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Twillingate Congregational Church Burials

KEY: b = born; d = died; bach = bachelor; spin = spinster; wid = widow/widower; fish = fisherman; f's dau = fisherman's dau; Twill = Twillingate; NDB = Notre Dame Bay; n/g = not given;
Flora Maria HUGHES d Aug 22 1877 16 mo n/g Harts Cove Cem, Twill d/o Wm & Maria Georgina
Hannah MACKAY d Sep 1 1878 3 yrs diphtheria Harts Cove Cem, Twill presumed child of Rev Charles Mackay
Frederick MACKAY d Nov 30 1878 5 yrs diphtheria Harts Cove Cem, Twill presumed child of Rev Charles Mackay
Emma B. McKAY d Dec 4 1878 7 yrs diphtheria Harts Cove Cem, Twill presumed child of Rev Charles Mackay
Mary BUTCHER d Mar 4 1879 3 yrs? diphtheria Harts Cove Cem, Twill Mary Eliza b Mar 9 1876 Exploits Bay, d/o James & Susan, father from Greenspond BB
Marcella BUTCHER d Mar 29 1879 6 yrs diphtheria Harts Cove Cem, Twill Marcella Elizabeth Wareham b Nov 3 1873 Twill, d/o James & Susan.
Maud GRAY d Nov 13 1879 2 yrs scarlatina Congregational Cem presumed child of Andrew Gray & Fanny Baird
Frederick William HUGHES d Jan 29 1880 1 mo n/g Congregational Cem s/o Wm & Maria Georgina
Julia SMITH d Mar 18 1880 58 yrs lung affection; tailoress Congregational Cem May be wife of William Smith.
Capt. Neil CAMERON d Sep 17 1880 n/g heart disease; Master, Ship Tweed?, of Glasgow, Scotland    
Joseph PRESTON d Jul 18 1882 42 yrs consumption; carpenter Congregational Cem Joseph James, md Elizabeth Unknown; likely son of James Preston & Elizabeth Colbourne.
Emily YOUNG d Jan 12 1883 10 days n/g Harts Cove Cem, Twill d/o Charles Young & Caroline Kearley
William MOSS d May 26 1883 44 yrs n/g Congregational Cem May be s/o John Moss & Elizabeth Pearce.
Charles WYATT d Aug 7 1882 79 yrs n/g; fisherman Congregational Cem May be husband of Ann.
John MOSS d June 15 1883 83 yrs n/g Congregational Cem Per the TWILL SUN: of Blandford, Dorset; resided NL 66 yrs. Husband of Elizabeth Pearce.
Robert HOPKINS d July 13 1883 55 yrs n/g; fisherman Congregational Cem Died at Kettle Cove (Twill) per the TWILL SUN.
Joseph VERGE d Feb 6 1885 16 mo croup & lung affection Harts Cove Cem, Twill Son of Joseph HAINS & Charlotte VERGE, b Oct 3 1883 Twill.
George BURDEN (BOURDEN) d Feb 14 1885 5 yrs diphtheria Harts Cove Cem, Twill  
Sidney BUTCHER d Mar 1 1885 5 yrs & 2 mo diphtheria Harts Cove Cem, Twill  
Elizabeth MOSS d Mar 10 1884; buried Mar 14 1884? 76 yrs widow of John Moss Congregational Cem Nee Elizabeth PEARCE, d/o Andrew W. Pearce & Hannah Akerman.
Elizabeth Annie Maude GRAY d Aug 25 1887 6 yrs diphtheria Congregational Cem d/o Andrew Gray & Fanny Baird.
Gordon Aubrey HYNES d Oct 24 1889 1 yr & 11 mo diphtheria Congregational Cem s/o Andrew & Ellen, b Nov 10 1887 Twill South.
Sarah Bessie GILLINGHAM d Mar 15 1894 2 yrs & 1 mo bronchitis Congregational Cem d/o Robert Talbot Gillingham & Mary S. Rendell.
Helen GRAY d Apr 19 1895 2 yrs & 6 mo lung affection Congregational Cem  
Robert Talbot GILLINGHAM d Jan 5 1899 64 yrs paralysis; accountant Congregational Cem h/o Mary S. Rendell
Olive Lucretia HODDER d Feb 22 1897 8 days   Congregational Cem may be d/o George Hodder & Emma Minty
Samuel Woods BAIRD d Mar 29 1899 82 yrs retired magistrate & JP Congregational Cem Headstone gives age as 81 yrs and year as 1898. Native of Waterford, Ireland. Husband of Elizabeth Colbourne (widow Preston).
John Colbourne PRESTON d Dec 30 1891 17 yrs consumption; printer Congregational Cem s/o Joseph James & Elizabeth Preston.
Albert Edwin KNOTT d Feb 9 1892 3 mo   Congregational Cem s/o George Bidwell Knott & Emma Hodder.
Arthur Wolsley PRESTON n/g n/g n/g n/g Died 1899 age 22; b Feb 26 1876 Twill, s/o Joseph James & Elizabeth.
Anny WYATT d July 30 1901 94 yrs n/g n/g Presumed wife of Charles Wyatt.
Willis George POND d Dec 28 1901 3 mo & 2 wks n/g Old House Cove Cem. b Sep 18 1901 Twill, s/o Pierce Pond & Phoebe Stuckless.
Olivia PAYNE d Jan 17 1902 32 yrs consumption Congregational Cem Nee Olivia MANUEL, wife of Samuel Payne Jr. Born Dec 6 1869 Exploits, d/o Jonathan Manuel & Susan Lacey.
Olive Maud BURT d Jan 30 1902 38 yrs consumption Congregational Cem Nee 'Alice' Maud OSMOND b Mar 21 1864 Twill, d/o Horatio Osmond & Phoebe Wheeler; md Silas Burt.
Frances PIKE (female) d Aug 17 1902 65 yrs sarcoma Congregational Cem  
Rose STICKLAND d Oct 29 1902 36 yrs sarcoma Congregational Cem Widow ?Quenton at 1887 marr to Joseph Stickland.
Frederick NOTT (KNOTT) d July 6 1903 n/g n/g Congregational Cem s/o George Bidwell Knott & Emma Hodder.
Elizabeth PRESTON d Sep 3 1903 56 yrs n/g Congregational Cem Wife of Joseph James Preston
Elizabeth BAIRD n/g n/g old age Congregational Cem Nee Elizabeth COLBOURNE; md (1) James Preston & (2) 1845 Twill ANG to Samuel Woods Baird. Died June 25 1904 age 87 per headstone. She was d/o John Colbourne & Lydia Clarke.
Annie NOTT (KNOTT) n/g n/g n/g n/g d/o George Bidwell Knott & Emma Hodder.
William T. BAIRD n/g n/g after operation in St Johns Congregational Cem William Thomas d Jul 16 1913 age 67 yrs, s/o Samuel Woods Baird & Elizabeth Colbourne. Husband of Catherine Bartlett Brett.
Fannie GRAY d Jan 31 1916 65 yrs internal or kidney trouble Congregational Cem Nee Baird; wife of Andrew Gray; d/o Samuel Woods Baird & Elizabeth Colbourne.
Andrew GRAY d Aug 28 1920 80 yrs heart failure; retired Congregational Cem Per headstone, of Frazerburg, Scotland, yr given as 1919. Husband of Fanny Baird.

Contributed and Transcribed by: Jill Marshall - Fall 2006

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