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1897 - 1905
Pages 1 - 10
26 July 1897 FOLEY, James Kane Mary Ellen Balsom St.   Labourer St. Johns Daniel Francis July 23rd Henry Saunders Mary Farrell John Scott 168  
26 July 1897 TIBBS, Thomas Bailey, Louisa Carew St.   Labourer St. Johns Edward Joseph July 13th William Irving Catherine Prowse John Scott 169  
26 July 1897 PUDDISTER, Stephen Stamp, Margaret Hoyles Town   Fisherman St. Johns John Stephen July 21st John Gallivan Johanna Aylward John Scott 170  
26 July 1897 KELLY, Matthew Dinn, Catherine Boggan St.   Cab Driver St. Johns Mary Catherine July 24th John Kelly Mary Kelly John Scott 171  
26 July 1897 SEVIOUR, Garrett Bragg, Martha Catherine St. Monks Town   Labourer St. Johns Catherine July 22nd James Barry Ellen Dwyer John Scott 172  
30 July 1897 KELLY, Patrick Kelly, Hannah M. Colonial St.   Grocer Clerk   William Morrissey Kelly July 28th Capt. Charles Nichols Kate Nichols John Scott 173  
30 July 1897 DYER, Richard Kavanagh, Mary Logy Bay   Fisherman Logy Bay Margaret July 28th Henry Carey Lizzie Lambert John Scott 174  
31 July 1897 KELLY, Walter A?D McGuire, Catherine Dicks Square   Accountant   William Patrick July 29th John J. Doyle Elizabeth Callanan? John Scott 175  
2 August 1897 POWER, Joseph McGrath, Mary Barters Hill   Fisherman Planter Oderon PB Oderon PB Kathleen July 30th Jamed McGrath Mary McGrath John Scott 176 Married to Rex Nicol? Aug 23? 1?34 in St. Charles Borromeo? Church, Brooklyn, NY by Rev. J. Brophy.
2 August 1897 KEELS, Joseph McManus, Mary Ann Lion Square   Labourer St. Johns Mary August 2nd Lawrence Power Mary Ann Power John Scott 177  
2 August 1897 MARTEN, James Browne, Annie Circular Road   Labourer St. Johns William Joseph July 22nd John Sullivan Ellie Mallard John Scott 178  
6 August 1897 HEATH, William Head, Mary Fogo Pennywell Rd. C of Eng.   Fogo Annie Heath 24 yrs of age William Aspell M=Ellen Murphy? M.J. Ryan 8 Unreadable comment
6 August 1897 DOOLING, William Gou???, Mary King's Rd.   Fireman St. Johns Mary Anthony August 5th Thomas Dunn Annie Ryan M.J. Ryan 179  
8 August 1897 GALWAY, James J. Lockyer, Lucy Theatre Hill   Grocer St. Johns Uriel? August 6th Denis Galway Alice McCoubry C.H. O'Neill 180 Mother ?? Convent
9 August 1897 MULCAHY, Thomas Shortall*, Catherine Bond St.   Ship Steward St. Johns James Phillip August 7th Phillip McGrath Mary Mulcahy John Scott 181  
  * "Shortall" has a line drawn through it and "Forristall" written beneath - Transcriber                    
12 August 1897 PARSONS, Charles Hanley?, Mary Joseph Torbay Rd.   Printer St. Johns Augustian? August 4th Phillip Malone Katie Phelan C.H. O'Neill 182  
18 August 1897 HEALEY, Michael Williams, Emma Cooks? Town Rd. R.C. Fisherman St. Johns Bay Bulls John August 11th Jonas Coleman Margaret Coleman John Scott 183  
18 August 1897 RICHARDSON, John Kennedy, Jane Battery Road R.C. Labourer St. Johns Mary Joseph August 11th Joseph Brien Mary Ellen Baird John Scott 184  
16 August 1897 MORRISSEY, Peter Smart, Mary Parade St. R.C. Tailor St. Johns Margaret Mary August 13th William Galway Annie Collins C.H. O'Neill 185  
18 August 1897 RYAN, John Lang, Janet Barter's Hill R.C. Printer St. Johns Charles Sebastian Cabot August 14th George Morris Alice Leary C.H. O'Neill 186  
18 August 1897 CURTIS, John Redmond, Alice Lemarchant Rd. R.C. Engineer St. Johns Margaret Mary August 16th Winnie Payne Minnie James C.H. O'Neill 187  
18 August 1897 LEARY, Peter Brennan, Catherine Torbay Rd. R.C. Farmer St. Johns Catherine Mary August 14th Patrick Doyle Mary Ryan C.H. O'Neill 188  
20 August 1897 ANDERSON, James Flood, Anastatia Gower St. R.C. Labourer St. Johns Mary Florence August 18th Charles Byrne Bridget Harding John A. O'Reilly 189  
22 August 1897 EDENS, George White, Mary Agnes Circular Rd. R.C. P??? S??? St. Johns John Aynge? August 18th John David Agnes Meehan John A. O'Reilly 190  
22 August 1897 ROSE, Stephen Livingstone? St. C of Eng Fisherman Torbay Rd. Stephen aged 1894 James Bates Ellen O'Brien J.A. O'Reilly 9 Convent ??? 9
25 August 1897 KELLY, Lawrence Crawley, Kate Bonclody St. RC Labourer St. Johns Edward Joseph August 21st James J. Russell Margaret Earls John A. O'Reilly 191  
25 August 1897 PARRELL, James Hennesy, Margaret Carters Hil RC Labourer St. Johns Patrick August 21st John Spearns Margaret Tobin John A. O'Reilly 192  
27 August 1897 MACDONALD, James Crute, Mary Anne Hayward Ave RC Coachman St. Johns Augustus Francis Joseph August 22nd Edward Doutney? Angella Cleary John A. O'Reilly 193  
27 August 1897 EARLS, Edward Maddigan, Margaret Battery Rd. RC Labourer St. Johns James Joseph August 8th Edward Earls Mary Margaret Barry John A. O'Reilly 194  
30 August 1897 LEARY, Francis Lambert, Margaret York St. RC Cabman St. Johns Florence Victoria August 18th Francis P. Ryan Mary Jos Hayden C.H. O'Neill 195  
1 September 1897 TOBIN, John Westcott, Amelia Stephen St. RC Labourer St. Johns Mary Margaret August 29th Hugh Cahill Mary Walsh C.H. O'Neill 196  
3 September 1897 BULGER, Edward Rutledge, Ellen Quidi Vidi Road RC Butcher St. Johns William James August 29th Patrick Grace Mary Rutledge John Scott 197  
3 September 1897 FORWARD, John Lynch, Bridget Kings Road RC Plumber St. Johns Rose Evangelene September 1st Charles Brocklehurst Mary Ann Sullivan John Scott 198  
5 September 1897 MERCER St. Johns Wesleyan   Bay Roberts Alfrida Mary Aged 21 yrs   John Scott   Convert? " 10
6 September 1897 SHORTAL, Michael Power, Annie Barnes Road RC Boot & shoe maker St. Johns Margaret Rose September 1st Michael Keough Mollie O'Neill John Scott 199 Married Oct. 24, 18?5 Thomas? Mollowney in St. Patrick's Church, St. Johns
6 September 1897 LALOR, Edward Coleman, Josephene Parade St. RC Police Constable St. Johns Mary Joseph August 29th William Aspell Mary Johnston John Scott 200  
7 September 1897 MANNING, James Lamb, Lizzie Victoria St. RC Master Mariner St. Johns Raymond Charles August 30th Thomas Keating Isabel Manning J.A. O'Reilly 201  
10 September 1897 RUTLEDGE, Paul Daley, Margaret Powers Ave Signal Hill RC Labourer St. Johns Lewis Augustion? Sept. 5th Morgan Evans Catherine Greene John Scott 202  
10 September 1897 BYRNE, Lawrence Harte? Margaret Livingston St. RC Labourer St.Johns John Edward Sept. 8th Bartholemew Evans Maud Walsh John Scott 203  
13 September 1897 PRICE, Fredrick Stamp, Anne Battery St. RC Labourer St. Johns Gertrude Aug. 29th John Stamp Lizzie Maher John Scott 204  
13 September 1897 BARRINGTON, Ja??is Purcell, Bride McDougal St. RC Labourer St. Johns John Joseph Sept. 10th Joseph Murphy Ellen Morrisey John Scott 205  
13 September 1897 SPURLS, John Corcoran, Mary Longs Hill RC Cabinet Maker St. Johns Francis Lawrence Sept. 9th John Kean Mary Spurls John Scott 206  
15 September 1897 PICCO, Michael Walsh, Theresa Nunnary? Hill RC Labourer St. Johns Michael Joseph Sept. 11th Patrick Roberts Mary Ann Parrell John Scott 207  
15 September 1897 TRACEY, William FitzGerald, Agnes Torbay Road RC Farmer St. Johns Michael Anthony Sept. 11th Joseph Doyle Kate FitzGerald John Scott 208  
15 September 1897 DONOVAN, Thomas Reddy, Elizabeth Spencer St. RC Labourer St. Johns Mary Ellen Sept. 8th Michael Maney Ellen Knose John Scott 209  
20 September 1897 F??ILD, John Bolen, Lizzie College Sq. RC   St. Johns Cornelius Lorenza Sept. 16th Philip Feild Emma Westcott John Scott 210  
19 September 1897 GUY? Michael Meehan, Mary Ellen Water St. RC Merchant ??? St. Johns Alice Loretta Sept. 16th Charles Meehan Anastasia Llynn? John Scott 211  
24 September 1897 DAWLEY, Thomas Shallow, Elizabeth Prospect St. RC Cooper St. Johns Michael Sept. 21st James Bolend Margaret Dawley John O'Reilly 212  
24 September 1897 DAWLEY, Thomas Shallow, Elizabeth Prospect St. RC Cooper St. Johns Annie Sept. 21st Joseph Chidley Lizzie Bottels John O'Reilly 213  
NOTE: Brackets have been drawn enclosing the last two entries with "Twins" written beside it - Transcriber                      
24 September 1897 RAHALL, Thomas Cahill, Bridget Quidi Vidi RC Fisherman St. Johns Ellen Lucy Sept. 23rd Hugh Vinacomb? Lucy Burton John O'Reilly 214  
24 September 1897 O TOOLE, James Flynn, Catherine Theatre Hill RC Grocer St. Johns Anastatia Victoria Sept. 22nd Bernard St. John Maggie O'Reilly John O'Reilly 215  
24 September 1897 KEATING? John Meehan, Mary Military Road RC Book Keeper Receiver general office St. Johns Bridget Sept. 18th Thomas Keating Elizabeth Brophy John O'Reilly 216  
27 September 1897 KEILLEY, William F. Prion, Margaret New Gower St. RC Painter & Glazer St. Johns Daniel William Sept. 25th William Aspell Katie Cahill John O'Reilly 217  
27 September 1897 MEANEY, Denis Coleman, Mary Jane Cabot St. RC Labourer St. Johns Ronald Joseph Sept. 20th John Coleman Maggie Coleman John O'Reilly 218  
27 September 1897 DYER, Patrick Butler, Cecelia Gower St. RC Paper Reporter News St. Johns William? ??? Sept. 24th Thomas Maher Lizzie Butler John O'Reilly 219  
27 September 1897 WALSH, John Noftal, Elizabeth Signal Hill St. RC Labourer St. Johns Victoria Anne Sept. 22nd Maurice? O'Brien Lizzie Brophy John O'Reilly 220  
27 September 1897 SPEARNS, Alfred Tobin, Catherine Carters Hill RC Labourer St. Johns Fermuese Mary Rita Sept. 20th John Murphy Lizzie Anderson John O'Reilly 221  
1 October 1897 PAYNE, William Furlong, Eliza Bulley? St. RC Plasterer England St. Johns William John Sept. 28th Marten Cristaphor? Lucy Keilly John O'Reilly 222  
1 October 1897 CONNORS, Matthew Whelan, Fanny Pouch Cove Signal Cove Road RC Fisherman Pouch Cove Catherine Joseph Sept. 22nd Alexander Bolen? Mary McGrath John O'Reilly 223  
1 October 1897 HACKETT, William Hart, Annie Isabel Military Road RC Accountant St. Johns William George Hart Sept. 30th George Hackett Gertrude Fennell? John O'Reilly 224  
3 October 1897 WHEELER? William Kane, Annie Fort Townsend C of Eng RC Police Constable St. Johns Edmond Francis Oct. 3rd Thomas Coughlan Katie Newport John O'Reilly 225  
3 October 1897 LAMB, James Blackler, Maud Knight St. RC C of Eng. Grocery clerk Placentia St. Johns Ethel Mary Oct. 2nd James Manning Bride Keating John O'Reilly 226  
4 October 1897 SKIVINGTON*, Richard Warren, Sarah Colonial St. ? Labourer   Edward Michael Oct. 2nd James McGuire Clara Healey John O'Reilly 227  
  * "SKEFFINGTON" has been written just above "SKIVINGTON" - Transcriber                    
4 October 1897 FANNING, William O'Neill, Catherine Barters Hill ? Boot & shoe maker St. Johns Augustion Oct. 1st Thomas Carew Bride McDonald John O'Reilly 228  
4 October 1897 STAMP, Thomas Bowdren? Catherine Battery Road ? Labourer St. Johns Elizabeth Joseph Sept. 25th John Dinn Elizabeth Cleatney? John O'Reilly 229  
6 October 1897 TREMLETT, John Baker, Katie Signal Hill Rd. Walsh? Town ? Labourer   William Gordon Oct. 3rd Thomas Davis Martha Tremlett John O'Reilly 230  
6 October 1897 GOSS, Vincent Hanley, Julia Water St. ? Tailor   Charles John Oct. 2nd John Maher Nellie Forward John O'Reilly 231  
6 October 1897 HARVEY, William MacNamara, Margaret Young St. ? Labourer   Albert Oct. 2nd Peter Harvey Maud Power John O'Reilly 232  
6 October 1897 DUNNE, Jeremiah Dudey, Katie St. Johns Monks Town Rd. ? Planter Strait of Belle Isle St. Johns Gertrude Mary Aug. 4th at Salmon Bay, Strait of Belle Isle William Dunne Maggie Dunne John O'Reilly 233 Privately Baptized
4 October 1897 ST. JOHN, John Hackett, Margaret Military Rd. ? Grocer St. Johns Wilfred Hackett Sept. 29th Bernard St. John Elizabeth Mitchel C.H. O'Neill 234 Convert?
4 October 1897 RESMUSSEN? Peter Convent? Aged 26 yrs. Native of Denmark Lutheran Seaman Denmark Peter Age 26, born Oct 1871 Mrs? Ellen Snooks C.H. O'Neill 11? Unreadable comment
10 October 1897 HOSKINS, Edward Kennedy, Mary Kings Bridge ? Rail?? Clerk ???   M??? October 8th Thomas Grace? S.M. Hoskins John O'Reilly 235  
11 October 1897 SULLIVAN, Patrick O'Brien, Maggie Circular Road RC Coachman St. Johns Catherine Mary October 8th David Flynn Elizabeth Sullivan John O'Reilly 236  
11 October 1897 SQUIRES, Richard Graham, Elizabeth Damerils Lane RC Fireman? Central St. Johns John Joseph October 6th Thomas Foran Elizabeth Ryan John O'Reilly 237  
11 October 1897 FITZGERALD, Michael Redmond, Jane Carters Hill RC Cooper St. Johns Alice October 9th Anthony Thompson Mary Murphy John O'Reilly 238  
11 October 1897 BROWNE, Sylvester Comerford, Margaret Castle? St. RC Labourer St. Johns Mary Ellen October 6th William Marten Susanna Oliver John O'Reilly 239  
13 October 1897 RICKERT, Convert? Seaman (sic) Lutheran Seaman St. Johns James Aged 21 yrs Born Dantzic Germany Danial Cleatney M.J. Ryan 12?  
13 October 1897 SMITH, Michael O'Connor, Bridget Signal Hill Road RC Labourer St. Johns Patrick James October 8th John Grace Katie Grace C.H. O'Neill 240  
13 October 1897 O'KEEFE, Michael Leahy, Mary York St. RC Labourer St. Johns Cyril October 9th Patrick Browne Joanna Coady C.H. O'Neill 241  
13 October 1897 MERNER, Patrick Malone, Katie St. Michael's Lodge Belvedere RC Gardiner Coachman St. Johns Mary Gertrude October 9th Michael Malone Mary Merner C.H. O'Neill 242  
13 October 1897 POWER, John English, Annie Hoyles Town RC Labourer St. Johns Gertrude Jessie Sept. 27th Maurice Aylward Mary Mallard C.H. O'Neill 243  
13 October 1897 HALLEREN, Maurice Fleming, Agnes Kings Road RC Carpenter St. Johns Matthew October 10th James Callahan Alice Dunphy John O'Reilly 244  
15 October 1897 BRENNAN, Edward Murphy, Ellen Lamerchant Rd. RC Baker St. Johns Mary Mercedes October 13th Joseph Marshall Annie Murray John O'Reilly 245  
17 October 1897 EMERSON, George Maher, Catherine Mary Judge Supreme Court Church Hill RC   St. Johns Ruth October 10th Prescott Emerson Catherine Sinnott Boone C.H. O'Neill 246  
18 October 1897 STEELE, Angus Travers, Maggie Bannerman St. RC Boot-shoe maker St. Johns Henry Joseph October 9th Michael Byrne Annie Power John O'Reilly 247  
18 October 1897 FITZGIBBONS, Jeremiah Lush, Theresa Lemerchant Rd. RC Baker St. Johns Charles Leo October 13th Elias Downey Margaret Courteney John O'Reilly 248  
20 October 1897 WHITE, Richard Bates, Anastatia Military Rd. RC Labourer St. Johns Catherine Joseph October 20th John R. Kearney Frances Whistler? John O'Reilly 249  
20 October 1897 BRAGG, Stephen Marten, Mahalia Quidi Vidi RC Fisherman St. Johns Susanna Francis October 15th William Voisey Mary Kent John O'Reilly 250  
20 October 1897 KAVANAGH, Thomas F. Walsh, Margaret Marie Barnes Rd. RC Labourer St. Johns Thomas Fernando October 13th Thomas Ryan Isabelle Conley John O'Reilly 251  
22 October 1897 LAWLOR, Thomas Quirk, Annie Monks Town Rd. RC Cabman St. Johns Ellen October 9th Thomas Quirk Annie Dwyer John O'Reilly 252  
22 October 1897 WALSH, John Crane, Elizabeth Fleming St. RC Labourer St. Johns William Leo October 9th Francis Wickham Johanna Wickham John O'Reilly 253  
25 October 1897 GRIFFEN, Joseph Sparrow, Elizabeth Young St. RC Labourer St. Johns Michael Francis October 22nd John Byrne Jane Nowlan John O'Reilly 254  
25 October 1897 WALL, Philip Goodland, Mary Ellen Buckleys Lane RC Wheel Wright St. Johns Mary Olive? Victoria October 18th Thomas Graham Mary Murphy John O'Reilly 255  
1 November 1897 COUGHLAN, Maurice Fahey, Lizzie Adelaide St. RC Labourer St. Johns Sarah Anne Madeline October 28th Peter Power Alice Fahey John O'Reilly 256  
3 November 1897 SMYTH, George Grace, Ellen Gower St. RC Cooper St. Johns Thomas Joseph November 1st Thomas Smyth Kate Goodland J.J. McDermott 257  
3 November 1897 STAPLETON, James Murphy, Norah Livingston St. RC Labourer St. Johns Catherine Francis October 31st Peter Breen Mary Ann Kelly J.J. McDermott 258  
3 November 1897 WALSH, Edward Maney, Mary Frances Allandale Road RC Farm Labourer St. Johns Mary Jane October 29th Walter Garland Johanna, Jos Connell J.J. McDermott 259  
5 November 1897 BOLEN, James Butler, Kate Notre Dame St. RC Labourer St. Johns John Thomas November 1st Marten McAllister Theresa Bolen J.J. McDermott 260  
5 November 1897 KENNY, Richard Jackman, Mary Cove Road RC Farmer St. Johns George Patrick November 3rd William Kenny Anastatia, Lawlor J.J. McDermott 261  
8 November 1897 ABBOTT, James Walsh, Mary Bridget Moore St. RC Coachman St. Johns Matthew Thomas November 5th Thomas Clair Elizabeth Walsh John O'Reilly 262  
8 November 1897 KELLY, Edward Ezikeil, Mary Joseph Water St. East RC Boot & Shoe Maker St. Johns Robert William November 5th Robert Kelly Margaret Jones John O'Reilly 263  
8 November 1897 CONWAY, Denis Slattery, Anne William St. Monks Town RC Plasterer St. Johns Fredrick Thomas November 2nd George Conway Cristina Spuarls? John O'Reilly 264 Unreadable comment
8 November 1897 MADDON, George Bloyd, Margaret Stephen St. RC Boot & Shoe Maker St. Johns Margaret Louisa November 1st William Russell Mary Taylor John O'Reilly 265  
8 November 1897 O'MARA, Patrick Ryan, Alice Pennywell Rd. RC Mason St. Johns Joseph??? Aloysius? November 4th James O'Mara Mary Murray John O'Reilly 266  
9 November 1897 MCKEY, William Joseph Callanan, Mary Frances Water St. RC S??? K??? St. Johns James Charles November 7th Edward McKey Alice Callanan C.H. O'Neill 267  
12 November 1897 MCDONALD,Marten Rossitor Elizabeth Cove Rd. RC Farmer St. Johns Theresa Mary November 9th James Dunn Theresa McDonald J.A. O'Reilly 270  
13 November 1897 SINNOT, Edward Tobin, Elizabeth Meeting House Hill RC Grocer St. Johns Mary November 10th Peter Sinnott Isabelle Lamb John O'Reilly 271  
15 November 1897 COLLINS, James Reardon, Bridget Henry Street RC Clerk in Parker & Monroe St. Johns George William November 11th William Billingsby Mary Aylward John O'Reilly 272  
15 November 1897 DORSEY, Michael Kane, Mary Anne New Gower St. RC Tailor St. Johns Marion Josephene November 10th William Kelly Mary Trelligan John O'Reilly 273  
17 November 1897 FAHEY, Andrew Fardey, Catherine Cuddehdey St. RC Policeman St. Johns Gertrude November 14th William O'Neill Frances Byrne John O'Reilly 274 Unreadable comment
17 November 1897 CHANNING, James Dunfy, Frances Gower St. RC Druggist St. Johns Maximilian Lawrence November 14th John Channing Elizabeth Dunfy M.F. Howley 275 Married Dorothy Pear??? Oct. 22, 1944 with ???tion of mixed religion.
19 November 1897 STAMP, Joseph Baird, Mary Joseph Barters Hill RC Labourer St. Johns Alice Mary November 15th Richard Dobbin Kate O'Neill John O'Reilly 276  
21 November 1897 VOISEY, Richard Voisey, Elizabeth Cabot St. RC Tailor St. Johns Edward Voisey Aged 28 yrs John Marshall Ellen O'Toole John O'Reilly   Convent 12
21 November 1897 WHITE, Thomas White, Rosanna Stephen St. RC Blacksmith St. Johns John White Aged 24 yrs Marten Hanaford Martha Williams John O'Reilly   Convent 13 ??? Unreadable text
22 November 1897 BEER, William Kennedy, Bridget Longs Hill RC Cabman St. Johns Mary Madelene called "Bride" November 22nd Richard Boggan Annie Bulger John O'Reilly 277 Married William Kearney Feb. 8, 1921 Cathedral
22 November 1897 FOLEY, Michael White, Jane Cuddihey St. RC Labourer St. Johns Michael Leo November 20th Edward Foley Bridget Donohoe John O'Reilly 278  
22 November 1897 HALL, William McDonald, Mary Anne Thorburn Rd. RC Farmer St. Johns Catherine Louisa November 18th Samuel Hogan Mary Ann Connors John O'Reilly 279  
22 November 1897 FLEET, William Kearsey, Mary Lime St. Wesleyan RC Labourer St. Johns Teresa Loretta November 22nd Rev'd Mich'l Ryan Mary Anne Furlong M. Ryan 280 ??? ???
26 November 1897 DUNNE, John Ryan, Mary Queens? Road RC Tinsmith St. Johns Isabell Mary November 21st William Dunne Lucy Sage M. Ryan 281  
26 November 1897 O'ROURKE, Michael Ryan, Catherine Gower St. RC Cooper St. Johns Ellen Frances November 21st James Quigley Jane Tobin M. Ryan 282  
26 November 1897 CHANNINGS, Louis Marten, Kate Cooke St. RC Cabman St. Johns James Agustian November 24th James Channings Mary O'Rourke J.A. O'Reilly 283  
28 November 1897 FOX, John Vinnicomb, Mary Military Rd. Gower St. RC Accountant St. Johns Charles Brendan Joseph November 26th Daniel J. Greene Mary Delaney C.H. O'Neill 284  
29 November 1897 ANGEL, James Redmond, Johanna Simms St. RC Labourer St. Johns Susanna November 27th John Angel Mary Butler John O'Reilly 285  
29 November 1897 SLATTERY, James McCarthy, Julia Colonial St. RC Boiler maker St. Johns Patrick Joseph November 25th Michael Egan Kate Slattery John A. O'Reilly 286  
29 November 1897 CUNNINGHAM, Edward Burton, Catherine Signal Hill Rd RC Ship Steward St. Johns William Joseph November 23rd Philip McGraw Mary Hanlon John A. O'Reilly 287  
29 November 1897 KEIRSEY, James Head, Anastatia Feild St. RC Labourer St. Johns Andrew Wallace November 28th William Allison Sarah Knox? John A. O'Reilly 288  
4 December 1897 O'NEILL, Patrick Marten, Maggie Bannerman St. RC Labourer St. Johns Edward Francis November 28th Thomas Murphy Fanny Lisburne John A. O'Reilly 289  
6 December 1897 CARROLL, Richard Walsh, Eliza Signal Hill Rd. RC Cooper St. Johns Stanislaus December 4th Stanislaus Walsh Mary Murphy John A. O'Reilly 290  
6 December 1897 ELLIS, Samuel O'Keefe, Mary Bannerman St C of Eng. RC Plumber St. Johns Thomas Henry December 3rd Thomas Carter Catherine Breene Ed. Crooke 291  
6 December 1897 MILLER, William Jackman, Bridget Belvedere St. RC Farm Labourer St. Johns Bridget Nov. 30th Garrett Foley Mary Grisshey Ed. Crooke 292  
10 December 1897 BENNETT, John Ryan, Bridget Fort Townsend RC Police Bugler St. Johns Edward Nov. 29th George Shapter Maggie McGinn John A. O'Reilly 293  
10 December 1897 MURPHY, Thos. Feilex? Maria Torbay Rd. Church of England Farm Labourer St. Johns Thomas Convent 25 yrs of age Born 24th May Mary McGinness John A. O'Reilly Convent 14  
13 December 1897 LARKEN, John Bulger, Mary Joseph Boggans St. RC Labourer St. Johns Ethel May Dec. 9th John Murphy Maud Foran John A. O'Reilly 294  
13 December 1897 HAYES, Herbert Power, Mary Ellen Hunt's Lane RC Labourer St. Johns Herbert William Dec. 9th David Wills Catherine Power John A. O'Reilly 295  
13 December 1897 RYAN, John Cullen, Margaret New Town Rd. RC City Engineer St. Johns Agustian? Xar??? Dec. 4th William Ryan Ellen Cahill John A. O'Reilly 296  
15 December 1897 CANTWELL, Thomas Earls, Mary Anne Lime St. RC Labourer St. Johns William Leo Dec. 10th James O'Neill Maggie O'Neill John A. O'Reilly 297  

Transcribed by GORDON BENNETT (2010)

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