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Pages 105 - 110

PAGE 105                  
310 Gertrude Joseph Ryall December 26th Samuel Ryall & ?? Kennedy ?? December 26th John Scott Rt. Rev. John Scott & Mary Anne Ireland bap at residence
311 Helen Mary Elizabeth Douglas December 20th ?? Douglas & Elizabeth Mary Foran ?? Water Street December 24th John Scott Charles Foran & Margaret Foran bap at residence
312 Gerald Hanley December 20th John Hanley & Catherine Power Torbay Rd December 28th John A. O'Reilly John McCrudden & Margaret Power  
313 Frederick Thomas Buckely December 25th Cornelius Buckely & Mary Ann Butler Queens Road December 28th M. J. Ryan Edward J. Buckely & Jane Hughes  
314 William Thomas Evans December 26th William Evans & Mary Ann Walsh Mullock St December 28th M. J. Ryan William Dunne & Katie Dunne  
315 Jeremiah Francis Donnelly December 26th William Donnelly & Mary Anne Picco Barters Hill December 28th M. J. Ryan William Hickey & Katie Cullen  
316 Mary Anne Palfrey December 27th Joseph Palfrey & Bridget Cullen New Gower St December 30th M. J. Ryan Edward Coleman & Roxanna Corben  
  Mary Selena Bursey Aged 12 years   Trinity Bay December 30th M. J. Ryan   Convert
1 Mary Frances Kavanagh December 30th Thomas Kavanagh & Elizabeth Ward Water St January 1st M. J. Ryan Rt. Rev. Mons. Francis Walsh & Theresa Mitchell bap at residence
2 Isabel Mary Dooley December 27th John Dooley &Y Maggie MacKey Hoyles Town January 1st J. A. O'Reilly James Vinnacomb & Lizzie Walsh  
3 Mary Frances Malone December 27th Thomas Malone & Margaret Walsh Nunnery Hill January 3rd John Scott James Malone & Mary Anne Walsh  
4 John Wilfred Cleary December 26th Phillip Cleary & Katie Allen Monks Town Rd January 3rd John Scott George Edins? & Mary Ellen ??  
5 Stephen Joseph Hotville? December 26th Earnest Hotville & Mary Ann Jolliffe Longs Hill January 4th John Scott Louis Hotville & Ellie Hotville  
6 Mary Catherine Dooley December 30th Frederick Dooley & Mary Peirstay? Forest Road January 4th John Scott William Cuddihy & Bridget Kavanagh  
7 William Gordon Brien January 4th Michael Brien & Johanna Hefferan Quidi Vidi Road January 8th John Scott Michael Richardson & Mary Joseph O'Day  
8 Margaret Madeline Clancy January 10th William Clancy & Bridget Gordon? Godden? Prospect St January 10th John Scott John Williams & Johanna Clancy  
8 Clara Mary Caines Aged 26 years   College Sq January 11th John Scott William & Theresa Richardson convert - before marriage
9 Mary Ellen Kavanagh January 11th James Kavanagh & Ellen Evoy Catherine St January 15th John A. O'Reilly Andrew Evoy & Kate Bassett? Barrett?  
10 John Hanrahan Devine January 2nd Patrick K. Devine & Elizabeth Hanrahan Hayward Ave January 15th John A. O'Reilly Maurice Dinine? & Anne Kenny  
11 William Lannon January 14th Patrick Lannon & Johanna Dempsey Carters Hill January 18th John Scott John Frazer & Mary Ellen Colford  
12 Margaret Brophy January 8th William Brophy & Bridget Dobbin Nunnery Hill January 18th John Scott Jacob Breene & Catherine Keough  
13 William Joseph Abbott January 15th Marten Abbott & Catherine Trapnell   January 22nd John Scott Phillip Chisholm & Ellen McGahou?  
14 Rosamond Earls January 15th John Earls & Matild Dunphy Signal Hill Rd January 22nd John Scott Michael Dunphy & Jeanette Earls  
15 Francis Joseph Thistle January 21st John Thistle & Minnie Mahon Water St January 25th John Scott Patrick Browne & Anne Savage  
16 Henry Colin Dodd January 21st Thomas Dodd & Mary Jos Finnacum Boncloddy St January 25th John Scott Patrick Finnacum & Mary Anne Dodd  
17 Elizabeth Agnes King January 21st William King & Lizzie Brien Colonial St January 25th John Scott William King & Lizzie O'Brien  
18 Theresa Mealy January 21st Thomas Mealy & Mary Anne Cleary Holdsworth St? January 25th John Scott James Murphy & Lizzie Mealy  
19 John Wiseman January 24th James Wiseman & Maria Durrell? James St January 27th John Scott Michael Sourrey & Elizabeth Bolen  
20 John Phillip Sullivan January 23rd John Sullivan & Mary Ellen McCourt Fort Townsend Inspector of Public January 27th C. H. O'Neill Michael Cirty? & Eliza McCourt  
21 Catherine Frances Hearn January 24th Sylvester Hearn & Elizabeth Rogers Carters Hill January 29th John Scott John King & Mary Anne Antel  
22 Margaret Isabelle Bearns January 29th William Bearns & Maggie O'Leary Kings Rd January 31st John A. O'Reilly John Callahan & Bridget O'Leary  
23 Clement McManus January 21st Lawrence McManus & Mary Anne Stamp Cuddihy St February 1st John A. O'Reilly Francis Meany & Mary Ann McGrath  
PAGE 107                  
24 John Francis Picco January 19th John Picco & Mary Case Carters Hill February 1st John O'Reilly John Brophy & Ellen Snooks  
25 Janet Johanna Riley January 25th John Riley & Ann Piersey Allendale Rd February 1st John A. O'Reilly John Murry & Johanne Morrisey  
26 Agnes St. George January 26th James St. George & Ellen Power Spencer St February 1st John A. O'Reilly Arthur English & Ellen Brien  
27 Ronald Joseph Coleman February 1st Edward Coleman & Elizabeth Coady Carters Hill February 3rd John Scott George Coleman & Mary Jane Meaney  
28 Nora Aspel February 4th Thomas Aspel & Bridget Yetman? James St February 8th John A. O'Reilly Edward Mooney? Meaney? & Mary Agnes Power  
29 Mary Anne Martin? February 1st John Martin? & Nora Kennedy Empire Rd? February 8th John A. O'Reilly Patrick O'Mara & Margaret Smart  
30 Andrew Devereaux February 1st Patrick Devereaux & Lucy Waddleton Logy Bay February 8th John A. O'Reilly James Walsh & Catherine Walsh  
31 Katrine Phippe? White February 1st ?? White & Joanne ?? Cathedral Hill February 8th C. H. O'Neill Patrick J. O'Neill & Minnie Viquers  
32 John Francis Whelan February 6th Matthew Whelan & Kate Malone ?? Place February 10th John A. O'Reilly John Malone & Mary Hickey  
33 Mary Isabelle Dunne February 8th William Dunne & Kate Gorman Hayward Ave February 10th John A. O'Reilly John Dodd & Mary Ellen Morrisey  
34 James Michael Lamb February 8th James Lamb & Catherine Joy Fresh Water February 12th John Scott John Stanklum & Hannah Stapleton  
35 Stephen O'Driscoll February 8th Patrick O'Driscoll & Margaret Dalton Queen St February 9th P. J. O'Brien Michael McLoughlan & Bridget Tobin  
36 Ethel May Murphy February 11th James Murphy & Mary Ellen Croker Spencer St February 15th John Scott Thomas Fennesy & Nora Croker  
37 Helen Curtis February 15th John Curtis & Mary Redmond Hayward Ave February 15th C. H. O'Neill Charles Conway & Mary Ryan  
38 Margaret Mary Oak February 18th Robert Oak & Nora Prim? Colonial St February 15th J. A. O'Neill Rev. John A. O'Reilly & Alice Cleatney?  
39 Mary Madeline McCrudden February 18th Patrick McCrudden & Mary A. Lirby? Kings Rd February 17th John Scott Albert Lush & Catherine Hanley  
PAGE 108                  
40 William Thomas Clarke February 5th William Clarke & Kate Flaherty Cooks Town Rd February 19th John Scott William Hannon & Elizabeth Hannon not paid. Father prod.
41 Nicholas Augustian Morrisey February 20th Henry A. Morrisey & Mary Handrahan Druggist, Queens Rd February 22nd M. J. Ryan John Morrisey & Maggie Morrisey  
42 Mary Margaret Mallard February 21st Patrick Mallard & Mary K. Skivington? Colonial St, labourer February 24th John Scott George Skivington & Mary Haley  
43 Mary Anne Spurvey February 18th James Spurvey & Margaret Culleton Simms St February 24th John Scott Patrick Spurvey & Mary Lundrigan  
44 Mary Ellen Reddigan February 18th John Reddigan & Mary Ellen Connors Bannerman St, labourer February 24th John Scott Patrick Grant & Mary Anne Morris  
45 Henry Anthony Tobin February 21st Thomas Tobin & Mary Jane Legrae? Bannerman St, labourer February 26th John Scott Peter Whalen & Johanna Hennesy  
46 Gertrude Redmond February 23rd Thomas Redmond & Mary Anne Meaney? Victoria St, tin smith February 26th John Scott Edward J. Malone & Agnes Walsh  
47 Elizabeth Anne Cooper February 24th James Cooper & Elizabeth Kelly Field St, labourer March 1st John Scott Michael Bennett & Frances Cooper  
48 James Edward Robson February 26th Robert Robson & Elizabeth Hynes Gower St, labourer March 1st John Scott Edward Hynes & Nora Hynes  
49 Madeline Burton February 26th Patrick Burton & Annie Croker George St, do March 1st John Scott Patrick Cunningham & Katie Croaker  
50 Alice Joseph Fleming March 1st Charles Fleming & Agnes O'Toole Hoyles Town March 5th John Scott William O'Toole & Sarah Lewis  
51 John ) twins O'Leary March 4th Patrick O'Leary & Mary Ann McCarthy Adelaide St, draper? March 5th C. H. O'Neill Janet Ryan & Richard? O'Neill ?? Bap. Pri at Basilica
52 Patrick ) twins " " "   " C. H. O'Neill Honorah Murphy & James Brinston? ?? Bap. Pri.
53 Michael Patrick Flynn March 5th Patrick Flynn & Ellen Egan Wickford St March 8th John Scott Thomas Breeser? & Ellen Pitman not paid for
54 Edward Joseph Marten March 5th William Marten & Ellen Hickey Spencer St March 8th John Scott Thomas Bond & Annie Furlong  
55 Annatatia Patrick Walsh March 4th James Walsh & Maud Kent? Hart? Stephen St March 8th John Scott William Bowman & Alice Hawko? Hawks?  
PAGE 109                  
56 Richard McDonald March 3rd Peter McDonald & Kate Lawlor Cove road March 8th John Scott Richard McDonald & Mary Joseph Morriarity  
57 Ellen Joseph Spry February 18th Edward Spry & Elizabeth Whelan Spencer St March 8th John Scott John Minnunette? & Mary Cahill  
58 Annie Gertrude Squires March 7th William Squires & Elizabeth Bamsick Wickford St March 10th John Scott Richard Dormody & Mary Barron  
59 Michael Patrick McCormack March 11th Nicholas McCormack & Fanny Kearney Livingston St March 12th John Scott William H. Cullins? & Bride McCormack  
60 Albert Francis Dooley March 6th William Dooley & Charlotte Whittle Adelaide St March 12th John Scott Richard Chastey & Margaret Adams  
61 Patrick George Carew March 15th James Carew & Hannah Hartwell? Henry St March 19th John Scott Thomas Joseph Burton & Johanna Butler  
62 Thomas Patrick Kerrivan March 14th James Kerrivan & Lucy Vicars Logy Bay March 19th John Scott James Stokes & Lucy Dyer  
63 Mary Joseph Cole March 14th George Cole & Bridget Smyth James St March 19th John Scott Patrick Greene & Ellen Murray  
64 Lucy Patrick Bennett March 17th Joseph Bennett & Margaret Olliver Field St March 19th John Scott Michael King & Catherine Kelly  
65 Alice Maud Shelly March 16th Patrick Shelly & Mary Furlong Kickhams Place March 22nd John Scott Michael Carroll & Julia Murphy  
66 Victoria Patrick Day March 17th John Day & Kate Keefe Prospect St March 22nd John Scott William Abbott & Annie Cash  
67 John Patrick Kelly March 18th William Kielly & Mary Anne Murphy James St March 22nd John Scott Patrick Maher & Elizabeth Drake  
68 William Joseph Quatel March 18th Charles Quatel & Bridget Leahy Carters Hill March 24th John Scott Michael McGrath & Mary Hilyard  
69 Patrick Handrickhen? March 20th Edward Handricken & Amelia Power Long Pond road March 24th John Scott John Handricken & Hannah Hanlihan?  
70 Isabelle ?? Victoria Delgado March 18th Andreas Delgado & Annie Bearns Water St March 24th John Scott Thomas Bearns & Mary Furlong  
71 Josephine Mary Victoria Quinn March 20th Patrick Quinn & Margaret Ellis Adelaide St March 24th John Scott William Myler & Elizabeth Ellis  
PAGE 110                  
72 x   March 21st     March 29th John Scott   ille enter in other book
72 Annie Jane Dowden March 19th Richard Dowden & Margaret Burke Signal Hill Rd March 29th John Scott Harry Astell & Margaret Price  
73 Florence Bridget Ryan March 28th John Ryan & Bridget Gaul Theatre Hill March 31st John Scott Peter Ryan & Katie O'Brien  
74 Mary Josephine Kenny March 29th William Kenny & Katie Murphy Fleming St March 31st John Scott Patrick Murphy & Bridget Daley  
75 William Joseph Mackey March 24th William Mackey & Honora Carew Prospect St March 31st John Scott James Mackey & Maggie Doolen  
76 Frances Fanny Doyle March 31st Frank Doyle & Margaret Baker Signal Hill Rd April 2nd John Scott Henry Martin & Mary Martin  
77 James Joseph Griffen April 2nd John Griffen & Anne Kelly Middle Cove April 3rd C. H. O'Neill Martin Kelly & Mary Kelly  
78 William John Neville April 1st Michael Neville & Alice Keefe Fleming St April 5th John Scott John Scott & Mary Keefe  
79 Lizzie Anne Butler April 2nd Thomas Butler & Margaret Quirke Cove road April 5th John Scott William Manning & Nora Thomas  
80 Allan Leo Sullivan March 30th William Sullivan & Jessie ?? Allen Sq April 5th John Scott John Furlong & Annie Cooper  
81 Estella Margaret Whitten April 1st Joseph Whitten & Harriet Wills Wickford St April 5th John Scott George Wills & Mary Lawlor  
82 Agnes Maud Dalton April 1st William Dalton & Bridget Doran Hayward Ave April 5th John Scott Pierce Foley & Josephine Power  
83 Mary Josephine Thomas April 3rd John Thomas & Mary Anne Reddigan Majors Path April 5th John Scott Robert Thomas & Mary Joseph Thomas  
84 Thomas Joseph Carroll April 5th William Carroll & Elizabeth Grace Longs Hill April 7th John Scott William J. Lane & Ellen Skaines  
85 Arthur Stuard Stuard March 24th Colin Stuard & Elizabeth Haley Spencer St April 7th John Scott James Norris & Maria Walsh  
86 William Chesley? Cabot Keirsey April 2nd James Keirsey & Elizabeth Olliver Field St April 7th John Scott Michael Olliver & Theresa Keirsey  

Transcribed by RUTH CAINES (March 2004)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 AST
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