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Marriages (Methodist) Bonavista
1884 - 1891



Names of persons as written in many returns are very difficult to deciper.
not sure of persons name-- (?)   W-- Widower or Widow, (B) Bachelor) (S) Spinster. (25)etc age
    Date              Names             Place of Marriage      Residency at time of Marriage

Jan  05 1884     Roger Abbott        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Jannet Mouland      S                           Bonavista
Jan  07          Solomon Little      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Jane Pardy          S                           Bonavista
Jan  07          James Strickland    B      Newmans Cv.          Newmans Cv.
                 Marie Hollett       S                           Newmans Cv.
Jan  17          Horatio Clouter     B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Katie Tilley        S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Jan  31          James Carroll       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Elizabeth Mifflin   S                           Bonavista
Feb  21          Thomas Harris       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Maggie Brown        S                           Bonavista
Mar  06          James Fifield       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Elizabeth Pardy     S                           Bonavista
May  04          Robert Groves       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Emma Powell         S                           Bonavista
May  10          Robert Crew         B      Bonavista            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Jane Hobbs          S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
May  18          Thomas Burge        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Maria Templeman     S                           Bonavista
May  31          Charles Powell      B      Bonavista            Bonavista 
                 Rebecca Philpott    S                           Bonavista
June 07          William Cuff        B      Bonavista            Bonavista 
                 Deborah Little      S                           Bonavista
Sept 10          George Shirrin      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Ann Fifield         S                           Bonavista
Sept 19          John Ryan           B      Bonavista            Birchy Cv.
                 Elizabeth Cole      S                           Birchy Cv.
Oct  03          George Tremblett    B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Lance Cv.
                 Louisa Chalk        S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Oct  08          James Chalk         B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Harriet Steeds      S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Oct  10          John Steeds         B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Nashti(?) Cole      S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Oct  20          Daniel Butler       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Charlotte Candor    S                           Bonavista
Oct  18          Samson Cool         B      Bonavista            Birchy Cv. 
                 Agnes Ryan          S                           Newmans Cv.
Nov  02          Joseph Crew         B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Mary Ann Martins    S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Nov  03          George Chalk        B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv. 
                 Leahann Porter      S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Nov  07          George Lander       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Mary Short          S                           Bonavista
Nov  08          William Harris      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Annie Little        S                           Bonavista
Dec  04          Tobias Crew         B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Mary Ann Hobbs      S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  09          George Oldford      B      Bonavista            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Dorcas White        S                           Bd.Is.Cv. 
Dec  09          Adam Cole           B      Bonavista            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Louisa Ann Tucker   S                           Bd.Is.Cv,
Dec  13          Thomas Wiffins      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Charlotte Fisher    S                           Bonavista
Dec  16          Mark Baker          B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv. 
                 Leah Sanger         S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  23          Robert Lintern      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Elizabeth Way       S                           Bonavista
Dec  28          John Abbott         B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Elizabeth Phillips  S                           Bonavista
Dec  29          George Russell      W      Bonavista            Catalina 
                 Eliza Pardy         S                           Bonavista
Dec  31          William Tucker      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Bertha Hampton      S                           Bonavista
Jan  23 1885     Israel Baker        B      Bonavista            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Deborah Porter      S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Jan  28          Thomas Hobbs        B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Mary Ann Chant      S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Feb  25          George Templeman    B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bonavista
                 Mary Hayward        S                           Bonavista 
May  06          Arthur Coles        B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Mary Stagg          S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
May  07          Alexander Cooper    B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Mary Jane Cose(?)   S                           Bonavista
May  21          Richard Groves      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Rebecca Hicks       S                           Bonavista
May  30          John Swyers         B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Elizabeth Ayles     S                           Bonavista
July 18          Samuel Cuff         B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Mary Jane Fifield   S                           Bonavista
Aug  11          Jonathan Mouland    B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Catherine Flynn     S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Aug  31          Thomas Way          B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Elizabeth Marsh     S                           Bonavista
Oct  22          George Wells        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Eliza Jane Little   S                           Bonavista 
Nov  04          James Paul          B      Bonavista            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Mary Ann Hicks      S                           Bonavista
Nov  26          Thomas Butler       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Sarah Ann Porter    S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Nov  27          John Fifield        B      Bonavista            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Elizabeth Little    S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  01          Robert Chalk        B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Sarah Ann Martins   S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  10          Hezekiah Steeds     B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Emily Chalk         S                           Bd.Is.Cv. 
Dec  16          Joseph Cuff         B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Harriet Little      S                           Bonavista
Dec  19          Jabez Cuff          B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Elizabeth Hicks     S                           Bonavista
Dec  20          John Hebbard        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Emily Carroll       S                           Bonavista
Dec  22          Archilius Chalk     B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Mary Jane Tucker    S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  22          Robert Keats        B      Newmans Cv.          Newmans Cv. 
                 Mary Coles          S                           Newmans Cv.
Dec  23          John Goodland       B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Rhoda Sanger        S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  24          Samuel Chard        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Fanny Fisher        S                           Bonavista
Dec  26          Isaac John Coles    B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv. 
                 Alice Tucker        S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  26          James Templeman     B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Selina Hicks        S                           Bonavista
Dec  31          Robert Tucker       B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Jemima Rendell      S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Jan  01 1886     James Oldford       B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Martha Crew         S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Jan  03          William Brown       B      Catalina             Catalina 
                 Maria Abbott        S                           Bonavista
Jan  07          George Chalk        B      Bonavista            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Elizabeth Tremblett S                           Lance Cv.
Jan  13          Thomas Hill         B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Frances Tilley      S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Jan  19          Thomas Steeds       B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Lucy Martins        S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Jan  27          Richard Crew        B      Bd.iS.cV.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Elizabeth Porter    S                           Bd.Is.Cv. 
May  12          Thomas Porter       B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Mary Hannah Hill    S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
June 05          Philip Way          B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Elizabeth Ann Marsh S                           Bonavista
July 10          Elias Mouland       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Deborah Abbott      S                           Bonavista
Aug  14          Arthur Cuff         B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Martha Barnes       S                           English Hr.
Aug  21          Alfred Tremblett    B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Johanna Hayward     S                           Bonavista 
Oct  02          Joseph Carroll      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Charlotte Abbott    S                           Bonavista
Nov  09          Hugh Mouland        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Kezia Powell        S                           Bonavista
Dec  19          George Hawkins      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Hannah Hicks        S                           Bonavista
Dec  13          John Thomas Steeds  B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Rebecca Ann Coles   S                           Bd.Is.Cv. 
Dec  25          Robert Baker        B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Catherine Coles     S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Jan 08 1887      George Harris       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Sarah Hicks         S                           Bonavista
Feb  12          William Ford        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Sarah Hicks         S                           Bonavista
Jan  12          Thomas Cole         B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Emily Trask         S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Apr  21          Christopher Chalk   B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Mary Ann Pearce     S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Apr  28          Absalom Oldford     B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Lucretia Carpenter  S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
May  21          Thomas Tremblett    B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Emily Ann Hicks     S                           Bonavista
Nov  10          Silas Baker         W      Bonavista            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Susan Paul          S                           Bonavista
Nov  15          Uriah Steeds        B      Bonavista            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Sarah Jane Hobbs    S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Nov  25          James Lander        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Ellen Cooper        S                           Bonavista
Dec  07          William Keats       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Jane Ann Cool       S                           Bonavista 
Dec  07          Samson Steeds       B      Bonavista            Bd.Is.Cv. 
                 Emily Halleran      S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  24          Arthur Martins      B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Ann Rendell         S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  30          Alexander Groves    B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Annie Carroll       S                           Bonavista
Jan  01 1888     Arthur Way          B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Amy Cavener(?)      S                           Little Catalina
Feb  10          Richard Rendell     B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Caroline Martins    S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
July 04          James Groves        B      Bonavista            Bonavista 
                 Heneritta Whitten   S                           Bonavista
Sept 18        Julius Caesar Nappir  B      Bonavista            Catalina
                 Emily White         S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
July 25       George Charles Frazer  B      Bonavista        Northumberland England
           Tryphenia Strathie Harris S                           Bonavista
Nov  17          Joseph Cuff         B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Grace Wells         S                           Bonavista
Nov  12          Henry Chalk         B      Bonavista            Muddy Brook
                 Louisa Jane Porter  S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Nov  29          Joseph Keats        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Isabella Durdle     S                           Bonavista
Dec  02          Christopher Chaulk  B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Jane White          S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  04          Joseph Cullimore    B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Sarah Jane Street   S                           Bonavista
Dec  12          Albert Steeds       B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Frances Crew        S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  12          Thomas Hobbs        B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Ann Sanger          S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  18          Benjamin Russell    B      Bonavista            Tickle Cv.
                 Jane -------        S                           Tickle Cv.
Dec  22          Samson Baker        B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Emily Crew          S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  26          William James Hill  B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Sophia Porter       S                           Bd.Is.Cv. 
Dec  27          Benjamin Porter     B      Bonavista            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Susanna Fifield     S                           Bonavista 
Jan  01 1889     Samuel Cool         B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Maria Collins       S                           Bonavista
Jan  05          Henry Groves        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Isabella Tremblett  S                           Bonavista
Jan  16      Frederick George Little B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Frances Groves      S                           Bonavista
Feb  21          Benjamin Steeds     B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Sarah Jane Steeds   S                           Bd.Is.Cv. 
Mar  09          George Abbott       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Elizabeth Abbott    S                           Bonavista
Mar  11          William Martins     B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Jane Cole.          S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Mar  11          Richard Abbott      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Deborah Keats       S                           Bonavista
Apr  15          James Pardy         B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Fanny Fifield       S                           Bonavista
Apr  30          Eli Paul            B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Fanny Stagg         S                           Bonavista
May  17          George Stagg        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Harriet Wells       S                           Bonavista
May  30          Thomas Hayward      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Elizabeth Keel      S                           Bonavista
June 01          John Groves         B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Beborah Powell      S                           Bonavista
Sept 07          Alexander Tremblett B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Elizabeth Fisher    S                           Bonavista
Sept 10          George Way          B      Bonavista            Bonavista 
                 Rebecca White       S                           Bonavista
Oct  21          Reuben Coles        B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Agnes Goodland      S                           Bd.Is.Cv.  
Oct  31          Thomas Chaulk       B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Mary Jane House     S                           Bonavista
Nov  21          William Powell      B      Bonavista            Bonavista 
                 Mary Ann Philpott   S                           Bonavista
Nov  28          Samuel Lintern      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Mary Ann Lander     S                           Bonavista 
Dec  14          James Chaulk        B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv. 
                 Elizabeth Ryan      S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  18          Peter Chaulk        B      Bonavista            Muddy Brook
                 Elizabeth Ryan      S                           Birchy Cv. 
Jan  02 1890     Hugh Abbott         B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Sarah Rolls         S                           Bonavista
Jan  05          John Faulkner       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Elizbeth Lander     S                           Bonavista
Jan  08          Ronald Strathie     B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Mary Groves         S                           Bonavista
Jan  12          John Murphy         B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Isabella Hallerhan  S                           Bd.Is.Cv. 
Apr  18          Thomas Hicks        W      Bonavista            Bonavista 
                 Mahala Tremblett    W                           Bonavista
May  06          Silas Mouland       B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Jane Keel           S                           Bonavista
Aug  19          Simeon Sillars      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Bessie Brown        S                           Bonavista
Sept 07          William Lake        B      Bonavista            Channel Is.
                 Emily Hebbard       S                           Bonavista
Nov  18          William Miles       B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Jane Martin         S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Nov  25          Bernard Crew        B      Bonavista            Glovertown
                 Elizabeth Rendell   S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  23          John Cooper         B      Bonavista            Bonavista 
                 Fanny Bradley       S                           Bonavista
Dec  24          Edmund Carroll      B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Elizabeth Coles     S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Dec  30          Douglas Templeman   B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Flora Mouland       S                           Bonavista
Dec  31          John Porter         B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Mary Jane Crew      S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Jan  01 1891     Hugh Mouland        B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Isabella Groves     S                           Bonavista
Jan  05          John Trask          B      Bd.Is.Cv.            Bd.Is.Cv.
                 Jane Martins        S                           Bd.Is.Cv.
Jan  08          William Templeman   B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Hannah Abbott       S                           Bonavista
Jan  10          Isaac John Groves   B      Bonavista            Bonavista
                 Mary Jane Keel      S                           Bonavista



Transcription by Joseph Duffett
Posted 26 Apr., 2000

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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