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Pages 76 - 83

PAGE 76                  
176 William Thomas Ryan 18th July Thomas Ryan & Annie Coady Cotter St, Cooks Town 22nd July John Scott Peter Millinette & Mary Ryan not paid
177 Henry Vincent Barron 16th July Patrick Barron & Annie Dearin Signal Hill Rd 22nd July John Scott Michael Moore & Alice Dinn  
178 Catherine Joseph Kelly 14th July Edward Kelly & Mary Jo^s Elz Kiel Signal Hill Rd 22nd July John Scott Thomas Sheehan & Lizzie Dalton  
179 Henry Leo O'Brien 22nd July Thomas O'Brien & Mary E Shea Field St 24th July John A O'reilly Thomas O'Brien & Bridget Hogan  
180 Catherine Joseph Nowlan 21st July William Nowlan & Emily Sheppard Good News St 24th July John A O'Reilly Michael Callow & Mary McGrath not paid
181 Catherine Frances Been 28th July John Been & Sarah Chafe Long Rd 26th July J Scott John Donnelly & Mary Donnelly  
182 Fredrick Joseph Wiley 25th July Robert Wiley & Johanna Carew Theatre Hill 25th July John Scott Michael Carew & Margaret Coonan Married Mary Elizabeth Tilley on June 6, 1931 at Church of St Anthony of Padua, ???? Rev Michael O'Donal, Assisted
183 Madeline Anne Foley 23rd July James Foley & Mary Ellen King (Kane) George St 29th July John A OR'eilly Henry Miller & Katie Colford  
184 Alfred Joseph Mosler * 24th July Jonas Mosler & Catherine Simms Notre Dame St 29th July John A O'Reilly Phillip Kent & Hannah Moeler? * * the names Mosler and Moeler should have been recorded as Moakler. Catherine Simms was my Great Aunt and was married to Jonas Moakler. Alfred Joseph was their son. They lived at 128 Pleasant St. in St. John's. - Ray Simms -
185 Honora Parrell 26th July James Parrell & Mary Anne Coleman Prospect St 31st July C H O'Neill John Connors & Elizabeth Kennedy  
186 Laura Mary Voisey 28th July Elward Voisey & Elizabeth conran Cabot St 31st July C H O'Neill Timothy Aylward & Anne Murphy  
187 Anne Mary Halley 28th July William Halley & Annie Hawe New Gower St 1st August J Scott Edward Ra???? & Bride ?ine (Vine)  
188 James Joseph Spearns 30th July Alfred Spearns & Catherine Tobin Carters Hill 2nd August J Scott William Hackett & Anastatia Tobin  
189 Catherine Anne Duggan 30th July Timothy Duggan & Mary Humphrys Cabot St 2nd August J Scott Daniel Duggan & Mary Joseph Dudey  
190 Maria Madeline Murphy 30th July Thomas Murphy & Mary Ellen Crookwell Young St 5th August J Scott Michael Duffy & Christina Crockwell  
191 James Joseph Boone 4th August James Boone & Mary Murphy Long Pond Rd 9th August H T O'???? Patrick Mealy & Ellen O'Toole  
PAGE 77                  
192 William Josaeph Donnelly 7th August William Donnelly & Mary Anne Pirce? Theatre Hill 9th August Henry T Renouf Michael Dillon & Annie Gordon  
193 Dennis Joseph Gordan Clancey 7th August William Clancey & Bridget Gordon Prospect St 9th August Henry T Renouf Charles Picco & Mary Picco  
194 Catherine Anne McClellan 5th August Alexander McClellan & Mary McCormack Military St 11th August M F Howly M F Howly & Ellen Hearns Bap at residence
195 Catherine Elizabeth Stamp 3rd August Thomas Stamp & Catherine Bowdren Battery Rd 12th August John Scott Daniel Cleatney & Maggie Barron  
196 Charles Browne 9th August John Browne & Mary Joseph Best Allens Square 12th August John Scott Richard Aylward & Elizabeth Fitzgerald  
197 James Edward Dunne 13th August John Dunne & Margaret Collins Gower St 14th August John Scott David Bennett & Bessie Collins  
198 Mary Ellen Stamp 12th August Martin Stamp & Mary Burke Quidi Vidi Rd 14th August John Scott William Power & Hannah Binden (George Manly Ball, ??? Forgot to be registered at this date Aug 14th. (See the last of this year).
199 Julia Mary Lamb 14th August James Lamb & Maud Isabel Blackler Bond St 16th August John O'Reilly Thomas S Kinney & Isabel Lamb Mother Protestant ????
200 Alice Maud Fyfield 15th August Fredrick Ryfield & Eliza Terry Merry Meeting road 16th August John Scott Edward Atkins & Maggie Korteny  
  Selina Simmonds aged 24 yrs   Cookstown Rd, Born Trinity 16th August C H O'Neill Patrick Myrand & Ellen Russell Convert
201 Janet May Bennett 14th August Joseph Bennett & Margaret Olliver Good News St 19th August John Scott Patrick Fennedy & Ellen Bennett  
202 Catherine Mary Jane Pollock 10th August Thomas Pollock & Bridget Donovan Field St 21st August C H O'Neill Rev Charles O'Neill & Mary Larkins Sub ???. Father is very bigoted Protestant. Bap while family was away
Convert Alfred Henry Wheatly aged 28 yrs   ???? England on board HMS Pelican 21st August C H O'Neill Rev C H O'Neill Convert, Marine
203 A Eileen Mary Kieley 21st August William F Keiley & Margaret Prim New Gower St 22nd August John Scott Edward G Malone & Mary Margaret Young  
204 Robert David Cleary 18th August Richard Cleary & Ellen Sullivan ??? Constable, Fort Townsend 23rd August John Scott Michael Osgood & Marian Cooper  
205 Mary Joseph Keefe 21st August John Keefe & Alice Waddleton Bates Hill 23rd Aug John Scott John Waddleton & Anne Johnston  
  George Manly PearlBall 12th August see page 84, end of year 1895          
PAGE 78                  
206 Leo Francis Crotty 22nd August William Crotty & Ellen Moore Hoyles Town 26th August John Scott Samuel Pike & Ellen Howlett  
207 Mary Catherine Bell 23rd August John Bell & Maggie Whelan Barnes road 26th August John Scott Patrick Barry & Annie Phelan  
  John Johnston aged 75     27th Aug John A O'Reilly Mr & Mrs Collins Convert
208 James Patrick Mahoney 25th August Phillip Mahoney & Lydia White New Gower st 28th August John Scott James Byren & Sarah Christophor  
209 Mary Grace Fleming 26th August Charles Fleming & Agnes O'Toole Prospect st 28th August John Scott William Condon & Susan Kirbey  
210 Nicholas Joseph McDonald 28th August James McDonald & Fanny Coady Harvey Rd 30th August John Scott Thomas R Macler & Mary R Ryan  
211 John Augustian Fogerty 28th August Michael Fogerty & Catherine M Hayes Military rd 30th August John Scott Timothy Hayes & Ellen Hayes  
212 William Henry Byrne 24th August Thomas Byrne & Eliza Bradbury Mascae? Rd 30th August John Scott James Phelan & Mary Grace  
213 Thomas Francis Keating 25th August John Keating & Mary Ann Mecham Military road 30th August John Scott John Kenny & Gertrude Fennell  
214 Margaret Collins 2 weeks old Martin Collins & Mary Noseworthy Battery rd 1st September John Scott John Dinn & Annie Curran  
215 Willaim Joseph Lake 28th August John Lake & Bridget Palfrey Stephens St 1st September John Scott William F Reilly & Lizzie Drake  
216 Elizabeth Timmens 30th August Edward To,,ems * Ellen Shea Cochrant St 3rd September John Scott Partick Evans & Bridget Evans  
217 John Thomas Abbott 7th Sept Mark Abbott & Catherine Pittman LeMarchant rd 9th September John Scott Henry Lee & Mary Anne Antell  
218 Mary Gertrude Mackey 7th Sept William Mackey & Harriet Carew Barnes rd 11th September John Scott Edward Walsh & Nora Walsh  
219 Michael Joseph Fennely 10th Sept James Fennely & Ellen Donovan Cuddiheys St 11th September John Scott John Scott & May S Butler not pd
220 William Thomas Duke 11th Sept Patrick Duke & Jane Attwood Cooke St 11th September John Scott William Ashman & Julia Ashman  
221 Mary Florence Dearen 9th Sept Joseph Dearen & Honorah Ryan Pennyhill rd 13th September John Scott Thomas Ryan & Maggie Kelly  
PAGE 79                  
222 George Steward 25th Ausust Colin Steward & Elizabth Henley Spencer St 16th September John Scott Timothy Brien & Maggie Cowerd Father Prot
  Francis Sedgemen     Groye Street 11th September Michael Ryan Rev M Ryan & Bridget Walsh Adult convert, conditionally baptied
223 Agnes May Cooper 15th September John Cooper & Elizabeth Chidley Field St 16th September John Scott Gerald Lubey & Kate Kelly  
224 Alice Mary Earls 6th September Edward Earls & Margaret Maddigan Battery rd 16th September John Scott Edward Day & Catherine Power  
225 Charles Richard Williams 8th September Richard Williams & Ellen Kinsella Lime St 16th September John Scott Coleman Savage & Catherine Raynes  
226 John Joseph Kennedy (Hennesey) 13th September Patrick Kennedy (Hennesey) Lime St 16th September John Scott John Kavanagh & Hannah Tibbs  
227 Annie Frances Shortall 17th September Michael Shortall & Annie Power Barnes Rd 18th September Cornelius O'Regan Walter Morrisey & Annie Shortall first children bapt by Fr O'Ryan in ????
228 Mary Jane Earls 12th September John Earls & Matilda Dumphy Moore St 18th September Cornelius O'Regan Phillip Constantine & Lizzie Kennedy  
229 William Francis Grace 18th September Thomas Grace & Margaret Maher Signal Hill rd 20th September John Scott William Grace & Alice Buckely  
230 Leo McDonald 16th September Peter McDonald & Kate Lawlor Cove road 20th September John Scott John Moriarity & Maggie O'Brien  
231 Stanley Francis Crotty 18th September Daniel Crotty & Cecelia Walsh Signal Hill Rd 23rd September John Scott William Holwell & Ellen Dooley  
232 Daniel Joseph Dyer 20th September John Dyer & Catherine Doran Torbay Rd 25th September John Scott Michael Doran & Jane Roach Sub Con
233 George Joseph Markey 22nd September Peter Markey & Catherine Lee Duckworth St 27th September John Scott Peter Walsh & Bridget Walsh  
234 Charles Meehan 22nd September Charles Meehan & Mary Kiely Monkstown road 26th September John Soctt James Parker & Mary Power  
235 William John Kelly 24th September William Kelly & Mary Ann Murphy 17 James St 30th September John Scott Michael Scurry & Katie Kennedy  
236 Fanny Ebbs 15th September William Ebbs & Mary Anne Evoy Good View St 30th September John Scott John Evoy & Elizabeth Evoy not paid
PAGE 80                  
237 Richard Lev Dillon 24th September Michaael Dillon Mary Ann Clancey Barnes Rd 30th September John Scott James Dillon & Josie Clancey  
238 William Gorman 25th September John Gorman & Claudia Sullivan Hoyles Town 30th September John Scott Walter A O'D Kelly & Ellen Knoa  
239 Catherine Francis (sic) Grady 25th September Patrick Grady & Lizzie Kenny Hoyles Town 30th September John Scott Martin Kelly & Catherine Mallard  
240 John Joseph Walsh 25th September John Walsh & Elizabeth Crane Mullock St 2nd October John Scott James Wickham & Mary Furlong  
241 George Joseph Madden 27th September George Madden & Maggie Bloid Stephens St 2nd October John Scott William Warren & Janie Madden Married Charlotte Esther Reynolds at St Ann's Church, Chester? RI, USA, February 27th, 1965
242 Alfred Keilly 29th September William Kielly & Catherine Leary Tank Lane 2nd October John Scott James Coady & Mary McCarthy  
243 Francis Joseph Devereux 1st October Edward Ward Devereux & Bridget Bates Gower St 2nd October C H O'Neill Patrick Connors & Mary Anne Bates Bap at residence
244 William Joseph Lambert 28th September Richard Lambert & Lizzie Whiteway Logy Bay 4th October John Scott James Connors & Annie Bolan  
245 William Joseph Walsh 1st October Lawrence Walsh & ???isa Wills Lime st 4th October John Scott James Clark & Kate Wills Married in ??? church to Mary Everand on the 2nd Sept 1928 by Rev Dr Coster?
246 Michael Brien 29th September Richard Brien & Mary Ann McDonald Hay House Hill 4th October John Scott John Morey & Alice Keefe  
247 David Mathew Rodgers 2nd October James Rodgers & Maggie Power Tank Lane 4th October John Scott John Graham & Kate Power  
248 Peter Gonzago? Whittle 2nd October Patrick Whittle & Mary Fahey Stephens St 7th October C H O'Neill Francis Fahey & Josephine Fahey  
249 John Francis Kearsey 5th October James Kearsey & Elizabeth Oliver Field St 7th October C H O'Neill Joseph Bennett & Mary Kearsey  
250 Mary Read 25th September Henry Read & Mary Cullen Cooks Town Rd 9th October M J Ryan William Hammon & Alice Hammon not paid for
251 Edith Isabel Hotville 8th October James? Jos Hotville & Mary Ann Joliffe Longs Hill 11th October M J Ryan Wm S Keans & Ellie Sutton sub cont
252 Gertrude Hackett 8th October John Hackett & Kate Stapleton Signal Hill Rd 11th October M J Ryan James Cantwell & Edith Stapleton  
PAGE 81                  
253 Mary Madeline Vinnecombe 12th October John Vinnecombe & Catherine Murphy York St        
254 Henry Francis Lawrence 9th October William Lawrence & Ellen Ebbs Monks Town rd        
255 James Stanislaus Knight 13th October Stephen Knight & Ellen Howlett Duckworth st        
256 Elizabeth Mary Petrie 15th October Charles Petrie & Eliza Kelly Lime St        
257 Joseph Murran 17th October David Murran & Elizabeth Phelan Quidi Vidi rd        
258 Thomas Joseph Grisshey(sic) 19th October Elias Grisshey & Elizabeth Hand Fleming St        
259 Margaret Florence Savage 23rd October John Savage & Lucy Dudey Bond St       
260 Gertrude O'Leary 23rd October Francis O'Leary & Margaret Ann Lambert York St       
261 Mercedes Curtis 20th October John Curtis & Alice Redmond Theatre Hill       
262 Michael Francis Lynch 24th October Thomas Lynch & Mary Anne Reardon Livingston St       
263 Catherine Mary Lynch 24th October Thomas Lynch & Mary Anne Reardon Livingston St      
264 John Joseph Lubey 26th October Andrew Lubey & Fanny Chidley Halloway St  
265 John Thomas Carroll 20th October William Carroll & Ellen Collins Cuddihey St  
266 Harold Rutledge 27th October Paul Rutledge & Margaret Daley Signal Hill rd 
267 Thomas Patrick Peddell 31st October James Peddell & Esther McGrath Cabot St        
268 Michael Maher 29th October James Maher & Mary Squires Quidi Vidi        
PAGE 82                
269 Joseph George Martin 31st October George Martin & Ellen helan Barters Hill 4th November C H O'Neill William Denison & Mary Phelan
270 John James Mitchell 3rd November James Mitchell & Elizabeth Johnston Carters Hill 5th November Michael Ryan James Connors & Sarah Cullan
271 Mary Gabriel Malone 31st October Thomas Malone & Ellen English Longs Hill 6th November C H O'Neill Edward Kavanagh & Margaret Byrne
272 Edward Gladney 2nd November John Gladney & Margaret Ebbs Bond St 6th November J A O'Reilly Thomas Donnelly & Bridget Gladney
273 Annie Reardigan 6th November John Reardigan & Mary Ellen Connors Bannerman st 6th November J A O'Reilly John Kelly & Mary Ann McDonald
274 Mary Matilda Power 4th November James Power & Clara Tobin Cooks Town rd 4th November J A O'Reilly Rev J O'Reilly & Frances Power  
275 Kathaleen Elizabeth Forward 6th November John Forward & Bridget Agnes Lynch Kings rd 6th November J A O'Reilly John Lynch & Kate Forward  
  George Henry Lee aged 22 yrs     8th November C H O'Neill   born in Cornwall England, before marriage convert
276 Ambrose Fredrick Doyle 6th November John Doyle & Mary Flynn Longs Hill 11th November Michael Ryan James Greenane & Annie Reardon  
277 Mary Rosina Vine 28th Oct Job Vine & Anastatia Hiscock Theatre Hill 11th November C H O'Neill Garrett Browning & Jane Anne Vine sub con - father Prot
278 Ethel Maud Day 9th November John Day & Kate Keefe York St 13th November M J Ryan James Keilly & Eugenie Kennedy  
279 Mary Ellen Delahunty 13th November David Delahunty & Johanna Shehan Bannerman st 15th November M J Ryan George Smyth & Margaret Goss  
280 Veronica Earls 9th November David Earls & Margaret Johnston Field St 15th November M J Ryan John Johnston & Margaret Colbert not pd
281 John Thomas Roberts 8th November Thomas Roberts & Mary Skaines Potato? Hill 18th November J A O'Reilly James Curran & Mary Margaret Barrington  
282 William Joseph Robertson 15th November Robert Robertson & Lizzie Hynes Gower St 18th November J A O'Reilly Patrick Joy & Bride Collins  
283 Hugh Edward Kane 16th November Patrick Kane & Bridget Crotty Fort Townsend 18th November J A O'Reilly George Coughlan & Bridget Byrne  
PAGE 83                  
  Sylvanis Best aged 25 years     18th November Jno A O'Reilly Martin Pitman & Dora Atkins Convert, Native of Merasten, Placentia Bay
284 Elizabeth Felise Miller 15th November Thomas Miller & Elizabeth Rogaers Allens Sq 20th November Jno A O'Reilly Joseph Pippey & Mary Rogers  
285 Johanna Joseph Griffen 21st Novaember Lawrence Grivven & Mary Morrisey William St 22nd November Jno A O'Reilly Patrick Dalton and Mary Anne Myrick  
286 Margaret Mealey 20th November Patrick Mealey & Fanny Cotter Nagles Hill 22nd November Jno A O'Reilly Thomas Hanlon & Mary Joseph Healey  
287 Isabel Lawler 19th November Thomas Lawler & Annie Quirke Monks Town Rd 22nd November John A O'Reilly Michael Quirke & Mary Anne Walsh  
288 William Joseph Brennan 21st November Edward Brennan & Ellen Murphy Lemarshant st 22nd November John A O'Reilly James Battcock & Mary Joseph Murphy  
289 William Culleton 18th November John Culleton & Anastatia Murphy Simms St 25tn November John A O'Reilly James Marten & Sarah Culleton  
290 John Joseph MacKay 17th November John MacKay & Mary Shanadon James St 25th November John A O'Reilly John Cahill & Mary Anne Donnelly  
  Phillip Fronde aged 29 years   Flower Hill 25th November C H O'Neill, John Scott   Born Trinity Bay, Convert before Marriage
  Walter Augustus Coffin aged 20 years   Parade St 27th November John Scott Edmond Bennett & Margaret Preston Convert
  Susanna Miller Aged 20 years     28th? November John Scott   of Portugal Cove, Bap before Marriage, Convert
291 Mary Anne Barrington 22nd November Isaia Barrington & Bridget Purcell McDougal St, George Town 2nd December Jno A O'Reilly Edward Earls & Maggie Purcell  
292 William Andrew Ryan 28th November Martin Ryan & Ellen Heamlin (Hammond) Fresh Water 2nd December Jon A O'Reilly Thomas Fitzgibbons & Maggie Ftizgibbons  
293 Veronica Palfrey 28th November John Palfrey & Margaret Forlong Lime St 2nd December Joh A O'Reilly William Kelly & Mary Smith  
294 Mary Joseph Lawlor 10th Dec John Lawlor & Mary Foley Cove Road 16th December John Scott William Evans & Lizzie Luscombe?  
295 Margaret Anne Skaines 12th Dec James Skaines & Mary Carroll Hoyle Town 16th December John Scott Peter Carroll & Lizzie Lubey  

Transcribed by MARY RAWLINSON (March 2004)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 AST
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