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Marriages (Methodist) Bonavista
1856 - 1865



Names of persons as written in many returns are very difficult to deciper.
not sure of persons name-- (?)   W-- Widower or Widow, (B) Bachelor) (S) Spinster. (25)etc age
    Date              Names             Place of Marriage      Residency at time of Marriage

Jan  03 1856     John Tilley     B          Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Elizabeth Cuff  S                               Bonavista
Feb  21          John Little     B          Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Sarah Way       S                               Bonavista
Feb  25          John Steads     B          Little Catalina      Little Catalina
                 Mary Day        S                               Little Catalina
Apr  18          John Diamond    W          Catalina             Catalina 
                 Frances Goudey(?) S                             St. John's
Apr  28          William Wiltshire B        Catalina             Catalina
                 Sabina Huxter     S                             Catalina
June 07          Richard Mouland   W        Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Eliza Hicks       S                             Bonavista
Aug  31          John Hallahan     B        Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Priscilla Randall S                             Bd.Is.Cv.
Oct  10          Joseph Tremblett  B        Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Ellen Carpenter   S                             Bonavista 
Oct  17          James Hodnett     B        Catalina             Seldom Come Bye
                 Jane Diamond      S                             Catalina 
Nov  29          William Abbott    B        Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Ellen Keel        S                             Bonavista
Dec  04          Joseph Fisher     W        Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Mary Brian        S                             Bonavista
Dec  10          Joseph Martin     B        Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Susanna Chalk     S                             Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  11          William Reed      B        Little Catalina      Little Catalina 
                 Elizabeth Hicks   S                             Little Catalina
Dec  11          Bernard Norman    B        Catalina             Catalina 
                 Elizabeth Russell S                             Catalina
Dec  11          Thomas Coles      B        Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Sarah Chaulk      S                             Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  13          Thomas Steed      B        Little Catalina      Little Catalina
                 Sarah Reed        S                             Little Catalina
Dec  18          Samuel Steed      B        Little Catalina      Little Catalina
                 Amy Hobbs         S                             Little Catalina
Dec  18          Peter Diamond     B        Catalina             Catalina
                 Martha Moore      S                             Catalina
Dec  20          Richard Lodge     B        Catalina             Catalina
                 Elizabeth Perry   S                             Catalina
Dec  21          James Tucker      B        Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Pamela Butt       S                             Bonavista
Jan  10 1857     Samuel Porter     B        Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Elizabeth Chard   S                             Bd.Is.Cv.
Jan  14          Thomas Edmonds    B        Bonavista            Newmans Cv.
                 Elizabeth Hewlett S                             Newmans Cv. 
Apr  11          Benjamin Davis    B        Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Flora Abbott      W                             Bonavista
May  06          Joseph Powell     B        Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Mary Ann Pardy    W                             Bonavista
May  09          James Hicks       B        Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Mahala Hicks      W                             Bonavista
June 03          Stephen Randall   B        Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Mary Butt         S                             Bd.Is.Cv. 
June 07          Thomas Ryan       B        Bonavista            Birchy Cv.
                 Jane Cuff         S                             Bonavista 
June 14          John Fifield      B        Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Eliza Cuff        S                             Bonavista
June 20          Samuel Carroll    B        Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Susan Fisher      S                             Bonavista 
Aug  20          Joseph Chaulk     B        Bonavista            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Rebecca Porter    S                             Bd.Is.Cv.
Oct  15          William Chalk     B        Little Catalina      Little Catalina
                 Elizabeth Delany (?)S                           Little Catalina
Oct  18          John Harris         B      Bonavista            Bonavista 
                 Elizabeth Reader    S                           Bonavista
Oct  23          James Short         W      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Eliza Abbott        W                           Bonavista
Nov  09          Alfred Saint        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Emma Powell         S                           Bonavista
Nov  16          John Day            W      Little Catalina      Little Catalina
                 Jane Burt           S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Nov  24          Thomas Reader       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Charlotte Oldford   S                           Bonavista
Dec  03          Henry Groves        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Abigail Mouland     S                           Bonavista
Dec  05          George Little       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Matilda Hicks       S                           Bonavista 
Dec  09          Ambrose Mouland     B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Sarah Way           S                           Bonavista
Dec  11          James Cuff          B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Jane Pardy          S                           Bonavista
Dec  22          Henry Baker         W      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Jane Tucker         W                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  24          Joseph Reed         B      Little Catalina      Little Catalina
                 Charlotte Stone     S                           Little Catalina
Apr  29 1858     Jabez Saint         B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Elizabeth Strathie  S                           Bonavista
May  15          William Little      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Ellen Abbott        S                           Bonavista
June 05          George Hampton      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Maria Oldford       S                           Bonavista
June 17          James Hobbs         B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Susannah Sanger     S                           Bd.Is.Cv. 
Aug  13          John Oldford        W      Bonavista            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Martha Short        W                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Sept 21          John Tippett        W      Little Catalina      Little Catalina
                 Hannah Brushett     S                           Little Catalina
Nov  01          Samson Russell      B      Bonavista            Plate Cove
                 Susan Hobbs         S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Nov  10          Abraham King        W      Bonavista            Salvage B.B
                 Hannah Chapman      S                           Bonavista 
Nov  05          Charles Miles       B      Bonavista            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Mary Menchens(?)    S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Nov  11          Jeremiah Crew       B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Jane Hobbs          S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Nov  25          James Read          B      Little Catalina      Little Catalina
                 H. Wicks            S                           Little Catalina
Nov  28          William Hicks       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Jane Little         S                           Bonavista
Nov  28          William Hicks       B      Bonavista            Newmans Cv.
                 Mary Skeffington    S                           Newmans Cv. 
Dec  02          William Sanger      B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Esther Hobbs        S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  05          James Wells         B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Eliza Hampton       S                           Bonavista
Dec  13          James Saint         B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Sarah Sexton        S                           Bonavista
Jan  01 1859     Elias Brown         B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Flora Oldford       S                           Bonavista
Jan  09          Robert Harris       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Matilda Tilley      S                           Bonavista
Jan  27          Thomas Hicks        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Mary Lintern        S                           Bonavista
Apr  21          James Brown         B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Eliza Way           S                           Bonavista
Oct  18          Joseph Fifield      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Hannah Render       S                           Bonavista
Nov  10          William Faulkner    B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Joanna Dunshins(?)  S                           Bonavista
Nov  11          Philip Way          B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Elizabeth Hobbs     S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Nov  11          Roger Harris        W      Bonavista            Bonavista 
                 Elizabeth Little    W                           Bonavista
Nov  16          George Crew         B      Bonavista            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Ann Chalk           S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Nov  16          Elias Chalk         B      Bonavista            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Ann Maria Coles     S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Nov  17          James Little        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Mary Jane Ford      S                           Bonavista
Dec  03          James Porter        B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Eliza Powell        S                           Bd.Is.Cv. 
Dec  08          William Way         B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Sarah Fisher        S                           Bonavista
Dec  08          Allan Dominey       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Eliza Abbott        S                           Bonavista 
Dec  09          George Philpot      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Amy House           S                           Bonavista
Dec  21          William Carrol      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Isabella Powell     S                           Bonavista
Dec  27          William Martin      B      Bonavista            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Amy Ann Holloway    S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Jan  19 1860     Joseph Skeffington  B      Newmans Cv.          Newmans Cv.
                 Elizabeth Keats     S                           Newmans Cv.
Feb  22          Richard Randell     B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Mary Ann Way        S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Feb  22          John Little         B      Bonavista            Bonavista 
                 Susan Carroll       S                           Bonavista
Nov  10          Stephen Phillips    B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Sarah White         S                           Bonavista
Nov  11          John Hayward        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Isabella Mesh       S                           Bonavista
Nov  13          Jerrod Ford         W      Upper Amherst Cv.    Upper Amherst Cv.
                 Elizabeth S ---     S                           Upper Amherst Cv.
Nov  14          Joseph Abbott       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Mary Ann Fisher     S                           Bonavista
Nov  21          John Cool           B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Mary Ann Hales      S                           Bonavista
Nov  29          William Keats       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Rebecca Rolls       S                           Bonavista
Dec  07          John Wiseman        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Ann Chaffey         S                           Bonavista
Dec  14          John Tremblett      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Isabella Mifflen    S                           Bonavista
Dec  28          Charles Fisher      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Fanny Mouland       S                           Bonavista
Jan  05 1861     Samuel Littles      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Mary Ann Rolls      S                           Bonavista
Jan  03          John Chant          B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Thirza Sanger       S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Jan  16          Joseph Carroll      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Eliza Little        S                           Bonavista
Feb  07          William Brown       B      Bonavista            Bonavista 
                 Maria Carroll       S                           Bonavista
Apr  28          George Hayward      B      Bonavista            Bonavista  
                 Mary White          S                           Bonavista 
May  11          James Ryan          B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Hannah Wells        S                           Gooseberry Island
Nov  21          John Porter         B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
           Ann Skeffington Hallahan  S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  01          William Long        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Charlotte Cuff      S                           Bonavista
Dec  10          John Hampton        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Hannah Durdle       S                           Bonavista
Dec  15          Henry Marsh         B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Martha Abbott       S                           Bonavista 
Dec  31          Philip Durdle       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Susannah Phillips   S                           Bonavista
Jan  06 1862     John Burge          B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Sarah Sellar        S                           Bonavista
Jan  17          William Mouland     B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Sarah Hicks         S                           Bonavista
Oct  21          Hugh Hicks          B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Charlotte Wiffins   S                           Bonavista
Nov  06          John Grennen        B      Bonavista            Indian Arm
                 Sarah Abbott        S                           Indian Arm
Nov  06          William Brown       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Priscilla Fisher    S                           Bonavista 
Nov  20          Samuel Tucker       B      Bonavista            Bd.Is.Cv.
              Elizabeth Menchentons  S                           Bd.Is.Cv. 
Nov  13          Joseph Stagg        B      Bonavista            Little Catalina
                 Susannah Way        S                           Little Catalina
Nov  20          William Johnson     B      Little Catalina      Little Catalina
                 Laura Goodyear      S                           Little Catalina
Dec  03          George Martin       B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Maria Chalk         S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  11          Thomas Goodland     B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Ann Trask           S                           Bd.IS.cV.
Dec  13          Thomas Harris       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Mary Strathie       S                           Bonavista
Jan  01 1863     John Rhine          B      Bonavista            Birchy Cv.
                 Lydia Way           S                           Bonavista 
Feb  07          Charles Abbott      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Ruth Abbott         S                           Bonavista
Nov  05          James Oldford       B      Bonavista            Bonavista  
                 Jane Saint(?)       S                           Bonavista 
Nov  19          Moses Perry         B      Catalina             Catalina
                 Ellen Manuel        S                           Catalina
Nov  20          Jasper Lowe(?)      B      Little Catalina      Little Catalina 
                 Julia Delaney       S                           Little Catalina
Nov  21          James Way           B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Mary Tremblett      S                           Bonavista 
Nov  26          William Dominey     B      Bonavista            Bonavista 
                 ---------------     S                           Bonavista
Nov  28          Alexander White     B      Catalina             Catalina         
                 Hannah Newman       S                           Hannah Newman
Dec  01          Thomas Hobbs        B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Elizabeth Abbott    S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  05          Thomas Sharp        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Mary Sharp          S                           Bonavista
Dec  09          James Groves        B      Bonavista            Bonavista 
                 Elizabeth Templeman S                           Bonavista
Dec  11          Garland Courage     B      Catalina             Catalina  
                 Elizabeth Collins   S                           Catalina
Dec  12          George Pardy        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Sarah ------        S                           Bonavista
Dec  14          Samson Abbott       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Amelia Way          S                           Bonavista
Dec  22          Thomas Letridge     B      Catalina             Catalina
                 Anastasia Walsh     S                           Catalina
Dec  24          James Kennedy       B      Little Catalina      Little Catalina
                 Abigail Smilair(?)  S                           Little Catalina 
Dec  27          William Diamond     B      Catalina             Catalina
                 Thresa Norman       S                           Catalina
Dec  31          George Reed         B      Little Catalina      Little Catalina
                 Emily Butt          S                           Little Catalina
Jan  04 1864     Samuel Templeman    B      Bonavista            Bonavista 
                 Susannah Coleridge  S                           Little Catalina
Feb  19          Thomas Wiffins      B      Bonavista            Bonavista 
                 Mary Durdle         S                           Bonavista
Mar  16          Robert Reader       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Maria Sexton        S                           Bonavista
Mar  16          Israel Hill         B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Mary Baker          S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Mar  26          William Short       W      Catalina             Catalina
                 Ann Lewis           W                           Catalina
July 29          Robert Abbott       B      Newmans Cv.          Newmans Cv.
                 Sarah Keats         S                           Newmans Cv.
Nov  01          William Brown       B      Bonavista            Salvage B. Bay
                 Susannah Sampson    S                           Salvage B. Bay 
Nov  06          Thomas Rowe         W      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Amelia Tremblett    W                           Bonavista 
Nov  07          John Harris         B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Alice Mahoney       S                           Bonavista
Nov  08          Thomas Rolls        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Amelia House        S                           Bonavista
Dec  03          George Romaine      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Mary Ann Verge      S                           Bonavista
Dec  03          Benjamin Porter     B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bonavista
                 Susanna Minty       S                           Bonavista
Dec  05          Thomas White        B      Bonavista            Bonavista           
                 Elizabeth Fisher    S                           Bonavista
Dec  29          Joseph Powell       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Sarah Jane Little   S                           Bonavista
Jan  05 1865     Charles Templeman   B      Bonavista            Bonavista    
                 Louisa Chard        S                           Bonavista
Jan  13          Roger Skeffington   B      Newmans Cv.          Newmans Cv.
                 Elizabeth Ryan      S                           Newmans Cv.
May  20          Robert Brown        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 M. Hawkins          W                           Bonavista
June 28          John Keats          B      Newmans Cv.          Newmans Cv.
                 Mary Holloway       S                           Newmans Cv. 
Aug  04          James Skeffington   B      Newmans Cv.          Newmans Cv.
                 Mary Ann Cool       W                           Newmans Cv.
Sept 13          William Bess        B      Bonavista            Bonavista       
                 Abigail Dunn        S                           Bonavista
Oct  19          Joseph Tucker       B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Susan Short         S                           Bd.Is.Cv. 
Nov  09          William Chalk       B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Elizabeth Ryan      S                           Birchy Cv.
Nov  11          Joseph Fisher       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Susan Romaine       S                           Bonavista
Nov  23          Lawrence Keel       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Arabella Bundle     S                           Bonavista
Nov  29          James Oldford       B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Jane Keats          S                           Bonavista
Nov  30          Samuel White        B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Ann Randle          S                           Bd.Is.Cv.  
Dec  09          William Cuff        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Jane Powell         S                           Bonavista
Dec  12          John Fisher         B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Amy Ann Little      S                           Bonavista
Dec  16          Samuel Keats        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Helen Stagg         S                           Bonavista
Dec  24          John Humphries      W      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Charlotte Ford      S                           Bonavista



Transcription by Joseph Duffett
Posted 30 Apr., 2000

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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