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Pages 64 - 66

PAGE 64                  
335 Stephen Francis Finn December 26th James Finn & Mary Corcoran Belvedere St. December 31st John Scott James Finn & Anne Power  
336 William Evoy (McAvoy) December 26th Martin Evoy (McAvoy) & Hannah Ivany Signal Hill Rd. December 31st John Scott William Rogers & Bridget Rogers  
337 John Leo Carroll December 28th Richard Carroll & Elizabeth Walsh Cochrane St. December 31st John Scott Phillip Moore & Hannah Carroll  
338 Mary Anne Dyer December 17th Daniel Dyer & Anastatia Kavanagh Logy Bay December 31st John Scott Stephen Dyer & Anne Sage?  
339 Christabel Ryall December 29th Samuel Ryall & Louisa Kennedy Circular Rd. December 31st John Scott Thomas Shortall & Elizabeth Byrne  
340 John Cuthburt Channing November 25th James Channing & Frances Dunphy Gower St. November 26th J. A. O'Reilly Michael McEvoy & Annie Ryan  
1895 NOTE: Year changed in middle of page on original sheet. Carried over here so page will agree with original sheet.
PAGE 64                  
1 Stephen Henry Mark Chaplin December 26th Mark Chaplin & Mary Ann Kane Holloway St. January 2nd John Scott Edmond Chaplin & Catherine Kane  
2 Mary Ellen Foster December 24th William Foster & Mary Ellen Hoskins James St. January 2nd John Scott Michael Flynn & Mary Anne Fitzgerald  
3 Mary Margaret Collins January 1st James Collins & Susann Kearney Duckworth St. January 4th John Scott Michael Kearney & Annie Bulger  
4 Margaret Alexis Lang January 1st Charles Lang & Mary Cunningham Adelaide St. January 4th John Scott Edward McKay & Ellen Antinori  
5 Michael Fitzgerald January 2nd Michael Fitzgerald & Elizabeth Seviour Balsam St. January 7th John Scott Timothy Sullivan & Elma Mary Hoburg  
6 Gertrude Neville December 30th Michael Neville &U Alice Keefe Fleming St. January 7th John Scott Peter Keefe & Kate Scott  
7 Loretta Norris January 7th Samuel Norris & Ellen Croft   January 9th John Scott Lawrence Tobin & Mary Tobin  
PAGE 65                  
8 Elizabeth Anne Rolls January 10th Alexander Rolls & Elizabeth Taylor   January 11th John Scott Michael McCallum & Margaret McGrath twin
9 Mary Bridget Rolls January 10th Alexander Rolls & Elizabeth Taylor   January 11th John Scott Francis O'Neill & Anastatia Colford twin
10 Roselle Mary Sinnott January 9th Edward Sinnott & Lizzie Tobin Theatre Hill January 14th John Scott John Sinnott & Maggie Mulcahy  
11 Margaret Conway January 8th Charles Conway & Mary Ellen Foley King's Bridge January 14th John Scott Patrick Foley  
12 Mary Power January 14th James Power & Catherine Walsh Water Cove? January 15th J. A. O'Reilly John Kelly & Mary Ann Power  
13 Catherine Quinn January 14th Patrick Quinn & Margaret Ellis Adelaide St. January 15th John Scott William Merehunt? & Anne Ellis Bap. at residence
  Mary Anne Jolliff Aged 19   Wesleyan January 20th John Scott Joseph Fitzpatrick & Annie O'Neill married after baptism. Convert -1
14 Florence? Delford? January 15th ?? Delford & Annie ? ?? January 20th W. Jackman Joseph Walkins? & Hannah Walkins? Bap. at residence
15 Michael Joseph Savage January 19th Michael Savage & Josie Dohoney Gower St. January 21st John Scott Patrick Roberts & Margaret Dohoney  
16 John Thomas Mulcahy January 16th Thomas Mulcahy & Kate Spurrell? Cuddihy St. January 21st John Scott Patrick Gladney & Alice Mulcahy  
17 Thomas Spearns January 20th Thomas Spearns & Kate Wiseman Colonial St. January 21st John Scott Francis Breen & Annie Spearns  
18 Lourds Germaine? Murray January 12th Thomas Murray & Maggie Hanley Boncloddy St. January 21st John Scott Joseph? Stapleton & Johanna Duff  
19 Francis Lawrence Richardson January 15th Thomas Richardson & Mary Riley ? January 21st John Scott John Riley & Alice Mallard  
20 Bridget Frances Kenealy? January 21st Patrick Kenealy? & Mary Hickey? Bannerman St. January 23rd John A. O'Reilly Thomas Power & Hannah Power  
21 Alice Mary Miller January ? William Miller & Bridget Sullivan Newtown Rd? January 23rd J. A. O'Reilly Peter Jackman & Kate Trapnell  
22 Elizabeth Mary Anne? Whelan January18th Matthew Whelan & Kate Malone Quidi Vidi Rd. January 23` J. A. O'Reilly John Doyle & Mary Power  
PAGE 66                  
23 William Leo Miller January 25th Matthew Miller & Annie Browne Hayward's Ave. January 28th John Scott William Miller & Mary Ellen Miller  
24 William Joseph Keefe January 28th Michael Keefe & Mary Ann Leahy Bannerman St. January 30th C. H. O'Neill Arthur Dunne & Julia Sheehan  
25 Ellen Mary Scott January 27th Francis Scott & Mary Power Georges Town January 30th C. H. O'Neill William Power & Bridget Scott  
26 Patrick Joseph Peddigrue January 28th Robert Peddigrue & Mary Ann Sanalcomb?   February 1st C. H. O'Neill William Kelly & Kate Kennedy  
27 Julia Bridget Power January 21st Patrick Power & Theresa McManus Lion Square February 1st C. H. O'Neill John Murphy & C. Anastatia Murphy  
28 Mary Whelan December 22nd Aigarice? Whelan & Abigal? King living at Bauleen February 1st C. H. O'Neill Thomas Ebbs & Bridget Power This child is one of the twin children of parents whose names are given. Adopted by Mrs. Ebbs. Living at Kings Bridge
29 Gerald Joseph Murphy February 2nd Nicholas Murphy & Ellen Cody Colonial St. February 6th John Scott John Flynn & Mary Lawlor  
30 Anne Joseph McCarthy February 5th Charles McCarthy & Agnes Murray Gower St. February 6th John Scott James St. George & Katie St. George  
31 Catherine Frances O'Donnell January 23rd William O'Donnell & Catherine Kavanagh Logy Bay February 8th John Scott Daniel Maher &Johanna Maher  
32 Ellen Mary Ryan February 8th John J. Ryan & Caroline Murphy Lime St. February 11th John Scott Charles Redmond & Katie Ryan  
33 Amelia Kavanagh February 2nd James Kavanagh & Ellen Evoy Nunnery Hill February 11th John Scott William Hand & Mary Skaines  
34 John Francis Canning February 10th Francis Canning & Hannah Donnelly Theatre Hill February 12th C. H. O'Neill Patrick Myles? & Maggie Donnelly Bap. at residence
35 Mary Florence Larkin February 12th John Larkin & Mary Joseph Bulger Boggan St. February 15th John Scott Thomas Larkin & Ellen Moore  
36 James Ronayne February 12th James Ronayne & Elizabeth King Signal Hill Rd. February 15th John Scott James Donovan & Anne Barron  
37 Martha Gertrude Hanley January 28th John Hanley & Kate Power Cochrane St. February 15th John Scott Thomas Murray & Margaret Murray  
38 George Moore Emerson February 18th George Emerson & Catherine Maher ? February 15th   Moore & Moore  

Transcribed by RUTH CAINES (March 2004)

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