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Pages 22 - 29

PAGE 22                  
1 Ali? My? Joseph Marten 27 Dec William Marten Ellen Hickey Parade St 2 January W Forristall Lawrence Croake Mary Browdard  
2 John Phillip Hayes 1 January John Hayes Catherine Coes? Monday? Pond Rd 4 January W Forristall Richard Fennesy? Agnes Egan  
3 Jessie Frances Whitten 1 January Thomas Whitten Jessie Power Bannerman St 4 January W Forristall John Reddigan Annie Stamp  
4 James Joseph Mocler 2 January Thomas Mocler Mary Ann Croake Woods St 4 January W Forristall Robert Croake Mary Joseph Byrne  
5 Thomas Joseph O Rourke 3 January Michael O Rourke Catherine Ryan Books Hill 6 January W Forristall Thomas J Murphy Mary E Goodland  
6 Agnes Power 3 January John Power Bridget Doyle Mullock? St 6 January W Forristall John Kelly Mary Kelly  
7 Patrick Joseph Dempsy 7 January John Dempsy Ellen Hartery   6 January W Forristall John Dempsy Alice Fidella?  
8 Leo Timmons 8 January Edward Timmons Ellen Shea Timmons 6 January W Forristall John E??ninet? Kate Whelan  
9 John Joseph Kelly 8 January Henry Kelly Elizabeth Hope Cooks Town Rd 10 January W Forristall Nicholas Browne Margaret Isabel Murphy  
10 George Thomas O Reilly 13 January Edward O Reilly Julia Hoskins Kings Rd 16 January W Forristall Albert O Reilly Julia Crowdell  
11 Genevive? Sales? (twin) Greene 13 January Thomas Greene Catherine Hackett Military Rd 16 January John Scott Michael Kelly Agnes Howlett Bapt at residence twin
12 Catherine Frances (twin) Greene 13 January Thomas Greene Catherine Hackett Military Rd 16 January John Scott John Howlett Bridget Hackett Bapt at residence twin
13 Thomas William McGrath 15 January John J McGrath Mary Ryan New Gower St 17 January C H O Neill William J Buckely Mary Anne Murphy  
14 Louisa Veronica Gallishaw 15 January John Gallishaw Anastasia Kenny   17 January John Scott George Ashman Elizabeth Boland  
15 Catherine Isabelle Parrell? 12 January James Parrell Mary Anne Coleman Bannerman Park 18 January W Forristall Edward Coleman Mary Parrell?  
16 William Henry Clancy 16 January Thomas Clancy Mary Anne Doyle George St 20 January W Forristall Thomas Power Bride Walkins  
PAGE 23                  
17 William Joseph Foster January 2 weeks old William Foster Mary Ellen Austin James St 23 January W Forristall Michael Sculley Mary Ellen Wiseman father of S?l Young not paid
18 Ellen Frances (twin) McGillently*1 21 January Alexander McGillently*1 Anna Maria Stamp Tank? Lane 23 January W Forristall Patrick Stamp Catherine Molloy ??written above Surname twins
19 William Thomas (twin) McGillently*1 21 January Alexander McGillently Anna Maria Stamp Tank Lane 23 January W Forristall James Costello Annie Duggan twins
20 Leo Francis Ryan 10 January John Ryan Mary Anne Cullen Belvedere Road 25 January W Forristall Peter Cahill Minnie Walsh  
21 Joseph Marten Marten 20 January James Marten Johanna Browne Bannerman Park 25 January W Forristall Mark Lacey Anne Mullowney  
22 Thomas Joseph Whelan 19 January Matthew Whelan Kate Malone Ban Park 25 January W Forristall James Dunphy Bridget Whelan  
23 William Robert Pasher (Perchard) 20 January Robert Pasher(Perchard) Julia Rahall Mullock? St 30 January W Forristall John Murphy Mary Anne Murphy  
24 Bridget Mary Miller 21 January Thomas Miller Eliza Rogers Parade St 30 January W Forristall James Coleman Martha Long Father cripple hall? lost?
25 Robert Ward 24 January Robert Ward Mary Power Pilots Hill 30 January W Forristall Richard Power Margaret Brennan  
26 Walter Joseph (twin) Bell 31 January John Bell Maggie Whelan Barnes St 1 Feb W Forristall Felix Evans Katie Howlett twins
27 John Peter (twin) Bell 31 January John Bell Maggie Whelan Barnes St 1 Feb W Forristall Peter Barnes Bridget Evans twins
28 Catherine Malone 21 January Phillip Malone Lizzie McCarthy Torbay Rd 1 Feb W Forristall William Vinnacomb Mary Evans  
29 Mary Donnelly 30 January William Donnelly Mary Anne Picco Barters Hill 3 Feb W Forristall William Aspell Anastasia Samuelson?  
30 Bridget Mary Lynch 1 Feb Thomas Lynch Mary Anne Reardon Livingstone? St 6 Feb W Forristall John Egan Mary Anne Auger  
31 John Joseph O'Brien 4 Feb Richard O'Brien Mary Anne McDonald Parade St 6 Feb W Forristall Bernard Hanley Annie Furlong  
32 Bridget Ethel Dobbin 2 Feb James Dobbin Mary Anne Leary? Gower St 6 Feb W Forristall Thomas Armstrong Mary Theresa Lynch  
PAGE 24                  
33 William Joseph Knight 8 February Stephen Knight Ellen Howlett Duckworth Lane 10 February W Forristall William Flynn Ellen Byrne  
34 Edward Patrick Kavanagh 7 February Thomas Kavanagh Ellen O Reilly Bond St 10 February W Forristall Maurice Kavanagh Hannah Tormay  
35 Albert Charles Halley 6 February James Halley Ellen Tubrid Hoyles Town 10 February W Forristall William Kielly Hannah Baldwin  
36 William Patrick Patterson 7 February Patrick Patterson Ellen Cullen Duckworth St 13 February C H O'Neill John Grace Ellen Cahill  
37 Theresa O'Grady 7 February Patrick O'Grady Mary Browne Hoyles Town 13 February C H O'Neill William O Toole Mary Larkin  
38 Michael Francis Sayers 8 February James Sayers Anastatia Buckely Gower St 13 February C H O 'Neill Michael Whelan Alice Saunders  
39 Elizabeth Ellen *2Myrens 11 February *2Patrick Myrens Charlotte Hope Cooks Town 15 February W Forristall George Morrisey Ellen Tobin  
40 Hanora Griffen 13 February Lawrence Griffin Mary Morrisey Allendale Rd 15 February W Forristall Michael Reddy Katie Costogan
41 Mary Anne Peircey 11 February Jasper Peircey Margaret Lannan Holdsworth St 17 February W Forristall Adam Myler Eliza Fyfield  
42 Patrick Griffen 12 February Maurice Griffen Lonisa Mallard Parade 17 February W Forristall John Curtan Mary Marten  
43 Michael John Dorcey 17 February Michael J Dorcey Mary Anne Kane New Gower St 20 February C H O'Neill John Molloy Mary Anne Nugent  
44 Mary Margaret Power 15 February Michael Power Margaret Corbett New Gower St 20 February C H O 'Neill John Moore Mary Corbett  
45 William Gerald Halley 24 February William Halley Annie Haus New Gower St 26 February John Scott Richard Clancy Kate O Mara  
46 Mary Catharine Parrell 18 February James Parrell Margaret Kennedy Lanard? St N? 27 February W Forristall John Walsh Mary Parrell?  
47 Elizabeth Mary Davey 23 February Charles Davey Ellis Hennisay Fresh Water Rd 27 February W Forristall John Rahall Mary Cowan  
48 Julia Margaret French 26 February Patrick French Caroline Browne Duckworth St 1? March W Forristall Joseph French Annie Browne  
PAGE 25                
49 Daniel Joseph Scanlon 26 Feb Daniel Scanlon Julia O Brien Ordinance Sq 3 March W Forristall James Miller Catherine Byrne  
50 Patrick Joseph Murray 26 Feb Patrick Murray Margaret Marten Bannerman Park 3 March W Forristall James Murphy Catherine Coombs  
51 George Winslow 2 March George Winslow Mary Ann King Forrest Road 6 March W Forristall James Corcoran Ellen King  
52 Mary Ellen Neill 6 March Andrew Neill Catherine Ryan Barters Hill 8 March W Forristall James Murphy Bridget Carrigan  
53 Thomas Mallard 7 March Thomas Mallard Ellen Ann Dunn?? Quidi Vidi 8 March W Forristall Francis Cooper Mary McCarthy under mothers surname, Kinsworth? has a line through it .
54 Henry Power 6 March Peter Power Fanny Walsh Adelaide St 10 March W McCarthy John Spearls Julia Flavin first child baptised by Rev W McCarty
55 Rose Frances Carroll 10 March James Carroll Ellen French Livingstone St 10 March W Forristall Richard Carroll Mary Murphy  
56 John Patrick McManus 8 March Joseph McManus Mary Ann Stamp Cuddihays Lane 10 March W Forristall John Hayes Mary Ann Hayes  
57 Peter Stephen Morrisey 15 March Peter Morrisey Mary Smart Parade St 15 March W Forristall Charles Byrne Ellen Simms  
58 James Patrick Joseph Leonard 16 March John Leonard Mary Walsh Catherine St Monks Town 17 March W McCarthy Charles Ryan Annie Dooley  
59 Margaret Patrick Dunne 16 March William Dunne Kate Gorman Haywards Ave Monks Town 17 March W McCarthy Dennis Cottor Maggie Cottor  
60 James Joseph McGorey 17 March David McGorey Amelia Walsh Duckworth St 24? March W Forristall Theophilus Walsh Isabella Walsh  
61 Ellen Joseph Shea 20 March Patrick Shea Mary Ellen Kennedy McDougall St 28 March J O'Reilly James Kennedy Anne Kennedy sub Can?
62 Mary Ellen Kelly 18 March James Kelly Elizabeth Rahall Parade 22 March W Forristall Edward Kavanagh Mary Breene  
63 Mary Jane Ellis 20 March Samuel Ellis Mary keefe Government Lodge? 22 March W Forristall James Carter Bridget Keefe Father Prot
64 William Patrick Prowse 17 March Charles Crowse Catherine Coady Bannerman St 22 March W Forristall William Collins Mary Joseph Fennesy? Father Prot
PAGE 26                  
65 Bridget Joseph Brien 20 March James Brien Bridget Burton? Colonial St 24 March W Forristall Michael Wall Nora Squides?  
66 Thomas Richard Christopher 20 March Garrett Christopher Mary Jane Joy Haywards Ave 24 March W Forristall Thomas Lynch Ellen Christopher  
67 Patrick Joseph Walsh 18 March John Walsh Mary Stacke Barnes Rd 27 March W Forristall Edward Flynn Mary Hayden  
68 Mary Aileen O Neill 23 March Patrick J O Neill Mary Ellen Foley New Gower St 27 March W Forristall Jeremiah Kidney Nora Wallace  
69 Clarence Patrick Keirsay 25 March James Keirsay Anastasia Head Field St Fresh Water Rd 29 March W Forristall William Keirsey Johanna Hackett  
70 Joseph Jonson aged 25 yrs   of Norway Frediskatons? 4 April W Forristall   convert. Bapt before marriage
71 Michael O Rielly 3 April John O Rielly Hannah Peircey Georges Town 7 April W Forristall John Fogarty Bridget Carroll  
72 Esther Yard? 2 April Bartholomew Yard Kate Byrne Cuddihays Lane 10 April J O Reilly William Kielly Lucy McGrath  
73 Philomena Mary Kent 16 March Michael Kent Brydie Lacey Rennies? Mill Rd 10 April J O Reilly William Rose Nora Kent  
74 Patrick O Donnell 7 April William O Donnell Catherine Kavanagh Logy Bay 10 April J O Reilly Dennis Kavanagh Mary Joseph ODonnell  
75 Catherine Joseph Brien 7 April William Brien Mary Joseph Bear? Quidi Vidi 12 April J O Reilly William Beer Bridget Voisey  
76 Annie Josephine Malone 10 April Marten Malone Margaret Maney Fleming St 14 April W Forristall James Larkin Annie Foley  
77 ELizabeth Theresa King 12 April William King Elizabeth Brien Bannerman St 14 April W Forristall David King Dora Hogan  
78 Edward Joseph Earls 11 April Edward Earls Margaret Maddigan? Bannerman Park 14 April W Forristall James Maddigan Mary Ellen Murray  
79 Isabella Johnston 12 April John Johnston Mary Devaroux Matlock? St 17 April W Forristall Joseph Youden Bessie Keyad?  
80 Ellen Mary Murphy 12 April James Murphy Mary Grinolett? Bannerman St 17 April W Forristall Henry Rolles ? Annie Murphy  
PAGE 27                  
81 Margaret Mary Malone 16 April Thomas Malone Ellen English Parade St 17 April W Forristall Bernard Hanley Mary Anne Hanley  
82 John Francis (twin) McDonald 18 April Peter McDonald Catherine Lawlor Cove Road 19 April W Forristall John Thomas Bridget Thomas  
83 Peter Joseph (twin) McDonald 18 April Peter McDonald Catherine Lawlor Cove Road 19 April W Forristall James Morey Mary Anne Reddigan  
84 Gertrude Dooley 15 March William Dooley Eleanor Jones Cove Road 21 April W Forristall James Rourke Anastasia Gardner  
85 Patrick Joseph Stamp 15 April James Stamp Margaret Grey Lime Street 21 April W Forristall Thomas Stamp Mary Doherty  
86 John Leo Tucker 19 April Ignatius Tucker Ellen Brennan Torbay Rd 21 April W Forristall John Doyle Bride Brennan  
87 Thomas Joseph Lawlor 19 April Edward Lawlor Johanna Coleman police constable Fort Town???d 24 April W Forristall Patrick Lawlor Catherine Lawlor  
88 Laura May Ivany 22 April George Ivany Mary Vikers Bunalody St 24 April W Forristall James St George Mary Russell  
89 William Bragg 16 April Stephen Bragg Mahalia Waldene? Quidi Vidi 24 April W Forristall William Squires Mary Power  
90 John Joseph Egan 22 April Thomas Egan Mary Anne McArdle Fresh Water 26 April W Forristall John Murphy Clara Funchon? first wife Margaret A Nevill ,died Dec 18,1847,Cambridge,USA. Married Mary Olivia Handrigan Aug 30,1948 in Cathedral (Paes Convent).Rev A Thorne
91 Mary Ellen Dyer 3 April Walter Dyer Ellen Call Logy Bay 26 April W Forristall Patrick Dyer Catherine Dyer married in the Church May 13/11 to Michael Coady? SPR
92 Henry Forristall 17 April Richard Forristall Eva McDonald Flavins Lane 26 April W Forristall William Molloy Frances Stephenson father deceased
93 Alice Jane Ryall 25 April John Ryall Mary Gear? Wickford St 28 April W Forristall William Gear Jane Chidley  
94 Mary Frances Bearns 28 April George Bearns Fanny Power Military Road 30 April Ro??nts grown? V Reardon Rev Vincent Reardon Mary Tobin Bap at residence
95 Mary Bridget Thorn 22 April Henry Thorn Anastasia Hollett Hoyles Town 1 May W Forristall Patrick Barnes Alice O Toole  
96 Margaret Mary Cooper 26 April James Cooper Lizzie Kelly Field St 1 May W Forristall William Cooper Annie Cooper  
PAGE 28                  
97 Walter Ebbs 1 May John Ebbs Agnes Whelan Fleming St 5 May W Forristall Patrick Sullivan Ellie Conway  
98 Edmund Joseph Slattery 30 April William Slattery Mary Margaret White Allendale Road 7 May John Scott Edward Berrigan Josie Lonnergan Bapt at residence
99 Mary Alfrida Tobin 4 May Thomas Tobin Mary Jane Ledrew Bannerman St 8 May W Forristall Patrick Doutney Margaret Steele  
100 Mary Agnes Kavanagh 6 May Simon Kavanagh Mary Anne Bul?od? Winkford St 8 May W Forristall Michael Maddigan Agnes Murphy  
101 William Patrick Carey 25 April John Carey Elizabeth Constantine Simms St 8 May W Forristall John Constantine Mary Anne McGrath  
102 Mary Ellen Carroll 5 May William Carroll Ellen Grace Cathedral St 8 May W Forristall Thomas Doyle Margaret Carroll  
103 Bella Mary (twin) Evoy 4 May Martin Evoy Hannah Ivany Bannerman Park 8 May W Forristall George Ivany Sarah Evoy twins
104 Patrick (twin) Evoy 4 May Martin Evoy Hannah Ivany Bannerman Park 8 May W Forristall John Rolls Bridget Rogers twins
105 Charles Stanislaus Murphy 6 May Patrick Murphy Lizzie Cottor Mullock St 8 May W Forristall Michael Murphy Catherine Forristall  
106 Matthew Thomas 9 May Richard Thomas Fanny Doyle Majors Path 12 May W Forristall William Manning Honora Manning  
107 George Joseph Cheeks 12 May George Cheeks Margaret King Barters Hill 15 May W Forristall Joseph Rose Amelia Harding  
108 Phillip Gregory Leary 9 May Peter Leary Kate Brennan Torbay Road 15 May W Forristall Ignatius Tucker Catherine Marten  
109 Mary Agnes Halleran 12 May Maurice Halleren Agnes Fleming Kings Road 15 May J O Rielly Rev John O Rielly Minnie Halleren Baptised at residence
110 Florence Mary O Dea 16 May John O Dea Mary Keough Larkerdand? Rd 16 May John Scott John Rahall Margaret Gafe? Bapt at residence. Under mothers name , Margaret has a line through it .
111 Sarah Mary Walsh 6 May Walter Walsh Margaret Carroll Parade St 17 May W Forristall Patrick Duke Annie Kennedy  
112 Mary Ellen Florence Harris 16 May William Harris Selena Hunt Monks Town Rd 18 May John Scott Patrick J Doyle Annie Smyth There is a line drawn through everything written on this line .See last page . Bapt at residence.
PAGE 29                  
113 May ? Joseph Kavanagh 17 May Edward Kavanagh Mary Anne Campbell Cuddiheys Lane 22 May W Forristall Alfred Hartery Marg Molloy  
114 John Francis Roche 18 May John Roche Lucy Coady Bannerman Park 22 May W Forristall John Madden Mary Burke  
115 Leo Francis Halleran 17 May James Halleran Margaret Whelan Quidi Vidi 22 May W Forristall William Kielly Alice Leary  
116 John Thomas Kelly 20 May William Kelly Bridget Leary Carew St 22 May W Forristall Michael Kelly Catherine Kelly  
117 Fredrick Joseph Walsh 21 May Peter Walsh Bridget Lee Duckworth St 24 May W Forristall Paul Rutledge Agnes Gattason  
118 Mary Ellen Fennell 21 May James Fennell Ellen Donohoe Duckworth St 26 May W Forristall Francis Hurley Bella Fitzpatrick Father Prot
119 Marten Joseph Mahoney 26 May Dennie Mahoney Mary Mollowney Georges St 29 May W Forristall Michael Leonard Mary Anne Collins  
120 Mary Catherine Mallard 19 May John Mallard Elizabeth English Barnes St? 29 May W Forristall John Hackett Kate Stapleton  
121 Thomas Joseph (twin) Conway 29 May Dennis Conway Mary Dunne Catherine St Monks Town 31 May C H O Neill Patrick Coady Bridget Byrne twins
122 John Valentine (twin) Conway 29 May Dennid Conway Mary Dunne Catherine St Monks Town 31 May C H O Neill John Conway Bridget Galway twins
123 John Joseph Dahoney 25 May Thomas Dahoney Lizzie Shallow Demerills Lane 31 May C H O Neill John Fitzpatrick Josie Dawney  
124 Hilda May Nary 27 May Nicholas Nary Mary Carol Colonial St 31 May C H O Neill Michael Carol Elizabeth Carol  
125 Victoria May Cahill 29 May James Cahill Marcella Squires Mullock? St 2 June W Forristall Patrick Myrick Mary Anne Doyle  
126 Mary Joseph Rogers 31 May Edward Rogers Elizabeth Walsh Barters Hill 2 June W Forristall George Williams Hannah Stapleton  
127 Mary Amelia Pasha 1 June Amene? Pasha Mulaa Basha? Semonia? June? Simms St 2 June C H O Neill James Martin Mary Anne Mc H???? Bap at residence
128 James John Tobin 1 June David Tobin Alice Mary Cose Duso? Pl? 4 June C H O Neill William Tobin Barbara Ea?ic? Bap at residence

Transcribed by SHEILA DERMODY (March 2004)

Updated information provided by Ray Clancy (April - 2006)

McGillently*1 Page 23, Entry 18, Ellen Frances (twin) McGillently - should be "Gellately" 21 January Parents Alexander McGillently, should also be "Gellately and Anna maria Stamp (Tank (?) (yes it was) Lane, and yes, this was a set of twins with entry 19 William Thomas McGillently should also be spelled as "Gellately" and again the father's name should be corrected to Alexander Gellately Wendy Andres
MYRENS*2 Elizabeth Ellen Myrens and Patrick Myrens should both be spelled as MYRON.
Ray Clancy
Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 AST
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