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NOTES: You will notice that some of the marriage took place at the Presbyterian Church in Corner Brook, however these were Methodist/United Church ceremonies.
KEY: bach = bachelor; spin = spinster; wid = widowed; BOI = Bay of Islands; d/o = daughter of; s/o = son of; n/g = not given; bc = born circa;
?1902/1903 (torn) Angus McDONALD 27 bach fisherman   BOI H. Doman  
?? Cove, BOI Ida DOMAN 21 spin     BOI Maud Doman born 1882 Humber Sound, d/o Peter Doman&Caroline Hinds; g-dau of Thomas Doman&Susan Randell.
P. Bryce                
Nov 20 1905 Marriot KNIGHT 37 bach fisherman   BOI Abraham Noseworthy Marriott Luther, born 1867 BOI, s/o Thomas&Patience.
BOI Harriet GILLARD 22 spin domestic   BOI Theophilus Young candidate: born 1884 Manuels Cove, Twillingate, d/o Joseph Gillard&Fanny Whitt.
P. Bryce                
Nov 27 1908 Frederick GUY 30 bach blacksmith   Riverhead A. Hartery, Arch McLellan born 1871 Twillingate South, s/o Frederick Guy&Mary Cooper
Riverhead BOI Martha Ann (Maggie) MOSHER 26 spin domestic   Riverhead Hattie McLellan, Minnie McWhirter  
Frank E Boothroyd                
Sep 25 1913 Paul MOORES 26 bach operator   Deer Lake Victor V Patrick born 1886 Purcells Harbour, Twillingate, s/o Paul Moores Sr&Marian Sparshott: d 1956, buried Twillingate
home of H.D. Withycombe, Deer Lake Ethel Brhenda (sic) WITHYCOMBE 26 spin domestic   Deer Lake Muriel Nicholls born 1887 St Johns - died 1979 (buried St Johns); d/o John Withycombe&Susan Farnell.
Harry Royle                
Jan 20 1914 Jonathan SANSOME 27 bach fisherman   Fridays Bay, Twillingate Samuel Allen, Evelyn E. Allen born 1886 Fridays Bay, s/o Edward&Amelia.
Curling Bertha Alice ALLEN 22 spin domestic   Curling Jas. M? Allen  
Harry Royle                
n/g; likely 1914 Charles BARTLETT n/g bach merchant   Curling Robert W. Nauss  
bride's home Laura GEORGE n/g spin     n/g Maud George  
Walter W Colton                
Apr 3 1915 John Clement ROURKE n/g bach fisherman   Curling Stephen Pender  
Parsonage Elsie May MORRIS n/g wid domestic   St. John's Winnifred Maud Morris  
Walter W Colton                
July 31 1915 James Doyle BARRETT 29 bach newspaper   Curling Andrew Barrett James Doyle Stewart born 1885 Twillingate, s/o William Barrett&Elizabeth Loveridge. Moved to Colman AB.
h/o A.J. Barrett, Curling BOI Ethel BURT 25 spin     Curling Mrs. A.L. Barrett candidate: b 1890 Moretons Hr, d/o William James/James William Burt&Jane Noseworthy.
Walter W Colton                
July 9 1915 Edward MARSHALL full age bach fisherman   Humbermouth James Mitchell  
Curling Jane HULEN full age spin     Humbermouth Annie Pritchard  
Walter W Colton*1                
Sep 27 1917 Christopher MORRISON 29 bach n/g   Mount Moriah Gus Morrison  
Corner Brook Presbyterian Church Lillian BATT 24 spin     Benoits Cove Hattie MacDonald  
W.J. Morris                
Mar 3 1919 Roland DOMAN 34 wid fisherman   Petries Crossing Robert Allan Joseph ROLAND, b 1884 BOI, s/o Peter Doman&Caroline Hinds. First married to Maria Allen (c1882-1912).
Bay of Islands Mary Ann STONE 23 spin     Petries Crossing Naomi McLeod 1896-1969.
W.J. Morris                
Jul 15 1919 John Nelson SCEVIOUR 31 bach Meth. Minister n/g Exploits Simon Sceviour born 1888 Exploits - d 1978 Beamsville ON; moved to Limerick SK by 1930. S/o Eliphas William Sceviour&Cecilia Manuel.
home of bride's father, Port Saunders Winifred Maria GARLAND 31 spin   William Garland Port Saunders Myrtle Garland born 1889 Little Bay NDB - d 1967 Beamsville ON; mother: Isabella Scott Andrews.
W.J. Morris                
May 17/18* 1920 Thomas LUSCOMBE 60 wid fisherman   Loon Bay John Ballam *: date was overwritten. Thomas was born Herring Neck, s/o Levi Luscombe&Elizabeth Tuffin.
Parsonage Susan Whalen JOYCE 40 wid     Lark Harbour Julia Perry  
W.J. Morris                
Dec 12 1922 William James CRITCH 20 bach fisherman Moses Critch Hants Hr H. Brade? Mother believed to be Emily, per 1921 Census.
Corner Brook Presbyterian Church Myrtle Janette FARNELL 20 spin   n/g Corner Brook Gladys Rose  
E. Davis                
Feb 23 1924 Samuel Geo. SHERRIN 22 bach cook Frank Sherrin Humber Canal James F. Davis b 1902 South West Arm, New Bay NDB; mother: Elizabeth Warford.
Curling Parsonage Ida BURT 19 spin   William Burt Humber Canal Florence Davis b 1905 Peters Arm; mother: Mary Edison.
E. Davis                
Mar 24 1924 Allan C. PARSONS 25 bach bookkeeper Allan Parsons Corner Brook W.K. Angwin  
Curling Parsonage Vera G. WHEELER 19 spin   Simeon Wheeler Curling Mrs S. Wheeler  
E. Davis                
Nov 11 1924 Cornelius SIMMS 29 bach woodsman William Simms Corner Brook E.B. Simms bc 1895 Pilleys Island; mother: Leonora (Honora) Parsons
Curling Meta WEIR 24 spin   Elezar (Weir*) Corner Brook Ettie Guy Father's surname wrongly given as "Simms", copying error by minister; known to be dau of Eleazar Weir&Leah Matthews. Born 1900 Northern Harbour NDB.
E. Davis                
Nov 12 1924 John Malcolm McKAY 32 bach merchant Archibald McKay Humbermouth Peter McKay  
Corner Brook Presbyterian Church Daisy Pearl FARNELL 24 spin   Benjamin Farnell Humbermouth Eva Farnell  
E. Davis                
Nov 12 1924 Alonzo PAYNE 29 bach fisherman John A. Payne Chimney Cove Henry Parsons mother: Emma Jane Musseau.
Curling Parsonage Jessie Fraser Mildred McLEAN 23 spin   James McLean Trout River Sarah Ann Butler  
E. Davis                
Dec 8 1924 Malcolm HOLLETT 27 bach steel worker Alben Hollett Corner Brook Heber Hollett  
Humbermouth school Fannie* GILLETT 26 spin   James Gillett Twillingate Hettie Jennings *name as per signature.
E. Davis                
Jan 22 1925 Archibald JOHNSON 22 bach n/g Simeon Johnson Corner Brook A.W. Johnson  
Corner Brook Presbyterian Church Beatrice ROBERTS 19 spin   Alphaeus Roberts Corner Brook Mrs A.W. Johnson  
E. Davis                
May 2 1925 Cecil WARREN 23 bach machinist John Warren Corner Brook Basil Kiley born 1903 La Scie; mother: Laura Rideout
home of Mrs J Parsons, Curling Emma CROCKER 21 spin   Mance Crocker Curling Mrs. W? Bailey  
E. Davis                
May 6 1925 William G. GILLAM 24 bach teamster James Gillam Humbermouth Hubert Gillam  
C. Brook UC Hall Annie E. FARNELL 19 spin   Benjamin Farnell Humbermouth Myrtle Brake  
E. Davis                
June 12 1925 Donald LANGDON 22 bach lumberman John Langdon* Humber Canal A.M. Carew *actually grandson of John Langdon&Susanna Baker; son of Bessie Langdon.
Curling Parsonage Annie GLODE 18 spin   John Glode Humber Canal Norah Glode, John Glode  
E. Davis                
June 26 1925 Reuben BURGE 21 bach n/g Thomas Burge Moretons Hr Fred. P. Osmond Mother: Mary Elizabeth Leyte. Born 1904 Chance Hr, Fridays Bay.
C. Brook UC Hall Annie WALL 21 spin   Obadiah Wall Moretons Hr Norah Alley Mother: Maria Coles
E. Davis                
June 17 1925 Walter LEYDEN 22 bach n/g James Leyden Corner Brook Maud Mosher  
C. Brook UC Hall Florence OSMOND 22 spin   Benjamin Osmond Corner Brook Harry/Harvey? Mosher  
E. Davis                
July 14 1925 Albert Augustus OSBORNE 22 bach teamster James Osborne Humbermouth Harry N. Hallett born 1904 Lewisporte. Mother: Mary Ann Hoddinott.
C. Brook UC Hall Marjorie Elizabeth FARNELL 21 spin   Benjamin Farnell Humbermouth Myrtle Brake  
E. Davis                
July 18 1925 Ambrose Richard MILLS 21 bach engineering Azarial (Azariah) Mills Corner Brook Maxwell Mills  
C. Brook UC Hall Eunice Victoria BOONE       Elijah Boone Corner Brook Ette Vera Guy bc 1908 South East Arm: mother Fanny Ann Fagan
E. Davis                
July 22 1925 John SIMMS 22 bach mill Jacob Simms Corner Brook E.B. Simms Believed to be Herman John; mother Susan Smith
C. Brook UC Hall Edna GOSSE 19 spin   Kenneth Gosse Corner Brook Mary Williams  
E. Davis                
July 25 1925 Archibald LUNDRIGAN 50 wid ?lumberman Thomas Lundrigan Corner Brook Thomas Rowsell From Upper Island Cove. First married Zipporah Pike.
Curling Parsonage Maud NOBLE 40 wid   William BUDGELL Corner Brook Gladys Tucker born 1877 Three Arms, as Mary Elizabeth BUDGELL, went by "Maud". Widow of Robert Noble. Mother: Emily Susannah Chippett.
E. Davis                
Aug 20 1925 George Fred. PENNEY 23 bach fisherman Robert Penney Corner Brook Bond Jennings  
C. Brook UC Hall Hettie Eliza JENNINGS 23 spin   Eli Jennings Corner Brook Ivy Jennings born 1902 North West Arm (Burlington); mother: Linda Mills.
E. Davis                
Aug 20 1925 Raymond William CRANN 25 bach carpenter John Crann Corner Brook Arch Johnson Died 1957, buried Corner Brook UC Cem.
C. Brook UC Hall Carrie ROBERTS 24 spin   Alphaeus Roberts Corner Brook Mrs Arch Johnson b 1901 - d 1970, buried Ontario. Mother: Charlotte
E. Davis                
Aug 25 1925 Stanley B. TULK 20 bach painter Charles Tulk Deer Lake Fraser Blake bc 1906 Sunnyside, Herring Neck; mother Emma Gillard.
C. Brook UC Hall Dina M. ROSE 22 spin   Wilson Rose Deer Lake Mrs Pearce Bourden  
E. Davis                
Sep 10 1925 Hubert GILLAM 24 bach laborer George Gillam Humbermouth William Gillett  
Humbermouth school Alma GILLETT 18 spin   John Gillett Humbermouth Nada Gear born 1908 Humbermouth; mother Minnie Marshall.
E. Davis                
Sep 23 1925 Chester R.B. WISEMAN 21 bach cra?? Man Willis Wiseman Corner Brook Richard G Hustins Chester Reuben Berkley (Bert) b 1904 Little Bay Islands; mother Lydia LeDrew.
C. Brook UC Hall Georgina NOSEWORTHY 22 spin   Eldred noseworthy Leading Tickles Mrs Wesley Bu(d)gell Georgina Mary b 1905 Leading Tickles (or Tilt Cove), mother Rhoda Bowers.
E. Davis                
Oct 2 1925 Albert NOSEWORTHY 32 bach accountant Jonathan Noseworthy Corner Brook Edward Milley, Julia Milley  
home of Mr. W.J. Milley, Curling Ivy May WODDERSON 26 spin   Edward B. Wooderson Folkestone, England William J. Milley  
E. Davis                
Nov 24 1925 Arthur HULL 28 bach mechanical William Hull Corner Brook George Batstone born 1895 Springdale - d 1955 Corner Brook; mother Sophia Anstey.
C. Brook UC Hall Annie BATSTONE 24 spin   Oliver Batstone Nippers Hr Alice Cunning (?Canning) born 1902 Nippers Hr; mother Lilian Milley.
E. Davis                
Nov 25 1925 Frederick G. ROBERTS 53 wid saw filer? Abraham Roberts Corner Brook George Guy born 1872 Lushes Bight; mother Elizabeth Bromley. Believed to have first married Janet Virginia Wells.
Curling Parsonage Bessie GUY 45 wid   John MAY Pilleys Island Emma Guy Betsey Ann bc 1880 Twillingate; mother Elizabeth Guy. First married Frederick Guy of Quirpon.
E. Davis                
Jan 6 1926 Willie Melville COLBOURNE 27 bach clerical John Colbourne Corner Brook Ernest J. Winsor  
C. Brook UC Hall Nina FRENCH 18 spin   Samuel French Corner Brook ?Lena King  
E. Davis                
Jan 28* 1926 Eli J. JENNINGS 48 wid carpenter James Jennings Corner Brook Fred Jennings *written over Jan 27. Eli James born 1877 North West Arm (Burlington); mother Sarah Ann Spencer. First married to Linda Mills.
Humbermouth School Hall Susanna Isabel SMITH 48 wid   Thomas (Smith?) Grand Falls Lizzie George Likely first married to Wilson Smith (born Come By Chance), resided 1921 Grand Falls (Census), bc July 1879 St. Johns
E. Davis                
Feb 11 1926 James *TIZZARD 27 wid sailor John *Tizzard Creston Eraster? King, Clara A King *may be Fizzard
C. Brook UC Hall Rachel F. NEWBERRY 24 spin   Isaac Newberry Corner Brook Muriel Forsey, Earnest Mayo Rachel b 1902 La Scie; mother Martha (? Nee Miller)
E. Davis                
Mar 3 1926 William F. SCEVIOUR 26 bach fireman Abraham Sceviour Corner Brook George Seabright born 1900 Exploits, mother Elfreda Butt.
groom's residence, Corner Brook Violet May HUNT 19 spin   Arthur Hunt Corner Brook Enid Sceviour  
E. Davis                
May 20 1926 Job WARREN 27 bach fisherman Jonas Warren Corner Brook J. Hodge  
C. Brook UC Hall Mary SIMONDS 25 spin   George Simonds Corner Brook Gladys Goosney  
E. Lacey                
June 27 1926 Garfield DECKER 23 bach watchman Samuel Decker Corner Brook Obadiah Ellsworth  
C. Brook UC Hall Priscilla KEEL 19 spin   Elias Keel Corner Brook Sadie M.H. Decker  
Ernest Davis                
July 23 1926 Angus WENTZEL 27 *bach (wid) fisherman Angus Wentzel, deceased Daniels Hr T.?.Randell, Zilpha Wentzel  
home of George Davis, Curling Selina PAYNE 19 spin   Samuel Payne Daniels Hr K.J? Garcin born 1907 Daniels Hr; mother was Jemima Perry.
Charles R. Blount                
Sep 22 1926 Joshua HUTCHINGS 40 wid carpenter n/g Humbermouth Sophie Murley bc 1887 Shoal Brook, s/o George Hutchings&Sarah Wight.
Curling BOI Minnie Elizabeth WEIR 39 wid   n/g Humbermouth Edward Milley  
A.N. Holmes                
Mar 16 1927 Wilfred Gordon WHEELER 26 bach mill operator David J. Wheeler Humbermouth Gladys March bc 1901 Loon Bay; mother = Virtue Luscombe.
UC Hall, Humbermouth BOI Myrtle L. McWHIRTER 30 spin   Henry McWhirter Humbermouth Bert Wheeler Myrtle Lydia born Jan 12 1896 Richmond, Bonaventure QC, d/o Henry&Charlotte.
A.N. Holmes                
May 5 1927 Walter R. FRADSHAM 21 bach business Albert Fradsham Humbermouth Gordon Wheeler  
home of Mrs Henry McWhirter, Humbermouth Gladys R. MARCH n/g spin schoolteacher n/g Humbermouth Mrs Gordon Wheeler  
A.N. Holmes                
Sep 3 1927 Dwight L. CHAULK 19 bach workman n/g Corner Brook William W? Ford  
Humbermouth UC Hall Priscilla FORD 19 spin domestic n/g Corner Brook Mrs C.W. Chaulk  
Lester L. Burry                
Sep 21 1927 George A. BARRETT 30 bach barber n/g Corner Brook Elot J. Penney  
home of George Bailey, Curling Annie Pearl SCEVIOUR 25 spin domestic n/g Corner Brook Alice Francis Penney born 1902 Exploits, d/o Abraham Sceviour&Elfreda Butt.
Lester L. Burry                
Jan 11 1928 Eli CURTIS 25 bach n/g n/g Corner Brook Alice Emily Gertrude Peters Cooper United Church
Curling Levenia HILLIARD 20 spin domestic n/g Petries Crossing John Curtis United Church
Lester L. Burry                
Jan 26 1928 George BURTON 28 bach n/g n/g Corner Brook Elizabeth Dyke United Church
Humbermouth Janie ATTWOOD 24 spin domestic n/g Corner Brook ?Phecy? Osmond United Church
Lester L. Burry                
Mar 20 1928 Augustus Gordon LEWIS 24 bach store clerk n/g Georgetown Olive Margaret Butt Church of England
Curling Parsonage Bryda Millicent BUTT 18 spin domestic n/g Child's Point J.B? Mayo United Church
Lester L. Burry                
Aug 15 1928 Alfred Pearce SCEVIOUR 31 *bach (wid) n/g n/g Springdale George A Barrett United Church. Born 1896 Exploits, s/o Abraham Sceviour&Elfreda Butt.
Curling Parsonage Meta Maud RIDEOUT 26 spin n/g n/g Pilleys Island Pearl Barrett bc 1903 Pilleys Island, d/o Reuben Rideout&Anne Blackmore
John A Wilkinson                
Oct 10 1928 James HUTCHINGS 31 bach paper company n/g Corner Brook Emmie Simms? United Church.
Curling Sarah Osmond CHAULK 29 spin store clerk n/g Botwood ?D.M. Scott United Church. Born 1899 Moretons Hr, d/o Adam Chalk&Hannah ELIZABETH Osmond.
J. MacLean Beaton                
Mar 11 1929 Archibald W. BATSTONE 31 bach baker n/g Buchans John Mac ?Thorne. United Church. Archibald William Claude, orn 1897 Jacksons Cove - died 1974 Gander, s/o Charles William Batstone&Cordelia JANE Knight.
Curling Parsonage May CROWELL 25 spin   n/g Botwood Florence Wilkinson United Church. Born 1903 - d 1991, Emma May was the d/o Howard Crowell (of Shelburne NS)&Selina Locke.
John A Wilkinson                
Oct 1 1929 Allen Bond JENNINGS 24 bach laborer n/g Corner Brook Willis James Jennings United Church. Born 1905 North West Arm (Burlington), s/o Eli James Jennings&Linda Mills: died 1977 C. Brook.
Curling Lucinda BILLARD 25 spin domestic n/g Corner Brook Emma Scieviour United Church. Born 1904 St Johns - d 1998 Corner Brook, d/o George Henry Billard.
John A Wilkinson                
Oct 3 1929 Willis James JENNINGS 22 bach laborer n/g Corner Brook Francis Jennings United Church. Born 1907 North West Arm (Burlington), s/o Eli James Jennings&Linda Mills.
Humbermouth UC Hall Sophie TRAVERSE 21 spin domestic n/g Corner Brook Ivy B. Jennings United Church. Bc 1909 Western Head, d/o Harold Traverse&Martha Ann Earle.
John A Wilkinson                
Oct 23 1929 Clyde WELLS 19 bach n/g n/g Corner Brook Austin Butt United Church.
Curling Olive M. BUTT 19 spin n/g n/g Mount Moriah Annie Jennox United Church.
John A Wilkinson                
Dec 18 1929 Harold ELLIOTT 32 bach laborer n/g Port Albert A.R. Dalley United Church
Humbermouth UC Hall Louise DALLEY 23 spin nurse n/g Humbermouth Annie Matthew United Church
John A Wilkinson                
Apr 2 1930 Garfield HUTCHINGS 24 bach laborer n/g Humbermouth Ralph P. Rose United Church. Born 1909 Curzon Villatge - d 1964 Toronto, s/o Alfred James Hutchings&Sarah Isabella Gillam.
Humbermouth Mary BARTER 21 spin domestic n/g Humbermouth Mrs R. Rose United Church. Born 1909 Cape La Hune - d 1976.
John A Wilkinson                

Contributed and Transcribed by Jill Marshall (Jan 2010)

Walter W Colton*1 Accordiong to family documentation, they were married by Rev D. Ellis Joan Blake

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