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Pages 6 - 15

PAGE 6                  
82 Joseph William English 26 March William English Lester? Hill 28 March W Forristall Joseph English  
        Ellen Fitzgerald       Kate Goal  
83 Thomas Patrick Graham 28 March Thomas Graham Adelaide St 30 March W Forristall John Graham  
        Jane Wall       Bridget Maher  
84 Thomas Joseph Marten 8 yrs & ?? Richard Marten White Hills 31 March D J O'Brien William Power ?
      born 25 Dec 1884 Catherine Leary       Bessie Loughnan  
85 Rosemary Morris March 30 George Morris Lime St 1 April W Forristall Ambrose Marshall  
        Mary Ann Mullins       Mary Marshall  
86 William John Teems 27 March Timothy Teems New Gower St 1 April W Forristall Michael Murphy not
        Sarah Jane Kelland       Anastasia Colford ?
87 Mary Margaret Corrigan 29 March Michael Corrigan Logy Bay 1 April W Forristall William O'Donnell  
        Margaret Viguers       Annie Stokes  
88 Mary Margaret Goss 1 April Samuel Goss Gower St 4 April W Forristall Michael Keefe  
        Marion Walsh       Margaret Goss  
89 Mary Gertrude Morrisey 3 April William Morrisey Victoria St 6 April W S Lalor Michael Carey  
        Bridget Power       Mary Cowan  
90 Elizabeth Joseph Houlihan 3 April Marten Houlihan Kings Rd 6 April W S Lalor John Kears  
        Annie Baird       Martha Ennis  
91 Michael James Joseph Savage   1 April John Savage Colonial St 6 April W S Lalor Thomas Savage  
        Lucy Dudey       Hannah Savage  
92 Annie Joseph Collins 2 April James Collins Duckworth St 6 April W S Lalor Jerimiah Costery?  
        Savanna Kearney       Mary Anne Collins  
93 Francis Kane 7 April John Kane Carew St 8 April W Forristall Phillip Byrne  
        Sadan? Churchill       Ellen Power  
94 Bridget Cecilia Kennedy 9 April John Kennedy James St 11 April W Forristall George Kearney  
        Lizzie Ryan       Cecilia Kennedy  
95 Elizabeth Anne Maher 9 April William Maher James St 11 April W Forristall John Greene  
        Annie Williamson       Mary Anne Dillon  
96 John Joseph Sullivan 8 April William Sulllivan Hoyles Town 11 April W Forristall Patriick Grace  
        Jessie ?ewan       Mary Miller  
97 Maurice Fitzgerald 29 March Maurice Fitzgerald Barnes? Rd 11 April W Forristall James Purcell  
        Bridget Berry       Agnes Denarova?  
Page 7                  
98 Agnes Joseph Brien 7 April Michael Brien Quidi Vidi Rd 15 April W Forristall William Brien  
        Johanna Hefferan       Sarah Hefferan  
99 Mary Matthias 12 April Robert Matthias Darling St 18 April W Forristall John Hackett  
        Mary Hackett       Margaret Reardon  
100 Edward William Walsh 14 April Thomas Walsh Prescott St 18 April W Forristall Nicholas McGrath ???February 22nd
        Maggie Hurley       Mary Anne Walsh ????at the ??of St Joseph, South Hampton, Eng
                  Joseph, South Hampton, Eng
101 Mary Sabrina Kealy 14 April Francis Kealy Hoyles Town 18 April W Forristall Richard Dooley  
        Ellen Dormady       Ellen Brophy  
102 Lucy Agnes Clooney 9 April John Clooney Quidi Vidi Rd 18 April W Forristall Edward Balgor?  
        Mary Kearney       Mary Kearney  
103 Thomas Quigley 12 April Michael Quigley Cockrane St 18 April W Forristall James Quigley  
        Annie Carroll       Mary Fitzgerald  
104 Mary Ellen Sinnott 9 April William Sinnott Hoyles Town 18 April W Forristall William Handran?  
        Catherine McDonald          
105 Maud Ester Evens 17 April William Evens Gower St 18 April W Forristall Karrey Forward  
        Mary Anne Walsh       Elizabeth Rio????  
106 Annie Morris 19 April Patrick Morris Chaning? St 20 April W Forristall John Connelly  
        Annie Fennely       Julia Cleary  
107 Mary Anne Ellen Kearney 19 April James Kearney Colonial St 28 April W Forristall Thomas Kelly the name Anne has
        Anne Nouelle?       Jane Dunne line drawn through it
108 Patrick Joseph Neill 19 April Patrick Neill Cathedral St 25 April W Forristall John Anthony  
        Margaret Marten       Mary Neill  
109 Patrick John Parrell 23 April Patrick Parrell Bunaloudy St 27 April W Forristall William Butt  
        Theresa Olliver       Sarah Whiteway  
110 Robert Joseph Smyth 24 April Michael Smyth Signal Hill Rd 2 May W Forristall Francis Lynch  
        Bridget Connors       Bridget Rolls  
111 James Patrick Symth 24 April Michael Smyth Signal Hill Rd 2 May W Forristall Alfred Rolls twin
        Bridget Connors       Susan Smyth  
112 Richard Patrick King 27 April James King C??? Lane 2 May W Forristall Edward Branch?  
        Annie Power       Catherine Purcell  
113 Fredrick Charles Bush 27 April Richard Basha Hoyles Town 2 May W Forristall Fredrick McGinn  
        Mary Anne McGinn       Elizabeth McGinn  
Page 8                  
114 James Joseph Squires 26 April Richard Squires Kings Rd 2 May W Forristall Michael Leary  
        Elizabeth Graham       Mary Anne Aydney?  
115 James Joseph Constantine 1 May Peter Constantine Carters Hill 4 May W Forristall Patrick Byrne  
        Johanna Dunphy       Mary Lizzie Constantine  
116 Elizabeth Maud Hayes 4 May Patrick Hayes Bannerman St 6 May W Forristall Thomas O'Brien  
        Margaret King       Nora Hayes  
117 Catherine Mary O'presk? 5 May Patrick O'Rourke?   9 May W Forristall John Driscoll  
  Frances     Mary Sage       Margaret Driscoll  
118 William Francis McGrath 4 May Thomas McGrath Kickham Lane 9 May W Forristall Francis Stapleton  
        Mary anne Dohorty       Ellen Stapleton  
119 John Joseph Buckley ? James Buckley N St 11 May W Forristall James Spratt  
        Eliza Carew       Mary Carew  
120 Mary Alice Flynn 11 May John Flynn Ordinance Sq 13 May W Forristall John Power  
    (ink blot)   Mary Moore       Mici? Buckley  
121 John James H (ink blot) 10 May Patrick Howard Ordinance Sq 13 May W Forristall Terrence Morrisey  
        Johanna Byrne       Annie D Burke  
122 John Mary Kelly 11 May James Kelly Barnes Rd 13 May W Forristall Philip Karen  
        Mary Jane Pendergast       Catherine Sommers  
123 Elizabeth Mary Beird 2? May William Beird LeMarchant Rd 13 May W Forristall William Brien  
        Bridget Kennedy       Annier O'Neill  
124 Laura Elizabeth Lawlor 4 weeks old Edward Lawlor police constable 16 May W Forristall Henry Donnelly  
      16 April Josephine Coleman Gower St E     Agnes Connelly  
125 Fredrick Squires 16 May Alfred Squires Wickford St 16 May W Forristall John Squires  
        Maria Squires       Kate Connors  
126 Richard John Cooper 18 May Peter? Cooper Barters Hill 16 May W Forristall James Colliton  
        Margaret Costello       Ellen Jackman  
127 Elizabeth Mary Cotter 13 May Thomas Cotter Lime St 16 May W Forristall Jeremiah Wakeham  
        Anne Saundry?       Mary San???  
128 William James Dodd 17 May Matthew Dodd Kicks Lane 18 May W Forristall William Jos Nowlan  
        Johanna Nowlan       Anne Rogers  
129 Rosemary McArdell 16 May James McArdell ? 18 May W Forristall Daniel Egan  
        Louisa Greene       Anne Egan  
Page 9                  
130 Eleanor James age 22 yrs John ?elany St John's 21 May W Forristall S S (line drawn through) convert West??an church
131 Basil Readen? Jackson 18 May Henry Jackson Colonial ??? 20 May D J O'Brien George Shea  
        Emma D Shea St John's     Emma Shea  
132 Josephine Margaret O'Neill 20 May James O'Neill Darling St 22 May J Scott Thomas Ryan  
        Agnes Skinner       Hanna Kelly  
133 Bridget Agnes Murray 20 May John Murray Darling St 23 May W Forristall William Morrisey  
        Mary Anne Butler       Mary Anne Collins  
134 James Marten Rogers 20 May William Rogers Pilots Hill 23 May W Forristall Andrew Evoy  
        Bridget Evoy       Alice Cross?  
135 James X illegitmate Fewer 9 May James Fewer Barters Hill 23 May W Forristall Daniel hanlon  
        Bridget Jackman       Annie Hanlon  
136 Elizabeth Mary Corrigan 19 May James Corrigan Barters Hill 23 May W Forristall Thomas Corrigan Father priest (unable to make out the words)
        Catherine Williams       Annie Hapkins?  
137 Mary Elizabeth Webb 30 May George Webb Quidi Vidi Rd 23 May W Forristall John Bennett  
        Annie Moore       Ellie Rutledge  
138 Edward Earls 17 May William Earls Ordinance Sq 23 May W Forristall Michael Barron  
        Mary Mastery       Alice Day  
139 Bridget Agnes Roche 22 May John Roche James St 25 May W Forristall John Madden  
        Lucy Coady       Mary Stapleton  
140 Mary Frances Morgan 22 May Patrick Morgan Carew St 25 May W Forristall Michael Ryan  
        June Walters       Mary Tobin  
141 Augustine Edward O'Flaherty 25 May James O'Flaherty Military Rd 26 May W S Lalor William O'Flaherty  
        Elizabeth Kavanagh       Florence O'Flaherty  
142 Theresa Powers 25 May Patrick Powers Lime St 27 May W Forristall Maurice Roche  
        Theresa McMannus       Mary Ryan  
143 Mary Anne O'Neill 23 May Andrew O'Neill Victoria St 30 May W Forristall Michael McDonald  
        Mary Dumphy       Elizabeth Dumphy  
144 William Patrick Marten 23 May George Marten Barters Hill 30 May W Forristall Edward Kavanagh  
        Ellen Philan?       Mary Chesley?  
145 Francis Michael Maher 28 May James Maher Quidi Vidi Rd 30 May W Forristall William Squires  
        Mary Squires       Catherine Cracknell  
Page 10                  
146 Mary Ellen McDonnell 25 May William McDonnell Kickham Lane 30 May W Forristall John Grisohey?  
        Winifred Wheelan       Mary Griffins  
147 Ethel Mary White 26 May James White Carmens? Lane 30 May W Forristall Patrick Do?tney?  
        Ester Holloway       Mona? Martin  
148 Laura Mary Ryan 28 May Edward Ryan Kings Rd 30 May W Forristall John Cummins married February 25(unable to read the writing)
        Mary Anne O'Reily       Monica Larkin  
149 William John Lawrence 28 May William Lawrence Haywards Ave 1 June W Forristall Edward Ebbs Ebbs surname repeated
        Ellen Ebbs?       Margaret Ebbs Ebbs surname repeated
150 Lousia Jane Dodd 38 years of age convert Ordinance Sq 2 June W Forristall S S (line drawn through) convert Wesleyan church
151 Mary Elizabeth Kennedy June 1 Robert Kennedy Cathedral St 3 June W Forristall James Duggan  
        Kate Maddigan       Anastasia Fardey?  
152 Sarah Mary Brennan 3 mts old Timothy Brennan Carters Hill 3 June W Forristall James Phelan not paid for
        Mary Anne Eddicotte? Cooks Town     Elizabeth Fitzgerald  
153 Richard James Marten 2 June John Marten Plymouth rd 8 June W Forristall William Marten  
        Ellen Power       Mary Jane Power  
154 Anna Baptist Bulgar 8 June Marten Bulgar Kings Bridge rd 10 June W Forristall Robert Coles  
        Mary Brennan       Catherine Beader?  
155 James Joseph Keffe 8 June James Keffe Carters Hill 10 June W Forristall Richard Chasty  
        Pricilla Walsh       Cecilia Chasty  
156 Thomas Joseph Colbert 9 June William Colbert Pilots Hill 13 June W Forristall James Leary  
        Johanna Hyde       Anne Healy  
157 William Crimp 9 June William Crimp Longs Hill 13 June W Forristall Harry Cooper  
        Martha Beird       Anne Hoolihan  
158 John Nelson 2 weeks old James Nelson James St 13 June W Forristall James Marten  
        Elizabeth Browne       Alice Hammond  
159 Patrick John Stamp 10 June Richard Stamp Lime St 13 June W Forristall William Stamp  
        Catherine Molloy       Fanny Stamp  
160 Anastasia Mary Lannigan 16 June John Lannigan Georges St 17 June W Forristall Nicholas Murphy  
        Mary Hynes       June Hynes  
161 Gertrude Mary Wall 16 June Michael Wall Hoyles Town 20 June W Forristall Michael Whelan  
        Hannah McArdell       Maud Walsh  
Page 11                  
162 John Mayind? Hynes June 14 Michael Hynes LeMarchant Rd 20 June W Forristall Edward Hynes  
        Catherine Kelly       Maggie Kelly  
163 Thomas Patrick Mulcahy 18 June Thomas Mulcahy Cockrane St 20 June W Forristall Dennis Mulcahy  
        Catherine Forrestall       Mary Mulcahy  
164 William Furlong 20 June Peter Furlong St John's 22 June W Forristall Edward Long  
        Margaret Fox?       Ellen Rourke  
165 Alphonus Romagne? English 19 June William English Gower St E 26 June W S Lalor Patrick Dalton?  
        Ellen Madden       Margaret English  
166 Mary Margaret Bennett 17 June John Bennett Monks Town 27 June W Forristall Patrick Walsh  
        Bridget Ryan       Lizzie Ryan  
167 James Michael Donovan 21 June Thomas Donovan Careys Lane 27 June W Forristall John Donovan  
        Elizabeth Reddy       Mary Kane  
168 Michael Joseph Dyer 17 June Patrick Dyer Logy Bay 27 June W Forristall Michael Oger?  
        Mary Stapleton       Kate Vicars  
169 Thomas Corrigan 19 June Coleman Corrigan Logy Bay 27 June W Forristall James Kavanagh  
        Catherine Devarous       Anastasia Flannigan  
170 John Joseph Ebbs 23 June William Ebbs Keith? Lane 27 June W Forristall Michael Evoy  
        Mary Anne Evoy       Sarah Evoy  
171 Mary Catherine Conway 24 June Thomas Conway Haywards Ave 29 June W Forristall James Moore  
        Ellen Slattery       Catherine Ebbs  
172 Charles Patrick O'Neill 25 June Cornelius O'Neill Kaives? Lane 29 June W Forristall Thomas Ledwin  
        Mary Anne White       Theresa Stamp  
173 John Arthur Mitchell 28 June Brian Mitchell Water St   J Scott Mitchell Dooley  
        Mary O'Grady       Theresa Mitchell  
174 Peter John Kelly 29 June William Kelly Lime St 1 July Wv S Lalor Thomas Walsh  
        Mary Anne Murphy       Elizabeth Murphy  
175 Peter Quirk 29 June Patrick Quirk Harvey Road 4 July W Forristall William Holly not p
        Ellen Barry       Elizabeth Egan  
176 Mary Greene 2 July Maurice Greene Military Rd 3 July J Scott John Carew  
        Mary Jackman       Bridget Grant  
177 Mary Margaret Balfour 3 July Francis Belfour Logy Bay Rd 5 July D J O'Brien Mary Boone Father priest ?
        Mary Emmerson       Otto Ea??? Albert B???  
Page 12                  
178 Michael Joseph Ryan 4 July Marten Ryan Fresh Water rd 6 July W Forristall John Kafey  
        Mary Ellen Hammond       Ellen Kavoniff  
179 Catherine Frances Hannon 3 July John Hannon James St 6 July W Forristall John Marten  
        Susan Eddicotte       Mary Foster  
180 Catherine Mary Candon 6 July Robert Condon Bell St 8 July W Forristall John Burke ??of the ????
        Margaret Tobin       Kateie Morette  
181 John Joseph Earls 5 July John Earls Gower St 8 July W Forristall Lawrence Walsh  
        Matilda Dunphy       Francis Dunphy  
182 Bridget Joseph Keefe 8 July Peter Keefe Masca? St 11 July W Forristall John Rourke  
        Mary Maher       Bridget Briene  
183 James Joseph Breen 6 July John Breen Torbay Road 11 July W Forristall Edward Purcell  
        Ellen Dunne       Catherine Ryan  
184 Anne Keirsey 11 July Thomas Keirsey 20 Mile Pond 15 July W Forristall John Moriarty  
        Ellen Nowen       Annie Finn  
185 Laura Anne Hartley 11 July Thomas Hartley Forest Road 15 July W Forristall William Nicols  
        Elizabeth Marten?       Annie Stamp  
186 Leo Summers 9 July John Summers New Gower 15 July W Forristall William Summers  
        Mary saunders       Theresa Saunders  
187 Charles Morrisey 14 July Charles Mossisey Harvey Road 15 July W Forristall Peter Morrisey not pd
        Mary Hawe       Anastasia Hiscock  
188 Catherine Gertrude Byrne 15 July James Byrne Kings road 15 July W S Lalor Francis Byrne  
        Annie Vigars       Maud Vigars  
189 Patrick Vincent Rogers 16 July Stephen Rogers Lime St 18 July W Forristall James Rogers  
        Catherine Rogers       Johanna Shaughrus?  
190 Bonaventure Sinnott 16 July Edward Sinnott Albert Hotel? 18 July C H O'Neill William James Ellis  
  Charles     Elizabeth Tobin       Mary Ellen Hackett  
191 John Evangelist McKay 17 July Lawrence McKay Barters Hill 20 July W Forristall James McGrath  
        Ellen Tirner       Bridget Hickey  
192 Mary Ethel Burton 15 July Patrick Burton Carters Hill 20 July W Forristall Stephen McGrath  
        Annie Cracknell       Christina Cracknell  
193 Lauretta Anne Kiely 29 July William F Kiely New Gower St 20 July W Forristall Leo Prim  
        Margaret Prim       Emma Keough  
Page 13                  
194 William Murray 20 July John Murray Hoyles Town 26 July W Forristall Charles Coomes  
        Caroline Coomes       Mary Coomes  
195 Thomas Marten Keough 17 July Daniel Butler Domerile Lane 26 July W Forristall Richard Butler not pd
        (ink blot)       Mary Butler  
196 Thomas Joseph Brien 27 July William Brien Barters Hill 29 July W Forristall Augustian? Brien  
        Annie Furlong       Catherine Furlong  
197 Helina Evans 30 July John Evans Haywards Ave 1 Aug W Forristall Edward Murphy  
  twins     Agnes Stephenson       Mary Furlong  
198 Mary Evans 30 July John Evans Haywards Ave 1 Aug W Forristall Charles Speads?  
        Agnes Stephenson       Mary Jones  
199 Thomas Joseph Long 29 July Edward Long Godd News St? 1 Aug W Forristall Thomas Burton  
        Mary Luscombe       Maggie Hafey  
200 Elizabeth Mary Fanning 24 July Edward Fanning Mulbolt St 1 Aug W Forristall John Maher  
        Julia King       Margaret Deveraue?  
201 Agnes Denanney 23 July Michael Denanney New Gower St 1 Aug W Forristall William Flynn  
        Mary Gamburg       Mary Gamburg  
202 Mary Joseph Miller 28 July William Miller New Town St 1 Aug W Forristall John Hayes  
        Julia Jackman       Fanny Donovan  
203 Mary Elizabeth Leonard 29 July Michael Leonard Lime St 3 Aug W Forristall Walter Furlong not pd
        Annie Taffas?       Annie Bennett  
204 Mary Patrick Power 31 July Patrick Power Stamp Ave 3 Aug W Forristall James Summers  
        Maggie Dunne       Annie Farrell  
205 Mary Edith Johnston 2 Aug Thomas Johnston Hoyles Town 5 Aug W Forristall William Duff  
        Elizabeth Marten       Maggie Dunne  
206 Thomas Nicholas Coleman 3 Aug Edward Coleman Cabot St 5 Aug W Forristall KJohn Murray  
        Lizzie Coady       Mary Marten  
207 Bridget Mary Rice 2 Aug Arthur Rice Fresh Water rd 5 Aug W Forristall Michael Cahill  
        Elizabeth Quirke       Kate Driscoll  
208 Richard Donnelly 2 Aug John Donnelly Forest Road 8 Aug W Forristall Thomas Walsh  
        Mary Anne Ebbs       Margaret Madden  
209 John Joseph Keefe 7 Aug John Keefe Becks Cove 10 Aug W Forristall Jeremiah Hartery  
        Alice Waddleton       Nora Pynn  
Page 14                  
210 Joseph King 9 Aug Jerermiah King Bannerman pk 10 Aug W Forristall Patrick Geary?  
        Lizzie Ryan       Mary Earle  
211 Margaret Murphy 12 Aug John Murphy College sq 12 Aug W Forristall John Kealy  
        Annie Edstrom       Mary Conghlin  
212 Mary Loretta Forward 13 Aug John Forward Kings road 15 Aug W Forristall William Graham  
        Bridget Mary Lynch       Alice Dunphy  
213 Isaiah? Joseph Giles age 25 yrs S S (line drawn thr)   18 Aug W S Lalor William Gill?  
      from Greenbay         Ellen Browne  
214 Mary Elizabeth Clarey 15 Aug Stephen Cleary Bannerman pk 17 Aug W Forristall John Stapleton  
        Mary Anne Leary       Catherine Stapleton  
215 Stephen Joseph Dooley 14 Aug William Dooley Damerils lane? 17 Aug W Forristall William Sandgad  
        Charlotte White       Johanna Cunningham  
216 Michael Lawlor 14 Aug Richard Lawlor Cone road 17 Aug W Forristall John Kenny  
        Johanna Malone       Mary Fogerty  
217 Mary Bridget Shanghine? (ink blot) Daniel Shanghine Carew St 17 Aug W Forristall William Kelly  
        Katie Cummins       Kate Sedans  
218 John Thomas Wheeler ? months old Joseph Wheeler Mullock St 17 Aug W Forristall   ???? co??
        Mary Hannah Goss       Mary Barnes father pr??t
219 Mary Johanna Hourens 15 Aug Patrick Joseph Hourens   17 Aug C H O'Neill John Gajo  
        Elizabeth McGrath Water St     Maggie Grace  
220 Frances Mary Walsh 14 Aug Michael Walsh Mullock St 19 Aug W Forristall John Walsh  
        Kate Roche       Maggie Grace  
221 Elizabeth Mary Sullivan 28 yrs Thomas Madit? Wickford Rd 21 Aug C H O'Neill    
        Christina White       Sarah Paterson? convert c of e
222 Thomas Lannan 23 Aug Patrick Lannan Bannerman pk 24 Aug W Forristall Thomas Murphy  
        Mary Dunphy       Annie Ryan  
223 William James Moore 20 Aug Edward Moore Plymouth rd 24 Aug W Forristall Lonis Waldren  
        ERllen Sears       Agnes Roche  
224 Henry Thomas Moray 23 Aug Henry Moray Mounted P 24 Aug W Forristall Thomas Savage  
        Anne Neville constable     Byrdie Savage  
          Fort Townsend        
225 Anastasia Joseph Brennan 26 Aug Edward Brennan Lime St 26 Aug W Forristall Richard Ryan  
        Ellen Murphy       Mary M Culton  
Page 15                  
226 James Charles Kelly 26 Aug Michael Kelly Water St        
  Augustine     Mary Ellen Meehan          
227 William Michael McDonald 25 Aug James McDonald Bishops lodge        
        Mary Anne Crate          
228 Sarah Walsh 27 Aug John Walsh Rennies mill rd        
        Martha Finn          
229 Amelia Frances Roberts 18 Aug Thomas Roberts Bannerman pk        
        Mary Skaines          
230 Florence Isabel Drover 31st or 1 st Thomas Drover Buchanan st?        
        Alice Hayes          
231 Elizabeth Doyle 1 September Patrick Doyle Monks Town        
        Elizabeth Barnes          
232 Catherine Francis Collins 6 Sept Marten Collins Signal Hill Rd        
        Mary Noseworthy          
233 Elizabeth Joseph Power 4 Sept Thomas Power New Gower St        
        Ellen Cooper (?)          
234 Mary Ellen Hanlon 5 Sept James Hanlon Bannerman pk        
        Anne Sullivan          
235 Mary Anne Buckley 7 Sept Richard Buckley Tank lane        
        Theresa Waddleton          
236 Mary Joseph Denief 9 Sept James Denief Tank lane        
        Margaret Flynn          
237 Elizabeth Kelly 11 Sept Michael Kelly Carters Hill        
        Mary Anne Moore          
239 John Mary Fitzpatrick 12 Sept John Fitzpatrick Signal Hill Rd        
        Margaret Connors          
240 Frances Moore 14 Sept Phillip Moore Duckworth St        
        Mary Walsh          
241 Catherine Cooper 13 Sept Edward Cooper Flemming St        
        Mary Ellen Hand          

Transcribed by ANNE KEATING (March 2004)

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