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Holy Apostles Renews
RC Baptisms 1857-1877
Husbands - Part 1 (A - F)

These records mainly cover the settlements south of Aquaforte i.e. Fermeuse & area,Renews & area, and Renews to Cape Race. There are however
a number of entries for Aquaforte,Ferryland, Caplin Bay (Calvert), Cape Broyle, and Brigus South. The records for these"strays" from Ferryland
Parish occur mainly between the dates of 1857-1870, butthe priests did not record where the baptisms were actually performed.

April 15, 1858 Aylward, Mary Anne Aylward, John Walsh, Margaret Thomas Duggan, Catherine Cody Robert Brennan  
July 15, 1866 Aylward, Patrick Bonaventure Aylward, John Walsh, Margaret Michael Cody, Frances Brothers William Forristall  
June 16, 1861 Aylward, John Francis Aylward, John Walsh, Margaret Martin Walsh, Mary Coady William Forristall  
November 24, 1862 Aylward, Catherine Aylward, John Walsh, Margaret John Aylward, Frances Brothers William Forristall  
October 16, 1859 Aylward, James Joseph Aylward, John Walsh, Margaret Patrick Connell, Nancy Connell Robert Brennan  
October 27, 1868 Aylward, Bridget Aylward, John Walsh, Margaret Paul Neill, Mary Walsh J. Murphy  
September 12, 1864 Aylward, John Joseph Aylward, John Walsh, Margaret Edward Butler, Catherine Brothers William Forristall  
September 26, 1876 Barren, Ellen Frances Barren, Pierce Dinn, Alice John Kane, Elizabeth Roche John Walshe  
November 22, 1874 Barron, Stephen Barron, Peter Dinn, Alice Joseph Shanahan, Elizabeth Dinn John Walshe  
December 27, 1860 Batcock, Peter Agnes Batcock, John Cashin, Mary Thomas Batcock, Johanna Higgins James Murphy  
December 6, 1864 Bavis, Frances Bavis, James Keating, Mary Richard Quinlan, Elizabeth Keating William Forristall  
June 10, 1873 Bavis, Mary Frances Bavis, James Keating, Mary William Bavis, Mary Anne Bavis R. Dunphy  
June 13, 1869 Bavis, Elizabeth Bavis, James Keating, Mary William Cody, Mary Conway William Forristall  
November 17, 1866 Bavis, Walter Bavis, James Keating, Mary Thomas Lawlor, Anne Roache William Forristall  
April 30, 1865 Bavis, Elizabeth Bavis, John Fleming, Mary Edward Fowler, Anne Wickens William Forristall  
August 11, 1861 Bavis, Thomas Bavis, John Fleming, Mary James Berigan, Margaret Lawlor William Forristall  
May 1, 1863 Bavis, Joseph Bavis, Joseph Wickens, Elizabeth Joseph Harding, Mary Harding William Forristall  
May 14, 1865 Bavis, Thomas Bavis, Joseph Wickens, Elizabeth ??? Power, Anne Yarn William Forristall  
November 17, 1871 Bavis, Frances Bavis, Joseph Wickens, Elizabeth Patrick Wickens, Anne Wickens R. Dunphy  
October 7, 1860 Bavis, Emma Bavis, Joseph Wickens, Elizabeth Richard Wickens, Jane Harding William Forristall  
February 15, 1871 Bavis, Thomas Bavis, Richard Croft, Eliza James Berrigan, Mary Craft D. O' Donnell  
July 19, 1863 Bavis, Richard Bavis, Richard Fleming, Esther William Neil, Catherine Fennly William Forristall  
February 8, 1869 Bavis, Elizabeth Bavis, William McCarthy, Mary Richard Cody, Sarah Geran William Forristall  
November 20, 1870 Bavis, Peter Francis Bavis, William Conway, Kate John Bavis, Bridget Bavis William Forristall  
July 28, 1873 Baviss, Patrick William Baviss, Joseph Wickens, Elizabeth John Baviss, Anastatia Berigan John Walshe  
July 28, 1873 Baviss, Robert Joseph Baviss, Richard Croft, Eliza John Baviss, Jane Robinson John Walshe  
September 14, 1863 Beavis, Edward Beavis, John Fleming, Mary Ed Flinn, Kate Fowler William Forristall  
May 29, 1859 Berigan, Mary Berigan, William Wickens, Anne Lawrence Berigan, Anne Bryan Robert Brennan  
February 13, 1871 Berrigan, James Berrigan, James Lawlor, Johanna James Leary, Anne Berrigan D. O' Donnell  
November 22, 1868 Berrigan, Michael Berrigan, James Lawlor, Johanna Thomas Berrigan, Mary Leary William Forristall  
July 24, 1864 Berrigan, Bridget Berrigan, William Wickens, Anne William Berrigan, Margaret Power William Forristall  
November 10, 1860 Berrigan, Emma Berrigan, William Wickens, Nancy Christopher Neil, Elizabeth Wilcox William Forristall  
August 11, 1861 Best, William Best, James Pendergast, Mary Nicholas Doyle, Teresa Pendergast William Forristall  
July 3, 1859 Best, James Best, James Pendergast, Mary Daniel Morrissey, M. Anne Pendergast James Murphy  
June 9, 1875 Bevis, John Bevis, James Keating, Mary Timothy Brien, Mary Anne Keating John Walshe  
January 24, 1858 Bevis, John Bevis, John Fleming, Mary William Geeron, Ellen Fleming Robert Brennan  
September 18, 1859 Bevis, Nicholas Joseph Bevis, John Fleming, Mary Edward Johnson, Alice Whelan J. Murphy  
June 13, 1858 Bevis, Joseph Bevis, Joseph Wickens, Eliza William Power, Emma Neill J. Murphy  
March 21, 1869 Bevis, Mary Frances Bevis, Joseph King, Eliza James Berrigan, ??? ???  
November 29, 1858 Bevis, Joseph Bevis, Joseph Wickens, Eliza John Power, Emma Neill J. Murphy  
May 4, 1870 Bolan, John Bolan, John Cody, Margaret Robert Bolan, Kate Rositer William Forristall  
July 16, 1871 Boland, Elizabeth Boland, Richard Ryan, Honora Patrick Hayden, Anne Murphy R. Dunphy  
June 15, 1873 Boland, Anastatia Boland, Richard Ryan, Honora James Hart, Margaret Dunphy R. Dunphy  
August 5, 1861 Brennan, Mary Agnes Brennan, John Tobin, Ellen Michael Keefe, Teresa Phelan James Murphy  
January 26, 1861 Brennan, Bridget Brennan, Patrick Dalton, Alice Lawrence Walsh, Ellen Brennan James Murphy  
March 12, 1862 Brennan, Frank Brennan, Patrick Dalton, Alice Patrick Mahon, Ellen Stafford William Forristall  
October 14, 1858 Brennan, Robert Brennan, Patrick Dalton, Alice James Brennan, Mary Brennan J. Murphy  
September 30, 1877 Brennan, Michael Joseph Brennan, Thomas Robinson, Mary Thomas Reddy, Mary Harte John Walshe  
May 30, 1861 Brien, Peter Brien, James Cashin, Ellen Michael Kelly, Ellen Kelly J. Murphy  
February 4, 1861 Brien, Bridget Frances Brien, Michael Dalton, Catherine Denis Trainor, Elizabeth Trainor William Forristall  
January 28, 1861 Brien, Bridget Frances Brien, Michael Dalton, Catherine Denis Trainor, Elizabeth Trainor William Forristall  
June 21, 1873 Brien, Thomas Brien, Michael Fowler, Margaret Edward Quinlan, Anne Foley R. Dunphy  
March 24, 1861 Brien, Joseph Brien, Michael Fowler, Johanna Joseph Martin, Bridget Cashin J. Murphy  
May 2, 1861 Brien, Joseph Brien, Michael Martin, Margaret John Martin, Bridget Cashin J. Murphy  
December 10, 1861 Brien, Agnes Brien, Patrick Murphy, Mary James Murphy, Bridget Maher James Murphy  
January 3, 1860 Brien, Anne Brien, Patrick Murphy, Mary Michael Maher, Catherine Brien Robert Brennan  
August 2, 1861 Brien, Sarah Agnes Brien, William Tobin, Margaret John Walsh, Teresa Kenny James Murphy  
August 7, 1859 Brien, Ann Joseph Brien, William Conners, Mary Henry Conners, Margaret Conners James Murphy  
July 2, 1860 Brien, Mary Joseph Brien, William Tobin, Margaret James Murphy, Ellen Brennan James Murphy  
March 20, 1860 Brien, Mary Joseph Brien, William Tobin, Margaret James Murphy, Ellen Brien J. Murphy  
September 2, 1861 Brien, Sarah Agnes Brien, William Tobin, Margaret John Walsh, Teresa Kelly J. Murphy  
February 6, 1871 Brophy, Bridget Brophy, James Rositer, Bridget Patrick Rositer, Lucy Fahy D. O' Donnell  
March 16, 1874 Brophy, Johanna Brophy, James Rossiter, Bridget Michael Ryan, Catherine Fahey John Walshe  
March 17, 1877 Brophy, Ellen Brophy, James Rossiter, Bridget Matthew Kenny, Mary Anne McDonald John Walshe  
October 31, 1872 Brophy, Michael Brophy, James Rossiter, Bridget Thomas Brand, Mary Kenny R. Dunphy  
September 28, 1875 Brophy, Mary Joseph Brophy, James Rossiter, Bridget Richard Fennelly, Anne Fahey John Walshe  
February 7, 1874 Brophy, Walter Joseph Brophy, Mathew Ryan, Bridget William Shallow, Anne Shallow John Walshe  
June 4, 1873 Brophy, Mary Anne Brophy, Mathew Ready, Anne Patrick Hayden, Mary Kenny R. Dunphy  
May 24, 1866 Brophy, John Brophy, Mathew Ryan, Bridget Patrick Dunn, Mary Anne Ryan William Forristall  
November 14, 1875 Brophy, Margaret Brophy, Mathew Ryan, Bridget Thomas Hagan, Bridget Murphy John Walshe  
November 29, 1868 Brophy, Johannah Brophy, Mathew Ryan, Johana John Oates, Margaret Ryan William Forristall  
October 7, 1867 Brophy, William Brophy, Mathew Ryan, Bridget James Maher, Alice Ryan William Forristall  
July 22, 1877 Brophy, Alice Brophy, Matthew Ryan, Bridget Andrew Kenny, Jane Kenny John Walshe  
December 3, 1863 Brophy, Bridget Brophy, Michael Dwyer, Jane Michael Coady, Catherine Walsh William Forristall  
April 8, 1877 Brophy, Mary Elizabeth Brophy, Patrick Fennelly, Anne Thomas Murphy, Margaret Shallow John Walshe  
December 20, 1871 Brophy, Margaret Brophy, Patrick White, Ellen John Doyle, Mary Murphy R. Dunphy  
June 13, 1875 Brophy, Bridget Joseph Brophy, Patrick Fennelly, Anne John Brien, Mary Fennelly John Walshe  
June 13, 1869 Brophy, John Brophy, Phil Reddy, Anne Thomas Reddy, Lucy Fahy William Forristall  
July 1, 1877 Brophy, Bridget Joseph Brophy, Philip Reddy, Mary Lawrence Hayden, Catherine Fahy John Walshe  
May 23, 1875 Brophy, Frances Brophy, Philip Reddy, Anne Patrick Casy, Johanna Reddy John Walshe  
March 5, 1871 Brophy, Thomas Brophy, Richard Hayes, Mary Michael Murphy, Anne Murphy N. Roche  
March 5, 1871 Brophy, Catherine Brophy, Richard Hayes, Mary Peter Murphy, Fanny Jackman N. Roche  
May 20, 1871 Brophy, Stephen Brophy, Stephen ?????, Ann Denis Shea, Kate Getherel N. Roche  
March 2, 1875 Brothers, Catherine Joseph Brothers, Denis Clancy, Mary William Trainor, Veronica Brothers John Walshe  
March 7, 1872 Brothers, John Joseph Brothers, Denis Clancy, Mary Robert Duggan, Jane Brothers R. Dunphy  
May 11, 1877 Brothers, Catherine Anne Brothers, Jeremiah Walsh, Veronica Thomas Duggan, Mary Brothers John Walshe  
October 30, 1874 Brothers, Mary Elizabeth Brothers, Jeremiah Walsh, Veronica John Fahey, Kate Walshe John Walshe  
April 10, 1876 Brothers, Frances Joseph Brothers, John Cummins, Ellen John Duggan, Frances Duggan John Walshe  
June 22, 1874 Brothers, Mary Anne Brothers, John Cummins, Ellen Michael Dinn, Bridget O' Neill John Walshe  
April 5, 1858 Brothers, John Brothers, Richard Duggan, Mary James Neill, Ellen Duggan James Murphy  
June 26, 1867 Brothers, John Brothers, Richard Duggan, Mary John Fahy, Teresa Cody William Forristall  
April 1, 1860 Brothers, William Brothers, William King, Martha William Neil, Mary Reddy Robert Brennan  
April 29, 1866 Brothers, James Brothers, William King, Martha Michael Walsh, Elizabeth Brothers William Forristall  
April 29, 1866 Brothers, Elizabeth Brothers, William King, Martha James Neill, Margaret Neill William Forristall  
January 11, 1858 Brothers, Mary Joseph Brothers, William Kelly, Sarah James Neill, Catherine Duggan Robert Brennan  
January 11, 1858 Brothers, Esther Brothers, William King, Martha James Shallow, Elizabeth O' Neill Robert Brennan  
July 4, 1862 Brothers, Peter James Brothers, William King, Martha John Deacon, Maria Deacon William Forristall  
November 19, 1876 Brothers, John Joseph Brothers, William Brien, Mary Anne Michael Brien, Teresa Brien John Walshe  
May 21, 1857 Bruff, Henery Bruff, Isaac Carew, Honora Martin Carew, Alice Carew J. Murphy  
April 11, 1858 Buckley, Esther Buckley, Bartholemew Morrissey, Mary Michael Reddy, Honora Crane Robert Brennan  
November 1, 1861 Buckley, Mary Anne Buckley, Bartholemew Morrissey, Mary Anne John Carey, Ellen Morrissey William Forristall  
October 8, 1865 Butt, William Butt, John Fowler, Kate Richard Quinlan, Elizabeth Fowler William Forristall  
August 10, 1868 Butt, Julia Joseph Butt, William Fowler, Catherine Michael Jackman, Bridget Leary William Forristall  
August 10, 1868 Butt, Mary Anne Butt, William Fowler, Catherine James Downey, Mary Fowler William Forristall  
July 7, 1867 Byrne, Elizabeth Byrne, Michael Burke, Margaret Denis Cody, Catherine Cody William Forristall  
October 25, 1862 Cahil, Patrick Cahil, Michael Rose, Margaret Christopher Rose, Esther Phelan William Forristall  
May 20, 1869 Cahil, Thomas Cahil, Patrick McCarthy, Esther Michael Mahoney, Mary Cahill J. Murphy  
May 6, 1866 Cahil, John Cahil, Patrick McCarthy, Esther Edward Fowler, Catherine McCarthy William Forristall  
November 12, 1864 Cahill, Edward Cahill, Michael Wickens, Margaret Laurence Quinlan, Margaret Fowler William Forristall  
November 19, 1865 Cahill, Michael Cahill, Michael Jones, Mary Thomas Roache, Mary Murphy William Forristall  
August 26, 1867 Cahill, Elizabeth Cahill, Patrick McCarthy, Esther Richard Wickens, Catherine Neil William Forristall  
June 10, 1871 Cahill, Mary Ann Cahill, Patrick McCarthy, Esther Peter McCarthy, Anne Mahoney N. Roche  
March 9, 1876 Cahill, Anne Cahill, Patrick McCarthy, Esther Martin Wickens, Mary McGrath John Walshe  
May 6, 1873 Cahill, Patrick Cahill, Patrick McCarthy, Esther Philip Jackman, Esther Cahill R. Dunphy Married January 23, 1911
November 28, 1864 Cahill, Esther Cahill, Patrick McCarthy, Esther Ambrose Quinn, Ellen Denn William Forristall  
April 8, 1861 Cain, Joseph Cain, Christopher King, Mary Francis King, Elizabeth Bavis William Forristall  
May 1, 1863 Cain, Richard Cain, Christopher King, Mary James Wilcox, Elizabeth Wilcox William Forristall  
August 14, 1869 Cain, Thomas Cain, Edward Hunt, Catherine John Cain, Margaret Dunphy William Forristall  
August 21, 1865 Cain, Mary Anne Cain, Edward Hearn, Elizabeth Thomas Cain, Ellen Hearn William Forristall  
August 9, 1862 Cain, Lawrence Cain, Edward Hunt, Catherine Richard Rose, Honora Denn William Forristall  
July 22, 1860 Cain, Martin Cain, Edward Hunt, Catherine William Lean, Anne Hart William Forristall  
October 26, 1866 Cain, John Francis Cain, Edward Hunt, Catherine ????, Anne Rose William Forristall  
October 30, 1864 Cain, Mary Anne Cain, Edward Hunt, Catherine Charles Ryan, Elizabeth Cain William Forristall  
July 19, 1863 Cain, Mary Anne Cain, John Neil, Mary John Hart, Johana Hart William Forristall  
November 2, 1868 Cain, Bridget Cain, John Neill, Mary Michael Kane, Catherine Dunphy J. Murphy  
April 30, 1867 Cain, Anne Cain, Martin Chidley, Alice Francis Walsh, Anne Cody William Forristall  
August 27, 1861 Cain, John Cain, Martin Chidley, Alice Charles Dutton, Elizabeth Wilcox William Forristall  
May 16, 1870 Cain, Alice Cain, Martin Chidley, Margaret Edward Hufman, Mary Wilcox William Forristall  
May 22, 1864 Cain, Martin Cain, Martin Chidley, Alice James Merrigan, Johana Leary William Forristall  
April 25, 1861 Cain, Arthur Cain, Michael Jackman, Catherine Laurence Tobin, Anne Jackman William Forristall  
August 10, 1863 Cain, Elizabeth Cain, Patrick Hearn, Elizabeth John McCarthy, Catherine Hearn William Forristall  
July 9, 1870 Cain, Mary Elizabeth Cain, Patrick Hearn, Elizabeth James McCarthy, Rose Hearn William Forristall  
July 14, 1861 Cain, Bridget Cain, Thomas Rogers, Sarah Patrick Fling, Mary Meany William Forristall  
July 27, 1870 Cain, Thomas Cain, Thomas McCarthy, Kate Patrick Cain, Elizabeth White William Forristall  
May 2, 1869 Cain, Teresa Cain, Thomas McCarthy, Kate Michael Cain, Elizabeth Denn William Forristall  
November 6, 1866 Cain, Anne Cain, Thomas Neil, Mary William Forristall, Mary Cody William Forristall  
July 8, 1858 Cane, Anne Cane, Christopher King, Mary Thomas Dutton, Anne Divine James Murphy  
July 8, 1858 Cane, Elizabeth Cane, Christopher King, Mary David Dutton, Anne Kane James Murphy  
September 18, 1859 Cane, Esther Cane, Christopher King, Mary Christopher Neill, Mary Bevis J. Murphy  
July 10, 1858 Cannon, Lewis Cannon, Thomas Bone, Mary Anne Michael Cannon, Margaret Brien Robert Brennan  
February 19, 1861 Carey, Thomas Carey, Patrick Lewis, Honora Thomas Carey, Mary Lewis William Forristall  
May 16, 1876 Chidleigh, Louissa Chidleigh, Joseph Lovette, Ellen John Dinn, Anastatia Berrigan John Walshe  
June 25, 1876 Chidleigh, Mary Chidleigh, Lawrence Kane, Mary Michael Murphy, Veronica Kane John Walshe  
June 12, 1874 Chidleigh, Jane Elizabeth Chidleigh, Thomas Power, Mary Lawrence Lawler, Patience Meany John Walshe  
May 28, 1876 Chidleigh, Alice Anne Chidleigh, Thomas Power, Mary Edward Huffman, Catherine Huffman John Walshe  
December 17, 1861 Chidley, Martin Chidley, Christopher Grant, Ellen Michael Green, Ellen Brennan James Murphy  
June 28, 1858 Chidley, Peter Chidley, Christopher Grant, Anastatia Joseph Green, Mary Chidley James Murphy  
July 27, 1870 Chidley, James Chidley, John Murphy, Elizabeth Francis Walsh, Anne Wilcox William Forristall  
October 9, 1864 Chidley, Anne Chidley, John Murphy, Elizabeth William Cain, Jane Power William Forristall  
August 16, 1867 Chidley, Joseph Chidley, Joseph Lovett, Ellen Denis Denn, Mary Johnston William Forristall  
August 23, 1857 Chidley, Christopher Chidley, Joseph Evans, Mary Charles Dutton, Anne Kane Robert Brennan  
August 29, 1869 Chidley, Clare Chidley, Joseph Lovet, Ellen ???, ??? ???  
February 13, 1864 Chidley, Anastatia Chidley, Joseph Lovett, Ellen Thomas Chidley, Catherine Hearn William Forristall  
June 8, 1871 Chidley, Ellen Ann Chidley, Joseph Lovet, Ellen Martin Kane, Sarah Stamp N. Roche  
May 20, 1873 Chidley, Francis Chidley, Joseph Lovett, Ellen Lawrence Conway, Mary Keane R. Dunphy  
May 20, 1875 Chidley, Sarah Jane Chidley, Joseph Lovett, Ellen William Berigan, Mary Johnston M. A. Clancy  
October 22, 1865 Chidley, Alice Chidley, Joseph Lovett, Ellen John Healy, Mary A. Chidley William Forristall  
September 4, 1859 Chidley, Ann Chidley, Joseph Evans, Mary James Maher, Amelia O' Neill Robert Brennan  
April 18, 1874 Chidley, Rosanne Chidley, Lawrence Kane, Mary John Kane, Mary Dinn John Walshe  
October 7, 1871 Chidley, Christopher Chidley, Lawrence Keane, Mary Michael Keane, Johanna Keane R. Dunphy  
November 3, 1872 Chidley, Mary Chidley, Thomas Power, Mary Patrick Leary, Elizabeth Coady R. Dunphy  
April 22, 1860 Clancy, John Joseph Clancy, Michael Brennan, Bridget Mathew P. Ready, Bridget Ready Robert Brennan  
August 22, 1859 Clancy, Anne Clancy, Walter Kelly, Bridget Mathew Whelan, Catherine Toole James Murphy  
April 4, 1861 Clowe, Catherine Clowe, James Ryan, Honora ( Hanna?) Henry Hopkins, Mary Stamp William Forristall  
March 23, 1859 Clowe, James Clowe, Mathew Ryan, Susan William Yetman, Alice Cody J. Murphy  
March 23, 1859 Clowe, Mary Clowe, Mathew Ryan, Susan Patrick Cody, Margaret Yetman J. Murphy  
March 7, 1873 Coady, Anne Coady, James Devine, Elizabeth Stephen Power, Jane Power R. Dunphy  
May 27, 1860 Coady, Jane Coady, James Dwyer, Elizabeth James Berrigan, Elizabeth Bavis William Forristall  
May 24, 1877 Coady, William Coady, John Kane, Susan William Berrigan, Margaret Huffman John Walshe  
October 27, 1872 Coady, Mary Margaret Coady, John Denn, Margaret Andrew Denn, Anne Denn R. Dunphy  
October 31, 1877 Coady, Elizabeth Joseph Coady, John Dinn, Margaret John Coady, Mary Jane Coady John Walshe  
October 5, 1873 Coady, Anne Coady, John King, Susan James Gardiner, Mary McCarthy John Walshe  
February 24, 1871 Cody, James Cody, James Devine, Elizabeth Andrew Cody, Elizabeth Jackman William Forristall  
March 1, 1868 Cody, Thomas Stanislaus Cody, James Devine, Elizabeth Joseph Cody, Teresa Devine William Forristall  
March 26, 1865 Cody, Catherine Cody, James Devine, Elizabeth Michael Ryan, Anne Cain William Forristall  
October 18, 1862 Cody, Mary Frances Cody, James Divine, Elizabeth Ambrose Quin, Mary A. Cody William Forristall  
October 6, 1857 Cody, Margaret Cody, James Divine, Eliza Patrick Divine, Mary Divine Robert Brennan  
August 1, 1875 Cody, Frances Cody, John Dinn, Margaret Lawrence Dutton, Mary Anne Cody John Walshe  
August 27, 1870 Cody, William Cody, John Denn, Margaret John Power, Johana Shallow William Forristall  
February 13, 1871 Cody, Thomas Cody, John Harding, Patience John Cody, Mary Harding D. O' Donnell  
January 1, 1871 Cody, Elizabeth Bernard Cody, John King, Susan Patrick King, Elizabeth Denn William Forristall  
July 2, 1865 Cody, Mary Frances Cody, John Cain, Susan John Cody, Ellen Wilcox James Murphy  
June 24, 1863 Cody, Teresa Cody, John Denn, Margaret John Denn, Mary Geran William Forristall  
May 14, 1865 Cody, Anastatia Cody, John Denn, Margaret Thomas Chidley, Anne Cain William Forristall  
October 7, 1861 Cody, John Joseph Cody, John King, Susana John McCarthy, Anne Power William Forristall  
September 14, 1863 Cody, Richard Cody, John King, Susana Thomas Cain, Mary Power William Forristall  
July 29, 1859 Cody, Frances Cody, Thomas Divine, Margaret Thomas Divine, Catherine Fowler Robert Brennan  
February 12, 1865 Cody, Thomas Cody, William Nagle?, Mary Anne Peter Power, Mary Anne Cody William Forristall  
October 16, 1857 Condon, Robert Luke Condon, Kyran Swayne, Ann Laurence Sullivan, Catherine Redigan J. Murphy  
August 26, 1870 Condon, Michael Condon, Michael Brothers, Martha Thomas Neil, Mary Deacon William Forristall  
July 27, 1857 Connel, Michael Connel, James Neill, Margaret Thomas Fennelly, Anne Connell Robert Brennan  
December 2, 1868 Connell, Catherine Joseph Connell, Daniel Neil, Mary Owen Neil, Kate Connell William Forristall  
January 4, 1876 Connell, Owen Joseph Connell, Daniel Neill, Mary John Connell, Hariet Neill M. A. Clancy  
October 1, 1870 Connell, Harriet Connell, Daniel Neil, Mary James Walsh, Kate Connell William Forristall  
October 15, 1872 Connell, John Connell, Daniel Neill, Mary James Connell, Catherine Neill R. Dunphy  
August ?, 1868 Connell, ??? Connell, Francis Eagan, Johanna Daniel Connell, Mary Connell William Forristall  
April 13, 1863 Connell, James Connell, James Neil, Margaret Patrick Neil, Bridget Connell William Forristall  
August 8, 1858 Connell, Ann Connell, James Neill, Margaret Michael Neill, Margaret Neill Robert Brennan  
September 16, 1860 Connell, Daniel Connell, James Neill, Margaret Daniel Connell, Esther Connell William Forristall  
August 28, 1867 Connell, Thomas Connell, John Neil, Mary Thomas Connell, Johana Neil William Forristall  
February 16, 1862 Connell, Henry Connell, John Neil, Mary Patrick Walsh, Catherine Walsh William Forristall  
March 18, 1866 Connell, Mary Connell, John Neil, Mary James O' Neil, Bridget Connell William Forristall  
November 6, 1860 Connell, John Connell, John Neill, Mary John Deacon, Mary Neil William Forristall  
October 21, 1868 Connell, Constantine Connell, John O' Neil, Mary Constantine O' Neil, Mary Brien William Forristall  
August 24, 1870 Connell, James Connell, Patrick Lawless, Johana John Connell, Bridget Connell William Forristall  
August 6, 1868 Connell, Kate Connell, Patrick Lawless, Johanna Daniel Connell, Mary Connell William Forristall  
December 10, 1876 Connell, Daniel Joseph Connell, Patrick Lawless, Johanna Andrew Hart, Mary Neil John Walshe  
July 11, 1874 Connell, Patrick Connell, Patrick Lawless, Johanna John Neill, Anne Connell John Walshe  
September 17, 1872 Connell, Thomas Joseph Connell, Patrick McCarthy, Johanna Michael Walsh, Anne Connell R. Dunphy  
September 30, 1866 Connell, Catherine Connell, Patrick Lawless, Johana John Connell, Kate Hart William Forristall  
February 8, 1865 Connell, John Connell, Peter Lawless, Johana James Walsh, Catherine William Forristall  
January 27, 1861 Connors, Agnes Connors, Thomas Swain, Anne Richard Redigan, Mary Sullivan F. Murphy  
April 23, 1871 Conway, Anne Conway, Anthony Jackman, Anne Michael Walsh, Kate Conway N. Roche  
December 23, 1861 Conway, Johana Conway, Anthony Jackman, Elizabeth James Jackman, Mary Jackman William Forristall  
December 23, 1861 Conway, Mary Conway, Anthony Jackman, Elizabeth Lawrence Lawlor, Winifred Cain William Forristall  
January 18, 1874 Conway, Joseph Conway, Anthony Jackman, Anne William Conway, Mary Gearin John Walshe  
June 20, 1864 Conway, Thomas Conway, Anthony Jackman, Ellen James Quinlan, Elizabeth Jackman William Forristall  
June 3, 1858 Conway, Amelia Conway, Anthony Jackman, Ann Francis Jackman, Johanah Jackman Robert Brennan  
September 17, 1866 Conway, Anthony Conway, Anthony Jackman, Anne Robert Quinlan, Mary Conway William Forristall  
September 18, 1859 Conway, James Joseph Conway, Anthony Jackman, Anne John Conway, Ellen Quinlan J. Murphy  
April 2, 1865 Conway, Johana Conway, Edward Roache, Anne Thomas Roache, Mary A. McCarthy William Forristall  
August 18, 1877 Conway, James Conway, Edward Roche, Anne Martin Lambert, Sarah Gearin John Walshe  
January 24, 1868 Conway, Mary Joseph Conway, Edward Roache, Anne Richard Roache, Anne Roache William Forristall  
July 28, 1862 Conway, Lawrence Conway, Edward Rose, Anne Thomas Doyle, Ellen Rose William Forristall  
June 19, 1871 Conway, Ellen Frances Conway, Edward Roche, Ann Christopher Gerian, Elizabeth Coady N. Roche  
May 14, 1874 Conway, Sarah Anne Conway, Edward Roache, Anne Thomas Weekes, Mary Anne Chidley John Walshe  
November 17, 1866 Conway, Joseph Conway, Edward Power, Kate Lawrence ???, Mary A. Chidley William Forristall  
October 1, 1876 Conway, John Nicholas Conway, James Hayren, Rosanna John Jackman, Elizabeth Jackman John Walshe Died December 31, 1878
September 4, 1874 Conway, Kate Conway, James Haynes, Rose Peter Walsh, Elizabeth Kane John Walshe Died December 2, 1878
July 30, 1864 Conway, Anne Conway, Lawrence Tobin, Anty Christopher Rose, Bridget White William Forristall  
June 22, 1862 Conway, John Joseph Conway, Lawrence Tobin, Anty Michael Jackman, Ellen Ryan William Forristall  
June 28, 1857 Conway, Peter Joseph Conway, Lawrence Tobin, Anastatia Michael Ryan, Alice Phelan J. Murphy  
June 3, 1861 Conway, Johana Conway, Lawrence Mullowney, Mary Joe Keating, Anne Conway William Forristall  
March 23, 1858 Conway, James Conway, Lawrence Mullowney, Mary William Walsh, Anastatia McCarthy J. Murphy  
May 8, 1859 Conway, Bridget Conway, Lawrence Tobin, Anty Nicholas Whelan, Julia Jackman Robert Brennan  
September 10, 1859 Conway, Mary Conway, Lawrence Mullowney, Mary James Bevis, Mary Fleming J. Murphy  
September 9, 1871 Cooper, James Joseph Cooper, John Chidley, Elizabeth James Cooper, Alice Chidley R. Dunphy  
February 23, 1864 Cose, Samuel Cose, James Lovet, Ellen William Condon, Mary Healy James Murphy  
March 12, 1861 Cose, Gregory Cose, James Lovet, Anastatia John Delahunty, Anastatia Mountain J. Murphy  
June 24, 1859 Cose, James Cose, Peter Lovet, Ellen Robert Lovet, Mary Ryan J. Murphy  
June 24, 1859 Cose, Mary Cose, Peter Lovet, Ellen William Delahunty, Mary Cose J. Murphy  
September 19, 1860 Cose, Mary Cose, Peter Lovett, Ellen Richard Lovet, Catherine Doherty J. Murphy  
May 6, 1870 Costello, John Costello, John Curran, Mary Martin Lampert, Anne Keough P. Cleary  
September 18, 1860 Costelo, Mary Costelo, John Cody, Mary James Cody, Anne Cody J. Murphy  
August 21, 1859 Crane, Lawrence Crane, James Power, Johanna William Walsh, Catherine Power James Murphy  
August 22, 1858 Crane, Lawrence Crane, James Jordan, Johanna William Walsh, Catherine Power James Murphy  
April 18, 1868 Croft, Anne Ellen Croft, George Condon, Bridget Andrew Molony, Mary Madigan James Murphy  
December 24, 1861 Croft, John Joseph Croft, George Condon, Bridget Edward Condon, Sarah Saunders James Murphy  
September 16, 1861 Croft, Frances Croft, George Ryan, Ellen Patrick Gahan, Margaret Ryan J. Murphy  
September 19, 1860 Croft, Joseph Croft, James Ryan, Ellen Richard Lovet, Johanna Craft J. Murphy  
February 23, 1863 Croft, Anne Croft, John Ryan, Anne John Bennett, Eliza Ryan James Murphy  
October 16, 1864 Croft, Eliza Croft, John Ryan, Anne Samuel Cose, Harriet Cose William Forristall  
April 23, 1863 Croft, John Croft, Joseph Ryan, Catherine Patrick Keough, Elizabeth Croft James Murphy  
July 3, 1859 Croft, Peter Croft, Joseph Ryan, Ellen Robert Croft, Emelia Jones James Murphy  
October 3, 1866 Croft, Peter Croft, Mathew Prenderghast, Elizabeth William Forristall, Margaret Craft William Forristall  
September 17, 1860 Dalton, Mary Dalton, John Walsh, Anne Michael Cashin, Ellen Brien J. Murphy  
August 17, 1857 Delahunty, William Delahunty, John Kinsela, Esther Denis Sliney, Esther ??? James Murphy  
July 14, 1861 Delahunty, Anastatia Delahunty, John Kinsella, Esther James Norris, Anne Shanahan James Murphy  
November 27, 1858 Delahunty, John Delahunty, Joseph Walsh, Mary Patrick Delahunty, Esther Delahunty Robert Brennan  
February 25, 1858 Devereux, Mary Devereux, John Kehoe, Eliza James Colleton, Catherine Kehoe James Murphy  
April 9, 1877 Devine, Patrick Devine, Patrick Brien, Margaret Richard Ryan, Elizabeth Coady John Walshe  
January 17, 1875 Devine, Thomas Joseph Devine, Patrick Brien, Margaret Patrick Flinn, Teresa Flinn John Walshe  
July 9, 1870 Devine, Margaret Devine, Patrick Brien, Margaret Patrick Brien, Kate Den William Forristall  
June 22, 1872 Devine, John Devine, Patrick Brien, Margaret Edward Hoffman, Johanna Jackman R. Dunphy  
August 16, 1863 Devine, John Devine, Thomas Power, Honora Francis Jackman, Anne Cain William Forristall  
January 21, 1866 Devine, Thomas Devine, Thomas Power, Honora William Cody, Mary Murphy William Forristall  
September 11, 1861 Devine, Elizabeth Devine, Thomas Power, Honora Patrick Devine, Mary Maher William Forristall  
September 12, 1875 Dinn, Richard Dinn, Denis Power, Mary Anne Thomas Maher, Catherine Dinn John Walshe  
May 23, 1858 Dinn, Florence Dinn, Richard McCarthy, Elizabeth Michael Shanahan, Anne Kean Robert Brennan  
June 10, 1860 Doheny, Mary Doheny, Michael Paris, Bridget Thomas Cody, Mary Murphy William Forristall  
June 24, 1858 Dooley, Mary Dooley, David Roach, Ellen John Roach, Mary Roach Robert Brennan  
July 25, 1858 Dooley, Ellen Dooley, Michael Sheehan, Ellen Richard Quinland, H. Cahill Robert Brennan  
April 22, 1860 Doyle, Ellen Doyle, Francis Aylward, Mary James Aylward, Anne Jordan Robert Brennan  
December 12, 1875 Doyle, John Doyle, John Whelan, Esther Charles Daw, Mary McCarthy John Walshe  
March 4, 1874 Doyle, Nicholas Doyle, John Whelan, Esther William Doyle, Bridget McCarthy John Walshe  
September 17, 1872 Doyle, Edward Doyle, John Whelan, Esther John Huffman, Mary Whelan R. Dunphy  
June 26, 1858 Doyle, John Doyle, Nicholas Aylward, Mary Philip Crane, Mary Morrissey James Murphy  
February 20, 1876 Doyle, Mary Doyle, Patrick Lawlor, Catherine William Doyle, Teresa Lawlor John Walshe  
January 3, 1871 Duggan, John Joseph Duggan, John Brothers, Frances Thomas Neil, Frances Brothers William Forristall  
July 1, 1877 Duggan, Mary Jane Duggan, John Brothers, Frances Peter Brothers, Kate Anne Madigan John Walshe  
March 16, 1869 Duggan, James Patrick Duggan, John Brothers, Frances Robert Duggan, Mary Fahy William Forristall  
July 25, 1860 Duggan, James Duggan, Lawrence Murray, Catherine Richard Grant, Catherine Duggan James Murphy  
February 10, 1876 Duggan, Owen Francis Duggan, Robert Neill, Anne Owen Neill, Elizabeth Brothers John Walshe Married April 17, 1909
May 8, 1874 Duggan, Harriet Mary Duggan, Robert Neill, Anne Con Neill, Mary Moran John Walshe  
November 1, 1871 Duggan, Mary Jane Duggan, Robert Neill, Mary Anne Henry Neill, Bridget Neill R. Dunphy  
November 25, 1877 Duggan, Timothy Martin Duggan, Robert Neil, Anne John Walsh, Hariet Neil John Walshe Married June 2, 1909
September 15, 1872 Duggan, James Duggan, Robert Neill, Anne Michael Power, Jane Brothers R. Dunphy  
April 21, 1876 Duggan, Anne Joseph Duggan, Thomas Walshe, Margaret Martin Brothers, Kate Anne Madigan John Walshe  
December 16, 1864 Duggan, James Joseph Duggan, Thomas Walsh, Margaret Denis Brothers, Jane Brothers William Forristall  
July 22, 1868 Duggan, Mary Jane Duggan, Thomas Walsh, Margaret Thomas Cunningham, Mary Duggan James Murphy  
July 29, 1866 Duggan, John Francis Duggan, Thomas Walsh, Margaret James Neil, Ellen Neil William Forristall  
June 7, 1872 Duggan, Catherine Duggan, Thomas Walsh, Margaret James Brothers, Margaret O' Neill R. Dunphy  
May 14, 1870 Duggan, Timothy Duggan, Thomas Walsh, Margaret Timothy Duggan, Elizabeth Brothers William Forristall  
May 14, 1870 Duggan, James Duggan, Thomas Walsh, Margaret Robert Duggan, Kate Brothers William Forristall  
May 25, 1874 Duggan, Ellen Mary Joseph Duggan, Thomas Walshe, Margaret John Brien, Maria Deacon John Walshe  
January 1, 1873 Dunn, Anne Dunn, Patrick Hearn, Catherine William Keane, Bridget Leary R. Dunphy  
June 6, 1870 Dunn, Kate Dunn, Patrick Hearn, Catherine Thomas Sheehan, Elizabeth Jackman William Forristall  
July 27, 1875 Dunne, Maria Dunne, Patrick Hayes, Catherine John Rosseter, Catherine Berrigan John Walshe  
July 24, 1859 Dunphy, James Dunphy, John Eels, Frances Matthew Shanahan, ??? James Murphy  
June 23, 1861 Dunphy, Mary Jane Dunphy, John Eels, Mary Mortimore Lawlor, Catherine Shanahan William Forristall  
June 24, 1859 Dunphy, James Dunphy, John Eels, Frances Mathew Shannahan, ???? J. Murphy  
May 11, 1863 Dunphy, Ellen Dunphy, John Eels, Mary Laurence Lawler, Catherine Rose William Forristall  
November 7, 1871 Dunphy, Matilda Dunphy, John Eells, Frances Thomas Roach, Margaret Dunphy R. Dunphy  
November 8, 1868 Dunphy, Frances Joseph Dunphy, John Hayley, Maey John Lawler, Frances Gardner William Forristall  
November 8, 1868 Dunphy, Catherine Anne Dunphy, John Hayley, Mary Michael Dunphy, Elizabeth Dunphy William Forristall  
October 12, 1857 Dunphy, Margaret Dunphy, John Eels, Mary James Piercey, Anne Dunphy Robert Brennan  
October 8, 1865 Dunphy, Johana Dunphy, John Hayes, Mary John Guiny, Ellen Fowler William Forristall  
April 13, 1873 Dunphy, Mary Anne Dunphy, Michael Rooste, Elizabeth John Squires, Frances Rose R. Dunphy  
June 1, 1866 Dunphy, John Joseph Dunphy, Michael Rooste, Elizabeth Edward Huftman, Kate Dinn J. Conway  
June 6, 1858 Dunphy, Johanna Dunphy, Michael Rooste, Elizabeth Thomas Fowler, Ellen Den J. Murphy  
May 13, 1860 Dunphy, James Joseph Dunphy, Michael Rooste, Elizabeth Ambrose Quinn, Catherine Neill J. Murphy  
May 4, 1862 Dunphy, Anne Mary Dunphy, Michael Rooste, Elizabeth Christopher Cain, Jane Power William Forristall  
November 22, 1858 Dunphy, John Dunphy, Michael Rositer, Ellen Thomas Fowler, Ellen Den J. Murphy  
September 2, 1872 Dunphy, William J. Dunphy, Michael Rooste, Elizabeth ???, ??? R. Dunphy  
May 20, 1871 Dunphy, John Thomas Dunphy, Thomas Neill, Emily William Dunphy, Elizabeth Dunphy N. Roche  
August 10, 1876 Dunphy, Elizabeth Anne Dunphy, William Squires, Elizabeth William Neill, Mary Shallow John Walshe  
July 6, 1860 Dunphy, Thomas Dunphy, William Squires, Elizabeth Patrick Lenihan, Catherine Squires William Forristall  
July 6, 1864 Dunphy, Ellen Dunphy, William Squires, Elizabeth Thomas Dunphy, Nancy Dunphy William Forristall  
May 20, 1862 Dunphy, Joseph Dunphy, William Squires, Elizabeth George Johnston, Patience Harding William Forristall  
November 1, 1870 Dunphy, Catherine Dunphy, William Squires, Elizabeth Charles McCarthy, Kate Dunphy William Forristall  
February 1, 1874 Dutton, James Dutton, Bernard Roache, Mary Charles Dutton, Mary Dutton John Walshe  
February 21, 1869 Dutton, James Dutton, James Hatfield, Mary Lawrence Dutton, Margaret Finn William Forristall  
November 19, 1859 Dutton, James Dutton, James Evans, Caroline Martin Walsh, Anne Walsh J. Murphy  
October 6, 1862 Dutton, Mary Anne Dutton, James Hatfield, Mary Christopher Cain, Winifred Cane William Forristall  
September 3, 1865 Dutton, Johana Dutton, James Cain, Mary Samuel O' Neil, Johana Shallow William Forristall  
April 30, 1865 Dutton, Louis Dutton, Thomas Lovet, Mary Francis Jackman, Mary Maher William Forristall  
April 7, 1867 Dutton, Thomas Bruno Dutton, Thomas Lovet, Mary Lawrence Dutton, Johana Shallow William Forristall  
August 2, 1863 Dutton, John Dutton, Thomas Lovet, Mary Bernard Dutton, Mary Anne Merrigan William Forristall  
February 4, 1861 Dutton, James Dutton, Thomas Lovet, Mary Patrick Finn, Mary Cose William Forristall  
December 4, 1866 Dwyer, Patrick Joseph Dwyer, Michael* Walsh, Esther William Brothers, Elizabeth William Forristall [*In the baptism records, the spelling of the father's name is unclear. It looks like it could be written Michl or Willy. The father's name is obviously William, based on other baptism records for this couple.]
October 7, 1858 Dwyre, Elizabeth Dwyre, William Walsh, Esther Denis Fahy, Mary Ready Robert Brennan [This entry was initially transcribed as Swayne, but has now been posted under Dwyre. See ERRATA at the bottom of this page for details.]
April 13, 1873 Dwyer, Michael Dwyer, William Walsh, Esther Maurice Wills, Mary Neill R. Dunphy  
December 2, 1877 Dwyer, William Dwyer, William Walsh, Esther Patrick Walsh, Elizabeth Walsh John Walshe  
June 11, 1875 Dwyer, Esther Dwyer, William Walshe, Esther John Walshe, Catherine Walshe John Walshe  
June 12, 1870 Dwyer, John Francis Dwyer, William Walsh, Esther Robert Brothers, Ellen Neil William Forristall  
March 26, 1868 Dwyer, Ellen Dwyer, William Walsh, Esther Jeremiah Brothers, Ellen Walsh William Forristall  
November 9, 1864 Dwyer, James Joseph Dwyer, William Walsh, Esther William Neil, Elizabeth Brothers William Forristall  
October 21, 1860 Dwyer, Teresa Dwyer, William Walsh, Catherine James Neil, Veronica Walsh William Forristall  
September 30, 1862 Dwyer, Catherine Frances Dwyer, William Walsh, Esther Michael Neil, Catherine Brothers William Forristall  
April 23, 1870 Eagan, Joseph Eagan, Thomas Gatheral, Anne Thomas Brophy, Bridget Brophy William Forristall  
August 12, 1867 Eagan, Mary Agnes Eagan, Thomas Gatheral, Anne Thomas Brand, Elizabeth Mullowney William Forristall  
August 13, 1865 Eagan, Peter Eagan, Thomas Gatheral, Anne John Hunt ( or Hart), Anne Shallow William Forristall  
July 18, 1862 Eagan, Thomas Eagan, Thomas Laws, Susan Thomas Rose, Bridget Oates William Forristall  
July 18, 1864 Eagan, John Joseph Eagan, Thomas Gatheral, Anne Edward Shallow, Anne Neil William Forristall  
July 30, 1872 Egan, Margaret Egan, Thomas Gatheral, Anne John Connell, Mary Kenny R. Dunphy  
June 10, 1871 Elward, Margaret Elward, John Walsh, Margaret Patrick Fennely, Margaret Neill N. Roche  
August 14, 1877 Fahey, Jeremiah Joseph Fahey, Denis Coady, Mary James Brothers, Margaret Fahey John Walshe Married to Emma Conway in Sacred Heart Parish, Boston, Mass on February 15, 1913
August 14, 1877 Fahey, Mary Louisa Fahey, Denis Coady, Mary Thomas Power, Catherine Walsh John Walshe Married to Peter Smith in Dorchester, Boston, Mass on September 4, 1927
June 11, 1875 Fahey, Angela Fahey, Denis Coady, Mary Richard Shallow, Esther Grant John Walshe  
June 18, 1871 Fahey, Mary Fahey, Denis Coady, Mary Andrew Heart, Anne Fahey N. Roche  
May 10, 1873 Fahey, Thomas Augustine Fahey, Denis Coady, Mary Con O' Neill, Bridget Devine R. Dunphy  
October 8, 1859 Fahey, Esther Frances Fahey, Patrick Brophy, Catherine William Neill, Catherine Trainor Robert Brennan  
August 11, 1858 Fahey, Ann Joseph Fahey, Walter Cody, Bridget Matthew Harvey, Margaret McDonnell James Murphy  
November 11, 1860 Fahey, Bridget Gertrude Fahey, Walter Cody, Bridget Denis Cody, Jane Cody William Forristall  
November 1, 1861 Fahey, Jeremiah Fahey, William Walsh, Anne Michael Reddy, Mary Brothers J. Murphy  
October 1, 1875 Fahey, Bridget Joseph Fahey, William Walshe, Anne John Fennelly, Elizabeth Brothers John Walshe  
September 12, 1857 Fahey, Mary Fahey, William Walsh, Anne Michael Madigan, Mary Brothers J. Murphy  
November 11, 1869 Fahy, Catherine Fahy, Denis Cody, Mary John Fahy, Mary Moran J. Murphy  
December 14, 1866 Fahy, John Joseph Fahy, Walter Cody, Bridget Michael Moran, Catherine Trainor William Forristall  
June 28, 1863 Fahy, Margaret Teresa Fahy, Walter Cody, Bridget Paul Neil, Margaret Neil William Forristall  
May 17, 1865 Fahy, Rose Fahy, Walter Cody, Bridget Michael Cody, Anne Fenally William Forristall  
May 17, 1865 Fahy, Ellen Joseph Fahy, Walter Cody, Bridget Michael Cody, Anne Fenally William Forristall  
August 4, 1866 Fahy, Mary Anne Catherine Fahy, William Walsh, Anne Michael Brothers, Anne Fahy William Forristall  
December 27, 1868 Fahy, Mary Joseph Fahy, William Walsh, Anne John Fahy, Jane Fahy William Forristall  
February 11, 1864 Fahy, Joseph Fahy, William Walsh, Anne Patrick Fenelly, Mary Fahy William Forristall  
October 19, 1874 Farrell, Elizabeth Farrell, John Chidleigh, Alice John Dinn, Mary Kane John Walshe  
December 4, 1864 Fenelly, Mary Anne Fenelly, John Trainor, Mary Patrick Connell, Mary Connell William Forristall  
July 29, 1859 Fenelly, John Joseph Fenelly, John Trainor, Mary William Trainor, Catherine Ryan Robert Brennan  
June 30, 1861 Fennelly, Peter Fenelly, John Trainor, Mary Paul Neil, Kate Walsh William Forristall  
February 10, 1866 Fenelly, Ellen Fenelly, Thomas Walsh, Esther Denis Brothers, Mary Clancy William Forristall  
July 7, 1867 Fenelly, Margaret Anne Fenelly, Thomas Walsh, Esther Michael Cody, Maria Deacon William Forristall  
June 14, 1863 Fenelly, Richard Joseph Fenelly, Thomas Walsh, Esther Michael Moran, Fanny Brothers J. Murphy Married in South Boston , June 1911
January 5, 1858 Fenely, Esther Fenely, John Trainor, Mary Michael Fenely, Mary Cody Robert Brennan  
January 12, 1858 Fenely, Catherine Fenely, Thomas Walsh, Esther Patrick Connell, Anne Connell Robert Brennan  
June 17, 1860 Fenely, Mary Fenely, Thomas Walsh, Esther Michael Smith, Mary Cody William Forristall  
December 31, 1860 Fenncy Fenny, Henry Fenncy Fenny, James Fleming, Catherine Edward Mountain, Esther Cahill William Forristall [Revised transcription - See ERRATA at the bottom of this page for details.]
May 1, 1864 Fenncy Fenny, James Fenncy Fenny, James Fleming, Catherine Kate John Fowler, Kate Fowler William Forristall [Revised transcription - See ERRATA at the bottom of this page for details.]
September 12, 1866 Fenncy Fenny, William - Henry Fenncy Fenny, James Fleming, Catherine James Murphy, Mary Dooly William Forristall [Revised transcription - See ERRATA at the bottom of this page for details.]
April 18, 1875 Fennelly, John Joseph Fennelly, Patrick English, Mary Michael Neill, Esther Shallow John Walshe  
January 23, 1877 Fennelly, Thomas Francis Fennelly, Patrick English, Mary William Trainor, Mary Fennelly John Walshe  
March 6, 1876 Fennelly, Thomas Joseph Fennelly, Patrick Brothers, Jane Con Neil, Maria Neil John Walshe  
May 31, 1877 Fennelly, Mary Magdalane Fennelly, Patrick Brothers, Jane John Duggan, Ellen Fennelly John Walshe  
June 21, 1874 Fennelly, Catherine Louisa Fennelly, Thomas Walshe, Esther William Trainor, Margaret Shallow John Walshe  
May 17, 1872 Fennelly, Esther Joseph Fennelly, Thomas Walsh, Esther John Neill, Mary Walsh R. Dunphy  
June 14, 1867 Fennely, Elizabeth Catherine Fennely, John Trainor, Mary Constantine Neill, Frances Brothers J. Murphy  
September 8, 1862 Fennely, Denis Joseph Fennely, John Trainor, Mary Patrick Fenaly, Margaret Reddy William Forristall  
July 15, 1869 Fennely, Nicholas Fennely, Thomas Walsh, Esther Charles Deacon, Bridget Neill James Murphy  
November 1, 1869 Fennely, James Fennely, Thomas Walsh, Esther Thomas Duggan, Anne Coady William Forristall  
July 8, 1867 Fewer, Mary Fewer, Patrick Paris, Bridget Jodseph Cody, Elizabeth Cody William Forristall  
April 3, 1862 Finn, Ellen Joseph Finn, Richard Ryan, Honorah Walter Walsh, Anne Ryan William Forristall  
March 18, 1860 Finn, Mary Anne Joseph Finn, Richard Ryan, Honorah Martin Walsh, Esther Anne McCarthy Robert Brennan  
June 22, 1862 Finny, John Jno Finny, James Fleming, Catherine Timothy Lawlor, Johana Lawlor William Forristall [Revised transcription - See ERRATA at the bottom of this page for details.]
December 16, 1873 Flaherty, Nicholas Joseph Flaherty, Edward Power, Catherine Michael Coady, Mary Walshe John Walshe  
February 17, 1869 Flaherty, William Joseph Flaherty, Edward Power, Kate John Ryan, Jane Ryan William Forristall  
February 17, 1876 Flaherty, Catherine Anne Flaherty, Edward Power, Catherine John Hart, Ellen Kane John Walshe  
February 6, 1871 Flaherty, Edward Flaherty, Edward Power, Kate James Walsh, Veronica Walsh D. O' Donnell  
July 21, 1862 Flaherty, Rosanna Joseph Flaherty, Edward Power, Catherine William Power, Margaret Cody William Forristall  
June 1, 1866 Flaherty, Jane Joseph Flaherty, Edward Power, Catherine Michael Walsh, Johanna Cody J. Conway  
May 6, 1864 Flaherty, James Joseph Flaherty, Edward Power, Kate Daniel Connell, Margaret Walsh William Forristall  
April 1, 1866 Fleming, Nicholas Fleming, Nicholas Phelan, Alice Timothy Lawler, Mary Sheehan William Forristall  
August 30, 1867 Fleming, Mary Anne Fleming, Nicholas Phelan, Alice William Forristall, Anne Phelan William Forristall  
August 4, 1864 Fleming, John Fleming, Nicholas Phelan, Alice Laurence Tobin, Esther Phelan William Forristall  
December 17, 1872 Fleming, Patrick Fleming, Nicholas Whelan, Alice Michael Sheehan, Agnes Lawler R. Dunphy  
February 25, 1869 Fleming, George Fleming, Nicholas Phelan, Alice James Sheehan, Ellen Lawler William Forristall  
June 25, 1871 Fleming, Edward Joseph Fleming, Nicholas Phelan, Alice Edward Kane, Margaret Pelen N. Roche  
May 17, 1874 Fleming, Michael Francis Fleming, Nicholas Whelan, Alice William Coady, Catherine Lawler John Walshe  
November 14, 1876 Fleming, Benedict Fleming, Nicholas Whelan, Alice Joseph Coady, Jane Coady John Walshe  
August 1, 1875 Flinn, John Flinn, Patrick Divine, Elizabeth William Cody, Margaret Divine John Walshe  
February 22, 1858 Foaley, Mary Foaley, David Roach, Ellen John Roach, Mary Roach James Murphy  
March 18, 1873 Foley, John Joseph Foley, David Roache, Ellen Michael Shanahan, Mary Murphy R. Dunphy  
November 7, 1875 Foley, David Foley, David Roche, Ellen Gerald Shanahan, Bridget Roche John Walshe  
February 20, 1877 Foley, Catherine Joseph Foley, Garret Power, Anne Bernard McCarthy, Bridget McCarthy John Walshe  
November 9, 1872 Foley, Garret Foley, Garret Power, Anne Michael Shanahan, Mary Leary R. Dunphy  
September 6, 1874 Foley, Patrick Foley, Garret Power, Anne John Roche, Mary Anne Roche John Walshe  
November 1, 1868 Foley, Bridget Foley, Gerald Power, Anne Peter Shannahan, ??? J. Murphy  
April 22, 1866 Foley, Catherine Foley, James Barron, Catherine Pierce Barron, Catherine Lawlor William Forristall  
August 4, 1871 Foley, Michael Foley, James Barron, Catherine John Roche, Eliza Roche R. Dunphy  
December 27, 1874 Foley, James Foley, James Barron, Catherine Denis Lawlor, Mary Roche John Walshe  
February 10, 1877 Foley, Stephen Stanislaus Foley, James Barron, Catherine John Giney, Margaret Slaney John Walshe  
October 4, 1868 Foley, Margaret Joseph Foley, James Barron, Catherine John Roach, Mary Roach ???  
November 15, 1859 Foley, Joseph Foley, Michael Saunders, Anne John Brien, Catherine Sliney J. Murphy  
June 15, 1857 Foley, Emma Foley, Samuel Thompson, Margaret James Berrigan, Anastatia Berrigan Robert Brennan  
August 26, 1863 Foran, Mary Foran, Nicholas Flaherty, Esther William Reddy, Mary Grace William Forristall  
December 2, 1861 Foran, Patrick Foran, Nicholas Flaherty, Esther John King, Esther Reddy William Forristall  
May 3, 1865 Foran, Anastatia Frances Foran, Nicholas Flaherty, Esther James Neil, Anne Ryan William Forristall  
May 3, 1865 Foran, Ellen Joseph Foran, Nicholas Flaherty, Esther ??? ???  
April 27, 1868 Fowler, Margaret Fowler, Edward Kiley, Mary Michael Fowler, Mary ??? William Forristall  
December 21, 1873 Fowler, Samuel Fowler, James Lacy, Bridget Thomas Fowler, Teresa Lawler John Walshe  
June 20, 1875 Fowler, Patrick Fowler, James Lacy, Bridget Edward Fowler, Emma Fowler John Walshe  
January 23, 1876 Fowler, James Fowler, John Dinn, Anne Lawrence Dutton, Mary Gearin John Walshe Married at Kilbride on September 12, 1946 to Bridget Crimp
October 11, 1873 Fowler, Mary Anne Fowler, John Dinn, Anne Thomas Leary, Bridget Leary John Walshe  
August 30, 1871 Fowler, David Fowler, Michael Ryan, Margaret Michael Jackman, Mary Anne Ryan R. Dunphy  
April 29, 1866 Fowler, John Fowler, Thomas Shallow, Mary John Leary, Mary Leary William Forristall  
June 30, 1860 Fowley, Michael Fowley, David Roache, Ellen James Fowley, Elizabeth Fowley William Forristall  
October 10, 1862 Fowley, Anne Fowley, David Roache, Ellen Denis Lawlor, Kate Shanahan William Forristall  
October 24, 1870 Fowley, Anne Fowley, Garret Power, Anne James Quinlan, Mary Fowler William Forristall  
May 8, 1865 Fowley, Mary Joseph Fowley, Gerald Power, Anne Philip Jackman, Alice Jackman William Forristall  
September 25, 1864 Fowley, Mary Ann Fowley, James Barron, Catherine Peter Shanahan, ??? William Forristall  
November 11, 1866 Fowley, Mary Jane Fowley, Michael Saunders, Anne Charles Dalton, Kate Gatheral William Forristall  
October 6, 1862 Fowley, Michael Fowley, Michael Saunders, Anne Gerald Fowley, Anne Shanahan William Forristall  
June 10, 1870 Fowley, Johana Fowley, Thomas Healy, Mary John Lynch, Mary Hynes William Forristall  
August 26, 1867 Fowly, Patrick Fowly, David Roache, Ellen Joseph Shanahan, Mary Roache William Forristall  
October 1, 1870 Fowly, Agnes Fowly, David Roache, Ellen John Roache, Kate Gathral William Forristall  
December 9, 1866 Fowly, William Joseph Fowly, Gerald Power, Anne Michael Jackman, Kate Fowley William Forristall  
July 21, 1859 Furlong, Susan Furlong, Patrick Fitzgerald, Margaret John Kent, Margaret Parris Robert Brennan  
Elizabeth Swayne of William Swayne & Esther WalshIn 2002 Kevin Reddigan wrote:
I think I have solved the mystery of the William Swayne who is listed in the Holy Apostles Renews RC Baptisms 1857-1877. The entry that was transcribed as SWAYNE appears to be DWYRE(sic). I went through the originals and although it is very faint, I came to this conclusion from the formation of the letters. I also asked a PANL employee what she thought it was and she offered that it looked like DWYSE (which it does). However, if you look through the rest of the records, you will find that a William DWYER and Esther Walsh were married on May 17, 1855 and had 9 other children over the next two decades. I am convinced that the surname for this entry was recorded as DWYRE. The priest misspelled the name DWYER in the original, and this led to the transcription confusion.
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Kevin Reddigan
Fenncy/FinnyIn January 2013 Valerie Finney wrote:
As I was researching my family (Finney) I see their names are spelled also Finny. Not a big leap from Finney though. However on the page the family name is recorded as Fenncy. You can see the baptisms of the four sons of my great-great grandfather James Finney and his first wife Catherine Fleming. Any chance you can put a footnote saying that the spelling Fenncy is Finney.

Although all entries were made by Father William Forristall, one entry shows the surname spelled Finny, while the other three actually appear to be spelled Fenny. The main confusion in the inital transcription was likely due to the way that the priest joined the second n to the y. In his writing style, he appears to make a slight inward curve on the "left" arm of the letter "y" giving the perception that his intent was to write "cy". The initial translation also formalized some forenames that were abbreviated by Father Forristal.

James Finney married twice and in 1890 when his youngest son was baptised at St. John's, Finney had become the prevalent spelling of the surname. (Kevin Reddigan - Feb. 2013)
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Valerie Finney

Transcribed by Ray Curran and Cindy Morrison - (typed December 2000)

Page Revised: August 2014 (Kevin Reddigan)

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