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Bay of Island's
Bonne Bay
Methodist Marriages
1874 - 1890

Apr 16 1874  Clarke Willis 21 Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay Perchard Jane 19 Bonne Bay 
Oct 4 1874 Holmwood William 27 Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay Sellars Mary 17 Bonne Bay 
Oct 25 1874  Halfyard James (Captain) 25 Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay Bishop Mary Agnes 18 Bonne Bay 
Nov 21 1874  Read Phillip 24 Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay Dowdin Eliza 19 Bonne Bay 
Dec 2 1874  Campbell John 26 Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay Laing Mary 21 Bonne Bay 
1875  Inglewood Thomas 22  
 Bay of Islands Whidden Rebecca Frances 18  
1875  Meredith Joseph Clifford 21  
 Bay of Islands Whirton Marion M 18  
1875  Worral John William 23  
 Bay of Islands Whidden Mary Jane 22  
1875  Perret John 39W  
 Bay of Islands Morrison Johanna 21  
1875  Henry John 30  
 Bay of Islands Wells Lucinda Jane 19  
1875  Morrison Alexander 30  
 Bay of Islands McKay Martha Ann 23  
Jan 12 1875  Hutchings Thomas 28 Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay White Mary Frances 21 Bonne Bay 
Jan 17 1875  Rideout Solomon 22 Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay Ash Alfreda 16 Bonne Bay 
July 7 1875  Shepherd Thomas Henry 28 Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay White Catherine 17 Bonne Bay 
? 13 1876  Penny John Archibald 25  
 Bay of Islands Butt Eliza Elizabeth 22  
? 12 1877  Butt George   
 Bay of Islands Penny Latitia   
May 4 1876  Taylor John 20 Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay Butt Roxannah 19 Bonne Bay 
July 21 1876 Evens George 25 Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay Halfyard Sarah 24 Bonne Bay 
July 27 1876 Cullin Michael W Bay St. George 
 Bay St. George Shaw Mary Ann W  
Apr 21 1877  Oates William 26 Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay Hopkins Selina 24 Bonne Bay 
Aug 13 1877  Howell Quistas 23 Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay Pitman Susannah 21 Bonne Bay 
June 4 1878  Young George  Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay Piercy Mary Ann  Bonne Bay 
Nov 12 1878  Barnes William 26 Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay Anderson Pricilla 17 Bonne Bay 
Apr 19 1879  O'Neil Dennis 21 Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay Lewis Mary Ann 21 Bonne Bay 
Jan 1 1880  Childs Richard 24 Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay Parsons Mary Ann 22 Bonne Bay 
Oct 21 1880  Legge Charles 30 Trout River 
 Trout River Harris Maria Ann 20 Trout River 
Nov 20 1880  Kenedy Robert 30 Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay Organ Ellen 20 Bonne Bay 
May 5 1881  White George 27 Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay Halfyard Mary Ann 21 Bonne Bay 
Aug 2 1881  Spracklin John 21 Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay Halfyard Emily 17 Bonne Bay 
Oct 11 1881  Burton William 30W Norris Point 
 Bonne Bay Kennedy Dinah 25 Bonne Bay 
Dec 21 1881  Colwon Lysander B 31 Bonne Bay Methodist
 Bonne Bay Taylor Fannie 22 Bonne Bay Methodist
Dec 30 1881  Hawkins Samuel 32W Bonne Bay Methodist
 Bonne Bay Sellars Emily Julia 20 Bonne Bay Methodist
Mar 28 1882  Halfyard William 25 Bonne Bay Methodist
 Bonne Bay Carnell Eliza Ann 19 Bonne Bay Methodist
Nov 15 1882  Barnes George 22 Bonne Bay C of E
 Bonne Bay Legge Maria Ann 22W Bonne Bay C of E
Mar 13 1883  Parsons William 26 Bonne Bay Methodist
 Bonne Bay Ash Mary Jane 20 Bonne Bay Methodist
Oct 19 1883  Watts Richard 28 Rocky Harbour Methodist
 Rocky Harbour Pittman Elizabeth 28 Rocky Harbour Episcopalian
Nov 5 1883  Barnes Samuel 37W Bonne Bay Methodist
 Bonne Bay Lannon Mary 33W Bonne Bay RC
Dec 16 1884  Watts Richard 28W Rocky Harbour Methodist
 Rocky Harbour Pitman Christina 24 Rocky Harbour Episcopalian
Feb 26 1885  Anderson Morgan 24 Bonne Bay Methodist
 Bonne Bay Parsons Martha 19 Bonne Bay Methodist
May 18 1885  Lewis Joseph 23 Bonne Bay Protestant
 Bonne Bay Vincent Unice 20 Bonne Bay Episcopalian
Jan 20 1886  Northcott Thomas 36 Bonne Bay Methodist
 Bonne Bay Taylor Mary 29 Bonne Bay Methodist
Apr 16 1886  Parsons Henry 24 Bonne Bay Methodist
 Bonne Bay Hann Flora 19 Bonne Bay Methodist
Apr 22 1886  Tuff William Hedge 24 Bonne Bay Methodist
 Bonne Bay Mercer Jane 23 Bonne Bay Methodist
May 12 1886  Wright John Charles 38W Bonne Bay Episcopalian
 Bonne Bay Header Fanny 38W Bonne Bay Episcopalian
Oct 4 1886  Duval Alexander 42 Trout River Methodist
 Bonne Bay Rumbolt Sarah Jane  Bonne Bay Episcopalian
Jan 11 1887  Halfyard Silas 25 Bonne Bay Methodist
 Bonne Bay Halfyard Laura 29 Conception Bay Methodist
May 9 1887  Geary William J 29 Bonne Bay Methodist
 Bonne Bay Raike Elizabeth 22 Bonne Bay Episcopalian
May 10 1887  Harris William 29 Trout River Episcopalian
 Trout River White Leah 19 Trout River Methodist
Jan 26 1888  Wheeler William S 23 Bonne Bay Methodist
 Bonne Bay Penny Julia 20 Bonne Bay Methodist
Apr 12 1888  Payne Esau  Parson's Pond Episcopalian
 Cow Harbour Vincent Sarah Jane  Cow Harbour Episcopalian
Nov 1 1888  Taylor Herbert  Crawley's Cove Methodist
 Crawley's Cove Wilkins Alphena  Woody Point Episcopalian
Nov 8 1888  Halfyard Alfred  Crawley's Cove Methodist
 Crawley's Cove Eisen Elizabeth  Crawley's Cove Episcopalian
May 19 1889  Follett Henry M 25 Bircy Head Methodist
 Birchy Head Organ Elizabeth  Bircy Head Episcopalian
Nov 20 1889  Bearns Daniel 27 Trout River 
 Trout River White Phoebe 20 Trout River 
1890  Hann Samuel 30 Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay Thomas Grace 28  
Oct 21 1890  White John 21 Trout River 
 Trout River Crocker Ruth 18 Trout River 
Oct 28 1890  Anderson Samuel 24 Bonne Bay 
 Bonne Bay Parsons Emily 20 Bonne Bay 

Contributed by Marlene Compainion, Bedford, NS Canada

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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