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Bay of Islands
Anglican Baptisms,
1877 - 1879

Bay of Islands Anglican Bap 1877 - 1879
Surname Given Name Parents Date of Birth Date of Bap By Whom Place
Pippy Jordan Thomas & Julia Aug.31,1876 Jan.28,1877 J.J.Curling n/g
MacLeod Peter Josiah Alexander & Mary Ann Oct.1,1876 Jan.28,1877 J.J.Curling n/g
Harris Priscilla Henry & Olivia Oct.31,1875 Feb.4,1877 J.J.Curling n/g
Gillett John James Phillip & Jesse L. Nov.18,1876 Feb.4,1877 J.J.Curling n/g
Sheppard Theresa Abraham & Theresa Oct.28,1876 Feb.14,1877 J.J.Curling Lark Harbour
Layden Harriet William & Susan Maria Feb.16,1877 Feb.17,1877 J.J.Curling n/g
Bolden Joseph Thomas & Caroline Sept.12,1876 Feb.18,1877 J.J.Curling n/g
Noseworthy William George Absalom & Emma Feb.4,1877 Feb.18,1877 J.J.Curling n/g
Murley George Alfred Thomas & Sarah Feb.10.1877 Apr.8,1877 J.J.Curling n/g
Weller Catherine Sophia William & Charlotte Feb.15,1877 Apr.15,1877 J.J.Curling n/g
White Julia Ann Joseph & Emily Oct.31,1876 May 1877 J.J.Curling n/g
Mollon Ann Victoria Stephen & Caroline Apr.14,1877 May 29,1877 J.J.Curling n/g
Butt William Henry Samuel & Susannah May 22,1877 May 29,1877 J.J.Curling n/g
Rourke John Clements Michael & Eliza Jane Aug.16,1877 Oct.4,1877 T.P.Mapiah n/g
Parsons John Edward William I. & Frances E. July 8,1877 Oct.4,1877 T.P.Mapiah n/g
Loder Matilda Louisa William & Elizabeth Sept.8,1877 Oct.7,1877 T.P.Mapiah n/g
Derigan Morris James & Emma Sept.27,1877 Oct.9,1877 T.P.Mapiah n/g
Cooper Cecilia Jordan & Mahalia Sept.9,1877 Dec.23,1877 J.J.Curling n/g
Doman William Thomas Peter & Caroline Nov.24,1877 Dec.23,1877 J.J.Curling n/g
Grueley Laura Frances Joshuac. & Elizabeth Oct.21,1877 F Epiphany 1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Genix Joseph James James & Clarissa Oct.22,1877 Jan.13,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Park Joseph Albert Joseph & Rosannah Sept.26,1877 Dec.30,1877 J.J.Curling n/g
Lego Reuban Fletcher Reuben & Phobe Nov.27,1877 Jan.27,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Blanchard Albert Thomas Thomas & Martha Dec.11,1877 Feb.3,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Rood Charles Edward William & Julia Ann Nov.7,1877 Feb.10,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Tucker Amelia William & Leah Dec.4,1877 Feb.10,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Edwards Eliza Ann Harry & Martha Mar.24,1877 Feb.10,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
MacDonald Jay??? David & Elizabeth Feb.25,1877 Feb.10,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Penny Cecilia Willis & Mary Jane Dec.18,1877 Feb.10,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Tucker Joseph Edward & Eliza May 3,1877 Feb.10,1878 J.J.Curling Halfway Point
Strickland John Henry John & Maria Jan.13,1878 Apr.7,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Compagnon Joseph Albert Michael & Catherine Mar.30,1878 Apr.7,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Parsons William Henry Charles & Clarissa 1878 Easter Day 1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Leet Matilda Ann Albert J. & Susannah Mar.18,1878 Easter Day 1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Brake Diana Luke & Elizabeth Mar.5,1878 Easter Day 1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Brake George Edward William & Charlotte Mar.11,1878 Apr.20,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Parsons William Henry Richard & Ellen Apr.11,1878 Apr.28,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Park William Albert James & Amy May 2,1877 Feb.12,1878 J.J.Curling Middle Arm
Weller Jane Amy James & Sophia Apr.19,1878 May 26.1878 J.J.Curling Broom's Bottom
Sheppard Sarah George & Susannah May 7,1878 May 14,1878 J.J.Curling Lark Harbour
Pennell William Henry Clement & Mary May 4,1878 May 26,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Meredith William Alexander Joseph & Marian Jan.23,1873 June 2,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Curry James William & Harriet July 5,1878 Aug.18,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Mitchell Angelina James & Mary Ann June 5,1878 Aug.18,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Brake Thomas Edward & Josephine May 5,1878 Aug.25,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Brake Walter James Edward & Josephine May 5,1878 Aug.25,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Weller Mary Katherine Maurice & Mary Alice Aug.8,1878 Sept.15,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Sheppard Elizabeth William & Rebecca Aug.25,1878 Sept.18,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Wells Emma Jane James & Jane July 5,1878 Sept.22,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Murley Amanda Jane Thomas & Sarah Aug.24,1878 Sept.22,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Park John Thomas John & Elizabeth Sept.2,1878 Oct.1,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Pieroway Margaret Ann William & Elizabeth Nov.28,1878 Xmas Day 1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Currie William Israel Thomas & Eliza Sept.28,1878 Nov.24,1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Hunt George Edward George & Lucy Oct.20,1878 Xmas Day 1878 J.J.Curling n/g
Weller William Richard Thomas & Phobe June 27,1874 Sept.20,1874 Lord Bishop of Nfld. n/g
Park James Joseph James & Amy Sept.23,1878 Jan.22,1879 J.J.Curling n/g
Welchman Emma Jane George & ??? June 1878 PofBVMary1879 J.J.Curling n/g
Grudy William Henry Thomas Joshua & Elizabeth FSThomas 1878 PofBVMary1879 J.J.Curling n/g
Sheppard Henry Isaac & Sarah Jan.14,1879 Feb.10,1879 J.J.Curling n/g
Pope Emma Jennie Richard R. & Madelence S Jan.7,1879 Mar.9,1879 J.J.Curling n/g
Weller Ellen Jane Thomas & Phoebe Feb.13,1879 Mar.16,1879 J.J.Curling n/g
Batt Alfred Leander Samuel & Martha Jane June 6,1878 Mar.18,1879 J.J.Curling Woody I
Clarke Jesse William Jesse & Susannah Sept.27,1878 Mar.18,1879 J.J.Curling Woody I
Snook Bertha Jane John & Mary Ann Jan.13,1878 Mar.18,1879 J.J.Curling Woody I
Young Maria William & Elizabeth Dec.24,1878 Mar.23,1879 J.J.Curling n/g
Leader Marcella William & Susan Maria Jan.28,1879 Mar.23,1879 J.J.Curling n/g
Leet Marietta Jane Albert J. & Susannah Feb.22,1879 Mar.30,1879 J.J.Curling n/g
Gillett Ellen Philip & Jesse Louisa Dec.31,1878 EasterDay 1879 J.J.Curling n/g
Wells Agnes Ann Sarah Mar.26,1878 EasterDay 1879 J.J.Curling n/g
Murphy John Richard John & priscilla Apr.13,1879 Apr.16,1879 J.J.Curling D. May 1879
Sheppard Ann Moses & Prudence Apr.23,1879 May 4,1879 J.J.Curling Lark Harbour
Weller Sarah William & Charlotte May 2,1879 May 12,1879 J.J.Curling Halfway Point
Cunning Nora Grace Alexander & Francais June 5,1879 June 8,1879 J.J.Curling n/g
Brake Hubert Thomas Edward & Caroline June 25,1879 Aug.2,1879 B.of Nfld n/g
Sheppard Providence Abraham & Theresa July 4,1879 Aug.5,1879 B.of Nfld Lark Harbour
Squires Florence Maude Jordan & Sarah Ann May 23,1877 n/g n/g n/g
O'Rorke Michael Joseph Michael L. & Eliza Jane Sept.1,1879 n/g n/g n/g
Parsons Samuel Robert William I. & Frances E. Aug.24,1879 n/g n/g n/g
Dennis John Lysaunder Joseph & Selina Aug.22,1879 n/g n/g n/g
Mollon Marroah Stephen & Caroline Nov.27,1879 n/g n/g n/g
Derigan John Charles John & Amy Oct.10,1879 n/g n/g n/g
Butt Mary Ann Samuel & Susannah May 17,1879 n/g n/g n/g
Noseworthy Susannah Jane Absalom & Emma Dec.18,1879 n/g n/g n/g

Transcribed by Debbie Brake, Benoit's Cove, NF Canada

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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