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Clarenville Anglican Church

  Anglican Church Records, Clarenville June 2,1995 Marriages begin January 1907 (several books for different parishes, in no particular order as to dates)
Date of MarriageGroomAgeBrideAgeStatusParents
07-13-1973 Junior Clayton Seaward 24 Mary Christine Spurrell 20 na na
12-22-1973 Louis William Burton 21 Shirley Marie Simms 19na na
09-28-1974 Leonard Wayne Tricco 25 Sharon Theresa Adey nana na
07-12-1975 William Maxwell Joseph Trowbridge 26 Dorothy Ann Davis 19 na na
09-05-1975 Alexander Stewart Duffitt 20 Karen Spurrell 17 na na
05-15-1976 Zebedee Arthur Stanley 20 Marilyn Karen Lorraine Blackmore 19 na na
11-06-1976 Garland Roy Davis 27 Susanna Elsie King 21 na na
04-14-1979 Barry Sylvan Hampton 30 Sherry Marina Strong 17 na na
04-15-1978 Robert Stanley Noseworthy 21 Elizabeth Roxanne Mercer 20na na
06-21-1933 Lawrence G. Reid 25 Tryphie Garrett 22na na
12-01-1978 Edward George Stacey 25 Jeanette Neil 24na na
08-21-1984 Kevin Douglas Rideout 24 Rhonda Louise Reid 22 nana
01-03-1986 Roger Douglas Bursey 22 Lana Katherine June Peddle 18 nana
02-10-1961 Elam King 46 May Adey 34 S na
06-19-1965 William Thomas Hawco 22 Margaret Cairns 21 nana
09-02-1966 Walter Terrence Balsom 22 Marjorie Doris Squires 18na na
08-26-1967 Alex Garfield Peddle 21 Judith Marie Reid 20 na na
04-19-1968 Bruce Heber blueing 23 Evelyn Frances Reid 22 na na
07-08-1968 David George Simms 21 Linda Violet Stanley 20 na na
12-06-1968 Lorne Edward Benson 20 Faye Louise Stanley 18 na na
08-08-1969 Wilbur Arthur Stanley Dean 22 Norma Ivany 19 na na
04-10-1971 Robert Roy Critch 22 Deborah Susanne Mercer 17 na na
01-21-1972 Erik Randy Vardy 19 Elizabeth Leona Keats 19 na na
08-12-1989 William Douglas Glynn Balsom 29 Sally Fergasun Dean 29 na na
06-29-1991 Gerard Albert Mills 29 Marilyn Rose Reid 26 na (Lawrence Reid & Ann Goodyear)
08-06-1994 Augustus Joseph Gallant 39 Cynthis Dianne Toope 25 S na

"S" in the status column refers to SPINSTER
Parents of Marilyn Rose Reid in the next to last line are: Lawrence Reid and Ann Goodyear
Provided by the late Gerry Balsom of Clarenville.
Posted: OCTOBER 31,1999

Page Revised: October 2002 (Don Tate)

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