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Apr-03 Mary CURTIS? John Curtis? & Mary C?rret James Lynch & S???h Cleary Alex FitzGerald  
Apr-03 Patrick DONOHOE John Donohoe & Fanny Kenndey? Richard Moorean? & Fanny Noel Alex FitzGerald  
Apr-05 Ann-Maria O'BRIEN Samuel O'Brien & Mary Egan Alex Fitzgerald & Eliza Maddock Alex FitzGerald  
Apr-05 Patrick KELLY William Kelly & Mary Walsh Charles Kich? & Mary Curreen Alex FitzGerald  
Apr-07 William KELLY Thos Kelly & Mary Finly Lawrence Kiely & Mary K???y Alex FitzGerald  
??? Patrick D? Matthew D? & Mary ?ale James Poor & Margaret Kilfoy? ?  
??? William RYAN Thos Ryan and Mary Murphy Michael Shorty & Susy Coney? Alex FitzGerald  
PAGE 2            
Apr-12 Ann KENT Nicholas Kent & Anty Walsh Silvester Delaney & Mary Edwards Alex FitzGerald  
Apr-16 Bridget HENNESSEY Patrick Hennessesy & Ally Carroll Wm Murphy & Catherine Whelan Alex FitzGerald  
Apr-17 Patrick ELMOR Edmond Elmor & Ellen Roache Thos Cleary & Crowley Alex FitzGerald  
Apr-19 Mary KELLY Patrick Kelly & Mary Finn James Cavanagh & Mary Murphy Alex FitzGerald  
Apr-19 Mary NEIL James Neil & Ellen Neil Edmond Bolan & Margret Purscle Alex FitzGerald  
Apr-22 Andrew ENGLAND Edmond England & Moisy Connelly Richard Hardin & Bridget Murphy Alex FitzGerald  
Apr-22 Oliver DOYLE     Alex FitzGerald  
Apr-24 Mary MULLET John Mullet & Ellen ??lough Thos Murphy & Catherine Colford Alex FitzGerald  
PAGE 3            
Apr-30 Margaret DOORLY Peter Doorly & Sophia Brooks John O'Neil & Mary Forrester ?. Scallon  
May-03 Ally BUTLER Richard Butler & Ellen Butler Patt Casey & Catherine Walsh Alex FitzGerald  
May-04 Henry RENOUF John Renouf & Johanna Little Michael Hayes & Mary Anne Yonge ?. Scallon  
May-05 Monica McCARTHY Patrick McCarthy & ??ry Ruth James McGrath & Margret Richison Alex FitzGerald  
May-06 Judith SHEA James Shea & Mary Ruth James McGrath & Margret Richison Alex FitzGerald  
May-06 Monica McCARTHY Patrick McCarthy & Elizabeth Hayes Richard Doyle & Honora Murphy Alex FitzGerald  
May-07 Margret CULLEN Patrick Cullen & Catherine Delaney James Pounden? & Mary A???l Alex FitzGerald  
May-07 James COLLARD? Edmond Collard? & Conway James ??ary & Elizabeth Shepard Alex FitzGerald  
PAGE 4            
??? Eliza MALONE Maurice Malone & Mary Handrick Philip Williams & Margret Smith Alex FitzGerald  
May-08 Mary KEHOE Patk Kehoe & Mary Dooly Michael Egan & Anne Burke? ?. Scallon  
May-10 Mary SINNOTT Thos Sinnott & Elizabeth Clark James Whelan & Mary Nutterfield Alex FitzGerald  
Apr-17 Nancy GRADY James Grady & Mary Delanty? Mary Hynes & ???  
Apr-17 John the spurious NORRIS Michel? Norris & Betsy Poor? Thomas Boy? & Elizabeth Norris Wm Whitty the spurious means illegitimate child
Apr-17 John NORRIS Thomas Norris & Eleanor Murphy James Keating & Elizabeth Gordon Wm Whitty  
Apr-19 Catrine DRISCOLL Daniel Driscoll & Margaret Squires Edward Coady & Eleanor Poor Wm Whitty  
Apr-19 William IRISH Daniel Irish & Mary Gr??? John Brasil? & Eleanor MacNamara William ???  
Apr-19 Mary LUNDRIGAN John Lundrigan & Fanny Driscoll? Patrick Quinn & Mary Howlett Wm Whitty  
May-06 James FARTHING Martin Farthing & Mary French? Samuel Nagler? & Bridget Barry Wm Whitty  
PAGE 5            
May-07 Eleanor CONSTANTINE? John Constantine? & Honora? Kelly Andrew ? & Nancy ? Wm Whitty  
May-09 Edward COADY Michael Coady & Mary Connors? John Walsh & Eleanor Barry? Wm Whitty  
May-09 Mary DOYLE Luke Doyle & Margaret Williams James French? & Margaret French? Wm Whitty  
May-10 Mary WILLIAMS Philip Williams & Elizabeth Ivory George Pendergast & Joanna ?onan Alex FitzGerald  
May-11 James WHELAN John Whelan & Eleanor Bryson? Edmond Wale? & Elizabeth Elw??? Wm Whitty  
May-11 Gregory WHELAN John Whelan & Eleanor Bryson? Edmond Donohan & Mary Riely Wm Whitty  
May-15 Catherine McGRATH Thos McGrath & Meehan James Ryan & Elizabeth Murphy Alex FitzGerald  
May-15 Michael KENNELLY Thos Kennelly & Mary Doyle Ned Bain & Mary Lacy Alex FitzGerald  
May-16 Thomas MAURACEY? Maurice Mauracey? & ??? Grant Patrick Magher & Margaret Fitzgerald Wm Whitty  
PAGE 6            
May-17 James HUGHES William Hughes & Elizabeth Freeman John Delaney and Ellen Higgins Alex FitzGerald  
May-17 Mary BYRN Patrick Byrn & Catrione White? Patrick Poor & Mary ??? William Whitty  
May-17 Margret KEATS William Keats & Mary Flanery Wm Young & Nancy Dwyer Alex FitzGerald  
May-19 Jerry CARROLL? Jerry Carroll? And Margret Foren? Edmond Connell & Mary Conners Alex FitzGerald  
May-19 James LUMBERD Richard Lumberd and Honora Walsh John Casey & Honora Curtis Alex FitzGerald  
May-23 William & Ally GALVAN Philip Galvan & Mary Fleming William Galvan, Thos Galvan, Ann Flaviss & Catherine Fleming Alex FitzGerald  
May-23 Patrick CULLEN John Cullen & Margret Hearn? William Trehan & Joanna Casey Alex FitzGerald  
PAGE 7            
May-25 Patrick KINORY? Patrick Kinory? & Eleanor French William B??? & Mary French William Whitty  
May-25 Jane? WITTEN? William Witten? & Eleanor French Luke Doyle & Maria Neilly? William Whitty  
  Stephanie? PURSEL? John Pursel? & Eleanor ??? John Brophy & ??? Pursel Wm Whitty  
May-27 John BOYLE John Boyle & Catherine Kennedy Richard Toomy & Catherine Wise Alex FitzGerald  
May-29 Jno MORRIS Nathan Morris & Ann Millard Edward Bray & Bridget Curran W. Herron?  
May-30 Mary COLFER Jno Colfer & Bridget Kearne Richard Clancey & Margaret Innes? W. Herron?  
May-31 Martha CURRIE? James Currie? & Mary Bryan Cornlious Fowler & Margret F???y Wm Whitty  
Jun-01 Walter NORRIS Edmond Norris & Mary ??? Hugh? Connel? & P???sy ??? Wm Whitty  
Jun-01 James MURPHY Lawrence Murphy & Elizabeth Curry Michel? M??? & Eleanor Lawler? William Whitty  
Jun-03 Ellen PINE? Alexander Pine? & Hillary? Flyn Thos Clancy & Judith Cullen Will. Herron?  
PAGE 8            
Jun-03 David KALAHAN Richard Kalahan & Marg??? Kavanaugh Wm. ?hair & Mary Kala??? W Herr???  
Jun-03 Jno GRAVE Jno Grave & Cora Young Jno Shea & Ann Flood Will. Herron?  
Jun-03 Ann PINE? Alexander Pine & Mary Joly? Jno Arpel? & Catherine Leahman W. Herron?  
  Michael DOOLEY Matthew Dooley & Mary? Hanlon John Phelan & Cath??? Dooley I.? Scallon  
Jun-07 Thomas FLEMMING Mathw Flemming & Margaret Flemming Lawrance Maur??y & Bridg?? We??? Wm Whitty  
Jun-07 Maurice PENDERGAST Ri?h?? Pendergast & Mary Poor Patrick ?ayse & Elizabeth Shelley Will Whitty  
  Jonathon BRADBERRY Jacob Bradberry & Deborah FitzPatrick John Aspel & Mary Molane Alex FitzGerald  
Jun-10 Thomas WALSH? Micheal Walsh? & Catherine Butler Edmond? Cu??? & Bridget Pulla??? Will. Herron?  
Jun-11 Amor? CAHIL Matheu Cahil & Mary Nor?? Martin Ryan & Margarite Laughlan Wm Whitty  
PAGE 9            
??? Margaret CASEY Patrick Casey & Catrione Butler John Power & Eleanor Poor Wm Whitty  
Jun-13 Bridget QUIN Thos Quin & Mary Walsh James Walsh & Mary Conway Alex FitzGerald  
Jun-13 Joseph WALSH John Walsh & Elizabeth Do??? John Shanahan & Eleanor Butler Wm Whitty  
Jun-13 Eliza WALSH John Walsh & Elizabeth Do??? William Morris & Bridget Bowlan Wm Whitty  
Jun-17 Joseph DIMOND Joseph Dimond & Jene John Perce Dean? & Ann Woods Alex FitzGerald  
Jun-25 Catrine C? John C? & Mary Flaharty Michl Gammon & Margaret Kavanagh Wm Whitty  
Jun-25 S???gh MALLARD Thomas Mallard & Ann Whelan Samual Blackler & Anna Squires William Whitty  
Jun-26 John KELLY Gilbert Kelly & Margaret ??? Martin Doyle & Margaret Pursel Wm Whitty  
Jun-30 John RIELY Michael Riely & Mary Cormick Michael Allen & Mary Mealy Alex FitzGerald  
PAGE 10            
Jun-29 John ??RIN Denis? ??rin & Bridget Mallard Michl ?udim & Anna Donohoe Willm Whitty  
Jun-29 Edward Dalton SHEA Henry Shea & Eleanor Ryan Joseph Ryan & Mary Hogan D. Scall??  
Jul-02 Joseph FITZGERALD John FitsGerald & Elizabeth Smith Thomas Howlet & Ann Sheean Alex FitzGerald  
Jul-02 Edmond NEEVE Edmond Neeve & Ann Burn Michael Brown & Ellen Spicer Alex FitzGerald  
Jul-02 Samuel? H???LET Patrick H???let & Lydia Hannaford Doctor? Riley? & Nancy? Tibbs?    
Jul-04 Bridget & Margret DELANEY William Delaney & Margret Kelly Patrick Murphy, Patrick ?oghore, Bridget Murphy & Ellen White Alex FitzGerald  
Jul-05 Mary ??? Michl ??? & Alice Walsh John Biarden? & Mary Dooley Willm Whitty  
PAGE 11            
Jul-06 Michael WALSH Patrick Walsh & Margret Delaney John Murphy and Mary Tierney Alex FitzGerald  
Jul-09 Willm COSTALOW James Costalow & Margaret Ryan Lawrance Bates & Mary Bates Willm Whitty  
Jul-09 Elizabeth NOLAN Danl Nolan & Ally Bent Patrick Condon & Nelly Carroll Alex FitzGerald  
Jul-09 Bridget McGRATH Thos McGrath & Catherine O'Hara Patrick Reed? & Mary Tobin Alex FitzGerald  
Jul-09 Catrene FLAVAN Thomas Flavan & Mary Norris Edmond Callahan & Margaret Mi??? Willm Whitty  
Jul-12 Mary KENNEDY Daniel Kennedy & Bridget FitzGerald John Mackey & Mary Culliton Alex FitzGerald  
Jul-14 Mary BERRIGAN John Berrigan & Mary Moloy Nicholas Brown & Catherine Larkin Alex FitzGerald  
Jul-16 John CURRANFORD? Lawrence Curranford & Ann? Walsh John Boggan & Bridget Reely ? Scall??  
PAGE 12            
Jul-16 John DUNPHY Patrick Dunphy & Briget Murphy Robert Wiely & Mary Lin?augh Alex FitzGerald  
Jul-16 Patrick KEEFE Thos Keefe & Honora Murphy Patt Condon & Honora Murphy Alex FitzGerald  
Jul-16 William MALLARD John Mallard & Ellen Power David Keefe & Margret Brien Alex FitzGerald  
Jul-16 James LACKEYAN     Alex FitzGerald Adult?
Jul-20 Patrick LUNNERGAN Peter Lunnergan & Mary Widdicum Edward Nolan & Joanna Dreslan? Alexr FitzGerald  
Jul-21 Catherine CARR??? Morgan Carr??? & Honora Walker John Delaney & Margret Kelly Alexr FitzGerald  
Jul-22 Mary BEGLY John Begly & Ellen Cahill James Oneil & Bridget Sullivan Alexr FitzGerald  
PAGE 13            
Jul-23 Margaret BATES Thos Bates & Anistace? Myers John & Mary St. John I.? Scallon  
Jul-23 Bridget DOYLE Edward Doyle & Bridget Kenny Ja? James & Mary Walsh Alexr FitzGerald  
Jul-24 Ally BURKE John Burke & Joanna Quinlan Edmond Wale? & Mary Kelly Alexr FitzGerald  
Jul-24 Patrick WALSH Patrick Walsh & Elizabeth McManus Thos Mortun & Mary Saffort? Alexr FitzGerald  
Jul-25 Juliana CODY James Cody & Eliza??? Williams I.? Scallon & ??? I.? Scallon  
Jul-25 Mary WALKER John Walker & Alice Neil Patt. Dunphy & Bridget Power I.? Scallon  
Jul-26 John NEIL John Neil & Mary Maher Martin Quigly & Mary Aspel Alexr FitzGerald  
Jul-27 Ambions FITXGERALD John Fitzgerald & Elizabeth Pursele Archabald Curraie? & Joanna ???and Alexr FitzGerald  
PAGE 14            
Jul-29 Margret TOBIN David Tobin & Charoline Walsh Michael Gahr??? And Margret Hogan Alexr FitzGerald  
Jul-30 Catherine GORMAN Marks Gorman and Catherine Garner Jams Doyle & Maily Kelly Alexr FitzGerald  
Jul-30 Catherine HAMBLETON John Hambleton & Honora Donavan Lawrence Hughes and Catherine Breen Alexr FitzGerald  
Jul-31 Edward & Jane COSTELLO James Costello & Ellen Murphy John Keeffe & Thos McNamara, Mary Edward & Elizabeth Edward Alexr FitzGerald  
Jul-31 Thomas O'NEIL John O'Neil & Anne Carniff? Thos Lyons & Mary Anne McAuley I.? Scallon  
Jul-16 Lawrence FORTUNE? Edmond Fortune? & Judith Drisc??? Patrick Fortune & Patrina? Ros??? Willm Whitty  
Jul-16 John KEEFFE? Perry Keeffe? & Bridget Carew Edmond Shesan? & Judith Driscoll? Wm Whitty  
Jul-17 Betsey the spurious TEAL? Sylvester Teal? & Margaret ??? Edmond Burris & Betsey Blackler Wm Whitty the spurious means illegitimate child
PAGE 15            
Jul-17 Willm BLACKLER Matthew Blackler & Mary Donica? Willm Buckley & Eleanor Blackler Willm Whitty  
Jul-17 Peter POOR Paris? Poor & Catronia? Poor David Grady & Mary Grady Willm Whitty  
Jul-19 Margaret CAR??? Thomas Car??? & Mary Doyle Michl? Foley & Mary Dinn Wm Whitty  
Jul-23 Anna POOR Mathew Poor & Bridget Walsh George Yard & Mary Hynes Wm Whitty  
Jul-23 Jarvis BUCKLEY Willm Buckley & Anistasia Buckley William Car??? & Mary Green Willm Whitty  
Jul-23 Peter VICARS Martin Vicars & Catrene Macnamara Betsy Yard & Thomas Casen Willm Whitty  
Aug-02 Thomas MARTY Patrick Marty & Eleanor Marty Jarvis Stafford & Mary Glody Willm Whitty  
Aug-02 Mary LAHEY MichealLahey & Bridget Delanty Patrick Murphy& Catrine? Murphy Willm Whitty  
Aug-05 Henry KENELLY John Kenelly & Catherine Duggan Philip Duggan & Mary Anderson I.? Scallon  
Aug-06 Bridget POWER David Power & Elizabeth Connell Thos Cleary & Mary Barren Alexr FitzGerald  
Aug-07 Peter BLAKE Ned Blake & Margret Mollony Jams Lambard & Elizabeth Long Alexr FitzGerald  
PAGE 16            
Aug-07 Philip MIARA? James Miara? & Catherine Long Wm Conran? & Honora Hanrahan Alexr FitzGerald  
Aug-09 George MARTIN George Martin & Dolly Pendergast Patrick Pendergast & Pendergast Alexr FitzGerald  
Aug-09 James GOODLING John Goodling & Elizabeth Ash Edward Summers & Mary Connell Alexr FitzGerald  
Aug-09 Thom. HOWLET Thomas Howlet & Margaret Coughlan Mich? Gammon? & Margaret Whelan Willm Whitty  
Aug-13 Wm. CLOONY Patrick Cloony & Mary Reardion Perce Power & Mary McDonnell Alexr FitzGerald  
Aug-14 Joanna FOLEY John Foley & Ellen Tobin Henry Drulen? & Bridget Sheean? Alexr FitzGerald  
PAGE 17            
Aug ? John MURPHY John Murphy & Mary Walsh Jeremiah Colfort and Ellen Brien Alexr FitzGerald  
Aug-16 John BUCKLEY Jeremiah Buckly and Mary Barry Timothy Cullen & Mary Kelly Alexr FitzGerald  
Aug-16 Thomas DUNN Michael Dunn & Bridget Doolan Laurence Crean & Mary Malone Alexr FitzGerald  
Aug-16 Ellen PURSELL Edmond Pursell & Ellen Duggan Michael Naughton & Catherine Quin Alexr FitzGerald  
Aug-17 Frederick Samuel DEARIN Willm Dearin & Eliza King Samuel Mardon & Johanna Renouf I.? Scallon  
Aug-17 Nicholas FURLONG Nicholas Furlong & Mary Martin Willm Bead? & Mary Cah??? Willm Whitty  
Aug-19 Ellen BOLAN? Richard Bolan & Ellen Power Richard D?llanty & Elizabeth Norris Alexr FitzGerald  
PAGE 18            
Aug-19 William HA??? Michael Ha??? & Mary Marks Alexr FitzGer?? & Ellen Morris Alexr FitzGerald  
Aug-19 Mary McGrath Stephen & Bridg?? McGrath John Ballaen & Joanna Power Alexr FitzGerald  
Aug-19 Mary MURPHY James Murphy & Margret Walsh Patrick Kelly & Catherine Murphy Alexr FitzGerald  
Aug-19 Margret BURN? Wm. Burn? & Ann Gleeson John Rossitor & Mary Brien Alexr FitzGerald  
Aug-25 Richard and James CRAMP Philip Cramp & Ellen Cramp Michael Bugler, Michail McNamar?, Ann Carey & Catherine Keating Alexr FitzGerald  
Aug-25 Mary GALVAN James Galvan & Bridget Bulger William Murphy & Mary Bulger Alexr FitzGerald  
PAGE 19            
Aug-29 William WHITE John White & Mary Magher Edmd Purscle & Mary Lanigan Willm Whitty  
Aug-29 Anistasia LINNARD Thoms Linnard & Mary Murphy Nichlos Kent & Margt Kent Wm Whitty Above Anistasia a word is scratched out and perhaps Maria? is written beside it
Aug-29 Daniel DWYER Nicholas Dwyer & Catherine Prendergast Thos Prendergast & Dunstefield Alexr FitzGerald  
Aug-29 Bridget ?SH?AN Patrick ?sh?an & Anistasia FitzGerald Richd Johan & Bridget Bowlan Willm Whitty  
Aug-29 Edward WALSH John Walsh & Margret McDaniel Patrick Nowlan and Mary Morris Alexr FitzGerald  
Aug-31 Mic???l MULCAHY Micheal Mulcahy & Barbara Mon??? John Ker?y & Margaret Morris Willm Whitty  
Aug 13? Mathew TOOL Mathew Tool & Mary Curry Mathew Tool & Margaret Troy Willm Whitty  
Aug-31 William PARIT? Thomas Parit? & Judith B???gh Micheal Ganray? & Mora? Curtis William Whitty  
PAGE 20            
Sep-01 James PURSELL Thos Pursell & Elizabeth Redmond James Keough & Catherine Williams Alexr FitzGerald  
Sep-02 Thomas DOWNS Thos Downs & Ann Walsh Michael Bulger & Margret Nugent Alexr FitzGerald  
Sep-03 Catrina NEARY Patrick Neary & Bridget Tool Martin Redmond & Catriona? Cossfield? Will Whitty  
Sep-04 Mary WALSH Richard Walsh & Margret Delany Richard Riley & Catherine McDonnell Alexr FitzGerald  
Sep-04 Mary CARROLL Martin Carroll & Nancy Power William Kennelly & Elizabeth McMagrath Alexr FitzGerald  
Sep-04 Mary SHANAHAN Timothy Shanahan & Ellen Sexton Patt. Shanahan & Mary Kelly Alexr FitzGerald  
PAGE 21            
Sep-05 Ellen WHITTEN Joseph Whitten & Honora Carrigan Thos Maher & Catherine Kennedy Alexr FitzGerald  
Sep-07 Seragh RUTLEGE Burrel Rutlege & Seragh Squire John Holton & Elizabeth Dowsley Alexr FitzGerald aka Sarah Thersea Rutledge Married Capt. John Burke on Dec 27, 1846
Sep-09 Mary WALSH Robert Walsh & Fany Cavanagh Patrick Burn & Margret Murphy Alexr FitzGerald  
Sep-11 Tho MULLOWNEY Tho. Mullowney & Mary Coleman Pat Gall? & Cat? Malone I.? Scallon  
  Margret DEY John Dey & Margret Qurk Thos Lawless & Bridget Redigan Alexr FitzGerald  
Sep-13 William O'DALY John O,Daly & Mary Pursell Timothy Hogan & Mary Keough Alexr FitzGerald  
PAGE 22            
Sep-05 Margaret CAREW Benjamin Carew & Johannagh? Macdonald John Carew & Margaret Neal Willm Whitty  
Sep-05 Willm BURK? James Burk & Anistasia Poor Peter Byrn & Anna Yard Willm Whitty  
Sep-10 Searias PURSEL Willm Pursel & Anna ?icards James Daley & Elizabeth Pursel Willm Whitty  
Sep-10 Jane NEARY WILLM Neary & Patri??? Picco James Sims? & Nora Cain Willm Whitty  
Sep-17 Mary KENNEDY Danl Kennedy & Judith Conway John Burns & Margret Sexton Alexr FitzGerald  
Sep-20 John RUDDY Michael Ruddy & Ann Maher Thos Cliffort & Mary Dallard Alexr FitzGerald  
Sep-20 Honora BUTLER Michael Butler & Catherine Haly John Casey & Margret Hogan Alexr FitzGerald  
Sep-20 John WALSH Michl Walsh & Margaret ??? Edwd Byrn & Eleanor Boyle Willm Whitty  
??? Mary LAHY Jim? Lahy & Cath? Ryan James O'Donel & Mary Kenedy I.? Scallon  
PAGE 23            
??? Micheal PENDERGAST? John Pendergast? & Judy Walsh Patrick Pendergast & Bridget Delaney Willm Whitty  
Sep-19 Thomas NOWLAN Patrick Nowlan & Margaret Bryn? Patrick Cormick? & Mary Quinlan Willm Whitty  
Sep-22 Betsey BLAKE Patrick Blake & Margaret P??? Thoms Burn & Mary Mahan Willm Whitty  
Sep-26 James NEAL Patrick Neal & Mary??? Delaney Laurence White & Anna Poor Wm Whitty  
  Mary CONNERS James Conners & Nelly Kelly John William & ???y Tucker Alexr FitzGerald  
Sep-29 Patrick WILEY Robert Wiley & Elizabeth Andrews George Pendergast & Catrine Poor Willm Whitty  
Oct-01 Judith DELANEY Matthew Delaney & Mary Grady Thos Walsh & Bridget Kennedy Alexr FitzGerald  
Oct-01 James GARRITY? Danl Garrity? & Esther Morris John Ryan & Margret Shea Alexr FitzGerald  
PAGE 24            
Oct-01 Micheal CLARY James Clary & Margaret Ca??? Daniel Connors & Mary Caughlan Willm Whitty  
Oct-02 Catherine POWER Walter Power & Catherine Thos Power & Margret Toole Alexr FitzGerald  
  John BRADLY Richard Bradly & Ellen Power Patt Bulger & Ellen Moratty Alexr FitzGerald  
??? Eleanor MAGHER Patrick Magher & Ellen Cullin John Quigly & Seragh V???gan Wm Whitty  
Oct-09 Patrick WALSH Patt Walsh & Margaret Kenny Henry Duggan & Margaret Maghan Willm Whitty  
Oct-10 Thomas BURK? Thomas Burk? & Eleanor ???can Malay? Doolen & Bridget Bates Willm Whitty  
Oct-13 Patricia? CONNORS John Connors & Eleanor Magher John Cody & Margaret Keiffer Wm Whitty  
Oct-14 Henry MOLHOLAN John Molholan & Martha Sears Hugh Loughlan & Mary Murphy Alexr FitzGerald  
Oct-16 Ellen HADEN Thos Haden & Ellen Ryan Patrick Bon & Bridget Keoke? Alexr FitzGerald  
PAGE 25            
Oct-16 Bridget CARROLL James Carroll & Mary Ba??? George Sawer & Eleanor Sid? Willm Whitty  
Oct-16 Oliver the spurious WALSH Thoms Walsh & Jane? Umber? James Carroll & Margaret T?le Willm Whitty the spurious means illegitimate child
Oct-16 William DOOLEY Garret Dooley & Sally Gundy Thomas Dooley & Catrene? Kavanagh Willm Whitty  
Oct-17 Thomas KEEFFE Jeramiagh Keeffe & Fanny P???fray Edmond Barry & Fanny D???fhan Willm Whitty  
Oct-19 Thos CORMICK Thomas Cormick & Honora Doyle John Butler & Marcella Mahoney Alexr FitzGerald  
Oct-19 James BURK James Burk & Margret Meehan Patt Menin & Margret Shea Alexr FitzGerald  
Oct-19 Mary GALVAN Michael Galvan & Mary Carroll Thos Shea and Margret McDonnell Alexr FitzGerald  
Oct-20 James DROHAN John Drohan & Mary Walsh James Haven & Mary Aspel Alexr FitzGerald  
Oct-21 Martin BURN? Patrick Burn & Bridget Daily Peter Stafford & Elizabeth Hilty Alexr FitzGerald  
PAGE 26            
Oct-23 William SPROOKEN Thos Sprooken & Mary Daly? John Coony & Mary Cooney Alexr FitzGerald  
Oct-23 William HACKET John Hacket & Judith Long James Keravan? & Judith Bough Willm Whitty  
Oct-24 Mary TOBIN Edward Tobin & Ellen Pine John Kercy & Bridget Degersy Alexr FitzGerald  
Oct-26 Catrene the spurious DAUTON Patrick Dauton & Mary Lundrigan Willm Riley & Catrene Brasil Wm Whitty the spurious (illegitimate child) is written above Catrene as an addition
Oct-27 Elizabeth BULGER Michael Bulger & Mary Downs James Dempsy & Bridget Walsh Alexr FitzGerald  
Oct-28 Michael O'NEAL Luke O'Neal & Mary Byrn Edmond Lundrigan & Margaret Toole Willm Whitty  
Oct-29 Mary FZGERALD James FzGerald & Catherine Treloin John Healy? & Joanna Smith Alexr FitzGerald  
PAGE 27            
Oct-30 Honora MI???TY Charles Mi???ty & Mary Allen Michl Lanigan & Mary Corca? Wm Whitty  
Oct-30 Lucy GREEN James Green & Judith Quigley Patrick Haden & Margaret Doyle Willm Whitty  
Oct-30 Maryann REDMOND Thomas Redmond & Catrine Doyle Richd Doyle & Betsey Redmond Willm Whitty  
Oct-30 Pierce NURSE John Nurse & Bridget Flynn Phillip Roach & Anna Ashman Willm Whitty  
Oct-31 Fanny MISINNIS? Patrick Misinnis? & Margaret Micinniy? Michl ???lin & Fanny ??? Wm Whitty  
Nov-01 Mary MURPHY John Murphy & Mary Cullin Thomas Allen & Bridget Cullin Willm Whitty  
Nov-01 Mary HARVEY John Harvey & Mary Hanlen Mart Lawles & Margaret Kelly Willm Whitty  
Nov-01 Leira? LAMBERT James Lambert & Ann Barret Patrick FitzGerald & Ellen Spicer Alexr FzGerd  
Nov-08 Gerard SUPPLE Henry Supple & Catherine Reddy Michl Marnel & Mary Carey I.? Scallon  
Nov-09 Martin HANRAHAN John Hanrahan & Anastasia Lyons Willm Reardon & Anne Mullowney I.? Scallon  
Nov-10 Margt L?RIAGAR James L?riagar & Eleanor Doyle D??? Hirisan? & Eleanor M.D??? I.? Scallon  
PAGE 28            
Nov-13 Patrick CROAKE John Croake & Elizabeth Anderson Jams Carroll & Mary Pursell Alexr FzGerald  
Nov-13 Maryanna BRUAM Peter Bruam & Betsy Magher Thomas Right & Eleanor Byrn Willm Whitty  
Nov-13 Martin DORAN Partick Doran & Alice Keoheo Wm Robb & Mary Doyle Alexr FitzGerald  
Nov-14 William HAMEL Michl Hamel & Margaret Moray Norris Bowlan & Mary Murphy Wm Whitty  
Nov-15 John BYRN James Byrn & Eleanor Carew John Carrol & Catrene Christmas Wm Whitty  
Nov-15 Martin FOGARTY Patrick Fogarty & Mary ?aily Richd Butler & Mary B???nt Wm Whitty  
Nov-15 Fanny PURSEL Thomas Pursel & Mary Haily John ???burn & Catrene James Wm Whitty  
Nov-15 Mathew NORRIS Wm Norris & Elizabeth Thoms John Tiarney & Catrene? Murphy Wm Whitty  
Nov-16 Margret DEY Michael Dey & Margret Dooly Patt Kelly & Ellen Mackay Alexr FitzGerald  
PAGE 29            
Nov-17 Anna ??? Michael ??? & Mary Clear John Galant & Betsy Finn Wm Whitty  
Nov-17 Mary STONE Wm Stone & Catrine Gough Michl Hickey & Elizabeth Anderson Wm Whitty  
Nov-19 Denis FITZGERALD James Fitzgerald & Mary Brennan Simon Kearney & Mary Kearney I.? Scallon  
Nov-21 Thos SULLIVAN Michael Sullivan & Mary McDammell Nicholas Wall & Mary Leary Alexr FitzGerald  
Nov-21 John SAKEON? Richard Sakeon? & Catherine Murphy Michael Murphy & Catherine Walsh Alexr FzGerald  
Nov-21 Charles POWER Thos Power & Hanna Delany Will O'Daly & Margt Murphy I.? Scallon  
Nov-21 Mary QUIN James Quin & Margaret ?ohghan Timothy Hogan & Catre??? Sexton Wm Whitty  
Nov-24 William WALSH Thomas Walsh & Mary Mahony James Murphy & Mary Killey Wm Whitty  
Nov 2? John HOULDIN? James Houldin? & Sh??? Murphy James Keeffe & Honora Byrn Wm Whitty  
Nov 2? Catrene BARRY Martin Barry & Mary ??? ??? Poor & ??? ??? ???  
PAGE 30            
Nov-21 Ellen DOMCY? James Domcy & Mary Shar James Mealy & Ann McLane Alexr FitzGerald  
Nov-22 Margaret WALSH John Walsh & Elizabeth Murphy Peter Murphy & Mary Murphy Wm Whitty  
Nov-23 Edward CAVANAGH Arthur Cavanagh & Bridg?? Condon Philip Murphy & Anne Summers I.? Scallon  
Nov-23 Anna YARDS Christopher Yards & Eleanor Vicars Eleanor Cahil & Wm Whitty Wm Whitty  
Nov-24 Eleanor RILEY Michl Riley & Eleanor Riley Wm Bennet & Jane Comerford Wm Whitty  
Nov-24 Patrick CONNEL? Michl Connel? & Mary Carsey? Thomas Manning & Betsey Carsey? Wm Whitty  
Nov-24 Patrick GRANT Edmond Grant & Mary Kavanagh Thomas Grant & Mary Purth Wm Whitty  
Nov-24 William WALSH Walter Walsh & Mary Bulger John Dun & Anistatia Roach Wm Whitty  
Nov-24 Isabella KING Thomas King & Bridget Dumal? William Deaan? & Elizabeth Long Wm Whitty  
Nov-26 Eleanor MORAN David Moren & Mary Murphy Richd Hegan & Mary Lacy? I.? Scallon  
Nov-26 Margret HINES John Hines & Margret Ryan Nicholas Power & Margret Bolan Alexr FzGerald  
PAGE 31            
Nov-26 Patrick JONES? Patrick Jones & Mary Whelan Michl ??? & Catrene Boyle Wm Whitty  
Nov-27 Thomas GRE??? Martin Gre??? & Anna Bads? Martin Kehogh & Eleanor Birmingham Wm Whitty  
Nov-28 Ally KIRVAN Denis Kirvan & Bridget Kilvoy Richard Doyle & Joanna Dallanty Alexr FitzGerald  
Nov-29 Emilea L'DOUR? Nich? L'Dour & Mary Magrath John Donnel I.? Scallon  
Nov-27 Michl DUGEN Edwd Dugan & Elizabeth McCarty? Michl FitzGerald & Eleya McCarty? Wm Whitty  
Nov-27 Mary JACKMAN Peter Jackman & Mary Green John Dwyer & Anne Dwyer Wm Whitty  
Nov-30 Nicholas SUMMERS Thomas Summers & Catrine Maher James Grant? & Mary Hogan Wm Whitty  
Dec-02 James WHALEN James Whalen & Mary Sookman? Michl Byrn & Catrina G?y Wm Whitty  
Dec-03 Mary WHELAN Patrick Whelan & Mary Malone Thoms Magrath & Margaret Butler? Wm Whitty  
Dec-03 James BROPHY John Brophy & Ellen Conway Martin B???r and Mary Londegan? Alexr FzGerald  
PAGE 32            
Dec-03 Margaret MASS???NALD Stephan Mass???nald & A??? Oats ??? M???ing & Margaret Keffe Wm Whitty  
Dec-03 John MORRIS John Morris & Eliza Chafe Henry Wa??in & Elizabeth Gorman Wm Whitty  
Dec-04 James KEEFFE Patrick Keeffe & Geir? Wall Perin? Quirk & Margaret Carney Wm Whitty  
Dec-05 William CARROLL William Carroll & Catherine Hickey Thomas Sullivan & Mary Dugan Alexr FzGerald  
Dec-05 William WHELAN William Whelan & Mary Wall Patrick Callahan & Catherine Callahan Alexr FzGd  
Dec-05 Patrick COONEY Michael Cooney & Catherine Neil Maurice Farrell & Mary May Alexr FzGerald  
Dec ? Anty? FURLONG John Furlong & Mary Walsh John Furlong & Sally Doyle Wm Whitty  
Dec ? James CASGRAIN Patrick Gasgrain & Mary Poor James Kelly & Mary MacDonald Wm Whitty  
Dec-06 Robert DAYLY John Dayly & Mary Ryan John Flyn & Mary Hogan Alexr FzGd  
Dec-07 Mary HENNESEY Robert Hennesey & Mary White James Higins & Nancy Fox? Alexr FitzGerald  
PAGE 33            
Dec-09 Thomas MORAN Edward Moran & Margt Tobin Pat. Shea & Julia Coleman I.? Scallon  
Dec-10 Olivera PURSELL Edward Pursell & Elizabeth Golf John Murphy & Bridget McGrath Alexr FitzGerald  
Dec-10 Mary FANNON Michael Fannon & Johanna Delhunty John Kough & Mary Dooling I.? Scallon  
Dec-11 Edward SINNETT Michael Sinnett & Bridget Kough James Walsh & Mary Moran I.? Scallon  
Dec-12 Oliver DARMEL Jerry Darmel & Biddy Kallahan Jams Whelan & Mary Leary Alexr FitzGerald Leary is written as Leay with r subscribed over it as a correction
Dec-12 Mary POWER Patrick Power & Ann Pike Patrick Callahan & Ally Dunn Alexr FzGerald  
Dec-12 Nicholas BRIEN Michael Brien & Catherine White Matthew Miler & Mary Smith Alexr FzGerald  
Dec-12 Patrick RYAN Patrick Ryan & Ann Tivanly? David Foley & Mary Power Alexr FitzGerald  
Dec-13 Elizabeth WINSOR Henry Winsor & Ellen Anderson Richard Sanchy? & Mary Kennedy Alexr FitzGerald  
PAGE 34            
Dec-14 Mary DUFF Edward Duff & Mary Doyle Thos Cooper & Mary Walsh Alexr FitzGerald  
Dec-14 Ann POWER Thos Power & Elizabeth McGrath Peter Stafford & Margret Stafford Alexr FitzGerald  
Dec-15 Peter BARRY Peter Barry & Mary McLane Maurice Redmond & Ellen Downey Alexr FitzGerald  
X Joanne LAMAN Joseph Laman & Catherine Toole Michael Grace & Mary Allen Alexr FitzGerald  
Dec-20 James GRACE James Grace & Jane Reddy Richd Comerford & Mary Lacy I.? Scallon  
Dec-20 Mary WALSH Richd Walsh & Margt Conners Willm Meany & Mary Hurley I.? Scallon  
Dec-21 Oliver NEIL John Neil & Johanna Malone James Bigley & Judith Roarke I.? Scallon "illeg" written after Oliver
Dec-23 Mary BINNING James Binning & Johanna Mackay Michael Farrion& & Anastasia Dooley I.? Scallon  
PAGE 35            
Dec-28 Thomas MULHALL Lawre Mulhall & Sar?? Davis John Roach & Cathe Donavan I.? Scallon  
Dec-29 Thos MURPHY Thos. Murphy & Mary Desmond? John Maddick & Mary Caville Alexr FitzGerald  
Dec-29 Michael POWER Patt. Power & Anistasia? Flannery EdwDd Power & Mary Slator I.? Scallon  
Dec-30 Catherine VIDAN John Vidan & Mary Foley Joseph Olivia & Mary Hallahan I.? Scallon  
Dec-30 William KENNY James Kenny & Bridget Baines? ?illi?? Minchin? & Ellen Murphy Alexr FzGerald  
YEAR 1821            
Jan-02 Margret MURPHY John Murphy & Mary Moore Patrick McLaney & Margret Scully Alexr FitzGerald  
Jan-02 Sally MURPHY Edmond Murphy & Margret Lee James Hewlet & Catherine Rorkes? Alexr FitzGerald  
Jan-03 Michael STAPLETON Patt. Stapleton & Judith Dooly Patt. Corbit & Mary Canagan Alexr. FzGerald  

Transcribed by Susan Oliver (April 2012)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 AST
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