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Corner Brook First Presbyterian Church
Marriages 1876 - 1891,
Corner Brook, Nfld

May 27 1876PennyWillisWNot given
Corner BrookAntleMary Jane  
Aug 30 1876HelleardRobert Joseph  
Corner BrookWellarMary Jane  
Sept 12 1876OwensThomas J  
Corner BrookJenningsEllen  
Sept 14 1876SinclairGeorge L  
Corner BrookGelongMary Jane  
Dec 12 1876FellowJohn  
Corner BrookMcKenzieJanet  
Jan 1 1878BiggarWilliam (Capt) New London, PEI
Birchy CoveMesserveyElizabeth Ann Birchy Cove
Nov 13 1878StewartPeter New bluemond Que
Corner BrookHarrislouisa Bay of Islands
Nov 27 1878WaysonWilliam  North Sydney, NS
Woods IslandBenoitJosephine Bay St. George
Nov 28 1878PennyAugustus Bay of Islands
Bay of IslandsMyrdenMary Ann Bay of Islands
Dec 12 1878LoganJohn G Upper Stewacke, NS
Corner BrookMcCarthyCatherineWBay of Islands
May 28 1879BrakeJohn William Bay of Islands
Bay of IslandsLoader*1 Olivia Bay of Islands
June 18 1879TorisentCharles H St. John's Nfld
Bay of IslandsMaxwellEliza Ann London England
June 28 1879BrowneyWilliam Fortune Bay
Bay of IslandsCityJulia Ann Bay of Islands
Aug 18 1879RonchJohn Edward New Glasgow NS
Bay of IslandsRoyalSarah Ann Sheaham, England
Aug 21 1879BeverleyJohn Bay of Islands
Bay of IslandsBlanchardElizabeth Bay of Islands
June 21 1882MakerThomas Bay of Islands
Bay of IslandsHarrisonIsabella Baddeck, NS
Aug 26 1882McLeanLauchlin Richmond Co. NS
Bay of IslandsBakerMatilda Garia, Nfld
June 16 1882HynesWilliam Henry Not given
Bay of IslandsMeagherCatherine Not given
Mar 5 1889WellerGeorge Not given
Not GivenDeeMary Catherine Not given
July 1 1884GrantWilliam Grant Meagher's Grant, NS
Corner BrookFarnellMary A Corner Brook
Aug 15 1884MorrisonAlexander Bay of Islands
Bay of IslandsMorganElizabeth Bay of Islands
May 14 1889GeorgeJohn Bay of Islands
Bay of IslandsLewisEmma J Bay of Islands
Nov 20 1889BrodericksTheodore Bay of Islands
Corner BrookFarnellEmma Bay of Islands
Nov 20 1889SitemanGeorge A Ship Harbour NS
Bay of IslandsCookAnnie M Bay of Islands
May 1 1891AllenSamuel23Humber Sound
Birchy CoveStoneRosannah29Humber Sound
Aug 24 1891ParkJim38WBay of Islands
Birchy CoveBlanchardSelina21Bay of Islands
Sept 5 1891StricklandWilliam31WApsey Beach
John's BeachBlanchardDiana18Humber Sound
Oct 6 1891FisherLewis Bay of Islands
Corner BrookRossEsther Bay of Islands
Oct 13 1891ParsonsJohn24McIvors
John's BeachBlakeElizabeth Jane29McIvors
Dec 17 1891MitchellHenry Thomas23Benoit's Cove
John's BeachLeeElizabeth23Benoit's Cove
Dec 30 1891LovellEsain23McIvors
Birchy CoveParkElizabeth Jane16G. William's Farm

Contributed By: Marlene Companion (2000)

BRAKE, John William and Olivia Loader*1 Olivia's name should be Leyden instead of Loader as written. John Edgar

Page Revised: October 2002 (Don Tate)

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