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1917 - 1924
Marital Status was not given in these records. Place of marriage was almost never entered.
Apr 5 1917 William John POPE 23? 25? Botwood Douglas Langdon  
John T Newman Emily ELLIOTT 20 Burnt Arm ??Marcella Pope  
Apr 11 1917 Samuel LANGDON 31 Northern Arm Josiah Ball  
John T Newman Christiana EVELEIGH 26 Botwood ?Doisha Blake  
Aug 22 1917 Benjamin CURTIS   Phillips Head C? B Inkpen  
Harry G Coppin Lucy PELLEY   Phillips Head Watson Boyes  
Sep 1 1917 Augustus Joseph DELANEY 28 Botwood Ethel Alcock Viola was b 1893 Northern Arm, dau of Henry Evans & Selina Langdown. Augustus was b St Johns, & listed in the 1921 Census as an electrician.
Harry G Coppin Viola EVANS 23 2/12? Northern Arm Peter G Fir?ak??  
Sep 8 1917 Edward Jabez EVANS 30 Northern Arm Mitchie Evans Mary Agnes was b 1895 Northern Arm, the dau of William Henry Oake & Susanna Ball. Edward was b 1886, the son of Edward Evans & Ann Eliza Humphries.
Harry G Coppin Mary Agnes OKE 20 Northern Arm William Oke  
Sep 24 1917 Harvey Seaforth VEINOT 35 Bishops Falls Mary Elizabeth McDonald (Mrs. Patrick crossed out) Harvey was born Cornwall NS
Harry G Coppin Ida Violet MANUEL 24 Norris Arm Garlen Snow Ida was b 1883, the dau of Samuel Manuel & Jemima Purchase.
Oct 18 1917 ?Josiah (Joshua) Douglas LANGDON 23 Northern Arm Herbert Taylor Joshua Douglas was b 1895 Northern Arm, the son of Henry Langdon & Julia Ann King.
Harry G Coppin Marcella POPE 19 Botwood Dulcie Langdon  
Jan 18 1918 Obadiah REGULAR* 20 Northern Arm Henry Jewer *spelling per signature; minister spelt given name as Obediah.
Harry G Coppin Annie YOUNG 20 Botwood Lilian Jewer Obadiah was born Pacquet & Annie at Twillingate per Census.
Jan 24 1918 Samuel James ELSON 32 Botwood ???? Mecu?? (?Mercer) Samuel was b Huntingdon Labrador. Maggie was b 1899, d/o John R Roberts & Sarah Ann Mugford both originally of Spaniards Bay. She remarried 1943 to Samuel George Sharron.
Harry G Coppin Maggie ROBERTS 23 Pt Leamington Frank Elson Bride was noted as Salv Army.
Jan 26 1918 William John BENDALL   Clarkes Beach George W. Seabright  
Harry G Coppin Marion Goudie IVANY   St. John's Jessie M. Seabright  
Sep 14 1918 Albert REGULAR 19 Botwood Raymond Hancock Albert & Katie resided Deer Lake 1935; buried at Seal Cove White Bay.
Harry G Coppin Katie HANCOCK 18 Botwood Carmen Hart  
Nov 27 1918 George PORTER 39 Grand Falls Victoria Evans George was born Change Islands. Edith was b 1888, dau of Charles & Selina Evans originally of Western Bay, Conception Bay.
Harry G Coppin Edith Maud* EVANS 28 Northern Arm Nelson Evans Middle name from bap record; minister added it but writing was illegible.
Dec 21 1918 Albert JEWER   Botwood Frank Adams Albert was b 1881 Killick Island, Botwood, the son of Alfred Jewer & Lucy Hutchings. He first married 1904 to Emma Jane Antle.
Harry G Coppin Sadie HART   Botwood Mamie Jewer Sadie (Sarah Jane) was b 1893 Tilt Cove, the dau of Esau Hart & Mahala Louise Wimbleton.
Jan 15 1919 Frederick William MANUEL   Northern Arm, Botwood Hurbet? Oke Frederick Wm was b 1893, s/o Job Manuel & Sarah Emma Butt.
Harry G Coppin Florence ?A OKE   Northern Arm, Botwood Edgar Sweetland Florence was b 1894, d/o William Henry Oake & Susan Ball.
Jan 30 1919 George Henry SCEVIOUR   Botwood Joseph Ball George Henry was b 1870 Exploits Burnt Island, s/o George Sceviour Sr & Sarah Hannah Winsor.
Harry G Coppin Louisa HORWOOD   Botwood B.M. Lanning Nee Louisa LANGDON, b 1874 Exploits, d/o William Langdon & Elizabeth Carraway. She first married John Horwood.
Feb 19 1919 Maxwell HUMPHRIES   Northern Arm, Botwood Sidney Ball  
Harry G Coppin Eva PARSONS   Lushes Bight Sarah Ball Eva was b 1900, d/o Enoch Parsons & Emma Slade.
Feb 26 1919 Edgar SWEETLAND   Botwood Florence Mills Married at Botwood. Jessie was b 1894, d/o Kenneth W Dean & Lucinda Anthony.
Harry G Coppin Jessie DEAN   Botwood Norman Dean  
Mar 8 1919 William James WHITEWAY   Bishops Falls Arthur Frederic Colbourne Married at Botwood.
Harry G Coppin Ellie Gertie MAIDMENT   Bishops Falls Clara Minnie Maidment  
Jul 30 1919 John Arthur CRAMM 32 Lower Small Point, Bay de Verde Mary C. Campbell  
Harry G Coppin Bessie May DEAN 27 Botwood Norman K Dean Bessie May was b 1892, d/o Kenneth W Dean & Lucinda Anthony.
Aug 6 1919 Dorman PILLEY 24 Phillips Head John March Married at Botwood.
Harry G Coppin Fanny DRISCOLL 24 New Melbourne, Trinity Bay Lucy Curtis  
Sep 20 1919 Stephen SHARRON 29 Pt Leamington ?Ward Ball Stephen was b 1890 Northern Arm, s/o Stephen Sharron Jr & Jane Budgell.
Harry G Coppin Frances Rhoda BALL 21 Northern Arm Dulcie Langdon Frances Rhoda was b 1900, d/o William Ball & Tamar Dart. She married (2) 1965 to William Noah Watkins.
Dec 3 1919 Job George HEATH 22 Botwood Silas Heath Job George was b 1899 Burnt Hr, s/o Luke & Mary (nee Heath) Heath.
Harry G Coppin Mary Eliza SEABRIGHT 21 Botwood Barbara Edison Mary E was b 1899, d/o George Seabright & Mary Ann Hutchings.
Dec 29 1919 William CHAYTOR 22 Botwood Cesilia Ce???g William was the s/o Bernard Chaytor & Esther Tarrant.
Harry G Coppin Florence POPE 17 Botwood Emily Pope (Mrs William G. crossed out)  
Jan 6 1920 George ELSON 21 Northern Arm South, Botwood Frank Elson  
Harry G Coppin Ethel NEWHOOK 21 St. John's Eva? Sacrey  
Jan 9 1920 Garland SNOW 23 Norris Arm Hetty ?James/Janes? Garland was the s/o Abraham & Lavinia Snow.
Harry G Coppin Lydia NEWHOOK 21 St. John's George Hemeon Lydia was born at Dildo, Trinity Bay.
Feb 18 1920 Dorman Arthur BALL 26 Northern Arm Dulcie Langdon Dorman A. was b 1893 Tilt Cove, s/o Absalom Ball & second wife Mary Ann Hancock.
Harry G Coppin Lucy BALL 22 Northern Arm ?Levi Ball Lucy was b 1898, d/o Daniel Ball & Mary Langdon.
Feb 18 1920 Henry Levi BALL ?25 Northern Arm Reata Driscoll Henry Levi was b 1895, s/o Daniel Ball & Mary Langdon.
Harry G Coppin Bella JEWER 21 Botwood Sydney Langdon Eva Isabella was b 1899, d/o James Jewer & Ann Phalen.
Mar 24 1920 Sidney LANGDON   Northern Arm David Ball, Dulcie Langdon Sidney was b 1895, s/o Richard Langdon (of Fogo) & Elizabeth Ann Ball
Harry G Coppin Reata DRISCOLL   Botwood Alex Gill Rita was b 1900 Botwood, dau of Elizabeth Driscoll; her grandparents were Hezekiah & Elizabeth Driscoll originally of Lower Island Cove, Conception Bay
Jul 12 1920 Thomas HANCOCK   Botwood Charlotte Vinem (Vineham), David Hancock Thomas was b 1895, s/o Thomas Hancock Sr & Amelia Hutchings.
Harry G Coppin Mary Ellen DOODY   Brents Cove Joseph Hemeon  
Aug 11 1920 Ward Richards BALL   Northern Arm North George Ball born 1896 Tilt Cove, Ward was the s/o Absalom Ball & Mary Ann Hancock.
Harry G Coppin Dulcie Beatrice LANGDON   Northern Arm North Minnie Langdon Dulcie was b 1899, d/o Richard Langdon & Elizabeth Ann Ball.
Aug 14 1920 James NOSEWORTHY   Northern Arm South Obadiah Regular May be s/o Henry Sheppard Noseworthy & Selina.
Harry G Coppin Georgina RIDEOUT   ?Moretons Hr Annie Regular born 1894 Salt Pond, Western Head, d/o Theophilus Rideout & Theresa Jones.
Aug 30 1920 Herbert PEYTON   Northern Arm South Harry Noseworthy Herbert was b 1899, s/o Thomas William Peyton & Mary Susannah Sheppard.
Harry G Coppin Violet NOSEWORTHY   Northern Arm South Lillian Peterson May be the dau of Eleazar Francis Noseworthy & Jane Taylor.
Sep 28 1920 George Herbert HEMEON   Botwood James Hemeon George was b 1894 Peters Arm, s/o William Hemeon & Phoebe Hancock.
Harry G Coppin Mary HODDINOTT   Botwood Annie Hemeon Mary Dorcas was b 1898 Green Island Cove, d/o Thomas Hoddinott & Deborah Budgell.
Sep 30 1920 George BAILEY   Grand Falls Wallis Roach George was born Cupids per 1921 Census. Based on ages of his children this was likely a second marriage.
Harry G Coppin Emma Jane SAMWAYS   Grand Falls Wm. Whelan Emma Jane was born Coleys Point.
Oct 7 1920 William Archibald BUCKLEY 40 Northern Arm South Mondop? Peyton  
Harry G Coppin Mary Susannah PEYTON n/g Northern Arm South Violet Peyton Candidate: Mary Susannah SHEPPARD who married Thomas Peyton 1894.
Nov 13 1920 George IVANY   English Hr, Trinity Bay Anna Dalley  
Harry G Coppin Patience SNOW   Botwood Samuel Snow  
Dec 25 1920* Joseph HEMEON   Botwood John Hemeon *year looked like 1921 but this couple were married by the time of the 1921 Census which certainly was not done the last month of 1921; therefore the year of marriage is presumed to have been 1920.
Harry G Coppin Eliza M. STUCKLESS   Botwood Hetty Snow Bride's given name omitted by minister; taken from her signature.
June 15 1921 Charles James HAYTER 24 Peters Arm E.J. Hutchings Charles James was b 1896, s/o William Hayter & Jemima Hutchings.
Harry G Coppin Alice Maud FARTHING 21 Peters Arm Wm. Peddle  
Sep 10 1921 John HUTCHINGS 28 Northern Arm South James Saunders  
Harry G Coppin Rachel BUDGELL illegible Botwood Mary Hutchings Rachel was b 1899 New Bay, d/o Joseph Budgell & Mary Jane Boone.
Feb 17 1922 Cecil Bertram PENNY illegible Botwood Douglas Adams, Lily B Penney Cecil Bertram was born circa 1896 Western Bay, Conception Bay, s/o George & Sarah.
Harry G Coppin Dorothy COOK 21 Northern Arm North William J Penney, May Crowell Dorothy was born circa 1901, d/o Matthew Cook & Mary Ann Carpenter.
May 20 1922 George HOLLETT 40 Norris Arm North Charlotte Freake Married at Norris Arm North. George was b 1877 Twillingate, s/o Ambrose Hollett & Jane Moores.
Harry G Coppin Pheobe Louise PEYTON ?23 Norris Arm Herbert Rowe  
Oct 14 1922 Charles COMPTON 23 Peters Arm G.W. Shepherd Charles was b 1898 St Lunaire, s/o William Compton & Elizabeth House.
Ira S. Curtis Stella LIDSTONE 19 Peters Arm Mrs G. Shepherd Stella was b 1904, d/o William Lidstone & Martha Moores.
Oct 24 1922 Albert STRIDE ?28 Peters Arm James Hayter Albert was b 1897, s/o John Stride & Kate Lacey
Ira S. Curtis Olla May HAYTER illegible Peters Arm Fannie Stride Olla was b 1899 Botwood, d/o William Hayter & Jemima Hutchings.
Nov 10 1922 Joseph HYNES   Norris Arm Thomas Norman Joseph was b 1898 Muddy Hole, s/o Esau Hynes & Mary Lacey.
Ira S. Curtis Madie WALKER   Norris Arm Hetty Norman  
Jan 7 1923 Frank HYNES ?21 Norris Arm Robert Beaton Frank was the s/o Esau Hynes & Mary Elizabeth Lacey
Ira S. Curtis Pearl BEATON ?19 Norris Arm Mary Beaton Florence PEARL was b 1905 Sandy Point, d/o James Christopher Beaton & Tryphena Mary Rendell. Pearl & Frank moved to Stellartown NS where she died at age 95 years..
Mar 28 1923 Augustus POPE 21 Botwood Nath Peyton  
Ira S. Curtis Johanna Jessie BLAKE 20 Peters Arm Sarah R. Peyton b 1905 Peters Arm, d/o James Blake & Mary Burt.
Apr 25 1923 Leander G. WATKINS 27 Botwood ?Arch. G. Edison Leander was b 1904 Tilt Cove, s/o Ephraim Watkins & Melvina Jane Squires.
Ira S. Curtis Bessie MANUEL n/g Laurenceton Leona Watkins  
Sep 18 1923 George OVENS 28? 27? Norris Arm Henry S. Head  
Ira S. Curtis Fanny WARREN illegible Herring Neck Selina M. head Fanny believed to be d/o Titus Warren & Naomi Symonds.
Nov 16 1923 Charles BAKER 23 Browns Arm William John Pelley Charles was b 1900, s/o James Baker & Pheobe Anstey.
Ira S. Curtis Alice PELLEY n/g Phillips Head Fannie Pelley Alice born circa 1903 Northern Arm, d/o Edmund Pelley & Susannah March.
Nov 21 1923 George Gilbert EVANS, s/o Charles 27 Northern Arm North Elijah Langdon Full name per signature; mother was Selina.
Ira S. Curtis Minnie Selina LANGDON 22 Northern Arm North Victoria Evans Minnie was the d/o Richard Langdon & Elizabeth Ann Ball.
Nov 27 1923 Robert SHEPPARD   Peters Arm W.G. Shephard Robert Henry was b 1899, s/o Joseph Sheppard & Sarah Combden.
Ira S. Curtis Carrir BLAKE   Peters Arm Fredrick Shephard Carrie was born circa 1908, d/o William Blake & Louisa Tarrant.
June 4 1924 Josiah BALL 41 Northern Arm North Kenneth John Langdon Josiah was b 1883, s/o William Ball & Tamar Dart.
Ira S. Curtis Naomi Mabel GRAY 24 Shoe Cove Myrtle Gray Naomi Mabel was b 1901, d/o James William Gray & Mary A Curry.
Aug 17 1924 Philip POPE 21 Burnt Arm Albert Elliott  
W. Edgar Mercer Julia OXFORD 19 Burnt Arm "Mises" Laura Clench Julia was the d/o Eli Oxford & Susannah Thorne
Nov 1 1924 Raymond OWENS (?OVENS) 23 Norris Arm Ephriam Menchenton Raymond was born circa 1902 Joe Batts Arm, s/o George & Emily OVENS.
W. Edgar Mercer Nora FREAKE 17 Joe Batts Arm Mabel Langdon  
Nov 5 1924 Frederick W LIDSTONE 24 Botwood Jabez Peyton Frederick was b 1900 Botwood, s/o William Lidstone & Martha Moores
W. Edgar Mercer Effie Pearl PEYTON 19 Burnt Arm Bessie Elliott  

Contributed and Transcribed by Jill Marchall (Dec 2009)

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