Ellen Boland  
JOHNSON Alexander Joseph   26-Nov 1900 (not stated)       Priest omitted surname, however date matches marr. entry for Alexander Joseph Johnson (28) to Ann Brennan (39). (K.R.)
JOHNSON William 3-Oct-1902 7-Oct 1902 Peter Johnson Ellen Kent Albert Hoynes Johanna Coady  
JOHNSON Josephine Patrick 17-Mar-1904 19-Mar 1904 Peter Johnson Ellen Kent Mathew Whelan Kate Keough  
JOHNSON Ellen 10-Jul-1905 17-Jul 1905 Peter Johnson Ellen Kent Luke Rossiter Mary Power  
JOHNSON Wineford 23-Feb-1907 17-Mar 1907 Peter Johnson Ellen Kent Mike Hoynes Mary Kearsey  
JOHNSTON John Caplin Bay 27-Jul 1877 John Johnston Mary Anne Shanahan Thomas Meany Kate Healy illegitimate
JONES George Thomas   1-May 1872 Edmund Jones Mary Winser William Condon Harriet Cose bapt. conditionally
JONES Mary Emily   18-Jul 1873 Edwin Jones Mary Winsor Sarah Oliphant    
JONES Charles Weston Aquaforte 19-Jan 1875 Charles Jones Harriet Cose William Condon Caroline Jones  
JONES Edwin William Aquaforte 25-Nov 1875 Edwin Jones Mary Winsor George Oliphant Jane Croft  
JONES Mary Josephine Aquaforte 4-Oct 1876 Charles Jones Harriet Cose William Kinsella Mary Hiscott  
JONES George Thomas Aquaforte 13-Aug 1878 Charles Jones Harriet Cose John Jones Sara Mary Oliphant  
JONES William Henry Aquaforte 28-Jan 1881 Charles Jones Harriet Cose John Bennett Kate Cose  
JONES John Dec 21, 1896 24-Dec 1896 Thomas Jones Sarah Knowling Patt Duggan Ann Coady  
JONES Mary Ellen Nov 20, 1898 26-Nov 1898 Thomas Jones Sarah Nolan Richard Ryan Ellen Coady  
JONES James Joseph 13-May-1901 16-May 1901 Thomas Jones Sarah Nowlan Thomas Fowler Kate Coady  
JONES Johanna 18-Mar-1903 22-Mar 1903 Thomas Jones Sarah Nowlan Alexander J. Johnson Johanna J. Kearsey  
JONES Catherine Mary 22-Mar-1904 26-Mar 1904 Thomas Jones Sarah Knowling Stephen Brien Ann Costello  
JONES Margaret Mary 22-Apr-1906 5-May 1906 Thomas Jones Sarah Knowling James Brien Mary J Walsh  
JONES Thomas Joseph 9-Aug-1907 11-Aug 1907 Thomas Jones Sarah Rowland John Dalton Ellen Kearsey m. Ellen Ev?? Aug 5th??
JONES Charles Francis 1-Sep-1908 9-Sep 1908 William Jones Bessie Maher Richard Maher Bridget Agnes Maher  
JORDAN Robert Joseph Ferryland 24-Jun 1875 Maurice Jordan Elizabeth Ryan Patrick Brien Mary Sliney  
JORDAN Mary Ellen Feb 24, 1898 8-Mar 1898 John Jordan Mary Keefe Patrick Kavanagh Eliza Egan  
JORDAN Annie Joseph Oct 24, 1898 27-Oct 1898 William Jordan Eliza Egan Michael Walsh Mary Paul  
JORDAN Mary Catherine 1-May-1900 2-May 1900 John Jordan Mary Martin James Paul Mary McGibbley  
JORDAN Robert Joseph 10-Aug-1900 19-Aug 1900 William Jordan Eliza Hagen William Costello Ita Williams married at Renews June 18th, 1944 to Mary B. Walsh
JORDAN Mary Ita 26-Dec-1901 27-Dec 1901 John Jordan Mary Martin Valentine Keefe Agnes Kavanagh  
JORDAN Bride 23-Dec-1903 26-Dec 1903 William Jordan Eliza Egan James Barnable Bride Brennan  
JORDAN Beatrice 16-Feb-1904 18-Feb 1904 John Jordan Mary Martin Thomas Kavanagh Annie Joseph Barnable  
JORDAN Michael Patrick 11-Feb-1906 13-Feb 1906 John Jordan Mary Martin Richard Lemasseny Honorah Williams m. Agnes Hunt (of Cath. Parish - Harbor Grace) 25 Feb 1931 - Cath. Harbour Grace. Wit: John Jordan & Mary Hunt.
JORDAN Mary Theresa 9-Feb-1907 12-Feb 1907 William Jordan Eliza Hagan John Barnable Elizabeth Kavanagh  
JORDAN John Joseph 15-Jun-1908 16-Jun 1908 John Jordan Mary Martin James Clow Mary Kavanagh  
JORDAN Thomas Joseph 12-Dec-1909 15-Dec 1909 William Jordan Eliza Ryan Joseph Williams Maggie Williams m. Catherine? F Clancy - June 6th 1948 - St. John's Cathedral
JORDAN Clara Isabelle Ferryland, 30-Jun-1910 2-Jul 1910 John Jordan Mary Martin Thomas Lomasney Clara Walsh  

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