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Pages 46 - 63

PAGE 46                  
48 Mary Patrick Denief February 28th Patrick Denief & Maggie Coughlan Gower St. March 2nd W. Forrestall P?? McNamara & Kate Mullins  
49 Margaret McKay February 27th Lawrence McKay & Ellen Turner Barters Hill March 2nd W. Forrestall John O'Neill & Sarah Turner McKey?
50 William Sullivan March 2nd William Sullivan & Jessie Cowan? Hoyles Town March 2nd John Scott Peter Gallivan & Mary Larkin  
51 Charles Raymond Denine March 4th Patrick Denine & Ellen M. Handrahan Hayward Ave. March 5th W. Forrestall Patrick Dyer & Elizabeth Sutton  
52 Mary Murphy March 3rd Edward Murphy & Catherine O'Keefe Williams St. March 5th W. Forrestall Michael Connors & Christina Connors  
53 William Thomas Dyer (twin) March 4th Patrick Dyer & Ellen Stapleton Logy Bay March 4th W. Forrestall Patrick Pendergast & Ellen Lambert  
54 Ellen Anne Dyer (twin) March 4th Patrick Dyer & Ellen Stapleton Logy Bay March 4th W. Forrestall Patrick Pendergast & Ellen Lambert  
55 Johanna Joseph Davis March 2nd Daniel Davis & Johanna Olliver Field St. March 4th W. Forrestall Gregory Lamond? & Johanna Hayden  
56 John Frederick Ryan February24th John Ryan & Janette? Lang Barters Hill March 4th W. Forrestall Patrick Hickey & Mary Ann McCarthy  
57 Mary Keating February 28th John Keating & Rebecca Purcell? Lime St. March 4th W. Forrestall Frederick Fitzpatrick ^ Angella Donnelly  
58 Bertha Carey March 8th John Carey & Hannah Ronayne Barnes Rd. March 9th W. Forrestall Patrick King & Anne Marten  
59 Andrew Leo Seward March 9th Matthew Seward & Mary Ellen Norton? Wickford St. March 12th W. Forrestall William Gear & Sarah Pitman  
60 Margaret Joseph Myrens? March 8th David Myrens? & Lizzie Whelan ?? March 12th W. Forrestall John Evans & Ellen Connors  
61 John Joseph Hardy March 8th John Hardy & Kate Neils? Cabot St. March 12th W. Forrestall Thomas Atkins & Mary Flynn  
62 John Joseph Crotty March ?? Michael Crotty & Margaret Power Parade March 14th W. Forrestall Walter Cuddihy & Mary Hearn  
63 Margaret Anne Brien March 7th David Brien & Elizabeth Ann ?? Cabot St. March 14th W. Forrestall Edward Haniford & Sarah Murphy  
PAGE 47                  
64 Leo Burke March 10th Joseph Burke & Fanny Condon Young St. March 14th W. Forrestall John Evans & Mary Condon  
65 Elizabeth Gabrielle Howley March 10th James Howley & Elizabeth Firth ?? March 14th John Scott James Kent & Gabrielle Declacis??  
66 James Trebble March 5th James Trebble & Ellen Keough Knight St. March 16th W. Forrestall William Skaines & Mary Skaines  
67 Ellen Gertrude Russell March 18th James Joseph Russell & Ellen Tobin Cooks Town March 16th W. Forrestall William Russell & Annie O'Brien  
68 Frederick John Hartery March 15th Thomas Hartery & Elizabeth Marten Quidi Vidi Rd. March 16th W. Forrestall Benjamin Power & Mary Anne Brophy  
69 John Patrick Quatel? March 14th Charles Quatel? & Bridget Leahy Cabot St. March 18th W. Forrestall Joseph chafe & Mary Costello  
70 Henry Joseph Crimp March 16th Robert Crimp & Winifred Sullivan Longs Hill March 19th W. Forrestall Francis Stapleton & Mary Crimp  
71 Kevin Joseph Keegan March 21st Laurinse Keegan M. D. & Mary Walsh Duckworth St. March 25th John Scott James D. Ryan & Anne Ryan  
72 John Patrick Mocler? March 16th Jonas Mocler? & Catherine Simms Notre Dame St. March 26th W. Forrestall John Mocler? & Bridget Ward  
73 John Francis Whelan March 18th James Whelan Y Mary Saunders Damerils Lane March 26th W. Forrestall William Janes & Mary Kairsey?  
74 Nicholas Patrick Cleary March 17th James Cleary & Mary E. Foran Cochrane St. March 26th W. Forrestall John Burk & Anne Foran  
75 John Benedict Steele March 21st Angus Steele & Maggie Travers Bannerman St. March 26th W. Forrestall John Travers & Margaret Finch  
76 Mary Anne Ebbs March 12th William Ebbs & Mary Anne Evoy Good View St. March 26th W. Forrestall Michael Evoy & Margaret McGrath  
77 Mary Agnes Fitzgerald March 26th William Fitzgerald & Catherine F. Hogan? Kings Rd.? March 28th W. Forrestall William Hogan? & Agnes Hogan?  
78 John Bertrim A?? O'Reilly March 25th Joseph O'Reilly & Bridget Cahill Fort Townsend? March 29th John O'Reilly John O'Reilly & Emily O'Reilly  
79 Bridget Mary Rudd? March 2?th Edward Rudd? & Bridget Bannerman Park April 2nd W. Forrestall John Lynch & Nella Prowse?  
page 48                  
80 Mary Gertrude Grace March 25th Michael Grace & Anne Crotty Plymouth Rd. April 2nd W. Forrestall Matthew Keilly & Minnie Foster  
81 Jane Dunphy March 21st John Dunphy Ellen Hartery Hoyles Town April 4th W. Forrestall Edward Mocler & Catherine Fidette?  
82 John Maher March 26th Peter Maher & Creslia? Fowler Simms St. April 4th W. Forrestall Patrick Fowler & Mary Anne McManus  
83 Alice Anne Johnston March 28th John Johnston & Mary Colbert Field St. April 4th W. Forrestall William Colbert & Martha Cunningham  
84 Catherine McGrath April 2nd Thomas McGrath & Annie White Water St. E April 4th C. H. O'Neill John ?? & Kate Larkin  
85 Johanna Mary Murphy April 4th Charles Murphy Sarah McGuire? Good View St.. April 6th W. Forrestall John Marshall & Margaret Hafey?  
86 John Thomas Donnelly April 1st John Donnelly & Mary Ebbs Circular Rd. April 6th W. Forrestall Robert Stuart & Ellen Power  
87 Mary Joseph Burke April 3rd John Burke & Sarah Myrins? Lime St. April 9th W. Forrestall Arthur English & Sarah Morris  
88 Ellen Carroll April 5th James Carroll & Ellen Snow Livingstone St. April 9th W. Forrestall James Cantwell & Elizabeth Fitzgerald  
89 `William David Power April 3rd Michael Power & Maggie Corbett Lemarchant Rd. April 9th W. Forrestall James Power & Mary Brien  
90 Florence Walsh April 3rd John Walsh & Mary Noftal Plymouth Rd. April 11th W. Forrestall William Walsh & Agnes Fleming  
91 Hannah Mary Coleman April 8th Edward Coleman & Lizzie Coady Carters Hill April 15th W. Forrestall Dennis Meany & Ellie Merry  
92 James Patrick Wall April 12th? Phillip Wall & Mary Ellen Goodland Georges St. April 16th W. Forrestall James Snow & Kate Morrisey  
93 Catherine Frances Rogers April 12th John Rogers & Maryann Kelly Carters Hill April 16th W. Forrestall Matthew Kelly & Catherine Morrisey  
94 John Thomas Smith April 10th Michael Smith & Bridget O'Connor? Signal Hill Rd. April 18th W. Forrestall Edward Moore & Hannah Carey  
95 John Louis Marten April 11th John Marten & Ellen Power Plymouth Rd. April 18th W. Forrestall Henry Brophy & Annie Power  
PAGE 49                  
96 Mary Joseph Murray March 20th Patrick Murray & Margaret Madden Parade April 20th W. Forrestall James Finnaman? & Anne Hanlon  
97 James Michael Rogers April 17th James Rogers & Anne Delahunty Pilots Hill April 20th W. Forrestall Henry Antel & Elizabeth Rogers  
98 Thomas Joseph Shortall April 19th Michael Shortall & Anne Power Fleming St. April 21st W. Forrestall John Power & Mary Ellen O'Brien  
99 James Joseph Prowse April 14th Charles Prowse & Catherine Coady Logy Bay April 23rd W. Forrestall Richard Cody & Margaret Ryan  
100 Dora Evans April 18th John Evans & Elizabeth Manning Cooks Town April 23rd W. Forrestall Thomas Noeler? & Bridget Manning  
101 Sarah Joseph Myrens April 19th Thomas Myrens & Mary Ann Canning Lime St. April 23rd W. Forrestall Thomas St. John & Kate Larkin  
102 William Joseph Keefe April 21st Peter Keefe & Minnie Maher Fleming St. April 25th W. Forrestall Robert Power & Mary McDonald  
103 John Joseph Norris April 22nd Michael Norris & Lizzie Mason Kings Bridge Rd. April 25th W. Forrestall James Walsh & Rose Fitzpatrick  
104 Brendan Badcock April 19th James Badcock & Margaret Snow Lemarchant Rd. April 25th W. Forrestall Michael Fleming & Bessie Dempsy  
105 Jane Ackirell? Aged 20   Parade St. April 25th W. Forrestall    
106 James Ducheman? Aged 21 yrs. James Ducheman? & Mary Brien Water St. W. April 25th John Scott    
107 Michael Mahon April 29th Richard Mahon & Mary Ann Walsh Cove Rd. April 30th W. Forrestall Patrick Browne & Annie Ebbs twin
108 Mary Mahon April 29th Richard Mahon & Mary Ann Walsh Cove Rd. April 30th W. Forrestall Richard Gladney & Bridget Skeehan twin
109 Phillip Joseph Skaines (Skanes) April 28th James Skaines (Skanes) & Mary Cahill Quidi Vidi Rd. May 2nd W. Forrestall Patrick Cahill & Alice Case  
110 Andrew Power April 29th Patrick Power & Clara Dyer Signal Hill Rd. May 7th John Scott Jeremiah Connolly & Mary Connolly  
111 Margaret Joseph Kennedy May 4th William Kennedy & Mary Anne Metcalf? Cuddihy Rd. May 9th W. Forrestall John O'Driscoll & Mary Ann Fitzpatrick  
PAGE 50                  
112 James Kelly May 4th Michael Kelly & Mary Ann Moore Simms St. May 9th W. Forrestall William Murphy & Mary Margt Culleton  
113 Margaret Mary Goss May 10th Edward Goss & Mary Ann Murphy Spring Dale St. May 11th W. Forrestall Patrick Goss & Elizabeth Vinacomb  
114 Bridget May Colford May 12th Richard Colford & Anne Cuddihy New Gower St. May 14th W. Forrestall Thomas Holland & Alice Holland  
115 Mary Agnes Tobin May 7th Thomas Tobin & Mary Bolen Cuddihy St. May 14th W. Forrestall Joseph Marnell & Catherine Pitman  
116 Florence May Sinyard May 7th Abel Sinyard & Anne F. Murran Spencer St. May 14th W. Forrestall Peter Fidelle & Mary Murphy  
117 Mary Rose Ebbs May 8th John Ebbs & Agnes Whelan Cooks Town May 16th W. Forrestall Edward Ebbs & Anne Miller  
118 John Winston May 18th George Winston & Mary Ann King Forest Rd. May 18th W. Forrestall Michael Keefe & Lizzie Winston  
119 William Joseph Thomas May 18th John Thomas & Mary Ann Reddigan Majors Path May 19th John Scott William Thomas & Bridget Moran  
120 Mary Anne Fanning May 17th Edward Fanning & Julia King Mullock St. May 21st W. Forrestall Patrick Barry & Mary Johnston  
121 Ronald Joseph Burton May 18th John Burton U& Lizzie Tracey Colonial St. May 21st W. Forrestall Thomas Kelly & Lucy Tracey  
122 Annie May Ryan May 15th John Ryan & Lizzie Flowers Signal Hill Rd. May 21st W. Forrestall Thomas Squires & Ita Stapleton  
123 Mary Joseph Hackett May 21st James Hackett & Kate Power Flavins St. May 22nd W. Forrestall Frank Stapleton Y Annie Hackett  
124 Denis Joseph Merner May 22nd Patrick Merner & Catherine Malone Belevedere St. Lodge May 25th W. Forrestall Michael Merner & Mary Malone  
125 Mary Joseph Dodd May 17th Thomas Dodd Mary Joseph ?? Bonclody St. May 25th W. Forrestall John Dodd & Nora Dodd  
126 Lucy Mary Joseph Bailey Aged 20 years Richard & Jane Bailey Haywards Ave. May 23rd John Scott Rev J. Scott & Tommy? Donovan Convert
127 Mary Joseph Foster Aged 22? years William & Jane? Foster ?? St. May 23rd John Scott Rev. J. Scott & Bridie? Miller Convert
PAGE 51                  
128 Christina O'Neill May 24th William O'Neill & Rachael Chafe Spencer St. May 28th W. Forrestall James Kelly & Maggie Malone  
129 John Joseph Rogers May 23rd Stephen Rogers & Mary Ann Barron Plymouth Rd. May 30th W. Forrestall John Malone & Alice Galway  
130 Thomas Joseph Tobin May 23rd Nicholas Tobin & Mary Anne Neill Good View St. May 30th W. Forrestall Michael J. Galway & Maggie M. Colbert  
131 John Joseph Stamp May 28th James Stamp & Margaret Grey Lime St. May 30th W. Forrestall Michael Reddy & Mary Sutton  
132 Mary Anne Hennebury May 27th William Hennebury & Elizabeth ?? White Hills May 30th W. Forrestall Patrick Doutney & Johanna Long  
133 Edwin? Leo Fleming May ?? Thomas Fleming & Johanna Doherty Lime St. June 1st W. Forrestall Thomas Walsh & Bridget Mansfield  
134 Patrick Mary? Halley? Kelley? May ?? William Halley? Kelley? & Annie Howe? Hawe? New Gower St. June 3rd J. Scott James Trelligan & Ellen Brownrigg  
135 James William Healy (Haley) May 30th Francis Healy & Ellen Dormody Plymouth Rd. June 4th W. Forrestall James Brien & Mary ?  
136 James Francis McGillately (St. Gillately?) May 28th Alexander McGillately & Anna Marie Stamp Cuddihy St. June 4th W. Forrestall Robert Kearney & Mary Ann ??  
137 Mary Leo Thompson May 30th James Thompson & Dora Stephenson ?? June 4th W. Forrestall Richard Dormody & Bessie Hayes?  
138 Flora Mary Wilson June 1st James Wilson & Eliza Marten? Cochrane St. June 4th W. Forrestall John Egan & Mary Egan  
139 Walter Power June 3rd William Power & Anne Savage? Logy Bay June 8th W. Forrestall Patrick Devereaux & Mary Dinn  
140 Mary Loretta Mercedes? Carter June 7th Edward Carter & Mary Williams   June 10th J. Scott John Callahan & Julia Callahan  
141 Gertrude Theresa Cahill June 7th Samuel Cahill & Elizabeth Tremblett Kings Bridge June 11th W. Forrestall William MacKey & Mary Maher  
142 William Joseph Roche? June 14th Andrew Roche? & Bridget Tobin Young St. June 18th W. Forrestall Daniel McDonald & Anne Tobin  
143 Edward Joseph Courtney June 18th William Courtney & Catherine Pike? Fleming St. June 18th W. Forrestall John Scott & Minnie Patridge  
PAGE 52                  
144 Mary Isabel Conway June 12th Denis Conway & Mary Ann Denine Catherine St. June 18th W. Forrestall George Conway & Ellie Conway  
145 Richard Dowden Aged 41 years   Hoyles Town? June 18th J. O'Reilly John Fitzpatrick & Eliza Mills Appears to say born in Logy Bay
146 James Morgan June 13th Patrick Morgan & Mary Jane Vaters? Waters? Signal Hill Rd. June 20th W. Forrestall Thomas Sheehan & Mary Jane Costello  
147 John Joseph White June 9th Marten White & Ellen Rogers Barnes Place June 20th W. Forrestall Sylvester Kane? & Mary Shapter  
150 Katie Mary Murphy June 15th Thomas Murphy & Catherine Tarrant Water St. June 22nd W. Forrestall Richard Charety? & Susan Kennedy  
151 Edward Francis Lawlor June 19th Edward Lawlor, Police Constable & Johanna Coleman Cabot St. June 25th W. Forrestall James Fitzgerald & Maggie Lawlor  
152 Edward Joseph Kavanagh June 25th Edward Kavanagh & Fanny Farrell ?? July 2nd W. Forrestall Maurice Fitzgerald & Martha Seviour Father dead 8 months.
153 Paul Augustian O'Keefe June 29th John O'Keefe & Alice Waddleton Bates Hill July 2nd W. Forrestall Matthew Kelly & Christine Fitzgibbon  
154 Patrick John Scott July 1st Phillip Scott & Elizabeth Molloy Lime St. July 2nd W. Forrestall Thomas Dunphy & Bridget F. Stamp  
155 Peter Paul Hackett June 27th Thomas Hackett & Elizabeth Brien Barnes Rd. July 4th W. Forrestall Michael Myrick & Mary Ann Myrick  
156 Mary Matthewson? Aged 20   New Gower St. July 3rd W. Forrestall   Convert
157 John Joseph Slattery July 4th James Henry Slattery & Julia McCarthy Pilots Hill July 4th J. O'Reilly Michael Carew & Bride Slattery  
158 Charles Francis Fanning July 4th William Fanning & Kate O'Neill Barters Hill July 6th W. Forrestall George Smyth & Maud Flynn  
159 John Coughlan July 6th John Coughlan & Margaret Moch? Allen Dale July 8th John Scott Arthur Coughlan & Catherine Coughlan  
160 Mary Emma Peterson July 5th Henry Peterson & Agnes Walsh Battery Rd. July 9th W. Forrestall Edward Morrisay & Anne Denief  
161 Alice Maud Rankin July 6th William Rankin & Margaret Fennell ?? July 9th W. Forrestall James Nangle & Alice Fennell  
PAGE 53                  
162 John Thomas Reardigan July 7th John Reardigan & Mary E. Connors Colonial St. July 9th W. Forrestall William Connors & Sarah McDonald  
163 Ocra? Jane Margaret? O'Dwyer July 8th Richard O'Dwyer & Ellen Casey Military Rd. July 10th W. Forrestall Rev. J. Ryan & Blanch Sceveyor?  
164 Henry Thomas Walsh July 8th Lawrence Walsh & Louisa Walsh Lime St. July 11th W. Forrestall Francis Walsh & Anne O'Flaherty  
165 Stephen Joseph Collins July 8th Joseph Collins & Bridget Reardon Barters Hill July 11th W. Forrestall Robert Clance? & Anne Hopkins  
166 John Joseph Ellis July 10th John Ellis & Annie Downs New Gower St. July 12th John Scott Patrick Quinn & Maud Kennedy  
167 Alexander Keirsay July 10th James Keirsay & Annie Head Field St. July 13th W. Forrestall William Chafe & Mary Keirsay  
168 Mary Joseph Coady July 11th William Coady & Margaret Tobin Cabot St. July 13th W. Forrestall John Cochrane & Annie Ryan  
169 Anne Joseph Joyce July 7th Denis Joyce & Bridget Kennedy Spring Dale St. July 13th W. Forrestall James Lowe & Elizabeth Boland  
170 Patrick Joseph Fitzgerald July 5th Maurice Fitzgerald & Elizabeth Barry Barnes Rd. July 16th W. Forrestall Peter Purcell & Mary Ellen Devereaux?  
171 Catherine Joseph Cantwell July 12th Redmond Cantwell & Maria Flowers Livingstone St. July 16th W. Forrestall Charles Gamburg & Lucy Tarrent  
172 Gertrude Carmel McNeill July 12th Michael McNeill & Anastatia McGoldrick? Longs Hill July 16th John Scott Emanuel Connors & Teresa Condon  
173 Bridget Rickets July 10th James Rickets & Bridget Barry Barnes Rd. July 18th W. Forrestall Patrick Doyle & Mary Morgan?  
174 Phillip Butt 8 weeks old James Butt & Mary Corcoran Parade St. July 18th W. Forrestall William Hammon? & Alice Hammon? father Wesleyan
175 Agnes Evans July 17th John Evans Agnes Stephenson Prescott St. July 20th W. Forrestall Bernard McGuire & Maggie Murphy  
176 Francis Richard Southerby July 16th John Southerby & Cecilia Murphy Colonial St. July 20th W. Forrestall William Nicholas & Esther Clarke  
177 Robert Wiley July 15th Robert Wiley & Hannah Carew Fresh Water Rd. July 21st J. O'Reilly Rev. J. O'Reilly & Anne M. Carew  
PAGE 54                  
178 Michael Joseph Yard? July 21st Bartholomew Yard & Catherine Byrne Cuddihy St.        
179 Stanislaus Augustian Morris July 21st George Morris & Mary Ann Myrans? Lime St.        
180 John Francis Cahill July 21st John Cahill & Mary Ellen Phelan Spencer St.        
181 Ellen Anattatia Shortall July 15th Thomas Shortall & Monica? Kinsella Notre Dame St.        
182 Margaret Burke July 22nd Marten Burke & Honora Murphy ?        
183 John James Augustine Barron July 25th Thomas Barron & Minnie O'Leary Theatre Hill        
184 Elizabeth Mary Hennesy July 24th John Hennesy & Maggie Grace York St.        
185 Michael Benedict Bulger July 25th Marten Bulger & Mary Brennan King's Bridge        
186 Annie Philomena Shea July 22nd David Shea & Linnie Leamey? Balsam St.        
187 Mary Margaret Wilson July 21st David Wilson & Margaret Nowlan Boggan St.        
188 David Joseph Hipditch July 25th Thomas Hipditch & Elizabeth Williams Cuddihy St.        
189 Janet Mary Kavanagh July 26th Thomas Kavanagh & Elizabeth O'Reilly Bannerman St.        
190 Ethel Mary Ivany July 30th George Ivany & Mary Viqours Bonclody St.        
191 Ellen Mary Roche July 28th John Roche & Lucy Coady Boggan St.        
PAGE 55                  
192 Mary Catherine Burke July 31st John Burke & Mary Williams Boggan St. August 1st W. Forrestall Richard Hayden & Catherine Wall twin
193 Elizabeth Burke July 31st John Burke & Mary Williams Boggan St. August 1st W. Forrestall Edward Wall & Bessie Hartery twin
194 Mary Carter July 31st John Carter & Catherine Redmond Boggan St. August 2nd M. O'Neill Patrick Larrisey & Annie Kavanagh  
195 Annie Dalton August 2nd William Dalton & Maggie Phelan Lime St. August 3rd John Scott Patrick Nash & Catherine Hayes  
196 Patrick Edward Francis Denief July 30th James Denief & Margaret Flynn Cuddihy St. August 6th W. Forrestall Marten Murphy & Mary Flynn  
197 Gerald John Lambert August 2nd Luke Lambert & Catherine Whelan Carew St. August 6th W. Forrestall William Thomas & Margaret Carew  
198 Patrick Dunne August 7th Thomas Dunne & Eliza Shallow Lime St. August 10th W. Forrestall Michael Dawley & Jane Chidley  
199 Francis Browne August 4th John Browne & Bridget Kirvey? Cooks Town August 10th W. Forrestall Joseph Pippey & Ellen Pippey  
200 Mary Ina Summers August 7th John Summers & Mary Saunders Cabot St. August 10th W. Forrestall Denis Summers & Margaret Summers  
201 Mary Peirson August 11th Richard Peirson & Rosanna Olliver Theatre Hill August 18th W. Forrestall Michael Peirson & Annie Olliver  
202 Catherine Mary Hickey August 10th James Hickey & Catherine Clair? Barters Hill August 18th W. Forrestall John O'Neill & Bridget Hickey  
203 Henreitta Waters August 5th Frederick Waters & Mary McGrath Cochrane St. August 18th W. Forrestall Jeremiah Linnehan & Mary Sutton  
204 Ellen Mary Williams August 13th Louis Williams & Elizabeth Cole Colonial St. August 15th W. Forrestall William Cole & Lucy Maher  
205 Edwin Francis August 5th James Francis & Mary Jane Collins Lemarchant Rd. August 15th W. Forrestall William Maher & Ellen Hogan  
206 Mary Dunne August 15th William Dunne & Kate Gorman Hayward Ave. August 17th W. Forrestall James Moore & Mary Sutton  
207 Michael? Joseph Butler August 13th Thomas Butler & Margaret Quirk Cove Rd. August 17th W. Forrestall Thomas Butler & Catherine Butler  
PAGE 56                  
208 Gertrude Mary Edens August 18th Thomas Edens & Margaret Walsh Monks Town Rd. August 19th John Scott Charles Hutton & Ellen Morris Bap. at residence
209 Frances Margaret Mary Halleran August 18th Maurice Halleran & Agnes Fleming King's Rd. August 19th J. O'Reilly Thomas Cleary & Fannie Halleran Bap. at residence
210 James Phelan August 21st James Phelan & Kate Condon Hayward Ave. August 23rd W. Forrestall Patrick Baird & Rose Condon  
211 Ellen Mary McDonald August 21st Patrick McDonald & Frances Rossiter Cove Rd. August 24th W. Forrestall James McDonald & Mary McDonald  
212 Charles Francis Clancy August 19th Thomas Clancy & Mary Ann Doyle George St. August 24th W. Forrestall James Marten & Kate Power  
213 John Dennis Dillon August 21st Michael Dillon & Mary Ann Clancy Barnes Rd. August 24th W. Forrestall Edward Kennedy & Johanna Clancy  
214 James Mocler August 20th Edward Mocler & Anne Ryan King's Rd. August 24th W. Forrestall Peter Ryan & Mary Ryan  
215 Alice Mary Evans August 21st Joseph Evans & Catherine Cullen James St. August 24th W. Forrestall James Murphy & Sarah Cullen  
216 Agnes Mary Lannon August 21st Patrick Lannon & Johanna Dempsy Carter's Hill August 24th W. Forrestall Charles Morrisey & Mary Morrisey  
217 Catherine Malone August 22nd James Malone & Sarah Deaken Logy Bay August 27th W. Forrestall William O'Donnell & Margaret Caddigan  
218 Mary Louisa Doyle August 25th John Doyle & Mary Flynn Long's Hill August 29th W. Forrestall William Henderson & Anastatia Murphy  
219 William John McIntyre August 25th Hector McIntyre & Julia Fennell King's Rd. August 29th W. Forrestall John Gushue & Minnie Lannon  
220 Emanuel Phillip Tucker August 30th Ignatius Tucker & Ellen Brennan Torbay Rd. August 31st W. Forrestall John Brennan & Mary Brennan  
221 Gertrude Angella Saunders 12 years (4 June 1882) Alexander Saunders & Bridget Nowlan Quidi Vidi Rd. August 31st John Scott John Saunders & Marion Saunders  
222 Mary Power August 27th Peter Power & Frances Walsh Adelaide St. September 2nd W. Forrestall William Mackey? MacKay? & Anna Walsh  
223 William Patrick Beer? August 31st William Beer? Beir? & Bridget Kennedy Long's Hill September 2nd W. Forrestall William Bolger & May? Mary? Kennedy  
PAGE 57                  
224 Phillip John Flynn September 2nd John Flynn & Mary Moore Wood St. September 5th W. Forrestall Terence Collins & Rose Moore  
225 Mary Maud Cahill August 30th Michael Cahill & Ellen Henley Barrens Rd. September 5th W. Forrestall William Cahill & Mary Cahill  
226 Michael Connors September 1st Joseph Connors & Ellen Kavanagh Logy Bay September 7th W. Forrestall James Connors & Margaret Burke 7th Baptism of Mary Hackett transferred to next page
227 Andrew Devereaux September 1st Andrew Devereaux & Anastatia Flannigan Logy Bay September 7th W. Forrestall James Devereaux & Lizzie Devereaux  
228 James Joseph Picco September 4th John Picco & Mary Coes Carters Hill September 7th W. Forrestall John Duffy & Mary Coes  
229 Arthur Joseph Ellis September 8th Samuel Ellis & Margaret Keefe Bannerman St. September 10th C. H. O'Neill Thomas Cole & Ellen Breene  
230 Gertrude ? O'Brien September 5th Michael O'Brien & Johanna Hefferen Quidi Vidi Rd. September 10th C. H. O'Neill John Doyle & Ellen Mary Doyle  
231 Charles Benjamin Barron September 7th Marten Barron & Mary Jane Evans Belvedere St. September 10th C. H. O'Neill Francis Kennedy & Johanna Cunningham  
232 John Joseph Walsh September 6th Patrick Walsh & Louisa Foote Monks Town September 10th C. H. O'Neill Alexander Boland & Elizabeth Kelly  
233 Catherine Mary Kenny September 9th Patrick Kenny & Anne Wade Cove Rd. September 10th C. H. O'Neill John Doyle & Anattatia Kenny  
234 George William Webb September 10th George Webb & Annie Moore Signal Hill Rd. September 12th` John Scott James Woods & Lizzie Brophy  
235 Mary Madeline Cleary September 9th Thomas Cleary & Annie Doran Bannerman Rd. September 12th` John Scott Jeremiah Halleren & Maggie Peddell  
236 Michael Thomas Hogan September 7th Patrick Hogan & Bridget Scott Thorburn Rd. September 12th` John Scott William McGrath & Bridget Kane  
237 John Lawlor September 11th Thomas Lawlor & Annie Quirke Monks Town Rd. September 14th C. H. O'Neill Phillip Lanon? & Ellen Hart  
238 Agnes Squires September 10th Alfred Squires & Maria Squires Carters Hill September 14th C. H. O'Neill John Rossiter & Emily Burton  
239 Honora Thomas September 7th Richard Thomas & Fanny Doyle Majors Path September 14th C. H. O'Neill Daniel Thomas & Bridget Thomas  
PAGE 58                  
240 Frederick Newark aged 23 years     September 16th John Scott   Convert
241 Lillian Isabella Buckely September 13th Cornelius Buckely & Mary Butler St. Patrick's Hall September 17th C. H. O'Neill James Walkins & Hanna Walkins  
242 Beatrice Earls September 14th John Earls & Matilda Dunphy Moore St. September 17th C. H. O'Neill James FitzHenry & Elizabeth Thompson  
243 John Thomas Walsh September 18th Michael Walsh & Mary Ann Ennis Henry St. September 17th C. H. O'Neill Charles Wiseman & Mary McGrath  
244 Clara May Whitten September 14th Joseph F. Whiten & Harriett S. Wills Wickford St. September 17th C. H. O'Neill Fergus Burke & Elizabeth Murphy  
245 Mary Hackett September 7th John Hackett & Kate Stapleton Flavin St. September 17th C. H. O'Neill Rev. C. H. O'Neill & Mrs. O'Reilly died after baptism
246 Michael Kelly September 18th Moses Kelly & Bridget Goodland Boggans Lane September 18th C. H. O'Neill John Madden & Margaret Kelly  
247 Alice Mary Ryan September 11th Michael Ryan & Catherine Cantwell Newtown Rd. September 19th John Scott William Whiteway & Minnie Walsh  
248 Mary Agnes Haniford September 18th Edward Haniford & Elizabeth Snow Cabot St. September 19th John Scott Lawrence Haniford & Margaret Snow  
249 Charles Francis Sage September 21st William Sage & Mary Ann Brien Bannerman St. September 22nd C. H. O'Neill Thomas Barron & Marcella Sullivan  
250 Francis Arthur Walsh August 27th William Walsh & Frances Drover Prescott St. September 24th John Scott Richard Walsh & Rosanne O'Rourke  
251 Howard Joseph Curran September 22nd James Curran & Elizabeth Skaines Carters Hill September 24th John Scott Patrick O'Keefe & Mary Keough  
252 John James O'Neill September 22nd Roger O'Neill & Katie St. John George's St. September 26th John Scott Thomas St. John & Katie Galway  
253 Anne Angel September 23rd James Angel & Johanna Redmond Simms St. September 28th John Scott William Squires & Mary Frances Wall  
254 Malcomb Charles Holleren September 25th James Holleran & Margaret Whelan Hoyles Town October 7th John Scott Michael Baldwin & Mary Morris  
255 Mary Ellen O'Rourke September 25th Michael O'Rourke & Agnes McGrath Cabot St. October 7th John Scott Thomas Olliver & Elizabeth Morey  
PAGE 59                  
256 Mary Margaret Roberts October 1st Thomas Roberts & Mary Skaines Spencer St. October 2nd H. O'Neill William Power & Agnes Keough  
257 John McGorey October 1st David McGorey & Mary Walsh Duckworth St. October 6th John A. O'Reilly Joseph Evans & Mary Sheehan?  
258 David Mealy October 1st David Mealey & Mary Ann Cleary Holdsworth? St. October 6th John A. O'Reilly Patrick Murphy & Lizzie Summers  
259 Mary Elizabeth Reelis October 1st Henry Reelis & Ellen White King's Rd. October 6th John A. O'Reilly Isaiac Jiles? & Alice Knox  
260 William Francis Hilyard October 2nd Patrick Hilyard & Mary Colbert Hoyles Town October 8th John A. O'Reilly D. I. O'Reilly & Mary Sullivan  
261 Bridget O'Leary October 2nd Peter O'Leary & Catherine Brennan Torbay Rd. October 8th John A. O'Reilly John Byrne & Bridget Ebbs  
262 David Kavanagh October 6th James Kavanagh & Fanny Wheeler Logy Bay October 10th John A. O'Reilly Denis Kavanagh & Ellen Connors  
263 Robert Parsons adult Charles Parsons & Martha Hanley     P. O'Brien John Hanley & Martha Hanley  
264 Charles Parsons adult Charles Parsons & Martha Hanley     P. O'Brien John Hanley & Martha Hanley  
265 Eliza Parsons adult Charles Parsons & Martha Hanley     P. O'Brien Rev. P. O'Brien  
266 Edward Leo Duff October 8th John Duff & Catherine Brien Mundy's Pond October 12th John A. O'Reilly Albert O'Reilly & Maggie Ryan  
267 Elizabeth Purcell October 10th Edward Purcell & Mary Money? Mullock St. October 12th John A. O'Reilly William Gallivan & Mary Tobin  
268 Michael McDonald October 11th James McDonald & Mary Anne Crute? Haywards Ave. October 15th John Scott John Bolen? & Margaret Bolen?  
269 Margaret Frances Lawlor October 12th Richard Lawlor & Johanna Malone Cove Rd. October 15th John Scott Thomas Burton & Fanny Lawlor  
270 Margaret Anne Peddle October 10th James Peddell & Esther McGrath Cabot St. October 15th John Scott Michael Peddell & Kate Kennedy  
271 Amelia Sheppard 3rd (23 years)   born in Twillingate October 16th John Scott    
PAGE 60                  
272 James Joseph Corcoran October 14th James Corcoran & Margaret Brophy Hoyles Town? October 17th John Scott Edward Laudy?Landy? & Mary Anne Corcoran  
273 Ellen Margaret Antiinori October 14th Dennis Antinori & Ellen Cunningham Theatre Hill October 17th John Scott John Fitzgerald & Mary Antinori  
274 John Joseph Ryan October 15th John Ryan & Bridget Gaul Theatre Hill October 17th John Scott James Stamp & Ellen Buckely  
275 Mary Joseph Doyle October 15th Patrick Jos. Doyle & Bessie Harris Monks Town Rd. October 18th John Scott Thomas Harris & Bridie Kearney  
276 James Agustian Trasey? October 17th William Trasey? Y Agnes Fitzgerald Majors Path October 19th John Scott James Murphy & Mary Ann McDonald  
277 Florence Mary King October 20th Jeremiah King & Elizabeth Ryan Good View St. October 22nd John Scott Esporito Nicila Sarito? & Mary Anne Wills  
278 Ellen Mary Breen October 20th John Breen & Ellen Dunne Logy Bay Rd. October 22nd John Scott Peter Doyle & Bride Forward  
279 Ellen Kenny October 18th David Kenny & Kate Walsh New Gower St. October 24th Patrick O'Brien John Whelan & Dora Atkins  
280 Catherine Nowlan October 20th Jeremiah Nowlan & Kate Lane Moore St. October 24th Patrick O'Brien Michael Sourrey & Matilda Earls  
281 Richard Skaines October 21st John Skaines & Kate Dyer Cooks Town Rd. October 24th Patrick O'Brien Denis Walsh & Kate Fitzgerald  
282 David Leo Buckely October 25th Richard Buckely & Theresa Wadleton Barnes Rd. October 29th John Scott Patrick Barry & Catherine Brien  
283 Alexander Dooley October 25th William Dooley & Eleanor Janes Logy Bay Rd. October 29th John Scott Stephen Dooley & Mary Ann McDonald  
284 Joseph Leo Coughlan October 29th Maurice Coughlan & L?? Fahey ?? October 31st John Scott Phillip Fahey & Lizzie Keys? Hays?  
285 Margaret Ann Quigley October 28th John Quigley & Ellen Ryan Cochrane St. October 31st John Scott James Quigley & Anne Power  
286 Christopher Joseph Cooper November 1st James Cooper & Elizabeth Kelly Field St. November 5th Patrick O'Brien John Cooper & Ellen Cooper  
287 Charles Grace November 2nd John Grace & Caroline McCarthy ?? November 5th Patrick O'Brien John Slattery & Hannah ??  
PAGE 61                  
288 John Thomas Burton November 4th William Burton & Mary Ann McGrath Henry St. November 3rd Patrick O'Brien Thomas Burton & Minnie Keough  
289 Michael John Walsh November 4th Edward Walsh & Mary Frances Money? Morey? Logy Bay Rd. November 7th Patrick O'Brien John Keilly & Anastatia Cunningham  
290 Michael Francis Devereaux November 3rd James Devereaux & Johanna Flannigan Logy Bay November 12th John Anthony O'Reilly Phillip Malone Y Mary Carew  
291 Mary Joseph Griffen November 10th Lawrence Griffen & Mary Morrisey 1 Wm St. Monkstown November 14th J. Scott James Wall & May Morrisey  
292 Margaret Baird November 8th William Barid & Mary Joseph Baird Barters Hill November 14th J. Scott David ?? & Mary Wallace Illegitimate. Enter in book for illegitimate children
293 Mary Alice Dalton November 13th William Dalton & Bridget Doran Colonial St. November 14th J. Anthony O'Reilly Joseph Carroll & Mary Ellen Ronayne  
294 Charles John Nurse November 14th Charles Nurse & Nora Hafey? Rennies Mill Rd. November 16th J. Anthony O'Reilly Thomas Nurse & Minnie Dunphy  
295 Francis Joseph Harris November 17th William Harris & Selina? Hunt Mullock St. November 18th J. Scott Thomas Ryan & Agnes Cullen?  
296 Ellen Power November 17th Michael Power & Bridget McGrath Cuddily St. November 18th Patrick O'Brien William Power & Mary Ann McGrath 18th bap. at residence
297 John Joseph Power November 1`7 Michael Power & Bridget McGrath Cuddily St. November 19th Patrick O'Brien John Hannon & Mary Yard 19th bap. at cathedral
298 Charles Allen Cleary November 14th Phillip Cleary & Kate Allen Monkstown Rd. November 18th J. Scott George Cleary & Maggie Branscombe  
299 Mary Ellen Moore November 19th Edward Moore & Ellen Sayere? Hoyles Town Plymouth Rd. November 21st J. Anthony O'Reilly Edward Tilley & Mary Purcell  
300 John Francis Goss November 21st John Goss & Sarah Marten?   November 22nd Patrick O'Brien James Phelan & Kate Goss  
301 William Kielly November 23rd Patrick Kielly & Hannah King Monks Town Rd. November 26th John A. O'Reilly William Carbrey? & Maggie Hennesy twin
302 Henry Kielly November 23rd Patrick Kielly & Hannah King Monks Town Rd. November 26th John A. O'Reilly Michael Sullivan & Katie Phelan twin
303 John Leo Ward November 26th Robert Ward & Mary Power Pilots Hill November ? John A. O'Reilly Edward Purcell & Johanna? Brien  
PAGE 62                  
304 Ellen Maud Byrne November 23rd James Byrne & Annie Viquers ? November 25th John A. O'Reilly John Viquers & Mary Byrne  
305 Honora Carrigan November 18th Coleman Carrigan & Catherine Devereaux Logy Bay November 28th John A. O'Reilly John Vicars & Mary Savage?  
306 William Agustian St. John November 26th John St. John & Maggie Hackett Military Rd. November 28th John A. O'Reilly John O'Dea & Johanna Furlong Bap. at residence
307 Edward Sinnott November 28th William Sinnott & Catherine McDonald Battery Rd. November 30th C. H. O'Neill Daniel Cleatney & Mary Dinn  
308 Christine Anne Wall November 29th Michael Wall & Hannah McCordell (McGordon) Hoyles Town December 3rd Patrick O'Brien John Walsh & Margaret Fleming  
309 Margaret Anne Hayes November 24th John Hayes & Mary Mullowney Lime St. December 3rd Patrick O'Brien John Mullowney & Anne Duggen  
310 Francis John Mallard December 2nd John Mallard & Elizabeth English Barnes Rd. December 5th Patrick O'Brien John Christopher & Jessie Holloway  
311 Anne O'Reilly December 2nd Patrick O'Reilly Y& Sarah Foran Cooks Town Rd. December 5th C. H. O'Neill Patrick O"Reilly & Annie O'Reilly  
312 Patrick Mealy December 5th Patrick Mealy & Frances Cottor? Nagles Hill December 6th W. R. Doutney George Skinner & Agnes Shaughrue  
313 Agnes Mary Fitzgerald December 6th Edward Fitzgerald & Agnes Murphy Victoria St. December 7th John Scott Patrick O'Connell & Catherine Scanlon twin
314 Mary Ann Fitzgerald December 6th Edward Fitzgerald & Agnes Murphy Victoria St. December 7th John Scott Daniel Crowley & Mary Ann Antinosi twin
315 Anne Mary Murphy December 6th William Murphy Mary O'Neill Barters Hill December 7th John Scott Francis O'Neill & Josie O'Neill  
316 Mary Downey December 4th Joseph F. Downey & Theresa Mackey Pennywell Rd? December 8th John Scott Thomas J. Keough & Katie Aylward  
317 Mary Margaret Doherty December 10th John Doherty & Mary Joseph St. George Barters Hill December 10th C. H. O'Neill Matthew Kane & Mary Margaret Hogan  
318 Florence Rogers December 10th William Rogers & Bridget Evoy? Signal Hill Rd. December 11th C. H. O'Neill Marten Evoy & Alice Crewe?  
319 Aileen Kelly December 8th William Kelly & Annie Ryan ? December 12th C. H. O'Neill William Wood & Maggie Ryan  
PAGE 63                  
320 James Joseph Dunne December 13th James Dunne & Kate Carroll Catherine St. Monks Town December 14th John A. O'Reilly Patrick Dalton & Mary Ann Myrick  
321 Elizabeth Mary Rose December 11th William Rose & Mary Quigley Cove Rd. December 14th John A. O'Reilly Edward Murphy & Isabel Geary  
322 John Thomas Redmond December 12th Thomas Sr. Redmond & Mary Ann Meany Victoria St. December 14th John A. O'Reilly George Coughlan & Kate Meany  
323 Francis Joseph Dooley December 9th Francis Dooley & Mary Piercey Quidi Vidi Rd. December 14th John A. O'Reilly Henry Antle & Anne Bartlett  
324 James Michael Halley December 11th James Halley & Ellen Tubrid? Duckworth St. Hoyles Town December 19th John Scott Michael O'Brien & Julia Ryan  
325 James Vincent Ryan December 14th John Ryan & Elizabeth Cantwell Forest Rd. December 19th John Scott Thomas Smyth & Ellen F. Cantwell  
326 Isabel Mary Langston December 9th Edward E. Langston & Maggie F. Halley Forest Rd. December 19th John Scott John Halley & Ida Halley  
327 Mary Anne Meaney December 17th Francis Meany & Harriet Doran Nunnery Hill December 19th John Scott Francis Atkins & Elizabeth Brien  
328 Nora Josephine Power December 16th Edward Power & Mary Ann Picco Electric Ave. December 21st John Scott Robert Oke & Josephine Power  
329 Michael Joseph Kavanagh December 18th James Kavanagh & Kate Viqurs Logy Bay December 21st John Scott Patrick McDonel & Mary Viqurs  
330 Mary Isabel Squires December 19th William Squires & Elizabeth Bamrick Wickford St. December 21st John Scott Bartholomew Spratt & Mary Walsh  
331 James Vincent Fitzgerald December 22nd Thomas Fitzgerald & Annie Coffey King's Rd. December 24th John Scott Joseph Coffey & Hannah Bolan  
332 William Joseph Gushue December 19th Francis Gushue & Annie Seviour Adelaide St. December 24th John Scott William Seviour & Maggie Evans  
333 Ethel Connolly December 26th Jeremiah Connolly & June? Jane? Corcoran Field St. December 28th John Scott Michael Hynes Y Nora Hynes  
334 Gertrude Mary Meaney December 23rd Dennis Meaney & Mary Ann Coleman Gower? St. December 28th John Scott John Egan & Mary Egan  

Transcribed by RUTH CAINES (March 2004)

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