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1799 - 1811

St. John's District

These marriages were transcribed from digital images of original records that are posted on under Newfoundland, Church Records, 1793-1945, St. John's, Catholic Basilica of Saint John the Baptist. It quickly becomes obvious from reading the marriage register that most of the brides and/or grooms were Irish immigrants, many of them likely still speaking Irish (Gaelic) as their first language. At this point in time, few Irish surname and place-name spellings were "standardized". It is likely that the details in the recorded entries were spelled based on their pronunciation, and it appears that some of the officiating priests often struggled to interpret/spell what they heard. Contrary to an unfounded myth circulated over the years, none of the records were written in Irish, however a few were recorded in Latin. The marriage entries have been transcribed here as I perceive they were written/spelled in the original register. Some of the writing styles made certain letters very hard to distinguish, especially with vowels such as a looped i (with a dot) versus a narrow e (without a dot), etc. etc.

To help researchers, details contained in  [square brackets]   have been provided by the transcriber to try to clarify some of the spellings, abbreviations, etc. used in the originals. The context of some of the notations used by the priests may also be unfamiliar to most of us. For example, the word alias, in respect to a bride, appears to indicate that she was a widow and hence is followed by her maiden name. In a few cases, a previous married name and maiden name are provided. In relation to a place-name, the same word (alias) is used to denote "formerly of". Some records also have the lexicon &c. (an old form of etc.) which was used under Witnesses to indicate "and others".

It appears that sometime around 1811 the marriage entries for this section of the marriage register were indexed. I have included a column to indicate the index status of each marriage entry. I have also transcribed the associated index and added notes highlighting the differences which I perceived between the marriage records and the original index. The new page numbering in this section of the marriage register runs from page 20 to page 77.
RC Basilica Marriages

St. John's City
Index Date Marriage   Married at Groom Last Permanent Residence Bride Last Permanent Residence Witnesses Clergy Remarks
  Day-Mth Year   SURNAME, Name Parish, City, Town, etc. SURNAME, Name Parish, City, Town, etc.      
  Page 20/127     Image 5            
Y 1-Nov 1808 St. John's CANTWELL, Thomas Co. Tip[p]erary CLEARY, Alice St. John's Thomas n/g
n/g [Single entry written upside down on a page that states "Marriages from the 1st November 1808"]
On the same page, near the bottom, appear the large initials H N W, to the right of which is written:
Jan 1807 the Marriages under the Administration of Dr. Lambert begins.
  Page 21/128     Image 6            

Marriages of the Year 1799

Y 5-Jan 1799 St. John's BOLAN, Daniel Diocess of Waterford MARTIN, Mary St. John's Thos. Connelly
Sara Fletcher
J. O'Donel [Rev'd J. O'Donel was James Louis O' Donel, Franciscan Priest appointed Spititual Superior (and later the first Bishop) of the Roman Catholic Church in Newfoundland. (1784 - 1806)]
Y 6-May 1799 St. John's HEFFERNAN, Wm. Tipp[e]rary PAUL, Anne St. John's Wm. Power
Esther Dowly
J. O'Donel  
Y 12-May 1799 St. John's LEARY, John Middleton, Co. Cork ALLEN, Catherine St. John's Denis Halorhan
Mary McCarthy
J. O'Donel  
Added 18-May 1799 St. John's KEARSEY, Thos. Waterford EARLS?, Patience Portugal Cove Henry Walsh
Mrs. John Cahil
J. O'Donel [Missed on index.]
Y 18-May 1799 St. John's GORMAN, Mich'l n/g LE COUR, Grace n/g Mich'l Mcnamara
Simon Gorman
J. O'Donel  
Y 18-May 1799 St. John's BRIEN, Samuel n/g GORMAN, Mary n/g Mich'l Mcnamarra
Mary & John Brien
J. O'Donel  
Y 30-Jul 1799 St. John's KELLY, Wm. Tramore, Diocess Waterford WALSH, Mary St. John's James Lane
Mary Hanrehan
J. O'Donel  
Y 9-Oct 1799 St. John's GIBBS, John Faha, City of Waterford JORDAN, Judith Brickess Mary Jordan
Joseph & Mary Power
J. O'Donel [Brickess believed to be for Brigus South - Ferryland District]
Y 27-Oct 1799 St. John's RYAN, Joseph Kill, Co. Waterford ADAMSON, Elizabeth St. John's John Cleary
Wm. Walsh
Mary Keef
J. O'Donel 1793 [This date was written in before the priest's name but the significance of the entry was not stated.]
Y 10-Nov 1799 St. John's FLEMONON*, John Carrick on Suir [Co. Tipperary] KEL[L]Y, Bridget St. John's Thos. Walsh
Joanna Kelly
J. O'Donel [* likely a variant spelling of Fleming.]
Y 26-Dec 1799 St. John's WOODS, Thos. St. John's CONWAY, Mary St. John's both their mothers
Joseph Power &c.
J. O'Donel  
Y 29-Dec 1799 St. John's DOWER, Thos. Carrick on Suir [Co. Tipperary] CONNELLY, Elizabeth Ferryland Joseph Power J. O'Donel  
  Page 22/129                  
Y 22-Jun 1800 St. John's NEIL, John Parish of Mothel [Co. Waterford] KEATING, Mary Parish of Cashel [Co. Tipperary] Mich'l McLane
Margaret Butler &c.
J. O'Donel  
Y 22-Jun 1800 St. John's WALSH, George St. John's MCDANIEL, Mary St. John's 4 Miss Keatings J. O'D  
Y 4-Nov 1800 St. John's MCDONNELL, John Clonmel [Co. Tipperary] PRENDERGAST, Elenor St. John's J. Murphy
Mary Prendergast
J. O'D  
Y 20-Nov 1800 St. John's SHEA, Henry n/g RYAN, Eleanor n/g Wm. Coman
David Brien &c.
J. O'D  
Added 21-Nov 1800 St. John's [n/g], Ned n/g HANLON, Grace n/g John Power &
12 more
J. O'Donel [Question mark before 21 Nov; groom's surname not given. Added to index under bride's surname.]
Y 24-Nov 1800 St. John's MACABOY, Paul Parish of Ross [Co. Wexford] MIDLETON, Mary Bay Bulls John Howlet
Elizabeth Kenedy
J. O'Donel  
Y 29-Nov 1800 St. John's MULLINS, Wm. St. John's WALSH, Mary St. John's Nicholas Coady
Mary Henessy
Joseph Carey &c.
J. O'Donel  
Y 5-May 1802 St. John's MORRIS, Geffory Carrick [on Suir, Co. Tipperary] RYAN, Catherine Waterford Thimothy Ryan
Rev'd Thos. Ewer
Mrs.Shea &c.
J. O'Donel Omitted [Stray entry apparently missed in 1802 registration.]
  Page 23/130     Image 7            
Marriages 1801
Y 22-Jan 1801 St. John's HENESEY, Mathew [St.] Johns' Parish, Kilkenny MERCER, Patience Portagrave [Port de Grave - Conception Bay] Walter Kavenagh
Borril Rotlege
Mrs.Carabet &c.
J. O'Donel  
Y 24-Jan 1801 St. John's MCCARTHY, Charless n/g KENEDY, Anestatia Bay Bulls Robert Fletcher
Eleanor Casey
Y 3-Feb 1801 St. John's DOOLING, Robert Parish of Ross, Co. Wexford MACKEY, Mary Bricas Edward Mulloy
Mrs. Cullin
  [Bricas believed to be Brigus South - Ferryland District]
Y 11-Feb 1801 St. John's LONERGAN, Peter Parish of Ballyan, Co. Wexford MIDDLETON, Mary St. John's James Kerney
Mary Murphy
Y 12-Feb 1801 St. John's HARTY, Thos. Lismore [Co Waterford] POWER, Elizabeth Bonavesta [Bonavista] Wm. Power
Catherine Ronan
Y 20-Feb 1801 St. John's RONAN, John St. John's DOWLEY, [blank] n/g her father
Wm. Corry?
Y 9-Apr 1801 St. John's HEARON, Wm. Tallow, Co. Waterford WHITE, Honora Conception Bay Mich'l Kean
Margaret Tobin
  [Surname of groom is likely a variant of the Irish surname Ahearne, aka Hearn(e), Hern, Heron, etc.]
Y 12-May 1801 St. John's BROPHY, Daniel Castle Comer HICKEY, Susanna Placentia Wm. Power
Mary Mulloney
  [Castle Comer likely for Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny]
Y 25-May 1801 St. John's LAHY, John St. John's PAUL, Elizabeth St. John's Darby Lahy
Pauls? Lister
Y 10-Jun 1801 St. John's FITZGERALD, Martin Stradbally [Co. Waterford] MULCAHY, Honor n/g Her father &
Mrs. FitzGibbon
Y 11-Jun 1801 St. John's BURN, Edmond Kilkenny BUTLER, Margaret Templeorum [Co. Kilkenny] Thos. Horbet?
Anty Howlet
Y 27-Jun 1801 St. John's BAYS, Thomas Norfolk, Virginia COADY, Elizabeth St. John's Wm. Power
Margaret Ryan
Y 26-Sep 1801 St. John's CONNORS, Patrick Killworth, [Co. Cork] Diocess of Cloyne MULLONEY, Mary St. John's Rev'd Mich O'Donel
Mrs Mulloney
  [Notation at the bottom page says: All by James O'Donel]
  Page 24/131                  
Y 12-Oct 1801 St. John's KEOUGH, Peter Parish of Ross [Co. Wexford] FITZGERALD, Catherine n/g her mother &
John Keating
Y 2-Dec 1801 St. John's DRISCOL, Cornelias Harbour Main MCCARTHY, Mary Kitty Fitty* Wm. McCarthy &c. n/g [*A variant of Quidi Vidi, a small village at the east end of St. John's.]
Y 4-Dec 1801 St. John's POTTLE, Robert Torbay BROCK, Susanna Torbay John Hacket
Sara Grinslet
Y 14-Dec 1801 St. John's SMITHWICK, Thos. n/g MADDOCK, Catherine n/g James Foley
Catherine Fitzgerald
Y 29-Dec 1801 St. John's REDDY, John Parish of Owning, [Co. Kilkenny], Diocess of Ossory WALSH, Mary n/g James Redigan
her sister
n/g "the others of this year are refer'd." [This notation written at the end 1801.??]
The Year 1802 January
Y 3-Jan 1802 St. John's SCOTT, Denis n/g BURKE, Elenor n/g Mrs. Armstrong
Mrs. Supple
Y 12-Jan 1802 St. John's HOWLET, Patrick n/g HANOVER, Leadea n/g Patt Keily
her mother
sister &c.
Y 12-Jan 1802 St. John's WALSH, Patrick n/g BUTLER, Bridget n/g Mich'l Power
Mrs. Anderson
Mich'l O'Donel [Fr. Michael O'Donel was the nephew of Bishop James Louis O' Donel. He arrived in Newfoundland in 1799, studied for the priesthood in Quebec and was ordained there in 1801. He then returned to Newfoundland serving as a curate to his uncle, until they both returned to Ireland in 1806.]
Y 15-Jan 1802 St. John's HANNON, Edmond Parish of Tintern, Co. Wexford FLAHERTY, Catherine St. John's John Brophy
Mrs. Mudge
J. O'Donel  
Y 10-Jun 1802 St. John's DINN, John Parish of Tinhowe*, Co. Waterford RUSSELL, Anestatia Carrick [on Suir, Co. Tipperary] Mrs. Flood
Rev'd Mich'l O'Donel
James O'Donel [*Unable to find a matching parish in any Irish county.]
Y 00-Feb 1802 St. John's CADIGAN, Edmond n/g MULLINS, Nancy n/g Edmund Cadigan
father &
Mrs. Mullins
Mich'l O'Donel [out of place entry with no day of month given.]
Y 8-Oct 1802 St. John's TREMBLETT, John St. Mary's [St. Mary's Bay] CRIMP, Catherine n/g Wm. Walsh
Bridget Molloy
J. O'Donel  
  Page 25/132     Image 8            
Marriages of the Year 1803 beginning from the 20th October 1802.
Y 9-Nov 1802 St. John's MACNAMARRA, Laurence Youghal, [Co. Cork] Diocess of Waterford FOWLOW, Margaret Bay of ??abs Patrick Power
Wm. Folow her Father
& Ellen Glaven
James O'Donel  
Y 10-Nov 1802 St. John's FARREL, James Parish of Ballinakill * COMERFORD, Catherine St. John's Mich'l Comerford
Elizabeth Macnamara
Richard Aylward &c.
n/g [* The most likely candidate for the parish of Ballinakill is in Queen's Co. (now called Co. Leix/Laois). This parish is near the northern border of Co. Kilkenny.]
Y 19-Nov 1802 St. John's KELLY, Thos. Ross, Co. Wexford GRANT, Catherine Torbay Laurence Stone
Esebella Doran
J. O'Donel  
Y 13-Nov 1802 St. John's FITZGERALD, Thos. Parish of Stradballa [for Stradbally, Co. Waterford] HICKEY, Margaret St. Mary's, [St. Mary's Bay] Nicholas Power
Mary Hickey
J. O'Donel  
Y 14-Nov 1802 St. John's CONNOR, David Parish of Youghall, [Co. Cork] COADY, Judith St. John's Patrick Burke
Elizabeth Coady &c
J. O'Donel  
Y 24-Oct 1802 St. John's MURPHY, Phillip City of Waterf[ord] FANNING, Margaret St. John's James & Joanna Cashin J. O'Donel  
Y 16-Nov 1802 St. John's RICHARDSON, Thos. Ballalooby* DONEVAN, Mary Parish of Cashil** [Co. Tipperary] Thos. Comerford
Mrs. Hanrahan
J. O'Donel [* This parish appears to be Ballylooby, Co. Tipperary. **This parish is usually spelled Cashel.]
Y 20-Nov 1802 St. John's WARD, Patrick Parish of Burnchurch, Co. Kilkenny CUMMINS, Bridget Parish of Glanmore* Joseph Shea
Sara Lissy &c
J. O'Donel [* Glanmore appears to be for Glenmore, Co. Kilkenny]
  Page 26/133                  
Y 27-Nov 1802 St. John's FINN, John Torbay DADD, Elizabeth Torbay James Doyle
Rich'd Kelly
J. O'Donel [Surname usually spelled DODD in later records.]
Y 5-Dec 1802 St. John's MARTIN, Rich'd St. John's LAMBERT, Mary St. John's Frances Murphy
Rob't Fletcher
Sal Martin &c &c &c
J. O'Donel  
Y 28-Dec 1802 St. John's HICKEY, John Parish of Maglass*, [Co. Wexford] D[iocese] Thurles HEADIN, Mary Kilnanawl** Mich'l Pickett
Catherine Coghlan
Charles Hick &c &c
Mich'l O'Donel [* This parish usually spelled Moyglass. ** This parish may have been Kilenaule, Co. Tipperary]
Y 31-Jan 1803 St. John's KEEF, John St. John's WALSH, Margaret St. John's Wm. Mullins
Rich'd Everard
Betsy Brien
J. O'Donel  
Y 11-Feb 1803 St. John's DINN, Maurice Witless Bay POWER, Bridget Witless Bay James Dinn
Mary Carew
George Yard
J. O'Donel [could be 4 Feb.]
Y 12-Feb 1803 St. John's WALSH, John Conception Bay CHANCE*, Mary St. John's John Connors
Ann Fitzgerald
J. O'Donel [*It appears the priest first wrote the bride's surname as Chantce, but later crossed out the T.]
Y 20-Feb 1803 St. John's HICKEY, Patrick Parish of Nenagh, C[o.] T[ipperary] MCDONNEL, Bridget Trinity, [Trinity Bay] Pierce Ingram
An[n] Mallard &c &
J. O'Donel  
Y 21-Feb 1803 St. John's MCCARTY, Patrick B[ay] Bulls HORAN, Elenor Tipperary Mich'l Currin
Margaret Squire &c &c
Mich'l O'Donel  
Y 22-Feb 1803 St. John's QUIGLEY, Patrick Co. Wexford PRENDERGAST, Susan St. John's Wm. Prendergast
Anastatia Pike &c &c
J. O'Donel  
  Page 27/134     Image 9            
Y 26-Mar 1803 St. John's KINNEDY, Hugh Bay Bulls WILLIAMS, Rosy Bay Bulls Mich'l Coady
Mich'l Brien &c
M. O'Donel  
Y 27-Apr 1803 St. John's BRIEN, William Torbay MULLONE, Elizabeth Torbay Philip Malone
Richard Kelly
James O'Donel  
Y 29-Apr 1803 St. John's WALSH, John Parish of Monchien,* [Co. Kilkenny] Diocess of Ossery BUTLER, Mary,
alias WALSH
Parish of Templeoram [Co. Kilkenny] Disocess of Ossery William Rourk
Anastastia Houlet?
J. O'D [* A variant spelling for Mooncoin.]
Y 29-Apr 1803 St. John's MORAN, Edmond Parish of Rossparicome* DOYLE, Bridget Parish of Ross [Co. Wexford] Rich'd Kelly
Rev'd Mich'l O'Donel
J. O'Donel [*Unable to find a matching parish in any Irish county.]
Y 30-Apr 1803 St. John's HEARN, John Parish of Balla Hack*, D[iocese] Ferns HARDY, Jane St. John's James Cleary
Anne Sheehan
J. O'Donel [* Balla Hack appears to be a variant spelling for Ballyhack, Co. Wexford.]
Y 8-May 1803 St. John's KEOUGH, Roger Parish of Semolin*, D[iocese] Carlow MEAGHER, Mary Belle Isle [Bell Island] Martin Dwyer
Martin Farley &c
J. O'Donel [Semolin seems to be a phonetic rendering of St. Mullin(s), Co. Carlow. It doesn't appear that there was a Diocese of Carlow. St. Mullins was actually part of the Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin.]
Y 14-May 1803 St. John's CLEARY, James Parish of Monchien*, D[iocese] Kilkenny SIMMONS, Anne,
alias HARDY
St. John's James Curprit
Sal Martin &c &c
J. O'Donel [* A variant spelling for Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny. It appears that Mooncoin was actually part of the Diocese of Ossory.]
  Page 28/135                  
Y 20-May 1803 St. John's MEADER, John St. John's CLAHERTY, Elenor Harbour Grace John Claherty
Rich'd Aylward
Anne Brett
J. O'Donel  
Y 23-May 1803 St. John's BARRY, David Watergrass Hill, Co. Cork COADY, Elizabeth Parish of Ownen, Co. Kilkenny Nicholas Coady
Mrs. Mulloney &c &c &c
n/g [*A variant spelling for the parish of Owning]
Y 28-May 1803 St. John's FITZPATRICK, Mich'l Parish of Golmoy, Co. Kilkenny HUSSEY, Margaret Youghall [Co. Cork] Joseph Rendal
Margaret Murphy &c
J. O'Donel  
Y 27-May 1803 St. John's PURCILL, Mathew St. Mary's [St. Mary's Bay] BREEN, Margaret Sutton's Parish, Co. Wexford Patrick Redmond
Timmothy Donnelly
Hanora Dolehonty
M. O'Donel  
Y 15-Jun 1803 St. John's MARTIN, Thos. Torbay SKIMITON*, Margaret Kings Cove [Bonavista Bay] Wm. Martin
Rebecca Martin
J. O'Donel [*I am inclined to believe that the bride's surname may have actually been Skiffington?]
Y 24-Jun 1803 St. John's BRAGG, William Parlican, Conception Bay MCCARTY, Mary Grague, D[iocese] Carlow Edward Carew
Mary Murphy
Anne Pelley
J. O'Donel not paid , but to be paid by his master, Woods
[Groom's residence Parlican refers to (Old) Perlican, Trinity Bay, just around the headland where Trinty and Conception Bays meet.]
Y 2-Sep 1803 St. John's DWYER, Thom. n/g MANDEVILE, n/g
alias COONEY
n/g Patrick Redmond
& his wife
n/g [ It appears the word "mason" is written after the groom's name and the given name of the bride is ommited.]
Y 3-Sep 1803 St. John's HERN?, Jeremiah n/g HEALY, An[n] n/g Henry Shea
Margaret Downs
n/g [Groom's surname spelled Hern, a variant spelling of the Irish surname Ahearn(e), Hearn(e), Heron, etc.]
Y 13-Oct 1803 St. John's KEILY, Robert Parish of Four Mile Water [Co. Waterford] BULGER, Mary
alias CONDON
Parish of Doneen* William Redmond
An[n] Stone
n/g not paid check [*No definite conclusion, since it may be located in one of several counties in the south-east of Ireland - possibly Co. Cork or Kerry.]
Y 15-Oct 1803 St. John's CLEARY, Thom's Parish of Glanamore, Diocess of Ossary POWER, Joanna Parish of BallyNeil, Diocess of Ossary Thom's Wall
Betty Barry
n/g [Groom's parish appears to refer to the Parish of Glenmore, Co. Kilkenny. The bride's parish may have been Ballyneale, Co. Tipperary, although it was in the Diocese of Waterford/Lismore.]
  Page 29/136     Image 10            
Y 19-Oct 1803 St. John's HURLEY, Daniel Parish of Youghall [Co. Cork] HALY, Sandara? Bonavista Michael Henesy
Elizabeth Bacon
n/g not paid
Y 27-Oct 1803 St. John's JAMES, John Trinity TIPPET, Sara Bay of Roberts Edward Murphy
Mary Erwin
Y 27-Oct 1803 St. John's TALLIS, John Callen, Co. Kilkenny POWER, Bridget Parish of Adamstown, Co. Wexford Thoms, Sheil
his wife
Joannna Douglass &c &c
n/g [Callen usually spelled Callan]
Y 30-Oct 1803 St. John's MULLOY, Michael Parish of Lismoline, Co. Tipperary CARROL, Catherine Carrick on Suire [Co. Tipperary] Daniel Donavan
Catherine Cahil &c &c
n/g [Michael's parish also spelled Lismolin or Lismalin in some Irish references.]
Y 3-Nov 1803 St. John's PAYNE, Thomas Tingmouth SLEVINE, Catherine Carlow Mr. & Mrs. Kenny &c &c J. O'Donel [Groom's residence likely Teignmouth, Devon]
Y 3-Nov 1803 St. John's BOURK, John Parish of Pallas, Co. Limerick COUGHLAN. Catherine St. John's Patrick Brazil
his wife
Mrs. Brien &c &c
Y 14-Nov 1803 St. John's RUTLIDGE, Burl Parish of Muckely, Diocess of Kilkenny SQUIRE, Sara Belle Isle [Bell Island] Rich'd Squire
Ann Squire
James O'Donel [Groom's parish was usually spelled Mucklee]
Y 14-Nov 1803 St. John's BOW, John Parish of Lisdowney, Co. Kilkenny KENNEDY, Margaret Parish of Trinity, Diocess of Waterford Thos. Sheel
Catherine Walsh
J. O'Donel  
  Page 30/137                  
October 11th, 1803 - Bay Bulls
[These next two marriages for October appear to have been performed at Bay Bulls]
Y 11-Oct 1803 Bay Bulls BUTLER, Patrick Parish of Onan, Co. Kilkenny GLEESON, Margaret Parish of Monchine, Diocess of Kilkenny Martin Burke
Esther Coady
Mich'l O'Donel [Groom's parish usually spelled Owning. Bride's parish is a variant spelling for Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny.]
Y 11-Oct 1803 Bay Bulls THOMPSON, James Bay Bulls BURNER, Emy Bay Bulls Esther Coady
Mary Coady
Mich'l O'Donel  
Y 19-Nov 1803 St. John's DELOUGHLEY, Rich'd Parish of Tho[ma]stown, Co. Kilkenny WALSH, Mary Bally-hail, Co. Kilkenny Patrick McGrath
Mich'l Walsh
Mrs. McGrath
J. O'Donel [Bride's parish usually spelled Ballyhale.]
Y 19-Nov 1803 St. John's BARREN, Martin Parish of Roar*, Co. Kilkenny CAVANAGH, Mary Parish of Simolin**, Co. Carlow John Cavanagh
Elizabeth Cavanagh
J. O'Donel [" Roar, Rore are spelling variants for the parish of Rower. **Semolin appears to be a phonetic rendering of St. Mullin(s), Co. Carlow.]
Y 20-Nov 1803 St. John's KEARVAN, Jeffrey Parish of Mothel [Co. Waterford] Diocess Waterford TURNER, Mary St. John's John Sheehan
Sara Fletcher
J. O'Donel  
Y 23-Nov 1803 St. John's BUCKLEY, Daniel Parish of John's Town, [Co. Kilkenny] D[iocese] Waterford WHITE, Catherine
alias WALSH
Parish of Kilnenawl*, [Co. Kilkenny] D[iocese] Cashele John Hogan
Catherine Donevan
J. O'Donel [*Parish name is usually spelled Killenaule.]
Y 23-Nov 1803 St. John's CLOONEY, Martin Parish of Ross, Co. Wexford KELLY, Margaret City of Waterford Thom's Payne
Catherine Slevin
Y 25-Nov 1803 St. John's COTTER, John City of Cork O'LEARY, Catherine City of Cork John Flaherty
Anne Ronan
J. O'Donel  
  Page 31/138     Image 11            
Y 26-Nov 1803 St. John's SEILY, Robert Torquay [Devon] CONNOR, Mary St. John's James Hancock
Clara Power
Y 29-Nov 1803 St. John's RICHARDS, Wm. Ross, Co. Wexford MACKEY, Mary Brickass Robert Dooling
Mary Cullen
J. O'Donel [Brickass believed to be Brigus South - Ferryland District]
December 1803
Y 5-Dec 1803 St. John's SHEA, Joseph St. John's GRISHEY*, Rosana Broad Cove [now St. Philips?] David Grishey
Patrick Walsh
J. O'Donel pd 10 will pay the Remainder [*Bride's surname was likely Grushey.]
Y 6-Dec 1803 St. John's SHEA, Rich'd St. John's KENEDY, n'g H[arbour] Main John Kenedy
Mary McDaniel
Y 10-Dec 1803 St. John's COLE, John St. John's ALLEN, Susan St. John's Guy Partridge
Mary Casey
J. O'Donel  
Y 11-Dec 1803 St. John's MULLOY, Wm. St. John's HENESEY, Mary St. John's Thos. McDaniel
Judy Henesey
J. O'Donel  
Y 11-Dec 1803 St. John's DOYLE, James Tor Bay HALL, Jane St. John's Rich'd Gough
Wm. Coman
J. O'Donel  
Y 13-Dec 1803 St. John's POWER, John Parish of Kill, Co. Waterford CAREW, Honor St. John's Rev'd Mich'l O'Donel
Thos. Hall
J. O'Donel  
Y 19-Dec 1803 St. John's CASH, James Parish of Turless* [Co. Tipperary] RYAN, Mary St. John's James Cashin
Jony Cashin
J. O'Donel [*Parish name usually spelled Thurles.]
Y 27-Dec 1803 St. John's KIELY, Michael City of Waterford NORRIS, Susana Bonavista Michael Donoughoe
Mary Donoughoe
Y 27-Feb   St. John's DUNPHY, Michael n/g DRISCOL, Mary n/g Michael Kiely &
his wife Susanna Kiely
n/g [Date unclear as to the day and year.]
Y 1-Jan 1804 St. John's KAVANAGH, Terrince? n/g HANLON, Mary n/g William Deleny
Bridget Murphy &c &c
n/g [This record noted as being for Jan. 1803, but it could be for Jan. 1804?]
  Page 32/139                  
Y 1-Jan 1804 St. John's JORDAN, Richard n/g BURN, Margaret
alias BUTLER
n/g John Walsh
Mary Walsh
n/g [Date unclear]
Y 27-Dec 1803 St. John's MADDOCK, Thomas Petty Harbour HEARN, Mary St. John's Mich'l Hearn
Anistatia McCarty
Mich'l O'Donel  
Y 3-Jan 1804 St. John's CROKE, Richard Parish of Ross, [Co. Wexford] ROACH, Margaret St. John's Alexander Roach
Mary Murphy
Y 4-Jan 1804 St. John's MCGRATH, Nash? St. John's MEHAN, Catherine Turless*[Co. Tipperary] Mich'l McGrath
Jane McGrath
J. O'Donel [*Parish name usually spelled Thurles.]
Y 15-Feb 1804 St. John's MURPHY, Michael Parish of Ross, [Co. Wexford] D[iocese] of Ferns GAUL, Mary Parish of Ross, [Co. Wexford] D[iocese] of Ferns John Ronan
Bridget Hearn
Y 21-Feb 1804 St. John's HENNESY, Francis Tigmon*, Co. Wexford FITZPATRICK, Margaret
alias CRIMP
St. John's John Grinvill
Elizabeth Sheppard
J. O'Donel [*usually spelled Taghmon.]
Y 23-Feb 1804 St. John's WHITE, Samuel Parish of Ross Pariam* [Co. Wexford] GRINSLETT, Bridget St. John's Darby Lahy
Sara Grinslett
J. O'Donel [*Unable to find a matching parish in any Irish county.]
Y 29 Feb 1804 St. John's POWER, Thomas Parish of Churchtown, D[iocese] of Waterford FITZGIBBON, Catherine
St. John's John Bolan
Joana Bolan
Y 8-Feb 1804 St. John's CAHILL, Edward Killcash, Co. Tipperary CROW, Margaret Simolin*, Co. Carlow James Hays
Mary Hanrahan
J. O'Donel [*Semolin appears to be a phonetic rendering of St. Mullin(s), Co. Carlow.
  Page 33/140     Image 12            
Y 11-Feb 1804 St. John's FOLEY, William Parish of Cashel, [Co. Tipperary] PURCEL, Mary Parish of Gortnahoe [Co. Tipperary] D[iocese] of Cashel Daniel Donavan
Patrick Flannery
Mary Hanrahan &c &c
Y 14-Feb 1804 St. John's NEAGLE, Mathew Glinn Agherlo POWER, Anistatia Plasentia [Placentia] Darby Dunphy
Rev'd M'l O'Donel
J. O'Donel [Groom's residence likely the Glen of Aherlow, Co. Tipperary.]
Y 1-Apr 1804 St. John's WALSH, Michael Parish of Bally Hail, Co. Kilkenny CARROL, Bridget Parish of Bally Hail, Co. Kilkenny Mich'l Comerford
Catherine Farril &c &c
M. O'Donel [Parish usually spelled Ballyhale.]
Y 2-Apr 1804 St. John's WHITTY, Mich'l Tor Bay DADD, Anne
alias KENNY
Tor Bay Patrick Hartwell
Elizabeth Finn
M. O'Donel [Surname Dadd usually spelled Dodd in later records.]
Y 6-Apr 1804 St. John's BRIEN, John Ross, Co. Wexford FARREL, Mary St. John's Samuel Guy
Mary Power
J. O'Donel  
Y 17-Apr 1804 St. John's AYLWARD, Richard Parish of Sleve Roo*, Co. Kilkenny WALSH, Elizabeth n'g William Hunt
Elizabeth Walsh
n/g [Parish name usually spelled Slieverue.]
Y 23-Apr 1804 St. John's BURKE, Aleck Parish of Clonmell, [Co. Tipperary] D[iocese] Lismore CALAHAN, Joana Parish of Macroom, [Co. Cork] D[iocese] of Cork Owen Calahan
Elizabeth Mcnamara
Y 29-Apr 1804 St. John's SIRREL, John Sydney [Nova Scotia?] MIDLETON, Elizabeth St. John's William Coman
Edmund Healy
& his wife
  Page 34/141                  
Y 6-May 1804 St. John's KEATING, Patrick Parish of Kilmagony*, [Co. Kilkenny] D[iocese] Ossery HARRINGTON**, Mary St. John's William Harden
Mary Minihen
n/g [*Groom's parish name is usually spelled Kilmoganny.
** Bride's surname squeezed into record. Index says her surname was Harrington.]
Y 10-May 1804 St. John's BLAKE, Philip Town of Wexford POWER Anastia St. John's William Slater
Mary Kelly
Y 14-May 1804 St. John's FLANNERY, Thimothy Strad Bally, Co. Waterford DWYER, Mary Belle Isle [Bell Island] Patrick Flannery
Mrs. Duggin
J. O'Donel  
Y 10-May 1804 Bay Bulls RYAN, Mich'l Carrick [on Suir], Co. Tipperary MCCARTY, Anne
alias RYAN
City of Waterford Rob't Hutton
Martin Burke
Esther Ryan &c &c
Mich'l O'Donel  
Y 27-May 1804 St. John's CAHILL, John St. John's WHITTEN, Elizabeth St. John's Mich'l Collins
Jane Whitten
Mary Cahill
Mich'l O'Donel  
Y 9-Jun 1804 St. John's BOURK, Thomas Parish of Knockrofan* [Co. Tipperary] D[iocese] Cashel DOHONY, Mary St. John's James Dohony
Margaret Comorfort
&c &c
n/g [*This parish appears to be Knockgraffon, Co. Tipperary.]
Y 10-Jun 1804 St. John's COLLINS, William Isle of Wight KEHOE, An[n] Parish of Simmolin*, Diocess of Carlow Daniel Dwyer
An[n] Oats
n/g [*Simmolin seems to be a phonetic rendering of St. Mullin(s), Co. Carlow.]
Y 27-Jun 1804 St. John's MACHARTY, Patrick Kitti Vitty MALLARD, Mary Kitti Vitty James Doody
Doctor O'Donel
n/g [*A variant of Quidi Vidi, a small village at the east end of St. John's.]
Y 27-Jun 1804 St. John's DOOSEY*, Phillip Lismore, Co. Waterford YOULDEN, Fanny or Sarra? Trinity Rev'd M'l O'Donel
Mary Chafe
J. O'Donel [*The surname is generally recorded as Ducey in later Newfoundland records.]
Y 22-Jul 1804 St. John's DIVINE, John Parish of Aglish, [Co. Waterford] DINAN, Jane Parish of Lismore John Keane
Jane McGrath
  Page 35/142     Image 13            
Y 11-Aug 1804 St. John's MURPHY, John Parish of Calin*, Co. Kilkenny SHEA, Mary Parish of Grange, Co. Tipperary Daniel Treacy
Judith Murphy
J. O'Donel [*A variant spelling for the parish of Callan.]
Y 13-Sep 1804 St. John's CONNER, Andrew Parish of Coolstuff, Co. Wexford LASCY, Anna St. John's Michael Collins
Anora Murphy &c &c
Y 19-Sep 1804 St. John's FLEMMING, Mich'l Parish of Ross [Co. Wexford] COLFER, Mary St. John's Patrick Colfer
Mary Doyle &c &c
James O'Donel  
Y 20-Sep 1804 St. John's NEARY, Francis Parish of Ratho[e], Co. Carlow KENT, Anne Belle Isle [Bell Island] Patrick Neary
Catherine Dooly
Mich'l O'Donel not pd
Y 1-Oct 1804 St. John's MOOR, James Harbour Main COSTELLO, Hanna Harbour Main James Doody
Bridget Kennedy
James O'Donel  
Y 18-Oct 1804 St. John's MURRAY, John Parish of Middletown, Co. Cork PETERSON, Mary Ferryland Charless Hisck?
Catherine Kenory &c
Y 22-Oct 1804 St. John's MARA, Wm. Kilmaden [for Kilmeaden, Co. Waterford?] WALSH, Mary Carrick on Suire [Co. Tipperary] Moses Summers
An[n] Shea
  Page 36/143                  
Y 2-Nov 1804 St. John's LAVELLE, Bryan Castle Barr, [Co. Mayo] Province of Connaught SWEENEY, Sara Feedown [for Fiddown, Co. Kilkenny], Diocess of Ossery Patrick McCarthy
Mary Currin
Y 5-Nov 1804 St. John's WALSH, Patrick Diocess of Ossery MCDONNELL, Mary
alias HAW?
n/g John Phelan
Margaret Magrath
Y 6-Nov 1804 St. John's LEAHY, John Parish of Cloyne, Co. Cork FANNIN, Mary St. John's James Flyn
Mary Flin,
alias Cambel &c &c
Y 16-Nov 1804 St. John's DINN, Wm. Witless Bay GREEN, Mary Witless Bay James Dinn
Anistatia Dooling &c &c
Mich'l O'Donel  
Y 17-Nov 1804 St. John's KEATING, Mich'l Harbour Main GORMAN, Martha Harbour Main Simon Gorman
Mrs. McDaniel
James O'Donel  
Y 17-Nov 1804 St. John's CONNOR, Thom's Sutton's Parish, Co. Wexford HEARN, Bridget Town of Ross Patrick Hearn
Joana Duglass
Y 19-Nov 1804 St. John's MOUNTAIN, Edmond Fermuse [for Fermeuse] POWER, Joana St. John's William Mullins
Elizabeth Brien &c
Y 20-Nov 1804 St. John's SHEA, Mathew Parish of Dunbrody, Co. Wexford SHEA, Mary Adam's Cove [Conception Bay] Rob't Dooling
Mary Cullin
J. O'Donel  
  Page 37/144     Image 14            
Y 5-Nov 1804 Witless Bay YARD, John Witless Bay YARD, Mary Witless Bay Ge[o]rge Yard
Catherine Yard
Anne Yard &c &c &c
Mich'l O'Donel  
Y 28-Nov 1804 St. John's MACABOY, John Parish of Golmoy, Co. Kilkenny LAHY, Margaret St. John's Darby Lahy
Catherine White &c &c
J. O'Donel [Parish name usually spelled Galmoy.]
Y 29-Nov 1804 St. John's GREEN, Patrick Witless Bay MATHEWS, Catherine St. John's Ge[o]rge Mathews
Mary MacNamara &c &c
Mich'l O'Donel  
Y 1-Dec 1804 St. John's WALSH, James Parish of Trinity Within, D[iocese]Waterford BRIEN, Elizabeth St. John's Wm. Brien
Elizabeth Aylward &c &c
J. O'Donel  
Y 2-Dec 1804 St. John's CARROLL, Martin Parish of Templeoram, Co. Kilkenny AYLWARD, Joanna n/g Edmond Doyle
Mary Morris
Added 2-Dec 1804 St. John's COGAN?, George Bacon Cove, Conception Bay LYONS, Diana Bacon Cove, Conception Bay James Gusue
John Gusue
n/g [Missed in index.]
Y 2-Dec 1804 St. John's HOGAN, Thos. Parish of Monchaen*, Co. Kilkenny HICKEY, Catherine Parish of Monchaen*, Co. Kilkenny James Doody
Rev'd Mich'l O'Donel
J. O'Donel [*A variant spelling for Mooncoin.]
Y 3-Dec 1804 St. John's KELLY, Denis Parish of Tintern, Co. Wexford LAWLER, Catherine St. John's Maurice Lawler
Honor Dealy
J. O'Donel  
Y 4-Dec 1804 St. John's DUNPHY, Edmond Briguass [for Brigus South?] HALY, Mary
alias SEXTON
St. John's Michael Dolohonty
Mrs. Patrick Sexton
Joana Sexton &c
n/g [Indexed by priest as Dunty/Seaton; added to index as Dunphy/Haly (alias Sexton).]
  Page 38/145                  
Y 26-Dec 1804 St. John's BOLAN, Maurice St. John's POWER, Elleanor St. John's Nicholass Bolan
his wife her mother
& many more
James O'Donel  
Y 1-Jan 1805 St. John's DELEANY, Patrick Parish of Enestiage*, Co. Kilkenny KENNEDY, Elizabeth Harbour Main Patrick Walsh
Bridget Kennedy
James O'Donel [*The parish name is usually spelled Inistioge.]
Y 1-Jan 1805 St. John's POWER, Wm. St. John's SMYTH, Elizabeth St. John's Francis Murphy
Rob't Fletcher
Sara Martin &c &c
Mich'l O'Donel  
Y 4-Jan 1805 St. John's MCDANIEL, Mathew Parish of Racale [for Rathkeale], Co. Limerick SHEA, Allice Parish of Callen, Co. Kilkenny Patrick Dunn
Mary Power
J. O'Donel  
Y 17-Jan 1805 St. John's FLYN, James Parish of Kills't. Laurence, [for Kill St. Lawrence] Diocess of Waterford WHITE, Bridget Callen, Diocess of Ossery William Power
An[n] Murphy
Y 14-Jan 1805 St. John's TREACY, Daniel Cashell, Co. Tipperary KEHOE, Anestasia Ross, Co. Wexford Wm. Byrn
Catherine Brien &c &c
J. O'Donel  
Y 14-Jan 1805 St. John's MOLLOY, John St. John's HENESY, Catherine St. John's Rich'd Reed
Wm. Molloy
Mrs.Carrol &c &c
M. O'Donel  
Y 24-Jan 1805 St. John's KEATING, Mich'l Parish of New Castle, Co. Limerick GLEESON, Margaret
alias BUTLER
Parish of Monchian* [Co. Kilkenny] Martin McDaniel
Allice McDaniel
M. O'Donel [*A variant spelling for Mooncoin.]
Y 10-Feb 1805 St. John's BRENNEN, John Parish of Ross, Co. Wexford CAREW, Mary St, John's Walter Carew
Anne Redigan
J. O'Donel  
Y 17-Feb 1805 St. John's MEAGHER, Edward Parish of Gambonsfield, [Co. Tipperary] COADY, Anne St. John's Rich'd Coady
Elizabeth Barry
M. O'Donel  
  Page 39/146     Image 15            
Y 18-Feb 1805 St. John's CADIGAN, Maurice Parish of Colyn, Co. Cork WILLIAMS, Catherine
St, John's Andrew Kehoe
Catherine Molloney
Mr. and Mrs. Erwin
M. O'Donel  
Y 26-Feb 1805 St. John's MURPHY, Walter Parish of Trinity Within, Waterford FITZGERALD, Joanna St. John's Patrick Murphy
John Fitzgerald
Anistasia Walsh
M. O'Donel  
Y 26-Feb 1805 St. John's REDDY, David Tullegher*, Co. Kilkenny CAHILL, Anne St. John's John Cahil
Anne Conners
Mrs. Cahil
M. O'Donel [*parish name usually spelled Tullogher.]
Y 27-May 1805 St. John's KENNY, James Parish of Ballin aNil*, Diocess of Ossary CARROL, Anne
alias POWER
New Market, [Co. Cork] D[iocese] Ossary Burl Ruthledge
Allice Dealy &c &c
J. O'Donel [No match found for this parish name, but it may be Ballyneill, Co. Tipperary.]
Y 5-Jun 1805 St. John's CONNELLY, Thos. Parish of Kilnenall, [Co. Tipperary] Diocess of Cashel HEADEN, Ellenor Parish of Kilnenall, [Co. Tipperary] Diocess of Cashel Thos. Conners
Bridget Walsh
James O'Donel [Parish name usually spelled Kilnenaule.]
Y 7-Jun 1803 St. John's GUSSHUE, James Conception Bay DRISCOL, Mary St. John's John Gusshue
Joana Driscol
Mrs. Ryan &c &c
J. O'Donel  
Y 8-Jun 1805 St. John's HARRIGAN, Edmund Parish of Ballybrack, Co. Waterford DIHY, Mary
alias WALSH
Parish of Featherd, Co. Tipperary Daniel Dwyer
Bridget Brien
M. O'Donel [Parish name usually spelled Fethard.]
Y 9-Jun 1805 St. John's STAFFORD, Rob't Parish of Rose-Garland, Co. Wexford WHITE, Margaret Parish of Rose-Garland, Co. Wexford John White
Rev'd Mich'l O'Donel
J. O'Donel  
Y 10-Jun 1805 St. John's CAMPION, Wm. Parish of Kilkenny DOWDIN, Elizabeth Bonavista James Patten
Elizabeth Dowden
M. O'Donel soldier
  Page 40/147                  
Y 20-Dec 1803 St. John's PICKET, Patrick Diocese of Lismore RYAN, Anastasia Parish of Carrick [on Suir, Co. Tipperary?] Joana Power
William Connors?
n/g [This stray entry is written in Latin at the top this page.]
Y 23-Jul 1805 St. John's CAHIL, John Ross, [Co. Wexford] FITZGERALD, Joana St. John's John Hacket
Margaret Douly
Y 10-Aug 1805 St. John's WILLIAMS, John Bay Bulls ENGLISH, Mary St. John's her Father & Mother
Mrs. Cahil
[ & ?] Widdicome &c
Y 18-Aug 1805 St. John's KELLY, John Parish of Ross, [Co. Wexford] LIONS, Mary n/g John Barry
her Father & Mother &c
Y 22-Aug 1805 St. John's WATERS, Henry Kilkenny SHORTEL, Mary Waterford John Barry
Margaret Walsh &c
M. O'Donel  
Y 24-Aug 1805 St. John's FITZSIMONS, Brien Youghal, Co. Cork SULLIVAN, Catherine Bonavista Patrick Hearn
Catherine Fitzsimons
J. O'Donel  
Added 25-Aug 1805 St. John's PROSE, John Dorsetshire MURRAY, Margaret
Ferryland Christopher Cane
Mary Cane
J. O'Donel [Missed in index.]
Y 27-Aug 1805 St. John's DUFFIN, Thos. Ross, Co. Wexford HUNT, Margaret
alias WALSH
Waterford John Murphy
Bridget Aylward
M. O'Donel  
Y 28-Aug 1805 St. John's BALDWIN, James Parish of Trinity, C[o.] Waterford RICKENS, Bridget n/g Patrick Reily
Ellen Power
n/g [This entry was crossed out. See Page 42 - Oct 28, 1805.]
  Page 41/148     Image 16 & 17            
Y 17-Jan 1801 St. John's DOYLE, Thomas Parish of Ross, Diocese of Ferns BRIEN, Mary St. John's John Gibbs
Mary Brien
n/g [This stray entry is written in Latin at the top this page.]
Y 21-Sep 1805 St. John's SHALLOW, Patrick Lismore, [Co. Waterford] RICKETTS, Catherine Bonavista Bay Rich'd Call
Catherine Ronan
J. O'Donel  
Y 31-Aug 1805 St. John's WELLS, John Lisborn, Co. Antrim POWER, Joanna St. John's Patrick Power
George McDaniel
Catherine Nelson
J. O'Donel soldier
Added 7-Oct 1805 St. John's ROURK, Francis Parish of Ross, [Co. Wexford] MURPHY, Judith Parish of Ross, [Co. Wexford] Frank Rourk
An[n] Shea &c
n/g [Indexed by priest as Burk/Murphy; added to index as Rourk/Murphy.]
Y 10-Oct 1805 St. John's FOGARTY, Timothy Torbay FITZHENRY, Anne Parish of Adam's Town, Co. Wexford Wm. Brien
Phillip Hickey
Catherine Coghlan
M. O'Donel  
Y 23-Oct 1805 St. John's FALLETER, William Kilmacthom[a]s., Parish of Kill [Co. Waterford] FITZGERALD, Margaret
alias DALTON
Parish of Feathard, Diocess of Cashel Richard Call
Patrick Walsh
n/g [Parish name usually spelled Fethard.]
Y 24-Oct 1805 St. John's MANDAVILE, Patrick Clonmell, [Co. Tipperary] STOKES?, Mary St. Marys Bay Patrick Sweeny
Mary Sweeny
Y 26-Oct 1805 St. John's ENGLISH, Michael Wind Gap, C[o.] Kilkenny KEHOE, Bridget Tentern, Co. Wexford John Power
Anastatia Mullone &c &c
n/g [Parish name usually spelled Tintern.]
  Page 42/149                  
Y 26-Oct 1805 St. John's HEANY, Richard Parish of Fewe*, Co. Waterford HALL, Bridget St. John's Nicholas Hall
Margaret Comeford
John Power &c &c
n/g [*Parish usually spelled Fews.]
Y 28-Oct 1805 St. John's BALDWIN, James Parish of Trinity Without, Co. Waterford RICKENS, Bridget Parish of Simmolin*, Co. Carlow Patrick Reily
Ellen Power
n/g [See Aug 28, 1805 * Simmolin seems to be a phonetic rendering of St. Mullin(s), Co. Carlow]
Y 30-Oct 1805 St. John's HICKEY, Patrick Dunnmore, C[o.] Kilkenny CONNOR, Joana
n/g Richard Call
Margaret Nevin
Y 30-Oct 1805 St. John's NEVIL, John Parish of Dunbrody, Co. Wexford CORBIT, Anne St. John's William &
Anne McDonnell
Y 9-Nov 1805 St. John's PRIM, Peter Parish of Tintern, Co. Wexford MU[L]CAHY, Jane Westard Bay C[onception] Bay Mich'l Mulcahy
Catherine Kenny
J. O'Donel [Westward Bay refers to the settlement now known as Western Bay.]
Y 10-Nov 1805 St. John's CARROL, Patrick Parish of Goran [Co. Kilkenny] FORESTAL, Mary Parish of Goran James Forestal
Ellenor Shortal &c
J. O'Donel [Parish name usually spelled Gowran.]
Y 13-Nov 1805 St. John's DRISCOL, Daniel Toad's Cove SQUIRES, Margaret St. John's Samuel Blacklar
Elenor McCarthy
J. O'Donel  
Y 13-Nov 1805 St. John's HOWLETT, John Parish of Kilmacow, [Co. Kilkenny] BULGER, Mary Parish of Ross, [Co. Wexford] John Wall
Mary Carew
J. O'Donel  
Y 22-Nov 1805 St. John's BROPHY, Daniel Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny CONWAY, Margaret
alias DUGGIN
Parish of Moon Chien* [Co. Kilkenny] Mathew Walsh
Mary Carrol &c &c
n/g [* A variant spelling for Mooncoin]
  Page 43/150     Image 18            

Marriages in 1805 the district of Bay Bulls

The heading and grouping of these next five entries seem to indicate that Rev'd M. O'Donel had traveled to the Bay Bulls area.
Y 22-Oct 1805 Bay Bulls NEIL, Martin Parish of Faha, Diocess of Waterford CAREW, Anne Witless Bay James Carew
Mathew Neil
Honora Molloney
M. O'Donel [Indexed incorrectly as Martin/Carew; added Neil/Carew to index.]
Y 24-Oct 1805 Bay Bulls WILLIAMS, Thomas Bay Bulls COADY, Mary Bay Bulls Wm. Williams
John Coady
Esther Ryan
M. O'Donel  
Y 28-Oct 1805 Bay Bulls DELEANY, Morty Parish of Ballivogue*, Co. Wexford DUNN, Margaret Witless Bay John Dunn
Margaret Power
M. O'Donel [*This parish was likely Boolavogue.]
Y 30-Oct 1805 Bay Bulls KENNEDY, Patrick Bay Bulls GLINN, Mary Bay Bulls Hugh Kennedy
Rob't Hutton
Dorothy Armstrong
M. O'Donel  
Y 2-Nov 1805 Bay Bulls ROACH, Patrick Macoumb*, Co. Carlow DUNN, Honor Witless Bay John Dunn
Margaret Carew
M. O'Donel [*likely for the parish of Moyacomb.]

November 1805

Y 14-Nov 1805 St. John's HOGAN, Edmund Parish of Callen, Diocess of Ossary GOLDWORTHY, Rachel Trinity Augustine McNamara
Richard Heany
Mary Barns
M. O'Donel  
Y 17-Nov 1805 St. John's REDMOND, Patrick Parish of Tentoran*, Co. Wexford POWER, Mary Parish of Adamstown, [Co.Wexford] Phillip Murphy
Margaret Shiel
n/g [Parish name usually spelled Tintern.]
Y 19-Nov 1805 St. John's MOLLOY, Mich'l Parish of Lismolin, Co. Tipperary COADY, Bridget
Parish of Mullinahone, [Co. Tipperary] Rich'd Henesy
Margaret Hunt
J. O'Donel  
Added 23-Nov 1805 St. John's KEATON, James Parish of Simolin*, Co. Carlow GLAVIN, Margaret Ferryland Michael Fowler
George Stevens
n/g [*Simolin seems to be a phonetic rendering of St. Mullin(s). This entry listed as Heaton/Flavin in index; new entry fot Keaton/Glavin added to index.].
Y 24-Nov 1805 St. John's COONEY, Patrick Parish of Cashil D[iocese] Thurless* REDDY, Mary Parish of Inesteague, Co. Kilkenny Thos. Comeford
Mary Kearney
J. O'Donel [*Diocese name generally spelled Thurles.]
  Page 44/151                  
Y 9-Dec 1805 St. John's DONOVAN, John St. John's MARTIN, Rebecca n/g William Martin
Catherine Fitzsimmons
Y 12-Dec 1805 St. John's LONERGAN, Phillip Clonmell, [Co. Tipperary] POWER, Joana Ross, [Co. Wexford] Robert Douling
Mary Farrell &c &c
Y 15-Jan 1806 St. John's MURPHY, Patrick Parish of Greague, C[o]. Kilkenny CAREY, Mary Whitless Bay John O'Donel
Mary Carey
Y 16-Jan 1806 St. John's WATERS, Phillip Parish of Ballidaggen, Co. Wexford DOYLE, Dolly Parish of Simolin, Co. Carlow Edmond Doyle
Mrs. Currin
J. O'Donel [*Simolin seems to be a phonetic rendering of St. Mullin(s)].
Y 30-Jan 1806 St. John's CAHIL, Michael St. John's WEIR, Mary St. John's Thoms Weir
Mary Cahil
Y 25-Jan 1806 St. John's GERRARD, John Parish of Aberdeen, Scotland WALSH, Anistasia St. John's Wm. Walsh
Bridget Doyle
John Black
M. O'Donel  
Y 1-Feb 1806 St. John's POWER, Thos. Parish of Tramore, Co. Waterford POWER, Jane St. John's Wm. Turner
Catherine Dillon
M. O'Donel  
Y 17-Feb 1806 St. John's LYNCH, Thos. Parish of Castletown, Co. Limerick JENKINS, Mary Fermuse [Fermeuse] John Power
Wm. Scanlon
Jane Prim
M. O'Donel  
Y 17-Feb 1806 St. John's NEIL, James Parish of Ballen Killen* [Co. Carlow?] MCDANIEL, Catherine Parish of Ross [Co. Wexford] Phil Murphy
Sara James
M. O'Donel [*likely for the parish of Ballinkillen.]
Y 17-Feb 1806 St. John's POWER, Patrick Parish of Tintern?, [Co. Wexford] HARVEY, Elizabeth Portugal Cove John Power
Elizabeth Harvey
M. O'Donel  
  Page 45/152     Image 19            
Y 18-Feb 1806 St. John's DWYER, Michael Parish of Patrick Street, City of Kilkenny RONAN, Mary Harbour Mean [Main]* Walter Walsh
Martha Clancy
n/g [Main is how most Irish prounced the word mean.]
Y 18-Feb 1806 St. John's KEILY, William Durgarven, Co. Waterford RYAN, Catherine
alias MALONE
n/g Rich'd Mead
Anistasia Gerrett
M. O'Donel  
Y 18-Feb 1806 St. John's MURPHY, John Harbour Grace QUIRK, Mary St. John's Thomas Quirk
John Power
Mary Lane
J. O'Donel  
Y 20-Feb 1806 St. John's CASH, Patrick Parish of Windgap, Co. Kilkenny WALSH, Mary New Ross, Co. Wexford James Carew
Rich'd Call
M. O'Donel  
Y 27-Feb 1806 St. John's FOOT, William Melvin Port, in England* [unidentified] BLACKLAAR, Catherine Kittivity** Patrick Howlet
Mary Butler
n/g [*This entry says "Married William Foot at Melvin Port in England.", but it is unclear if the priest actually meant to write "of" instead of "at". ** Kitty Vitty is a variant of Quidi Vidi, a small village at the east end of St. John's.]
Y 12-Mar 1806 St. John's MEEHAN, Patrick Carrick on Suir [Co. Tipperary] WHITE Ann
alias HEARN?
n/g Patrick & Mary Sweny n/g [alias Hearn may be alias Kean.]
Y 12-Apr 1806 St. John's DOLLARD, Thos. Parish of Grange, Co. Kilkenny MEAGHER, Mary St. John's John Meagher
Margaret Roberts &c
James O'Donel  
Y 18-Apr 1806 St. John's ROE, Richard Parish of Monchien*, Co. Kilkenny POWER, Mary Parish of Mullinahoen**, Co. Tipperary John Power
Catherine Farrel
n/g [*A variant of Mooncoin and ** a variant of Mullinahone.]
  Page 46/153                  
Y 26-Apr 1806 St. John's RYAN, Timothy Parish of Kilmurray*, Co. Limerick BRIEN, Mary Parish of Fedimore**, Co. Limerick Richard Call
the R. Rev. Doctor O'Donel
n/g [*A variant of Killmurray and ** a variant of Fedamore.]
Y 6-May 1806 St. John's DOBBYN, Patrick Parish of Tramore, C[o]. Waterford LAHY, Mary St. John's Andrew Murphy
Elizabeth Mahony
Y 7-May 1806 St. John's COADY, Michael Parish of Innisteague*, Co. Kilkenny CONNERS, Mary Petty Harbour her Father Thomas Conners
Mary Flaherty
n/g [*Parish name usually spelled Inistioge.]
Y 10-May 1806 St. John's RONAN, John Ross, [Co. Wexford] HUNT, Mary Ross, [Co. Wexford] James O'Hara
Jane Robertson
Y 15-May 1806 St. John's WALSH, Nicholas Parish of Innisteague*, Co. Kilkenny KEEF, Bridget Parish of Thomas Town, Co. Kilkenny Morgan Kavanagh
Mary Dwyer
n/g [*Parish name usually spelled Inistioge.]
Y 19-May 1806 St. John's PHELAN, Michael Parish of Mothil*, Co. Waterford CARBERRY, Mary Trinity Bay Thoms Hearn
Mary Flin
n/g [*Parish name usually spelled Mothel.]
Y 25-May 1806 St. John's COSTELLO, James Parish of Rosbericome*, Co. Kilkenny RYAN, Margaret Carrick on Suir [Co. Tipperary] Patrick Hines
Margaret Henesy
James O'Donel [*Parish name sually spelled Rosbercon.]
  Page 47/154     Image 20            
Y 24-May 1806 St. John's CARROL, John Parish of John's Town, Waterford SHERLOCK, Mary Parish of Faha, [Co. Waterford] D[iocese] Waterford Rich'd Aylward
Mary Murphy &c &c
Mich'l O'Donel  
Y 1-Jun 1806 St. John's LEAKMAN, Rob't St. John's RYAN, Abigal St. John's Wm. Granville
Margaret Coal
M. O'Donel  
Y 1-Jun 1806 St. John's HEFFERNA, Denis Parish of Cashil, Co. Tipperary FARRESY, Ellinor St. John's Thos.Aylward
Ellenor McCarty
M. O'Donel  
Y 22-May 1806 St. John's LEAHY, James Waterford HIDE, Jane Bay Bulls Peter Wyse
Mrs. Wyse
M. O'Donel  
Y 20-Jun 1806 St. John's PHELAN, Rich'd Mothel, Co. Waterford GREEN, Catherine Carrick on Suir, [Co. Tipperary] Martin Purcil
Mary Miles &c &c
J. O'Donel  
Y 1-Aug 1806 St. John's WHITE, Patrick Parish of Dunbrody, Co. Wexford HERRALD, Rebecca Harbour Grace John Dooly
Wm. Morley
Elizabeth Wyse
M. O'Donel  
Y 26-Sep 1806 St. John's WALSH, John Parish of Ross, Co. Wexford DELEANY Parish of Ross, Co. Wexford James McLoughlan
Mary Dolehonty
James O'Donel  
Y 20-Oct 1806 St. John's HAYDEN, Thoms. Parish of Drumcan[n]on, Co. Waterford STAPLETON, Catherine St. John's Bernard Green
Mary Maddock
Y 23-Oct 1806 St. John's DUGGIN, Patrick Parish of Grage, C[o.] Waterford SHEA, Anastasia n/g John Lynch?
Mary Shea
n/g [Grage was likely Graigue, however I found no indication that any towns beginning with that name were parishes at any time.]
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Y 30-Oct 1806 St. John's GALAVAN, Dennis City of Waterford QUINLAN, Bridget St. John's John Phelan
Martha Keating
Y 31-Oct 1806 St. John's WHITE, Joseph Parish of Timmon* ROBERTS?, Hanna n/g Dennis Moor
Mary Murphy
n/g [*This parish is unclear, but it may be Taghmon, Co. Wexford.]
Y 3-Nov 1806 St. John's CURREEN, Patrick Parish of Dungarven [Co. Waterford] DOLOHENTY, Hanora St. John's John Dolohenty
Mary Caroll
Y 3-Nov 1806 St. John's PHELAN, Wm. Parish of Gowran, C[o.] Kilkenny DRENAN, Mary Mullinahone, C[o.] Tip[p]erary James & Mary Phelan n/g  
Y 3-Nov 1806 St. John's WALSH, James Parish of Monchien*, Co. Kilkenny MACKEY, Mary Parish of Innisteague,** Co. Kilkenny Patrick Howlet
Elleanor Shortal
n/g [*A variant of Mooncoin and ** a variant of Inistioge.]
Y 5-Nov 1806 St. John's WILLIAMS, Phillip City of Waterford IVORY, Elizabeth Harbour Grace Richard Everard
Catherine Clark
  Page 49/156     Image 21            
Y 9-Nov 1806 St. John's TRAMES?, Christopher Dingle, C[o]. Kerry ROACH, Joana St. John's Jeremiah Crawley
Catherine Mullaly &c
Y 9-Nov 1806 St. John's MURPHY, Patrick Parish of Shanboe?*, Co. Wexford HAYES, Elizabeth Coolstuff, [Co. Wexford] Nicholas Frarole?
Bridget Doyle &c
n/g [*May be an abbreviated name for the parish of Templeshanbo.]
Y 12-Nov 1806 St. John's HICKEY, Richard City Waterford PHELAN, Tabita Broad Cove, Conception Bay James Phelan
Catherine Goss &c
Y 12-Nov 1806 St. John's MURPHY, James Parish of Simolin*, [Co. Carlow] POWER, Margaret Witless Bay John Howlet
Michael Hines
Mary Howlett
n/g [Simolin seems to be a phonetic rendering of St. Mullin(s).]
Y 14-Nov 1806 St. John's REDDY, Richard Ferryland SILVY, Sara St. John's R. Rev. Doctor Lambert
Rev. Wm. Cleary &c
Y 15-Nov 1806 St. John's BURK, Martin Parish of Kilmagamy*, Co. Kilkenny DOGERTHY, Mary Parish of Owninn**, [Co. Kilkenny] Mich'l Coady
Hanora Burner &c &c
n/g [* This parish was usually spelled Kilmaganny and ** this parish was usually spelled Owning.
  Page 50/157                  
Y 15-Nov 1806 St. John's NEILL, John Formuse [Fermeuse] KENEDY, Mary Harbor Main Constantine Neill
Mary McDonnel &c &c
Y 17-Nov 1806 St. John's CULLOTON, Martin Ross [Co. Wexford] AYLWARD, An[n] Bonavista Patrick Nowlan
Mary Ronan &c
Y 20-Nov 1806 St. John's KEEF, James St. John's CARRAGAN, An[n]
St. John's Wm. Mullins
Ellen Dolander &c
Y 21-Nov 1806 St. John's COSTELLOE, Thom's Ross [Co. Wexford] MIDLETON, Margaret Bay Bulls Mich'l Comerford
Catherine Farrel &c
Added 23-Nov 1806 St. John's n/g, Patrick Ross [Co. Wexford] PIKE, Anastasia Ross [Co. Wexford] John Pike
Mary Murphy
n/g [Added to index under bride's surname.]
Y 23-Nov 1806 St. John's CRANE, John n/g FLAHERTY, Mary n/g John Murphy
Rose Doyle
Y 29-Nov 1806 St. John's WALL, Phillip Parish of Ownen*, C[o]. Kilkenny FRENCH, Jane Petty Harbour Patrick & Hanora Kiely n/g [*This parish was usually spelled Owning]
Y 29-Nov 1806 St. John's MULLOY, Thom's St. John's HONAN?, Catherine St. John's Doctor Coughlan
Mary McDonnell
  Page 51/158     Image 22            
Y 29-Nov 1806 St. John's AHERN, John Parish of Cove*, C[o]. Cork MAHONY, Mary St. John's John Kenely
Bridget Magher
n/g [*The Irish spelling of this parish is generally Cobh, which is pronounced "cove".]
Y 2-Dec 1806 St. John's BRIEN, John St. John's ALLEN, Jane Portugal Cove James Brien
An[n] Kehoe
Here follows the Marriages under the Administration of Doctor Lambert
Y 2-Jan 1807 St. John's POWER, Michael Parish of C[o]. Waterford KELLY, Mary Parish of Kilmagney* [Co. Kilkenny?] Michael Kelly
Joana Power &c
n/g [*Possibly the parish of Kilmaganny, Co. Kilkenny.]
Y 6-Jan 1807 St. John's SNELGROVE, James Conception [Bay] DOYLE, Catherine Ross, [Co. Wexford] Philip Maginiss
Joana Roach
Y 6-Jan 1807 St. John's WALSH, William C[o]. Waterford MCNAMARA, Betty n/g Patrick Flannery
Patrick Redmond
Mrs. Redmond &c &c
  Page 52/159                  
Y 1-Feb 1807 St. John's MURPHY, James St. John's COUGHLAN, Alice St. John's William Coughlan
Mrs. Coughlan
John Burke
Y 6-Feb 1807 St. John's NORRIS, Philip Whitless Bay SLATTERY, Catherine Clogheen [Co. Kilkenny] John Norris
Mary Hearn
Y 9-Feb 1807 St. John's PHELAN, Richard Parish of Kilea* KENNY, Mary Carrick Begg,** [Co. Waterford] Mich'l Brophy
Mary Magrath
n/g [*There are two strong candidates for Killea in southeastern Ireland - Co. Waterford or Co. Tipperary. ** Carrickbeg is a suburb of Carrick on Suir, Co. Tipperary, but is actually located across the Suir River in Co. Waterford. ]
Y 9-Feb 1807 St. John's SLIEVN?, John Parish of Droning* PENDER, Elenor St. John's William Armstrong
A. Cleary?
n/g [*Unable to match this spelling to any known parish.]
Y 9-Feb 1807 St. John's POWER, John Parish of Rathcormick, [Co. Cork?] PINE?, Margret Parish of Rathcormick, [Co. Cork?] n/g Power
Thos. Power
Mrs. Walsh
Y 10-Feb 1807 St. John's FARREL, Nicholas Parish of Taughmon* DOYLE, Bridget Parish of Chapel, [Co. Wexford] James Moor
Thos. Briek?
Margret Stafford
n/g [* likely the parish of Taghmon, Co. Wexford.]
  Page 53/160     Image 23            
Y 31-Mar 1807 St. John's HALLORAN, Dennis Middleton, Co. Cork HORROD, Grace
alias THOMAS
St. John's John O'Neil
Jane Undering?
Y 10-Apr 1807 St. John's WALSH, James Parish of Poulpestie*, C[o.] Wexford LEARY, Mary Harbour Main Michael Murphy
Mary Carrol
n/g [*This location refers to a townland, generally spelled Poulpesty or Pollpesty.]
Y 13-Apr 1807 St. John's CONWAY, Luke Waterford MOUNTAIN, Joanna
alias POWER
St. John's James Elward
Clara Power
Y 10-May 1807 St. John's POWER, John n/g WALSH, Catherine n/g Samuel Brien
William Malone
Rev'd F Rielly?
Y 18-May 1807 St. John's LAWLER, John n/g HICKEY, Mary n/g Daniel Dwyer
Joseph Walsh
Y 18-May 1807 St. John's BISHOP, Robert Bread Fort, Dorset, England BARRY, Sara Trepassey Thoms. Daley
Margaret Fennely
n/g [*It cound be a phonetic rendering of Bradford.]
Y 2-Jun 1807 St. John's PURCELL, Edmond Parish of St. John's, Kilkenny STONE, Maria St. John's Patrick Colfer
Imma Dawson
Y 2-Jun 1807 St. John's DUGGAN, James Waterford CARROLL, Mary St. John's John Barry, Smith
Tim Slanery? &c
  Page 54/161                  
Y 3-Jun 1807 St. John's BRIDEL, William St. John's Street, Gory? [Co. Wexford] CONLEY, Elenor Prince Ed'rd Island John Conley
George Fitz
Patt Elram?
Y 17-Jun 1807 St. John's DAVIES, Nicholas St. John's CULAHAN, Catherine St. John's Philip Anderstran
Susannah Poddle
Y 13-Jul 1807 St. John's EVERARD, Richard St. John's POWER, Mary St. John's Augustus McNamara
Mary Madden
Y 26-Jul 1807 St. John's MERRAGEN, Stephen City of Waterford MURPHY, Marg't St. John's Mich'l Murphy
Joanna Dolahunty
Y 22-Aug 1807 St. John's NEALE, Daniel Tramore, Co. Waterford NORRIS, Elizabeth Witless Bay John Norris her father
Marg't Macaboy
Y 7-Sep 1807 St. John's BROWN, John John's Street (Waterford) MCDONEL?, Mary Mooncoine, Co. Kilkenny Patt Eleraham ?
Cath. Maleon?
n/g [Bride's surname ink smeared.]
Y 5-Oct 1807 St. John's DEVEREAUX, Nicholas Parish of Ross, [Co. Wexford] MORAN, Mary St. John's Philip Handerghan
Marg't Murphy
Y 10-Oct 1807 St. John's BULGER, Thomas Parish of Templeodon*, near Ross [Co.Wexford] BARRY, Mary City of Cork John Barry - uncle
James Heisce?
Cath'ne Barry
n/g [*I found no match for this parish name. It may be for Templeludigan since (old) Ross was close by.]
  Page 55/162     Image 24            
Y 16-Oct 1807 St. John's SMITH, James Londonderry MURPHY, Mary St. John's John Murphy
John Webb
Joanna Webb
Y 13-Oct 1807 St. John's RYAN, James St. John's CARTY, Marg't Graigenamanah. [Co. Kilkenny] James Mahony
Mary Bragg?
Y 7-Oct 1807 St. John's MAGHLOUGHLIN, James Bargy B. Town* SOMMERS, Elizabeth Portugal Cove Mich'l Macnamara
Anne Rogers
n/g [* This reference doesn't make sense; possibly a word missing. Bargy was a barony (B.?) in Co. Wexford.]
Y 12-Oct 1807 St. John's TOBIN, David n/g, Co. Kilkenny WALSH, Caroline Parish of Ballyhally*, Co. Kilkenny John Williams
Andrew Simson
Catherine Mellege
n/g [*This parish is usually spelled Ballyhale.]
Y 12-Oct 1807 St. John's PEPY, Moses St. John's ROACH, Anne Adamstown, Co. Wexford Will'm Power
Catharine Ronan
Y 15-Oct 1807 St. John's BULGER, Thomas City Waterford CODY, Mary City Waterford Nich'as Cody
Mary Magrath
Y 16-Oct 1807 St. John's LONDERGAN, Andrew Tramore, Co. Waterford LYNCH, Mary Parish of Bansha, Co. Tipperary John Sullivan
Mary Peters?
Y 20-Dec 1807 St. John's DUBIN?, Patt City Kilkenny ROGERS, Mary Rosbercon, Co. Kilkenny John Pendergast
Honora Dwyre
n/g [Groom's surname may be Dobin - pen skip?
Y 16-Dec 1807 St. John's BRIEN, James Parish of Tergorman?*, Co. Waterford POWER, Mary
City of Waterford John Morris
Mary Morris
n/g [*No matching parish found for this entry.]
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Y 21-Dec 1807 St. John's MAURY, Edmond Parish of Muncoyne*, Co. Kilkenny SHEA, Bridget Parish of Portlaw, Co. Waterford Jeffrey Power
Mary Maury
n/g [* A variant spelling for Mooncoin.]
Y 23-Dec 1807 St. John's HEFFERNAN, John Gabally, Co. Limerick GLOBE, Martha Conception Bay Patrick Flannery
Joanna Bolan
Y 29-Dec 1807 St. John's WALSH, Olifer Grugue*, Co. Kilkenny DWYRE, Alice Balisle [Bell Isle i.e. Bell Island] Mich'l Doolin
Martin Dwyre
John Prendergast
n/g [* This parish was likely Graiguenamanagh, aka as Graig, or Graignamanagh.]
Y 0-Jan 1808 St. John's CONNOR, James St. John's KELLY, Elenor Tilton Harbour* John Power
Peter Wise
Mrs. Wise
  [*A settlement in Notre Dame Bay; later knows as Tilting Harbour and eventually just as Tilting.]
Y 4-Jan 1808 St. John's KENNEDY, James St. John's LAHY, Marg't St. John's her father Darby Lahy
Jno Lahy
Jane Hood
Y 12-Jan 1808 St. John's CODY, Nichloas St. John's BRIEN, Marg't
alias HYNES
n/g Pat Ebram
Dr. Lambert
Y 13-Jan 1808 St. John's KAVANAGH, Morgan St. John's WALKER, Honora Parish of Slieverew*, Co. Kilkenny David Tobin
Luke Maddock
Mrs. Tobin
n/g [*A variant spelling of Slieveroe.]
Y 16-Jan 1808 St. John's KELLY, John Parish of Mucklee, Co. Kilkenny SQUIRE, Mary St. John's Mich'l Nowlan
Patt Knox
Patt Ebram
Y 16-Jan 1808 St. John's MALONE, Michael Torbay CLARK, Catharine St. John's James Whitty
Anne Clarke?
  Page 57/164     Image 25            
Y 17-Jan 1808 St. John's WHELAN, Michael Parish of Tipperary, Co. Tipperay MULLOWNEY, Mary St. John's her father Will'm Mullowney
Edw'd? Whelan
Y 29-Jan 1808 St. John's RADFORD, Nathan'l Parish of Kilmannan, Co. Wexford DRISCOL, Mary
alias BYRNE
Co. Carlow Rev'd Mr.? Cleary
John Byrne
Ann Ronan
Y 28-Jan 1808 St. John's MOORE, Philip Parish of Gowray*, Co. Kilkenny MURPHY, Mary
alias SHEA
St. John's Redmond Cody
Rev'd Mr.? Cleary
n/g [*The last letter (squeezed in at the end of the line) looks like a w, however there was a parish name Gowran in Co. Kilkenny.]
Y 29-Jan 1808 St. John's KENNEDY, James Parish of Clearahan*, Co. Tipperary ROCH, Mary City of Waterford Thos. Foley
Mary Foley
n/g [*Parish name usually spelled Clerihan.]
Y 30-Jan 1808 St. John's QUIGLEY, Timothy Parish of Davidstown, Co. Wexford DOYLE, Elizabeth Torbay Peter Doyle
Catharine Magrath
Y 4-Feb 1808 St. John's MCDONALD, William Parish of Fahy*, Co. Waterford BRIEN, Patrenia St. John's Richard Aylward
Elizabeth Walsh
n/g [*The name of the location was likely Faha. While it did have a church, Faha may have actually been part of the RC parish of Stradbally.]
Y 4-Feb 1808 St. John's VALE, David Co. Waterford MONAHAN, Peasy Bay Bulls Doctor Rue
Thos. Keeffe
Francis McCarty
Y 7-Feb 1808 St. John's CRANE, Patrick Parish of Taghmon, Co. Wexford CULLOTON, Judith Parish of Adamstown?, Co. Wexford James Culloton
Anne White
N Villes?
  Page 58/165                  
Y 12-Feb 1808 St. John's CONNOR, John St. John's CODY, Anne
alias MESSER*
Bay Roberts John Conner
Anne Messer
n/g [*This surname was likley a phonetic rendering of the surname Mercer.]
Y 13-Feb 1808 St. John's WALSH, Walter Parish of Trinity, Co. Wexford KELLY, Esther Parish of Templeougedan*, [Co. Wexford] Francis Rourk
Anne Shaw
n/g [* This is likely the parish of Templeludigan.]
Y 16-Feb 1808 St. John's BRIEN, Richard Parish of Aglish, Co. Waterford HANAHAN, Mary Parish of Moncoine*, Co. Kilkenny William Scanlon
Cath'ne Hobin
n/g [*A variant spelling of Mooncoin.]
Y 23-Feb 1808 St. John's SHEA, John Parish of Killea, Co. Waterford KEHOE, Eleanor Parish of Poulprestha*, Co. Wexford Daniel Knowlin
Ellen Connor
n/g [*No matching parish found for this entry.]
Y 24-Feb 1808 St. John's CONNEL, Dennis Parish of Tullow, Co. Kilkenny MORRISSY, Margaret Muncoyne*, Co. Kilkenny Laurence Lacy
Nat Radford
Eleanor Driscol
  [*A variant spelling of Mooncoin.]
Y 25-Feb 1808 St. John's MANNING, William England KEARNEY, Margaret Parish of Carrick. [Co. Tipperary] Mich'l Murphy
Rich'd Mara
Mrs. Wise
Y 1-Mar 1808 St. John's HEARNE, Maurice Parish of Ross, Co. Wexford DOYLE, Rose Parish of Ross, Co. Wexford Patrick Douglas
Marg't Flemming
Y 1-Mar 1808 St. John's BOLIN, Edmund n/g WALSH, Mary n/g Mich'l Bolin
Mich'l Bolin
Mr.? James Sinnot
Y 17-Mar 1808 St. John's CRAMP?, Thos. Parish of Bolandesert*, Co. Waterford NEALE, Bridget St. John's her father James Neale
Richard Henessy
Anne Neale
n/g [*No matching parish found for this entry.]
  Page 59/166     Image 26            
Y 21-Apr 1808 St. John's POWER, Pierce Killbarren Eden Parish*, Co. Waterford POWER, Catharine St. John's Daniel Kelly
Eleanor Dillon
n/g [*No matching parish found for this entry.]
Y 22-Apr 1808 St. John's LYONS, Cornelius Parish of Ballinclane*, Co. Kerry BRIEN, Mary St. John's John Griffin
Mary Walsh
n/g [*Possibly for the parish of Ballinacuslane?]
Y 24-Apr 1808 St. John's COYLE, James Parish of Glanbryan, Co. Wexford WADE, Ann Sutton's Parish, Co. Wexford Will'm Brien
Eleanor Dillon
Y 24-Apr 1808 St. John's DUGGAN, Will'm Clonmel, Co. Tip[perary] FITZGERALD, Bridget St. John's Susanna Haine
John Connors
Y 27-Apr 1808 St. John's WALSH, James Parish of Deerpark, Co. Kilkenny LONDERGAN, Anastace Parish of Deerpark, Co. Kilkenny John Walsh
Mary Brasil?
Y 1-May 1808 St. John's WALSH, Walter St. John's BULGER, Mary Parish of Rore*, Co. Kilkenny John Flood
Eleanore O'Rielly
n/g [*Parish name usually referred to as "The Rower".]
Y 4-May 1808 St. John's BRIEN, Rob't St. John's BOW?, N Ferryland Jane Walker
Wil'm Slater
n/g Difficult to decipher bride's surname Bow or Row.
Added 9-May 1808 St. John's CORRYDON, Bryan Parish of Abbeydorney, Co Kerry FARREL, Anastace Graige*, Co. Kilkenny James Barry
Patt Ebram?
n/g [* This parish was likely Graiguenamanagh, aka as Graig, or Graignamanagh.]
Y 9-May 1808 St. John's CARTY, Francis Parish of Iniscorthy*, [Co. Wexford] DILLON, Eleanor Parish of Iniscorthy*, [Co. Wexford] Peter Brennan
Mary Kirwan
n/g [*Parish name usually spelled Enniscorthy.]
  Page 60/167                  
Y 10-May 1808 St. John's COOKE, Richard Parish of Callan, Co. Kilkenny POWER, Marg't
alias KELLY
St. John's Will'm Mara
James Foley
Eleanor Power
Y 13-May 1808 St. John's BOW, John Trepassey FYNN, Eleanor Trepassey Patrick Flannery
John Power?
Bridget Dwyre
Y 13-May 1808 St. John's POWER, William Parish of Bonmeaghan*, Co. Waterford SLINY?, Margaret Parish of Bonmeaghan*, Co. Waterford John Cahil
John Pender
Patt Ebram
n/g [Bride's surname may be Sliny - a variant of Slaney. * The parish name, Bonmeaghan, may have been for Bonmahon, a village which it seems was later part of the Roman Catholic parish of Stradbally??.]
Y 25-May 1808 St. John's WALSH, Mich'l Parish of Dingle, Co. Kerry WALSH, Alice Harbour Grace John Phelan
Mary Mara
Y 27-May 1808 St. John's NEAL, James Parish of Rathpatrick, Co. Kilkenny CONNERS, Catharine Harbour Main James Mahoney
Mary Walsh
Y 5-Jun 1808 St. John's TRACY?, Michael Kilkenny MULLINS, Eleanor St. John's James Keefe
Anne Keefe
Y 5-Jan 1808 St. John's MCCABE, Thos. n/g BRETT, Mary
alias POWER
n/g Darby McCabe
Patt Ebram
Y 11-Jun 1808 St. John's LAWLESS, Francis Parish of St. Mouling*, Co. Carlow ELWARD, Mary City of Watreford Rich'd Elward
Elizabeth Elward
n/g [*Parish name was likely St. Mullin(s).]
Y 21-Jun 1808 St. John's DONAL, John Carrig on Suire, Co. Tipperary COUGHLAN, Anne Carrig on Suire*, Co. Tipperary Louis ?gasir
Sarah Donel
n/g [*Parish name is usually spelled Carrick on Suir.]
Y 25-Jul 1808 St. John's SMART?, John Parish of Maherlin*, Co. Down WALSH, Marg't St. John's Joseph Quan
Mary Waters
n/g [* This parish is also recorded in Irish records as Magheralin or Maralin.]
  Page 61/168     Image 27 & 28            
Y 30-Jul 1808 St. John's WRIGHT, Danael Parish of Tralee, [Co. Kerry] MAHIR, Bridget
alias PHALAN
Ferryland John Clarke
Margaret Hayes
Y 1-Aug 1808 St. John's KNOWLIN, John Parish of Old Ross [Co. Wexford] PRENDERGHAST, Mary St. John's Patt Knowlin
Mary Brien
Y 9-Aug 1808 St. John's BUTLER, Rich'd Parish of Mullinavat, Co. Kilkenny GORDON, Phillis Witless Bay John Green
Mary Dalton
Y 15-Aug 1808 St. John's MACALLISTER, Walter Grennock [Scotland] KEARNEY, Cath'ine Waterford Mary Kearney
Patt Ebrams
Dr. L[amber]t
Added 13-Sep 1808 St. John's MCRATH?, James n/g O'DONELL, Mary n/g Henry Duggan
David Tobin
Mrs. Walsh
n/g [Old Roman Calender month -7ber - given for September]
Y 16-Sep 1808 St. John's ALLEN, John Parish of Kill, Co. Waterford HICKEY, Mary St. John's John Fitzgerald
John Collins
Marg't Fenly
Y ??-Oct 1808 St. John's DENN, Maurice Witless Bay CAREY, Marg't Witless Bay Joseph Carey
Thomas Norris
Mary Murphy
n/g [Old Roman Calender month -8ber - given for October - no day recorded]
Y ??-Oct 1808 St. John's DUNN, John Parish of Ballinakill, Co. Queens MURPHY, Bridget St. John's James Farrell
Mrs. Farrell
Christina Foran
Y ??-Oct 1808 St. John's CASEY, John Parish of Lismore, Co. Waterford COMMERFORD, Marg't
alias FOLEY
Parish of Cashel [Co. Tipperary] Dan'l Kane
Mich'l Purcell
Honora Millick
Y 11-Oct 1808 St. John's YARD, Stephen Witless Bay MALONE, Anne Parish of Glanmore*, Co. Kilkenny John Mealy
Elizabeth Norris
n/g [* It appears the parish name was actually Glenmore,]
Y 16-Oct 1808 St. John's MAHIR, James Galmoy Parish, Queen's Co. DOGHERTY, Anne Inisteague*, Co. Kilkenny Mich'l Murphy
Mary Ryan
Patt Fleming
n/g [* Parish name is usually spelled Inistioge.]
Y ??-Oct 1808 St. John's KEILY, Thos Stradbally, Co. Waterford FENLY, Marg't
alias M??N
Placentia Patrick Cullen
Marg't Sarah? Mullowney
n/g [Entry squeezed in at the bottom page - difficult to read - date certain.]
  Page 62/126                  
Y 1-Nov 1808 St. John's HUNT, Rich'd Parish of Tramore, Co. Waterford DONOLLY, Bridget St. Mary's Patt Redmond
N?. Walsh
Mary Coughlan
n/g [Old Roman Calender month -9ber - given for November]
Y 7-Nov 1808 St. John's BROPHY, James Templeoinan*, Co. Kilkenny WALSH, Elizabeth
alias BRIEN?
City of Watreford Dennis Brien
William Walsh
n/g [*Parish name usually spelled Templeoram.]
Y 9-Nov 1808 St. John's WALSH, Patrick Parish of Onan*, Co, Kilkenny FEWER, Mary St. Mary's Patrick Walsh
Redmond Gowes?
Cath'ne Cannon
n/g [*Parish name usually spelled Owning.]
Y 9-Nov 1808 St. John's KEARNY, Will'm Big Bell Isle CLEGNY, Mary Port de Greve [Grave], now Quidy Vitty Edmond Byrne
Anastace Dunn
n/g [Quiddy Vitty is a variant spelling for Quidi Vidi, a small fishing village at the east end of St. John's.]
Y 12-Nov 1808 St. John's POWER, Patrick Parish of Balliheal*, Co. Kilkenny KILEGHAN, Mary Bay Bulls John Farrell
John Power
His Mother
Eliz. Knowlin
n/g [*Parish name is usually spelled Ballyhale.]
Y 12-Nov 1808 St. John's CONNOR, Owen Sutton's Parish, Co. Wexford R[E]DDY, Mary St John's, late Fermose [Fermeuse] James Reddy
James Holly
John Smart
Marg't Brien
Y 12-Nov 1808 St. John's WALSH, Wil'm Moncoyne*, Co. Kilkenny MURPHY, Esther Killan, Co. Wexford Mich'l Murphy
? Pheland
Betsy Polmeal?
n/g [*A variant spelling of Mooncoin.]
Y 14-Nov 1808 St. John's TIBBS, John Brigues by North [Brigus, Conception Bay] WALSH, Mary St. John's Patt Walsh
Cath'ne Fitzsimmons
Thos. Springhan
Y 14-Nov 1808 St. John's POWER, Edward City of Waterford SUPPLE, Catharine St. John's Phillip Williams
Tim Ryan
Mary Kane
Y 17-Nov 1808 St. John's CONSTANTINE, Jonathon Petty Harbor KEILY, Miss Petty Harbor Doctor Lambert
Robert French
Mrs. French
Y 19-Nov 1808 St. John's COSTELLO, Martin Harbour Main ESECHIEL, Sarah Harbour Main Simon Gorman
James Moore
Anne Curtis
  Page 63/125     Image 29            
Y 20-Nov 1808 St. John's PHELAN, Edmond Balinnaning*, Co. Waterford JURDIN, Elenor Brickess** John Sheady
Simon Jurdin
Sara Vinagim
n/g [*No match for the spelling of this parish, but it may be Ballylaneen. **Brickess appears to be for Brigus South.]
Y 22-Nov 1808 St. John's CROW, Thos. Parish of Temple???gain*. Co. Wexford WHITTY, Ann
alias DOD[D]
Torbay Edmund Cahill
Ellen Bradbury
n/g [* Parish may be Templeludigan?.]
Y 23-Nov 1808 St. John's YARD, George Witless Bay MCCARTY, Mary Harbor Grace John Power
Mathew Power
Marg't Cullen
Y 25-Nov 1808 St. John's BRIEN, Olifer Torbay FORD, Serah Tilton Harbor*, Rich'd Brein
Miss Walsh
n/g [*A settlement in Notre Dame Bay; later knows as Tilting Harbour and eventually just as Tilting.]
Y 26-Nov 1808 St. John's DOYLE, James Parish of Inisteague*, Co Kilkenny WALSH, Anastace Parish of Glenmore, Co. Kilkenny James Walsh
Marg't Walsh
n/g [*This parish was usually spelled Inistioge.]
Y 25-Nov 1808 St. John's DELANY, Martin Parish of Inisteague*, [Co Kilkenny] BRIEN, Mary Thomastown [Co. Kilkenny] Joseph Griffith
Bridget Kearsey?
n/g [*This parish was usually spelled Ennisteague.]
Y 27-Nov 1808 St. John's FLYNG, John Parish of Lyckertown?*, Co. Waterford POWER, Cath'ne St. John's her Father Mich'l Power
John Power
Ann Bolin
n/g [*No match for the perceived spelling of this parish, but it may be for Lickoran?.]
Y 27-Nov 1808 St. John's KNOWLAN, Daniel Parish of Kilegany, Co. Wexford BENT, Alice City of Waterford Patrick Currin
Mary Bent
John Bent
Y 28-Nov 1808 St. John's PHELAN, John Ferryland MEYLER, Mary Parish of Ponpeschta?, Co. Wexford John Byrne
Anne Doran
n/g [Unable to decipher/identify the bride's home parish.]
Y 28-Nov 1808 St. John's MURPHY, Thos. Parish of Old Ross [Co. Wexford] MURPHY, Anne
alias DUDLIN
Ferryland Patt Meyler
Mary Maddock
  Page 64/124                  
Y 1-Dec 1808 St. John's RYAN, William Parish of Skart*, Co. Kilkenny WALSH, Marg't Parish of Skart,* Co. Kilkenny Michael James Walsh
Mary Magrath
n/g [This location is usually recorded as Skeart, however it appears it may have actually been part of the parish of Thomastown.]
Y 1-Dec 1808 St. John's FINN, Rich'd n/g DWYRE, Rosa City of Waterford Walter Murphy
Cap't Pew
Mary Mahgrath
Y 3-Dec 1808 St. John's DAY, James n/g FITZSIMMONS, Catherine n/g Mr. Walsh
Peter Wise
Brien Fitzsimmons
Y 4-Dec 1808 St. John's PIKE, John Parish of Ross, Co. Wexford MURPHY, Joanna
Parish of Ross, Co. Wexford Thomas Costello
Mary Gall
Y 6-Dec 1808 St. John's GLEESON, Patrick Parish of St. James, Co. Wexford BARRY, Cath'ne
alias SCOTT
n/g John Power
Timothy Flanery?
Will? Leg
Mary Russel
Y 12-Dec 1808 St. John's GEHAN, Nicholas Parish of Killegancy* [Co. Wexford] GEHAN.Nancy Parish of Poulpesty**, [Co. Wexford] Martin Moloy
Patt Ebrams
Patt Baligee
n/g [* This parish may refer to Killegney, Co. Wexford ** This location refers to a townland, generally spelled Poulpesty or Pollpeasty.]
Y 22-Dec 1808 St. John's MORRIS, James Parish of Tintern, Co. Wexford MULCAHY, Mary Bay Bulls Peter Prim
Bridget Prim
Martin Foley
Y 29-Dec 1808 St. John's MALOUNEY, James Parish of Tiperery? PETERS, Mary Parish of Tiperery? D. Dugan
Mr. Thos. Williams
Mr. Redmond
n/g [Not clear if a parish name or if it was meant to be Co. Tipperary??]
Y 31-Dec 1808 St. John's DOYLE, Michael Torbay MAGRATH, Catherine Parish of Slieve Reu*, Co. Kilkenny Mich'l Cullen
Elizabeth Quigley
n/g [*Parish name usually spelled Slieverue.]
Y 5-Jan 1809 St. John's WALSH, James Moncoyne*, Co. Kilkenny MALONE, Eleanor Rossbarcan**, Co Kilkenny James Malone
Mary Horgan
Rich'd Elward
n/g [* A variant spelling of Mooncoin. ** This parish is usually spelled Rosbercon.]
Y 5-Jan 1809 St. John's FARRELL, Thos. Parish of Lismore, Co. Waterford FORAN, Eleanor
alias BRIEN
St. John's Pierce Scully
Mich'l Farrel
Mary Murphy
  Page 65/123     Image 30            
Y 7-Jan 1809 St. John's DOYLE, Edmund Parish of Ballindagan*, Co. Wexford KENNY, Bridget St. John's her father Rich'd Kenny
Martin Murphy
Marg't Hickey?
n/g [*Parish name usually spelled Ballindaggin.]
Y 9-Jan 1809 St. John's HACKETT, Joseph St. John's BRIEN, Mary St. John's Timothy Brien
Anne Walsh
Y 26-Jan 1809 St. John's CLANCY, John Parish of Kilbaremidon*, Co. Waterford SQUIRES, Anne St. John's Martin Fitzgerald
Mary Elward
n/g [* Likely the parish pf Kilbarrymeadon.]
Y 6-Feb 1809 St. John's MEIGHAN?, Mich'l Feathard*, Co. Tipperary BYRNE, Mary St. John's Capt'n McBraire
John Slater
Mary Coghlan
n/g [*Parish name usually spelled Fethard.]
Y 7-Feb 1809 St. John's WALSH, John Parish of Grenann*, Co. Waterford DRENNAN, Alice Parish of Mullinahone, Co. Tipperary Wil'm Phelan
James Phelan
Mary Downs
n/g [*Unable to identify location?]
Y 9-Feb 1809 St. John's BURKE, Martin Bay Bulls BARRY, Mary Parish of Bertts*, Co. Kilkenny Michael Ryan
Mary n/g
n/g [*Unable to identify location?]
Y 10-Feb 1809 St. John's BORROWES, Thos. Parish of Sheviron*, Co. Kilkenny CARBERRY, Joanna City of Watreford Patt Cantwell
Mary Maddock
n/g [*Unable to identify location, possibly parish of Shiffin]
Y 13-Feb 1809 St. John's CAREY, Joseph Bay Bulls ARMSTRONG, Elizabeth
alias BURKE
Bay Bulls Dennis Scot
Elizabeth Byrne
Y 13-Feb 1809 St. John's KIELLY, Laurence Waterford DELEANY, Catherine Ross, [Co. Wexford] Mr. MacAllester
Thos. Meagher
James Lane
Y 14-Feb 1809 St. John's MORTON, Thos. St. John's CARROLL, Judith Clonmell, Co. Tipperary Stephen Brien
Eleanor Barker?
John Phelan
Y 1-Mar 1809 St. John's PATTEN, John Bristol, [England] GRANT, Anastace Torbay Thos. Kelly
Maria Purcell
  Page 66/122                  
Y 17-Feb 1809 St. John's DOYLE, Dennis New Ross ,[Co. Wexford] DRISCOL, Eleanor n/g Nath'l Radford
Dinah Roberts
n/g [Date is unclear, but it looks like Feb 17.]
Y 9-Apr 1809 St. John's MAHON, Will'm Parish of Taghmon, Co. Wexford MURPHY, Margaret
St. John's Nath'l Radford
Mary Lane?
Y 11-Apr 1809 St. John's REDMOND, Martin New Ross, [Co. Wexford] STRANGE, Bridget Harbour Maine Robert Jackman
Judith Connors
Y 17-Apr 1809 St. John's MCCARTY, Mich'l Parish of NewMarket, Co. Kilkenny LE BROC?, Susan St. John's Robert Baird
Mary Power
Y 18-Apr 1809 St. John's MULLALLY, Michael Parish of Mullinahone, Co. Tipperary STEVENS, Anne Belle Isle [Bell Island] Will'm Stevens
Mary Goosney
Y 20-Apr 1809 St. John's PHELAN, Edmund Parish of Monchoin*, Co. Kilkenny BROPHY, Anne St. John's John Chambers?
Elizabeth Gifferd
n/g [*Avariant spelling of Mooncoin.]
Y 2-May 1809 St. John's PHELAN, Edward Parish of Tipperary, Co. Tipperary MCDONALD, Sarah Trinity Wil'm Slater
Rachel Hogan
Y 12-May 1809 St. John's FEEHAN, Wil'm Parish of Onaan*, Co, Kilkenny LINEGAR, Bridget Parish of Glanmore**, Co. Kilkenny Laur'ce Kavangh
Mary Corrin
n/g [*Parish name is usually spelled Owning. ** Unable to find a parish named Glanmore, however there are references to a Glenmore, which may have later on been part of Kilmacow Parish.]
Y 16-May 1809 St. John's WILY, Robert Ross, Co. Wexford ANDREWS, Elizabeth Port de Greve [Port de Grave] Mr. Boucher
Sarah Reed
Y 23-May 1809 St. John's PARLE* John Parish of Wexford, Co. Wexford CULLEN, Marg't Parish of Ross, [Co. Wexford] Mich'l Corrin
Joanna Delahunty
n/g [* A phonetic rendering of the surname Parrell.]
  Page 67/121     Image 31            
Y 27-May 1809 St. John's MAHIR, Patrick Parish of Scart*, Co. Kilkenny COLLINS, Eleanor St. John's Dennis Connel
Mary Morrarty
n/g [*Parish name usually spelled Skeart.]
Y 1-Jun 1809 St. John's QUIRK, James St. John's REDDY, Mary Parish of Ballingarry, Co. Tipperary John Cahill
Judith Morton
Y 11-Jun 1809 St. John's MCCARTY, Dennis St. John's KNOWLIN, Alice Harbour Main Joanna Fitzgerald
John Cleary
Y 17-Jun 1809 St. John's RYAN, Thomas Carig [Carrick] on Suir, [Co. Tipperary] RYAN, Eleanor St. John's Patt Ryan
Henry Shea
Mary Anne Power
Y 19-Jun 1809 St. John's MOODY, John Grennock [Scotland] HENESSY, Mary Ferriland [Ferryland] Thomas Bulger
Mary Peppy
Y 24-Sep 1809 St. John's BROWN, Sam'l n/g KELLY, Joanna n/g Mich. Murphy
Mary Keaton
Y 17-Sep 1809 St. John's FORTUNE, John Parish of Adamstown, Co. Wexford FITZGERALD, Mary St. John's Philip Waters
Denis Fitzgerald
n/g a mistake [I assume the priest's reference is to the entry being out of sequence - not the marriage itself!!]
Y 3-Oct 1809 St. John's HOWARD, William Colleys Biddle, Dorsetshire MULCAHY, Eleanor Carig, [Carrick on Suir] Co.Tipperary Will'm Mara
Elizabeth Doyle
n/g [Old Roman Calender month -8ber - given for October]
Y 13-Oct 1809 St. John's PAGE, Steven Parish of Caddington, Bedfordshire IRELAND, Mary
St, John's ahas.* Kilmacow Patrick Curren
Elizabeth Prowse
n/g [The notation which looks like "ahas." may actually be "alias" meaning in Latin, "otherwise, or at another time or place" i.e. formerly of??
Y 14-Oct 1809 St. John's DUNN, Mich'l Parish of Muncoyne*, Co. Kilkenny MURPHY, Esther Parish of Muncoyne*, Co. Kilkenny Thos. Hobin
Cath'ne Kenny
n/g [*A variant spelling of Mooncoin.]
Y 24-Oct 1809 St. John's DUMPHY*, John Trepassey MOORE, Mary Trepassey John Brien
Patrick Esmomd?
Maria Purcell
n/g [*Dumphy is likely a phonetic rendering od the surname Dunphy.]
Y 29-Oct 1809 St. John's DOOLING, Daniel Parish of Lisdowney, Co. Kilkenny CRAMP?, Bridge Parish of Mullendethart*, Co. Waterford Robert Wiley
Mary Walsh
n/g [*No match with any recorded parish.]
  Page 68/120                  
Y 1-Nov 1809 St. John's LANNON, Laurence Parish of Gowran, Co. Kilkenny MURCH, Mary
alias CREDLIN?
St. John's - alias?* Deven Dan'l Brophy
Prudence Saunders
n/g [Old Roman Calender month -9ber - given for November. *Alias meaning "formerly of"?]
Y 6-Nov 1809 St. John's LONDREGAN, William Parish of Gammonsfield, Co. Tipperary CAREY, Mary Witless Bay Will'm Hynes
James Murphy
Charlotte Tobin
[The next two entries are baptisms rather than marriages. It is not known at this time if these entries were transferred to the baptism register at a later date.
  10-Nov 1809 B[apt]. Richard, son Hugh Kennedy and Rose Williams. Spon: Mr. Durney and Mary Barn?
14-Nov 1809 B[apt]. Elizabeth, daug't Edward Reddy and Sara Sleey. Spon: Brien Kavanagh and Eliz'th Stickly.
Y 17-Nov 1809 St. John's KEEFE, James Parish of Tullaher, Co. Kilkenny MORIARTY, Mary St. John's Jeremiah Morrarty
Maria Purcell
Y 19-Nov 1809 St. John's CANAVAN, John Parish of Gurthnehough*, Co. Tipperary MAHIR, Mary Parish of Gurthnehough*, Co. Tipperary Mich'l Purcell
Mary Foley
n/g [*Parish name usually spelled Gortnahoe.]
Y 20-Nov 1809 St. John's DOWNS, Thos. Parish of Tintern, Co. Wexford WALSH, Anne St. John's Phillip Williams
John Ahearne
Y 21-Nov 1809 St. John's FLEMMING, Patrick Parish of Rore*, Co. Kilkenny RYAN, Eleanor St. John's William Long
Eleanor Connors
n/g [*Parish name usually referred to as The Rower.]
Y 21-Nov 1809 St. John's FINNESSY, James Parish of Carrigbeg*, Co. Waterford GOFF, Elizabeth St. John's Richard Phelan
Mary Mara
n/g [*Parish name usually spelled Carrickbeg.]
Y 27-Nov 1809 St. John's HEANEY, William Parish of Loughmore, Co. Tipperary MYRICK, Honora Parish of Cashel, Co. Tipperary Michael Myrick
Mary Dwyre
Y 1-Dec 1809 St. John's COMMERFORD, John Parish of Muncoyne*, Co. Kilkenny MAHIR, Judith
alias HAYDEN
Parish of Graig**, Co. Kilkenny James Cunningham
Mary Mara
n/g [*Avariant spelling for Mooncoin. **A shortened form of the parish of Graugnamanagh - aka Graiguenamanagh.]
Y 2-Dec 1809 St. John's BYRNE, Laur'ce Old Ross, Co. Wexford CULLEN, Anne Sutton's Parish, Co. Wexford Patrick Moyler
Joanna Murphy
  Page 69/119     Image 32            
Y 10-Dec 1809 St. John's HYNES, John Parish of n/g, Co. Tipperary HORAN, Mary Parish of n/g, Co. Tipperary Walter MacAllaster
Patrick Flannery
Marg't Redmond
Added 18-Dec 1809 St. John's DEVILAND?, Patrick Parish of Denes Fort*, Co. Kilkenny BUTLER, Joanna Parish of Onaan**, Co. Kilkenny Patrick Butler
Mary Cantwell
n/g [*This parish was very likely Danesfort - aka Dunfort/ Dunfert or Dunsert, etc. **This parish is usually spelled Owning. Groom's surname was indexed as Ferorland, but I believe it to be Deviland.]
Y 2-Jan 1810 St. John's MACCOLMAN, Donald Island of Islay, Scotland POWER, Mary Anne St. John's Will'm Power (her father)
Patt Ryan
Charlotte Madock
Elizabeth Wyse
Y 4-Jan 1810 St. John's HENESSY, Dennis Parish of Ross, Co. Wexford SEALY, Susanna Bonavista John Gerret
Ellen Armstrong
Y 10-Jan 1810 St. John's MCDONALD, Michael Quiddy Vitty* BRETT, Anne
Quiddy Vitty* Francis Henessy
Bridget Hickey
n/g [* A variant spelling for Quidi Vidi, the small fishing village at the east end of St. John's.]
Y 10-Jan 1810 St. John's REDMOND, Mich'l Sutton's Parish, Co. Wexford EUSTACE, Bridget New Ross, Co. Wexford John Murray
John Cahill
Michael Murphy
Y 14-Feb 1810 St. John's MORAN, Peter Parish of Kilmore, Co. Longford SANGFIELD, Mary Fohoit?, Upper Canada her father Richard Sangfield
Eleanor Reardon
Francis Toole
Y 25-Feb 1810 St. John's BUTLER, Thomas Butlers Cove?? MORIN, Mary
alias CLEEKNY?
Port de Grave Simon Cleary
Robert Courage
Y 25-Feb 1810 St. John's SHIELDS, John St. John's SHORTAL, Ellen City of Waterford, Parish of Trinity Henry Waters
Bridget Kearsey
Y 1-Mar 1810 St. John's WALSH, James Parish of Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny CRANE, Cath'ne Parish of New Ross, Co. Wexford Patrick Crane
Margaret Murphy
Y 5-Mar 1810 St. John's MURPHY, Martin Parish of Dunkit[t], Co. Kilkenny BOLAN, Mary Parish of Bagorman?* Mich'l Slone
Patt Henessy
Cath'ne Farrell
n/g [*Unable to locate a match for this parish.]
Y 6-Mar 1810 St. John's SHALLOE, John Parish of Sliev Reu*, Co. Kilkenny KING, Mary
alias WILLS
n/g Martin Fitzgerald
Catharine Shalloe
n/g [Parish name usually spelled as Slieverue.]
Y 6-Mar 1810 St. John's DWYRE, Thomas South Parish, City of Cork CAREY, Mary Parish of Ross, Co. Wexford Owen Sweeny
Bridget Walsh
Page 70 (Image 32) and Page 71 (Image 33) have entries that were recorded by Rev'd Michael O' Donel in the Bonavista Bay and Notre Dame Bay areas in 1803. It is obvious from these records that he had travelled to these areas in late July and early August of that year. Because he wrote the entries upside down in the register, the sequence the pages are reversed from the other register entries. I have transcribed the pages in the order that they were written by Rev'd O'Donel, so the cronological sequence is 71 and then 70.
Marriages to the Northward -- in 1803
  Page 71/117     Image 33            
Y 20-Jul 1803 Fogo KENNEDY, Edmond Cloyn[e], Co. Cork FOGARTY, Margaret Thurless [Thurles, Co. Tipperary] Thos. Lombard
James Truegard
M. O'Donel [Fogo, Notre Dame Bay]
Y 23-Jul 1803 Fogo PICKETT, Thos. Fogo KIEF,Bridget Tilton Harbour* John Toomey
David Power
M. O'Donel [*A settlement in Notre Dame Bay; later knows as Tilting Harbour and eventually just as Tilting.]
Y 1-Aug 1803 Greens Pond STOKES, John Kings-Stag, Dorsetshire CULL, Jane Greens Pond Mich'l Lonnergan
Anne Cull
Mary Dick &c
M. O'Donel [Greenspond, Bonavista Bay]
Y 2-Aug 1803 Greens Pond KENNEDY, Richard Parish of Passage, D[iocese] Waterford MILLER, Hanna Greens Pond Mich'l Lonnergan
Mary Sexton &c &c
M. O'Donel [Greenspond, Bonavista Bay]
Kings Cove [Bonavista Bay]
Y 6-Aug 1803 Kings Cove AYLWARD, James Bonavesta MASH, Hanna Kells Rich'd Keating
Catherine Legg
M. O'Donel  
Y 8-Aug 1803 Kings Cove BRIEN, James Kilkenny WALSH, Mary Kells. Bonavesta Bay Rich'd Keating
John & Elenor Hogan
M. O'Donel  
Y 9-Aug 1803 Kings Cove WALSH, Thomas Youghal, [Co. Cork] SULLIVAN, Margaret Kings Cove Edward Green
Mary Ryan
M. O'Donel  
Y 9-Aug 1803 Kings Cove RYAN, James Kings Cove LONG, Mary Bonevista Patrick Ryan
Thos. Long
Catherine Long
M. O'Donel  
Y 10-Aug 1803 Kings Cove SULLIVAN, James Clonmel [Co. Tipperary] AYLWARD, Catherine Keels Daniel Hurley
Edward Green
M. O'Donel 27 years taking [This notation at the end the entry is unexplained??]
Y 12-Aug 1803 Kings Cove LONG, Thos. Youghal [Co. Cork] LEGG, Catherine Bonavista Daniel Hurley
John Ding?
M. O'Donel  
  Page 70/118     Image 32            
Y 13-Aug 1803 Bonavesta KELLY, John Carrick on Suir, [Co. Tipperary] ELLIOT, Mary Keels Rich'd Keating
John Butler
M. O'Donel [Above this first entry is the page number? 118]
Y 15-Aug 1803 Bonavesta JOY, James Granny Ferry, [Parish of Kilmacow, Co. Kilkenny.] HAYWARD, Anne Bonavesta John Magner
Daniel Maguire
Ellen Walsh
M. O'Donel  
Y 15-Aug 1803 Bonavesta LEGG, Isaac Bonavesta GALE, Ann Bonavesta Thos. Downey
Mary Kelly
M. O'Donel  
Y 16-Aug 1803 Bonavesta KELLY, Maurice Bonavesta POWER, Catherine Bonavesta Redmond Flinn
Anne Kelly
M. O'Donel  
Y 19-Aug 1803 Bonavesta MACKEY, Thos. Faha, City of Waterford PICHARD, Martha Bonavesta John Butler
Elizabeth Goleher
M. O'Donel  
Y 21-Aug 1803 Bonavesta MOREY, James Castle-hide [Castle Hyde], Co. Cork KELLY, Bridget Bonavesta John Kelly
Margaret Downey
M. O'Donel  
Y 21-Aug 1803 Bonavesta MURPHY, John Clashmore, Co. Waterford FITZGERALD, Elizabeth Bonavesta John Sullivan
Thos. Fitzgerald
M. O'Donel  
[There are two more entries on this page that are crossed out, above which is noted "entered farther over". The page ends with this notation "These are the Bonavesta marriages".
  Page 72/116     Image 33            
Y 8-Mar 1810 St. John's MOLLOY, Will'm St. John's MEALY, Joanna Trepassey John Mealy (her Father)
Elizabeth (her sister)
Y 21-Apr 1810 St. John's MCGRATH, James Ross, [Co. Wexford] MADDOCK, Catherine St. Jo[h]n's Mrs. House?
Mrs. Paice?
Mrs. Murphy
Y 30-Apr 1810 St. John's WALSH, Thos, Parish of Mot[h]el, Co. Waterford MAGRATH, Sarah
Trinity James Flemming
Rachael Hogan
Y 12-May 1810 St. John's LOUGHMAN, Templeoran [Templeoram], Co. Kilkenny NASH, Catherine St. John's John Connor
Mary Bolan
Y 24-May 1810 St. John's GRANVILLE, William Quiddy Viddy* PHELAN, Anne Parish of Newbawn, Co. Wexford John Casey
Margaret Stafford
n/g [* A variant spelling for Quidi Vidi, the small fishing village at the east end of St. John's.]
Y 26-May 1810 St. John's WALSH, Martin Parish of Kilmacow, Co. Kilkenny KENEDY, Bridget Nine-Mile House, Co. Tipperary James Fitzgerald
Mich'l Madock of Carbonear
Judith Kearney
Y 26-May 1810 St. John's MALONE, Sylvester Parish of Roer*, Co. Kilkenny CORBAN, Mary Port de Greve [Port de Grave] Patt Flemming
Mary Anders
Eleanor Corban &c
n/g [*This parish was usually recorded later as "The Rower.]
Y 29-May 1810 St. John's WHITE, Edmond Parish of Knocktopher, Co. Kilkenny SHEA, Mary Anne Parish of Balbricken [Ballybricken]*, City Waterford Thos. Dwyre
Marg't Molloy
n/g [*aka the parish of Trinity Without.]
Y 1-Jun 1810 St. John's MALONE, Patrick St. John's HYNES?, Honora Parish of Inisteague*, Co. Kilkenny James Malone
Mary Power
n/g [*Parish name usually spelled Inistioge.]
Y 1-Jun 1810 St. John's LARKIN, Jerome Parish of Mullinahone, Co. Tipperary DOOLING, Joanna Parish of Carrig [Carrick on Suir], Co. Tipperary Laur'ce Niel
Cath'ne Russell
n/g [The number 116 is written upside down at the bottom of this page.]
  Page 73/115     Image 34            
Y 21-Jun 1810 St. John's HARTY, Michael Parish of Lismore, Co. Waterford DUGGAN, Mary? Parish of Ballyheal*, Co. Kilkenny James Duggan
Eliz'h Kearney?
n/g [*Parish name usually spelled Ballyhale.]
Y 11-Jul 1810 St. John's O'DONEL, John Parish of Killcash [Kilcash], Co. Tipperary MAGRATH, Mary St. John's David Tobin
Mary MacDonel
Y 11-Jul 1810 St. John's FLOOD, John Parish of Roer*, Co, Kilkenny WALSH, Judith Parish of Ballyhealy, Co. Kilkenny Graham Little
Eleanor Doyle
n/g [*This parish was usually recorded later as "The Rower.]
Y 29-Jul 1810 St. John's MCDONALD, Michael Parish of Iverk, Co. Kilkenny DUNPHY, Cath'ne Parish of St. Mary's, Co. Tipperary John Dunphy
Cath'ne McDonald
Y 10-Aug 1810 St. John's WALSH Will'm St. John's
alias Petty Harbour*
FRENCH, Mary Anne Petty Harbour Patt Walsh his brother
Mary French
n/g [* the word alias appears to mean "formerly of".]
Y 25-Aug 1810 St. John's DOWNEY, John Parish of Knocknagashall, Co. Kerry MURPHY, Marg't Parish of Inisteague*, Co. Kilkenny Thomas Shehan
Onora Williams
n/g [*Parish name usually spelled Inistioge.]
Y 7-Sep 1810 St. John's DOWNEY, Patrick Diocess of Waterford HERRON, Anastace Diocess of Waterford John Foley
Judith Doran
Y 9-Sep 1810 St. John's FARRELL, William Clonmel [Co. Tipperary] DUMPHY*, Mary Clonmel [Co. Tipperary] Thos. Dumphy
Maurice Malone
n/g [A phonetic rendering of the surname Dunphy.]
Y 20-Sep 1810 St. John's HAYDEN, Thos. Parish of St. Nicholas, Carrig on Suir* MCCARTY, Frances
alias DURNEY?
Parish of St. Nicholas, Carrig on Suir* John Forrestal
Mary Ryan
n/g [* St. Nicholas appears to be the church name in the parish of Carrick on Suir, Co. Tipperary.]
Y 23-Sep 1810 St. John's GLYNN, John B[ay] Bulls RICE, Elisabeth Parish of Slieve Roue*, Co. Kilkenny James Armstrong
Eleanor Glynn
n/g [*Parish name is usually spelled Slieverue.]
Y 23-Sep 1810 St. John's BARRY, Patrick Carrig on Suir, [Co. Tipperary] FURLONG, Judith
Ross [Co. Wexford] Pat Flanery
Marg't Carney
Y 3-Oct 1810 St. John's GORMAN, Thomas Parish of n/g, Co. Kilkenny MULLELY, Catherine St. John's Mr. Buckley
Mary Hanlin
Y 7-Oct 1810 St. John's FITZGERALD, John Old Ross, Co. Wexford POWER, Elizabeth
alias ????
St. John's Laur'ce Power
Mary Power
n/g [The number 115? is written upside down at the bottom of this page.]
  Page 74/114     Image 34 &35            
Y 13-Oct 1810 St. John's BRIEN, James Parish of Hook, Co. Wexford FURLONG, Marg't Parish of Glinn [aka Glynn, Co. Wexford] Thos. Sommers
Elisabeth Sutton
Y 15-Oct 1810 St. John's SQUIRES, Rich'd Belleisle [Bell Island] MACCARTY, Elisabeth Quidy Viddi* Steven Long
Cath'ne Moore
n/g [* A variant spelling for Quidi Vidi, the small fishing village at the east end of St. John's.]
Y 15-Oct 1810 St. John's BUTLER, Richard Dangin More, Co. Kilkenny MACDONALD, Cath'ne St. John's Michael Power
Joanna Kenny
Y 28-Oct 1810 St. John's RYAN, Henry Rossgarland [Rosegarland], Co. Wexford DUFF, Mary
alias DOYLE
Parish of Island, Co. Wexford Patt Ebram
Thos. Summers
Mary Morris
Y 29-Oct 1810 St. John's SCOTT, Phillip Tintern, Co Wexford MULCAHY, Sarah Bay Bulls
alias* Westard Bay
Michael Mulcahy
Bridget Primm
n/g [* appears to indicate that Sarah was formerly from Wesetrn Bay, Conception Bay.]
Y 1-Nov 1810 St. John's WALL Wm. Parish of Rossbercan, Co. Kilkenny GORDAN, Nancy Wickles Bay [Witless Bay] Wm. Hyans
Mary Gordon
Y 10-Nov 1810 St. John's MAGRATH, James Parish of Slieverue, Co. Kilkenny TUBBERT, Anne Parish of Tintern, Co. Wexford David Tobin
Anastace Malone
Y 10-Nov 1810 St. John's ATKINS, Thos. Petty Harbour LAMBERT, Mary Toads Cove John Lambert
Mary Flemming
Y 11-Nov 1810 St. John's HUET, Michael Parish of St. Mullins, Co. Carlow BUTLER, Marg't Parish of Onan*, Co. Kilkenny Martin Carroll
Mary Flemming
n/g [*Parish name usually spelled Owning.]
Y 11-Nov 1810 St. John's KEHOE, John Parish of KIlcash, Co. Tipperary RYAN, Cath'ne
alias MALONE
alias KEILY?
St. John's John Williams
Mary Delany
Y 12-Nov 1810 St. John's WALSH, Patrick St. John's
now of Petty Harbour
MACMAHON, Elisabeth
Petty Harbour David Power
Mary Wise
Y 13-Nov 1810 St. John's DOYLE, Matthias Parish of Kilmacow, Co. Kilkenny CLEARY, Bridget
alias DAY
Parish of Trinity, Co. Waterford Owen Malowney
Eleanor Mahony
Y 15-Nov 1810 St. John's NORRIS, David Parish of Carrig [Carrick]on Suir, Co. Waterford* KEILLY, Ellen Petty Harbour James Keilly
Mary Constantine
n/g [*Waterford may be an error since Carrick on Suitr is usually Co. Tipperary.]
Y 16-Nov 1810 St. John's GRACE, Oliver Parish of St. Molins [Mullins], Co. Carlow MARTIN, Mary Torbay Phillip Grace
Sam Goss
Y 17-Nov 1810 St. John's NORRIS, Thos. Witless Bay POWER, Mary Parish of Thurless [Thurles], Co. Tipperary James Murphy
Mary Phelan
Y 16-Dec 1810 St. John's WHITTY, James Parish of Old Ross, Co. Wexford MALONE, Anty Torbay Mr. Malone
Peggy Poor
Y 18-Dec 1810 St. John's DOOLIN, John Parish of Tullagher, Co. Kilkenny BRENAN, Alice Parish of Ballyan[n], Co. Wexford Laurence Neil
Anne Ronan
n/g [The number 114 is written upside down at the bottom of this page.]
  Page 75/113     Image 36            
Y 22-Nov 1810 St. John's RYAN, Wm. Sutton's Parish, Co. Wexford DWIRE, Margaret Belleisle [Bell Island] Anne Walsh
N. Dooly
Y n/g 1811 St. John's MCNAMARA, Jas Parish of Clonmell, Co. Tipperary WHELAN, Susanna Parish of Clonmell, Co. Tipperary John Poor
Nancy Conolly
Y 23-Jan 1811 St. John's LACY, Laur'ce St. John's MURPHY, Mary St. John's Martin Glindon
Bridget Lacy
Y 24-Jan 1811 St. John's POOR David St. John's BRITT, Elizabeth H[arbour] Grace John Poor
Mary Flanery
Y 29-Jan 1811 St. John's WALSH, Wil'm Parish of Muncoyne*, Co. Tipperary KEATING, Mary St. John's John Power
Jno Hearne
Mary Hearne
n/g [*A variant spelling of Mooncoin.]
Y 31-Jan 1811 St. John's CODY, James Parish of Carrig [Carrick on Suir] , Co. Tipperary WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Bay Bulls John Cahill
Jno Williams
Y 8-Feb 1811 St. John's KEILLY, Laurence Petty Harbour CHAFFE, Maria Petty Harbour James French
Cath'ne Mara
Y 10-Feb 1811 St. John's FARRELL, Mich'l Parish [of] Clonea [Cloneagh] , Queens Co. DELUNTY, Joanna Brikes by South [Brigus South] James Farrell
Cath'ne Farrell
Y 14-Feb 1811 St. John's FITZGERALD, Francis Parish of St. Paul, Cith of Cork RONAN, Onora
alias DALY
Youghal, [Co. Cork] John Carsey
Joanna widow Murphy
Y 26-Feb 1811 St. John's ATKIN, Thos. St. Patrick's, Dublin MCDONALD, Marg't St. John's Mich'l McDonald
Sarah Healy
Y 26-Feb 1811 St. John's POOR, John Quiddy Viddy* KEATING, Martha H[arbour] Main James Neil
Martha Barrett
n/g [* A variant spelling for Quidi Vidi, the small fishing village at the east end of St. John's.]
Y 15-Apr 1811 St. John's FLING, Michael Noch Brie*, Co. Waterford FLYNG, Cath'ne St.Mich'ls, Carig [Carrick] on Suir, Co. Tipperary Phil Dwyre?
Cath'ne Power
n/g [*Unable to locate parish in Co. Waterford.]
Y 21-Apr 1811 St. John's PINE, William Parish of Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny RAY, Mary St. John's James Neary
Penelope McDonough
Y 22-Apr 1811 St. John's DOWER, Walter Parish of Killee, Co. Waterford KAVANAGH, Elizabeth
alias STOKES
Bay Bulls John French
Esther Cody
Y 2-May 1811 St. John's CASEY, Richard Parish of Burress*, Co. Tipperary GRANT, Bridget Parish of Rossbercon, Co. Kilkenny Dennis Bryan
Luke Conway
Cath'ne Cahill
n/g [* Burriss may be a shortened form for one of several parishes beginning with the name Borris, or a parish known as Moycarky and (Two-Mile) Borris.]
Y 15-May 1811 St. John's LONG, Wil'm St. John's DOYLE, Anne Adamstown, Co. Wexford Patt Knowlas?
Mary Loughman?
  Page 76/112                  
Y 21-May 1811 St. John's HAUGHNEY, Richard Parish of Gowran, Co. Kilkenny DWYRE, Leonora St. John's her father Thos. Dwyre
Eleonora Norris
Thos. Cummins
Y 20-May 1811 St. John's BURN, Gerrett Parish of Kilmacow, Co. Kilkenny NEWLAN, Mary B[ay] Bulls Dr. Rowe
Betsy Newlan
Y 25-May 1811 St. John's CROW, James Co. Kilkenny CORRIGAN, Anastice Co. Kilkenny n/g n/g [Priest's notation "two old offenders".]
Y 26-May 1811 St. John's WHITE, Timothy Wind Gap, Co. Kilkenny GLOADY?, Cath'ne Parish of Ullard, Co. Kilkenny Thos. Rowkett
Mary Jordan
Y 1-Jun 1811 St. John's DUNN, John Stradbally, Queens Co. POWER, Cath'ne Carrig Beg, Co. Waterford Edward Lowry Voucher
Lucy Bulger
Y 4-Jun 1811 St. John's WALSH, Patrick Parish of Ring, Co. Waterford DELANEY, Mary
alias BRIEN
Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny Roger Flahaven
Mary Hickey
Y 7-Jun 1811 St. John's ALLAN, Samuel New Bradford, Massachusetts, CROSBY, Anne Parish of Aglus [Aglish], Co. Waterford Atenny [Anthony?] Thrask
Wil'm Walsh
Y 14-Jun 1811 St. John's GLEESON, Will'm Fethard, Co. Tipperary MYERS, Alice Clonmel, Co. Tipperary Thos. Bates
Mich. Meighan
Cath'ne MacDonald
Y 19-Jun 1811 St. John's NOWLAN, Patrick Parish of Old Ross, Co. Wexford BRUSHET?, Anne Bonavista Edward Moran Q.Co.?
Mary Quin
Y 22-Jun 1811 St. John's REARDAN, Peter Abbey Parish, Co. Limerick STIENTON, Catherine Carrick on Suir, Co. Tipperary Wm Murphy
Sarah Sweetland
Y 8-Jul 1811 St. John's MIRES, Ml. Strasbourg, Germany BURN, Anastasia n/g Sara Cagly?
Elizabeth Burn
Y 17-Aug 1811 St. John's BURK, Walter Parish of St. James, Co. Wexford BARNS?, Bridget Tintern, Co. Wexford Ml Barns?
Margaret Forrestal
n/g [Bride's surname appears to spelled Barns.]
Y 18-Aug 1811 St. John's KEOUGH, Luke n/g GLOODEY, Elis'th n/g Jno Grace
Mary Gloodey
Y 22-Aug 1811 St. John's KENNEDY, Edmund NFL'd DOYLE, Elizabeth NFL'd Ml O'Donnel
Serah Pennell
Y 3-Sep 1811 St. John's BULGER, Ml Adamstown, Co. Wexford DOWNS, Mary n/g Captain Cullen
Mary Quin
Y 13-Sep 1811 St. John's KELLY, Gilbert Parish of Tintern, Co Wexford NIEF, Margaret Ross, Co. Wexford Mr. Summers
Mary North
  Page 77/111     Image 37            
Y 20-Nov 1811 St. John's NEIL, Laur'ce Parish of Tullagher, Co. Kilkenny FLYNN, Mary Parish of Tullagher, Co. Kilkenny Mich'l Driscol
Bridget Grant
Y 20-Nov 1811 St. John's GALLAVAN, James Parish of Roer*, Co. Kilkenny BULGER, Bridget Parish of St. Molins [Mullins], Co. Carlow Henry Duggan
Bridget Dreelan
n/g [*A variant spelling of the parish later recorded as "The Rower".]
Y 21-Nov 1811 St. John's RYAN, Charles Trepassey & St. John's MOLLOY, Marg't Sutton's Parish, Co. Wexford Martin Molloy
Mary Murray
Y 22-Nov 1811 St. John's HOLDEN, John Parish of Inisteague*, Co. Kilkenny REDDY, Bridget Parish of Inisteague*, Co. Kilkenny Wil'm Phippard
Mary Cooney
n/g [*Parish name was usually spelled Inistioge.]
Y 27-Nov 1811 St. John's NEAL, Mich'l Fermuse [Fermeuse] KENEDY, Mary Harbour Main James Walsh
Marg't Magrath
Y 29-Nov 1811 St. John's CODY, Wil'm Parish of Gran[g]e, Co. Kilkenny ENGLIS, Mary Parish of Ballylooby, Co. Tipperary Jerry Larkin
Marg't Knowlan
Y 30-Nov 1811 St. John's FITZGERALD, John Parish of Trinity Without, Co. Waterford PURCELL, Elizabeth Portugal Cove John Corcoran
Mary Purcell
Y 1-Dec 1811 St. John's CLANCY, Thomas Parish of Templeoran*, Co. Kilkenny MOORE, Cath'ne Hugganstown, Co. Kilkenny Thos. Power
Eleanor Ryan
n/g [The month (December) is written per the old Roman calendar as 10ber. *The parish name is usually spelled Templeoram.]
Y 4-Dec 1811 St. John's CURTIS, Mortimer Parish of Rath, Co. Clare MOORE, Bridgett Parish of Iscarth*, Co. Kilkenny James Doyle
Onora Kavanagh
n/g [*Unable to identify the parish but it may be Dysert?]
Y 2-Dec 1811 St. John's FLAHAVEN, Roger Parish of Stradbally, Co. Waterford FLEMMING, Anne St. John's Nich'as Cody
Marg't Roe
Y 3-Dec 1811 St. John's MERRIGAN, Thos. Parish of Medilligoe, Co. Waterford WALSH, Elisabeth St. John's John power
Elizabeth Brett
Y 6-Dec 1811 St. John's BYRNE, Laur'ce Parish of St Molins [Mullins], Co. Carlow DELANY, Elizabeth
alias KENEDY
Harbour Main Terence Kavanagh
Rich'd Elward
Mary Walsh
Y 13-Dec 1811 St. John's BUTLER, Phillip Parish of St ????* , City of Kilkenny O NEAL, Susannah n/g Pat Ryan
Jos. Costello
???? McLean
n/g [*Unable to identify the parish name]
Y 27-Dec 1811 St. John's TORNEY, John Parish of Down, Co. Down ST. JOHN, Alice St. John's John Byrne
Mary Screech?
Mary Dwyre
Y 6-Jan 1811 St. John's CAHILL, Thos Parish of Tintern, Co Wexford BYRNE, Marg't Parish of Tintern, Co Wexford Phillip Howlett
Joannna Commerford
Y 27-Dec 1811 St. John's TROY, James Parish of Inch, Co. Tipperary RYAN, Marg't Boherlaan [Boherlahan], Co. Tipperary Dan'l Ryan
Mary Meighans
[Page 110 marks the meeting point for baptisms and marriages which initially were in the same common register. It appears marriages were recorded starting at the first page of the register, and baptisms were recorded starting on the last page of the register, with the book inverted. This arrangement was used for approximately 10 years. Even though page 110 has only 3 baptism records but 9 marriage records, the page was retained as part of the separate baptism register. The entries below were never copied over to the separate marriage register even though most of them were included in the marriage register index when it was compiled.]
  Page 110     Catholic Basilica of St. John the Baptist - Image 36 - Baptisms with index 1802-1820
Y 30-Sep 1811 St. John's DALTON, Thomas n/g MURPHY, Anty n/g John Grace
Mary Ryan
Y 1-Oct 1811 St. John's MAGRATH, Richard n/g FOGARTY,Margaret n/g Thomas Butler
Allice Conway
Y 4-Oct 1811 St. John's WALSH, Martin Parish of Killmacow, Co. Kilkenny MURPHY, Margaret Ross, Co. Wexford Patt Ebram
Mary Cullen
Added 7-Oct 1811 St. John's SHEEN, Rich'd n/g MURPHY, Cath'n n/g James Murphy
Mary McCabe
Y 14-Oct 1811 St. John's GRANT, James n/g FITZGERALD, Joanna n/g Garrett Meade
Mary Farrel
Y 19-Oct 1811 St. John's CONNELL, Thos. n/g CODY, Anestas n/g Rich'd Hennessey
Bridget Arnold
Y 19-Oct 1811 St. John's DELANEY Nich's n/g MORAN, Mary n/g Wm. Duggan
Mary Duggan
Y 19-Oct 1811 St. John's BUTLER, John n/g CAIREW, Serah n/g DoctorRowe
William Hines
Joanna Cairew
Y 19-Oct 1811 St. John's FITZGERALD, Patk n/g CASY n/g Mch'l Ceasy
Ellen Ryan

Transcribed and Contributed by Kevin Reddigan (April 2014)
Updated January 2017

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