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Baptisms at Anglican Church Bonavista,
Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland,

Names of persons as written in many returns are very difficult to deciper.

Feb 07 Bonavista Ann F Joseph & Ellen Way
Mar 11 Bonavista Joseph M John & Elousia Templeman
Mar 28 Newman's Cove Eliza F William & Sarah Elliott
May 26 Bonavista Samuel M Joseph & Mary Goodland
May 27 Newman's Cove James M Thomas & Isabella Chafey
May 28 Bonavista Elizabeth F Thomas Pardy & Jane Chafey
June 03 Bonavista Isabella F William & Elizabeth Pardy
June 03 Bonavista Charlotte Ann F William & Mary Marshfield
June 03 Bonavista William M James & Elizabeth Powell
June 03 Bonavista Emily F William & Mary Ford
June 14 Bonavista Mary Ann F George & Ann Robbins
July 08 Bonavista Leonie F John & Elizabeth Skiffington
July 09 Bonavista Ann F John & Jane Hales
July 30 Bonavista John M James & Sarah Dunn
July 30 Bonavista Jane F John & Sarah Sweetland
July 30 Bonavista James M James & Elizabeth Green
Aug 04 Bonavista William M Joseph & Elizabeth Rolles
Aug 04 Bonavista Sarah F Benjamin & Flora Davis
Aug 10 Bonavista Sarah Jane F James & Mary Sharp
Aug 10 Bonavista Jemima F Robert & Elizabeth Brown
Aug 22 Bonavista Julia F William & Susan Butler
Aug 26 - age 81 yr Bonavista William M Not given Haley
Sept 06 Bonavista Mary Jane F Henry & Jane Hales
Sept 21 Bonavista Philip M William & Mary Templeman
Sept 21 Bonavista George M William & Sarah Way
Oct 03 Bonavista Samuel M James & Jane Ryan
Oct 09 Bonavista Silas M John & Mary Ann Tilley
Nov 02 Bonavista Stephen M George & Susan Randell
Nov 05 Bonavista Elizabeth F James & Catherine Mifflen
Nov 13 Bonavista Thomas Littles M John & Flora Miles
Dec 10 Bonavista Ellen F James & Jane Sweetland
Dec 16 Bonavista Joseph M Hugh & Elizabeth Abbott
Dec 16 Bonavista Simeon M Thomas & Mary Ann Seller
Dec 16 Bonavista James M Richard & Rebecca Templeman
Dec 16 Bonavista James M Thomas & Elizabeth Soper
Dec 19 Bonavista John M Richard & Mary Humby
Dec 23 Bonavista Stephen M George & Elizabeth Randle
Dec 23 Bonavista Ann F William & Mary Cuff
Dec 23 Bonavista James M Samuel & Susan Randle
Dec 25 Bonavista Elizabeth F Edward & Mary Powell
Dec 26 Bonavista Marianne F John & Hannah Mifflen
Dec 29 Bonavista Samuel M James & Sarah Stagg
Jan 01 Bonavista William M Martin & Hannah White
Jan 02 Newman's Cove Lea F George & Jane Hollett
Jan 06 Bonavista James M George & Mary Ann Ryder
Jan 06 Bonavista Esau M Richard & Eliza Gibbs
Jan 06 Bonavista Frederic M George & Susan Brown
Jan 12 Bonavista Elizabeth F George & Jane Tilley
Jan 15 Bonavista Ann F George & Elizabeth Gosling
Feb 16 Bonavista Mary F Abraham & Clara Squires
Feb 17 Bonavista Maria F John & Jane Keats
Feb 17 Bonavista John M Thomas & Elizabeth Ryder
Mar 02 Bonavista George Manuel M William & Mary Ann Brown
Mar 02 Bonavista Sarah F George & Mary Ayles
Mar 05 Birchy Cove Emily F Edward & Ann Ryan
Mar 06 Amherst Cove Rebecca F Edward & Mary Noble
Mar 31 Bonavista Mary Jane F Samuel & Jane Sweetland
Apr 10 Newman's Cove Elizabeth F Stephen & Elizabeth Coole
Apr 23 Amherst Cove Samuel M Esau & Ann Bainger
Apr 28 Bonavista Eliza Jane F John & Elizabeth Pardy
May 05 Bonavista Mary Jane F Jane Ayles
June 02 Bonavista Mary Jane F Samuel & Mary Ann Templeman
June 12 Amherst Cove Phoebe F John & Sarah Bainger
June 12 Newman's Cove William M Thomas & Elizabeth Edmonds
June 18 Bonavista William M John & Mary Ann Coole
July 07 Bonavista Rebecca F Joseph & Jemima Tilley
July 07 Bonavista Elizabeth F George & Mary Ann Short
Aug 04 Bonavista Elizabeth Jane F George & Mary Ann Brown
Aug 11 Bonavista Arthur John M William & Mary Ann Sharp
Aug 16 Bonavista John M George & Jane Rolls
Aug 21 Upper Amherst Cove Thomas M Thomas & Mary Ford
Aug 25 Bonavista Charlotte F Thomas & Ann Robbins
Sept 08 Bonavista Thomas M George & Ellen Dyke
Sept 08 Bonavista Ann F Thomas & Sarah Pardy
Sept 22 Bonavista Hannah F Joseph & Elizabeth Abbott
Oct 06 Bonavista Joseph Rolls M James & Mary Ann Miles
Oct 17 Bonavista Elizabeth F John & Mary Keel
Oct 22 Bonavista Ellen F George & Jane Keel
Oct 27 Bonavista Fanny F John & Eliza Figield
Nov 03 Bonavista Elizabeth F John & Sarah Sweetland
Nov 07 Newman's Cove Ralph M Joseph & Maria Tilley
Nov 10 Bonavista John Green M Abraham & Ann Skeffington
Nov 10 Bonavista Elizabeth Ellen F Charles & Caroline Thompson
Nov 10 Bonavista Esther Ann F James & Elizabeth Green
Nov 17 Bonavista Henry Randle M George & Amelia Mifflen
Nov 20 Upper Amherst Cove Edmund William M Gerard & Elizabeth Ford
Nov 20 Newman's Cove Reuben M William & Sarah Hallett
Dec 01 Bonavista Arthur M James & Elizabeth Abbott
Dec 13 Bonavista Sarah F Thomas & Mary Ann Seller
Dec 31 Newman's Cove Ellen F John & Ann Wiseman
Dec 31 Newman's Cove Mary Ann F John & Isabella Edmonds
Jan 19 Bonavista Priscilla F William & Rachel Fifield
Jan 26 Bonavista Mary Ann F William & Mary Durdle
Feb 01 Spillar's Cove William M Mary Flemming
Feb 05 Amherst Cove Warwick James M Thomas & Martha Cole
Feb 08 Bonavista Joseph Brown M Joseph & Mary Goodland
Feb 09 Bonavista Henry M Henry & Mary Cool
Feb 11 Bonavista Sarah F Joseph & Maria Durdle
Feb 12 Upper Amherst Cove Robert William M Joseph & Mary Jane Ford
Feb 12 Upper Amherst Cove Phebe F Thomas & Ann Littles
Feb 16 age 10 yr Bonavista Joseph M Edward & Maria Russell
Feb 19 Bonavista Philip M William & Sarah Way
Feb 23 Bonavista Arthur M William & Jane Miles
Feb 27 Bonavista James M James & Jane Sweetland
Mar 09 Bonavista John Strathie M Samuel & Ann Russell
Mar 10 Newman's Cove Mary F James & Jane Baker
Mar 16 Bonavista Mary F Augustus & Elizabeth Bayly
Mar 24 Bonavista William M William & Mary Ford
Mar 30 Bonavista John Withers M John & Ellen Lawrence
Apr 13 Bonavista John M William & Mary Stagg
Apr 26 Bonavista Alexander M John & Louisa Templeman
Apr 27 Bonavista William Green M George & Elizabeth Miles
May 01 age 8 yr Bonavista Elizabwth F William & Jane Haley
May 04 Bonavista Arthur M William & Charlotte Long
May 12 Bonavista Alfred John M William & Mary Ryder
May 21 Bonavista Sarah Jane F John & Mary Haley
May 25 Bonavista Mary Hannah F James & Elizabeth Powell
June 05 Spillar's Cove John M John & Jane Dunn
July 06 Bonavista Mary Anna F George & Susan Ayles
July 20 Bonavista William M Charles & Mary Gosling
July 23 Amherst Cove John M Betsy Cole
July 23 Amherst Cove Mary Ann F Thomas & Isabella Chaffey
Aug 03 Bonavista Jessie F Martin & Hannah White
Aug 10 Bonavista William M Samuel & Susan Randle
Aug 10 Bd. Isl. Cove William Edward Augustus M Thomas & Hannah Tilley
Aug 10 Bonavista William Theophilus M Sarah Cooper
Aug 27 Amherst Cove Mary Jane F Thomas & Elizabeth Pardy
Aug 28 Bonavista Lavinia F John & Mary Cole
Sept 07 Spillar's Cove John M Ann Faulkner
Sept 21 Bonavista George M John & Sarah Burge
Sept 21 Bonavista Frederick M Allan & Ellen Dominey
Sept 21 Bonavista Not given - Joseph & Elizabeth Rolls
Sept 26 Bonavista Frederic M George & Ellen Dyke
Oct 12 Kings Cv. William Robert M William & Amelia Kirby
Oct 15 Upper Amherst Cove James M James & Elizabeth Skeffington
Oct 27 Bonavista Emily F William & Elizabeth Pardy
Oct 30 Bonavista Samuel M Lydia Way
Nov 02 Bonavista John Thomas M William & Ann Hunt
Nov 02 Bonavista Mary F Richard & Eliza Gibbs
Nov 16 Bonavista James M Simon & Mary Ann Squires
Nov 23 Bonavista Mary Jane F George & Elizabeth Randle
Dec 07 Bonavista Joseph M William & Mary Cuff
Dec 23 Birchy Cove William M Patience Ryan
Dec 24 Bonavista George M Abraham & Clara Squires
Jan 01 Bonavista Alice Elizabeth F Thomas & Elizabeth Soper
Jan 01 Bonavista Frances F George & Elizabeth Durdle
Jan 04 Bonavista Joseph M John & Jane Keats
Jan 11 Bonavista George M Stephen & Susannah Stagg
Jan 22 Lower Amherst Cove William M Israel & Sarah Bainger
Jan 22 Newman's Cove Elizabeth Ann F Robert & Mary Ann Baker
Feb 08 Bonavista Henry M William & Arabella Mifflen
Feb 15 Bonavista George M George & Susan Brown
Feb 17 Bonavista Arthur M Samuel & Mary Ann Templeman
Feb 22 Bonavista Hannah F George & Mary Ryder
Feb 22 Bonavista Samuel M William & Ann Clark
Feb 22 Bonavista Deborah F James & Diana Sharp
Feb 23 Bonavista Naomi F John & Sarah Etsell
Feb 25 Birchy Cove Samuel M Edward & Ann Ryan
Mar 08 Bonavista Sarah F William & Mary Ann Brown
Mar 11 Bonavista Elizabeth F James & Jane Russell
Mar 15 Bonavista Jane F William & Harriet Ayles
Mar 22 Bd. Isl. Cove Robert M Riobert & Caroline Tilley
Mar 22 Bd. Isl. Cove Henry Thomas M Henry & Jane Baker
Mar 27 Bonavista Harriet F Thomas & Mary Ann Seller
Mar 29 Bonavista Joseph Mifflen M Charles & Caroline Thompson
Apr 19 Bonavista Matilda F George & Mary Tilley
Apr 26 Bonavista George M George Robbins & not given
May 05 Bonavista George M Benjamin & Flora Davis
May 06 Newman's Cove James M Thomas & Rebecca Hayward
May 06 Lower Amherst Cove Annie F Edward & Mary Noble
May 17 Catalina Marian Elizabeth F John & Frances Cameron
May 24 Bonavista Emily Jane F William & Mary Ann Sharp
May 24 Bonavista Sarah Brown F James & Catherine Mifflen
May 31 Bonavista Lydia Charlotte F James & Martha Skeffington
May 31 Bonavista John M Edward & Mary Rowsell
May 31 Bonavista Thomas M John & Mary Goodland
May 31 Bonavista Frances F William & Mary Jane Brown
June 14 Bonavista Sarah F Samuel & Jane Sweetland
June 28 Bonavista John M George & Mary Ann Short
July 05 Bonavista Frances Elizabeth F James & Hannah Ryan
July 14 Bonavista Joseph Frederic M John & Hannah Mifflen
July 14 Bonavista Thomas Randle M John & Hannah Mifflen
Aug 09 Bonavista Louisa F Elizabeth Pardy
Aug 16 Bonavista Archibald M Hugh & Elizabeth Abbott
Aug 23 Bonavista John M Thomas Pardy & not given
Aug 23 Bonavista Jessie F George & Ellen Dyke
Aug 23 Bonavista John M Richard & Mary Dyke
Sept 06 Bonavista Frederic M William & Charlotte Long
Sept 06 Bonavista Elizabeth Ann F James & Jane Fifield
Sept 20 Bonavista Elizabeth F Philip & Ann Way
Oct 18 Bonavista Charles M William & Rachel Fifield
Oct 21 Lower Amherst Cove Theophilus John M Thomas & Caroline Bartlett
Oct 21 Lower Amherst Cove Siborah F Jane Collins
Oct 21 Newman's Cove Adam M John & Isabella Edmonds
Oct 21 Bonavista John M William & Mary Durdle
Oct 25 Bonavista John M John & Sarah Burge
Oct 25 Bonavista Ariana F Joseph & Maria Durdle
Oct 25 Bonavista Samuel M John & Mary Ann Cool
Oct 28 Bonavista Jane Elizabeth F James & Mary Ann Miles
Oct 29 Bonavista Emma F John & Elizabeth Pardy
Nov 01 Bonavista Isaac John M George & Elizabeth Bishop
Nov 11 Upper Amherst Cove Sarah Jane F Gerard Ford & not given
Nov 11 Newman's Cove Job M Thomas & Elizabeth Edmonds
Nov 18 Bonavista Elizabeth F George & Jane Rolls
Nov 20 Bonavista Caroline F Joseph & Elizabeth Sweetland
Nov 22 Bonavista Deborah F George & Amelia Mifflen
Nov 25 Bonavista George Allan M John & Hannah Dominey
Nov 28 Bonavista Eliza F William & Mary Tilley
Dec 02 Bonavista George M Isabella Sweetland
Dec 06 Bonavista William M Samuel & Susan Randle
Dec 07 Bonavista Rebecca F Albert & Louisa Ford
Dec 13 Bonavista Agnes F George & Mary Ann Brown
Dec 13 Bonavista Samuel M Thomas & Ann Miles
Dec 27 Bonavista Samuel M William & Ellen Goodland
Dec 28 Bd. Isl Cove George M James & Jane Baker
Jan 03 Bd. Isl Cove Agnes F Samuel & Elizabeth Porter
Jan 03 Bd. Isl Cove Joseph Albert M Thomas & Hannah Tilley
Jan 10 Bonavista Mary F Joseph & Elizabeth Sweetland
Jan 13 Bonavista Joseph M John & Ellen Lawrence
Jan 18 Bonavista Abagail F Thomas & Mary Sharp
Jan 24 Bonavista Caroline F Martin & Hannah White
Jan 24 Bonavista Frederic M John & Mary Ann Ryder
Feb 18 Bonavista Mary Ann F James & Jane Cox
Mar 06 Bonavista Elizabeth F George & Jane Keel
Mar 07 Bonavista Caroline F Joseph & Elizabeth Abbott
Mar 22 Bonavista James M William & Sarah Way
Mar 22 Bonavista George M Samson & Amelia Abbott
Mar 31 Newman's Cove Unity F James & Jane Baker
Mar 31 Newman's Cove Albert M William & Sarah Hallett
Apr 17 Bonavista Isabella F James & Elizabeth Green
Apr 17 Bonavista Elizabeth F William & Charity Ayles
May 08 Bonavista James M George & May Ayles
May 22 Bonavista Elizabeth F James & Jane Sweetland
June 17 Lower Amherst Cove Eliza F Thomas & Isabella Chaffey
June 19 Bonavista Arthur M Joseph & Elizabeth Rolls
June 19 Bonavista William M John & Sarah Sweetland
July 17 Bonavista Victoria F William & Jane Miles
July 17 Bonavista Frederic M Charles & Caroline Thompson
July 17 Bonavista Samuel M George & Susan Ayles
July 17 Bonavista Frederic John M John & Mary Ford
July 20 Amherst Cove Eliza F Thomas & Bella Chaffey
July 20 Newman's Cove John M Thomas & Rebecca Hayward
July 20 Newman's Cove Arthur M Louisa Hallett
Aug 04 Amherst Cove Emily F Jane Chaffey
Aug 04 Birchy Cove Robert M Harriett Ryan
Aug 10 Amherst Cove Selina F Joseph & Mary Jane Ford
Aug 18 Amherst Cove Alfred M Thomas & Martha Cole
Aug 28 Bonavista Ann F Francis & Jane Squires
Sept 04 Bonavista Alfred M Allan & Clementina Agnes Ryan
Sept 10 Bonavista Ellen Saint F James & Hannah Ryan
Sept 21 Upper Amherst Cove William Randle M James & Elizabeth Skeffington
Sept 21 Upper Amherst Cove James M George & Mary Ann Skeffington
Sept 21 Newman's Cove Elizabeth Tryphena F John & Elizabeth Stickland
Sept 21 Newman's Cove William Augustus M John & Jane Wiseman
Sept 25 Bonavista Elizabeth Jane F George & Ann Russell
Oct 09 Bonavista Edwin Charles M Augustus & Elizabeth Bayly
Oct 12 Newman's Cove Amelia F Thomas Hallett & not given
Oct 12 Bonavista Simeon M William & Ann Clark
Oct 13 Bonavista William M Elizabeth House
Oct 22 Bonavista William M Maria Butt
Oct 22 Bonavista Archibald M Maria Butt
Oct 30 Bonavista Sarah F Simon & Mary Ann Squires
Nov 06 Bonavista William M William & Mary Stagg
Nov 07 Bonavista Henry M George & Elizabeth Miles
Nov 13 Bonavista Saul M Robert & Jane Clark
Nov 13 Bonavista George M Richard & Rebecca Templeman
Nov 20 Bonavista Jane F William & Elizabeth Pardy
Nov 20 Bonavista Lavinia F John & Lydia Ryan
Nov 20 Bonavista Jane F William & Mary Cuff
Nov 27 Bonavista Charles M Samuel & Mary Ann Templeman
Nov 27 Bonavista Mary Ann F William & Ann Hunt
Dec 04 Bonavista George M Hugh & Elizabeth Abbott
Dec 04 Bonavista Joannah F William & Mary Durdle
Dec 04 Bonavista Maria F John & Louisa Templeman
Dec 18 Bonavista Elizabeth Brown F William & Arabella Mifflen

Transcribed by: Joe Duffett, 2000.

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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