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Pages 111 - 116

PAGE 111                  
87 William Joseph Griffen April 7th Lawrence Griffen & Mary Morrisey? St. John's April 9th J. Scott John Griffen & Mary Murphy  
88 Isabelle Catherine Stamp April 8th Richard Stamp & Catherine Molloy Lime St April 12th John Scott Martin Dillon & Theresa Stamp  
89 Patrick Michael Whelan April 13th John Whelan & Margaret O'Toole James St April 19th John Scott Thomas Whelan & Annie Power  
90 John Sebastian Chaplin April 8th James Chaplin & Mary Ann Kane Gower St April 19th John Scott Edward Kane & Kate Goodland  
91 Cecil Cabot Wiley? April 8th Robert Wiley & Johannah Davis? ?? April 19th John Scott Michael ?? & Margaret Halleran?  
  Sarah Moore Aged 20 yrs   ?? April 19th John Scott   Convert
  Anne Isabel Mary Hackett Aged 19 yrs   ?? Of England Military Road April 20th John Scott Thomas J. Greene & Mary Ellen Hackett Convert
92 Agnes Louisa Breen April 21st John Breen & Ellen Dunne Logy Bay Rd, Bally Haly April 22nd John Scott Edward Ryan & Dora Ryan  
93 Earnest Alfred Ireland July 11th 1896 Francis Ireland & Teresa Walsh Monks Town Rd April 22nd J. McDermott? Daniel Cleatney & Bridget Browne providing lunch
94 Margaret Mary White April 26th, 1897 James White & Esther Mollowney Allen Square April 26th J. McDermott? John Maher & Katie White  
95 Walter Joseph Dyer April 19th Walter Dyer & Ellen Caul Logy Bay April 26th J. McDermott? William Dyer & Mary Anne Stokes  
96 William Francis Dyer April 23rd John Dyer & Catherine Doran Logy Bay April 26th J. McDermott? Richard Doran & Alice Walsh  
97 Jeremiah Francis King April 22nd Jeremiah King & Lizzie Ryan Good View St April 26th J. McDermott? Michael Power & Elizabeth King  
98 John Edmond Ring April 28th Patrick ring & Nora Wiseman Pilots Hill May 3rd John A. O'Reilly James Abbott & Clara Derannce?  
99 Annie May Sheehan April 26th Edward Sheehan & Margaret Sullivan ?? Place May 3rd John A. O'Reilly John Kennedy & Teresa Hartery  
100 Stephen Sinnott April 25th William Sinnott & Catherine McDonald Battery rd May 3rd John A. O'Reilly Thomas Bennett & Clara Moddall?  
PAGE 112                  
101 James Marnel? April 27th Joseph Marnel & Ellen Marten Barters Hill May 3rd John A. O'Reilly Thomas Marten & Lizzie Marten illegitimate. Entered in other Book
102 Ronald Joseph Greene May 4th Thomas Greene & Kate Hackett Gower St May 4th C. H. O'Neill John St. John & Isabelle Hackett bap at residence
- Anne Mary Catherine McKey aged 32 yrs - Harbor Grace - John Scott - convert
103 Edward Joseph Purcell April 30th Edward Purcell & Catherine Ryan Bond St May 5th John Scott Francis Brocklehurst & Margaret Peddell  
104 Jane Norris April 30th Samuel Norris & Ellen Croft Kings Bridge May 5th John Scott Benjamin Power & Bridget Power  
105 Catherine Mary Parrell May 2nd Patrick Parrell & Theresa Olliver Bonclody St May 5th John Scott William Whiteway & Margaret Butt  
106 William Anthony Murphy May 4th Patrick Murphy & Elizabeth cotter Mullock St May 7th J. McDermott? Michael Smyth & Clara Miller  
107 Mary Madeline Miller May 7th Matthew Miller & Annie Browne Haywards Ave May 10th John Scott Joseph Hookey & Elizabeth Browne  
107 Bridget Mary Brennan May 15th John Brennan & Mary McGrath Torbay road, Farmer May 17th John Scott Patrick O'Leary & Hannah Bulger  
108 Mary Margaret Russell May 15th James Russell & Ellen Tobin Bonclody St May 17th John Scott Edward Russell & Ellie St. George  
109 Margaret Anne Hart April 3rd John Hart & Mary Doherty Gower St May 17th John Scott John Hart & Annie Finn  
110 Fredrick Agustian Rose May 16th William rose & Mary Quigley Cove road May 19th John Scott Michael Murphy & Anne Fleming  
111 Victoria May Power May 15th John Power & Charlotte Hand Scott St May 19th John Scott Elias Grisshey? & Mary Bloyd  
x Laura Mary Ellen Reid 19 yrs of age John Rice & Mary Anne Protestant May 23rd John Scott Vinsent Cleary & Bridget Anne King convert
112 Louis Anthony Williams May 18th Louis Williams & Elizabeth Cole Prescott St May 21st John Scott Stanislaus Williams & Agnes Batcock  
113 Edward Michael Basher Basha May 20th Joseph Basher & Zina Ogra? x Squires, Barters Hill May 24th John Scott Maurice Murphy & Mary Colton Parents Squires
PAGE 113                  
114 Mary Victoria Mullins May 14th Joseph Mullins & Mary Hewitt Protestant, EST office, Parade St May 24th John Scott Charles Kelly & Mary Barry  
115 Michael Clance May 20th John Clance & Clara Kane York St May 24th John Scott Peter Whelan & Eliza Cristopher  
116 William Leo Colbert May 22nd William Colbert & Johanna Hyde Scott St May 26th John Scott Felix Haley & Johanna Haley not paid
117 Mary Victoria Hackett May 24th John J. Hackett & Johanna Stapleton Signal Hill rd May 26th John Scott Robert Matthias & Annie Hackett  
118 Edward John Doran May 24th James Doran & Agnes Murphy Barnes road May 28th John Scott Patrick Kavanagh & Annie Doran  
119 Margaret Moore May 24th Edward Moore & Ellen Sears Plymouth rd May 31st C. H. O'Neill Michael Egan & Maud Wilson  
120 Albert Joseph Shapter May 22nd Joseph Shapter & Margaret Rogers Barnes road May 31st C. H. O'Neill James Morgan & Margaret Bloyd  
121 William Joseph Bowen May 26th James Bowen & Mary Murphy Long Pond road June 2nd John Scott Felix Evans & Margaret Cotter  
122 Andrew James Lubey June 1st Andrew Lubey & Fanny Chidley Holloway St June 4th John Scott William O'Neill & Catherine Breen  
123 Theresa Mary Victoria Clifford May 30th Henry Clifford & Ellen Madden Stephen St June 4th John Scott John Voisey & Ellen Hynes  
124 James Henry Keilly June 2nd William Keilly & Kate Leary Cuddihy St June 7th John Scott John Kavanagh & Agnes Ca  
125 Agnes Mary Power May 29th Patrick Power & Theresa McManus Lion Square June 7th John Scott Michael Collins & Rosanna Collins  
126 Patrick Leo Culleton June 2nd John David Culleton & Anastatia Murphy Simms St June 7th John Scott William Flynn & Lizzie Murphy  
127 William Hibbs June 1st William Hibbs & Anne Evoy Good View St June 7th John Scott John Evoy & Sara Evoy  
128 William Victor Morrisey June 6th Edward Morrisey & Mary Savage Battery road June 9th John Scott John Power & Catherine Kenny  
129 Angus Cabot Murphy June 6th Nicholas Murphy & Ellen Coady Colonial St June 9th John Scott Richard Byrne & Annie Coady  
PAGE 114                  
130 Ina? June? Mary Kelly June 4th James Kelly & Mary June Pendergast Barnes road June 9th John Scott James Molloy & Hannah May Knox Married Francis Patrick Logan, Good Church ??? Miami Florida USA January 24, 1997 by Rev. L. B. ?? St. (the foregoing is purely guesswork)
131 William Joseph Rogers June 9th Stephen Rogers & Anne Connell Nagles Hill rd June 11th John Scott John Mealy & Ellen Connors  
132 Fredrick Joseph Dearin June 11th Joseph Dearin & Hannah Ryan Cooks Town rd June 14th John Scott Michael Dooley & Mary Carew  
133 Bridget Mary Kelly June 11th Michael Kelly & Mary Moore Carters Hill June 14th John Scott Michael Mulcahy & Mary Carew  
134 Victoria Margaret Doyle June 14th Patrick J. Doyle & Elizabeth M. Harris Monks town rd June 15th John Scott John Harris & Mary Shortall  
135 Nathaniel) Twins Miller June 13th James Miller & Mary Ann Yetman Rennies Mill rd June 16th John Scott Marten Miller & Mary Charlotte Miller  
136 James ) " " "   " John Scott Fredrick Furlong & Mary Whelan  
- Naomi Mary Marten Aged 21 yrs   Born Harbor Grace June 21st John Scott Mrs. Pitman convert
137 Thomas Aloysius Nowlan June 18th Jeremiah Nowlan & Ellen Lane Maxse St June 21st W. J. Ryan James J. Fitzgerald & Margaret Giovanini  
138 Ellen Victoria Finn June 20th James Finn & Mary Corcoran Belvedere St June 21st W. J. Ryan Phillip Mullins & Mary Mullins  
139 Johanna Estelle, Hannah Stella Myron? June 15th Thomas Miron? Mary Ann Canning Lime St June 21st W. J. Ryan Oscar English & Annie O'Brien  
140 Thomas Michael Clarke June 23rd James Clarke & Annie O'Flaherty Longs Hill June 23rd J. A. O'Reilly Francis Walsh & Katie Stapleton  
141 Thadius McCarthy June 20th Charles McCarthy & Agnes Murray Cabot St June 23rd J. A. O'Reilly Thomas St. George & Caroline Grace  
142 Mary Mabel Porter January 17th Samuel Porter - protestant & Bridget Young - RC Cochrane St June 18th C. H. O'Neill Rev. C. H. O'Neill & Hannah Ryan bap conditionally
143 John Joseph Sears June 21st William Sears & Mary Hannon Sims St June 28th John Scott James Hannon & Mary Callahan  
- John Hundner? Lanstron? 28 yrs of age native of Russia Finland June 28th John Scott   convert
PAGE 115                  
144 James illegitimate entered in other Book       June 30th John Scott    
144 Patrick Michael Dobbin June 25th James Dobbin & Margaret Byrne Bond St June 30th John Scott Patrick Lynch & Catherine Coffey  
145 James Edward Brennan June 29th James Brennan & Ellen Doherty Theatre Hill July 4th C. H. O'Neill John Brennan & Eliza Doherty  
146 Mary Anne McGrath July 2nd William McGrath & Fanny Fowler " July 5th John A. O'Reilly Ambrose Hurley & Bridget Nelson not paid for
147 James ) Twins Kavanagh June 26th James Kavanagh & Fanny Wheelar Logy Bay July 5th John A. O'Reilly Patrick Pendergast & Mary Dwyer  
148 Mary Jane ) " " " & " " " John A. O'Reilly Peiric? Burke & Maggie Malone  
149 Leo Bernard Richardson June 29th Thomas Richardson & Mary Riley Hoyles Town " John A. O'Reilly James Coady & Martha Woodford  
150 Francis Benedict Prowse July 1st Charles Prowse & Catherine Coady Barnes road " John A. O'Reilly Luke Lambert & Mary Coady  
151 Mary Agnes Mallard July 2nd William Mallard & Mary Lonnergan Quidi Vidi " John A. O'Reilly Patrick Breen & Bridget Breen  
152 Jane Peddigrue June 27th Robert Peddigrue & Mary Ann Shalcomb? Lime St " John A. O'Reilly William Reardon & Margaret Furlong  
153 Victoria Mary Corcoran June 29th William Corcoran & Mary Anne McCarthy Lime St " John A. O'Reilly John McCarthy & Bride Hynes  
154 Catherine Power July 2nd John Power & Bridget Doyle Bates Hill " John A. O'Reilly Thomas Conway & Minnie Delaney  
155 Helena Catherine Carew July 2nd John Carew & Hannah Ronayne Barnes road July 7th C. H. O'Neill Timothy Ryan & Mary Molloy  
156 John Francis McGillately June 30th Alexander McGillately & Hannah Ryan Lime St " C. H. O'Neill Richard Button & Mary Margaret Stamp  
157 Pauline Isabel Patterson June 29th Patrick J. Patterson & Ellen Cullen Belvedere rd " C. H. O'Neill Michael Cahill & Anne Ryan  
158 Henry Patrick Seinour July 1st William Seinour & Bridget Phelan New Gower St July 9th John Scott Patrick Cleary & Mary Kavanagh  
PAGE 116                  
In the top margin of the scanned page there are some notes, most of which are unreadable. All I could decipher was the following information: Father ?? Anne Denine 1897
159 Victoria Mary McNamara July 9th Francis McNamara & Victoria Bearns Monks Town Road, Book Keeper July 11th J. A. O'Reilly James Case & Bridget Keating Bap at residence
160 Elizabeth Mary Earls July 8th William Earls 7 Maggie Connolly Lime St, Labourer July 12th John Scott Michael Comerford & Kate Connolly  
161 Thomas Timothy Davis Scanlon McGrath July 8th John McGrath & Margaret Scanlon Long Pond Rd, Printer July 11th John Scott Thomas McGrath & Marian Saunders  
162 Fanny Isabelle Miller July 7th John Miller & Elizabeth Hobbs Logy Bay Rd, Labourer July 14th John Scott William Miller & Mary Ellen Miller married. Joseph Breen Feb 23, 1961 Holy Name Church 245 ??, Brooklyn IS, N.Y.
163 William Leo Aspell July 10th Richard Aspell & Susanna Griffen Moore St, Labourer July 14th John Scott Patrick Soulley & Mary Aspell  
164 Elizabeth Isabelle Bell July 12th John Bell & Margaret Whelan Quidi Vidi Rd, Labourer July 16th John Scott Matthew Keilly & Elizabeth Miron  
165 Mary Pauline O'Neill July 18th Patrick J. O'Neill & Mary Ellen Foley Cabot St, Tailor July 19th John Scott Patrick Wallace & Agnes O'Neill married to James Joseph Sage?, widower, at Mercy Convent, Military Road. May 20, 1982. Rev. R. T. McGrath officiating
166 Patrick Joseph Hayes July 15th John Hayes & Mary Joseph Mollowney Barters Hill, Labourer July 19th John Scott George Williams & Nora Mollowney  
167 Bridget Anne Pendergast July 21st Thomas Pendergast & Bridget Allen Lemarchant Rd, Labourer July 23rd John Scott Stephen Smalcomb? & Agnes Tobin  

Transcribed by RUTH CAINES (March 2004)

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