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St. Mary's Anglican Marriages
1871 - 1891,
Bay of Islands, Nfld

Oct 20 1870Middle ArmParkWilliam30Middle Arm
  CoxMartha20Middle Arm
Nov 5 1870Bay Of IslandsKeatingWilliam21Bay of Islands
   Mary Ann Bay of Islands
Nov 13 1870The BeachPooleJames25Middle Arm
  BlanchardAmy16Gilliam's Cove
Feb 26 1871Bay Of IslandsPynnWilliam Stephen Bay of Islands
  PikeTheresa24Harbour Grace
Apr 1 1871The BeachWellerThomas20Bay of Islands
  StricklandPhoebe22Bay of Islands
Aug 6 1871St. Mary's ChurchStricklandWilliam Bay of Islands
  DeriganPhoebe18Bay of Islands
Dec 13 1871St. Mary's ChurchTaylorReuban26Bay of Islands
  MoorsElizabeth21Bay of Islands
Sept 4 1872Bay Of IslandsPurdyZiba24Bay of Islands
  LeggeAnn20Bay of Islands
Aug 4 1873Bay Of IslandsMosherJohn William Bay of Islands
  HarrisElizabeth Agnes Bay of Islands
May 30 1874Bay Of IslandsDomonPeter Bay of Islands
  HindsCaroline Bay of Islands
May 30 1874Bay Of IslandsLoderWilliam Herring Neck
    Clarke Elizabeth   Camp Isl. Labrador
May 30 1874 Bay Of Islands Morley Thomas   Bay of Islands
    Pike Sarah   Bay of Islands
Jan 29 1875 Bay Of Islands Monk William   Bay of Islands
    Knight Agnes   Bay of Islands
Feb 4 1875 Bay Of Islands Kennedy John Hector   Bay of Islands
    Moors Amelia   Bay of Islands
March 31 1875 Bay Of Islands Petries Alexander   Ship Island
    Campbell Georgina   Caittiness Scotland
Aug 25 1875 Bay Of Islands Brake Luke   Bay of Islands
    Young Elizabeth   Bay of Islands
Oct 24 1875 Bay Of Islands Blanchard Thomas   Bay of Islands
    Paine Martha   Parson's Pond
Nov 21 1875 Bay Of Islands Rourke Michael Luke   Bay of Islands
    Hann Elizabeth Jane   Bay of Islands
Jan 6 1876 Bay Of Islands Blanchard John   Bay of Islands
    Brake Harriett   Bay of Islands
Apr 26 1876 Bay Of Islands Leet Albert Jonna   Bay of Islands
    Butt Susannah   Quebec of Canada
June 3 1876 Bay Of Islands Wells Alexander   Bay of Islands
    Gennex Catherine   Bay of Islands
Sept 10 1876 Bay Of Islands Parsons John   Bay of Islands
    Park Isabella   Bay of Islands
Feb 12 1877 Bay Of Islands Park Robert   McIvor's Cove
    Park Ellen   Middle Arm
Feb 12 1877 Bay Of Islands Park Joseph   Bay of Islands
    Blanchard Rose Ann   Bay of Islands
Feb 12 1877 Bay Of Islands Park Robert   Bay of Islands
    Morgan Deborah   Bay of Islands
Feb 12 1877 Bay Of Islands O'Donoghue James   St. Heliers, Jersey
    Vardy Matilda   Bay of Islands
Apr 11 1877 Bay Of Islands Pieroway William James   Bay St. George
    Sheppard Elizabeth   Bay of Islands
Apr 15 1877 Bay Of Islands Park John   Bay of Islands
    Parsons Elizabeth   Bay of Islands
Apr 28 1877 Bay Of Islands Raymond Horace Newton   Grand Falls N.B.
    Cox Maria   Middle Arm
Jan 21 1878 Bay Of Islands Weller Maurice   Frenchman's Cove
    Kelly Mary Alice   Harbour Grace
May 12 1878 Bay Of Islands Weller Job   Bay of Islands
    Beverley Mary Elizabeth   Bay of Islands
Aug 31 1879 Bay Of Islands Bailey John 29 Voy's Beach
    Parsons Elizabeth   Voy's Beach
Oct 3 1879 John's Beach Compagnon Michael 22 John's Beach
    Rendell Ellen Jane 18 Bay of Islands
Jan 9 1880 St. Mary's Church Marley William 24 Bay of Islands
    Mercer Susannah 27 Bay of Islands
May 31 1880 St. Mary's Church Cooper James 29 Bay of Islands
    Allen Lavinia 29 Bay of Islands
Sept 28 1880 St. Mary's Church Loder John 33 Bay of Islands
    Antholl Dorcas 18 Bay of Islands
Oct 9 1880 John's Beach Legge Solomon 21 Lark Harbour
    Welchman Isabella 18 Lark Harbour
Dec 9 1880 St. Mary's Church Morley James 34 Bay of Islands
    Cooper Emma 32 Bay of Islands
Sept 6 1881 Lark Harbour Sheppard John 24 Little Harbour
    Legge Victoria Catherine 16 Little Harbour
Nov 30 1881 St. Mary's Church Davis John N 22 Humber Sound
    Dancey Edith 25 Humber Sound
June 28 1882 St. Mary's Church Bell Charles Albert 40 Humber Sound
    Fillatre Elizabeth Ann 25 Humber Sound
Oct 22 1882 St. Mary's Church Allen Robert 25 Bay of Islands
    Sheppard Sophia 22 Bay of Islands
Nov 4 1882 John's Beach Park Thomas 24 Liverpool Cove
    Morgan Maria 24 Liverpool Cove
Dec 1 1882 St. Mary's Church Knight Edwin George Charles 24 Bay of Islands
    Young Susannah 25 Bay of Islands
Dec 7 1882 St. Mary's Church Murley Ephraim 24 Bay of Islands
    Perrett Harriett Ann 22 Bay of Islands
Mar 26 1883 St. Mary's Church Le Friend George 26 Bay of Islands
    Rood Mary Jane 16 Bay of Islands
Apr 12 1883 St. Mary's Church Blanchard Absalome 24 Humber Sound
    Martin Paulina Fanny 20 Humber Sound
May 13 1883 St. Mary's Church Lovys William 30 Humber Sound
    Clarke Susannah Maria 29 Humber Sound
May 19 1883 St. Mary's Church Cox William 27 Middle Arm
    Ees Elizabeth Ann 20 Humber Sound
Sept 10 1883 John's Beach Strickland William   Bay of Islands
    Park Susan   Humber Sound
Sept 24 1883 John's Beach Strickland Willliam 24 Humber Sound
    Brockway Hannah 18 Humber Sound
Oct 3 1883 Birchy Cove Loader George Henry 21 Humber Sound
    Hunt Ann Elizabeth 23 Humber Sound
Nov 16 1883 Birchy Cove Sheppard Joshua 23 Humber Sound
    Williams Susannah 21 Humber Sound
Nov 23 1883 Lark Harbour Sheppard Richard 23 Lark Harbour
    Mollon Elizabeth Ann 18 Lark Harbour
Dec 11 1883 Birchy Cove Davis Edward 25 Humber Sound
    Brake Alice 23 Meadow's Point
Dec 15 1883 Frenchman's Cove Cox George 22 Middle Arm
    Park Mary Jane 17 Middle Arm
Jan 23 1884 Birchy Cove Parsons James 25 Humber Sound
    Dix Susannah 20 Bonne Bay
May 5 1884 John's Beach Park Jesse 28 Humber Sound
    Parsons Dora 15 Humber Sound
June 8 1884 St. Mary's Church Park Robert 20 Lark Harbour
    Park Katherine 21 Lark Harbour
Sept 30 1884 Birchy Cove Robertson John 28 Bay of Islands
    Brake Jane 36 Bay of Islands
Nov 4 1884 Birchy Cove Penny Henry 22 Humber Sound
    Loader Rosannah 27 Humber Sound
Dec 3 1884 Lark Harbour Park William   Lark Harbour
    Beverley Mary Elizabeth   Humber Sound
Feb 28 1885 Lark Harbour Park George 25 Brooms Bottom
    Druggiet Adelaide 19 Brooms Bottom
Mar 30 1886 Lark Harbour Druggiet Amos 29 Brooms Bottom
    Travis Alice 18 Little Harbour
July 22 1886 Lark Harbour Druggiet James 23 Brooms Bottom
    Derigan Mary Ann 23 John's Beach
May 8 1887 John's Beach Compagnon Henry 29 John's Beach
    Parsons Mary 18 Voy's Beach
Dec 21 1887Birchy CoveWiltonGeorge William26Bonne Bay
  LoaderJemina25Bay of Islands
Jan 8 1888Birchy CoveHarrisHenry24Corner Brook
  WhalenCaroline19Poverty Cove
Mar 3 1888 John's Beach Blanchard Luke 23 McIvor's
    Park Elizabeth Jane 20 Mc Ivor's
Apr 3 1888 Birchy Cove Layden George 23 River Head
    White Amelia 23 Corner Brook
May 1 1888 John's Beach Weller John 29 Middle Arm
    Park Emily 16 Middle Arm
May 13 1888 John's Beach Perry James 25 Wood's Island
    Gennioc Elizabeth 17 Wood's Island
June 4 1888 Birchy Cove Vardy William 33 Halfway Point
    Morgan Olivia 20 Bay of Islands
Oct 12 1888 Birchy Cove Wilton Hezekiah 22 Bonne Bay
    Young Mary Ann 22 Bay of Islands
Nov 8 1888 Birchy Cove Graham George 28 Bay of Islands
    MacDonald Jesse Isabella 23 Bay of Islands
Nov 13 1888 Birchy Cove Read Alexander 24 Bay of Islands
    Parsons Elizabeth Ann 20 Bay of Islands
Jan 1 1889 Birchy Cove Candow (Dr.) James Johnson 48W   Bay of Islands
    Marley Ann   Bay of Islands
Feb 12 1889 Birchy Cove Brake John 22 Meadows
    Blanchard Rebecca 31 Apsey Beach
Feb 24 1889 Lark Harbour Joyce James   Lark Harbour
    Park Sarah   Lark Harbour
Apr 24 1889 Birchy Cove Park Reuban 24 McIvors
    Morgan Fanny 18 McIvors
Aug 4 1889 Lark Harbour Sheppard Herbert 24 Lark Harbour
    Sheppard Mary 20 Lark Harbour
Oct 24 1889 Birchy Cove Brake Cornelius 27 Meadow's Point
    Hunt Elizabeth 22 Meadow's Point
Jan 1 1890 Birchy Cove Bagg John Clement 28 Bay of Islands
    Parsons Susannah Julia 25 Bay of Islands
Jan 22 1890 Birchy Cove LeMoine John Charles 27 Bay of Islands
    Messervey Victoria 23 Bay of Islands
Feb 1 1890 Lark Harbour Hooper John   Lark Harbour
    Sheppard Julia Ann 22 Lark Harbour
Feb 3 1890 Lark Harbour Sheppard Henry William 24 Lark Harbour
    Sheppard Mary 22 Lark Harbour
Mar 22 1890 John's Beach Park James Richard 23 Humber Sound
    Parsons Jessie 18 Humber Sound
May 28 1890 John's Beach Beverley John Albert   McIvors
    Parsons Sarah Susannah 18 McIvors
May 28 1890 John's Beach Blanchard Joseph   Apsey Beach
    Brake Mary Jane   Meadows
June 5 1890 Birchy Cove Bellows Robert A 31 Humber River
    Sheppard Annora 31 Humber River
Sept 27 1890 Birchy Cove Pennell Joseph 23 Humber River
    Bagg Martha Ann 17 Humber River
Oct 16 1890 Birchy Cove Wells Gence Albert 23 Humber River
    Huney Elizabeth 25 Humber River
Nov 3 1890 John's Beach Brockway Henry Edwin 26  
    Park Mary 22  
Nov 18 1890 Birchy Cove Brake Albert Edward 23 Humber Sound
    McLeod Susannah   Humber Sound
Nov 27 1890 Birchy Cove Earnest Gusie 22 Mahone Bay NS
    Murphy Ann Priscilla 21 Humber Sound
Dec 6 1890 Birchy Cove Anderson George 24 Humber Sound
    Clark Laura 17 Humber Sound
Dec 9 1890 Birchy Cove Hunt John Mills 28 Humber Sound
    MacDonald Ann 20 Humber Sound
Dec 11 1890 Birchy Cove Tucker John Edward 23 Humber Sound
    Brake Emily 21 Humber Sound
Dec 29 1890 Birchy Cove Park Amos   Middle Arm
    Strickland Mary Elizabeth   Long Cove
Jan 27 1891 Birchy Cove Murphy John 24 Bay of Islands
    Brake Elizabeth   River Head
Feb 8 1891 John's Beach Morgan William 25 McIvors
    Park Diana 15 Bay of Islands
Feb 16 1891 Lark Harbour Sheppard Moses 24 Lark Harbour
    Sheppard Sarah 23 Lark Harbour
Mar 21 1891 Birchy Cove Grinum Henry 24 Bay of Islands
    Welchman Janice Ann 22 Bay of Islands
Apr 4 1891 John's Beach Lovell Septimul 26McIvors
    Park Sarah Elizabeth20Middle Arm

Contributed by Marlene Compainion, Halifax, NS Canada
Updated Jan. 12, 2000.

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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