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Pages 71 - 75

PAGE 71                  
100 Frances O'Brien 21-Mar James O'Brien Martha Kelly Cla??? Hill H??? ???? Line Building #2 24th April John Scott Thomas Hughes Jane Hughes Father Bridge Builder
101 John Leo Prowse 21-Apr Charles Prowse Catherine Cody Bannerman Rd 24th April John Scott Thomas Broyders Mary McDonald  
  Esa John Nickersons aged 41 yrs ? in Nova Scotia   Prince St 26th April John Scott Peter John Nelson Catherine Baker Comments 5
102 John Joseph Morrisey 22-Apr Peter Morrisey Mary Smart Parade St 26th April John Scott John Galway Lizzii? Graham  
103 Michael Joseph Walsh 22nd Apr Timothy Walsh Nora Walsh Moore St 26th April JScott John Maney Rose Maney  
104 Arthur Bragg 23rd Apr Stephen Bragg Mahalia Martin Quidi Vidi 26th April John Scott William Brien Mary Brien  
105 John Joseph Price 25th Apr Fridrick(sic) Price Anne Stamp Battery Rd 1st May JScott James Hynes Bridget Dwyer married Bridget Whelan(married) at St. Joseph's Hoylestown, March 17 1?84
106 Lawrence MacManus 26th Apr Lawrence MacManus Mary Anne Stamp Cuddiheys(sic) Lane 3rd May JScott Joseph Kiels Mary Ann McManus  
107 Mary Catherine Griffen 3rd May Joseph Griffen Elizabeth Sparrow Young St 8th May JScott Peter Walsh Mary Myler Bap John Hennebury convert 8th aged 19yr CofEngland /6
108 Thomas Nicholas Hynes 6th May Edward Hynes Mary Joseph Memory Dicks Square 8th May JScott George Memory Caroline Sullivan  
109 Edward Joseph Cahill 5th May James Cahill Mary Squires Mullock St 8th May JScott Patrick Merner Johannah Morrisey  
110 Florence Mary Dobbin 5th May James Dobbin Margaret Leary James? Rd 8th May JScott Richard Galdney Bridget Whilan(sic)  
111 Moses Patrick O Neill 9th May Patrick O Neill Mary O Brien Fresh Water 10th May JScott John Dillon Mary Wickens  
112 Mary Martin 1-May James Martin Johannah Brown Signal Hill Rd 18th May CHONeill Daniel Murphy Mary Hallaren  
(line erased on original record)       ???? ???? Walsh       J??? Walsh Bridget (names are crossed out)  
113 Jo??? Squires 8th May John Squires Mary Joseph C??? Monks Town Rd 13th May CHONeill Edward Olliver Mary ??? Dunphy  
PAGE 72                  
114 E???her Howard 9-May Patrick Howard Johanna Byrne Mundy Pond Rd 13th May J Scott James Byrne Sarah Martin  
115 Thomas Joseph Donovan 13th May Thomas Donovan Eliza Reddy Sp??? St 15th May J Scott Luke Lambert Catherine Keeley  
116 Joseph Mary Kearney 13th May Richard Kearney Alice Wallace Allens Square 17th May J Scott Thomas Byrne Maggie Joy  
117 William John Dyer 5th May Walter Dyer Ellen Gall Logy Bay 17th May J Scott Daniel Dyer Anastasia Dyer  
118 John Joseph Bennett 14th May John Bennett Bridget Ryan Bannerman St 17th May J Scott Robert Stewart Minnie Flannigan  
119 Andrew Joseph Hogan 9th May William Hogan Maude Parker M.D. Barnes Road 12th May Patrick OBrien Michael McLaughman Mary Jane Parker  
120 Catherine Mary Dooley 15th May Patrick Dooley Mary Spearns Carters Hill 20th May J Scott Daniel Dealy Mary Keitley? ???? Feb 5 1947 to ???? 'Francis' ???? ???? St. Patrick's Church, ????
121 John Thomas Aspel 15th May Richard Aspel Susanna Griffen Moore St 20th May J Scott Lawrence Griffen Mary Morrisey  
122 Theresa Olliver 17th May Peter Olliver Mary P???er Bannerman St 22nd May J Scott John King Catherine Carroll  
123 John Edward [different writing than rest of page] Edward John Hoskins 22nd May Edward Hoskins Mary E. Kennedy Gower St 23rd May JOReilly Thomas Bates Margaret Leary  
124 Mary Margaret Conway 23rd May John Conway Mary Anne Foley Kings Road 24th May J Scott John Wm Roach Mary? Christopher  
125 John Joseph Sweeney 13th May Anthony Sweeney Fanny Cahill Signal Hill Rd 24th May J Scott Joseph Mills  
126 James Francis Mallard 23rd May Patrick Mallard Margaret Kingston Colonial St Halliday Lane 24th May J Scott Richard Skivington(sic) Emily Kealy  
127 Ethel May Ireland 8th May Francis Ireland Theresa Walsh Mullock St 24th May CHONeill John Dunphy Mary Walsh ??? Cove, Father Presbeterian
128 Mary Catherine Costello 25th May James Costello Mary Leahey Mullock St 28th May J Scott William Galway Bridget Quitel  
129 Annie Mary Denief 26th May Patrick Denief Margaret Coughlan Forest Rd 28th May J Scott John Channings Mary Denief  
PAGE 73                  
130 William Hennebery 26th May John Hennebery Bridget Voisey Quidi Vidi 29th May J Scott Garrett Squires Mary McCarthy Bapt before Marriage
131 Daniel John Burke 28th May Martin Burke Elizabeth Lake Cove Road 31st May J Scott Charles Foran Maggie Burnham  
132 William Joseph Ebbs 28th May John Ebbs Agnes Phelan Scotts St 31st May J Scott Thomas Donnelly Ellen Lawrence  
133 Robert Thomas Moclir 29th May Thomas Mocler Mary Anne Croake Woods St 31st May J Scott Lawrence Connelly Mary English  
134 Mary Catherine Ring 1st June Marten Ring Hannah Tarmey Nunnery Hill 1st June Patrick OBrien Thomas Patrick Dunne Annie Foley  
135 John Nicholas Cleary 31st May John Cleary Mary Breen Nunnery Hill 3rd June John Scott Edward Kane Mary Ellen Cleary  
136 Mary Maud Dyer 30th May Patrick Dyer Creslin Butler Colonial St 3rd June J Scott William Dunne Christine Preston  
137 Stephen Paul 1894 24th November at Exploits Benjamin Paul Mary Joseph Stuckles Micmac Indian Exploits 3rd June P O'Brien Thomas M Lanningon Clara Hurley ???? Bap at Exploits
138 Bridget Christine Stamp 4th June Richard Stamp Catherine Molloy Lime St 5th June J Scott Patrick Stamp Katie Flynn  
139 William Michael Dowden 2nd June Richard Dowden Margaret Burke Quidi Vidi 7th June J Scott Daniel Myron Bridget FitzPatrick  
140 Henry Joseph Hanlon 2nd June James Hanlon Annie Sullivan Kick??? Place 7th June J Scott John Carroll Lizzie Connors  
141 John Thomas Brennan 5th June John Brennan Mary McGrath Torbay Rd 10th June J Scott Thomas McDonald Mary McGrath  
142 John Joseph Brien 7th June James Brien Mary Burton Carters Hill 10th June J Scott John Brennan Catherine Dunphy  
X Jessie Ellen Rendell aged 24 years     Colonial St 13th June J Scott Patrick Bolger Annie Ellen Chalc? convert
143 William Anthony Wheeler 11th June William Wheeler Anne Kane Fort Townsome Police Constable 14th June J Scott Cyril Cahill Bride Sullivan  
144 Bridget Mary *1Myrans 10th June Patrick *1Myrans Charlotte Hope Cooks Town 16th June J Scott George Morris Mary Anne Morris  
PAGE 74                  
145 Richard Sparvey? Sparvey? 13th June James Sparvey? Margaret Calleton? Simms St 16th June John Scott James McKillop Jane Sparvey  
146 Francis Michael Coleman 13th June Edward Coleman Elizabeth Cody Carters Hill 16th June John Scott John Egan Maud Duffey ???? Lillian Brennan? (CofE)?date at the Cathdral ????
147 Mary Gertrude King 15th June William King Elizabeth Brian Colonial St ? June J Scott Michael King Mary Ann Sage James of M??? Power 18th M Ryan died 3 hours after Birth
148 Edmund Francis Russill (sic) 19th June James Russell Ellen Tobin ???alody St 20th June CHONeill J Scott Patrick Myrans Catherine Gamburg Bap before marriage 20th Jessia(sic) Ellen Randall aged 21 years
149 Amy (Annie was entered but appears to be crossed out. Amy is written above) McEvoy 19th June Michael McEvoy Frances Ryan Cochrane St 22nd June Mich'l J Ryan Rev'd Elliott J Ryan Mary Kelly  
150 (Eleanor) Eleanor Anne Morrissey (???? 30, 1859) 23rd June Charles Morrisey Mary Eagen Carters Hill 26th June John A OReilly Lawrence Morris Elizabeth Eagan  
151 Bridget Koysins Myrick 23rd June Patrick Myrick Mary Deagan Prospect St 26th June John A OReilly Michael Myrick Mary Morris  
152 Alice Courteney 22nd June John Courteney Jane Hookey Longs Hill 26th June John A OReilly William Armstrong Alice Mocler  
153 Mary O Dea 26th June John V Odea Mary Keough Military Rd 26th June P. OBrien Rev'd P OBrien Mary McGrath bap at residence by Rev P OBrien
154 Charles John Walsh 24th June Peter Walsh Bridget Lee Duckworth St 28th June John A OReilly Peter Martuy? Johanna Walsh  
155 John Francis Maher 26th June Peter Maher Cecelia Foley Simms St 28th June John A OReilly Patrick Culleton Bridget Maddox  
156 Charles Agnotion Piersey 29nd June James Weston Margaret Lannon Holdsworth? St 1st July CH ONeill Augustian Brien Annie Ryall  
157 James Murphy 29 June Thomas Murphy Catherine Lannon Mullock St 1st July CH ONeill Michael Murphy Mary Mallard  
158 Dennis Weston Cantwell 29 June William Cantwell Mary Martha Walsh Cape Spear Light House 1st July CH ONeill Andrew McKay Lizzie Cantwell  
159 James Francis Walsh July 1st John Walsh Elizabeth Leptac? St. Johns C 1st July CH ONeill William Walsh Elizabeth Walsh  
160 Edward Parrell 2nd July Patrick Parrell Theresa Olliver B???olody St 3rd July CH ONeill Martin Chafe Mary Anne Kennedy  
161 ???? Of Mo?na Power see my Remarks              
PAGE 75                  
161 Richard John Mahon 1st July Richard Mahon Mary Anne Walsh Cove Road 3rd July CH ONeill William Foley Mary Joseph Rogers  
162 Florence [written above in different writing] Florentin Mary Greene 6th July Thomas Greene Catherine Hackett Gower St 7th July CH ONeill Daniel J Greene Annie Greene bap at residence married Richard July 16 1928 x John J Slattery
163 Harold Joseph Miller 5th July James Miller Mary Yettman Long Pond Rd 8th July CH ONeill Edward Power Mary Fogerty  
164 Annie Vinnicomb 3rd July William Vinnicomb Mary Mitchel Quidi Vidi 8th July CH ONeill Patrick Manning Bridget Reardon  
165 Elizabeth Anne Bolen 6th July Michael Bolen Elizabeth Anne Donnelly Drukens Hill Rd 8th July CH ONeill Alexander Bolen Minnie Coffey  
X Charles Gamberg Aged 72 years   Balsom St 9th July CH ONeill Patrick Duley Adult convert
166 Annie Colbert 7th July William Colbert Johanna Hyde Merry Meeting Rd ???? St 10th July John A Reilly William Marten Mary Colbert  
167 Lawrence Augustian Fortune 8th July Patrick Fortune Johanna Smyth Colonial St 10th July John A Reilly James Sage Bridget Sage  
168 Anastatia Mary Thistle 10th July John Thistle Mary Ann Maher Water St 10th July CH ONeill Richard Mahon Agnes Crowley bap at residence
169 Anne White 4th July John L White Anne Hennebery Freshwater 12th July CH ONeill Stanislaus White Mary Emily White  
170 Madeline Lawlor 21st June Edward Lawlor Josephine Coleman Police Constable Cabot St 12th July CH ONeill John W Norcutt Mary Norcutt  
171 Bridget Mary Mullings 31st May Randell S Mullings Mary Hughes ???? Parade St 12th July CH ONeill William Cuddihey Ellie Cooper  
172 Ellen Winslow 10th July George Winslow Mary Ann King Circular Rd 15th July CH ONeill John Daley Ellen Winslow  
173 Henry Fanning 17th July William Fanning Kate O Neill Barters Hill 19th July J Scott Patrick O Neill Fanny Pope  
174 Leo Patrick Burton 15th July Patrick Burton Annie Cronkwell Longs Hill 19th July J Scott William Aspell Catherine Burton  
175 John Seng??? 21st July William Teigni??? Bridget Whelan Adelaide St 22nd July J Scott John Chasety Margaret Cleary  

Transcribed by KATHLEEN NOSEWORTHY (March 2004)

MYRANS *1 Bridget Mary Myrans and Patrick Myrans should both be spelled as MYRON.
Ray Clancy
Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 AST
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