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Marriages listed in HBC Cartwright Post Journals.

Marriages performed in Cartwright unless otherwise specified.
All notes in italics are mine. Because many of the church records for this era were
lost in a fire,
these HBC records are invaluable.



 7 Oct 1888        Henry Martin and Miss Kinchela  (should be Kinsella)

 8 Feb 1889        Thomas Lefbridge and Miss Bessie Cole (at Eagle River)

23 Apr 1889        Richard Martin and Miss Elizabeth Bird

 2 Oct 1890        John Mortimer and Brown's daughter (Jemima)

 1 Jan 1891        James Payne and Miss E.M. Bird (at Dove Brook)

12 Feb 1892        Robert Guy and Miss Martha Brown (at Separation Point by John Lethbridge)

 3 Mar 1894        William Learning and Mary Jane Williams

15 May 1896        John Tumashea  (bride not listed)    (Emily Martin)
15 May 1896        Charles Williams (bride not listed)  (Polly Learning)

17 Oct 1897        William Heard (bride not listed)  (Susannah,  nee unknown)
17 Oct 1897        William Davis (bride not listed)  (Elizabeth Lemare)

24 Oct 1898        John Saunders (bride not listed) (bride's name unknown)

23 Apr 1901        William Heard, Sr.  (bride not listed)  (Alice Michelin)

16 Jun 1903        William G. Mesher and Lizzie Davis

 1 Oct 1903        Thomas Pardy and Lizzie Winters

 4 Oct 1903        Moses Ralph and Dorcas Martin

12 Oct 1903        William Martin, Sr. and Susan Pardy

25 Sep 1904        John Winters and Margaret Martin

18 Oct 1904        James Williams and Amelia Williams

29 Dec 1906        Ben Williams and Mrs.  Perry (widow, Jemima, nee Martin)

17 Apr 1907        H. Fequet and Emma Jane Williams
24 Sep 1910        William Heard, Jr. and Naomi Williams

 9 Sep 1913        Simon Williams and Edward Learning's daughter  (Emily)

18 Oct 1914        A. Learning and Nellie Martin

15 Feb 1916        Stanley Mesher and Eva Lethbridge

22 Apr 1916        Thomas McDonald and Emeline Martin  (widow, nee Blake)

20 Oct 1916        Thomas Davis and Elizabeth Elson

 7 Jun 1917        John Winters and Suzy Heard  (at Paradise)

 4 Apr 1918        John Pardy and widow Reeves  (Violet, nee Green, at Table Bay)

 9 Jun 1920        Frank Learning and Sabina Lethbridge

15 Sep 1920        Manuel Pardy and Miss May McNeil

 5 Nov 1920        William Martin and widow of Charles Williams (Polly, nee Learning, at North 

28 Jan 1921        Alphonsus Learning and widow of Chris Lethbridge (Edith, nee Brown, at 
                   Separation Point)

19 Apr 1922        Ben Williams and widow Brown (Mary, nee Toomashie)
19 Apr 1922        Thomas Coombs and Blanche Williams
19 Apr 1922        John Martin and Charlotte Coombs

 2 July  1922      John Pardy and Mrs Alex Pardy (widow, Margaret, nee Goudie)

 3 Sep 1922        Samuel James Williams and Elizabeth Pottle

 9 May 1923        Arthur Learning and Jemima Brown (at Separation Point)

 7 Oct 1923        Thomas P. Bird and Tamar Coombs

 7 Jan 1924        Samuel Lethbridge and Victoria Martin

28 Sep 1924        William G. Mesher and Lizzie Lethbridge

27 Apr 1925        Harvey Mesher (bride not listed)  (Emily Lethbridge, at Paradise)

11 Apr 1926        Thomas Heard and Naomi Martin (widow, nee Pottle, at Paradise)
30 Apr 1927        Roland McDonald and Grace Mesher

 8 Jan 1928        Edward Lethbridge and Ida Lemare

11 Apr 1928        William Brown and Mabel Lethbridge

 2 Mar 1942        George Rendell and Flora Bird

 4 Mar 1942        Ben Martin and Marcella Learning 



Transcribed by Bernie Heard (September 2000)

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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