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Pages 85 - 91

PAGE 85                  
1 George H Walters 1 January Fredrick Walters New Gower St ?8th Jan John Scott Bartholmew Spratt unable to make out writing
        Minnie McGrath       Bride McGrarth  
2 Alexander Thomas Morris 29 December George Morris Carters Hill 4th Jan John Scott Denis Teamy  
        Mary Anne Myrens       Mary Angel  
3 Alexander Ryan 29 Dec John Ryan Belvadere 6th Jan Michael J Ryan Michael Cahill  
        Margaret Cullen       Minnie Paterson  
4 Ellen Frances Power 3rd January Michael Power Lemarchant rd 6th Jan Michael J Ryan John Power  
        Margaret Corbett       Anastatia Brien  
5 John Joseph Corcoran 3rd January William Corcoran Wood St? 8th Jan John Scott Daniel Corcoran  
        Catherine Goss       Emily Goss  
6 Isabella Marshall 4th Jan Ambrose Marshall Good View St 8th Jan John Scott Patrick Leonard  
        Mary Farrell       Elizabeth Marshall  
7 William Francis Earls 31st Dec 95 William Earls Battery Rd 8th Jan John Scott Michael Barnes  
        Mary Hartley       Mary Barnes  
8 John Joseph St. George 15th January James St. George ???? St 8th Jan John Scott George Morris  
        Ellen Power       Annie Senyard  
9 Michael Bertrand? O'Connor 9th Jan Michael O'Connor Mullock St 13th Jan John Scott William Murphy  
        Christine O'Keefe       Christine Murphy  
10 James Joseph Richardson 10th Jan Thomas Richardson Hoyles Town 15th Jan John Scott William Richardson  
        Mary Riley       Margaret Richardson  
11 Margaret Anne Hayes 15th Jan Patrick Hayes Bannernam St 17th Jan Michael J Ryan James Byrne  
        Margaret King       Kate Byrne  
12 John Joseph Teems 28th December Timothy Teems Damerils Lane 21st Jan Michael Ryan Richard Chasday? not pd
        Sarah Jane Halleran       Agnes Tobin  
13 James Henry Slattery 25th January James Slattery Colonial St 27th Jan C H O'Neill Michael Slattery  
        Julia McCarthy       Ellen Barry  
14 Joseph Leo Olliver 23rd Jan Thomas Olliver Bonalody St 27th Jan C H O'Neill William Batt  
        Joihanna Chafe       Fanny Dunphy  
15 Thomas Joseph Kean 23rd Jan John Kean Monks Town Rd 27th Jan John A O'Reilly John Kean  
        Maggie Carroll       Alice Maddigan  
16   White              
  Mary Agnes (Wryte) 27th Jan Edward White(Wryte)   28th Jan C H O'Neill Francis Woods  
        Kate Dunphy       P C H O'Neill  
PAGE 86                  
17 John Robert Channings 23 January Luke Channings Cooks Town rd 29th January John A O'Reilly John Channings  
        Kate Marten       Lena Johnston  
18 Margaret Egan 22nd Jan James Egan Barnes? Lane 29th Jan John A O'Reilly Edward Leary  
        Ellen Marten       Anne Maher  
19 Mary Alice Burton 27th Jan John Burton Colonial St 29th Jan John A O'Reilly Charles Kelly  
        Elizabeth Tracey       Caroline Murphy  
20 Robert Dunne 26th Jan William Dunne Hoyles? Ave 29th Jan John A O'Reilly Walter Lawlor  
        Catherine Gorman       Anne Murphy  
21 Edward Patrick Squires 25th Jan Patrick Squires Kings Bridge rd 31st Jan C H O'Neill Samuel Norris  
        Bridget Burton       Mary Clooney  
22 John Francis Murphy 28th Jan Patrick Murphy Mudlock? St 31st Jan C H O'Neill James Hanley  
        Bridget Cotton       Maggie Walsh  
23 Bridget-Mary O'Mara 1st February Patrick O'Mara ????????? 5th Feb C H O'Neill Joseph McNamara  
        Alice Ryan ?????????     Elizabeth Godner  
24 Bridget-Joseph Clinton 2nd Feb John Clinton Livingston St 5th Feb C H O'Neill Thomas Anthony  
        Bridget Brien       Honora Grace  
25 Margaret Agatha Merner 6th Feb Patrick Merner St Michaels Lodge 7th Feb John Scott James Merner  
        Catherine Malone Belvadere     Margaret Malone  
26 Thomas Joseph Whelan 5th Feb Patrick Whelan Lemarchant rd 7th Feb John Scott Michael Whelan  
        Elizabeth Webber       Margaret Isabel Joy  
27 Stephen Yard 7th Feb Bartholomew Yard Cuddiheys St 10th Feb John Scott Patrick McGrath  
        Catherine Byrne       Mary Anne Milleemus?  
28 Patrick Joseph Kavanagh 6th Feb Edward Kavanagh Cuddiheys St 10th Feb John Scott John Nugent  
        Mary Anne Campbell       Margaret Kavanagh  
29 Margaret Frances Malone 5th Feb Marten Malone Barnes Rd 10th Feb John Scott Michael Hackett  
        Margaret Mahoney       Alive Keough  
30 Fanny Sayers 8th Feb John Sayers Cuddiheys St 12th Feb John Scott William Callahan  
        Lizzie Crane       Alice Sayers SEARS  
31 Edgar Kavanagh 17 January John Kavanagh York St 12th Feb John Scott Thomas Brien  
        Fanny Hooke?       Ellen Timmons  
32 Nicholas Evans 6th Feb Joseph Evans James St 12th Feb John Scott Patrick Wadden  
        Catherine Callen       Maggie Evans  
PAGE 87                  
33 Leo Maher 4th February James Maher Signal Hill Rd 12th February John Scott John Power  
        Ellen Rumbolt       Hannah Barnes  
34 Agnes Sinnott 4th Feb William Sinnott Battery Rd 14th Feb John Scott John Stamp  
        Kate McDonald       Bridget Stamp  
35 Mary Anne Rahall 10th Feb Thomas Rahall Kickhams place 14th Feb John Scott Michael Carroll  
        Bridget Carroll       Anne Kelly ??? ???
36 John Cahill 8th Feb Samuel Cahill Hoyles Town 14th Feb John Scott Michael Cahill  
        Bridget Keefe       Anastatia Dinn  
37 Alice Maud McDonald 18th Feb Daniel McDonald Wickford St 17th Feb John Scott Don Clestery? for Jeremiah Newlan for Jeremiah Newlan
        Johanna Dudley       Alice Flynn  
38 Gertrude Anne McDonald 14th Feb Marten McDonald Cove road 17th Feb John Scott Patrick Dunne  
        Elizabeth Rossiter       Kate McDonald  
39 Mary Anne Moore 12th Feb William Moore Plymouth Rd 17th Feb John Scott Thomas Greene  
        Elizabeth Tilley Hoyles Town     Fanny McGinn  
40 Katie Ellen Carey 13th Feb John Carey Simms St 17th Fe John Scott James Constantine  
        Elizabeth Constantine       Annie Whelan  
41 Mary Ellen Power 19th Feb James Power Moore St 21st Feb John Scott Michael Power  
        Jane Brien       Annie Moore  
42 Elizabeth Anne Rogers 17th Feb Edward Rogers Barters Hill 21st Feb John Scott Robert Clance  
        Elizabeth Walsh       Katie Gladney  
43 James Thomas O'Neill 2nd Feb James O'Neill # crossed out 21st Feb John Scott Thomas Butler  
        Mary Anne Murphy ^ protestant     Anastatia Gardner ???? ??(mother prost)
44 Mary Anne O'Toole 23rd Feb James O'Toole Dicks Square 24th Feb John Scott Thomas Flynn  
        Catherine Flynn       Ellie Byrne  
      16 written on top            
45 Alice Janet Neville 26th Feb Michael Neville Fleming St 24th Feb John Scott John Burke writing too small to make out
        Alice Keefe       Elizabeth Addison  
46 edward Francis Joy 22nd Feb John Joy Sinnott 24th Feb John Scott Joseph Fitzgibbon  
        Bridget Hackett       Bridget Pendergast  
47 Elizabeth Mocler 26th Feb Edward Mocler Bannernam St 24th Feb John Scott William Sage  
        Anne Ryan       Mary Anne Sage  
48 Elizabeth Hanlon 31st or 21st Feb Joseph Hanlon Merry Meeting Rd 28th Feb John Scott Lawrence May not paid
        Anne Winters       Mary Anne Quinlan  
PAGE 88 (page blurry)                
49 Helen Dorcas Balf???? 26th February FA Balf???? Forest Road 27th Feb John Scott George Emmerson father church of England
        Mary Emerson       Kate Emmerson  
50 James Joseph Sanders 26th Feb Samuel Sanders Field St 4th March John Scott James Phelon  
        Margaret Colford       Anne Cotter  
51 Anne Joseph Kelly 26th Feb Michael Kelly Carters Hill 4th March John Scott Michael Murphy  
        Mary Anne Moore       Mary Ellen Wiseman  
52 scratched out Joseph Caul 4th March Thomas Caul Govt Stables? 9th March John Scott Joseph Keefe ???
        Lucy Randell       Anne Caul  
53 Thomas Patrick Walsh 3rd March Thomas Walsh Brewery lane 9th March John Scott Jeremiah Murphy inked out
        ?????? Carew Signal Hill Rd     Martha Maher  
54 Sarah Jane Rideout 30th January Thomas Rideout x wesleyn? 9th March John Scott John Hunt westelyn (??? ??)
        Anne Broders? Buckelys lane     Rosanna S??son  
55 Mary Margaret Mulcahey 6th February Thomas Mulcahey Prospect St 11th March John Scott Patrick Cunningham  
      looks like March under Catherine Forristall       Mary Gladney  
56 James Patrick Hardey 9th March John Hardey ^ pro C of E? 11th March John Scott Francis Atkins father prost C of Eng
        Lizzie Neill       Dora Atkins  
57 Maude Margaret Rogers 14th March William Rogers Wickford St 16th March John Scott Thomas Clair  
        Johanna Dunphy       Mary Anne Wills  
58 John Patrick Kenny 14th March Patrick Kenny Cove road 18th March John Scott George Walsh  
        Annie Walsh       Elizabeth Luscombe  
59 Irene Patrick Ryall 15th March Joseph Ryall Cabot St 18th March John Scott William Kenny  
        Johanna McGuire       Mary Clara O'Neill  
60 Hilda Mary Kelly 29th March James Kelly Barnes Rd 18th March John Scott Phill Kaven HAVEN  
        Mary Anne Pendergast       Hannah Kaven  
61 Winifred Ryan 29th March John Ryan Forest Road 18th March John Scott Thomas Maher  
        Elizabeth Cantrall?       Elizabeth Tobin  
62 Patrick Edward O'Reilly 14th March Patrick Jos O'Reilly Cookstown rd 20th March John Scott Joseph Clarke  
        Sarah Foran       Mary Coddy  
63 Mary Margaret Miller 13th March William Miller Georges town 20th March John Scott Elias Grisley  
        Bridget Jackman       Charlotte Miller  
64 Mary H? Morgan   Patrick Morgan Brewery lane 24th March John Scott Nicholas Snewgrove married???? Joseph???/ ???? ???
        Jane Waters       Martha Barrington  
no number Thomas Joseph Kavanagh 14th March James Kavanagh Logy Bay 18 March John Scott James Stokesd  
bottom of page       unable to read too dark       Catherine Ryan  
PAGE 89                  
65 Erick James Harris 22 March William Harris Monks Town Rd 28th March John Scott Frank Connors  
        Selina Hunt       Kate Cahil  
66 Thomas Benedict Harris 22 March William Harris Monks Town Rd 28th March John Scott James Harris  
        Selina Hunt       Agnes Harris  
67 Thomas Mary Thistle 23rd March x Joseph Thistle William St 29th March John Scott Thomas Thistle  
        Agnes Duggan       Bridget Thistle  
68 John Joseph Clarke 24th March George Clarke Lime St 29th March John Scott Thomas Pendergast  
        Margaret King       Mary Anne Mulrooney  
69 Mary Ethel Kendriken 22nd March Edward Kendriken Mollock St 29th March John Scott William Bowman  
        Emelia Power       Johanna Shaughrue?  
70 Anastatia Mary Murphy 22nd March William Murphy Lime St 29th March John Scott Ralph Kassion  
        Elizabeth Forristall       Anne Fitzpatrick  
71 Denis Joseph Mollorooney? 23rd? March John Molloorney? Bell St 30th March John Scott John Brien  
        Elizabeth Tobin       Christine Fitzgibbons  
72 Edward Patrick Rogers 31st March Stephen Rogers Nagels Hill 6th April John Scott Patrick Leary  
        Catherine Connell       Maggie Colbert  
73 Richard Joseph Woods 31st March William Woods Duggan St 6th April John Scott Henry Simms  
        Theresa Walsh       Mary Simms  
74 Mary Garrett Chaplin 27th March James Chaplin Gower St 6th April John Scott William Kane  
        Mary Kane       Minnie Farrell  
75 Edward Joseph Kennedy 2nd April William Kennedy Holdsworth Ave 6th April John Scott Frank Jackman  
        Mary Anne Motery?       Katie Ryan  
76 Patrick Gardner 27th March Richard Gardner Cuddiheys St 6th April John Scott Thomas Bennett  
        Mary Hogan       Annie Wall  
77 Ellen Agnes Quirke 4th April Patrick Quirke Battery Rd 8th April John Scott William Aspell not paid
        Ellen Barry       Bridget Aspell  
78 Edward Joseph Cunningham 2nd April Edward Cunningham Cockrane St 10th April John Scott Thomas H Carter  
        Catherine Burton       Esther Mary Lawlor  
79 Fredrick Prise 30th March Fredrick Prise Signal Hill Rd 10th April John Scott Richard Stamp  
        Annie Stamp       Bridget Grace  
80 John Thomas Power 10th April John Power Georges town 11th April Michael Ryan Teni?? Evans  
        Charlotte Hand       Ellen O'Toole  
PAGE 90                  
81 Mary Anne Morrisey 11th April Lawrence Morrisey Carters Hill 15th April John Scott Charles Morrisey  
        Catherine Morrisey       Elizabeth Squires  
82 Joseph Parsons 29th February Charles Parsons Torbay road 15th April John Scott John Gleeson  
        Mary Jos Hanley       Catherine Power  
83 Catherine Mercedes Summers 14th April Michael Summers Water St 16th April John Scott James Summers  
        Anne Lawlor       Mary Summers  
  James Purchase   Aged 21 years   16th April John Scott   Convert
84 James Patrick Quigley 22nd April John Quigley Cockrane St 24th April John Scott Patrick Ryan  
        Ellen Ryan       Maggie Burke  
85 Brendan Sinnott 22nd April Edward Sinnott Threatre Hill 25th April Michael Ryan Nicholas Walsh  
        Elizabeth Tobin       Mary Kennedy  
86 Mary Emerson 26th April George Emerson Church Hill 29th John Scott Otto Emerson  
        Catherine Maher       Mary Emerson  
87 Edward Richardson 16th April John Richardson Battery Road 4th May Cornilius O'Ryan George Earle  
        Jane Kennedy       Lizzie Maher  
88 Norman Alexander Nary 4th May Nicholas Nary Colonial St 4th May Cornilius O'Ryan Edward Skivington  
        Mary Cahil       Margaret Skivington  
89 Mary Anne Kelly 2nd May Henry Kelly Cookstown rd 4th May Cornilius O'Ryan James Russell  
        Lena Simmons       Annie Browne  
90 Lucy May Power 28th April Michael Power Cuddiheys St 4th May Cornilius O'Ryan Thomas Hipditch  
        Bridget McGrath       Annie Bennett  
91 Mary Catherine Byrne 29th April James Byrne Flavins St 4th May Cornilius O'Ryan Garrett Kavanagh  
        Annie Viguers       Minnie Viguers  
92 George Hubert McIntre 3rd May Hector McIntre Kings road 6th May John Scott John Lannon  
        Julia Fennell       Kate Fennell  
93 John Joseph Tobin 22nd April Thomas Tobin Carters Hill 6th May John Scott John Luke  
        Mary Bolan       Mary Pitman  
94 Helen Mary Brodrick 4th May Patrick Brodrick Lime St 8th May John Scott James Snow  
        Anastatia Fitzgerald       Catherine Byrne  
95 Mary Frances McGrath 7th May Charles McCarthy Bond St 8th May John Scott John Grace  
        Agnes Murray       Cecelia Southerly  
96 Mary Margaret Seward 8th May Matthias Seward Cabot St 11th May John Scott William Seward  
        Mary Ellen Norton       Kate Stapleton  
PAGE 91                  
97 Mary Gamberg 8th May George Gamberg Victoria Hill 11th May John Scott Cornelius Buckley  
        Mary Walsh       Hannah Kelly  
98 Angella May Beelis 11th May Joseph Beelis Lime St 13th May John Scott Edward Brien  
        Sarah Olliver       Sarah Olliver  
99 Mary Ellen Skinner 11th May Thomas Skinner Bannernam St 13th May J A O'Reilly James Lamb  
        Julia Lamb       Kosephine Lamb  
100 Mary Joseph Barron 11th? May Thomas Barron Threatre Hill 14th May J A O'Reilly John White  
        Minnie O'Leary       Bride O'Leary  
101 Anne Peddle 11th? May Michael Peddle McFarlen's Ln 16th May M J Ryan William Peddle  
        Catherine Embery       Ellen Corrigan  
102 Michael Charles McGrath 12th May John McGrath # crossed out 18th May John Scott John O'Toole  
        Annie Maher       Julia Allen  
103 Margaret Mary Coady 19th May William Coady Tessier Pl off 20th May John Scott Thomas Tobin  
        Margaret Tobin Carters Hill     Kate Speels  
104 Donald Joseph Leveirman 6th April Charles A Leveirman Gower St 22nd May John Scott Francis Viguers  
        Mary Ellen Lahey       Catherine Viguers  
105 Mary Doyle 21st May John Doyle Woods St 22nd May John Scott Robert Croake  
        Eliza Croake       Margaret Anne Byrne  
106 Rebecca Joseph Doyle 21st May Stephen Doyle Logy Bay 22nd May John Scott Michael Stokes  
        Catherine Fitzgerald       Ellen Fitzgerald  
107 Catherine Mary O'Reilly 20th May Joseph O'Reilly Fort Towsend 24th May M J Ryan John Howlett  
        Bridget Cahill       Mary Howlett  
108 Catherine Walkins 21st May James Walkins Bannernam St 25th May John Scott James Aspell  
        Ellen F Gatlefee?       Ellen Galliger  
109 Michael Devarous 20th May Andrew Devarous Logy Bay 25th May John Scott Michael Egan  
        Anastatia Flemming       Mary Ann Power  
110 Mary Zeta Jennings 20th May Daniel J Jennings Queens rd 24th May John Scott Michael Omara  
        Cecilia McMurray       Mary Coady  
111 Adrian Joyce Dec 24th May Jeremiah Dec Allen Square 24th May M J Ryan James Davis  
        Teresa Cronan       Mary Christopher  
112 Marion Agnes Courage ?? ??   Mich? Connolly's 24th May John Scott   convert
# crossed out     aged 18yrs   Military Rd        

Transcribed by ANNE KEATING (March 2004)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 AST
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