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Pages 38 - 42

PAGE 38                  
257 Joseph Rideout 1 October John Rideout Anne Broders Scott Lane 11 October John Scott Michael Keough Ellen Christopher  
258 James Michael Kavanagh 3 Oct James Kavanagh Kate Vicars Logy Bay 11 Oct John Scott John Vicars Margaret Vicars  
259 Richard John Puddister 6 Oct Stephen Puddister Margaret Stamp Hoyles Town 11 Oct John Scott Patrick Mallard Anne Mallard  
260 Mary Margaret Walsh 5 Oct Thomas Walsh Nora Carey Factory Lane 11 Oct John Scott Louis Waldren Eliza Rogers  
261 Mary Anne Savage 10 Oct John Savage Lucy Dooley Theatre Hill 13 Oct John Scott Patrick Fitzgerald Bridget St. Croix?  
262 Gertrude Peterson 1 Oct Charles Peterson Eliza Kelly Lime St 13 Oct John Scott Bernard Campbell Mary Galway  
263 John Joseph Doyle 1? Oct Francis Doyle Maggie Baker Battery Road 16 Oct John Scott John Baker Annie Doyle  
264 Mary Joseph Lambert 13 Oct Richard Lambert Elizabeth Whiteway Logy Bay 18 Oct John Scott Marten Lambert Margaret Stokes  
265 Thomas Joseph Burke 20 Oct Marten Burke Elizabeth Lake Cove Road 23 Oct John Scott Patrick Kelly Mary Fogerty  
266 John Thomas Morrisey 19 Oct Lawrence Morrisey Catherine Morrisey Parade St 23 Oct John Scott Edward Morrisey Minnie Spearns  
267 Mary Aloysius Brien 22 Oct Thomas Brien Mary Ellen Shea Carters Hill 23 Oct John Scott Edward Gaul Isabelle Lane  
268 Mary Ellen Williams 16 Oct Richard Williams Ellen Kinsella Notre Dame st 23 Oct John Scott James Beck Mary Beck  
269 Rosella Donnelly 18 Oct John Donnelly Bridget Daley Bannerman st? 23 Oct John Scott William Donnelly Mary Anne Daley  
270 Koran? John O'Brien 18 Oct John O'Brien Fanny Quinn Torbay Road 25 Oct John Scott James Summers Matilda Earle  
271 Jeremiah Bolen 28 Oct Richard Bolen Elizabeth Donnelly Duckworth St 28 Oct J O'Rielly John Fenalon Ellen Furlong Baptized at residence
272 Jane Bolen 28 Oct Richard Bolen Elizabeth Donnelly Duckworth St 28 Oct J O'Rielly John St. John Catherine Kennedy  
PAGE 39                  
273 Veronica Tobin 24 Oct William Tobin Damerils lane 29 Oct John Scott Thomas Tobin  
        Ellen Brien       Mary Hooper  
274 Margaret Farrell 28 Oct John Farrell Bell St 1 November J O'Rielly Joseph Fennell  
        Alice O'Neill       Mary Jane Fitzgerald  
275 John James McGrath 29 Oct William McGrath Lime St 1 Nov J O'Rielly Michael O'Rourke  
        Fanny Fowler       Agnes McGrath  
276 George Thomas Kane 1 November Patrick Kane Fort Townsend 3 Nov John Scott George T Carty  
        Bridget Crotty       Sarah Murphy  
277 Mary Anne Power 31 October John Power Colonial St 3 Nov John Scott Francis Silvey  
    (Silvey) line drawn through)   Charlotte Hand       Theresa Hand  
278 Anastatia Tobin 5 November Lawrence Tobin Nunnary's Hill 6 Nov John Scott Francis Brien  
        Mary Anne Chiddley       Susanna Bransfield  
279 Patrick Joseph Miller 3 November Matthew Miller Pilot's Hill 6 Nov John Scott Patrick Ring  
        Annie Browne       Johanna Margaret Browne  
280 Ellen Mary Stamp 25 October Thomas Stamp Battery Road 6 Nov John Scott Fredrick Price  
        Catherine Bowden?       Elizabeth Fitzgerald  
281 Hugh James Moore 4 November James Moore Major's Path 8 Nov John Scott Robert Thomas  
        Bridget Thomas       Honora Thomas  
282 Alexander Murphy 4 November Nicholas Murphy Colonial St 8 Nov John Scott Garrett Kavanagh  
        Ellen Coady       Johanna Byrne  
283 Philip Thomas Crotty 3 November Daniel Crotty Signal Hill rd 8 Nov John Scott William Handrahan  
        Mary Ann Walsh       Katie Walsh  
284 Mary Josephine Neville 5 Nov Michael Neville Flemming St 10 Nov John Scott John Kafe  
        Alice Keefe       Hannah Hanore?  
285 Robert Joseph Sears 10 Nov John Sears Cuddeley? st 15 Nov John Scott Thomas Atkins  
        Elizabeth Crane       Mary Mulcahay  
286 Florence Mary Dawson 12 Nov James Dawson Military rd 18 Nov John Scott Martin Furlong  
        Margaret Ryan       Johanna Co??tte  
287 Cecilia Collins 9 Nov James ???ins Duckworth St 18 Nov John Scott Hector Henderson child of
        Margaret Ryan       Theresa Collins ??? George Kennedy
                  & Mary Anne Felthan
288 Bridget Walkins 10 Nov James Walkins Bannerman 18 Nov John Scott John Barry George st died after birth
        Ellen Frances Gallagher?       Bride Walkins  
Page 40                  
289 Bridget Hamlon 5 November James Hamlon Parade St 15 Nov John Scott Patrick Seaward  
        Annie winters       Kate Leary  
290 Peter Francis Bennett 14 Nov Joseph Bennett Bunaloudy st 17 Nov John Scott William Butt  
        Margaret Olliver       Selina Tobin  
291 William Francis Scott 17 Nov William Scott Cochrane St 20 Nov John Scott Alexander Forward  
        Catherine Samson       Anne Callon  
292 David Francis King 18 Nov David King Gower St 20 Nov C H O'Neill Francis Scott Baptized at residence
        Elizabeth Gall?       Margaret Ryan  
293 Margaret Alice Myler 19 Nov John Myler New Gower St 22 Nov John Scott Thomas Myler  
        Marion Burke       Mary Feeham?  
294 John Fitzgerald 19 Nov Michael Fitzgerald Carters Hill 22 Nov John Scott Michael Murphy  
        Jane Redmond       Bessie Costello  
295 John Leo Dee 21 Nov Jeremiah Dee Livingston St 22 Nov C H O'Neill John Roache Baptized at residence
        Theresa ???na Butt       Agnes Roache  
296 John Purcell Nurse 24 Nov Thomas Nurse Circular Rd 26 Nov C H O'Neill John Nurse  
        Catherine Purcell       Lena Percy  
297 Mary Anne O'Connor 24 Nov Michael O'Connor McDougal St 27 Nov John Scott Michael Murphy ???????????
        Christina O'Keefe       Anastasia Murphy  
298 Solomon Legg 25 Nov Patrick Legg (Lake) Casey's Lane? 29 Nov John Scott Phillip Murphy  
        Susan Gaulton       Bessie Drake  
299 Clement James Power 29 Nov Patrick Power Cuddehey's st 1 December John Scott James Marten  
        Theresa McManus       Mary Ellen Tibbo  
300 William Leo Rose 27 Nov William Rose Cove Road 1 Dec John Scott Richard Fogerty  
        Mary Quigley       Catherine Walsh  
301 Fanny Mary Hickey 21 Nov William Hickey Carew St 1 Dec John Scott Lawrence McMannus not paid for
        Catherine Keough       Mary Jane Barron  
302 Cyril Marten 29 Nov John Marten King's Rd        
        Mary Anne Ryan          
303 Henry Vincent Bennett 3 December John Bennett Monks Town rd        
        Bridget Ryan          
304 Phillip Joseph Grisshey 4 Dec Elias Grisshey Colonial St        
        Bessie Harbe?          
Page 41                  
305 Mary Joseph Kearsey 1? December Thomas Kearsey 20 Mile Pond 8 December C H O'Neill David Walsh  
        Ellen Nairn       Anastasia Nairn  
306 Harriett Chidley 26 November John Chidley   8 December C H O'Neill William Handrahan  
        Kate Baker       Lizzie Marten  
307 Elizabeth King 7 December James King Prospect St 11 Dec John Scott Patrick Power  
        Anne Power       Ellen Blanch  
308 Louisa Dooley 8 December Richard Dooley Duke York Rd 13 Dec C H O'Neill Patrick Keerivan married to John Thomas ??? on Sept 26, 1944 at ????St John, New Brunswick
        Mary Dormody       Ellie Howlett  
309 Mary Ruthledge 11 Dec Paul Ruthledge   13 Dec C H O'Neill Edward Bolger  
        Margaret Daley       Bridget Ruthledge  
310 Ester Mary Whalen 10 Dec William Whalen Police sergant 13 Dec C H O'Neill Thomas Sullivan ??? condition
        Anne Kane Fort Townsend     Bridie Sullivan  
311 boy still born Whalen 10 Dec do & do do do xxxxxx SSSSSSS stil born  
312 Elizabeth Burke 1 December James Burke Logy Bay 13 Dec C H O'Neill Joseph Connors  
        Mary Quigley       Mary Joseph O'Donnell  
313 Mary Margaret Bulgar 11 Dec Joseph Bulgar Pilot's Hill 18 Dec C H O'Neill John Furlong  
        Lizzie Quigley       Johanna Bundon?  
314 Ellen Maude Maher 18 Dec James Maher Quidi Vidi 18 Dec C H O'Neill Thomas Mallard  
        Mary Squires       Elizabeth McCarthy  
315 Mary Elizabeth Evans 17 Dec William Evans Mullock St 20 Dec C H O'Neill Thomas Murphy  
        Mary Anne Walsh       Mary Chidley  
316 John Joseph Woods 13 Dec Harry Woods Colonial St 20 Dec C H O'Neill Thomas Buckley  
        Frances Dunphy       Susanna Kennedy  
317 Edward Francis Hipditch 20 Dec Richard Hipditch Cabot St 27 Dec C H O'Neill George Earle  
        Elizabeth Furlong       Mary Maher  
318 James Patrick Heaney 21 Dec James Heaney King's Rd 27 Dec C H O'Neill James Costello  
        Anastatia Movell?       Mary Flemming  
    O'Dea   O'Dea          
319 Leo Patrick Day 21 Dec John Day Parade St 27 Dec C H O'Neill Sylvester O'Brien  
        Catherine Keefe       Mary Ellen O'Brien  
320 Annie Clare Richardson 21 Dec John Richardson Cooks Town 27 Dec C H O'Neill Edward Earle  
    name scratched out   Annie Mary? Kennedy       Mary Carew  
    Richardson written above it   line through name          
Page 42                  
321 Hannah Bridget Cole 19 Dec James Cole head of        
        Elizabeth Doyle Longs Hill        
322 Mary Florence Channing 29 Dec James Channing & Mary Anne Felthan        
        Frances Dunphy          
  Finis for year                

Transcribed by ANNE KEATING (March 2004)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 AST
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