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1 Catherine Joseph Bloyd 26 January Dec John Bloyd Mary Grisshay Monks Town 1 January W Forristall Edward Shapter Bridget Purcell  
2 Mary Elizabeth Wheelan 31 Dec William Wheelan Anne Kane Police Constable Fort Townsend 4 January W Forristall Charles O Riley Maggie O Riley  
3 Edward Corkoran 30 Dec William Corcoran Mary Anne Mc Carthy Balleys Lane 4 January W Forristall John White Ellen McCarthy  
4 Mary Frances Comerford 27 Dec Richard Comerford Johanna Fardey Lime St 4 January W Forristall Lawrence Corcoran Mary Connors  
5 James Devaroux 28 Dec Patrick Devaroux Lizzie Waddleton Logy Bay 4 January W Forristall Walter Kelly Bridget Carrigan  
6 Alice Mary Hilyard 1 January William Hilyard Mary Ellen Carew Kings Road 4 January W Forristall Richard Marshall Minnie Farrell?  
7 Thomas Joseph Dalton 1 January John Dalton Annie Sharon Monks Town 4 January D J O Brien John Burke Ellen Brien  
8 Elizabeth Mary Fitzgerald 6 January Michael Fitzgerald Elizabeth Seviour Kings Road 8 January W Forristall Patrick Murphy Elizabeth Nugent  
9 Florence Squires 6 January John Squires Mary Joseph Carew Flavins Lane 8 January W Forristall Charles Doyle Ellen Dodd  
10 John Thomas Fitzgerald 9 January Patrick Fitzgerald Catherine Quinlan Cabot St 11 January W Forristall Edward Fleming Martha M Cullan ?  
11 Theresa Anastasia Doyle 26 Dec Francis Doyle Mary Anne Baker Monks Town 15 January W Forristall John Trimlett Fanny Kavanagh  
12 Elizabeth Mocler 12 Dec Thomas Mocler Mary Anne Croake Ordinance Rd 15 January W Forristall Michael Keefe Ellen Croake  
13 Beatrice (Hardy) Harding 9 Dec John Harding(Hardy) Katie O Neill Young St 18 January W Forristall Arthur O Neill Lizzie Tarrant married in the church ????Boston,USA to Joseph?Houry? on Dec 15,1912.
14 Ellen Shortall 17 Dec Michael Shortall Anne Power Colonial St 18 January W Forristall Patrick Shortall Mary Ellen Power  
15 Bridget Frances Skaines 18 Dec John Skaines Mary Ryan Logy Bay Road 20 January W Forristall William Ryan Ellen Ryan  
16 Margaret Ellen Lamb 21 Dec James Lamb Alice Joy? (Ivy?) Fresh Water St 22 January W Forristall John Dillon Bridget Dillon  
PAGE 2                  
17 Cecelia O Neill 17 January William O Neill Rachael Chafe Chapel St 25 January W Forristall Patrick Maher Mary Ellen O Neill  
18 Patrick John Wall 20 January Edward Wall Mary Anne Crawley New Gower St 25 January W Forristall James McGrath Mary Kelly  
19 John Thomas Wiseman 21 January Thomas Wiseman Mary Anne Fewer Delahuntys Lane 27 January W Forristall Richard Squires Veronica Keirsey  
20 Mary Jane Bennett 24 Janaury Joseph Bennett Margaret Olliver South Lane 27 January W Forristall Michael Bennett Lizzie Olliver  
21 Margaret Anne Maher 22 January William Maher Clara Hynes Carters Hill 27 January W Forristall James Maher Margaret Ryan  
22 Andrew O'Keefe 27 January Michael O'Keefe Mary Leahy North St 29 January W Forristall Joseph Snooks Bridget Quetell  
23 Mary Margaret Cahoun? ( 27 January Alick Cahown Mary Rochford? Kings Road 29 January W Forristall Thomas Snow Bridget Hayden  
24 John Madden 26 January George Madden Maggie Bloyd Stephen St 1 February W Forristall George Butt Lizzie Shapter  
25 Anna Maria Burke 2 Feb John Burke Sarah Nyrens Lime St 3 February D J O Brien George Morris Nora O Brien  
26 Mary Joseph Carbery 31 January William Carbery Catherine Pike Fleming St 3 February D J O Brien John Kennedy Mary Kaven?  
27 William Henry Ward 31 January Robert Ward Mary Power Pilots Hill 3 February D J O Brien John Power Nora Daley  
28 Lucy Anne Hickey 29 January Patrick Hickey Johanna King Monks Town Rd 5 February W Forristall Anthony Galway Bridget Galway  
29 James Ryall 4 Feb John Ryall Elizabeth Flowers Monks Town 8 February W Forristall James Cantwell Mary Bulger  
30 Joseph Hartery 2 Feb John Hartery Alice McDonald Lime Kiln Hill 8 February W Forristall John Smediaks? Annie Power  
31 James Augustian Buckingham 5 Feb George Buckingham Mary Joseph Power South Lane 8 February W Forristall Patrick Costagan Margaret Power  
32 William Patrick Dooley 6 Feb Thomas Dooley Bridget Shallow Duckworth 10 February W Forristall John Berry Mary Hyde  
PAGE 3                  
33 Mary Ellen Ring 6 Feb Patrick Ring Hanna Wiseman St Johns Balleys Lane 10 Feb W Forristall William Abbott Mary Keerinan  
34 John Dyer month old Richard Dyer Mary Kavanagh Logy Bay 12 Feb W Forristall Michael Kavanagh A Ellen Sanorvia  
35 Robert Michael Meehan 10 Feb Charles Meehan Mary Ellen Kelly   14 Feb J Scott William Meehan Frances Meehan  
36 Kathleen St John 10 Feb Francis St John Kate Murphy Duckworth St 14 Feb J Scott John Henderson Mary O Mara  
37 Ellen Rolls 16 Feb George Rolls Johanna Farrell Duckworth St 16 Feb D J O Brien William Chafe Ellen Chafe  
38 Patrick John Collins 12 Feb Joseph Collins Bridget Reardon Barters Hill 17 Feb W S Lalor James Carrigan Mary Anne Reardon  
39 John Ridout born March 5,1872 John & Jane Ridout Jane Sharpe   17 Feb C F F ONeill Patrick Morrisey convert aged 20 yrs
40 Thomas Valentine Finn 15 Feb James Finn Mary Corcoran Belvedere Rd 19 Feb W Forristall James English Mary English  
41 Bridget Thomas 19 Feb Richard Thomas Fanny Doyle Majors? Path 22 Feb W Forristall James Mc Donald Maggie Doyle  
42 Maud Frances Wilcox 16 Feb Francis Wilcox Cecelia Howlett Gower St 22 Feb W Forristall Elias Grisahey Mary Riley  
43 Dufie Josef? Joseph Trofik? 15 Feb 20 Antonio Josef (Joseph) Maria Hunter Syria? 21 Feb W S Lalor Alfred Oldrigh? Margaret Howell  
44 Mary Keegan 20 Feb Lawrence Ed Keegan Mary P Walsh MD Duckworth St 22 Feb T J Power Thos Joseph Power Thomas Edens Gertrude Walsh  
45 Walter Joseph Griffen 23 Feb Lawrence Griffen Mary Morrisey Belvedere Road 24 Feb W Forristall Walter Morrisey Hannah Browders  
46 Catherine Mackey 21 Feb John Mackey Mary Hanahan Barnes Rd 24 Feb W Forristall Daniel Flynn Mary Devaroux not paid
47 John Joseph Curran 18 Feb James Curran Elizabeth Skinner Pilots Hill 26 Feb W Forristall Patrick Cunningham Elizabeth Cunningham  
48 Mary Ellen Joseph Skaines 22 Feb James Skaines Mary Cahill Quidi Vidi Rd 26 Feb W Forristall Daniel Cahill Clinsey? Fitzgibbon  
PAGE 4                  
49 Mary Agnes Rickett? 22 Feb James Rickett Bridget Barry Barnes Rd 29 Feb W Forristall James Barry Hannah T Stapleton  
50 Michael Patrick Murphy 26 Feb Joseph Murphy Margaret Downs Cooks Town 29 Feb W Forristall John Duffy Kate Marten  
51 Michael Francis Ryan 25 Feb Michael Ryan Bridget Hope Ronnies ? Mill Rd 29 Feb W Forristall Art O Neill Catherine Nyrens  
52 William Joseph Earle Earls 26 Feb George Earls (Earle) Mary Ellen Haget Ordinance Sq 29 Feb W Forristall John Hand Julia Maher  
53 Winifred Mary Carroll 25 Feb James Carroll Ellen French Longs Lane 29 Feb W Forristall Timothy Sullivan Mary Anne Stapleton  
54 Thomas (twin) Tobin 27 Feb Thomas Tobin Mary Bolen Notre Dame St 1 March C O Neill John Kearney Elizabeth Bolen  
55 Annie (twin) Tobin 27 Feb Thomas Tobin Mary Bolen Notre Dame St 1 March C O Neill Augustian Brien Bridget Gibbons  
56 Leo Allan O Mara 29 Feb John O Mara Mary Murphy Water St 1 March D J O Brien Michael Conty Mary O Mara  
57 John William Keough 1 Mar William Keough Maggie Galway Prescott St 4 March W Forristall Dennis Galway Sarah Barter  
58 William Joseph Ridout 10 Feb Thomas Ridout Hanna Brodrick? (Busdridge) Georges St 4 March W Forristall John Smalcombe Jane Cunnignham  
59 Michael Angello Fitzgerald 3 Mar Edward Fitzgerald Agnes Murphy Victoria St 7 March W Forristall Timothy Aylward Sarah Dunne  
60 Jane Frances Richardson 4 Mar James Richardson Theresa Matthews Nunnary Hill 7 March W Forristall Daniel Crowe Mary Jane Costello married in the Church to Thomas Doody on Oct? 22,1909
61 George Edward Walsh 4 Mar Thomas Walsh Honora Carey Gower St 9 March W Forristall John Donnelly Margaret Brophy  
62 Matilda Carey 4 Mar John Carey Johanna Ronayne Maks ? lane 9 March W Forristall Edward Corcoran Mary Tremlett  
63 William Joseph Lane 10 Mar William Lane Mary Anne Cleary? Longs Hill 11 March W Forristall Francis Leary Ellen Ryan  
64 Susanna Joseph Mallard? 10 Mar Patrick Mallard Margaret Skivington Chapel St 11 March W Forristall John Mallard Josie Downey  
65 Phillip Coole? 11 Mar William Cole Anne Burke Baggans lane 11 March C H O Neill James Brennan Anastasia Quirke sat? on
PAGE 5                  
66 Margaret Mary White 10 March Thomas White Hanna Sullivan Notre Dame Rd 11 March W Forristall Thomas J Power Mary Ellen Sullivan  
67 William Joseph Stuard 6 March Thomas Stuard Mary Walsh Old Chapel Lane 11 March W Forristall John Doran Lizzie McCormack  
68 Peter Patrick Whitten 11 March Henry Whitten Ellen Walsh Kings Bridge 14 March W Forristall William Anthony Whitten Anastatia Ebbs  
69 William Patrick Squires 15 March William Squires Elizabeth Bamrick Wickford St 16 March W Forristall David Bamrick Mary Geary  
70 James Malone 13 March James Malone Sarah Deakerd Logy Bay 16 March W Forristall James Deveraux Mary Deakers  
71 Ellen Maud Rutledge 13 March Paul Rutledge Margaret Daley Hoyles Town 16 March W Forristall Patrick Breene Bridget Daley  
72 Thomas Leo Murphy 14 March Patrick Murphy Elizabeth Cotter Matlook? St Monks Town 18 March W Forristall William Cantwell Selena Harris  
73 Bridget Joseph Earls 13 March Edward Earls Margaret Maddigan Ordinance Sq 18 March W Forristall Edward Earls Sara Anne Barrington  
74 Francis Joseph McGrath 19 March Thomas Mcgrath Annie White Water St E 20 March W S Lalor Rev W S Lalor Johanna Norris?  
75 Elizabeth Anne Ronane 14 March James Ronagne? Elizabeth King Hoyles Town 21 March W Forristall John Fitzgerald Johanna Barron  
76 Patrick Joseph Sawney 5 March Anthony Sawney Fanny Cahill Hoyles Town 23 March W Forristall Richard Power Elizabeth Mills  
77 John Patrick Bulger 19 March Joseph Bulger Lizzie Quigley Pilots Hill 23 March W Forristall John Rolls Catherine Grace  
78 Alexander Joseph Myler 22 March William Myler Mary Ellen Fleming Holdsworth St 25 March John Scott Edward Deveraux May Cragg ?  
79 Mary Joseph Kelly 23 March John Kelly Mary Maddigan   25 March C H O Neill Thomas Mealy Elizabeth Mealy  
80 Sara Anne McCrudden 21 March Patrick McCrudden Mary Ellen Leahy Signal Hill Rd 28 March W Forristall Edward McGrath Sara Corcoran  
81 Kathleen Boundridge? (Busdridge) 20 March Patrick Bowndridge Mary Anne Walsh James St 28 March W Forristall Patrick Courteney Kate Dunphy  

Transcribed by SHEILA DERMODY (March 2004)

Page Last Modified: Sunday August 07, 2016 ADT
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