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Burial's St. James Anglican Church
Channel 1882 - 1923

SurnameGiven NameAbodeDiedBuriedAgeCause
AndersonEli WilliamCodroy21 June 189222 June 18922daysn/a
AnthonyMariaCodroy16 Jan 192318 Jan 192378Cancer
AnthonyJohnCodroy29 March 19242 April 192481Old Age
BallSarahCodroy 6 Jan 18825yrs 7mthsn/a
BallOliveCodroy26 May 189327 May 18932n/a
BallKatherineCodroy 22 July 189450n/a
BallAnnieCodroy7 April 191311 April 191345Jaundice
BallJohnCodroy24 May 191526 May 191576Tuberculosis
BallJohnCodroy27 June 19233 July 192329Tuberculosis
BennettJaneChannel6 Sept 19138 Sept 191380Paralysis
BlackmoreElizabethChannel 6 June 188219n/a
BraggMaria JaneChannel 16 Apr 18816mthsn/a
CaudowJamesCodroy19 June 189720 June 189750n/a
CollierHughCodroy 5 Mar 187920yrs11mthsn/a
CollierPhoebeCodroy 28 Sept 188220n/a
CollierElizabethCodroy 2 July 1883n/an/a
CollierThomasCodroy Jan-July 188973n/a
CollierMaryCodroy June-Sept 189030n/a
CollierJohnCodroy3 Aug 18915 Aug 189175Drowned
CollierWilliam ThomasCodroy 21 June 18999 daysn/a
CollierPhillipCodroy1 Dec 19003 Dec 190028n/a
CollierJosephCodroy21 July 190223 July 190221Consumption
CollierMary AnnCodroy9 Aug 190312 Aug 190382Old Age
CollierMary AnnCodroy12 Jan 190515 Jan 190558Cancer
CollierPhillipCodroy10 Sept 190912 Sept 190984Old Age
CollierWilliamCodroy14 April 1922 78n/a
DaltonJamesCodroy 16 June 190319Hemmorage
DennisMariaChannel 7 Feb 188123n/a
DennisThomasMiddle Barachoix 23 July 188585n/a
DennisJaneChannel 27 May 189478n/a
EdwardsWilliamCodroy15 Oct 190418 Oct 190446Rhematism
EllisAmosCodroy1 Nov 18983 Nov 189820n/a
EllisWilliamCodroy9 Aug 191411 Aug 191494Old Age
EllisWilliamCodroy24 Dec 191626 Dec 191652Cancer
EllisMaryCodroy28 July 192130 July 192187. 10mthsOld Age
EvansAbramCodroy3 July 19195 July 191967Heart Disease
EvansMrs. PollyCodroy19 Jan 1922 n/aHeart Disease
FianderSamuelCodroy 5 Feb 188316daysn/a
FianderJohnCodroy25 June 189127 June 18912n/a
FianderJohnCodroy28 Sept 189330 Sept 18937n/a
FianderMary JaneCodroy7 July 18979 July 189746n/a
FianderMary AliceCodroy31 Oct 19042 Nov 190419Consumption
FianderWilsonCodroy7 Oct 190511 Oct 190579Paralysis
FianderMariaCodroy12 Aug 190814 Aug 190842n/a
FianderElizabethCodroy6 Jan 19158 Jan 1915n/aTuberculosis
FrankSophiaCodroy 14 Apr 188521n/a
FrankAnnCodroy 14 Apr 188515 hoursn/a
FrankSarah JaneCodroy21 Oct 190423 Oct 190416Consumption
FrankAliceCodroy17 April 190920 April 190917Consumption
FrankCatherineCodroy2 July 19093 July 190949Consumption
GaleJohnGrand River8 May 190211 May 190277Paralysis
GaleWilliamCodroy1 March 19064 March 190637Consumption
GaleThomasCodroy14 Oct 190617 Oct 190686Old Age
GaleJamesCodroy24 Oct 190626 Oct 190676Old Age
GaleJamesCodroy14 Dec 191617 Dec 191682Cancer
GallopWilliamCodroy 4 June 187937n/a
GallopMarcellaCodroy 17 Jan 1883n/an/a
GallopSarahCodroy 4 Nov 188433n/a
GallopJohn WCodroy 15 Jan 18852mthsn/a
GallopJaneCodroy 18 Feb 18853.5n/a
GallopMarcellaCodroy 11 Aug 18862n/a
GallopSusanCodroy18 Aug 188819 Aug 188815n/a
GallopThomasCodroy12 Dec 189212 Dec 18925Diphtheria
GallopJacobCodroy13 Dec 189213 Dec 18923Diphtheria
GallopJaneCodroy28 April 189329 April 189382n/a
GallopHettieCodroy28 July 190129 July 190126Childbirth
GallopEllen JaneCodroy31 Dec 19071 Jan 190831Childbirth
GallopSarahCodroy1 April 19103 April 191062Consumption
GallopJoshuaCodroy9 May 191011 May 191072Old Age
GallopJohnCodroy5 June 19108 June 191082Old Age
GallopThomasCodroy24 Oct 191726 Oct 191784Heart Failure
GalpinCatherineCodroy 2 Feb 188139n/a
GalpinMary Ann Codroy 5 Mar 188269n/a
GalpinJosephCodroy 12 May 18835mthsn/a
GalpinManuelCodroy 24 May 1883n/an/a
GalpinThomasCodroy3 April 18976 April 189748n/a
GalpinMariaCodroy7 March 19089 March 1908n/aParalysis
GalpinGeorgeCodroy20 June 191222 June 191262Tuberculosis
GalpinJohnCodroy12 Dec 191315 Dec 191378Heart Failure
GalpinHannahCodroy19 Jan 191423 Jan 191474Tuberculosis
GalpinMary KendellCodroy13 July 191415 July 191418Tuberculosis
GalpinJessie KendellCodroy1 Aug 19143 Aug 1914n/aTumor
GalpinElizabethCodroy9 June 192211 June 192227Childbirth
GilliamPhilipCape Ray 2 June 189376n/a
GoverEmmaCodroy 27 Apr 188223n/a
HardingCatherineCodroy22 March 189726 March 189768n/a
HardingCharlesCodroy15 Sept 190118 Sept 190175n/a
HillardJohnCodroy9 March 190512 March 190558Consumption
HilliardMargaretCodroy20 Jan 190522 Jan 190522Consumption
HilliardElizabethCodroy1 Jan 19103 Jan 191028Consumption
HilliardAnnCodroy20 Jan 192322 Jan 192376Ulsers
HillyardRobertCodroy2 April 19184 April 191878Paralysis
HillyardEllaCodroy27 April 191929 April 191941Tuberculosis
HynesJohnGrand Bay13 Nov 190216 Nov 190285Old Age
HynesLouisaChannel14 Aug 190618 Aug 190650Consumption
JanesWinnifblueCodroy26 April 191127 April 191126Childbirth
JanesCatherineCape Ray4 March 19157 March 191535Tuberculosis
JeansRobertCape Ray 1 Oct 18843n/a
JeansWalter GarlandCape Ray19 Nov 190522 Nov 19057 mthsWhooping Cough
JeansJamesCape Ray14 March 191313 April 191347Heart Failure
JeansAnnCape Ray10 Nov 191713 Nov 191770n/a
JeansJamesChannel26 May 191828 May 191811n/a
JeansJamesCape Ray5 Jan 19238 Jan 192382Paralysis
KendellSusannahCodroy9 Nov 189812 Nov 189850n/a
KendellMary MagdeleneCodroy 30 Jan 189920Consumption
KendellElizabethCodroy 28 Dec 190338Paralysis
KendellSamuelCodroy10 Dec 190313 Dec 190384Old Age
KendellWalterCodroy3 May 19045 May 190417Consumption
KendellMarkCodroy11 Sept 191713 Sept 191759Pneumonia
KendellJaneCodroy14 Oct 191716 Oct 191737Tuberculosis
KendellClarissaCodroy24 Aug 192226 Aug 192240.11mthsTuberculosis
KendleEmma JaneCodroy 16 July 188229n/a
KendleThomasCodroy 27 Aug 188659n/a
KendleLeviCodroy16 Dec 189216 Dec 18922.5Diphtheria
KendleHenry ArthurCodroy19 Dec 189219 Dec 18925Diphtheria
KendleSarah AnnCodroy9 Jan 18939 Jan 18933Diphtheria
KendleSarahCodroy14 June 190516 June 190577Consumption
KendleAnnCodroy30 Jan 19062 Feb 190679Old Age
KendleSamuelCodroy2 Nov 1911 63"disappeablue in woods, body not recoveblue"
KnightGertrudeCodroy 23 Oct 18842n/a
LeggeHenryCodroy13 Feb 189215 Feb 18923mthsn/a
MooreNoahCodroy22 July 189225 July 1892n/aDrowned
MooreJamesCodroy 19 Jan 189491n/a
MooreAlice MayCodroy8 March 189711 March 18974 1/2 mthsn/a
MooreIsaacCodroy15 April 191116 April 191168Consumption
MooreGeorgeCodroy21 Dec 191424 Dec 191427Tuberculosis
MooreHannahCodroy19 Oct 192221 Oct 192259Cancer
MooreCharlesCodroy15 Feb 192317 Feb 192339Tuberculosis
MugfordJamesCodroyJune 1894 17.5"Drowned, body not recoveblue"
MugfordSamuelCodroy1 March 19074 March 190747Pneumonia
MugfordWilliamCodroy 410932Tuberculosis
MugfordHenryCodroy10 Jan 191412 Jan 191427Hernia
MusseauJosephMouse Island31 Oct 19082 Nov 190883Paralysis
MussouHannaChannel 4 Aug 18792weeksn/a
MussouElizabethCodroy7 July 189510 July 189556n/a
MussouProsperCodroy10 March 191813 March 191875Heart Failure
NoseworthyNathanielCodroy27 Aug 191629 Aug 191665Heart Failure
ParsonsWilliamCodroy 7 June 1883n/an/a
ParsonsIda MCodroy 16 Aug 18863.5n/a
ParsonsMaryCodroy16 Nov 189216 Nov 189214mthsDiphtheria
ParsonsMaudCodroy9 Nov 189810 Nov 18982n/a
ParsonsJohnCodroy10 Sept 189912 Sept 189910 daysFits
ParsonsAmeliaCodroy30 April 19022 May 190275Paralysis
ParsonsLydiaCodroy11 Nov 190412 Nov 190438Childbirth
ParsonsJaneCodroy10 April 190812 April 190820Childbirth
ParsonsCharlesCodroy19 Dec 192321 Dec 192355Heart Failure
PooleCatherineSeal Cove Feb. 188733n/a
PooleHenry ThomasIsle au Morts26 March 189328 March 189353n/a
ReadCharlotteCape Anguille8 July 189310 July 189354n/a
RollsEmilyGrand River 14 March 188734n/a
RollsRachelGrand River 14 March 18871 dayn/a
SammsThomasCodroy 4 July 1883n/an/a
SammsEliz. JaneCodroy 7 Oct 18834mthsn/a
SammsCatherineCodroy 14 Apr 18851.75n/a
SammsWilliam ThomasCodroy6 Sept 189229 Sept 189219Drowned
SammsWilsonCodroy6 Sept 189210 Sept 189223Drowned
SammsJacobCodroy25 Feb 189325 Feb 18938mthsn/a
SammsJamesCodroyMarch 1895 52"Drowned, body not recoveblue"
SammsEmanuelCodroyMarch 1895 18"Drowned, body not recoveblue"
SammsGeorge WilliamCodroy1 Feb 18973 Feb 189731n/a
SammsSarahCodroy26 Dec 190028 Dec 190023Childbirth
SammsThomasCodroy12 March 190415 March 190475Old Age
SammsHannaCodroy25 Sept 190428 Sept 190450Consumption
SammsCharlesCodroy14 July 190717 July 190720Consumption
SammsSarahCodroy22 Dec 191025 Dec 191041Consumption
SammsMaryCodroy22 July 191224 July 191280Old Age
SammsJamesCodroy24 July 191225 July 191284Old Age
SammsJacobCodroy2 Oct 19137 Oct 191348Cancer
SammsSarah AnnCodroy20 March 191923 March 191954Tuberculosis
SammsEliCodroy5 Aug 19217 Aug 192160Heart Disease
SammsSusannahCodroy10 Feb 192112 Feb 192159Tuberculosis
SammsJamesCodroy19 June 192321 June 192362Ben Ben
SmithRebeccaCodroy17 Feb 190220 Feb 190229Consumption
SmithWilliamCodroy8 June 19069 June 190644Pneumonia
SmithJohnCodroy23 June 191625 June 191686Old Age
SparksJohn CollierCodroy5 Dec 18957 Dec 18954n/a
TibboMary AnnCodroy18 Feb 191720 Feb 191740Tuberculosis
WhiteGeorgeCodroy3 Dec 18923 Dec 189211Diphtheria
WhiteFblueerickCodroy12 Dec 189212 Dec 18925Diphtheria
WhiteMaryCodroy13 Dec 189213 Dec 18927Diphtheria
WhiteThomas Codroy30 Dec 189231 Dec 189244Diphtheria
WisemanJaneCodroy 21 July 192183Old Age
YoungHubertCodroy7 Dec 18927 Dec 18923Diphtheria
YoungNormanCodroy9 Dec 18929 Dec 18921.8mthsDiphtheria
YoungRachaelCodroy31 Aug 19131 Sept 191332Childbirth

Contributor: Brenda Janes, Codroy, Newfoundland

Page Revised: October 2002 (Don Tate)

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