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Bay of Islands;
Anglican Baptisms
1873 - 1876

SurnameGiven NameParentsDate BornDate Bap.By Whom
CompanionSarah JaneMichael & CatherineDec.16,1872July 15,1873E.Botwood 
MacDonaldHannahDaniel & ElizabethOct.30,1870April 20,1873E.Botwood 
MacDonaldBelinda JaneDaniel & ElizabethNov.6,1872Apr.20,1873E.Botwood 
FarnellAnnieCharles & Mary AnnApr.24,1872July 27,1873E.Botwood 
FarnellWallaceCharles & Mary AnnApr.6,1873July 27,1873E.Botwood 
BlanchardDianaJoseph & ElizabethApr.3,1873Aug.10,1873E.Botwood 
ParsonsJessieMichael & EllenJune 3,1873Aug.10,1873E.Botwood 
SheppardSeahIsaac & SarahMay 23,1873Aug.13,1873E.Botwood 
SheppardGeorgeGeorge & SusannahJune 26,1873Aug.13,1873E.Botwood 
ParkJane AnnWilliam & Mary AnnOct.21,1872Aug.13,1873E.Botwood 
PurdyLeonardKiba & AnnDec.5,1872Aug.13,1873E.Botwood 
 RobertRobert & EmilySept.19,1871Aug.16,1873E.Botwood 
MitchellMary AnnJames & Mary AnnJan.19,1873Aug.17,1873E.Botwood 
MesservyAmelia MariaHenry & JaneApr.13,1873Aug.24,1873E.Botwood 
McLeod Norman Henry Alexander & Mary Ann June 15,1873 Aug.31,1873 E.Botwood  
Bagg Ulric William & Maria Oct.27,1873 Nov.23,1873 J.J.Curling  
Cooper Julia Anne Charles & Amelia Aug.5,1873 Nov.23,1873 J.J.Curling  
PennellJohn ArchibaldClement & MaryAug.17,1873Dec.28,1873J.J.Curling 
FarnellSapoaleCharles P. & Mary AnnMay 20,1867Jan.30,1874J.J.Curling 
RudeAlice AnneWilliam & Julia Feb.15,1874J.J.Curling 
LeaderWilliamWilliam & SusanNov.25,1873Feb.22,1874J.J.Curling 
CunningJohn HubertJohn & FannyNov.16,1873Feb.22,1874J.J.Curling 
McCuisic Daniel Alex John & Sarah Dec.1,1873 Feb.22,1874 J.J.Curling  
Harris Eliza Henry & Olivia Aug.9,1871 Feb.26,1874 J.J.Curling  
Strickland Mary Elizabeth John & Maria Feb.10,1874 Mar.3,1874 J.J.Curling  
Doman Susannah Peter & Caroline Apr.11,1874 May 14,1874 J.J.Curling  
DowdenMary Jane & SarahMay 4,1874May 17,1874J.J.Curling 
StewardGordonMatthew & ElizabethMar.23,1874May 24,1874J.J.Curling 
BrakeIsraelWilliam & CharlotteFeb.4,1874May 24,1874J.J.Curling 
ParkSarahWilliam & ElizabethJan.27,1873Mar.4,1874Layman 
ParkElizaJames & AmyMay 10,1873Mar.4,1874J.J.Curling 
NoseworthyJames ThomasAmbrose & EmmaMar.27,1874May 31,1984J.J.Curling 
MurleyMarian EmilyThomas & SarahApr.17,1874May 31,1874J.J.Curling 
MurleySarah LouiseThomas & SarahApr.17,1874May 31,1874J.J.Curling 
MacDonald Barbara Catherine Alexander & Catherine Mar.8,1874 May 31,1874 J.J.Curling  
Marshall Catherine William & Alice Nov.4,1873 Aug.2,1874 J.J.Curling  
Wells Mary Ann James & Jane July 29,1874 Aug.2,1874 J.F.Mcor??  
BeverleyJoseph AlbinusThomas & Elizabeth Sept.20,1874Lord Bishop of Nfld. 
WellsThomasJames & JaneJuly 29,1874Aug.2,1874S.M.Wren 
KnightJames JohnThomas & PatienceJune 3,1874Sept.27,1874S.M.Wren 
MollonStephen JohnStephen & CarolineJune 25,1874Oct.7,1874S.M.Wren 
Knight Martha Jane Michael Gray & Agnes Knight Jan.19,1874 Oct.11,1874 S.M.Wren  
Brockway Walter Henry & Maria Feb.13,1873 Oct.11,1874 S.M.Wren  
McLeod Sarah Ann Alexander & Mary Ann Dec.13,1874 Jan.2,1875 J.J.Curling  
MacDonald John Daniel Daniel & Elizabeth July 3,1875 July 17,1875 J.J.Curling  
Loader William John William & Elizabeth July 14,1875 July 17,1875 Rev.G.Bishop  
Brake Walter James Edward & Caroline Dec.13,1874 Jan.21,1875 J.J.Curling  
Brake Jeremiah Edward & Caroline Dec.13,1874 Jan.21,1875 J.J.Curling  
Mitchell Jeremiah James & Mary Ann Oct.2,1874 Jan.24,1875 Layman  
LeRichie William Israel James & Elizabeth Jan.30,1875 Feb.21.1875 J.J.Curling  
Morgan Thomas Edward & Fanny Dec.8,1874 1875 F S Matthews
Weller Joseph Henry William & Charlotte Oct.7,1874 1875 F S Matthews
Lego Elizabeth Jane Reuban & Phoebe Dec.5,1874 Feb.28,1875 J.J.Curling  
McKay Martha Ann Mary Ann Oct.7,1873 Mar.28,1875 S.M.Wren  
McAskell Isabella Jessie Alan & Katherine Dec.11,1873 Apr.11,1875 S.M.Wren  
McAskell Marcella Mary Alan & Katherine Jan.27,1875 Apr.11,1875 S.M.Wren  
Purdy Dorcas Ann Ziba & Ann Dec.4,1874 Apr.15,1875 S.M.Wren  
Sheppard Elizabeth Isaac Moore & Sarah Mar.26,1875 Apr.15,1875 S.M.Wren  
Compagnon Mary Catherine Michael & Catherine Apr.29,1875 May 9,1875 S.M.Wren  
Parsons Ellen Richard & Ellen June 6,1875 Aug.29,1875 S.M.Wren  
Derigan Elizabeth Jane John & Emma Aug.14,1875 Aug.29,1875 S.M.Wren  
Hines Alexander William & Mary Ann May 20,1875 Sept.5,1875 S.M.Wren  
Young Susannah William & Elizabeth Aug.9,1875 Oct.17,1875 S.M.Wren  
Cooper Edward Jordan & Mahalah Aug.9,1875 Oct.31,1875 S.M.Wren  
Joyce John Robert & Emily   Oct.15,1875 S.M.Wren  
Rood James Thomas William & Julia Ann July 24,1875 May 1875 P.Stephens  
MurleyAlice MaudeThomas & SarahNov.13,1875Jan.9,1876S.M.Wren 
Strickland James Richard John & Maria Stephens Dat 1875 Jan.16,1876 S.M.Wren  
Parsons Joseph Ernest Charles & Clarissa Dec.19,1875 Jan.23,1876 S.M.Wren  
Mitchell Hannah James & Mary Ann Jan.2,1876 Feb.6,1876 S.M.Wren  
Blanchard John William John & Harriet Jan.30,1876 Feb.10,1876 S.M.Wren  
Sheppard Jonathan George & Susanna Dec.9,1875 Feb.24,1876 S.M.Wren  
Weller Alice Jane William & Jane Feb.29,1876 Apr.23,1876 S.M.Wren  
Park Julia James & Emma Dec.7,1875 Mar.13,1876 S.M.Wren  
Doman Mary Ann Peter & Caroline Feb.23,1876 Mar.19,1876 S.M.Wren  
ParkWilliam [Adult]Richard & MaryDec.17,1842F of Matthews of B.rm 1876  
ParkElizabeth JaneJoseph & RosannaJan.16,1876Mar.26,1876S.M.Wren 
ParkDianaJohn & MaryDec.29,1875Mar.26,1876S.M.Wren 
LovellHenryThomas & MaryDec.21,1875Mar.26,1876S.M.Wren 
Bay-HuntSarah BoyceGeorge & LucyJan.25,1876Apr.2,1876S.M.Wren 
BrakeElizabethWilliam & CharlotteJan.27,1876Apr.2,1876S.M.Wren 
BrakeCharlesLuke & ElizabethDec.19,1875Apr.2,1876S.M.Wren 
MacDonaldArchibald AugustusDaniel & ElizabethFeb.8,1876Apr.2,1876S.M.Wren 
MeredithEliza GeorgiannaJoseph C. & MarianMar.7,1876Apr.17,1876S.M.Wren 
Atkins Lucianda Pike Samuel & Mary Oct.19,1875 Apr.27,1876 S.M.Wren  
Messervey Henry Mansfield William & Jane Mar.22,1876 Apr.30,1876 S.M.Wren  
Wells Absalom James & Jane Apr.29,1876 May 28,1876 S.M.Wren  
Evitt Hattie Florence John & Anna May 13,1875 May 28,1876    
Price Henry James H. & Martha Virginia Nov.10,1874 May 28,1876 J.J.Curling  
Blanchard Joseph Henry Joseph & Elizabeth June 29,1876 Sept.10,1876 J.J.Curling  
Park Mary Jane Robert & Ellen July 3,1876 Dec.10,1876 J.J.Curling  
Brockway Thomas Timothy Henry Edwin & Maria July 4,1876 Nov.26,1876 J.J.Curling  
Cunning Albert Joseph John& Frances Aug.21,1876 Sept.9,1876 S.M.Wren  
Pennell Charles Hugh Clement & Mary Aug.9,1876 Sept.10,1876 S.M.Wren  
Gruchy Jessie Louisa Joshua & Elizabeth July 17,1876 Sept.10,1876 S.M.Wren  
Knight Ernest Solomon Thomas & Patience July 23,1876 Sept.10,1876 S.M.Wren  
Blanchard Joseph Willis Thomas & Martha Sept.22,1876 Nov.26,1876 J.J.Curling  
Sheppard George Isaax & Sarah Nov.6,1876 Nov.28,1876 J.J.Curling  
MurleyHenryLevi & Mary AnnOct.4,1876Dec.3,1876J.J.Curling 
PerrottThomasJohn & HannahJuly 10,1876Dec.3,1876J.J.Curling 
WellerSarahThomas & PhoebeSept.16,1876Dec.10,1876J.J.Curling 
PurdyGeorge WalterZiba & AnnAug.31,1876Sept.8,1876J.J.Curling 

Transcribed by Debbie Brake, Benoit's Cove, NF Canada

Page Revised: September 2002 (Don Tate)

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