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Pages 43 - 47

PAGE 43                  
1 John Thomas Natsh? 23 Dec Thomas Natsh Pilot's Hill 3 January John Scott Patrick Power  
        Margaret Henley St. John's     Margaret Anderson  
2 James Manning 20 Dec John Manning Signal Hill 3 Jan John Scott Peter ?uit  
        Margaret Whelan St. John's     Anastatia Curran  
3 Patrick Quirke 25 Dec Patrick Quirke Battery Road 3 Jan John Scott Patrick Aspell  
        Ellen Barry St John's     Marfaret Aspell  
4 Margaret Christine Rogerson 26 Dec William Rogerson Signal Hill 3 Jan John Scott Michael Tobin  
        Bridget Evoy St John's     Hannah Evoy  
5 line drawn through this row names unable to pick out           ~~~~` ~~~~  
5 William Keary Simms 6 January Edward T Simms New Gower St 8 Jan C H O'Neill John Murphy  
        Elizabeth Tobin       Margaret McCourt?  
6 Richard McDonald 6 Jan Daniel McDonald Cooks Town 8 Jan John Scott William Kielly  
        Johanna Dooley       Ellen Nowlan  
7 John Joseph Griffen 6 Jan Lawrence Griffen Parade St 8 Jan John Scott Thomas Thistle  
        Mary Morrisey       Mary Morrisey  
8 Leo Gaspard? Dyer 6 Jan Patrick Dyer Colonial 8 Jan J Scott George Dyer  
        Cecilia Butler       Earnest? Butler  
9 Elizabeth Anne Dooley 10 Jan William Dooley Gower st 12 Jan J Scott Joseph Hunt  
        Charlotte White       Johanna Cummings  
10 Michael Joseph Bolen 11 Jan William Bolen Duckworth St E 16 Jan John Scott Michael Byrne  
        Hannah Frazer       Mary Elizabeth Coffey  
11 Francis Leo Walsh 11 Jan John Walsh Lime St 16 Jan John Scott Joseph Wakeham  
        Lizzie Crane       Ellen Murray  
12 James Flemming 18 Jan Charles Flemming Hoyles Town 16 Jan John Scott Bernard Howlett  
        Agnes O'Toole       Alice O'Toole  
13 Dennis Joseph Sullivan 7 Jan Dennis Sulllivan Parade St 17 Jan John Scott Michael Dunphy  
        Mary Tobin       Martha Murray  
14 Francis Joseph Evans 12 Jan George Evans Field St 22 Jan John Scott James Williams  
        Ellen Straten       Eliza Whalen  
15 Mary Elizabeth Miller 16 Jan John Miller Rennies Mill Rd 22 Jan John Scott James O'Connell  
        Lizzie Hobbs       Lizzie Miller  
Page 44                  
16 Mary Anne Griffen 22 January Joseph Griffen Colonial St        
        Elizabeth Sparrow          
17 John Thomas Mallard 27 Jan Patrick Mallard Colonial St        
        Margaret Skivington          
18 Mary Ellen Beals 29 Jan Joseph Beals Mundy Pond        
        Sarah Olliver          
19 Mary Quirke 27 Jan James Quirke Monks Town rd        
        Kate Murphy          
20 Bridget-Maud Price 24 Jan Michael Price Holdens Lane?        
        Theresa Walsh          
21 Walter Curran 28 Jan Patrick Curran Goodview? st        
        Bridget Shea          
22 James Brien 26 Jan James Brien Damerils lane        
        Matilda Rennoll?          
23 Thomas Lane 4 February Michael Lane Longs Hill        
        Mary Anne Cleary          
24 Fredrick Charles Ryan 24 January John Ryan New Town Rd        
        Margaret Cullen          
25 Edward James Young 5 February William Young Cabot St        
        Catherine Burke          
26 James Joseph Egan 1 February James Egan Monks Town        
        Ellen Marten Garlan's? lane        
27 Michael Benedict Tavan? aged 18 yrs   Majors Path        
28 Edward Barter 5 Feb James Barter Prescott St        
        Hannah Dooley          
29 William Corcoran 3 Feb William Corcoran LeMarchant rd        
        Cecilia Kennedy          
30 Hannah Dunne 7 Feb Patrick Dunne          
        Johanna Murphy ??? Town        
31 Margaret Catherine Brennan 10 Feb John Brennan Torbay Road        
        Mary McGrath          
no number Mary Frances Keating 18 Feb John Keating Military Road        
at bottom       ????? Hulan?          
of page                  
Page 45                  
32 Mary Elizabeth Bradbury aged 22   Marine? St 18 February John Scott Hannah Mary Byrne  
    x Byrne              
33 James Valentine Myler February William Myler Holdsworth St? 18 Feb John Scott William Aspell Bapt at residence
        Mary Ellen Flemming       Mary ellen Hackett  
34 Allan Augustian Myler February William Myler ????? 18 Feb John Scott Patrick Fennely Bapt at residence
        Mary Ellen Flemming       Maggie O'Neill  
35 Rachael Mary Leo Pitman 16 February Robert Pitman James St 19 Feb John Scott Thomas Pitman  
        Mary Ann King       Norah Pitman  
36 Richard Fleming 18 Feb Richard Fleming Theatre Hill 21 Feb W Forrestall Thomas Marten  
        Mary Marten       Margaret Marten  
37 Mary Elizabeth Stamp 18 Feb Richard Stamp Lime St 21 Feb W Forrestall Thomas Cahill  
        Catherine Molloy       Sarah Barter  
38 Thomas Joseph Power 18 Feb William Power Signal Hill Rd 21 Feb W Forrestall Garrett Kavanagh  
        Lucy Summers       Bridget O'Toole  
39 Patrick Joseph Dyer 19 Feb John Dyer Logy Bay 28 Feb John Scott John Doran  
        Kate Doran       Kate Fitzgerald  
40 Mary Thistle 19 Feb Joseph Thistle Cabot St 28 Feb John Scott James Goodland  
        Agnes Duggan       Alice Fenton  
41 James Edward Purcell 25 Feb Edward Purcell Casters Hill 26 Feb John Scott Edward Ryan  
        Margaret Ryan       Dorothy Ryan  
42 Margaret Mary Cooper 21 Feb James Cooper Field St 26 Feb John Scott Michael Rolls  
        Elizabeth Chidley       Minnie Cooper  
43 Patrick Joseph Ring 28 Feb Patrick Ring Pilot's Hill 26 Feb John Scott Patrick Crowley  
        Nora Wiseman       Bridget O'Brien  
44 Mary Anne Antle 23 yrs     27 Feb John Scott    
45 Maud Theresa Collins 26 Feb Marten Collins Battery Road 28 Feb W Forrestall John O'Brien  
        Mary Jane Noseworthy       Maggie Corbett  
46 Augustian Manning 27 Feb Cpt James Manning Cocharne St 28 Feb John O'Rielly John Thomas Phelan  
        Elizabeth Lamb       Isabel Lamb  
47 Michael Murphy 27 Feb William Murphy Lime Square 2 March W Forrestall Edward J Power  
        Eliza Forrestall       Ellen Marten  
                William Stamp  
                Fanny Stamp  
                Nicholas Murphy  
                June Hynes  
                Michael Whelan  
                Maud Walsh  

Transcribed by ANNE KEATING (March 2004)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 AST
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