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Holy Apostles
Renews RC Baptisms 1906-1919

Part 1
(In order of Fathers)

Date of Baptism

Childs Name






May 9, 1908 Aylward, William Joseph Aylward, Pat Brophy, Bridget Frank O' Neill, Annie Brophy John Walshe Married Margaret Fennelly on Nov. 11, 1944
May 18, 1910 Aylward, Alphonsus Aylward, Pat Brophy, Bridget Thomas Brophy, Mary Trainor John Walshe  
April 28, 1912 Aylward, Anne Joseph Aylward, Pat Brophy, Bridget Richard Aylward, Mary F. O' Neill John Walshe  
January 27, 1914 Aylward, Margaret Mary Aylward, Pat Brophy, Bridget James Brothers, Johanna Aylward J. P. Doutney  
January 20, 1916 Aylward, Bridget Joseph Aylward, Pat Brophy, Bridget Michael Walshe, Mary Walshe J. M. Enright  
September 11, 1918 Aylward, Rita Joseph Aylward, Pat Brophy, Bridget James Trainor, Mary Aylward J. M. Enright Married Robert Patrick Deacon on Sept. 30, 1946 in Hartford, Conn. USA
October 1, 1917 Barron, John Thomas Barron, William Linehan, Mary William Dinn, Victoria Harris J. P. Doutney  
October 1, 1917 Barron, Alice Mary Barron, William Linehan, Mary Gerald Roche, Josephine Kane J. P. Doutney  
January 19, 1919 Barron, Ellen Francis Barron, William Lennihan, Mary Matthew Lawlor, Maggie Anne Roche J. M. Enright Married Michael Sullivan at Bar Haven on November 4, 1941
April 6, 1908 Bavis, James Joseph Bavis, John Toole, Kate John Rogers, Bride Rossiter John Walshe  
December 13, 1910 Bavis, Catherine Joseph Bavis, John Toole, Kate Lawrence Jackman, Lucy Keating John Walshe Married Christopher O' Keefe on June 16, 1943 at the Cathedral in St. John's
May 8, 1913 Bavis, Mary Monica Bavis, John Toole, Kate William Toole, Mary Keating J. P. Doutney Married Patrick Smith on Nov. 11, 1946 in Gambo
June 9, 1915 Bavis, Bridget Aloysius Bavis, John O' Toole, Catherine Joe Keating, Mary O' Toole J. M. Enright  
May 11, 1917 Bavis, Elizabeth Frances Bavis, John O'Toole, Catherine William Keating, Elizabeth Coady J. P. Doutney Married Dan O' Leary of Portugal Cove, Trepassey on May 23, 1943
July 31, 1919 Bavis, Anne Joseph Bavis, John Toole, Kate William Gearin, Elizabeth Gearin M. Leamy  
January 16, 1910 Berrigan, Teresa Berrigan, Edward Meehan, Maggie Frank Johnson, Kate Coady John Walshe  
November 11, 1911 Berrigan, William Joseph Berrigan, Edward Meehan, Maggie James Berrigan, Mary Anne Berrigan John Walshe  
January 25, 1914 Berrigan, Michael Joseph Berrigan, Edward Meehan, Maggie Henry Chidley, Mary Berrigan J. P. Doutney  
January 3, 1915 Berrigan, Mary Elizabeth Berrigan, Edward Meehan, Maggie Thomas Devine, Ellen Berrigan J. P. Doutney Married Leo O' Neill on Nov. 11, 1947
April 24, 1907 Brazil, Mary Joseph Brazil, John McCarthy, Mary James Quinn, Bessie Bennett John Walshe  
April 7, 1909 Brazil, John William Brazil, John McCarthy, Mary Andrew Hart, Annie Hynes John Walshe Married Bernice Lawlor on July 25, 1942 in St. John's
March 17, 1911 Brazil, Stella Patrick Brazil, John McCarthy, Mary Florence McCarthy, Mary Anne Coady John Walshe Married Peter Leo Johnson on Nov. 24, 1948
October 30, 1912 Brazil, George Michael Brazil, John McCarthy, Mary Michael Barry, Annie Dunphy John Walshe Married Ellen Eagen on Feb. 1, 1968 at St. Patrick's
May 24, 1915 Brazil, Elizabeth Mary Brazil, John McCarthy, Mary Michael Walsh, Catherine Kenny J. P. Doutney  
November 8, 1917 Brazil, William Stanislaus Brazil, John McCarthy, Mary Stephen McCarthy, Mary Ellen McCarthy J. P. Doutney Married Sarah Mary Critch at St. Mary's on July 30, 1944
August 8, 1913 Brennan, Mary Lawetta Brennan, John Harte, Anne John Jackman, Judith Brennan J. P. Doutney  
December 7, 1914 Brennan, Vincent Mary Brennan, John Harte, Anne James Ryan, Mary Fennelly J. P. Doutney  
August 9, 1916 Brennan, Thomas Brennan, John Harte, Anne John Ryan, Ellen Ryan J. P. Doutney  
June 24, 1918 Brennan, Patrick John Brennan, John Harte, Anne William Walshe, Bridget Ryan J. M. Enright Married Mary Teresa Bernadette Brophy on August 23, 1953
March 2, 1910 Brophy, Mary Bridget Brophy, James Brien, Nora James Tobin, Katie Kenny John Walshe  
May 12, 1915 Brophy, Michael Joseph Brophy, James Green, Nora James Kenny, Philomena Dutton J. M. Enright Married Sarah Louise Hansford on June 25, 1946
September 22, 1915 Brophy, Mary Anne Brophy, John Brothers, Elizabeth M. Thomas Brophy, Katherine Brothers J. M. Enright  
February 24, 1918 Brophy, Johanna Catherine Brophy, John Brothers, Elizabeth Cornelius Sheehan, Mrs. Michael Walshe J. M. Enright  
May 10, 1919 Brophy, Mary Mercedes Brophy, Philip O' Neill, Bridie John O' Neill, Ellie Murphy J. M. Enright  
December 17, 1909 Brophy, Anne Frances Brophy, Stephen O' Neill, Bridget Edward O' Neill, Angela Reddy John Walshe  
January 18, 1912 Brophy, John Joseph Brophy, Stephen O' Neill, Bridget Michael McDonald, Mary Anne O' Neill John Walshe Married Mary Ryan on Sept. 23, 1953 at St. Mary's Basilica
March 25, 1915 Brophy, Philip Joseph Brophy, Stephen O' Neill, Bridget Thomas Tobin, Bridget Tobin J. M. Enright  
July 18, 1917 Brophy, Michael Vincent Brophy, Stephen O' Neill, Bridget Andrew Oates, Judith Morry J. M. Enright Married Stella Martha Leonard at Bar Haven on April 6, 1947
June 22, 1918 Brophy, Patrick John Brophy, Thomas O' Neill, Mary Elizabeth John O' Neill, Elizabeth Brophy J. M. Enright  
November 1, 1907 Brothers, Denis Brothers, John O' Neill, Elizabeth Henry O' Neill, Daisy O' Neill John Walshe Married Mary Jackman on Dec. 30, 1959 in Renews
November 3, 1909 Brothers, Mary Ellen Brothers, John O' Neill, Betsy William Trainor, Mary F. O' Neill John Walshe Married Michael F. Carew on Sept. 17, 1947 in Brookline, Mass. USA
April 10, 1914 Brothers, Mary Joseph Brothers, John O' Neill, Hannah James Brothers, Daisy O' Neill J. P. Doutney  
June 8, 1915 Brothers, Alice Mary Brothers, John O' Neill, Hannah Henry O' Neill, Mary Trainor J. M. Enright  
October 24, 1908 Brothers, Martha Teresa Brothers, Michael Roche, Mary Michael Devine, Ellen Hoffman John Walshe  
October 26, 1913 Brothers, Mary Brothers, Owen Fennelly, Anne Francis O' Neill, Frances Brothers J. P. Doutney  
June 30, 1915 Brothers, Peter Joseph Brothers, Owen Finlay, Annie John Finlay, Katherine Nolander J. M. Enright Married Helen May Trainor on June 5, 1947
August 21, 1916 Brothers, Patrick Francis Brothers, Owen Finlay, Annie John Brothers, Mrs. Butler J. M. Enright Married Lucy Mary Walsh on Oct. 4, 1953
April 4, 1910 Cahill, Mary Elizabeth Cahill, Patrick Oates, Maggie Thomas Heffernan, Maggie Fennelly John Walshe  
January 8, 1912 Cahill, John Cahill, Patrick Wickens, Bridget Christopher Wickens, Esther Guiney John Walshe  
June 22, 1917 Cahill, Esther Cahill, Patrick Wickens, Bridget John Guiney, Mary Clowe J. P. Doutney  
July 21, 1910 Cahill, Patrick John Cahill, Thomas Fowler, Delina Patrick Fowler, Catherine Murphy John Walshe  
October 10, 1911 Cahill, James Joseph Cahill, Thomas Fowler, Delina Timothy Lalor, Teresa Wickens John Walshe Married Mary Jane Teresa Guiney on November 21, 1948
January 11, 1913 Cahill, Mary Esther Cahill, Thomas Fowler, Helena John McCarthy, Mary Fowler Peter P. Sheehan  
June 21, 1914 Cahill, Thomas Cahill, Thomas Fowler, Selina Peter Chidley, Margaret Sheehan J. P. Doutney  
October 5, 1915 Cahill, Bridget Joseph Cahill, Thomas Fowler, Selina Thomas Guiney, Philomena Lawler J. P. Doutney  
October 17, 1918 Cahill, Hannah May Cahill, Thomas Fowler, Selina John Jackman, Bridget Fowler J. P. Doutney Married John Francis Butler on November 30, 1946
September 1, 1912 Chidley, Lawrence Chidley, Christopher ????, Elizabeth Henry Chidley, Mary Chidley John Walshe  
January 21, 1908 Chidley, Edward Stanislaus Chidley, John Power, Ellen Frank Johnson, Rosanna Walsh John Walshe  
May 6, 1909 Chidley, Beatrice May Chidley, John Power, Ellen Thomas Chidley, Hannah Power John Walshe  
August 13, 1911 Chidley, Stephen Chidley, John Power, Ellen William Kane, Ellen Mallard John Walshe  
December 1, 1913 Chidley, Michael Allan Chidley, John Power, Ellen Edward Power, Maria Gearin J. P. Doutney  
November 17, 1917 Chidley, Lawrence Joseph Chidley, John Ward, Bridget Lawrence Chidley, Ellen Berrigan J. P. Doutney  
September 24, 1919 Chidley, Richard Chidley, Lawrence Geary, Louisa Richard Chidley, Elizabeth Roche M. Leamy Married Annie McDonald on October 29, 1955 at Cote des Neige
April 28, 1908 Coady, Andrew Coady, Edward Power, Irene Richard Murphy, Ellen Murphy John Walshe  
May 5, 1912 Coady, Margaret Anne Coady, Edward Power, Anne Thomas Coady, Jane Coady John Walshe Married Michael Ryan on December 26, 1951 at Corpus Christi
December 30, 1917 Coady, Michael Francis Coady, James Gibbon, Margaret James Brothers, Maryanne Coady J. M. Enright  
May 2, 1906 Coady, Peter Joseph Coady, Joseph Foley, Margaret Richard Murphy, Kate Coady John Walshe Married Mabel Cave on March 17, 1945 at St. Patrick's
December 22, 1910 Coady, Catherine Coady, Thomas Hart, Mary Michael Coady, Bridget Walsh John Walshe Married James Glynn of Bay Bulls in St. John's on July 25, 1932
May 26, 1912 Conway, James Philip Coady, Thomas Bennett, Mary Thomas Jackman, Kate Kane John Walshe  
July 27, 1912 Coady, Mary Selina Coady, Thomas Hart, Mary Denis Coady, Bridget ??? John Walshe  
November 15, 1912 Coady, Mary Gertrude Coady, Thomas Power, Mary John Coady, Mary A. Coady John Walshe  
July 6, 1913 Coady, Michael John Coady, Thomas Harte, Mary Andrew Harte, Mary Walshe J. P. Doutney  
December 4, 1914 Coady, Mary Bridget Coady, Thomas Harte, Mary Michael Walsh, Hannah O' Neill J. M. Enright  
April 17, 1918 Coady, Mary Coady, Thomas Harte, Mary John Rogers, Catherine Brothers J. P. Doutney  
July 21, 1909 Conway, James Conway, Denis Jackman, Agnes James Conway, Lizzie Dinn John Walshe  
October 10, 1911 Conway, John Francis Conway, Denis Jackman, Agnes Philip Jackman, Kate Conway John Walshe  
September 25, 1909 Conway, Rose Conway, James Bennett, Mary John Bennett, Ellen Berrigan John Walshe  
October 18, 1910 Conway, John Joseph Conway, James Bennett, Mary John Dunne, Bessie Dinn John Walshe  
May 5, 1914 Conway,Harold Mary Conway, James Bennett, Mary William Guerin, Bridget Hoffman J. P. Doutney  
June 27, 1916 Conway, Amelia Mary Conway, James Bennett, Mary Edward Hoffman, Margaret Devine J. P. Doutney  
January 18, 1918 Conway, Mary Elizabeth Conway, James Bennett, Mary William Bennett, Bridget Hoffman J. P. Doutney  
July 17, 1908 Conway, Mary Ida Conway, John Maher, Kate Robert Brien, Mary Maher L. Vereker  
September 25, 1910 Conway, Ellen Conway, John Maher, Kate James Conway, Margaret Harding John Walshe  
May 10, 1910 Curran, Beatrice Mary Curran, Edward Kenny, Mary Agnes James Walsh, Bridget Kenny John Walshe  
April 21, 1912 Curran, Richard John Curran, Edward Kenny, Agnes Richard Kenny, Ellie Brophy John Walshe  
July 24, 1912 Davis, William Joseph Davis, Thomas Ryan, Catherine William Kenny, Bridget Rossiter John Walshe  
January 17, 1915 Davis, Nicholas Francis Davis, Thomas Ryan, Catherine Patrick Cahill, Nora Heffernan J. M. Enright Married Josephine Lewis at Trepassey on May 21, 1942
October 6, 1918 Devine, Michael Patrick Devine, James Berrigan, Mary Thomas Devine, Johanah Berrigan J. M. Enright Married November 27, 1945
December 20, 1908 Devine, William Stanislaus Devine, John Spearins, Kate James Walsh, Mary A. O' Neill John Walshe  
December 16, 1910 Devine, Patrick Joseph Devine, Michael Rossiter, Bridget Henry Chidley, Maggie Anne Roche John Walshe  
July 26, 1912 Devine, John Devine, Michael Rossiter, Bridget James Quinn, Ellen A. ??? John Walshe  
January 5, 1907 Devine, Honorah, Joseph Devine, Thomas Kane, Teresa Arthur Jackman, Margaret Devine John Walshe  
November 25, 1910 Devine, Catherine Mary Devine, Thomas Kane, Teresa James Devine, Bridget Devine John Walshe  
July 3, 1918 Devine, Patrick George Devine, William Croft, Maud Patrick Devine, Mary E. Keating J. M. Enright  
October 28, 1911 Dinn, John William Dinn, Richard Bennett, Bessie Willie Bennett, Bride Hoffman John Walshe Married to Ellen Mary Monahan Earle on October 24, 1959 at St. Joseph's.Married Previously to Alice Power who died on February 3, 1947
March 12, 1912 Dinn, Thomas Joseph Dinn, Richard Lalor, Matilda William O' Toole, Lizzie Lalor John Walshe Married on November 20, 1945
August 21, 1913 Dinn, Denis Dinn, Richard Lawlor, Matilda Edward Dinn, Elizabeth Dinn J. P. Doutney  
February 25, 1914 Dinn, Mary Emma Dinn, Richard Bennett, Elizabeth James Devine, Elizabeth Coady J. P. Doutney  
April 13, 1915 Dinn, Mary Catherine Dinn, Richard Lawlor, Matilda Denis Lawlor, Mary Dinn J. M. Enright Married Constantine James O;' Neill on November 26, 1946
June 4, 1915 Dinn, Florence Dinn, Richard Bennett, Elizabeth John Dunn, Hannah Jackman J. P. Doutney  
November 11, 1916 Dinn, Anne Dinn, Richard Lawlor, Matilda Mortimer Squires, Mary Gearin J. P. Doutney  
December 30, 1917 Dinn, Maud Dinn, Richard Bennett, Elizabeth John Jackman, Catherine Coady J. P. Doutney  
July 9, 1918 Dinn, Matilda Maria Dinn, Richard Lawlor, Matilda William Edstrom, Hannah Squires J. P. Doutney  
April 11, 1919 Dinn, Richard Stanislaus Dinn, Richard Bennett, Elizabeth Michael Bennett, Ellen Hoffman J. M. Enright  
January 19, 1909 Doyle, Ellen Mary Doyle, Lawrence Conway, Margaret Florence McCarthy, Teresa Jackman John Walshe  
March 8, 1911 Doyle, James Patrick Doyle, Lawrence Conway, Margaret James Devine, Betsy Quinn John Walshe  
January 8, 1915 Dunn, Nicholas John Dunn, Patrick Lawlor, Anastatia Edward Hoffman, Ellie Hoffman J. P. Doutney  
January 3, 1917 Dunn, Johanna Maria Dunn, Patrick Lawlor, Anastatia Denis Guerin, Anna McCarthy J. M. Enright  
March 23, 1918 Dunn, Anastatia Mary Dunn, Patrick Lawlor, Anastatia Richard Walshe, Mary Guerin J. M. Enright  
June 24, 1909 Dunne, Richard John Dunne, Pat Lalor, Anastatia Thomas Kelly, Anne Kelly John Walshe Married at St. Patrick's , St. John's on August 22, 1945
September 5, 1911 Dunne, Benedict Dunne, Pat Lalor, Anastatia William Gearin, Rosanna Walsh John Walshe Married to Margaret Mary McGrath on March 14, 1953 in Montreal
November 4, 1907 Dunne, Catherine Dunne, Pat Lalor, Anastatia John Dunne, Katie Gearin John Walshe  
April 28, 1913 Dunne, Rose Mary Frances Dunne, Patrick Lawlor, Anastatia Denis Lawlor, Maria Dutton Peter P. Sheehan  
March 26, 1906 Dunphy, Elizabeth Mary Dunphy, Joe Coady, Elizabeth Henry Chidley, Anne Kenny John Walshe  
February 24, 1909 Dutton, Mary Joseph Dutton, James Dunne, Maria David Foley, Mary Jane Roche John Walshe  
April 10, 1912 Edstrom, Mary Margaret Edstrom, James Carroll, Emma Albert Morry, Mary Ryan John Walshe  
January 10, 1915 Edstrom, James John Edstrom, James J. Carroll, Emma Rev. Doutney, Bertha Doutney J. P. Doutney Married Audrey Bugden, September 18, 1944
May 17, 1913 Fennelly, Mary Fennelly, Michael Brennan, Mary Jane John Duggan, Bridget Walsh J. P. Doutney  
August 11, 1915 Fennelly, Thomas A Kempis Fennelly, Michael Brennan, Mary Jane Michael F. O' Neill, Margaret Brothers J. M. Enright  
May 21, 1918 Fennelly, Judith Anne Fennelly, Michael Brennan, Mary James Brothers, Beatrice Brothers J. M. Enright Married James Nolander on April 26, 1944
December 13, 1912 Fennelly, Mary Jane Fennelly, Richard Reddy, Hannah Nicholas O' Neill, Lizzie ??? Peter P. Sheehan  
May 7, 1914 Fennelly, Patrick Stanislaus Fennelly, Richard Reddy, Hannah John Fennelly, Hannah O' Neill J. P. Doutney Married Ida Meehan at St. Patrick's on November 23, 1968
November 2, 1915 Fennelly, Margaret Mary Fennelly, Richard Reddy, Hannah John Brothers, Hannah Aylward J. M. Enright Married William Aylward on November 11, 1944
August 30, 1917 Fennelly, Thomas Raymond Fennelly, Richard Reddy, Hannah Owen Brothers, Mary Jane Fennelly J. M. Enright  
October 24, 1919 Fennelly, John Patrick Fennelly, Richard Reddy, Hannah Thomas Tobin, Katherine O' Connell J. M. Enright Married Esther Teresa Rossiter at Cape Broyle on November 5, 1955
July 28, 1907 Fennelly, Mary Magdalane Fennelly, Thomas Brothers, Jane Francis O' Neill, Margaret Brothers John Walshe  
February 11, 1910 Fennelly, James Fennelly, Thomas Brothers, Jane Denis Trainor, Daisy O' Neill John Walshe  
June 22, 1912 Fennelly, Mary Elizabeth Dorothy Fennelly, Thomas Brothers, Jane Henry O' Neill, Mary Anne Coady J. J. Rawlins  
August 30, 1915 Fennelly, John Raymond Fennelly, Thomas Brothers, Jane Richard Fennelly, Belle Saunders J. M. Enright Married Mary Clarabelle Ryan on November 25, 1948 at the Cathedral in St. John's
April 16, 1917 Foley, David Foley, David Power, Elizabeth Privately Baptised J. P. Doutney  
March 29, 1906 Foley, Katie Joseph Foley, James Shanahan, Clara Michael Foley, Johanna Shanahan John Walshe Married John J. Cain on November 28, 1946 at Brookline, Mass
June 4, 1908 Foley, Ellen Mary Foley, James Shanahan, Clara Thomas Conway, Josephine Dooley John Walshe Married John Joseph Walsh at Somerville, Mass on June 21, 1936
September 28, 1910 Foley, Clara Mary Foley, James Shanahan, Clara Arthur Jackman, Johanna Foley John Walshe  
February 23, 1912 Foley, Katie Patrick Foley, John Jackman, Johanna Arthur Jackman, Clara Foley John Walshe  
April 26, 1910 Foley, Mary Anne Joseph Foley, Michael Power, Johanna William Foley, Teresa Jackman John Walshe Married Murt(Mortimer)Keating
September 5, 1916 Foley, Teresa Mary Foley, Michael Power, Johanna William Barron, Margaret O' Toole J. M. Enright  
May 4, 1916 Foley, Mary Catherine Foley, Stephen Oates, Mary Michael Foley, Mary Lawlor J. M. Enright  
January 20, 1912 Foley, Mary Frances Foley, William Ryan, Elizabeth Gerald Roche, Lucy Foley John Walshe  
August 8, 1913 Foley, Margaret Anne Foley, William Ryan, Elizabeth Garrett Foley, Catherine Connors J. P. Doutney Married Matt Barnable on November 14, 1943
March 27, 1915 Foley, Anne Joseph Foley, William Ryan, Elizabeth David Ryan, Johanna Foley J. P. Doutney  
January 21, 1918 Foley, Gerald Michael Foley, William Ryan, Elizabeth Albert Ryan, Teresa Wickens J. P. Doutney  
December 16, 1907 Fowler, John Stanislaus Fowler, James O' Leary, Lizzie Arthur O' Leary, Gertie Fowler John Walshe  
July 5, 1911 Fowler, Edward Corcini Fowler, James O' Leary, Lizzie Thomas Devine, Bessie O' Leary John Walshe Married on March 2, 1946 to Glenna Isabelle Duncan, Verdun P.Q.
May 14, 1915 Fowler, Mary Gertrude Fowler, James J. Rice, Catherine John Fowler, Lucy Dinn J. P. Doutney  
May 30, 1906 Fowler, Mary Margaret Fowler, Sam White, Mary Patrick Fowler, Mary Lalor John Walshe Married Joseph Rossiter at Renews on November 25, 1953
September 20, 1906 Fowler,???? John Fowler, Sam St. Croix, Esther Christopher Wickens, Esther Guiney John Walshe  
October 30, 1907 Fowler, James Fowler, Sam White, Mary Michael Lalor, Kate Sheehan John Walshe  
March 21, 1908 Fowler, Margaret Anne Fowler, Sam St. Croix, Esther Patrick Fowler, Ellen Lalor John Walshe  
March 26, 1909 Fowler, John Patrick Fowler, Sam White, Mary James Quinn, Bridget Wickens John Walshe Married Hannah Beatrice Sheehan on January 19, 1953
March 3, 1910 Fowler, Gertie Fowler, Sam St. Croix, Esther Timothy Lalor, Mary Murphy John Walshe  
August 19, 1910 Fowler, Ellen Fowler, Sam White, Mary John Lalor, Esther Guiney John Walshe  
August 19, 1910 Fowler, Samuel Fowler, Sam White, Mary James Berrigan, Bessie Dinn John Walshe  
January 1, 1912 Fowler, Emma Fowler, Sam St. Croix, Esther Peter Murphy, Johanna Sheehan John Walshe  
May 8, 1917 Fowler, Stanislaus Fowler, Sam White, Mary Thomas Cahill, Hanaha Sheehan J. M. Enright  
August 17, 1917 Fowler, Thomas Leo Fowler, Sam St. Croix, Esther      
August 26, 1913 Gayney(Ghaney), Peter Francis Gayney(Ghaney) Thomas Ryan, Anastatia Michael Rossiter, Mary Brophy J. P. Doutney  
June 14, 1914 Gearin, James Gearin, James Conway, Bridget Lawrence Jackman, Catherine Conway J. P. Doutney  
August 7, 1907 Gearin, William Joseph Gearin, William Lalor, Mary Denis Lalor, Louisa Lalor John Walshe Married to Bridget O' Neill at St. John's on May 6, 1944
October 17, 1907 Gearin, Madeline Gearin, William Dunne, Kate Walter Keating, Victoria Jackman John Walshe  
March 28, 1910 Gearin, John Joseph Gearin, William Dunne, Kate Michael Bennett, Anastatia Dunne John Walshe  
June 25, 1910 Gearin, Leo John Gearin, William Lalor, Mary Joseph Keating, Ellen Hoffman John Walshe  
July 8, 1912 Gearin, Veronica Gearin, William Dunne, Kate Frank Roche, Kate Roche John Walshe  
July 23, 1912 Gearin, Mary Louisa Gearin, William Dunne, Kate Lawrence Doyle, Mary McCarthy John Walshe  
April 29, 1907 Ghaney, William Lawrence Ghaney, Thomas Ryan, Anastatia James Brophy, Rosana Kenny John Walshe  
May 23, 1909 Ghaney, Mary Lauretta Ghaney, Thomas Ryan, Anastatia Michael Coady, Bridget Walsh John Walshe  
March 14, 1912 Ghaney, Patrick Joseph Ghaney, Thomas Ryan, Anastatia Peter Ryan, Maggie Fennelly John Walshe  
January 17, 1915 Ghaney, Mary Ellen Ghaney, Thomas Ryan, Anastatia Nicholas Rossiter, Matilda Kenny J. M. Enright  
January 17, 1915 Ghaney, Thomas Angelus Ghaney, Thomas Ryan, Anastatia Michael Ryan, Bridget Rossiter J. M. Enright Died in September, 1915
March 31, 1917 Ghaney, Bridget Ethel Ghaney, Thomas Ryan, Anastatia Robert Kenny, Alice Kenny J. M. Enright  
January 10, 1906 Grace, Philomena Joseph Grace, Thomas Roche, Anne Anthony Brien, Mary Keating John Walshe  
July 18, 1907 Grace, Denis Joseph Grace, Thomas Roche, Anne Michael McDonald, Anastatia Kenny John Walshe  
June 20, 1909 Grace, Thomas Francis Grace, Thomas Roche, Anne Edward Kenny, Bridget Rossiter John Walshe  
March 22, 1911 Grace, Leo Patrick Grace, Thomas Roche, Anne Thomas Roche, Anne Walsh John Walshe  
August 7, 1912 Grace, Lawrence Grace, Thomas Roche, Anne William Gearin, Maggie Kane John Walshe  
March 5, 1914 Grace, Emmanuel Joseph Grace, Thomas Roche, Anne William McCarthy, Margaret Cahill J. P. Doutney Posthumous
April 19, 1910 Greene, Mary Mercedes Greene, John Power, Mary Michael Kenny, Catherine Kenny John Walshe Married on August 16, 1953to Austin Giddings at Watertown, Mass
July 30, 1907 Hagan, Anne Joseph Ignatius Hagan, Joe Fitzgerald, Louisa James Carey, Kate Dutton John Walshe  
May 25, 1909 Hagan, Edward Morris Hagan, Joe Fitzgerald, Louisa Nicholas Walsh, Sarah Hagan John Walshe  
March 1, 1908 Hagan, John Francis Hagan, Thomas Corrigan, Sarah Joseph Hagan, Mary Hart John Walshe Married Mary Bishop at Sommerville, Mass on April 12, 1936
April 11, 1910 Hagan, Annie Joseph Hagan, Thomas Corrigan, Sarah John Dutton, Bridie O' Neill John Walshe  
February 22, 1912 Hagan, Thomas Joseph Hagan, Thomas Corrigan, Sarah James Carey, Kate Dutton John Walshe  
August 19, 1917 Hagan, Joseph Patrick Hagan, Thomas Roche, Mary Lawrence Dutton, Annie Lawlor J. M. Enright Married to Mary Veronica Kenny on November 5, 1947
May 26, 1919 Hagan, Clarence Mary Joseph Hagan, Thomas Roche, Mary Thomas Dutton, Clara Swaine J. M. Enright Married Mary Teresa Fennelly on August 10, 1952
December 6, 1908 Hart, Stephen Patrick Hart, Edward Barron, Ellen Joseph Hagan, Catherine Hart John Walshe  
November 6, 1910 Hart, John Francis Hart, Edward Barron, Ellen John Jackman, Kate Finn John Walshe  
December 8, 1917 Harte, Mary Margaret Harte, Andrew Paine, Mary John Dutton, Clara Swain J. M. Enright  
December 4, 1913 Harte, Alphonsus Lignore Harte, Edward Barron, Ellen F. James Dutton, Bride O' Neill J. P. Doutney  
September 28, 1906 Hayes, Anne Hayes, Thomas Brophy, Mary Anne Peter McCarthy, Katie Toole John Walshe Married on September 6, 1931 to John Wall of Michael from Harbour Main
October 14, 1908 Hayes, Bridget Mary Hayes, Thomas Brophy, Mary Michael Walsh, Mary Bennett John Walshe  
April 29, 1910 Hayes, Philip Augustine Hayes, Thomas Brophy, Mary Anne John Berrigan, Bride Hoffman John Walshe  
August 5, 1912 Hayes, Thomas Joseph Hayes, Thomas Brophy, Mary Anne Sam Cahill, Josephine Moores John Walshe  
June 24, 1914 Hayes, John Alphonsus Hayes, Thomas Brophy, Mary Denis Walsh, Catherine Kane J. P. Doutney  
April 17, 1916 Hayes, Mary Janet Hayes, Thomas Brophy, Mary Lawrence Chidley, Elizabeth Dunphy J. M. Enright  
April 2, 1906 Hepditch, Alfred Leo Hepditch, Joseph McCarthy, Maggie Peter Walsh, Jane Hart John Walshe  
July 6, 1908 Hepditch, Anne Joseph Hepditch, Joseph McCarthy, Margaret Michael McCarthy, Mary E. Brazil John Walshe  
August 12, 1910 Hepditch, Joseph Hepditch, Joseph McCarthy, Maggie Anne Thomas McCarthy, Mary Bridget McCarthy John Walshe  
February 18, 1914 Hepditch, Mary Jane Hepditch, Joseph McCarthy, Margaret Walter Keating, Elizabeth Mary Roche J. P. Doutney  
September 1, 1915 Hepditch, Elizabeth Rose Hepditch, Joseph McCarthy, Margaret William Guerin, Catherine M. Kane J. P. Doutney Married on March 17, 1950 to William John Wilson at St. Patrick's
January 5, 1907 Jackman, Mary Anne Joseph Jackman, Arthur Foley, Teresa William Foley, Ellen Lalor John Walshe Married to Denis Brothers on December 30, 1959 at Renews
September 6, 1912 Jackman, Frances Mary Jackman, Arthur Foley, Teresa Gerald Roche, Maggie Devine John Walshe  
May 8, 1907 Jackman, Mary Catherine Jackman, John O' Neill, Esther William Jackman, Katie O' Neill John Walshe  
June 2, 1906 Jackman, Kevin Joseph Jackman, Thomas Flinn, Margaret John Dunne, Mary O' Leary John Walshe  
April 27, 1907 Jackman, Paul Ronald Jackman, Thomas Power, Margaret Edward Lalor, Bessie Fowler John Walshe  
June 4, 1907 Jackman, Emily Frances Jackman, William Ryan, Fanny Florence McCarthy, Mary Anne Ryan John Walshe  
September 29, 1906 Johnson, Laura Mary Johnson, Arthur Bavis, Mary Lawrence Jackman, Ellen Hoffman John Walshe  
August 22, 1907 Johnson, Peter Leo Johnson, Arthur Shannahan, Elizabeth Thomas Jackman, Kate Lalor John Walshe Married to Stella Patrick Brazil on November 24, 1948
November 6, 1909 Johnson, William Joseph Johnson, Arthur Shannahan, Elizabeth Mat Shannahan, Elizabeth Lalor John Walshe  
March 20, 1912 Johnson, Mary ? Johnson, Arthur Bavis, Mary Walter Bavis, Lizzie Johnson John Walshe  
August 15, 1919 Johnson, Patrick Vincent Johnson, Arthur Fitzgerald, Bridget Gerald Roche, Annie Hearin(Hearn) M. Leamy  
February 21, 1909 Johnson, John Joseph Johnson, Thomas Jackman, Mary Frank Johnson, Margaret Jackman John Walshe  
March 8, 1911 Johnson, Thomas Patrick Johnson, Thomas Jackman, Mary William Devine, May Connelly John Walshe  
February 22, 1906 Johnson, Peter Joseph Johnson, William Jackman, Johanna Thomas Walsh, Maggie Jackman John Walshe  
June 4, 1913 Johnston, Mildred Johnston, Thomas Jackman, Mary Lawrence Jackman, Hannah Berrigan J. P. Doutney  
August 14, 1915 Johnston, Mary Margarite Johnston, Thomas Jackman, Mary William McCarthy, Elizabeth Coady J. P. Doutney  
March 11, 1906 Kane, Thomas Patrick Kane, John Shallow, Mary Michael Brien, Jane Shallow John Walshe  
June 25, 1907 Kane, Mary Bridget Kane, Martin Brophy, Mary Michael Walsh, Bessie Dinn John Walshe  
December 29, 1908 Kane, Anne Joseph Kane, Martin Brophy, Mary James Devine, Betsy Quinn John Walshe  
May 27, 1910 Kane, Mary Bridget Kane, Martin Brophy, Mary Lawrence Jackman, Margaret Kane John Walshe  
May 10, 1912 Kane, Ita Mary Kane, Martin Brophy, Mary James Quinn, Mary Kane John Walshe  
June 25, 1913 Kane Elizabeth Kane, Martin Brophy, Mary Edward Lawlor, Elizabeth Kane J. P. Doutney  
April 16, 1915 Kane, Thomas Patrick Kane, Martin Brophy, Mary William Devine, Kathleen Kane J. P. Doutney  
May 14, 1907 Keating, Mary Margaret Keating, John Rossiter, Ellen William Keating, Lucy Keating John Walshe  
June 4, 1909 Keating, Mary Bridget Keating, John Rossiter, Ellen Michael Foley, Hannah Foley John Walshe  
July 13, 1911 Keating, Elizabeth Joseph Keating, John Rossiter, Ellen Willie Keating, Mary Rossiter John Walshe  
November 29, 1913 Keating, John Joseph Keating, John Rossiter, Ellen Richard Lawes, Mary Lawlor J. P. Doutney  
August 7, 1916 Keating, Thomas Dominic Keating, John Rossiter, Ellen John Walsh, Mary Keating J. P. Doutney  
November 25, 1918 Keating, Geneve Joseph Keating, John Rossiter, Ellen Peter Walshe, Bessie Keating J. M. Enright  
May 18, 1907 Keating, Clara Mary Keating, Michael Squires, Mary Samuel Cahill, Jane Coady John Walshe Married William McCarthy at Renews on August 30, 1953
May 23, 1910 Keating, Madaline Mary Keating, Thomas Lalor, Mary Anne Will Keating, Lizzie Squires John Walshe  
July 1, 1915 Keeffe, Herbert Francis Keeffe, James Moore, Annie Cornelius Sheehan, Frances Moore J. M. Enright  
November 11, 1915 Kenny, Mary Sybyl Kenny, Andrew Squires, Elizabeth Mortimer Squires, Katerine Kenny J. M. Enright  
February 6, 1917 Kenny, Genivieve Kenny, Andrew Squires, Elizabeth James J. Kenny, Ida Griffin J. M. Enright  
August 11, 1918 Kenny, Catherine Susanna Kenny, Andrew Squires, Elizabeth John W. Kenny, Mary Ellen Kenny J. M. Enright  
April 21, 1906 Kenny ,Andrew Alphonsus Kenny, James Reddy, Mary James Brophy, Maggie Reddy John Walshe  
April 19, 1908 Kenny, Thomas Joseph Kenny, James Reddy, Mary Thomas Reddy, Lucy Kenny John Walshe Married at St. John's on October 2, 1944 to Mary Maher
February 6, 1910 Kenny, Mary Ellen Kenny, James Reddy, Mary John Murphy, Rose Kenny John Walshe  
October 5, 1912 Kenny, Francis Michael Kenny, James Reddy, Mary Philip Brophy, Said Reddy John Walshe Married Mary Margaret Heffernan on October 7, 1946
February 13, 1915 Kenny, Margaret Mary Kenny, James Reddy, Mary John O' Neill, Bridget Kenny J. M. Enright  
March 10, 1917 Kenny, Eileen Kenny, James Kenny, Ellen Andrew J. Kenny, Hannah Reddy J. M. Enright  
July 7, 1919 Kenny, Matthew Anaclet Kenny, James Reddy, Mary Richard Curran, Mary Ellen Kenny M. Leamy  
September 26, 1906 Kenny, Anne Maria Kenny, John Walsh, Mary J. Andrew Kenny, Margaret Fennelly John Walshe  
May 9, 1912 Kenny, James John Kenny, John Walsh, Mary Jane Robert Kenny, Bridget Kenny John Walshe  
July 19, 1919 Kenny, William Joseph Kenny, John Heffernan, Gertrude John Heffernan, Annie Kenny M. Leamy Married Rose Schmidheini on August 17, 1951 in Ho-Ho- Kus, New Jersey
February 14, 1907 Kenny, John Joseph Kenny, Matthew Brennan, Ellen William Kenny, Alice Kenny John Walshe  
August 23, 1907 Kenny, Andrew Joseph Kenny, Richard Reddy, Maggie Denis Trainor, Hannah Reddy John Walshe  
January 16, 1908 Kenny, Leo Patrick Kenny, Robert Martin, Anastatia John Kenny, Bridget Kenny John Walshe  
July 20, 1909 Kenny, Andrew Thomas Kenny, Walter Brennan, Ellen Michael Brennan, Maggie Kenny John Walshe Married on January 15, 1946
April 4, 1911 Kenny, Thomas Augustine Kenny, Walter Brennan, Ellen Andrew Kenny, Rose Kenny John Walshe  
August 16, 1913 Kenny, Austen Mary Kenny, Walter Brennan, Ellen ???, ??? Henry Renouf  
October 12, 1915 Kenny, Edward Joseph Kenny, Walter Brennan, Ellen Matthew Kenny, Bridget Walshe J. M. Enright  
September 17, 1917 Kenny, Mary Frances Kenny, Walter Brennan, Ellen John Dutton, Elizabeth Squires J. M. Enright Died June 14, 1918
May 7, 1906 Kenny, James Mary Kenny, William Walsh, Bridget Michael Walsh, Kate O' Neill John Walshe  
October 15, 1906 Kenny, Jane Joseph Kenny, William Redmond, Alice James Walsh, Lucy Kenny John Walshe  
February 23, 1909 Kenny, Mary Florence Kenny, William Redmond, Alice Andrew Kenny, Nancy Kenny John Walshe  
September 1, 1909 Kenny, Patrick Francis Kenny, William Walsh, Bridget Thomas Brophy, Anastatia Kenny John Walshe  
May 21, 1910 Kenny, Lawrence Joseph Kenny, William Redmond, Alice William Kenny, Matilda Rossiter John Walshe  
June 3, 1912 Kenny, William Kenny Kenny, William Walsh, Bridget James Walsh, Matilda Kenny J. J. Rawlins  
November 19, 1912 Kenny, Mary Aileen Kenny, William Redmond, Alice Michael Kenny, Mary E. ???? Peter P. Sheehan  
December 22, 1914 Kenny, Mary Magdalen Kenny, William Redmond, Alice Robert Kenny, Margaret Kenny J. M. Enright  
March 30, 1906 Knowlander, Mary Esther Knowlander, Fred Fennelly, Esther Michael O' Neill, Esther O' Neill John Walshe  
February 11, 1908 Knowlander, Charles Frederick Knowlander, Fred Fennelly, Esther Nicholas O' Neill, Anne Fennelly John Walshe  
January 28, 1909 Knowlander, James Francis Knowlander, Fred Fennelly, Esther Frank O' Neill, Catherine Walsh John Walshe Married to Judith Anne Fennelly of Michael at St. John's on April 26, 1944
June 26, 1911 Knowlander, Reginald Knowlander, Fred Fennelly, Esther Edward Trainor, Elizabeth Fennelly John Walshe  
May 5, 1919 Knox, Teresa Mary Knox, Patrick Kane, Catherine Arthur Francis Jackman, Hannah Joseph Jackman J. M. Enright Married to William Hynes, Ferryland on October 24, 1942

Transcribed by Ray Curran & Cindy Morrison (December 2000)

Page Revised: October 2002 (Don Tate)

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