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PAGE 16                  
242 James Augustian Prowse 10 Sept John Prowse Kate Carew Carew St 16 Sept W Forristall Thomas Conway Johanna Grace  
243 James Coughlan 20 Sept John Coughlan Margaret Mocler? Allendale 22 Sept J Scott Richard Walsh Margaret Walsh  
244 Mary Ellen Brennan 20 Sept John Brennan Mary Jane McGrath Torbay Rd 28 Sept J O Reilly Peter Doyle Margaret Brennan  
245 George Walter Peterson 24 Sept Charles Peterson Mary Kelly Lime St 28 Sept J O Reilly Michael Hartery Maggie Kelly  
246 Michael Dunne ? Sept Michael Dunne Mary Anne Downs Cuddihays Lane 26 Sept W Forristall Charles Graham Mary Kavanagh  
247 Veronica Power 19 Sept Michael Power Bridget McGrath Cuddihays Lane 28 Sept W Forristall John Evans Lucy McGrath married Henry Holland March 3,1921 cathedral by Rev J McDermot?
248 Mary Margaret Bolen 25 Sept William P Bolen Hannah Frazer Damerils Lane 28 Sept W Forristall Patrick Jos Bolen Brydie O Brien  
249 Allan Patrick McIntyre 27 Sept Hector Mc Intyre Julia Fennell Bannermans Park 30 Sept W Forristall Maurice Hallerin Katie Goodlin  
250 William Browne 27 Sept Patrick Browne Maggie Mahon Cove Rd 30 Sept W Forristall Richard Mahon Mary Anne Walsh  
251 Michael Vinnacomb 1 Oct John Vinnacomb Mary Murray Bannerman Park 3 Oct W Forristall Michael Carew Bridget Murray  
252 Catherine Squires 3 Oct Patrick Squires Bridget Burton Kings Bridge 5 Oct W S Lalor John Moroney Mary Sullivan  
253 Mary Devaroux Devereaux 22 Sept James Devaroux Johanna Flannigan Logy Bay 5 Oct W S Lalor Patrick Devaroux Mary Anne Devaroux  
254 James Stamp 26 Sept Thomas Stamp Catherine Bowdron? Battery St? 5 Oct W S Lalor John Connell Lizzie Shea  
255 Mary Ellen Brophy 30 Sept William Brophy Bridget Dobbins Bannerman Rd 5 Oct W S Lalor John Dooley Mary Kencaly married March 29,1908? Michael Joseph McGrath St Patricks Church ???
256 Susanna Norris 28 Sept Samuel Norris Ellen Croft Bannerman Rd 5 Oct W S Lalor Joseph Chafe Mary Duff  
257 John Thomas Foley 6 Oct Michael Foley Jane White Monks Town 7 Oct W Forristall William Marten Elizabeth Marten  
PAGE 17                  
258 Patrick Joseph Kane 3 Oct Patrick Kane Bridget Crotty ????? 7 Oct W Forristall Joseph Carty Mary Carter  
259 Thomas Frances Knox 4 Oct Bartholemew Knox Anne Wall Dameril Lane 7 Oct W Forristall Thomas Clair Annie Wall  
260 Andrew Joseph Kennedy 7 Oct Patrick Kennedy Lizzie Campbell Lime St 10 Oct W Forristall John Fitzpatrick Mary Ryan  
261 Mary Joseph McDonald 7 Oct Daniel McDonald Lizzie Doody Moore St 10 Oct W Forristall Michael Donovan Josie Breen  
262 Lavina May Dodd 6 Oct Thomas Dodd Mary Ann Vinnacomb Bunelody St 12 Oct W Forristall John Brien Elizabeth Moore  
263 James Francis Crotty 10 Oct William Crotty Ellen Moore Hoyles Town 12 Oct W Forristall John Walsh Harriet Dooly  
264 Mary Elizabeth Mealy 9 Oct Thomas Mealy Mary Ann Cleary Holdenworth St 14 Oct W Forristall John Mealy Elizabeth Mealy  
265 Mary Catherine Singali 11 Oct Anthony Singali Mary Ann McGrath Queen St 15 Oct C H O Neill Patrick Houran Ellen Ryan  
266 Eliza Whiteway aged 18 yrs   of Western Bay 15 Oct W Forristall   convert Weslyan
267 Margaret Larken 13 Oct James Larken Kate Maney Fleming St 15 Oct J Scott Bridget Purcell Thos Purcell sub con? Bapt at house & died after Baptism
268 Phene? Walsh 10 Oct Timothy Walsh Nora Walsh Carters Hill 17 Oct W Forristall William Dunphy Mary Breane  
269 James Joseph Kelly 13 Oct James Kelly Kate Dooley Simms St 17 oct W Forristall James Dooley Bridget Londregan  
270 Johanna Lubey 13 Oct Andrew Lubey Frances Chidley Nunnery Hill 17 Oct W Forristall John Chidley Mary Tobin  
271 Margaret Larkin 13 Oct James Larkin Kate Mahoney B Park 18 Oct J Scott Rev J Scott Margaret Purcell sub con?
272 James Keating 18 Oct Thomas Keating Kate Murphy Ma?de? St 20 Oct C H O Neill Michael Dooley Mary J Feehan  
273 Mary Isabella Dunieffe? 18 Oct Patrick Dunieffe Margaret Coughlan St Johns 21 Oct C H O Neill George Coughlan Annie Dunieffe?  
PAGE 18                  
274 Catherine Picco 21 October Michael Picco Theresa Walsh Ban Park 24 October John Scott William Murray Mary Anne Picco  
275 Anthony Singard 21 October Abel Sengard Annie Murray Spencer St 24 October John Scott Terrence George Annie Crockwell  
276 John Wagner aged 28 yrs     24 October John Scott   convert Methodist
277 Isabel Fitzgerald 24 October Michael Fitzgerald Jane Redmond Carters Hill 26 October John Scott George Chidley Alice Anne Chidley  
278 Charles Murray 10 October Thomas Murray Maggie Hanley Cove Rd 26 October John Scott John Hanley Katie Hanley  
279 Edward Noseworthy 12 months old George Noseworthy Mary Noseworthy Georges Town 27 October W Forristall Patrick Devaroux Mary Ellen Hill Father Protestant pd cash
280 John James Murphy 20 October John Murphy Minnie Walsh Military Road 27 October John Scott Edward Murphy Minnie Donnelly  
281 Robert John Peddigrew 25 October Robert Peddigrew Mary Anne Smallcomb Damerills Lane 31 October John Scott Charles Mollowney Mary Anne Mollowney married Oct 3,1913? Margaret Coady in St Patricks Church by Rev J J McDermott
282 Thomas Joseph Walsh 28 October Patrick Walsh Louisa Foote Monks Town Rd 31 October John Scott James Bolen Annie Carew  
283 Michael Thomas King 25 October William King Mary Rogers Ban Park 31 October John Scott James Shapter Ellen Clance  
284 John Joseph Kenna 3 Nov John Kenna Margaret Power Barnes Rd 2 November John Scott William Higgins Jane Hughes  
285 Joseph Inatius (twin) White 30 October Richard White Anastatia Bates Military Rd 4 November John O Reilly Thomas Bates Ellen Whitten twins
286 John Patrick (twin) White 30 October Richard White Anastatia Bates Military Rd 4 November John O Reilly John Rahall Mary Garland twins
287 Mary Margaret Brien 2 November John Brien Josica? Fahey Lime St 4 November John O Reilly Thomas Brien Frances Dunphy  
288 John Skaines aged 22 yrs     30 October W Forristall   baptized before marriage
289 Charles Joseph Barnes (Barron ?) 3 November Patrick Barron? Annie Dearen? Signal Hill Rd 7 November C H O Neill Dennis Barron Johanna Barron  
PAGE 19                  
290 Isabella Ethelbo??a? Cooper 3 November James Cooper Catherine Power Scotts Lane 7 November C H O Neill John Cooper Eliza Cooper  
291 Edward (twin) Thompson 8 November James Thompson Dora Stephenson St Johns 9 November John O Reilly Patrick Walsh Ellen Thompson  
292 William (twin) Thompson 8 November James Thompson Dora Stephenson St Johns 9 November John O Reilly Michael Walsh Ellie Jackman  
293 Patrick Murphy 7 November Edward Murphy Mary Anne Drouken 20 Mile Pond 11 November John Scott Thomas Keirsey Bessie McGrath  
294 Annie Frances Nurse 10 November Charles Nurse Nora Kafey Prince St 11 November John Scott John Nurse Minnie Gearen?  
295 Ellie May Phelan 9 November James Phelan Kate Condon Haywards Ave 14 November C H O Neill John Condon Alice Condon  
296 Henry James Phelan 7 November Pierce Phelan Mary Murphy Longs Hill 16 November C H O Neill Patrick Byrne Ellie Courteney Under mothers name is written Bridget??
297 Maud Lambert 10 November Luke Lambert Kate Whelan Logy Bay 16 November C H O Neill John Whelan Maggie Whelan  
298 Hanna Isabel Kavanagh 12 November John Kavanagh Margaret White Demerils St 18 November John O Reilly John Neill Jane Ledwill  
299 Charles Edward Buckely 15 November Cornelius Buckely Mary Anne Butler St Patricks School grounds 18 November John O Reilly Thomas Keough Ellen Buckely  
300 Elizabeth Kavanagh 15 November James Kavanagh Ellen Evoy? Bannerman Park 18 November John O Reilly Thomas Carroll Mary Anne Ebbs  
301 John Joseph Armstrong 13 November John Armstrong Irene Kennedy Bannerman Park 21 November John Scott George Earls Julia Maher  
302 Sarah Croaker aged 23 yrs born Greenspond   St Johns Power St 21 November W Forristall   convert
303 Bernard (twin) Irving 22 November William Irving Mary Johanna Healy   22 November C H O Neill Nicholas Lecour ELizabeth Conlan  
304 Jane (twin) Irving 22 November William Irving Mary Johanna Healy   22 November C H O Neill Nicholas Lecour Elizabeth Conlan  
305 John Joseph Dooley 17 November Francis Dooley Mary Peircey Quidi Vidi Rd 23 November Edward Crook? Thomas Morris Annie Joseph Morris  
PAGE 20                  
306 Elizabeth Webber 19 November George Samuel Webber Mary Margaret Ryan Cochrane St 21 November John Scott William Scott Catherine Condon Father Prot sub con ?(arrow points to F name )
307 Francis John Keating 22 November John Keating Mary Anne Meehan Military Road 24 Nov John Scott James Meehan Catherine Meehan  
308 John Joseph Stamp 15 November John Pat Stamp Bridget Reddy Lime St 28 Nov John Scott Lawrence Tobin Theresa Stamp  
309 Eliza Frances Shelly 17 November Patrick Shelly Margaret Furlong Bannerman Park 28 Nov John Scott John Burke Mary Maher  
310 Robert Andrew St John 29 Nov John St John Margaret Hackett Prescott St 1 Dec John Scott Rev J Scott Ellen Hackett Bapt at residence
311 Kate Leo Duff 29 Nov John Duff Kate Brien Mondays Point 4 Dec W Forristall Michael Brien Lizzie Brien Bapt at residence
312 Allan Cleary 30 Nov Phillip Cleary Kate Allan Military Rd 4 Dec C H O Neill Charles Meehan Isabelle Allan Bapt at residence
313 Bridget Anne Baird 30 Nov James Baird Anne Brien Cuddihays Ln 5 Dec C H O Neill John Brien Philomenea ? Fitzgerald  
314 Marten Andrew Butt 5 Dec George Butt Eliza Dinn Duckworth St 5 Dec C H O Neill James Connors Annie Crane  
315 Catherine Mary Nyrens 8 Dec James Nyrens Catherine O Connor Lime St 8 Dec C H O Neill Patrick Nyrens Bridget Daley  
316 Mary Edens 8 Dec Thomas Edens Margaret Walsh Monks Town Rd 8 Dec John Scott John Kent Lizzie Tobin Bapt at parents? residence
317 Michael Joseph Rose 9 Dec William Rose Mary Quigley Old Cove Road 12 Dec W Forristall Patrick Furlong Agnes Gustusan  
318 John Trellegan? 7 Dec William Trellegan Anne Egan New Gower St 12 Dec W Forristall James Trellegen Maggie Murphy  
319 William Lawrence Tobin 10 Dec John Tobin Amelia Westcott Bannerman Park 12 Dec W Forristall James Tobin Emily Westcott  
320 John Joseph Burke 12 Dec Joseph M Burke Fanny Condon Young St 14 Dec J O Reilly John Myler Rose Condon  
321 Mary Jane Carew 8 Dec Michael Carew Jane Picco Bannerman Park 19 Dec John O Reilly Patrick Spearns Anne Sullivan  
PAGE 21                  
322 Elizabeth Power 16 December John Power Annie English Barnes Rd 21 Dec John Scott John Mallard Johanna Bulger  
323 Clara Isabelle Marten 22 December William Marten Elizabeth Connors Bannerman Park 23 Dec John Scott Patrick Lynch Clara Lynch  
324 George Henry Wood aged 26 yrs ??? London, England   St Johns 23 Dec W Forristall   convert
325 Mary Elizabeth Picco 22 December John Picco Mary Carew Carters Hill 26 Dec John Scott Charles Picco Margaret Crowdell  
326 Mary Josephine Carroll 23 December Richard Carroll Eliza Walsh Bond St 26 Dec John Scott William Walsh Mary Murphy  
327 Margaret Aloysius Quinn 25 December Patrick Quinn Margaret Ellis Adelaide St 26 Dec W Forristall John Ellis Bridget Sheehan Bapt at the house
328 Susanna Kennedy 24 December William Kennedy Mary Anne Metcalf Cuddiheys Lane 28 Dec W Forristall Michael Redmond Mary Annie Fitzgerald  
329 Catherine Curtan 21? December John Curtan Mary Redmond Monks Town 28 Dec C H O Neill Patrick Dalton Mary Furlong Bapt at house.On line with sponsors F surname ,French is crossed out and Furlong written in .
330 Mary Augusta McClellan 24 December Alexander McClellan Mary Jane McCormack Military Road 28 Dec C H O Neill Richard Cormack Mary Cormack Bapt at house . (R??d con ?)
331 Mary Agnes Redmond 28 December Thomas Redmond Mary Anne Meany Longs Hill 30 Dec W Forristall Patrick Kennedy Maggie Carew  
332 Bridget Mary Murphy 28 December William H Murphy Mary Ellen O Neill Barters Hill 30 Dec W Forristall John Thomas ONeill Annie Murphy  
333 Mary Ellen Florence Harris 28 December William Harris Selena Hunt Monks Town Rd 30 Dec W L Lalor Michael F Smyth Minnie Smyth  

Transcribed by SHEILA DERMODY (March 2004)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 AST
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