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1925 - 1946 (
Marital Status was not given in these records. Place of marriage was almost never entered.
KEY: SA = Salvation Army; Stat = marital status; Occ = occupation; SA = Salvation Army; Meth = Methodist; UC = United Church; Pres = Presbyterian; CE = Church of England (Anglican); RC = Roman Catholic; Pent = Pentecostal; d/o = daughter of; s/o = son of;
Sep 4 1925 Bennett DALLEY 23 bach laborer Meth Deer Lake Myles Lyver  
home of Samuel Fudge, Deer Lake Josephine FUDGE 21 spin domestic Meth Deer Lake Hilda T? Fudge  
Stanley Tiller                
June 271925 William PECKFORD 23 bach laborer SA Philips Head Norman Peckford born circa 1901 Charles Bk, s/o Edwin Peckford & Lucy Kingman
SA B--?, Philips Head Elsie BUDGELL 23 spin domestic SA Philips Head Mrs M Budgell born 1903 Moores Cove, d/o John Budgell & Naomi Boone
Stanley Tiller                
Nov 28 1925 Amaziah STARKS 25 bach carpenter Meth Deer Lake Ernest Oake born 1900 Kings Pt, s/o Eli Starks & Annie Selina Norman
Mr Money's house, Deer Lake Selena BATH 23 spin domestic Meth Deer Lake Nina Dawe  
Stanley Tiller                
Nov 6 1925 William GILES 38 bach laborer Meth Deer Lake Blanche Gillingham  
home of James Giles, Deer Lake Blanche JEDDORE 26 spin domestic Meth Deer Lake Geo. Hayden  
Stanley Tiller                
Apr 11 1926 Edgar NICHOL 42 wid farmer Pres Nicholville Norman Nichols (sic)  
home of Edgar Nichol, Nicholville Ellenor LEGGE 27 spin domestic CE Nicholville Mrs Thomas Nichols  
Stanley Tiller                
Aug 14 1926 Walter James MANUEL 24 bach cook Meth Deer Lake Maxwell Mills, Livinia Manuel Born Jacksons Cove, s/o Victor & Carrie May (?nee Mitchell). Father Victor was the adopted son of John James Manuel & Lavinia Shearing.
Deer Lake Georgina Lucy HARRIS 16 yr, 5 mo spin domestic Meth Deer Lake Chesley C Harnett, Miss Flossie Eastman  
Charles Egerton Peacock                
Sep 10 1926 Edward Skeans? 29 yr, 11 mo bach fireman RC Kilbride, St Johns J.J. Moores, Mrs. J.J. Moores  
Ministers Room, Deer Lake Bessie FOSS 22 spin domestic Meth Deer Lake Aggie Byrnes Bessie may be the dau of Darius Foss & Generalda Noseworthy, born circa 1906 La Scie.
Charles Egerton Peacock                
Dec 14 1926 Hedley Maxwell MILLS 25 & 1/2 bach lumberman Meth Deer Lake Hubert Wright, Flossie Burridge Born 1901 Burlington, s/o Azariah Mills & Lavinia Prole
Deer Lake Carry Livinia MANUEL 19 & 1/2 spin domestic Meth Deer Lake John Caines, Pearl Parsons Daughter of Victor & Carrie May (?Mitchell) Manuel.
Charles Egerton Peacock                
Sep 29 1927 Norman MOSS 25 bach laborer CE Deer Lake Mrs Samuel Cross  
Deer Lake Rebecca LUSH 21 wid domestic CE Deer Lake John Martin  
Frederick W. Sparks                
Nov 9 1927 Mack Oswald BUTT 24 wid lumberman Meth Howley Ralph C/Frai??th  
Howley school house Eliza Lilian MANUEL 19 spin domestic Meth Howley Roxie Butt  
Frederick W. Sparks                
Feb 7 1928 Max Garfield SIMMS 26 bach lumberman Meth Howley Percy Elwood Harnum born 1901 Triton - d 1977, s/o Archibald William Simms & Lavinia Parsons.
Howley school house Emaline Phoebe PAYNE 20 spin domestic Meth Howley Bride Simms born 1908 Pilleys Island, d/o Edward Payne & Mary Maud Rideout.
Frederick W. Sparks                
Feb 14 1928 George PARSONS 20 bach railway section man Meth Howley Alice Butt  
Howley school house Mamie Ethelred STROUD 19 spin domestic Meth Howley Hayward Butt  
Frederick W. Sparks                
Mar 28 1928 Walter LIDSTONE 30 bach carpenter Meth Deer Lake Phebe Watkins born 1897 Laurenceton, s/o Moses Lidstone of Brigux & Elizabeth Jewer of Exploits.
Deer Lake Lena* WATKINS 22 spin domestic Meth Deer Lake Arthur Wellon *signed as Leona. Adopted dau of John Stanley Hutchings & Fanny Elizabeth Watkins, born Norris Arm.
Frederick W. Sparks                
May 8 1928 Edward READ 22 bach lumberman CE Howley Herbert White, Alice Butt  
Howley school house Beatrice Ella NOSEWORTHY 19 spin domestic CE Howley Ada Porter, W. ?. Inder May be dau of Harry & Selina Noseworthy
Frederick W. Sparks                
June 4 1929 Stewart OSMOND 22 bach scaler, ?.P.P.Co. UC Howley Norman Percival Bragg, Ada Osmond  
Howley Church Flora Margaret LANE 18 spin domestic UC Howley Max Wiseman  
Frederick W Sparks assisted by J MacL? Beaton                
Oct 4 1929 David Donald BALL 23 bach lumberman UC Deer Lake Spencer Pritchett born 1907 Scissors Cove, s/o David & Hannah Jane: died 1975, buried Deer Lake.
Deer Lake Annie HAYDEN 21 spin domestic CE Deer Lake Mossie Burridge May be dau of Joseph & Mary Maria Hayden, born Badger.
Henry G. Douglas                
Nov 6 1929 Alexander HENCOCK 22 bach lumberman CE Humber Canal John Tucker S/o Joseph William Hancock & Annie Eliza Cousins of Botwood.
home of Mr Hencock of Humber Canal Pheobie WATKINS 22 spin domestic UC Humber Canal Burge Manuel May be d/o widower James Watkins of Comfort Cove
Henry G. Douglas                
Nov 9 1929 Carl E. WARR 20 bach carpenter UC Deer Lake Hubert W. Tucker, Harold W Warr Believed to be s/o Edgar & Alfreda Warr of Twillingate.
home of Hubert Tulk, Deer Lake Elsie EARLE 18 spin domestic UC Deer Lake Lottie V/U? Rideout  
Henry G. Douglas                
Dec 14 1929 Victor WISEMAN 33 bach lumberman UC Howley George Wiseman, James Thorne born circa 1898 Boot Hr, s/o Alfred Wiseman & Rebecca Jones.
h/o Alfred Wiseman, Howley Mary WISEMAN 32 wid domestic SA Howley Ivy Wiseman  
Henry G. Douglas                
Dec 16 1929 Alfred WOODMAN 22 bach surveyor UC Howley Alice Butt  
home of Isaac Gillard, Howley Ella Maud GILLARD 19 spin domestic UC Howley J.W/D? Snow born Millertown, d/o Isaac Gillard of Twillingate & Norah Wellon of Ladle Cove.
Henry G. Douglas                
Dec 21 1929 Robert John TUCKER 23 bach engineer UC Deer Lake Walter C Oakley Believed to be s/o Robert Tucker & Rebecca Jones, born 1904 Island Cove
Orange Hall, Deer Lake Mary Burge MANUEL 19 spin domestic UC Deer Lake Georgina L Manuel Dau of Victor & Carrie May (? nee Mitchell)
Henry G. Douglas                
May 16 1930 George MARTIN 25 bach fisherman UC Howley Elihu Fudge  
Deer Lake Susie COOPER 20 spin domestic UC Howley Emma Fu(d)ge b 1910 Shoal Arm, Badger Bay, d/o Stephen Cooper & Maud Manuel.
Henry G. Douglas                
June 24 1930 Clement Ernest BARRETT 21 bach log driver UC Deer Lake Isaac Stuckless Clement E. was the adopted son of George & Priscilla Squires.
home of Mr G.E. Squires, Deer Lake Mabel Dorothy STUCKLESS 20 spin domestic UC Deer Lake Hazel Campbell Mabel was the d/o Mark Stuckless & Ethel Amelia Tucker.
Henry G. Douglas                
Oct 16 1930 Adolphus DIAMOND 30 bach contractor UC Howley W. Douglas Yates b 1898 - d 1985
Howley Evelyn Estelle ROBERTS 24 spin   UC Deer Lake Ruth Roberts b 1906 Pilleys Island - d 1993 Deer Lake; d/o Thomas Roberts & Joannah L. Goudie.
Harry Kay                
Oct 23 1930 John ROBERTS 26 bach lumberman UC Deer Lake Roland Janes May be s/o Thomas Roberts & Joanna L Goudie of Pilleys Island.
Deer Lake Maud LUSH 17 spin   UC Deer Lake Lucy Roberts  
Harry Kay                
Sep 11 1931 William Herbert WOOLRIDGE 21 bach lumberman UC Howley Violet May Pygas? May be s/o Thomas Herbert Woolridge & Susanna Menchinton, born Norris Arm.
Deer Lake Marjory Mildred PARSONS 18 spin   UC Hampden Alexander Caine  
Samuel G Machin                
Oct 3 1931 Charles CAMPBELL 31 bach woodsman UC Deer Lake Eliza Janes  
Deer Lake Bessie STOCKLEY 22 spin   CE Deer Lake Willis Janes  
Samuel G Machin                
Nov 13 1931 Nicholas John BAKER 22 bach woodsman CE Deer Lake Walter Hayden  
Deer Lake Edith May BAKER 20 spin   UC Deer Lake Lucy Maud Baker  
Samuel G Machin                
Dec 17 1931 Aubrey Victor DAWE 24 bach painter CE Deer Lake J. Byrnes  
home of Mrs J Byrns, Deer Lake Bertha Clara PELLEY 21 spin   UC Deer Lake Gwendolyn Dawe  
Samuel G Machin                
Nov 10 1932 Ishmael SMITH 22 bach woodsman UC Deer Lake Levi Diamond Died 1971 (Deer Lake)
Deer Lake Melora May FUDGE 18 spin   UC Deer Lake Emma Fudge Born 1914 Heads Hr, d/o Samuel & Sarah.
R.J. Marles                
Nov 23 1932 Roy NICHOLS 29 bach farmer UC Deer Lake Stanley Nichols  
Deer Lake Reta GUINCHARD 18 spin   CE Deer Lake Maud Priscilla Nichols Rita was born Daniels Hr, d/o Joseph Jacob Guinchard & Mary Joseph Ploughman.
R.J. Marles                
Dec 15 1933 Willis JANES 22 bach woodsman UC Deer Lake Kathleen Janes S/o John James Janes & Caroline D Diamond: born 1906 Savage Cove - d 1980.
Deer Lake Jessie DOWNTON 18 spin domestic UC Deer Lake Edgar Mercer Jessie Naomi was b 1912 Scissors Cove - d 1947 Deer Lake, buried Stanhope; d/o Simeon Downton & Adora Chalk.
John S Clarke                
Jan 4 1934 Willis GOULDING 20 bach woodsman CE Deer Lake Kath??n Goulding  
Deer Lake Eliza LEGGE 16 spin domestic CE Deer Lake Miss Gladys Legge  
John S Clarke                
Jan 22 1934 Allan Levi MANUEL 27 bach engineer UC Howley Nellie Butt Howley  
Howley Alice Elizabeth BUTT 21 spin   UC not given Ernest Manuel  
John S Clarke                
Apr 16 1934 Reginald George GILLARD 21 bach woodsman UC Howley Cassie Reader born Millertown, d/o Isaac Gillard of Twillingate & Norah Wellon of Ladle Cove.
Howley Eliza Ann READER 19 spin domestic UC not given Stanley Gillard  
John S Clarke                
Mar 9 1935 Cecil ROWSELL 28 bach woodsman UC Port Anson Carl Goudie born Port Anson, s/o Joseph Rowsell & Amelia A Burton.
Deer Lake Eda (Ada) HEWLETT 28 spin domestic UC Deer Lake Dorothy Manuel Signed as Eda; aka Edith; b 1907 Paddocks Bight, d/o Joseph & Annie (Hewlett) Hewlett.
R. Bertrand Brett                
Mar 29 1935 John EARLE 24 bach woodsman RC South Brook Mary Pye  
home of Robert Pye, South Brook Bertha YOUNG 18 spin domestic RC South Brook Robert Pye  
R. Bertrand Brett                
Apr 2 1935 Robert STUCKLESS 22 bach woodsman CE Deer Lake Armine M Stuckless born Bishops Falls, s/o Henry Thomas Stuckless & Lenora Hayden
Deer Lake Marjorie BUTLER 20 spin clerk *P. Deer Lake Hubert Jas. Butler born Paquet, d/o James Baxter Butler & Delilah Regular; g-dau of Eleazar Butler of Kelligrews & Susan Eveleigh of Change Islands.
R. Bertrand Brett                
Apr 6 1935 Cecil William WHEELER 33 wid contractor UC Summerford George Janes born 1901 Farmers Arm, s/o William Thomas Wheeler & Mary Small.
Deer Lake Eliza Caroline JANES 24 spin domestic UC Deer Lake Kathleen Janes born circa 1910 Flowers Cove, d/o John James Janes & Caroline Diamond.
R. Bertrand Brett                
Apr 15 1935 Malcolm Lomas PELLEY 25 bach clerk UC Howley Maxwell Vardy born Millertown, s/o William & Frances May Pelley.
home of George Pelley, Howley Janett May HILLIER 22 spin domestic SA Howley Lovlette Pelley born circa 1914 Campbellton, granddaughter of Charles Hillier & Emily Harney.
R. Bertrand Brett                
Oct 11 1935 David Scott YATES 19   cook UC Howley Sadie Hyacinth Woolridge born Millertown, s/o George William Yates & Nellie (Helen) Wheeler.
Howley Myrtle May WOOLRIDGE 18     UC Howley Eric Kindle Yates Buried at Howley
James Hamilton                
Nov 26 1935 Chesley Karl GOUDIE 30   engineer UC Deer Lake Venessa J? Evans born 1905 Sunday Cove Island, s/o Josephus Goudie & Sarah Jane Mills.
Deer Lake Dorothy Louise MANUEL 24     UC Deer Lake Leslie S. Manuel born circa 1911 Campbellton, d/o Arthur Manuel & Hettie Callahan.
James Hamilton                
July 8 1936 Samuel MARTIN 22 bach contractor UC Howley Max Vardy There is a Samuel (died 1998) & Evangeline Martin buried at Hickmans Harbour (Stonepics).
Howley Evangeline PERRY 27 spin   UC Howley Lily Martin Born Laurenceton, d/o John Perry & Sarah Minnie Whalen.
James Hamilton                
Jul 13 1936 Maxwell John THOMAS 21 bach woodsman UC Kings Pt NDB George Janes Born 1915 Kings Pt, s/o Brenton Thomas & Minnie Bridger
Deer Lake Bertha May WHITE 16 spin   UC Kings Pt NDB Vivian Bridger Born 1920 Kings Pt, d/o Arthur White & Sarah Noble
Elias Andrews                
Oct 31 1936 George Norman JANES 28 bach lumberman UC Deer Lake Gerald Bridger born Flowers Cove, s/o John James Janes & Caroline Diamond
Deer Lake Vivian Amelia BRIDGER 19 spin storekeeper UC Deer Lake Kathleen Janes Amelia Vivian b 1917 Kings Pt, d/o Archibald Bridger & Emily Bowers.
Elias Andrews                
Dec 23 1936 James Arthur PITTMAN 19 bach woodsman UC Deer Lake Walter Manuel Candidate: Arthur James born Heads Hr, s/o George Wm Pittman & Lavinia Roberts.
Deer Lake Beulah Blanche MANUEL 20 spin   UC Deer Lake Mrs John Tucker Born Jacksons Cove, s/o Victor & Carrie May (?nee Mitchell).
Elias Andrews                
Feb 1 1937 Kenneth Weston PARSONS 32 bach medical doctor UC Howley Harry L Miller?  
doctor's house, Howley Fanny Pearl RIDEOUT 34 spin nurse UC Deer Lake Sophronia B. Miller born 1900 Heads Hr, d/o Joshua Rideout & Hannah (Anne) Patience Dawe.
Elias Andrews                
Mar 29 1937 Raymond LANE 24 bach contractor UC Howley Beaton W Wellon  
home of Joshua Lane, Howley Minnie DENNY 25 spin domestic UC Howley Annie Butt born St Anthony, d/o Albert Dinney & Louisa Patey
Elias Andrews                
July 9 1937 Hubert James BUTLER 19 bach laborer Pent. Deer Lake Eric D Caines Born 1918 Springdale, s/o James Baxter Butler & Delilah Regular.
Deer Lake Theresa DEWEY 20 spin storekeeper Pent. Deer Lake Muriel Butler  
Elias Andrews                
July 19 1937 Edward WOODMAN 27 bach cook SA Howley Jas. D. Snow  
Howley Phoebe WHEELER 28 spin domestic UC Howley Lucy Woodman  
Elias Andrews                
Nov 3 1937 Godfrey Bryson ROWSELL 24 bach store manager UC Howley N? P. Bragg  
Deer Lake Laura Maud WELLON 22 spin clerk UC Deer Lake Marjorie Bragg  
George E. Kind                
Feb 22 1938 Lloyd George YATES 23 bach teamster UC Corner Brook Lloyd W. Johnson born circa 1914 Millertown, s/o George W Yates & Nellie Wheeler.
home of Augustus Johnson, Howley Florence Mae* JOHNSON 23 spin stenographer UC Howley Joyce B. Yates *name per signature. Born circa Dec 1914 Little Catalina, d/o Augustus Johnson & Annie Amelia Dalton.
George E. Kind                
Mar 8 1938 Victor Archibald HAYDEN 26 bach lumberman UC Deer Lake Edgar S. Eastman Archibald William V. b 1911 Little Burnt Bay, s/o Archibald William Hayden & Emily Janet King.
Deer Lake Maud Lavenia* DAVIS 24 spin domestic UC Deer Lake Phoebe Hayden *spelling per signature.
George E. Kind                
Sep 1 1938 Arthur Lewis CLARK 26 bach lumberman UC Howley Eric Yates  
Howley Laura RODGERS 26 spin domestic RC Howley Sadie Woolridge  
R.B. Green                
Oct 3 1938 Randolph BURRY 28 bach lumberman UC Deer Lake Wilson Goodyear  
Deer Lake Muriel Idela BOONE 19 spin domestic UC New Bay NDB Alice Goobie born 1919 South East Arm, New Bay, d/o Edward & Fanny (Boone) Boone.
R.B. Green                
Dec 14 1938 Walter Herbert HAYDEN 30 bach lumberman UC Deer Lake Charles Bonnell born 1908 Scissors Cove, s/o Archibald William Hayden & Emily Janet King.
Deer Lake Diaden STEED 22 spin domestic UC Little Catalina Phoebe Hayden Diadem born circa Mar 1918 Little Catalina, d/o George & Mary A.
R.B. Green                
Feb 6 1939 Augustus CHAPMAN 19 bach lumberman SA Deer Lake Austin McGrath born 1920 Little Bay Islands, s/o Walter Chapman & Elsie Chipp.
Deer Lake Beatrice FOST 21 spin domestic servant UC Deer Lake Priscilla Clarke  
R.B. Green                
Mar 3 1939 Roland RUMBOLT 24 bach lumberman CE Howley Arthur G. Cooper  
Howley Laura Levenia* WOOLRIDGE 19 spin   CE Howley Medley Woolridge *per signature. Likely d/o Thomas Herbert Woolridge & second wife Susanna Brown.
R.B. Green                
Aug 25 1939 Bertram Kirby SCEVIOUR 28 bach lumberman UC Botwood Arthur J. Snow born Burnt Arm, s/o Thomas Sceviour of Trinity & Rosanna: died 1997 Botwood.
home of Harry Squires, Deer Lake Stella Winnifred NOSEWORTHY   spin   UC Botwood Hilda M. Squires born Botwood, d/o Paul Noseworthy & Jessie E. Mills
R.B. Green                
Nov 30 1939 Gerald James BRIDGER 24 bach lumberman UC Deer Lake Herman Garland Rolf born 1916 Kings Point - d 1997 Deer Lake, s/o Archibald Bridger & Emily Bowers.
Deer Lake Dorothy May JOHNSON 23 spin domestic servant UC Deer Lake Minnie Noretta Bridger born Nov 10 1916 Little Catalina, d/o Jordan Johnson & Minnie Stagg.
R.B. Green                
Mar 30 1940 Harry MAY 18 bach   UC Deer Lake Wilbert C. Ringer  
Deer Lake Bertha CURLEW 16 spin   UC Deer Lake Francis Lambert born 1924, d/o James Curlew & Emma J. Thompson
R.B. Green                
Sep 18 1940 Maxwell George WHEELER 32 bach union official UC Howley Beaton Wellon  
home of William Yates, Deer Lake Mary Victoria CROCKER 30 bach domestic servant CE Howley Mrs William Yates  
R.B. Green                
Dec 26 1940 John Cedric Ishmael SNELGROVE 26 bach lumberman UC Deer Lake Reg L. Normore  
Deer Lake Dorothy Netha JONES 24 n/g   UC Deer Lake Vera Jones born 1916 Laurenceton - d 2007 Kelowna BC; d/o Archibald Amos Jones & Alice Rebecca Purchase.
R.B. Green                
Feb 27 1941 Wilfred Alonzo WHEELER 23 bach gunner in Royal Navy UC (home on leave): Howley Reg Gillard born Trump Island, s/o Titus Wheeler & Mary Eliza Smith.
Howley Wilhelmina Blanche ROWE 23 spin   UC Howley Ruby Mary Wheeler  
R.B. Green                
Nov 27 1941 Clyde TILLEY 24 bach   UC Deer Lake Beaton Wellon born 1917 Kelligrews - died 1986 Deer Lake; son of Alexander Tilley & Mabel Nichols.
Deer Lake Myrtess Lillian CHAPMAN 20 spin   UC Deer Lake Annie Caines born 1922 Little Bay Islands - died 2008 Corner Brook; dau of Walter Chapman & Elsie Chipp.
W.A. Macabe                
Dec 22 1943 Nelson Victor HYNES 31 bach cook in logging camp CE Woody Island, P. Bay Michael O'Day  
Deer Lake Fedora JANES 26 spin house work UC Deer Lake Blanche Warford born 1918 Samsons Island, d/o John James Janes & Caroline Diamond.
G.L. Morgan                
Apr 5 1944 Gilbert Frank PERRY 24 bach clerk UC Deer Lake Cecil R. Perry believed to be s/o Edgar Perry & Dorcas Anstey; born Norris Arm - died 1999.
Deer Lake Audrey WEST 22 spin domestic UC Ladle Cove Alice M. West  
S. Loder                
Sep 25 1944 Gordon Wilfred WAGG 20 bach farming UC Midland Ronald Wagg  
home of Benjamin Hodder, Midland Mary Gladys MITCHELL 21 spin domestic UC Midland Dulcie Foote  
S. Loder                
Nov 14 1944 Arminius WATKINS 24 bach logger UC Summerford NDB Thomas E. Wheeler son of Thomas Watkins & Emily Anstey.
Deer Lake Beatrice ROWSELL 18 spin domestic SA Deer Lake Jean Brown  
S. Loder                
Dec 7 1944 Elijah ANSTEY 23 bach logger UC Deer Lake Edgar Legge born 1921 Lewisporte, s/o John Osmond Anstey & second wife Maria Keefe.
Deer Lake Amelia* SAUNDERS 23 spin domestic RC Deer Lake Lillian Hancock *signed as "Millia".
S. Loder                
Jan 6 1945 Roy PORTER 24 bach electric welder UC Porterville Norman Moss Son of Norman Porter & Delsie Woolridge.
UC Manse, Deer Lake Winnie CROSS 20 spin domestic SA Deer Lake Mrs. John Cross  
S. Loder                
July 3 1945 George NORMORE 30 bach truck driver SA Deer Lake Roy Normore  
Howley Sadie WOOLRIDGE 29 spin domestic UC Howley Shirley Woolridge D/o Alexander & Elizabeth Woolridge.
S. Loder                
Mar 26 1945 Llewelyn ROBINSON 28 bach A.B., R. Navy UC Little Bay Islands George Spencer born circa Mar 1917 Seal Cove, White Bay, s/o Samuel Robinson & Mary A. Butler
Manse; Deer Lake Rita CAMPBELL 22 spin saleslady SA Deer Lake Celeste Organ  
S. Loder                
Aug 6 1945 William TULK 19 bach Armed Forces UC Deer Lake G/C? M/N? Jewer  
Deer Lake Rosetta ROSE 19 spin domestic UC Bell Island Hilda Tulk  
S. Loder                
Oct 6 1945 Albert SUTTON 21 bach shovel operator UC Victoria Lionel Beaton  
Deer Lake Evelyn MANUEL 19 spin saleslady UC Deer Lake Vivain Butler Gladys EVELYN born 1927 Deer Lake, d/o Walter James Manuel & Georgina Lucy Harris.
S. Loder                
Apr 10 1946 Karl J. JANES 23 bach laborer UC Deer Lake James L. Janes s/o John James Janes & Caroline Diamond.
UC Manse, Deer Lake Annie HARNUM 18 spin domestic SA Deer Lake Myrtle Snow  
S. Loder                
Apr 27 1946 Stanley J. FOOTE 30 bach truck driver CE Lamaline Samuel Baker  
Deer Lake Eliza DENNY 26 spin domestic Pent. Deer Lake Ruby (Dinney)* Baker *Dinney crossed out. Eliza was b Jones Cove, d/o Elias Dinney & Beatrice Fennimore.
S. Loder                
July 3 1946 Henry Charles JANES 23 bach farmer UC Deer Lake Allan Roy Crewe Noted as born at Bonne Bay. Born 1923 Lomond (other sources)
UC Manse, Deer Lake Melvie JANES 20 spin domestic Pent. Deer Lake Dorothy Goudie Noted as born Samsons Island. D/o Arthur Winfield Janes & Maria Quinlan.
S. Loder                
Aug 3 1946 Aubrey W. TULK 20 bach logger UC Deer Lake S/Sgt Robert L Joslin  
Deer Lake Doris DOVE 18 spin domestic UC Chance Cove NDB Emma May Tulk, Mrs R.L. Goslin Doris Minnie, born 1928 Chanceport, d/o William Thomas Dove & Louisa L. Young.
S. Loder                
Aug 3 1946 Ronald WATKINS 21 bach shovel operator UC Deer Lake Stanley Chaulk s/o Arthur & Hilda Watkins.
UC Manse, Deer Lake Ruby CHAPMAN 18 spin waitress Pent. Deer Lake Jeannetta Watkins d/o Walter Chapman & Elsie Chipp.
S. Loder                

Contributed and Transcribed by Jill Marchall (Dec 2009)

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