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Pages 30 - 37

PAGE 30                  
129 John Francis Dooley June 1st John Dooley & Maggie Mackey ? June 5th W. Forrestall John Vinnicomb & Katie Vinnicomb  
130 Peter Joseph Gosse June 1st Patrick Gosse & Margaret Stephenson ? June 5th W. Forrestall John J. Griffen & Johanna Cunningham  
131 Mary Anne Prendergast June 2nd Thomas Prendergast & Bridget Allen Georges St. June 5th W. Forrestall John J. Walsh & Catherine Hearn  
132 Louisa Josephine Mundy June 5th Thomas Mundy & Mary Fitzgerald Duckworth St. June 7th W. Forrestall William Voisey & Margaret Voisey  
133 Mary Alice Cooke May 31st Thomas Cooke & Mary Anne Power Gower St. June 7th W. Forrestall William Shortall & Mary Ann Walsh  
134 Alice Maud Corcoran June 2nd William Corcoran & Mary Ann McCarthy Cook's Town June 7th W. Forrestall John Power & Johanna White  
135 Ellen Mary Miller June 7th Joseph Miller & Anne Ebbs William St. June 7th W. Forrestall Lawrence Miller & Mary Chafe  
136 Mary Ellen Hammond May 31st Phillip Hammond & Elizabeth Phillips Cook's Town June 7th W. Forrestall William Carew & Ellen Carrigan (second child) baptized ????
137 Patrick William Wiley June 6th Robert Wiley & Johanna Carisso Fresh Water June 8th John Scott Carmel McNamara & Ellen Wiley  
138 Catherine Anne Martin May 27th William Martin & Elizabeth Walsh Cuddihy's Lane June 9th W. Forrestall Matthew Healy & Bridget Martin  
139 Philip Henry Thistle June 4th John Thistle & Dora Tobin Water St. June 9th W. Forrestall Jeremiah Healy & Clara Tobin  
140 George Duggan June 9th Timothy Duggan & Mary Humphries Cabot St. June 12th W. Forrestall Michael Cahill & Agnes Thistle  
141 John Joseph Pitman June 11th George Pitman & Elizabeth Pitman Cuddihy's Lane June 12th W. Forrestall John Pitman & Ellen Pitman  
142 Elizabeth Mary Hanlon June 8th Robert Hanlon & Anne Meaney Nagle Hill June 16th W. Forrestall Thomas Hanlon & Mary Ann Walsh  
143 John Joseph Fitzgerald June 13th Michael Fitzgerald & June Lerious? Livingstone St June 16th W. Forrestall Matthew Aylward & Nora Fitzgerald  
144 James Aloysius McCrudden? June 9th Patrick McCrudden? & Mary Anne Leahy King's Rd. June 16th W. Forrestall Michael Barron & Margaret Rutledge  
PAGE 31                  
145 Bridget Mary Leonard June 10th Michael Leonard & Anne Tapper Lime St. June 14th W. Forrestall James Myrons & Mary Ann Wills  
146 Michael Joseph Dyer June 8th Richard Dyer & Mary Kavanagh Logy Bay June 16th J. A. O'Reilly Joseph Connors & Mary Ryan  
147 Michael Joseph Spearns June 14th Edward Spearns & Catherine Tobin Lime St. June 19th W. Forrestall John Spearns & Fanny Tobin  
148 George Joseph Shapter June 18th Joseph Shapter & Margaret Rogers Barnes Rd. June 21st W. Forrestall Edward Shapter & Anastatia Whelan  
149 Dorothy Bridget Howels June 17th Thomas Howels & Johanna? Walsh College Lane June 21st W. Forrestall Catherine ??  
150 William Joseph Lawlor June 20th John Lawlor & Mary Foley Cove road June 23rd W. Forrestall Richard Foley & Mary Lawlor  
151 Bridget Mary Earls June 21st William Earls & Mary Hartery Bannerman Park June 26th W. Forrestall Isaiac Burrington & Mary Hipditch  
152 Patrick Joseph Foley June 30th James Foley & Ellen Kane George St. July 3rd W. Forrestall James Saunders & Mary O'Driscoll Married in the mission church, ??
153 Annie Courtney July 2nd John Courtney, Police Constable, & Jane Hookey Fresh Water Rd. July 5th W. McCarthy David Courtney & Mary Ann Culleton  
154 Francis Lynch July 2nd Francis Lynch & Johanna Donovan Flavins Lane July 5th W. McCarthy Patrick Lynch & Margaret Dyer  
155 Gregory Joseph Fennell July 5th William Fennell & Mary Kerrivan Carters Hill July 7th W. Forrestall William Brawders & Marie McDonald  
156 John Summers July 7th Patrick Summers & Martha Raines Fresh Water July 9th J. Scott John Raines & Bridget Kennedy  
157 John Ryan July 8th Michael Ryan & Catherine ??   July 10th W. Forrestall John Ryan & Hannah Ryan Mother's surname unreadable, believed to begin with C
158 Catherine Quirk (O'Rourke) July 11th Thomas Quirke (O'Rourke) & Johanna Laye Bannerman St. July 12th` W. Forrestall Phillip Haren & Annie Quirk Reference to O'Rourke" - unknown what context
159 Nicholas Kelly July 12th John Kelly & Mary Power   July 14th W. Forrestall John Griffen & Mary Ann Devereaux  
160 Mary ?? Motley July 16th Edward Motley & Mary Sullivan Barters Hill July 17th W. Forrestall James Clooney & Johanna Fahey  
PAGE 32                  
161 William Joseph McGinn July 16th Edward McGinn & Ellen Joseph Cooney Dammerills Lane July 17th John O'Reilly John Cooney & Kate Dunphy  
162 Mary Morell July 18th James Morell & Johanna Stapleton Parade St. July 24th W. Forestall John Channing? & Maggie Wilten?  
163 James Michael Dyer July 17th Daniel Dyer & Anastasia Kavanagh Logy Bay July 24th W. Forestall James Kavanagh & Margaret Rorke  
164 George Joseph Bloyd (Blyde) July 17th John Bloyd (Blyde) & Mary Grisshay? Fleming St. July 24th W. Forestall George Shapter & Sarah Hand  
165 Michael Augustus Lawlor July 22nd Michael Lawlor & Mary Goss New Gower St. July 24th John Scott James Boggan & Minnie Goss ?? at residence
166 Laurette Anne Lake July 20th John Lake & Bridget Palfrey Stephen St. July 26th John Scott William Palfrey & Lizzie McCormack  
PAGE 33                  
177 William Francis Brennan August 1st John Brennan & Marie Dwyer Bell Street August 2nd John O'Reilly Charles Ryan & Brydie O'Brien  
178 Ethel May Brennan August 1st Edward Brennan & Ellen Murphy LeMarchant Road August 4th W. Forrestall John Maynard & Anastatia Maynard  
179 Mary Joseph Cunningham August 1st Edward Cunningham & Kate Burton Carters Hill August 4th W. Forrestall John Cunningham & Annie Burton  
180 Catherine Joseph Power August 4th Edward Power & Margaret Murphy Simms St. August 4th W. Forrestall William Sears & Bridget Whelan  
181 Ellen Mary Fanning August 5th James Fanning & Bridget McGrath   August 11th W. Forrestall Michael McGrath & Lizzie Devereaux  
182 Winnifred Gamburg August 6th George Gamburg & Cherry Walsh Victoria St. August 11th W. Forrestall James Fitzhenry & Annie Furlong  
183 James Edward Olliner August 6th Thomas Olliner & Johanna Chafe Bonclody St. August 11th W. Forrestall James Barrett & Annie Mackey  
184 Sarah Ryan August 9th Thomas Ryan & Annie Comacky? Cormody?   August 11th W. Forrestall James Maher & Mary Ryan  
185 Catherine Mary Frances Skinner August 6th John Skinner & Mary Jane Ashman South Side August 11th W. Forrestall Michael Murphy & Josephine Murphy  
186 Margaret Palfrey August 5th John Palfrey & Margaret Furlong   August 11th W. Forrestall Michael Foley & Sarah Rolls  
187 Bernard Thomas Hart August 4th John Hart & Mary Doherty Lime St. August 11th W. Forrestall John Brennan & Rachael Lay  
188 Edward William Jenoad August 6th Archibald Jenoad & Mary Bulger Water St. August 11th W. Forrestall John Hackett & Isabel Keough  
189 John Hickey August 6th Patrick Hickey & Margaret Coughlan   August 11th W. Forrestall John Marten & Mary Anne Marten  
190 Samuel Teen August 4th Timethy Teen & Sarah Hollahan   August 14th W. Forrestall William Bradbury & Margaret McGrath  
191 Mary Ellen Aspell August 11th Richard Aspell & Susanna Griffen Moore St. August 14th W. Forrestall Thomas Aspell & Johanna Buckely?  
192 Johanna Mary Connors August 13th John Connors & Elizabeth Parrott Casey St. August 16th W. Forrestall John Flemming & Kate Kane Mother's maiden name is Parrott or Parrell
PAGE 34                  
193 Mary Amelia Gorman July 26th John Gorman & Claudia Sullivan Gower St. (Doyles Farm) August 16th W. Forrestall Edward Tilley & Elizabeth Moore  
194 Mary Catherine Carew August 15th John Carew & Mary Squires Wickford St. August 18th W. Forrestall George Wills & Kate Lawlor  
195 John Henry Kavanagh August 13th John Kavanagh & Mary Hookey York St. August 18th W. Forrestall John Mc? & Margaret Courtney  
196 Leon Cooper August 16th Francis Cooper & Charlotte Slaney Stephen St. August 18th W. Forrestall William Walsh & Ellen Kennedy  
197 Mary Margaret Hiscock August 17th` Arthur Hiscock & Mary Ellen O'Brien Cove road August 20th W. Forrestall Thomas Bates & Mary Agnes Jordon  
198 Michael Joseph Quann August 15th Michael Quann & Catherine Costello Bannerman Park August 21st W. Forrestall Michael Costello & Bridget Byrne  
199 Michael MacKay August 16th John MacKay & Mary Shanahan Barnes Rd. August 21st W. Forrestall Michael MacKay & Mary Anne Rourke  
200 Mary Joseph Kielly August 18th William Kielly & Margaret Prim New Gower St. August 21st W. Forrestall Joseph Lynch & Mary Anne Malone  
201 David John Power August 22nd James Power & Jane Brien Moore St. Carters Hill August 23rd W. Forrestall Thomas Brien & Sarah Power  
202 Alice Joseph Graham August 19th Thomas Graham & Jane Wall Lime St. August 23rd W. Forrestall James Wall & Sarah Charaty?  
203 Mary Joseph Harvey August 17th Nicholas Harvey & Mary Williams ?? St. Monkstown August 23rd W. Forrestall John Toucher & Mary Ellen Pendergast  
204 Frederick Maxwell O'Toole August 23rd Michael O'Toole & Lucy Lewis Bond St. August 25th W. McCarthy James O'Toole & Minnie Lewis  
205 Lizzie Crane Aged 23 years William Crane & Sarah Crane Harbor Grace August 26th W. Forrestall    
206 Elizabeth Lamb August 26th James Lamb &U Alice Joy Fresh Water August 28th W. Forrestall John Crowdell & Catherine Murphy  
207 Mary Anne Squires August 29th Richard Squires & Lizzie Graham   August 30th W. Forrestall John Graham & Lizzie Squires  
208 Clara Jane Power August 25th William Power & Sarah Culleton Bannerman Park August 30th W. Forrestall Edward Whelan & Mary Ellen Reardigan?  
PAGE 35                  
209 Alfred Joseph Francis Collett August 26th George Collett & Selina???   August 30th W. Forrestall John Whelan & Mary Moore  
210 Patrick Joseph? Rorke August 27th Patrick Rorke & Mary Sage Simms St. August 30th W. Forrestall Thomas Clair & Catherine Culleton  
211 William Joseph Sage September 1st Charles Sage & Jessie Drover Colonial St. September 4th W. Forrestall James Sage & Kate Stapleton  
212 Patrick Joseph Keefe September 2nd Michael Keefe & Mary Kenealy Bannerman St. September 4th W. Forrestall John Kavanagh & Lizzie Condon  
213 Mary Ellen Stamp August 31st Joseph Stamp & Anne Whelan Bannerman St. September 4th W. Forrestall William Habet & Ellen Power  
214 Mary Isabelle Spearns August 29th Thomas Spearns & Ann Waddleton Bannerman Park September 4th W. Forrestall James Leary & Kate Richardson  
215 John Henry Rice September 2nd Arthur Rice & Elizabeth Quirk Pennywell Rd. September 4th W. Forrestall John Baird & Ellie O'Neill  
216 Charles Francis Dearon September 1st Joseph Dearon & Honora Ryan Pennywell Rd. September 4th W. Forrestall Thomas Ryall & Elizabeth Askell  
217 Susanna Power September 2nd Michael Power & Bridget McGrath Tank Lane September 4th W. Forrestall Patrick McGrath & Lizzie Hipditch  
218 Aliceona ?? Kelly September 2nd James Kelly & Jane Pendergast Barnes Rd. September 4th W. Forrestall James Dunphy & Annie Kavanagh  
219 Angela Josephine Mullins August?? 3rd Joseph Mullins & Mary Hughes Parade St. September 4th W. Forrestall Thomas Cahill & ?? Duffy  
220 Thomas Walsh August 28th James Walsh & Annie Kielly Parade St. September 6th W. Forrestall William Marten & Anne Langmead  
221 Ellen Anne Dalton September 3rd John Dalton & Anne Sharon Barnes Rd. September 6th W. McCarthy William Dalton & Jane Kavanagh  
222 Richard Joseph Hanley September 1st John Hanley & Catherine Power Rennies Mill Rd. September 8th W. Forrestall Patrick McCrudden & Frances Browne  
223 Leo Phillip Coughlan September 6th Maurice Coughlan & Lizzie Fahey Adelaide St. September 8th W. Forrestall Patrick Kerrivan? & Mary Fahey  
224 Mary Bridget Hurley September 4th David Hurley & Mary Johnston Fleming St. September 11th John Scott Felix Evans & Ellen O'Toole  
PAGE 36                  
225 Thomas Joseph ?? September 2nd Robert ?? & Jessie English Hayward's Ave. September 11th John Scott Thomas English & Elizabeth Mallard  
226 Edward Francis Barron September 7th Marten Barron & Mary Jane Evans Parade St. September 11th John Scott Thomas Salter & Jane Cunningham  
227 Charles Squires September 8th John Squires & Mary Joseph Carew Cooks Town Rd. September 11th John Scott Joseph Marshall & Margaret Harris  
228 Thomas Joseph Dooley September 8th Thomas Dooley & Mary Ann Cuddihy Colonial St. September 12th John Scott Richard DeBourke & Ellen Norris  
229 Mary Hannah Duke September 1st Patrick Duke & Jane Hotville? (Halfyard) Parade September 12th John Scott James Costello & Mary Costello  
230 John Emerson September 11th George Emerson & Catherine Maher Military Rd. September 12th John Scott ?? & Ellen Emerson  
231 Mary Anne Gofe September 14th John Gofe & Sarah Marten Hayward Ave. September 15th John Scott John Fitzpatrick & Mary Frances Cleary  
232 William Ryan September 11th John Ryan & Bridget Gaul Theatre Hill September 15th John Scott John Boggan & Mary Ryan  
233 Michael Edward Broderick September 8th Patrick Broderick & Anattatia Fitzgerald Lime St. September 18th John Scott Daniel Young & Matilda Collins  
234 Bridget Sinnott September 12th William Sinnott & Kate McDonald Battery September 18th John Scott William Kelly & Anattatia Dinn  
235 Elizabeth Mary Fyfield September 14th Frederick Fyfield & Eliza Terry Fresh Water Rd. September 20th John Scott Joseph Peirsey & Bride O'Dea  
236 Alice Hickey September 17th Lawrence Hickey & Mary Jane Squires Spenser St. September 22nd John Scott John Pippey & Mary Ann Peirsey  
237 Mary Madeline Vinnacomb September 19th William Vinnacomb & Mary Mitchell Bond St. September 22nd John Scott Richard Vinnacomb & Minnie Vicars  
238 William Earle September 1st John Earle & Matilda Dunphy Damerils Lane September 22nd John Scott Dennis Barron & Mary Kennedy  
239 Mary Hannah Parrell September 29th Patrick Parrell & Theresa Olliver? Bonclody St. September 25th John Scott William Marten & Lucy Ann Tobin  
240 Elizabeth Anne McDonald September 30th Marten McDonald & Elizabeth Rossiter Cove road September 25th John Scott John Connolly & Mary McDonald  
PAGE 37                  
241 Mary Ellen Ethel English September 22nd William Joseph English & Ellen Fitzgerald LeMarchant Rd. September 25th W. McCarthy Rev. William McCarthy& Catherine McCormack  
242 Edward Ainsley Joy September 23rd James ?? Joy & Charlotte Walsh Victoria St. September 27th John Scott William Joy & Mary Warren  
243 Elizabeth Mary Mealy September 26th Patrick Mealy & Fanny Cottor Nagle's Hill September 29th John Scott Patrick Murphy & Johanna ??  
244 Annatatia Ida Breen September 26th Joseph Breen & Ellen Browne Plymouth Rd. September 29th John Scott Joseph Jackman & Theresa Gaulton  
245 John Colbert September 26th William Colbert & Johanna White Parade St. September 29th John Scott John Seaward & Mary Murphy  
246 Catherine Joseph McDonald September 24th James McDonald & Mary Ann Crute?   September 29th John Scott Patrick Kenna & Kate McDonnell  
247 Alice Jackman September 26th Michael Jackman & Mary Ann Dalton New Town Rd. October 2nd John Scott George Trapnell & Johanna Trapnell  
248 Margaret Mary Pittman September 29th Joseph Pittman & Ellen Murphy Barters Hill October 2nd John Scott James Murphy & Mary Murphy  
249 John Joseph Peddell October 1st James Peddell & Esther McGrath Spenser St. October 2nd John Scott John Joseph Peddell & Mary Janes  
250 Mary Angela Kean October 1st John J. Kean & Margaret Carroll Monks Town October 2nd John Scott Walter Kenny & Bridget Kenny  
251 Elizabeth Gertrude Hudson September 29th James Hudson & Kate Teeming? Military Road October 4th John Scott Patrick Barry & Margaret Rourke  
252 Edward Byrne September 29th Thomas Byrne & Elizabeth Bradbury Maxse St. October 4th John Scott Patrick Byrne & Kate Whelan  
253 Francis Olliver October 5th Peter Olliver & Johanna Morey Bonclody St. October 6th John Scott Michael Olliver & Bridie O'Brien twins
254 Mary Agnes Olliver October 5th Peter Olliver & Johanna Morey Bonclody St. October 6th John Scott Michael O'Rourke & Margaret Barnes  
255 John Joseph Sheehan October 9th Edward Sheehan & Margaret Sullivan Bannerman Park October 9th John Scott Peter Byrne & Lizzie Kennedy  
256 Elizabeth Brien October 8th William Brien & Louisa Skaines? Cove road October 11th John Scott Richard Kenny & Bridget Savage?  

Transcribed by RUTH CAINES (March 2004)

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