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Pages 67 - 70

PAGE 67                  
39 Joseph Francis Butler 16 Feb Joseph Francis Butler Eliza Mullaloy James Street 18 February John Scott Charles Smith Eilzal Ryall not paid
40 Mary Ellen Ryan 16 Feb John Ryan Ellen Kond? Bannerman Street 18 February John Scott Willan Hand Fanny Hand  
41 William John Rogers 16 Feb Edward Rogers Bessie Walsh Barter's Hill 18 February John Scott William Rogers Mary Mulcahey?  
42 Clara Elizabeth Lynch 13 Feb Thomas Lynch Johanna Donovan Prospect Street 18 February John Scott Patrick Lynch Clara Lynch  
43 Richard Joseph Squires 14 Feb Richard Squires Lizzie Graham Damirile Lane 18 February John Scott James Rogers Mary Hooper Married Catherine Ryan of Torbay, June 2, 1881.
44 James Joseph O'Reilly 13 Feb John O'Reilly Anne Keirsey? Battery Road 18 February John Scott Michael Malone Elizabeth Luscombe?  
45 Mary Daniolla 19 Feb Michael Daniolla Effie George Water Street 22 February John O'Reilly Michael Scott Annie Eloffe? ???
46 William Patrick Armstrong 16 Feb John Armstrong Jane Kennedy Battery Road 22 February John O'Reilly William Richards Mary Maher  
47 Catherine Francis Morrisey 17 Feb Edward Morrisey Maggie Lonage? Battery Road 22 February John O'Reilly John Savage Hannah Byrne  
48 Jeromiah King 18 Feb William King Mary Rogers Pilots Hill 22 February John O'Reilly Jeramiah King Elizabeth King ???
49 Michael John Bloyd 19 Feb John Boyd Mary Grissley Outer Cove 25 February John Cook James Shapter? Lizzie Shapter?  
50 Johanna Power 19 Feb Nicholas Power Bridget Savage Flemming Street 25 February John Cook Edward Mahon Anne Power  
51 Gertrude Antoinette White 4 Mar John ? White Bridget ??? ??? Hill 1 March John A. O'Reilly Charles White Mary Ann Lynch Married A ??? Scott in St. Anthony Church ???
52 Stella Smith 3 Mar James Smith Mary Walters Lemarchant Road 3 March John Scott Rev. J. Scott Isabelle Paskeo?  
53 Austin Leo Oak 3 Mar Robert Oak Nora Price Colonial Street 4 March John Scott William Power Katie Blundon  
54 Margaret Ellen Dyer 4 Feb Stephen Dyer ??? Fitzgerald Logy Bay 4 March John Scott Patrick Pendergast Mary Fitzgerald  
PAGE 68                  
55 John Thomas Brien 4 Mar William Brien Mary Joseph Beird ???? 8 March John Scott Garrett ? Pendergast Bridget Beird  
56 John Thomas Cullen 7 Mar William Cullen Catherine McCormack Carters Hill 8 March John Scott Charles Ryan Bridie McCormack  
57 Olive Mary Taylor 8 Feb Charles Taylor Alice Brazill Queen's Road 10 March ??? Howley Rev. ? Ryan Elizabeth Selatori Bap at residence
58 William Patrick Joseph Dorcey 7 Feb Michael Dorcey Mary Anne Kane New Gower Street 11 March John Scott Patrick Hickey Annie Kelly  
59 Mary Ann Joseph Brown 8 Feb Patrick Brown Margaret Mahon Logy Bay Road 11 March John Scott Michael Mahon Bridget Callahan  
60 Margaret Lythgoe 10 Feb William Lythgoe Hannah ??? Carters Hill 11 March ? O'Neill Charles Picco Annie Murphy ????
61 Margaret Patrick Murphy 11 Feb John Murray Caroline Coombs Colonial Street 13 March John Scott Michael Doyle Annie Murphy  
62 Patrick William Tarretn 11 Feb Patrick Tarrent Ellen Hnow? Wisleyou? Young Street 15 March John Scott Timothy Duggan Ellen Hnow?  
63 Mary Joseph Churchill 11 Feb 8 weeks old George Churchill Bridget Barron Forest Road 15 March John Scott John Griffen Anastatia Brodrick  
64 Patrick Francis Dyer 11 Feb 5 weeks old Richard Dyer Mary Kavanagh Logy Bay 15 March John Scott William Ryan Mary O'Donnell  
65 Patrick Joseph Martin 15 Mar John Martin Nora Kennedy ??? 18 March John A O'Reilly Maurice Emsley Mary Kennedy  
66 William Henry Hannon 8 Mar John Hannon Mary Anne Eddioslte? Moore Street 18 March John A O'Reilly David Carew Annie Hopkins  
67 Patrick Earls 14 Mar George Earls Ellen Hayes Battery Road 18 March John A O'Reilly John Hayes Alice Day  
68 George Patrick Myers 15 Mar Charles Myers Johanna Parrell Field Street 18 March John A O'Reilly Phillip Chafe Janet Bennett  
69 Thomas Joseph Cantwell 18 Mar Thomas Cantwell Mary Ann Cook Bannerman Street 20 March John Scott John Conghlan? Sarah Morris  
70 Arthur Fredrick Stevens 22 of August 1881 Thomas Stephens Frances ???   21 March ? O'Neill Robert Kent Mary Skains?  
PAGE 69                  
71 Alexander Joseph Derush? 20 Mar Alexander Derush? Mary F. Reardon Livingstone Street 21 March John Scott James Foley Anastasia Sutton  
x William Thomas Williams aged 23 years     21 March   Palpey? Convent
72 Margaret Gertrude Dee 23 Mar Dreamiah Dee Bridget Cronon ??? 23 March ? O'Neil James Bairns? Alice Hugen? Bap. At Residence
73 Anne Patrick Joseph Summers 16 Mar Michael J. Summers Annie Lawlor Water Street 18 March John Scott Robert Power Johanna Lawlor  
74 Walter Patrick Walsh 14 Mar Walter Walsh Mararet Carroll Cook Street 24 March ? James Omara Margaret Ann Farrell  
75 Margaret Josephine Moylen 22 Mar William Moylan Mary Ellen Flemming Goldworth Street? 24 March John Scott Patrick Wallace Hannah Boxter Twins
76 Mary Patrick Moylen 22 Mar William Moylan Mary Ellen Flemming Goldworth Street? 24 March John Scott James Bates Jane Hearn Twins
77 Bridget Joseph Kelly 22 Mar Michael Kelly Mary E? Goldworth Street? 24 March John Scott Francis Silboy? Anne Silney?  
78 Rosanne Mary Hart 25 Mar John Hart Mary Doherty New Gower Street 26 March P. O'Brien Patrick Hart Margaret Lane  
x William T. Warren Aged 23 Years in August Henry? Warren Jane Rogers Stephen Street 20 March John Scott Joseph Palprey? Convent
79 Mary Ita? Goss 27 Mar Vincent Goss Julia Hanley Water Street 20 March John Scott Thomas Ryall Minnie English ???
80 Gertrude Adams 16 Mar Ambrose Adams Ellen Tuffin Williams Lane 20 March John Scott John Hogan Anastatia Hogan  
81 Alexander Hickey 16 Mar Lawrence Hickey Mary Jane Squires Spenser Street 20 March John Scott James ??? Anne Cooper  
82 Cornelius Joseph Lane 20 Mar Patrick Lane Hannah Madden? Long's Hill 29 March John Scott James Silney? Bridget Madden  
83 Mary Frances Wall 21 Mar Edward Wall Mary Jane Crowley James Street 29 March John Scott John Fitzgerald Mary Ennis  
x Susanna Morgan Aged 80 Years     1 April P. O'Brien Rev. P. O'Brien  
PAGE 70                  
84 Mary Francis Foley 28 Mar Michael Foley June? White ??? 1 April John Scott Bernard Spearms? Mary Anne Hayes  
85 Isabel Mary Neary 2 Apr Nicholas Neary Mary Kane ??? 3 April John Scott Thomas Caul Anne Caul  
86 Patrick Kelly 6 Apr Michael Kelly Mary Ellen Meehan? Military Road 4 April John Scott John Keehan - Kelly  
87 Gertrude Tohcher? 5 Apr Thomas Toncher? Ellen Dyer Signal Hill Walsh ? 8 April John Scott John Furlong Mary Haudrieken?  
88 Mary Ellen Handricken 5 Apr Edward Handricken Long Pond Road 8 April John Scott Nicholas Kent Alice Tobin  
89 William Rose 5 Apr William Rose Mary ? John Hayward Avenue 8 April John Scott Andrew Shapter Annie Griffen Cost Paid
90 Agnes Carew 20 Mar John Carew Johanna Ronayne Bearns Road 8 April John Scott James Doran Mary Anne Gotheral?  
91 Esther Jane Dooley 5 Apr William Dooley Charlotte White ??? 11 April John Scott John Joseph Madden Mary Cunningham  
92 Ellen Anne Mallard 9 Apr Thomas Mallard Ellen Ann Squires Quidi Vida 15 April John Scott James Maher Bridget Smothwick?  
93 Henry James Walkins 16 Apr James Walkins Francis Gallighy Bannerman Street 14 April J. O'Reilly Frances Gallighy Mary Hastiny?  
94 Annie Esther Rooke? 14 Apr Patrick Raoke? Mary Sage George Street 14 April J. O'Reilly Francis Jackman Mary Ellen Byrne  
95 Ethel Mary Cooper 15 Apr James Cooper Catherine Power Field Street 19 April John Scott James Costello Mary Ellen Cooper  
96 Fredrick Joseph Phelan 20 Apr Peiree Phelan Bridget Murphy Henry Street 23 April John Scott James Hand Agnes Gastavson?  
97 Mary Elizabeth Flynn 20 Apr Patrick Flynn Ellen ??? Cuddidy? Street 23 April John Scott Peter Maher Mary Ann Pittman  
98 Emily Jackson Mare 20 Apr Robert L. Mare Isabel Shea Cochrane Street 23 April John Scott Edward Shea Isabel For?  
99 Bernard O'Flaherty 20 Apr John O'Flaherty Annie Kelly Lemarchant Road 23 April John Scott Michael Kelly Isabel Alhan?  

Transcribed by SHELLEY O'BRIEN (March 2004)

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