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1793, 1797 - 1799

St. John's District

This page contains the earliest surviving marriage records for St. John's Roman Catholic Parish, later known as the Roman Catholic Basilica Parish of St. John the Baptist. During this era, only four RC parishes had been established in Newfoundland i.e. St. John's, Ferryland, Placentia, and Harbour Grace. As the first established and largest parish, St. John's performed marriages and baptisms for many outlying settlements in eastern Newfoundland that did not have access to the other established parishes.

These marriages have been transcribed from digital images of original records that are currently posted on under Newfoundland, Church Records, 1793-1945, St. John's, Catholic Basilica of Saint John the Baptist, Marriages 1793 - 1820. Details contained in   [square brackets]   have been provided by the transcriber to clarify some of the abbreviations used in the originals and to provide additional information to researchers. Some of the surnames, names, place-names, etc. are very hard to decipher and their spellings tend to vary greatly in these parish registers. They have been recorded here as I perceive they are written in the originals. In addition to the many spelling variations, there are lexicons used in the originals which are not familiar to most of us. For example, &c. (an old form of etc.) is used under Witnesses to indicate "and others". The word alias, in respect to a bride, appears to indicate she was a widow and gives her maiden name. In a few cases, a previous married name and maiden name are provided. In relation to a place-name, the same word (alias) is used to denote "formerly of". Some priests also used month references based on the ancient ten month Roman calender. In that format November, for example, is written in the original as 9ber, since it was the ninth month of the Roman calendar.

RC Basilica Marriages
1793, 1797-1799

St. John's City

This document, although labeled "Marriages from 1793 to 1799" actually contains only a small number of marriages for the year 1793 and the years 1797-1799. The physical size of the document appears to be quite small, much like a pocket notebook, and the quality of the writing in the records suggests to me that it was likely just that, a jot-book used by a priest to record his "draft" entries. The pages are numbered 1 - 19, but none of the entries indicate the name of the officiating priest. This group of marriages is not indexed, likely because of the small number of entries. Based on the digital images, the small notebook appears to be attached to a full sized register containing marriage entries for 1799-1820. It is attached between the index pages for 1799 - 1811 and the actual marriage entries for that time-frame.

Over the years some comments (in pencil?) were written diagonally on the front cover of this notebook, but it is unclear which marriage records were being addressed in the comments. It says:
"N.B. These marriages are registered in the handwriting of W.? J. O'Donel + MFH" (Bishop O'Donel was actually known as James Louis O'Donel.)
"N.B. not so, for I find? this writing as late as 1810. Bp O'Donel left in 1806 + MFH *"
"* unless he wrote them in Ireland & sent them out" [to Newfoundland]

These notations are likely those of Michael Francis Howley (1843-1914) Newfoundland born priest, archbishop, and author. The last comment (with the asterisk) is rather interesting since part of the folklore/speculation concerning missing parish records in Newfoundland is that a number of them were carried to Ireland when some Irish priests returned home. It appears that Archbishop Howley thought there may have been a grain of truth to the folklore. How else could Bishop O'Donel have written (i.e copied?) them in Ireland. For the record, no Newfoundland parish registers have ever been found in Ireland, and I think that the Archbishop was mistaken about the handwriting beyond 1806.
Date of Marriage
Married at
Last Permanent Residence
Last Permanent Residence
City, Town, Parish, etc.
City, Town, Parish, etc.
Page 1     Image 5 or 6            
2-Apr 1793 St. John's NEAGLE, Garrett Parish of Carrik,
D[iocese] of Waterford
MICHELL, Mary St. John's Mich'l Cahil
Mich'l Mara
Bridget Harrahill &c.
  [The groom was likely from the Parish of Carrick-on-Suir (southern Tipperary) which now falls under the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore.]
7-Apr 1793 St. John's HEALEY, Edmund Parish of Kilmachoe SEXTON, Mary St. John's Edmund Mulloy
Denniss Brien?
Anty Mulloy
  [Edmund's parish was likely Kilmacow, Co. Kilkenny. The name Anty is an Irish diminutive of Anastasia/Anastatia.]
14-Apr 1793 St. John's QUAYS, Richard Parish of Thomastown, C[ounty] Kil[kenny] NEILL, Mary Parish of Carrik* Patrick Hanery?
Ellenor Delany
  not pd. [Quays likely a spelling based on the pronunciation of the surname Keyes. *The bride was likely from the Parish of Carrick-on-Suir (southern Tipperary) which now falls under the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore.]
Page 2     Image 7            
13-Apr 1793 St. John's HAUGHTON, John Parish of Thomastown, C[ounty] Kil[kenny] RYAN, Mary St. John's John Smyth
William Delany
  not pd.
Page 3                  
4-Nov 1793 St. John's FLANNERY, Patrick Parish of StradBally, County of Waterford CULLOTON, Bridget Parish of Sutton's, County of Wexford Daniel Connor
Michael Kiersy
5-Nov 1793 St. John's SHEA, John Quittivity WALSH, Eleanor St. John's James Shahan?
his daughter &
Mary More
  [Quittivity refers to the village, east of St. John's, now known as Quidi Vidi.]
7-Nov 1793 St. John's MADDEN, Thomas Parish of Ballyneill, D[iocese] of Lismore PHELAN, Mary St. John's Miss Jenkins
Ned Phelan &c.
  [This parish appears to be in southern Co. Tipperary, and may also be spelled as BallyNeale in some documents]
Page 4     Image 8            
11-Nov 1793 St. John's SLATTERY, Edmund Clonmell [Co. Tipperary] DEVERIX, Anastasia
(alias WALSH)
Waterford Daniel Hurley
Pat Knox
  [Clonmel is the largest town in Co. Tipperary.]
11-Nov 1793 St. John's TEE, Sylvester Ross, Count[y] Wex[ford] DINN, Margaret Toads Cove Nicholass Cullen
Mrs. Canon
  [This couple settled in the Toads Cove/Burn Cove area.]
11-Nov 1793 St. John's PRENDERGAST, Thom's Sutton's Parish, Count[y] Wex[ford] KEEF, Mary Toads Cove Nicholass Cullen
her mother &c &c.
  [This couple settled in the Cape Broyle area.]
17-Nov 1793 St. John's POWER, Mich'l Parish of Tentern, Count[y] Wex[ford] BRIEN, Mary St. John's her father,
sister &c &c.
  [Parish usually spelled Tintern.]
16-Nov 1793 St. John's O'DONEL, Thom's Feathard, Count[y] Tip[perary] BARRETT, Mary St. John's Mich'l O'Reily
& her ???
  pd. only .13.6 [Parish usually spelled Fethard. The shortened form "9ber" used for the month of November.]
Page 5                  
2-Nov 1793 St. John's KEEF, Denniss Parish of Thom'stown, C[ounty] Kilkenny MORISEY, Mary St. John's [No witnesses recorded]    
23-Nov 1793 St. John's TOBIN, Maurice Cappaquin [County Waterford] WALSH, Margaret St. John's Patrick Flannery
Daniel Hanley?
  pd. [aka Capaquin, Cappoquin]
Page 6     Image 9            
Matrimonia 1797
9-Oct 1797 St. John's WALSH, Patrick Parish of Monchian, County Kilkenny KENNA Petty Harbour Patrick Knox
Mary Mionihin?
  [The spelling of the parish name appears to be one of the many variant spellings of Mooncoin (in Irish: Móin Choinn).]
29-Oct 1797 St. John's MOREY, William Parish of Passage, County Waterford MUDGE, Anora
Porta Grave Thom's Power
Mrs. Sheil?
  [Porta Grave for Port de Grave, Conception Bay]
Page 7                  
16-Oct 1797 St. John's CLEARY, Simon Parish of Nash, County Wexford MURREN, Sara Kitavity Charless McHugh
Bryan Fitzpatrick
Mary Cliertony?
  [Kitavity is another variation for the village at the east end of St. John's, now known as Quidi Vidi.]
25-Oct 1797 St. John's BOLAN, Nich'ls? St. John's POWER, Mary Petty Harbour [No witnesses recorded]    
3-Nov 1797 St. John's KEOGH, James St. John's GRENAN, Joana St. John's John Ready
Margaret Wall
Page 8     Image 10            
3-Nov 1797 St. John's BROWN, John Parish of Tentern, County Wexford MURPHY, Catherine St. John's Edmond Mulloy
Anty Mulloy
her Fr. &
Mother &c.
  [Parish usually spelled Tintern.]
3-Nov 1797 St. John's MURPHY, Laurence Wexford Town PIKE, An[n] St. John's Martin Fahey
Nicholass Power
Catherine Murphy
22-Dec 1797 St. John's STRICKLAND, Thom's [not given] WALL, Bridget St. John's Martin Fahey
Elizabeth Wall
  3 Dollars only pd. [Thomas was noted as being a soldier.]
27-Dec 1797 St. John's MURPHY, James County of Wicklow CONWAY, Bridget Bay Bulls Bartholemew Walsh
Nell Flan
Page 9                  
5-Jan 1798 St. John's WALSH, Patrick Diocess of Cashel MURPHY, Mary
Waterford Martin Fahey
Mary Prendergast
17-Jan 1798 St. John's BUTLER, John Parish of Cashel [County Tipperary] WILLIAMS, Sara Crumardan William Clancy
Martha Barret
  [No matches found for the placename Crumarden in the United Kingdom.]
18-Jan 1798 St. John's CLANCY, Rich'd Formuse [Fermeuse] PINE, Elizabeth St. John's William Mullins
Elizabeth ????
  not pd. but to be paid by Capt'n Roe
Page 10     Image 11            
22-Jan 1798 St. John's KEHOE, Andrew Sutton's Parish, County of Wexford BRIEN, Anna St. John's her Fr. &
Martin Fahy
29-Jan 1798 St. John's BULGER, Edward Bay Bulls CAREY, Ellen Bay Bulls Martin Ryan
Margaret Keef
  Pd. only £0.19.6
13-Feb 1798 St. John's DOYLE, Thomas Innischorty, County Wexford BRIEN, Elizabeth St. John's her Father &
Anna Kehoe
  [Likely for Enniscorthy, the second largest town in Co. Wexford.]
Page 11                  
17-Jan 1798 St. John's FARRELL, Mich'l Thomastown, County Tip[p]erary CAREY, Mary Killanall in s[ai]d County her Br.
Mrs. Ryan &c &c.
  [Likely for Killenaule (Irish: Cill Náile), a small town in southern Co. Tipperary.]
15-Feb 1798 St. John's POWER, James Waterford HAMHIL, Margaret St. John's Edmund Mulloy
& wife
Mrs Wyse &c.
17-Feb 1798 St. John's QUIRK, Cornelious Parish of Kilcash, County Tipperary DENORY, Margaret St. John's Herny Shea
Miss Little &c &c.
18-Feb 1798 St. John's MURRAY, John Ross, County Wexford MADDOCK, Ellen St. John's her Fr. & Mother
Capt'n McBrier &c &c &c.
Page 12     Image 12            
20-Mar 1798 St. John's FLYN, James Parish of Fennnor, County Waterf[or]d BRIEN, Mary
(alias CAMPBLEE) [Campbell?]
St. John's John Power
Mary Maddock
Page 13                  
26-Nov 1797 St. John's MCNAMARA, Michael City of Waterford FORESTALL, Mary Harbour Grace Thom's &
Mary Cadwell
27-Sep 1797 St. John's KEIRWICK, John Diocess of Cashel & Parish of Macharkee POWER, Joana St. John's Samuel & An[n] Brien
Thom's Lawler & An[n] Horan
  [It is likely that the parish was actually Moycarky in northern Tipperary. Research indicates the surname Kerwick was recorded there in 1829 and 1850.]
1-Dec 1797 St. John's POWER, Patrick Parish of Kilrossanty, County of Waterford SHANAHAN, Mary St. John's Rob't? Power
An[n] Moran
Page 14     Image 13            
8-Apr 1798 St. John's MURPHY, Michael County Wexford PRENDERGAST, Mary St. John's Mrs. Murphy
John Brown
Robert Dowlan
Page 15     Image 14            
9-Nov 1797 St. John's DOHERTY, George Sutton's Parish, [County Wexford] CONNERS, Catherine St. John's Mich'l Currin
Catherine Murphy
Page 16     Image 15            
10-Nov 1797 St. John's MURPHY, Laurence Wexford PIKE, An[n] St. John's Martin Fahy
Catherine Murphy
Nicholass Power &c.
  [duplicate record, with a different date.]
27-Nov 1797 St. John's MOCKLER, William Diocess of Cashel BRIEN, Dolly Bay Bulls her Fr, Cornelius Brien, John Walsh & Margaret Kelly   [This couple settled at Bay Bulls]
20-Jun 1798 St. John's DORAN, Hugh Parish of Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny MURPHY, Isabella St. John's Nicholass Veil
Hannah Cuthburth
6-Aug 1798 St. John's CUTH?, Michael Parish of Knockbuy, D[iocese] of Waterford LANE, Elizabeth Formuse [Fermeuse] Luke Neill
Mrs. Roach
  [The surname as I see it appears to be spelled as Cuth. The name of Michael's parish in Co. Waterford is generally spelled Knockboy.]
Page 17                  
20-Nov 1798 St. John's HENESY, Francis Parish of Timon WITHFORTH, Honora Parish of Shandon in the City of Cork Cornelious Spellan
Mary Corbitt
  [It is likely that the Parish Timon is the parish of Taghmon, Co. Wexford.]
20-Nov 1798 St. John's KENORY, Francis Torbay DOD[D], Anora? Torbay James Lean
her Mother
Mary More
??-Dec   St. John's FITZSIMMONS, Bryan Youghal [Co. Cork] [left blank] Carbonier [Carbonear]      
17-Dec 1798 St. John's KELLY, Owen Ballybrack C[ounty] W[aterford] CASEY, Esther Conception Bay John Power
Catherine Loughlin
  not paid
31-Jan 1798 St. John's CLANCY, William Parish of Kilcash, D[iocese] of Lismore KEATING, Martha Harbour Main Thom's Summers
Margaret Shea
  [Kilcash parish was in Co. Kilkenny.]
Page 18     Image 16            
3-Jan 1799 St. John's KENEDY, William City of Waterford SHEA, Bridget St. John's Robert Shea
Mary MaGrath
5-Feb 1799 St. John's MADDOCK, Stephen Parish of Carrick, D[iocese] of Lismore MARSHAL, Mary St. John's     [The groom was likely from the Parish of Carrick-on-Suir (southern Tipperary) which now falls under the Diocese of Waterford and Lismore.]
Page 19                  
18-Dec 1798 St. John's BARNES, William [not given] CLARK, Mary [not given] John Clark
Elonora Walsh
  [William noted as a soldier.]


Transcribed and Contributed by Kevin Reddigan (Feb 2014)

Page Last Modified: Thursday January 22, 2015
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